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    1. 19 Mar: Reality show, whistleblowing, beating the crap of a racist homophobe

      by , 03-19-2019 at 04:46 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Watching a reality show to find the best tenant for houses. The best judge is an arab guy, super honest and the only non-racist. He expels an Irish girl that others think is the best option, just because of her ethnicity. But she makes the landlord go crazy, feels entitled to everything, thinks she is an artist although been struggling for years to finish one work with dolls made of corn cobs, accuses fellow competitor of not being an artist, although he clearly is better artist than she is.

      Working at a lab that is taken over by bad guys who hide some nasty truth about some product. I sneak in at night to try to prove it. Almost get caught because the big bad boss is visiting. I have to go deeper into lab rooms and end up finding what I want, a room with corpses and samples harvested proving serious damage. I try to examine them, but the visitors are coming and I have to keep moving. They detect someone has been there, I rush to a back exit. There is a guard and a dog, but I have been making friends with the dog who dislikes its owner. So I escape easily and I go to van with my friends waiting for me. The dog actually follows us and wants to come, so we say "jump in" and he does. Then the guard realizes and comes to attack us, mostly wants the dog back.

      Back to my dojo for training and it doesn't go so well, I am out of shape, but doing my best. Then at the end there is some kind of funds collection for something, everybody donates some coins. And then some weirdos are coming for a lecture. They say it's time that we get political and I think that's going to end up bad, because some of us are left wing, others right wing and bringing politics into the dojo will divide us. But their agenda is to brainwash people to be homophobic and racist and so they show some slides and pretend they are backed by science, talking complete nonsense about supposed physical differences that make some ethnicities weaker than others and insulting gays with horrible prejudices. I get really angry, I get up and tell them that's a load of crap and I ain't staying another second listening to it and if this sanctioned by sensei he just lost a student. And then the majority of my colleagues also get up and leave. Only a few stay. Then their leader comes after me, angry that I disturbed their little campaign and he keeps popping up on the corridors that I go through. I try to go around him and ignore him, but he wants to hurt me, so I decide to face him and I kick him in the face. One more kick and he is on the ground. Then I beat him until he is literally squashed and unrecognizable as a human being.

      Outside there is a large running table and I spot some of my cousins and other family members gathered there. My two uncles look angry and unpleasant as usual, but everybody else seems to be having fun. Then they complain nobody takes their orders but all the pretty girls and younger kids and nice people are constantly making requests that are attended. I think that's karma, because they are so nasty and I don't feel sorry for them.
    2. night six - work dreamz

      by , 01-20-2017 at 08:44 PM
      In a large dojo style tent with white canvas. There is quite a lot of space about the size of a restaurant
      The kids are getting out of hand, although they seem very young and I am training them with some exercise video. I realise the video is on fast speed at the exercises are a little to hard ^^
      Someone suggests they do some reading, but I will have nothing of it, lol
      Tags: class, dojo, school, tent, white
    3. 7-28-2013 GTA Deathmatch Explorer

      by , 07-29-2013 at 02:28 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      My sister had a party last night. As a result, i was woken up at various times through the night which really interrupted my logging but i was able to log the last dream before my final awakening.

      GTA Deathmatch Explorer:
      The dream starts off with me and some friends playing an adventure game with a setting that resembles cube world. I'm looking at a map. On the map are locations and the locations light up when you discover them. So as i look at the map, i plan which place i want to clear on my map next. I pick and as i start to travel, the setting changes to GTA. I'm now crossing a large stone dam. I get to the other side but i was forced to kill some cops as they would have discovered me otherwise. After i kill them, more cops show up and i make my way back up and across the dam. I notice that i still have 1 star no matter how far out i go, which means i must have really built up a bad reputation.

      As the dream continues, i join an online deathmatch game. It's starts off with me driving a fast car into a building, luckily, i jump out but find myself on the roof of a house. The setting was a neighborhood by the way. As i'm on the roof, i find a rifle and start shooting the other players. I get a lot of points for this. Eventually, the game restarts and i climb back on to the building but this time, i take the other rifle that was on the roof. I start using it, it's not as effective as the other rifle. I make my way down and start shooting from ground level. The neighborhood slowly turns into a land of fire as various buildings catch fire. At one point, i killed a reptilian.

      After that, i remember doing some combat at my dojo. Soon after, the game ends and i did decently. I ranked up to like rank 5. After that, my friends and i decided to play something else. As we were leaving the game, we noticed some people who were like rank 20 which was pretty high.

      Strategic defense:
      I was inside some real time strategy game and the setting was my farm. I was going through a tutorial. It had some elements of sins of a solar empire in which there were rocks on my farm and i could build mines on them that would produce copper. The rocks were as small as a bowl but i that didn't stop me from building a mine on it. I also managed to build dome shields to guard the mines.
    4. 9/15/11 The Vault and Sun

      by , 09-16-2011 at 03:47 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      1) Underground, in some form of Fallout vault. With some people I know from waking life. LUCID. I walk outside, and stare at the sun, and swear I'll get to the Chichen Itza pyramid (Kukulcan?). Start to wake up...

      2) At my dojo (or a dojo) with other people.
      Tags: dojo, fallout, vault
    5. Wall Phasing Through Ninja Training

      by , 08-29-2011 at 06:42 PM


      Recall: poor

      Notes: My flying was tolerable but still extremely strenuous. There has to be a better was to do this.

      I was in some martial arts training class. It was a small room with some walls protruding into the area, separating the room into smaller areas. The place looked like an asian dojo. The teacher talked about using your environment also. He mentioned how some of the walls were getting in the way. I assumed he wanted us to cut them up with a sword. He said if you can focus hard enough, you can go right through them. I leaned against the wall and focused. After about 5 seconds I sank like 5 inches into the wall.

      I became lucid and wanted to try it again. I said to myself, "I am dreaming," over and over again. When I leaned on the wall, I fell right through and landed on my side. I was happy with that task so I moved on. I went to fly and took off. I wanted to see if I can do the broom technique with no broom. I held my hands out and pantomimed a broom but it didn't help my control or speed. I was able to level out for a bit, but flying required too much focus on my destination for me to enjoy the experience or take in my surroundings.
      Tags: dojo, flying, phasing