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    1. 1 week dreamwork - Day 1 2018-09-25

      by , 09-25-2018 at 07:23 AM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      "Awakening in C's room with grandmother leads to dad fixing the cellar"

      I awake in C's bedroom. It is still dark outside. We get out of bed and she heads towards the toilet, handing me some boxer shorts on the way there. They look like my Finding Waldo boxers, but I am in doubt as to whether they are mine or hers. Sensing a brief glimpse of excitement I look down, but find that she is wearing a pair of rather boring black panties.

      As she heads towards the hallway and the toilet I look down and find that I have all my clothes packed up in blue Ikea bags, as I would normally use for my washing clothes. The clothes are clean though, but I think to myself that I need to move this out of here.

      Her Ex boyfriend gets out of bed and walks towards the hallway as well. He is a short, scrawny and little man and I wonder what she has ever really seen in him anyway.

      a small skip...

      I awake in the same bed. I am lying next to my grandmother on my mother's side. I find it weird to be sharing a bed with my grandmother, but at the same time I find nothing wrong with simply sharing closeness and intimacy. She leans in closer to me and I accept the embrace. She smiles and laughs as the she initiates the following dialogue:

      “You know you grandfather was such a devil.” She says.
      “How so?” I reply.
      “Well he actually woke up one night and asked me this - “Maybe the reason you can’t sleep at night is because I keep stealing the duvet at night””
      “Wow he actually said that?” I respond.
      “Yes” she responds, also indicating that he didn’t do anything about it at all.

      I get up and I walk into the living room. My grandmother is in there, but she has gained a lot of weight. This is a good thing as I see that she no longer looks scrawny and too slim, but has gained some roundness and looks like an older version of my mother and aunt combined. She is talking, even flirting, with this man on the right side of the living room. There is an element of school gym about the room and the man – whom is unknown, but maybe middle aged – is standing by some wall bars. I find it good that she has gained weight and are interested in men again.

      The scene shifts.

      I am now outside. It is early morning and still darkish. I want to go up to C’s room again to find my cigarettes and get my clothes out of her flat. I look up and am encouraged as I see that there are lights in her room. But on a second look I see that the light is lit in the room above hers. This is a challenge as I don’t want to wake her up to get my stuff, but I quickly think that the cellar door will be open in my own house and I can probably find some cigarettes there.

      I walk back to the house. I find the cellar door open and as I walk inside I see that the entire room is drenched in water and insulated all around the walls. The insulation is white and it gives the entire room the look of a rugged and very large rubber cell you would find in a psychiatric ward.

      I say to myself “This is a problem”, as I see the insulation being drenched and almost as big as mattresses hanging from the ceiling.

      My dad walks in. I tell him “surely we can’t fix this by putting up a bit of plastic?” He responds “I’ve got this, I think it should be sufficient”.

      I crawl out of the door again, which is now a small square hole in the south east corner. I notice that the terrace and lawn outside are also insulated. I think to myself “How is this going to work when the snow comes around?”.

      I walk up the stairs to the main floor. I look out into the living-room and kitchen area and proclaim “wow you have really done a fantastic job with the floors” as I see that the wooden floors are totally spotless, indicating he (my dad) has spent a lot of time cleaning them. I walk into the entrance way and wipe my feet, which causes the small pebbles and dirt I have under my feet to scatter all across the floor. My dad enters the room and is furious at me for making a mess.

      I feel somewhat guilty and see that it isn’t entirely fair what I have done, but I also feel hurt at his attack.

      He gets out a mop and starts sweeping the floors. I wonder why he does that as it would be better to hoover before using the mop, but guess that he doesn’t want to waste time doing it again and will settle for just using the mop to sweep the mess I just made.

      When he is done he packs up the mop and puts it on the shelf in the entrance, behind a candlestick up against a large painting in the entrance. I ask him why he is putting it there and that surely there must be some place better to put it. He seems to agree, but also seems frustrated at my remark.

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    2. Spiders in the Cellar (Fragment)

      by , 09-04-2014 at 06:06 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: September 21, 2013 – 5:30AM (USA Eastern)

      I am in the cellar of an old house and there are large chunks missing out of the concrete walls. There are huge spiders loving in the holes. The spiders had beaks on them like a bird. I watched one of the spiders come out of the hole and eat a stink bug.
    3. Coming back to my LD pursuits after 2 1/2 years away

      , 01-09-2012 at 08:25 AM
      Dream Recall is not a major problem for me and for some reason I'm very proud of that. I just follow the advice on this site by setting an alarm, drinking water, having a note taking device handy (laptop this time around) and tell myself over and over again I'll wake up and remember my dreams as I fall asleep. I'm 2 for 2 so far. Last night was the first time I tried this in over 2 1/2 years, I don't know why I've waited so long to come back to this, because it is fun.

      Here is my dream journal for last night: No LD's but I'm optomistic because 2 1/2 years ago I had a short LD the first time around and recorded over a dozen distinct dreams. This time no LDs but I have at least 8 distinct dreams but fewer details. I think I need to get to bed earlier and not sleep while it's light out still! lol

      Start of Dream Journal for Sunday January 8th 2012

      6:30AM - Went to Bed - All dreams and writing sessions are written in backwards order last thing first, first thing last.
      Went to bed at

      9:30AM Woke up myself at naturally!! and wrote the following:
      Dream about my Dad and Autumn (Sister) sharing stories about pupeteering. Autumn was telling me all about the different ways its done in some culture/place etc, while she was talking I saw the puppets/marrienettes were on a castle wall top and there was something peculiar about the situation they were in but I can't remember...

      Before that I was by the water (river/canal) with my grandparents (Mothers parents) and my Aunt Jenny and for some reason we had a small single person boat/sled type thing which was made of metal and painted white. My grandfather was afraid was going to get SCRATCHED UP. I almost jumped in the water, I felt really cold and warm sorta at same time as I ran around the place my grandmother was. I believe my grandmother was either sitting on a picnic table or gramma was sitting while holding the sled object (somebody else was there) Before this we had been all inside something like a car but it was not exactley a car, somebody other than me was driving and they drove towards the water and grampa got really upset because they drove so close to the water that the tires/something like tires/sled bottom went over the waters edge...

      I was at autumn and dads living room wth Autumn/Elise Aunt Jen and somebody else we were laying on the couch in order from left to right Mom(or someone else) Elise/Autumn (changed to elise after a while) elise was taking pictures that made entire Pictures that had frames and many smaller shots under neath (when she took the picture of me at the end of the dream the framed picture just appeared above her hangiing in mid air)...

      Before this I was in a hospital of sorts and I was in an elevator after running from somebody...

      Before this I was with Sheldon(from Big Bang Theory) or my friend Scott, I'll just call this mystery person my friend in a house and we were talking about measures to take in case of a zombie attack or something along those lines. I went into a small place in the corner of the room we were talking in that was supposedly a way to get to the protected celler but I was in there and my friend was trying to get in there or something, I had a small camera in my hand I was trying to give to my friend but the opening between us was too small, there was a glass jar attached to the ceiling above me and I put the camera into it as if I could then screw it back to the wall and have my friend retrieve it from there. While I was doing this my friend was getting frustrated because it was obvious that this was not going to do anything practical, I was very amused by making this attempt but my friend was not (LOL)...

      At some point in my dreams there was a war of some sorts that I was part of but it was more like a video game, I was trying to destroy all these things that seemed humanoid, they were outside and I was running from them and also hiding and stalking them a little bit...

      I was at someones home and family was there with me and a child that I didn't know, there was an older woman sleeping in a bed and two people and myself were trying to get something off a table near her bed without waking her, when we were trying to do this the something we were getting started to make noise (it may have been a cassette deck that looked bigger much like a VHS tape) I started to pull out the magnetic tape when it started to make noise and tried to stop the tape from moving in a vain attempt to stop the noise and keep the woman from waking up by holding onto it tightly...

      ...I had a some sort of sex dream involving (edited) perhaps, it was not very detailed but supposedly it was (edited), very strange, never rememembered any sex dreams involving this person before. We were in some sort of shower room and I remember some sort of sex on the floor...

      After logging these dreams I stayed awake in bed
      Total Sleep approx 8 hours Gotta go to bed earlier!! With work on Monday 11:30AM to 8PM I should get to bed really shortly after writing this. Thanks for reading !! If you made it this far... hehe
    4. Lucid: Cloud Form (Not Humanoid)

      by , 04-18-2011 at 08:42 AM
      I am skipping one massively awesome lucid dream to record this one. The one I'm skipping for the time being I recorded onto audio and will be documented here or elsewhere at a later time. The reason being, it is personal, and it is finally evidence of attempted fulfillment of my lucid task from April 2010: recollection of suppressed dream memories while in a lucid dream.

      The following lucid dream occurred without supplements:

      I emerged from blackness by opening my cellar door.

      I clearly remember seeing the corner of the cellar door appear from darkness as I swung it open into the light of the garage. I stepped out and looked around. It was nearly identical to the way it looked over a decade ago. My grandfathers old brown Cadillac was parked there. I instantly knew "this is a dream!" I thought: this is very realistic and I won't be able to forget this moment.

      I decided to fly out of my garage to look for something interesting to get into. With ease I lifted into the air and flew up the stairs. When I reached the door I told myself "Fly through it, this is a dream and I don't need to turn the knob." I flew into the middle and everything just went dark -I didn't emerge from the other side. I backed up and decided to fly under the door instead, which worked with perfect ease.

      I flew through the entry hall and under the crack of the front door outside. I zoomed into the air about 15-ft and down the front walkway. When I reached the street I started to head down the block. When I passed my next door neighbors house I paused to think about if I wanted to explore it or not. I decided not to, on account of the fact that I did so in another lucid dream recently (Blackbird Flying).

      The house looked inviting and cooler than in real life. There were lots of lights on inside, and some looked futuristic. I noticed my reflection as I started to fly away. It was not human. I appeared to be a wispy tan cloud with two glimmering blue star points of light representing my eyes.

      I started to accelerate away from the house when I had an annoying thought... I have "900-things" to get ready for work Monday. I can't just fly away until they are ready... (Things get very hazy and I woke up shortly after this.)

      What a disappointment to loose this extreme level of lucidity to anxiety vaguely related to a large work assignment.

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    5. Unpleasant: Dream Fragments

      by , 03-29-2011 at 07:49 AM
      These are recent dream fragments from the past week. Each of them was very vivid.

      #1: I was staring at my kitchen counter. Several boxes were stacked on top of each other of different food products. I believe cake batter was one of them. On top of that was a giant ant with its legs spread out in all directions like a spider but the head and pincers were pointing straight up. (This was extremely vivid and startled me awake grossed out.)

      #2: I noticed a hole in my living room floor. A table was leaking dust or crumbs into the hole which was about the size of a penny. I was looking at the hole for termites. The floor vanished and I was able to see under my house. I saw webs, and gray looking burrows. It was pretty nasty.

      Then, I noticed a python curling around. It noticed me too. I stepped to the side to get out of its range of attack which (strangely) placed me in my backyard about 20ft away from the living room. The very realistic snake started to come towards me. I sprayed it with Raid directly in the face, nose, and mouth. It barely seemed phased. I felt it was about to strike me at any moment and that it was unsafe to pass this area.

      #3: My GF and I were arguing. She ran away from me and cut across a Tennis court at night... Later in the dream we were talking in my cellar (where the snake was in the dream above). There was a latter and a trapdoor that led up to the living room. (This trapdoor doesn't exist in real life, but this modification is similar to the Olden Attic dream. This is not a location I spend time or think about. It's cramped, dusty, and basically a storage area.)

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