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    1. crazy

      by , 06-25-2019 at 03:54 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      A dream of Jamie's voice or, The Voice. Telling me she's upset at something I'm doing online IRL... Not sure how she would know that. I'm always cautious of the voice. Is it a familiar spirit repeating her thoughts to me and mixing it up with lies? Or does she really sense what I'm thinking or doing?Hard to say, but if you wanna call the shots in my life, you kinda gotta be in it you know.


      I was on top of a building overlooking a scene. there was a hole with a building over it like in the show: LOST. Something exploded inside and I saw a bunch of metal getting pulled in. The building collapsed and got sucked up. Next random cars were getting magnetically pulled in. The town nearby was in a panic and I saw military pulling into the town. People were saying it was an excuse to bring in martial law.

      Creepy guy

      I was walking through a huge shopping building with my dog. I was heading outside when a blond man approached me. He said we had to take my dog somewhere safe or something and he was offering a ride. I said, "NO," He kept insisting. I kept refusing and he started getting angry. I mentioned to the people walking near us that this guy had an agenda or something. Two guys with him insisted that he was okay. I didn't buy it and kept ranting as I was walking away. He kept following but backed off when some women walking by came to my defence. Last part of the dream is driving away and seeing a bunch of tornadoes in the distance.
    2. Spellbee's Spooky comp night 10

      by , 10-25-2016 at 05:20 AM
      1 pt non-lucid
      2 pts wbtb
      = 3 pts for the night so 3+ 108.5= 111.5 total contest thus far

      3 Step Goal:
      Element Manipulation
      Practice a Waking Life Hobby

      Personal New Goals:
      Voyage through a crack I make in the earth
      Find my dream house
      Take a magical train to another country

      Week 2 task Intermediate:
      Put on a halloween costume and gain the powers/abilities of the costume.

      D1 was unstable & my pen died when I went to write it down. I found one later that I used for dream 2.
      D2:I had a daughter but it wasn't my IRL daughter. I found her working in this dump of a bar & being taken advantage of by an old man. There was a lot of fighting going on & it was getting violent between me & the dirty old man. She was saying she was all grown up & he was over there looking at me from where she couldn't see him with a sly creepy look on his face. It was a dark nasty environment. WBTB alarm went off.

      My allergies were really bad cuz I spent half of Sunday outside helping Mike trim back trees for winter. I fought a runny nose all night.
      Tags: bar, creepy guy
      non-lucid , side notes
    3. 1/4/14 - sleeping coward

      by , 01-04-2014 at 08:28 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I am turning the corner into my neighborhood, I'm walking with someone, I don't recognize them but just assume they're my friend. We hear a voice call us from behind and we turn around to see. It's a male who looks to be in his late fifties. He asks us if we want to go to the acid field. We say no thanks, because he has the look in his eyes that there's creepy intent behind them. Then we start to walk towards my house again, but then he says something to us again, he says "let me give you a ride to acid field." I still don't trust him and want to go home, but my friend start walking with him, I don't want to leave her alone with him so I go with them. Then we are at this place in a hidden run down hangar. There's junk everywhere, and junk for seats. He tells us to go sit somewhere, so we do, there's about 30 other people my age here sitting, I recognize some of them from high school. We're all watching these two girls fight, and there's a pair of boy getting ready with the hand wrap to fight next. I come to the conclusion that the guy was collecting people to fight at his fight club and that I would have to fight, I looked around and saw no big competition from boys or girls so I didn't mind, but instead he sent me down this thin path that was lined with jungle, roots, vines and it was night. I don't know what I'm supposed to do, but then I knew without seeing her that my twin flame was here, and I completely submitted and laid down on the path. I was going to sleep near her. Then sudden;y it was day, I got up and continued walking forward and the jungle came to an opening and it was rows of unused farmland and I saw her green tent on the left side of the path and when I saw it move I ran into the field on the right of the path and kept running. then i woke up. [what a coward]
    4. "It really is cursed"

      by , 02-08-2011 at 09:03 PM (Somnium)
      Comment Dream Lucid
      Epicness: 6,7/10
      I'm at a nightclub. In some way I buy and sell aircrafts. Always something bigger. Suddenly, I have 11.3 million on my bank account. I know because I somehow check it on a computer. I go and dance in the club, it feels like the dream is very long, just being in the club. I tell a girl from my class that I have won much money. Her reaction is not caring at all. I go back to my hotel room and get a message by Tommy at work, he writes in English: you may have to confirm. He will pick us up, me and another for some reason. There's a lot of things I assume to know here. A picture of a large building comes into my head. Large Roman columns outside and a large staircase. It kind of overlaps the current dream, like my last dream.

      I find myself suddenly in a dream I've had before, long ago. There is a room in a hospital that is cursed. A force grab patients and knock them wall to wall in a tight hallway into the room. I go in and also get smacked between the walls, but I manage to go all the way into the room. They say that MRI machines are on the other side of the walls each side of the hallway and that tattoos smack patients to the walls. I don't have any tattoo. When I enter the room there comes a creepy, skinny and bald person behind the door. I have seen him before. I look to the other side and starts waking up. There is a staircase down to something, behind a shower curtain. Another bald and skinny guy is coming up from it.

      I woke up exactly at 6 o'clock one hour before I'm used to wake up. I didn't feel the dream was that of a nightmare even though I were in a cursed room. When i woke up I didn't move and tried to sleep again. the face of the creepy guy was what came to mind and woke me up again. Like something didn't want me to dream again.
      I felt the dream was very long, I think I got an idea that I was dreaming when I had won money, but was not lucid. It might mean that I'm close?

      Amount of sleep: 6,5 hours
      Supplement: Apple juice
    5. Semi-Lucid Dream Number 2

      by , 02-06-2011 at 09:48 PM
      Hello, everyone! My second Semi-Lucid Dream starts here: It started with me on a sidewalk, walking down it. I became Semi-Lucid and climbed over the fence that was by the sidewalk and into a small area with trees. I started to try to climb the the telephone cable, you know, the ones that have a yellow wrapping over it? yeah... I stopped after a minute and went back to the sidewalk I was on earlier. Suddenly, a creepy man looked at me with a smile and then tried to kill me... yeah... weird Semi-Lucid Dream, right? I ran to the nearest store, put my hat on, and acted casual. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to lose his tail. So I ran into the store when I was going to call for help but he teleported right in front of me. I woke up and the Dream ended. The End