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    1. [28-02-2016]

      by , 02-28-2016 at 09:16 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in home. I was playing cards with my pal. After a few sessions we went to our another pal. We took him out and we went the dark road to my house. On the way he said a story of a woman that wanted only a single paper from doctor, but everytime she visited one, they said that they won't give anything to drunk people. Suddenly I found myself in my house, playing an interesting board game with my younger sister. The first one to get to finish - lost. I started badly, and my sister won in the end.
    2. 1/30/14 - mccrae

      by , 01-31-2014 at 07:00 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and mccrae from BB15 are out on this patio, there's this huge bean bag chair that can fit like 15 people, he sits on it and wants me to play this battle ship looking game, but I don't really want to, he begs me and follows me, then some of the room mates in the house looking out the glass door give me angry looks, so I go sit on the bean bag chair and he does to and I agree to play a game with him. I wanna play the blue pieces but her puts it so I have to play the yellow pieces so I get all butt hurt and lay on my side.
    3. Nov. 20 Dream Journal: Pimple People

      by , 11-20-2013 at 08:13 PM
      I am visiting my friend T's house, which is way too sitcom-looking. In this world, he is apparently a costumed superhero, and he is freaking out because he thinks someone will discover his secret identity (Paranoia is definitely his thing in real life). So we go through his house to process "evidence" of his secret life:

      • First bit of evidence is, somehow, leftover meat in a casserole dish (lol, what?), which my advice is to not leave that shit out or it'll spoil. That settles T down a little.
      • Second bit of evidence is a board game that's titled something ridiculous like "I'm Secretly a Crime Fighter" (lolol, whaaat?), in which Dream Me rationalizes something like owning a Monopoly board doesn't make me a tycoon. Wise words, Dream Me. Wise words.
      • Third piece of evidence is the severed human head of a criminal he has in his freezer (lolololol, wh-- *record scratch* wait, what?). Apparently, Dream Me already knows about this; as T is opening up his freezer, I tell him I don't need to see it, just don't keep it in your freezer anymore. I also Dream Know that T kept the head in a plastic bag.

      So now, my subconscious gets a conscience (ha! ...too soon after talking about freezer remains. I got ahead of myself), and it took form of an argument between Cartman and Kyle Broflovski about morals.

      Then shit got REALLY weird.

      My view zooms in to Kyle's face, to the point I can see the individual pimples. The pimples, who talk in Al Gore voice, are conferring with one another to stop their host body because his morals are being swayed. So now, the pimple choose to infiltate Kyle's mind, which resembles a blue room with a computer on the floor.

      Two pimple-people (hehe), a male and female dressed in tight black outfits and harnesses like rejects from a Mission Impossible remake, has snuck in, and are attempting to upload a virus into the computer/Kyle's mind. But Kyle's consciousness materializes inside himself to stop them; first, he stomps on the head of the pimple-man (symbolism alert -- also, what is up with me and head violence that night?), then pokes a hole with his fingers in the pimple-woman's side, causing her to deflate like a balloon before she could hit the "Enter" key. Mind-Kyle looks over her while she says something to appeal to him -- it seems to work, because Kyle hits the "Enter" key himself to upload the virus. The dream fades before I can find out what happens next.

      Note: There was, at one point in all this, a screen where I'm equipping items to slots like I'm playing an Flash RPG game, and having trouble deciding whether getting the bonus in X is better than the other. But I'm not sure/remember where THAT little scene fit in. I dream in video game way, way too much,

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    4. The Diary of Aina...part 1?

      by , 08-06-2013 at 11:00 PM
      I dreamt that I was playing a board game with three others. We were in a worn down building and sitting around a table close to the window, inside a room that was part of a corridor. It was dark, cold and cloudy outside: perfect weather to be sitting inside and playing boardgames with a few friends!
      We were two teams playing against each others... our side was losing. But then I managed to do a brilliant move that caused us to win!
      That was the last game for the night, everyone thanked each other for a good game and stared packing up. We had been drawing the score on a nearby wall and I began cleaning it away. But then, a piece of the wallpaper fell of! Beneath it was an older wallpaper, and on it was some writing...it looked at it and saw that it was a part of something called the "Diary of Aina".

      It was then that I think I became lucid!
      I was interested in the writing so started reading it aloud. But when I did, I spoke in another persons voice. A voice that was darker, almost hissing and that sounded very sinister. And it was then that I felt a presence, like someone staring straight into my neck! I dared not look around, even though I knew that there would be nobody there. I knew it was the spirit of Aina, and it was in her voice that I had spoken. Through me, she told her story.

      I continued reading it aloud, hesitant at first, and always it was not me speaking. But quickly I realised that I could not stop even if I wanted to, I was not even looking at the text any more! My friends were looking at me with a confused look, they didn't know what was happening, and thought I was just acting strangely. The voice kept talking until it was done reading the part of the diary that was written on the wall. By then I was terrified, and I forced myself to wake up. It was hard, but it worked.

      Now I regret waking myself up of course. But the interesting thing is that I know that it was not the last time I will encounter that diary. I know there are pieces of it scattered around the dream world, still waiting to be found. If only I could remember what this one said...but I think it was a story of sadness and anger.
    5. Talking to Myself

      by , 05-05-2013 at 01:29 PM
      This lucid dream was very unusual for me because it occurred less than 25 minutes after falling asleep, right at the beginning of the night.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #91: Talking to Myself

      I'm seated at a restaurant, talking to a couple of friends, including "Leroy". I'm making a point about some amusing fact I'd heard when a waiter seats himself at the fourth chair at our table. I say, "There's even this study where..." and trail off when I realize that the waiter isn't going away. I turn to him and say, "Uh, how's it going?"

      "It's going well," he says. "I was wondering if you needed anything." He says this last part with some concern, like I might be very unwell.

      I look back at the rest of the table and see that my friends are gone. I'm confused and a little embarrassed. "Were there two other people here...?" I ask. The waiter gravely shakes his head. I start worrying about myself for a moment before realizing
      this is all a dream. "Don't even worry about it. This is a dream."

      "Ah, very good, sir," he says, standing from the table and gesturing toward the exit.

      I get up from the table and walk toward the exit. There's a glow coming pouring through the cracks at the edge of the door as if something as bright as a star was behind it. I phase through the door, winding up in a room that has plywood flooring and a ceiling that's sloped like the top of a roof. It looks like an attic. At the opposite end of the room, maybe 25 feet away, I see the source of the light: a fiery, brightly glowing furnace.

      I walk toward the furnace as it spits these little gobs of liquid fire onto the floor. I'm close now, but I don't feel any heat. As I close to within just a couple of feet, the view of the furnace fades and I find myself on a set of sharply descending stairs. Each stair is only about 4 inches long but drops almost 2 feet. As I walk down them, I'm descending so fast that it's almost like slowly falling into a pit. I can't see where I'm going. I wind up stepping onto the railing and slowly making my way down that way. Somehow that seems to normalize the slope of my descent.

      I get to the bottom of the stairs and I'm in what looks like a family room with hardwood flooring. There's a board game laid out on the floor. The dream starts to fade around the edges, but I manage to hold onto my view of the board game for a couple more seconds, seeing that it's composed of a game board, a stand with some cards, and some sort of gently-spinning purple sphere. I can no longer move and my field of vision shrinks rapidly until
      I'm awake.

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    6. Still Alive

      by , 07-19-2012 at 12:36 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      (Note: My dad is alive and in good health IRL. I have no idea why I would dream that he was dead.)

      Last night, I had a dream that my mom and I went to the cemetery where my dad was. Well, it wasn't really a cemetery, it was more of a futuristic-looking room with the walls lined with freezers filled with containers holding the ashes of dead people. Anyway, we came in, and we were greeted by a strange man with three black-and-white cats. He starts explaining to us how he decides where everyone goes, who goes next to who (something to do with English and French people, that's all I remember), etc. There really wasn't much organization to his system.

      I get bored of listening to his explanation and decide to go find my dad myself. I end up finding the pieces of some board game and tell my mom. She helped me put the pieces back in the box, which happened to be next to the container that supposedly held my dad's ashes.

      Suddenly, my dad was there in the room with us. He said something about not knowing what's going on. I asked him what happened. He told me that, before he "died", he had concluded that he wasn't in Australia and, therefore, must have been on some alien planet. I don't remember if he told us any more about that.

      I started to think he might still be alive (as well as also getting the suspicion that he was just acting and this was all staged or something). I checked his pulse and exclaimed, "They're buried you alive!" Then, I woke up.
    7. Party/Weird Board Game

      by , 08-29-2011 at 03:11 AM
      Had this one a while ago but didn't bother to record it.

      So my friends (Britt and Laura) and I were at Laura's house in her basement. Actually it wasn't her basement, because it looked completely different and had windows, but for whatever reason I felt like that's where we were. Anyways, we were partying it up and dancing around. There was music and a bunch of balloons and some food. After a while we all got bored. I suggested we go to my house so I could pick up this board game. My friends hate board games, but I convinced them this one was super fun, so we hopped in Laura's Tahoe and drove to my house. Instead of going where I actually lived at the time of the dream, we headed towards my old house on a dead end street. Laura was driving and Britt and I were in the back; she was on the right and I was on the left. A couple of times Laura teleported to the middle back, and the car drove itself. When we got near the intersection of 76th and Morgan, I pointed out to Laura there was construction ahead. She climbed back to the front of the car and slowed down, because the construction zone hadn't been taped off or anything, it was just a bunch of potholes and equipment and stuff lying around the road. There was one guy standing there directing traffic (we were the only ones though), and he had us drive on the other side until we got to the lights. (Side note: in my dream it's evening now, so it's sort of dark but the street lights aren't on yet.) When we got to the traffic lights (still on the wrong side of the road) Laura stopped and said she'd just drop me off here. I didn't understand why because I still had to go like 14 blocks West and a few more blocks North, but I didn't complain since it wasn't a big deal. I said I'd be right back with the game, got out of the car, and crossed the street. I saw Laura drive into the used car lot on the corner and park before I started running to my house. I ran a few blocks up Morgan when I looked down at my feet and noticed I suddenly had some funky chicken-looking boots on. They were neon-pink and went up to my knees, and the ends looked like chicken feet (which means in order for anyone to really fit in these, half of their feet would be chopped off). I wondered why I was wearing them, but then realized I was running faster than I normally would be able to without them, so I just kept them on. After a while longer I heard footsteps behind me. I looked back (still running) and saw a girl jogging behind me. She was blonde with a pony tail, and had a sports bra and shorts on. She was also wearing tennis shoes that were the same color as my chicken boot things. And she had a creepy ass smile on her face. I wasn't sure whether I should be scared or not, but it didn't seem like she was following me at all. Still, I decided to pick up the pace. When I got to 84th and Morgan I turned right, and when I looked back the jogging girl was gone. I continued on into the little suburb area where my old house was, and I started to get really nervous. For whatever reason I felt like I shouldn't be going back to my house, because my parents might still be there and I'd wake them up (but in real life they've been out of that house for like a year). (Another side note: it felt like I was 'hiding' from them or something.) When I got to my house it was night time. The whole thing was dark and empty looking (as it should be). I opened the door without any keys and went into my old bedroom in a hurry. Oddly enough, my bedroom was untouched. Everything was as it was before I moved out. On my bed was the board game I was supposed to get. I sat down on my bed and opened up the lid of the game, and got sucked into it.

      When I 'woke up' in the board game, I was in this really big castle-ish room. (I say castle-ish because it had stone walls and floors, churchy windows, and candle lamps.) It was dark except for the light coming from the candles. Around me were ceiling high mounds of crap, like a hoarder lived in the room. I wandered around through the maze of junk until I ran into an old man. He was holding something, but I don't remember what. Also he said something to me that I don't remember. I followed the old man until we came to a clearing in the junk. There were like five random kids my age gathered around a campfire. They looked like they were from an 80's tv show. When we got there, the kids started gathering around us. The old guy pulled out some weird bracelet thingy and put it on me. He told me something was going to happen, and if I lived I would get my board game. (At this point I started to wonder why I would go through all this effort to get the game... and why I was getting the game from IN the game... but I didn't feel panicky or anything because I knew I had done this before.) This really loud windy-noise came from somewhere, and things around me started to get blue and blurry as the noise got louder. All the people around me sort of fell down; I think they died. I looked down at the bracelet on my arm, and saw that it was now IN my arm, under my skin. As the noise continued to get louder, and the background turned completely blue/purpley and whooshy, the bracelet started to grow. It really hurt, but the old man's voice came from somewhere and told me if I made it through without my arm exploding I would get the board game. Unfortunately I woke up before I found out if I made it.

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    8. E. "Jumazi", live, J.

      by , 01-28-2011 at 12:29 AM
      eleni, "jumanzi", sxizo, live, jiggy (Non-lucid)


      - I am with E. in my house (not the same IRL). She sleeps in the room next to mine. I go over there to show her the room. It was a huge place, like an ancient theater. In the centre of it there was something like a big board game, really strange. E sat next to it and grabbed four "things" (like game characters...) and started placing them in many different spots on the tabble. It seemed pretty random though.

      - I am at a music live bar. There is the stage in one edge, the bar tabble on the side and big glass-doors on the other edge. I don't remember watching any band live there. Outside that place there is a road as wide as the live bar. There are many people my age sitting on the pavement. I am out there with some friends too. I think i am a little drunk, i was in a really good mood. At some point there is a guy i hear saying "hey what's up?". I was turning around at that time, so i stand in front of him, grab and shake his hand "I 'm fine dude, how are you?". He starts laughing and i realise that i don't know him (at first i just thought that i didn't remember him). We laugh for a while, then we leave. I am walking towards the entrance. A comes and says that they didn't perform well. I realise that my friend A and his band were playing tonight and i had just missed them, cause i was outside chating... I kinda slip trough it when he starts taliking my M. I go into the bar. They were cleaning the place up. I see a sparrow on the bar tabble (dancing! No, i m kidding...). It starts flying in circles, until someone opened a door and it finally flew away.

      - I am with J. in my car. He has some not so dense beard. He said something really funny, but i can't recall it... :/