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    1. 1 week dreamwork - Day 1 2018-09-25

      by , 09-25-2018 at 07:23 AM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      "Awakening in C's room with grandmother leads to dad fixing the cellar"

      I awake in C's bedroom. It is still dark outside. We get out of bed and she heads towards the toilet, handing me some boxer shorts on the way there. They look like my Finding Waldo boxers, but I am in doubt as to whether they are mine or hers. Sensing a brief glimpse of excitement I look down, but find that she is wearing a pair of rather boring black panties.

      As she heads towards the hallway and the toilet I look down and find that I have all my clothes packed up in blue Ikea bags, as I would normally use for my washing clothes. The clothes are clean though, but I think to myself that I need to move this out of here.

      Her Ex boyfriend gets out of bed and walks towards the hallway as well. He is a short, scrawny and little man and I wonder what she has ever really seen in him anyway.

      a small skip...

      I awake in the same bed. I am lying next to my grandmother on my mother's side. I find it weird to be sharing a bed with my grandmother, but at the same time I find nothing wrong with simply sharing closeness and intimacy. She leans in closer to me and I accept the embrace. She smiles and laughs as the she initiates the following dialogue:

      “You know you grandfather was such a devil.” She says.
      “How so?” I reply.
      “Well he actually woke up one night and asked me this - “Maybe the reason you can’t sleep at night is because I keep stealing the duvet at night””
      “Wow he actually said that?” I respond.
      “Yes” she responds, also indicating that he didn’t do anything about it at all.

      I get up and I walk into the living room. My grandmother is in there, but she has gained a lot of weight. This is a good thing as I see that she no longer looks scrawny and too slim, but has gained some roundness and looks like an older version of my mother and aunt combined. She is talking, even flirting, with this man on the right side of the living room. There is an element of school gym about the room and the man – whom is unknown, but maybe middle aged – is standing by some wall bars. I find it good that she has gained weight and are interested in men again.

      The scene shifts.

      I am now outside. It is early morning and still darkish. I want to go up to C’s room again to find my cigarettes and get my clothes out of her flat. I look up and am encouraged as I see that there are lights in her room. But on a second look I see that the light is lit in the room above hers. This is a challenge as I don’t want to wake her up to get my stuff, but I quickly think that the cellar door will be open in my own house and I can probably find some cigarettes there.

      I walk back to the house. I find the cellar door open and as I walk inside I see that the entire room is drenched in water and insulated all around the walls. The insulation is white and it gives the entire room the look of a rugged and very large rubber cell you would find in a psychiatric ward.

      I say to myself “This is a problem”, as I see the insulation being drenched and almost as big as mattresses hanging from the ceiling.

      My dad walks in. I tell him “surely we can’t fix this by putting up a bit of plastic?” He responds “I’ve got this, I think it should be sufficient”.

      I crawl out of the door again, which is now a small square hole in the south east corner. I notice that the terrace and lawn outside are also insulated. I think to myself “How is this going to work when the snow comes around?”.

      I walk up the stairs to the main floor. I look out into the living-room and kitchen area and proclaim “wow you have really done a fantastic job with the floors” as I see that the wooden floors are totally spotless, indicating he (my dad) has spent a lot of time cleaning them. I walk into the entrance way and wipe my feet, which causes the small pebbles and dirt I have under my feet to scatter all across the floor. My dad enters the room and is furious at me for making a mess.

      I feel somewhat guilty and see that it isn’t entirely fair what I have done, but I also feel hurt at his attack.

      He gets out a mop and starts sweeping the floors. I wonder why he does that as it would be better to hoover before using the mop, but guess that he doesn’t want to waste time doing it again and will settle for just using the mop to sweep the mess I just made.

      When he is done he packs up the mop and puts it on the shelf in the entrance, behind a candlestick up against a large painting in the entrance. I ask him why he is putting it there and that surely there must be some place better to put it. He seems to agree, but also seems frustrated at my remark.

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    2. Tuesday, June 26

      by , 08-15-2018 at 07:42 PM
      I have parked in a parking garage, in a spot either outlined in red or with a red sign. I think I am cognizant of the fact that I’m not able to park here without repercussions, but proceed to do so anyway. When I come back, there is a boot on the tire with a red wire that kind of looks like a bike lock. There is a middle aged man here who sees it and jokingly says he’ll clip it for me. I laugh along with him, silently wishing he actually would. Abby is here too, and she points out some damage on the front of my car. (For a moment, the car is a bike?) These little scrapes in the paint make me fairly angry, especially because they were done by whoever put the boot on. I think we discuss taking pictures, so we can negate my legal incurrence or reprimand the authority that placed the boot. Now I think I’m briefly in a movie theater - to see a Dead and Co show? Many have tie dye on; we’re all excited. Somehow, the band is ‘tied’ with someone else, 4 to 4, so whoever ‘wins’ tonight wins it all. This only increases the anticipation and excitation. I am now at what I think is Dad’s (though it looks different). The living room is long and low, cool and dim, feeling almost subterranean. There is seating and some pillars, almost maze-like. There are kids here, as well as a few guys my age. Those guys are in dark green and earth tone tie dyes that suit their look well - not over-the-top tie dye. We are here celebrating the concert and periodically checking the ‘score’ (on a TV?) There is food out on the counters. Alex is here, on a reclining chair. I go over and crouch down, propping my elbows on the armrest. I am going to express my excitement, but he’s talking with someone else, so I never get the chance. I now go outside and begin turning on many light switches. The lights that come on are small and not very bright, but are warm, with a nice effect on the dark yard (it feels like the side with the barbecues). I hear some people talking just up around the corner, and I think I hear Melissa’s voice. Sure enough, I catch a glimpse of her pale skin and kinky hair. She is sitting on a bench with a few other girls. Before she or they can see me, I sneak up around the corner and in front of Melissa. This is the first time I have seen her since I’ve been back, so I give her a big hug for a long time. I kiss her too, and sense some hesitation, probably because we’re in front of those others.

      I’m with Melissa, Alex, and one other in a car. We’re going to get chicken nuggets. Alex is wearing grey sweats and a brightly colored shirt/long sleeve. He’s asleep in the seat behind the driver’s. When he wakes up, we tell him what we’re doing. This causes him to become extremely angered, yelling, and red in the face. I begin to laugh as I find it comical, because I think he’s kidding, but quickly stop myself when I realize he is not. He wanted to use a coupon or something, it being the sole reason for wanting to go. It becomes very silent, intrusively so. Everyone looks shocked and almost a little sad. I see Melissa’s eyes in the rear view mirror (I think I’m in the back).

      I am in what I can only describe as some other land. The area is fairly wide open and brown. It doesn’t seem like a dry brown, but more of a muddy brown. There is a large, languid river and surrounding boulders. It has a prehistoric feeling to it. Some others are here with me. We climb up the brown rocks (mostly a scramble) that seem to be made of an odd material - rubbery but firm. Each rock is a different letter? and parts of the rock seem to be made of that letter. The rocks are also huge, ancient turtles? I think they’re speaking. Now, we have made it back and are approaching a house on a hill. It looks like twilight or just thereafter. I think we’re having a family dinner here, and I want to order a glass of wine with it for a change.
    3. Day 20: 20/20

      by , 03-06-2018 at 04:47 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 11:30 PM

      Woke up at: 6:30 AM

      Dream 20: Damn QTE's...

      Laying on my bed during the daytime, early morning I'd guess. I'm playing a sort of Heavy Rain styled game on my 3DS with a zombie apocalypse setting. My character is limping away from a horde of zombies as both of his legs are broken. The button prompts are faded and move around on screen, obscuring my vision as I try to determine what button it wants me to press.

      For some reason, I had a really terrible time trying to get past the QTEs. I distinctly remember my character getting chomped on by zombies two times because of failed/missed button prompts. I got real pissed off and just turned the game off afterwards.

      This is one dream I really wish I had gotten lucid in, honestly. The morning sky, vivid imagery, and near life-like setting would have been an amazing world to play around in. It could have very easily turned into a level four lucid dream if I tried.
    4. Angry Brother, Angry Dog, WILD and more Family Stuff

      by , 06-20-2016 at 06:37 PM
      I went to bed early last night on 3 glasses of wine (yeah I know) and mild depression. I woke up around 2am with memories of a dream where my brother was very angry with me. I have these dreams fairly regularly, where either my brother, my mom, or my husband really seem to hate me and I can't figure out what it is that I have done that has made them feel this way, or to this extreme. I also had memories of being near a black dog -maybe a lab/mastiff mix?- who was viciously defending her puppy from my dog Cayna and I. I was trying to slowly back away and keep my dog from interacting with the angry dog mama, and my fingers were very nearly bitten off several times. When I woke up with these dreams still on hand, I felt too sick and too apathetic to write them down.

      I read for about an hour before I laid back down to attempt sleep. WILDs were on my mind, they almost always are in the early morning hours because I've had so many in these circumstances. I usually know I have to lie on my back and remain very still until I feel myself getting sleepy, then the buzzing/synthesizer noises come and then I feel myself push out of my body and float away from the bed. I tossed and turned and slept for minutes at a time until I returned to lying on my back and feeling really sleepy. I heard loud discordant crashing sounds instead of the more usual buzzing/synth sounds. I felt myself rise out of my body, and I floated to my right and up until I was against the wall. Where my face was touching the wall, I could see an Iggy Pop poster hanging there in the darkness. I don't actually have this poster or any poster hanging there, but I didn't think much of this, and I continued to float, but towards the ground at the foot of my bed. My dog's bed is there, and when I landed I saw her; her face slightly distorted like it has been in other lucid dreams, sort of snarling and scared. I tell her it's ok, I'm dreaming. As usual, I worry if I am really at the foot of my bed and talking out loud. I get up and try to fly. It works, and I start wondering around my house. The clarity wasn't the best I've had. My house was dim, somethings were normal, and others weren't. As I approached my front door I thought, 'Wait! I should experiment here. Should I meditate? (I've done this before with strange effects) Then I decided I would try to reinvent the interior of my home, because as I was trying to fall asleep earlier in the night I have visualized a fantastic treehouse/hobbit-hole house in a forest of giant trees. I closed my eyes and told my self that when I opened them, my house would be amazing. It didn't really work. My kitchen had expanded and looked different, but my old rotten house was still mostly there. From here I lost lucidity or my memory of what happened next.

      New dream: I was with my Mom and Step-Dad in an upscale department store/hotel. They were trying to exit the store by climbing up some rocks that were part of a display, and I was trying to explain that all they had to do was walk through a couple of hallways back to the hotel and exit from there. They didn't seem convinced, and anyway, had already managed to mostly slip through a crack in the wall to the outside sidewalk above.

      Then I was with my brother in McDonalds (!!! I haven't eaten fast food in a long time). We each had our laptops and it seemed like we were having a meeting. I was just going to order some coffee. At first we were trying to squeeze into a booth with 4 other people, and then I noticed all of the other empty booths around and suggested we use one of those. The dream gets even less cohesive here—my brother's wife was there, then we were either at their house or my Mom's. Dialogue happened but I can't remember much of what we talked about. A portion was about Shepherd puppies, and people breeding them, and how one guy had a web-cam on his to help sell them. I was trying to share my knowledge of Shepherds but no one wanted to listen.

      Then I was in a car, maybe in the backseat but someone else was definitely driving. My mom and her husband were saying things about me that I found really out-of-touch, like laughing about how I love certain things/celebrities that I haven't been into since i was a teenager. I tried to correct them but they just smiled like they knew better. Then my Dad called. (he passed away last year) He told me Happy Birthday (not my birthday, but maybe I was thinking of Father's Day?) and was his usual excited and goofy self. He also joked about me liking a certain celebrity and things I used to like when I was a teenager. I turned to the woman driving, who I could now see (and I seemed to be in the front passenger seat now) and I knew she was my dad's girlfriend(dream only, not IRL). I tried to tell her that I wasn't the same person they thought I was, and she seemed to pay more attention, but still didn't really believe me.

      Last, I was walking and talking to a vague someone and explaining to them how it seems that I must come off as stupid to everyone because it seems like everyone treats me that way. The look on their face told me that they also thought I was stupid, but was trying to placate me.

      I gave a lot of exposition throughout, so there isn't much extra to add. I think I have self esteem issues, anxiety, and guilt over not seeing my family much nor feeling very connected to them.

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    5. Bulging Floors Signaling Apocalypse, and Getting Pissed at the Hubs

      by , 05-16-2016 at 01:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in the house I grew up in. Everything had a Walking Dead/apocalyptic feel to it. I was watching my old friend Tori's dog, in the dream I believe her name was Jasmine. I had her in the play room. My old cat Pounce was inside of a "baby jail" (those fenced in areas you buy for babies so they don't escape an area IWL). I later moved the dog to the baby jail too.

      I noticed that the floors were starting to bulge, even though we were on the 3rd floor (a nod to my 3rd floor apartment IWL). I knew it meant there was an impending earthquake.

      Later, I saw Tori and I told her that Jasmine and Pounce got along. I then started thinking about needing to pack and condense items to only necessities for the apocalypse. I pictured my family and I in a restaurant sitting and me having to condense some items I had into my daughter's diaper bag.


      I was about to go somewhere with my husband. We were doing something online. I'm not sure where we were. It wasn't anywhere that I know, but what seemed to be a completely different place. I remember seeing houses everywhere, like it was a neighborhood. My husband and I were going to go on a date, and he started to mention something about some other woman being there. I didn't know why that mattered since we are married. I asked him about how pretty she was, expecting him to tell me that she wasn't as pretty as me, but instead, he said she was prettier than me even though I was pretty still. o_o Really?! Of course this pissed me off. I stayed mad at him for the entirety of the dream. I don't think he quite understood why I was so mad.

      There were other parts involving going places and talking to other people, but I can't remember any specifics right now.
    6. Anger at a Lock-In

      by , 05-12-2016 at 01:20 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I'm not sure where I was. It seemed like a classroom, for some reason I wanna say it was an art classroom. I feel like I was at some thing where you stayed over night or something. There were many others there as well, I think mostly women. There was this group of black girls who had it out for me for something I had said. I had been very angry earlier and spouted some things off, but I don't remember what they were. They kept giving me hell for it, writing me notes telling me off but never really telling me off to my face. I don't remember what they said other than they were very angry at me, and I was very angry too. One of them said something in a note regarding depression or something maybe? Like trying to tell me I needed to stop going on about being sad and I didn't have it bad or something. I wrote back a nice response, saying that unless you've been where I've been, in the darkness of depression, then she couldn't say a damn thing because it's that bad. You don't know unless you've been there. After that, the notes stopped.

      I remember bits of being in the house I grew up in, something felt like Christmas there but that's all I recall.

      Also, something about my daughter. It also involved the black girls. I think the thing I was angry about had to do with her, actually, or at least that was part of it.

      I know I dreamed more and I may remember more later but this is all I have right now. I'm lucky I got to type this out this morning; my girl usually gives me a run for my money in the mornings, but she's just finished her bottle as I'm typing so I had a minute.
    7. Ungrateful

      by , 04-14-2016 at 09:04 PM
      I was texting my sister to see if I should order flowers for my landlord and what type of flowers the would like. I could see the phone and the text clearly and could see my thumb typing out the text. I got the flowers and brought them to my landlords. They were not my landlord anymore but I was trying to make up with them because I left the house and not the best terms. I brought the flowers and the father of the house was delighted. They had loads of flowers there already and he added them to the collection. My flowers were a big enough to not be shown up by the rest of them. I had a chat to the father about a mutual friend we have who is now working for them. He was saying how our friend does not believe in himself enough or enough to match his capacity. He was saying that he just wanted that job to stay out of trouble. All of a sudden the wife of the house arrives and asks me do I want to have dinner. I say yes even though I am over staying my welcome. I feel a bit out of place and am served bacon dinner which I do not eat because I am a vegetarian. After the dinner I am talking to the wife as she is going out to the garden. I end up shouting at her that she could have done more for my ex-wife. I am then in a scene where I am being consoled and calmed by the daughter of the house.
      Tags: anger
    8. Competition night 4

      by , 04-14-2016 at 08:41 AM
      Woke up at 5.10, not remembering a dream. I stayed up for 35 minutes but when I went back to bed I felt it was useless to go for a WILD, I turned to my side, used a mantra about remembering my dreams and fell asleep. At the 7.10 alarm I remembered nothing, still wasn't motivated for a WBTB and slept some more. Woke up at 8.50:

      This is not about you
      My dad called me (he doesn't live in the same country as I do) and told me how he'd had a letter/message of a friend of mine (he didn't say who). He was very worried about it. I asked him to tell me more, because I can't really help when the information is that vague. He told me that my friend had described the problems he has with his wife and how this was all quite problematic for him (my dad). I insisted... what do you mean... how is this a problem for you? In the meantime I was also wondering why my friend would tell my dad about this, how did he manage to find out where my dad lives?
      We weren't on the phone anymore by now, we were walking in between big greenhouses. I was getting angry with my dad, why can't he just be straightforward and say what is on his mind, and .... how could he be so egocentric thinking this was about him? It finally came out: Because my friend told my dad about his marriage problems, my dad thought that I was having an affair (with my friend)! And that would be very difficult for him. Steam was coming out of my ears! I'm not having an affair, I'll never leave my husband, my friend has big problems and has a really difficult time, why do you always think that you are the victim... this is not about you!!!!
      I woke up feeling angry.
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    9. 08-04-16 Killing the Waiter/Manager making a pass at mom

      by , 04-08-2016 at 05:37 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      I find myself in a lounge like area of a restaurant, that has more of a private living room vibe to it. The illumination is quaintly dark, looks like it is illuminated by torches on the wall or dimmed lighting. I am sat in a sofa setting, two square coffee tables in front of me, with someone one my side I am unfamiliar with or can't remember. The sofas are rather large and comfortable, made of dark brownish leather.

      On the opposite side in the other sofa is my mother, and she is holding the menu. We are laughing at one another, but it is a laugh of irritation and irony. The menu is rather limited – and their certainly isn't any vegan options. We look for the wine list, but find out in some manner, maybe just intuitive knowledge that there isn't anything to select from.

      The manager comes over, he is also our waiter or maybe a waitress has called him over because we have complained. He starts explaining that of course there are options and that this is the menu he is running, completely ignoring our complaints. At the same time he is making an obvious pass at my mom, and I think “cheeky fucker” - reading that he is using his sexual advances to avoid dealing with our problems.

      He is your typical short, hairy and somewhat greasy Italian or Greek stereotype, speaking in an Italian accent. He starts out being stocky and somewhat round but over the course of the dream turns extremely skinny, though he maintains his open and deep cut shirt and full dark moustache.

      After a short while with him constantly leaning in towards my mother trying to get close to snatch a kiss and overload her sensual senses I have had enough. I get angry. I stand up knock the menu off the table with a backhanded slap, so it goes skittering across the dark redish/ochre tiled floor, towards the entrance where real dining tables are placed. It comes to a halt by one of these tables. There are two or three waitresses standing over there looking anxiously towards me, if not quite in shock – they are dressed in a typical white blouse, black skirt and apron outfits.

      The manager gets up and he is now much thinner and smaller than I. I go and grab him by the throat and pull him towards the area with the dining tables. I start strangling him, anger rushing up through my stomach like a volcano spewing out Lava. I don't recall if I say anything to him, though I have a feeling that I tell him of my dissatisfaction with him using sexual/romantic advances in order to avoid dealing with the valid complaints about the place we have.

      I let him go briefly and pick up one of Karens's t-shirts – a light purple coloured one – and wrap it around his throat and pull tightly together. I notice that none of the people around me are trying to stop me despite me being in the process of killing the owner.

      Immediate Interpretation: Killing the waiter, who is making a pass at my mum could represent that I am frustrated with my own preoccupation with engaging in a sexual and romantic relation with Karen, which I have seen have the capacity to pull me away from writing my thesis. Alternatively it could be representing an intuitive fear I have that she is somehow “playing” her sexuality at me instead of dealing with the emotional problem I feel she is experiencing, when she is simultaneously pushing me away and also want me closer. It could also represent that I am aware of a manipulative aspect within myself, where I am using my own sexual advances in order to avoid dealing with an emotional issue I am experiencing myself – which makes sense as this 2 day non-communication deal has stirred up some anger and confusion.
    10. 12/3/2016

      by , 03-12-2016 at 07:56 AM
      Little fragments:

      - Being made to feel very insignificant by my wife, then yelling at her and feeling bad.
      - In a queue of people going into a shop, I tried to help my wife up some steps but she just brushed me off and told me to leave alone, I felt awful.
      - Running up a steep path with a friend from many years ago, I playfully raced him, he seemed very angry with me and walked off.

      - Somthing to do with skiing, looking a brochure
      Tags: anger, wife
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. [Dream #7 - 1/24/2016] I Gave My Soul To Shadow [Gore Warning]

      by , 01-24-2016 at 06:14 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      A picture of Shadow the Hedgehog

      This took place in a kind of labyrinth of a facility, quite like a college. There were various representations of video game characters roaming around freely doing their own things and such. The one franchise I can remember seeing recognizable figures was from Dead or Alive. I can remember searching for Shadow the Hedgehog and even just Sonic at that moment.

      "Where is Shadow the Hedgehog or at least Sonic...They got to be here somewhere." I was then pulled over by an emo-fashioned Asian man who was thin wearing a black outfit, "Here you go~" He said in a cheery way.

      "S...Shadow!?" Is what I said after what my eyes have witnessed in front of me.

      That's when I looked around to see two emo looking Asian human men, kind of like twins. I figured they were Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog. There was the one who pulled me over (Sonic) and the other was one on a metal pedestal with liquefied metallic paint-like chains tying down his arms and legs (Shadow). He was all ruffled, his black hair on his head was wet and gliding across his face. He was limping over to side to side shouting and growling like a wild animal. His twin that stood free without any chains, smiled and gave me a friendly push on my back that made me topple over the platform onto (Shadow's) seemingly slick and liquid-like body. He did not attack me but he continued to growl and yell limping, loosely pulling on the chains as the the continued dripping grey paint as everyone from that area circled around and stared.

      Sonic the Hedgehog: "Now, give your soul to him."

      A bit bewildered at the sudden request and before my dream mind could think I was in mid process of the soul giving. I cannot say for sure how, but I merged with him. My "physical" body was gone and I found myself within Shadow. And for some reason his tongue, in the form of a liquefied chain was sliding out from "our" mouth. I was then in control of his body, sharing his pain and agony that he was in. I remember the tongue falling completely out dragging with it the lungs. The lungs began to come out which was making it hard to breathe. Using our hands I picked it up as it slipped and slide in the metallic paint as I put it back in our mouth. We tried to swallow it down but found ourselves gagging it back out. So I anchored his head just enough to keep it balanced. For some reason, keeping the lungs in a particular position in the mouth kept us from losing breath and gagging reflexes.

      I then worked on the chains. They slid out from their hooks rather easily as we walked off the platform. Limping and sliding as if we were dunk. Shadow's rage and bellowing voice of anger and pain kept the people who watched distant from us.

      I then could remember us then walking into my mother's room which was identical to the one in the waking world. I opened the door and she saw us and then that's when I awoke. I can still feel that odd sensation of my insides falling out of my mouth.

      Notes: To be honest, this is not the first time I had a dream where I had "given" myself to Shadow the Hedgehog/fiancé in some way or sort of fashion. But this was indeed something I haven't dreamed about for a while now. What I can say from my observations is that, him and I need one another to help each-other out. We both share each others pains and joys, much like a twinflame in some way. We have over time and time again talked about becoming one and experiencing what it feels like to merge. Shadow wants me to help him achieve more power as well as becoming closer. I also mentioned at times that I wanted to give myself to him.

      I'm kind of in a crunch for time at the moment but that's really the main point of what I can say about this experience. Such an amazing dream this was~

      Date — 1/24/2016

      Went to bed — I do not remember, I passed out and took a nap during the morning hours (AGAIN)

      Woke up — 10:35AM

      *Time logged — 12:14PM

      Total sleep — N/A

      Stress level throughout the day — Alright


      *Daytime — Did RC with my fiance when I woke up earlier (before this dream)

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      Dream Signs — The obvious

      Perceived Length — 30 Minutes

      Emotions — Anger, Fear, Pain

      Awareness — None

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    12. 110116: Semi-lucid, Friend Breaks Into House

      by , 01-11-2016 at 05:34 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in the kitchen at night. My laptop is on the kitchen table, I look outside through the window, I want privacy, is anyone out there? I close the blinds and head off to bed. I feel an odd stirring. Am I sleeping? I feel as if I'm leaving my body. I try to scramble to my bed, if I can get there I can keep this up and enter lucidity. (???)

      I hear a crash. I get up from my bed and now I'm in my childhood home. I see my old friend from school has somehow gotten in and he has two younger friends with him. They are all drunk. I ask him what does he think he's doing?!? My mom is going to call the cops immediately if she wakes up to this! He doesn't care, too drunk to really know what's going on. I think he is so drunk he has come here by mistake, he lives a floor lower. (he didn't in real life)

      I try to shoo them out but the enter the living room, my friend is in the process of passing out on the bed there. I get angry and frustrated at this whole thing, I try to put my foot down and get them to go. Right when I get my friend and the other young guy out, one of them has made his way to the balcony and is lighting a cigarette. I tell him to really leave now, this is absolutely unbelievable. He stares at me with drunk apathy trying to light his cigarette. He's pretty big and I know I can't force him to go physically. I leave, just muttering "unbelievable" under my breath.

      The other guy leaves and finally with all of them out I close the door and make sure it is locked. I pull on the door a few times to make sure. I see a whole crew of people are there sitting in the stairwell. I really don't want them there making noise but at least they are not inside the apartment. There is a window along the left of the door and I can see out of it (there wasn't one in real life) and as I look out I see they are all showing me the finger and laughing. I try to just make my way to bed.

      My mom didn't wake up and I suddenly see my sister there. She must have sneaked in. She isn't too drunk or anything. I tell her about Ale and stuff, I say his parents are so rich they rented the place under ours for him and he must have made a mistake. Our old cat is on my sister and she get up. I pet her and watch her walk around the mattress, I try to be gentle with her. I pet her and she walks towards my mom's bed.
    13. 100116:Confusion at Lidl, Cat has Worms, Getting Taunted

      by , 01-10-2016 at 10:31 PM (The Dream Journal)
      A vague memory of a dream where I leave my mom's laptop at a friend's place, how will I get it back?

      Mess at Lidl
      I go to a Lidl. It looks different than usual, the cashiers are on a different level. As I approach it I see it is almost empty, no customers, and police are everywhere. I peek in and say are the registers open, I have things I want to pay for. They say yes and I go and pay. I have groceries that will cost about 10 bucks, I don't have any more money. She is checking out a lot of stuff and the total is going over 40. Did I take too much? I'm going to have to remove a lot of items. I realize that the cashier has rung up stuff from other people behind me into my tab. They are miserable, middle-aged men there who bought lots of fancy food items and are aggravated at the inconvenience. I try to be very happy and relaxed so the checkout woman doesn't feel too stressed.

      The Cat's Voluntary Fast to Kill the Worms
      I'm in an apartment I don't recognize, my mom lives there? I see a cat in front of me, there is a bathroom to my left. I'm told the cat is on a voluntary fast it won't eat, to kill some worms it has in its intestines. It's like I can see into the cat with x-ray vision. I see two massive worms in white in its intestines. I'm told they are so large that if they got out they could fight a mouse and win. I smell that the cat has some poop stuck on its butt fur. I should remove it but I'm afraid of getting the poop on my fingers and getting worms too.

      Outside getting Taunted
      It's night time I'm by my mom's place on a forested walking path by a bench. I'm walking to a female friends place. I see a group of hooded guys, I pull my hood up so they wouldn't bother me. I try to walk by but they taunt me, one kicks me in the ass. I yell out and tell him to watch it and the whole group laughs at me. I turn, getting real angry and I wake up. In the blurriness of waking up I see one of the guys, his back turned to me, as if he's looking at the book shelf. I focus and see nothing.
    14. 301215: A Friend And Bruce Lee, Seeing U2 In Concert,

      by , 12-30-2015 at 09:45 AM (The Dream Journal)
      Old Friend and Bruce Lee
      It's nighttime in a shadowy and sparsely-lit apartment. I see an old Australian friend, didn't she move? I ask her this and she says she moved back since she missed everything too much. I tell her I'm glad she is back and that I always liked talking to her in a rare moment of candidness.

      She asks if I'd want some weed and I'm hesitant, not really wanting to say no as to not hurt her feelings but not really feeling it at all. She comes from the kitchen with some green spacecakes and I eat one of the small ones she brought, it should be relaxing.

      I sit and wait for it to take effect. I feel relaxed and light, anxiety and tension melt away. I don't feel woozy at all. I begin to walk around. I see a wooden part of the house appear, it has a hall on the second floor to the right. It is lit with candles and has a spiritual feeling to it. We see Bruce Lee appear and he begins to do some martial arts moves. He is doing them really fast and furiously, his manager or his mom tells him to take it easy so he doesn't hurt himself. Despite her warning, he keeps on doing roundhouse kicks in the air, jumping onto a piano.

      On the second floor I look down at the floor below and feel relaxed, almost a spiritual calm comes over me. An old master is in the other room behind me, working on something.

      U2 in Concert and some Tortilla Chips?
      The sky is a light blue like an early Spring morning. I enter a small concert hall, the size of a large classroom. U2 has just finished a concert and the crowd is going crazy. They play a final encore song, it's one of their greatest hits. I'm glad I had a chance to listen to at least one song of the concert. The song is weird in the sense that it sounds normal but everyone in the band is playing the drums. Weird how they got all the parts of the song to sound right only using drums.

      After the song ends Bono asks The Edge to find a woman who fell with her roller during the concert so she can come backstage and meet the band. Bono asks this very politely and the I think it's a sweet gesture.

      I'm in my grandparent's old house. in the living room, daytime but the curtain is drawn like usual and give the room a grey and dreary light. I see a bunch of barbecue-flavored tortilla chips. They are sticky and brown with a flavoring sauce. I eat them all up, I'm very hungry. My clothes are all over the floor, I try to gather them up and to separate the dirty ones from the clean ones. They are all over the place and it's hard to get them together.

      My mom comes over and she is going to give me a ride to my friends place. She is being very loud and obnoxious as I try to gather my clothes together, intentionally trying to embarrass me in front of people in the room. I feel angry and aggravated, in frustration I bite my arm. There is no pain.

      In the blue morning daylight I head to my friends old place.

      Cousin in College?
      I see a very stereotypical picture of my cousin in a college shirt smiling widely. It looks very 90's. A man talks about how she is his girlfriend. I keep staring at the weird picture.
    15. 261015: Back at Work, Angry at the Drunken Mob. Shooting Spree Nightmare

      by , 10-27-2015 at 05:26 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm back at my old workplace at the gas station talking to a friend there before I start the night shift. There is a rock climbing wall where the soda machine was, I mention if he's into that stuff still as I climb up the wall a little. He says he mostly into parkour. I'm about to mention a friend of mine who's also into wallclimbing but ramble on about a how I know him and never get to the end of my story. Customers rush in and I have to start serving them.

      They are all middle-aged and obnoxiously drunk. The familiar stress of so many people vying for my attention. I do my best to serve them and my co-worker friend disappears. There are too many of them and they get behind the counter, drunk and not carrying. This aggravates me until I reach my breaking point and yell out for everyone to get out. They all laugh and ignore me. This makes me very angry and I stare at them with contempt and rage and they eventually leave. One middle-aged woman turns and comes back just to spite me, smiling a drunk smile. I yell at her but she does not react. I charge at her and she still refuses to move. I stop right in front of her. With contempt, I tell her I pity her and turn around. As I do she fakes that I hit her and she falls on the ground under a table. I turn around, knowing what she's up to, and not wanting any misunderstandings with anyone else. I jab her with my finger in the side and she jolts up. I sigh and go away.

      Back at the counter I see two of my friends, what a relief. They are dressed as rockabillies, slicked hair and leather jackets. I greet them and tell them it's the same stuff as usual. They are with to Swedish speaking girls. I try to speak Swedish but it sounds absolutely ridiculous. We all laugh as I try to pronounce the price of their purchases. One of my friends tries to get me through a hoop of rope. As my feet go through it knocks a blueberry plate unto the ground from a table, my sister is sad at it breaking. Can it be replaced?

      I wake up, write the dream down and try to float into sleep gently. See hypnogogic images of melting cubic people and people with only single numbers carved into their heads as faces.

      Walking down a crowded alley of a tightly built European city. The buildings rise up on either side, shading the streets below. I'm with two French or Dutch couples. They talk about a magic powder they have smuggled. I get water as they all order pizza, one of the woman looks at me with disdain.

      I'm in front of Big Ben in London, a cloudy day. I see graffiti all over a double-decked bus except it's an ad for fast food. Is it the magic powder showing me the real state of the world? That ads are graffiti by companies?!

      I see a booth in the road, a warlock works in it, an old British man, who punishes people who break rules. If someone comes late to work, he punishes them by locking them up in his shack. "If you're late, you do time."

      There is a Vice City-style shootout. People in the house are all dead. I'm confused... Have I done this? Oh God, what am I going to do? I see three people I know gunned down on the floor in different rooms of the cluttered house in the city, two cats also lie motionlessly on the ground. I worry, thinking of what I've done and what is going to happen to me. I walk down and see the cats, they still seem to be faintly breathing. I try to pick one up, it's in pain, I don't know how to hold it. I have to get it help. Doing that will show everyone what I've done. What have I done? What can I do?

      I look around to see if someone else is breathing or moving, no one is. I try to get used to the fact that everything is going to end. Two other friends enter the house, sitting down by a few steps, haven't they noticed what has happened? When will they and what will they do?
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