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    1. 6 Dec: Enslaved, nerve gas attack, war zone, brainwash camp

      by , 12-07-2018 at 10:49 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am at some harsh environment, like ruins in the middle of a marsh. Looks like a Tomb Raider game. I have to jump from mini platforms to rafts that are already filled with other people, who look Eastern, like Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, not sure.... Then from the rafts we need to reach safe ground, and many die along the way. I manage to get to land, but I am taken as a slave. I find myself in the hands of women who are having fun dressing me up with rich eccentric dresses, probably for sexual slavery to some rich lord.

      I run away and hide ... in a shopping center... I find a small vet office where I bump into my RL vet. He asks me what I think about his new office, it is smaller with less equipment, but he is going through difficulties and trying to keep the business afloat. I feel a bit lost, but say it's ok, while I look at what I am wearing and finding it out of context. He offers me a t-shirt and jeans and says I can stay there and change, but he has to go out. I feel without control of my body, so I slam everything down into the floor and make a huge mess. People from a restaurant next door come to see what's going on and comfort me, thinking I may be having a stroke of some kind. Then I have this insight that I must go after someone who had parked the car right in front and is running away, while leaving behind a bunch of red and green balloons, which are filled with nerve gas and hallucinogenic gas. I was probably already under the influence of it and soon I start getting hallucinations. I hold my breath as I can and try to run to a safe area. Too late to help all these people, as the balloons are popping and there is gas everywhere. I remember that I can fly, so I rise up in the air, in the hope that I can rise above the gas.
      Up in the sky I find a kind of floating amusement park, with giant balloon figures, like Disney characters and in the middle of it, a cabin with a girl inside, looking lonely and sad. She opens the door and welcomes me there. She seems to know what is happening and feeling sad for not being able to help. She is glad she could help me.

      I am with Riverstone and we have a baby boy. But i feel strange that I am seeing this kid for the first time and he is already 2 years old. We are discussing what to name him. Meanwhile he is getting curious about going outside and I freak out. We never go outside (no idea how we get food).
      One day he sees kids playing on the street. He is excited and wants to join them. We on the other hand, just want to tell the kids to hide. It is very dangerous. Then some kids at another building started making signs warning the kids to hide, but they don't understand, look like they are not from here and have no clue. A caravan of military jeeps and tanks comes marching and I tell my boy to duck and be quiet. They start shooting. I guess the kids died. Later we get into a car and get out of there. That's when we cross paths with another car with some people we hadn't seen in a long time and we realize this boy is not really our kid, but their kid and they have our baby instead, a little girl. They also have my mother with them. We decide to do a risky exchange in the middle of the road with the sound of gunshots nearby. I give them the boy and they give me back my girl. My mom also joins us in tears and then we all head to safety.

      With some friends, including Zilla, we're like orphans in a harsh place. We've been taken in by some gangster organization against our will. My friends have accepted it, they take care of us, feed us, give us education. But it doesn't feel right to me. One day they take us all on a trip to some tropical paradise, everybody is rejoicing and I am overwhelmed with the landscapes, the beaches, the waterfalls, but I always suspect their motives.
      One of the bad guys in charge, one day picks up a fight with me. They say it is for practice, to keep us always alert, but I think they just want to beat us, because we are weaker and can't fight back. On that day, it happens that I win and he takes it badly. They warn me to never do that again, I'm supposed to be a punch bag, just as I suspected.
      Later on I mention to one of the few ladies in the organization that I am sick of this and want to go away. She goes tell her superiors. They threaten me. They own us.
      Someday we are enjoying a swim in a crowded swimming pool and some people come by and invite the older kids to follow them as we've been selected to a new group following a new training on martial arts and civics. I first reject, my friends go. But after I see them learning the basics of Kenpo and recall my own training which I miss greatly, so I can't help but join them. They also teach us some sort of theatrical dance and later inject some communist propaganda in the middle of it, like waving the communist party flag. Most kids feel a bit awkward but don't question it. Except me, I abandon the class and go talk to the superiors and tell them they can't get away with this, they must tell the kids what it is that they are luring us too. They are quite upset and basically fed up with me. I don't think I thought this through...

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    2. Dream - Which Way To The Vet & Grumpy Verandah Man

      by , 10-23-2017 at 12:08 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 20 OCT - 2017

      Dream No. 215 - Separated Sections

      Dream 215 A - Which Way To The Vet

      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, my mum and my brother were planning to take the cat to the vet. Originally, they were going to go on their own but then I insisted coming with them. They complained at the start but after a while, they eventually accepted my presence. In the dream, we were all walking to the vet, with my brother carrying the cat in her cage. We were on the main road but then for some reason, we decided to take a detour and ended up on this random empty beach which looked grey and cold weatherwise.

      I realised that we were now all lost. I told mum and NB to stay on the sand while I took a step closer to the calm water. Even though my mum was standing right behind me, I loudly called for Dreamy WB. I quickly looked back at my mum and I'm surprised she didn't give an extremely negative reaction... It was just a look of slight shock, like “what are you doing?”. As usual, there wasn't any response the first time around. Now I'm looking out to the far horizon while really declaring that call for Dreamy WB.

      I end up sitting down, putting my feet to the waves and whispering, “please let me know you're here... Come and give me a sign”. Just then, this massive wave comes for me and washes over me, crashing into me and knocking me down onto the sand. When I sit back up, I all of a sudden finally know where the vet is and I tell mum and NB to follow me. I don't remember what happened after we left the beach.

      Dream 215 B - Grumpy Verandah Man
      I can only remember some fragments of this dream. What I do know is that the entire dream took place at my old house. My brother had some electronic product with him, something related to a mobile phone, that he wanted my dad to look at. My dad wasn't in the house and so my brother went to look for him... He ended up being on the back verandah. My dad wasn't the least bit interested when my brother showed him. Rather, my dad fobbed him off straight away and was just automatically giving NB criticisms about his product.

      It wasn't long before my brother went back inside and told me and mum what happened... Mum said she would go out and talk to dad. As she was doing that, I went to my bedroom, which connected to the verandah, so I could hear what was going on. My mum really raised her voice at my dad, scalding him for being “rude” to my brother. Something told me that my dad was in such a bad mood that he could eventually come for me, so I decided to prepare early for my defences. I said to myself, “I have to find Dreamy WB before my dad can attack me”.

      I was rummaging through and on top of my bed when I eventually found my phone. I would open my phone when I wanted to activate her but since no one was hurting me, I kept the phone closed for the time being. I can't remember what happened next in the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    3. 9.7.2012 - 5 non lucid dreams.

      by , 07-10-2012 at 01:35 PM
      Date: 09/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 12.05am
      Consumed 2 x Menthol sweets right before bed
      B6 100mg before bed

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Ok, so I am pretty tired, but not exhausted. I lay to sleep and feel the sleepy onset, but something keeps me awake. I feel a little weird, nothing major, but as I fall asleep I'm sure I have strange thoughts sliding through my head. My first reaction is that I'm catching myself as I start dreaming, which I often do when WILDing, but this should be NREM cycle. Eventually I sleep, and I'm woken every 5 minutes by a feeling of fear. I'm not sure why. At one point I open my eyes in fright with a sudden jump, and really feel like I'm having a nightmare - but I don't recall any dreams. Eventually I sleep for good.

      Dream 1 - 2.23am
      I am in a room, which is kind of dark, and I'm helping a vet. The vet is friendly, but I honestly don't recall weather they were male or female. There is a bed and a desk (bedroom?) but we are facing the desk. So the vet first brings out a dog. It is old and skinny, and very scared. For a bit in this dream there is someone else there, watching and at some points laughing, but they disappear. The vet has the dog tied up to the desk, and the dog looks scared, it's a wiry mutt, kind of like a large terrier. It's pretty ugly. It has big, brown eyes that are filled with sadness, and it stares up at me, silently begging me for help. I can't believe how skinny it is, we proceed to wash the dog, or at least cover it in something that drenches it. The vet tells me the dog will be ok. Then this is where it get's a little weird.Next, the vet brings out a horse. The horse is the size of a rabbit, but a fully formed adult horse in every way. It is clearly in pain, as it is about to give birth. It jumps onto the desk, and starts giving birth, and I can see the baby inside!!! The horse is brown and the baby is black and white. The baby seems to fly out easily, and I am given it to clean up while the vet sorts out the mother horse. I take it to the bed (which is apparently my bed) and lay it down. The horse is contained inside a balloon-like sack, filled with liquid. The vet shouts that I must get it out, as it can't get out itself. So I try to open the sack but it rolls around the bed, making it difficult. It is like a water balloon, and very slippery. Eventually I manage to rip one end and the liquid spurts out - it's water like consistency but it is really warm, and soaks everything, including me. There's a mirror just laying on the bed, with a heavy gold guilt frame, and this gets soaked too. My bed sheets are soaked, (they are purple and black silk) but despite all this, I am incredibly happy. I can't stop smiling and watching the water spurt everywhere. The vet kind of laughs, and says 'you'll have trouble sleeping in there tonight.' but I just don't care, I'm delighted.

      What in the actual fuck. Lol. The most poignant part of this dream was the real warmth of the hot liquid, and the vivid feel of the horse in the sack. It suddenly dawned on me when writing this that it felt EXACTLY like the chick from yesterday's dream.

      Dream 2 - 4.11am
      I am writing a story, on small pieces of paper. I think it is aimed at young children. (This is what I do for a living.) The story is about 2 little boys, who cross a road, and one dies. As I get to the end of the story, my real dad walks in. Bearing in mind I haven't seen my real dad since I was about 14, I'm 25 now. He was an abusive father, who caused me a lot of issues growing up. I hardly EVER dream about him. He walks in, clearly angry, but I ignore him as this is usual for him. He does this thing that he used to do, which is strut around the room shaking his head in anger, and glancing at me every so often with a weird look in his eyes. I know this is not good, but I pretend not to see him and carry on writing. He starts saying something about people not listening to him, and he's been doing everything and I think he's talking about my mum. He lays his head on the desk in the room (I am in a bedroom, I'm laying on the bed) and then suddenly, he walks in the room again. So, there are now 2 of him. The one that has just walked in is carrying a frozen chicken, and a bottle of something, and a balloon that has not yet been inflated. He sets these things down and looks at us both. He then tells us that we better get up quick, cos we're going to play a trick on mum! He starts putting the chicken inside the balloon. I really don't want to join in, but I can't say no. My dad that was already in the room, looks like he's pissed off at the other version of himself, but also agrees to help.

      Dream 3 - 9.47

      I tried to WILD, and started feeling results. For me, I don't get noticable SP or HH, just a rush as I transition. I felt the rush several times, and when I finally started getting dream images forming around me, my partner decided to roll over and hit me in the face. I RC'd just to make sure, but I was awake. Annoying. I went to sleep.

      I was very bad at writing this dream down, I was so tired I kept saying 'I'll write it in a minute...I'll remember,' then fell back to sleep. I did wake 5 minutes later and write it down, but I lost most of the dream. I normally do this in later morning dreams, I have to learn not to.

      I'm at R's house. R is a very close friend. Just a friend. For some reason I am there to say goodbye, like I am leaving town or something. It is a bit sad but not too much. And then R says he is at work and will be home soon, that I should meet him at his place. I make my way to his place, and suddenly realise I am completely naked. I am trying to find my way through a hotel-like building, or block of flats. The doors are all black with ornate details, and I'm struggling to find where I need to be. Two girls pass by and start laughing at me because I'm naked. I'm a little embarrassed, but ignore them. They won't go away, so I look down and now I'm wearing a dressing gown. It's purple, but I don't care I'm just happy I'm covered! The girls eventually leave. I finally get to the room and have some trouble messing around with the key, but I do get in in the end. There is no one inside. Now I'm sure this is the same dream, but it doesn't relate to the beginning, I just sort of find myself in a garden somewhere else, fully dressed. I am sat at a garden table, with my friend I's son on my lap. His son is talking like an adult, and asking me what words mean. He asks me what bank means, I tell him. Then he asks me what house means, I tell him. This goes on for a little while. I is hanging around the background somewhere.

      Dream 4 - 11.51
      We are in a room, is is pretty dim and I remember very red. We is me, R and I, as well as my friend D. We are watching a screen, and it's a bit like an interactive game. We throw baby toys at this screen, to kill a monster. It's very fun. One of my friends has to leave for an important meeting, I tell him to stay, because it's so fun. He resists, but eventually reluctantly agrees to miss his important meeting. The game plays recordings it took of us earlier without us knowing, we find this hilarious and laugh a lot.

      There is another dream after, but I forgot it almost instantly.
    4. TC's Visit to Vet

      by , 02-04-2011 at 01:56 PM
      This is a boring dream but I'm putting it in for the heck of it. I was out with my family in the car. The cat was with us as well. Everyone was in the car except my mother, who was dilly-dallying. I finally exclaimed "Ma! Come on, TC is late for his appointment!" We get to the vet's office, and I see the vet is Mitch, a vet who I worked for 20 years ago in real life. He didn't even examine the cat and we were just standing at the receptionist's desk when Mitch leans over the counter and jabs TC in the rear with 2 vaccinations while I'm holding him up in thin air. We weren't even in an exam room. As we are getting ready to leave, someone says "The whole internet is down all over the world." For some ridiculous reason, this has everything to do with the ocean and his tech says "Why is the internet down?" Then Mitch and I simultaneously tell her "Look out the window. See the ocean? Well, that's the south." OK, so...whatever.
      In the next totally disjointed scene, we are back home (and the house is not my house in real life) and I'm on the 2nd floor with the cat. There is no railing and the cat fell straight down to the first floor and I heard the thud, which means he didn't land on his feet. He's OK though. So I am then trying to install a baby gate at the top of the stairs with no luck. The spring won't tighten. A friend from years ago walks into the house and says hello to my brother. Oh, at one point in this ridiculous dream, TC gets loose and is running through shrubs near a boardwalk but he returns to me when I call him. I think then I woke up. This isn't the most disjointed and themeless dream I've ever had but it's up there near the top.
      Tags: cat, fall, ocean, random, vet
    5. played MarioKart and fed my fish poop

      by , 01-15-2011 at 07:39 PM
      I was with my cousin, Abbey, in her car. We were driving on this wacky road that reminded me of MarioKart. We got to this pet store/vet's office and I put a small fish bowl I was holding up on the counter. I got this implanted memory of me feeding my fish its own poop because I thought it might be nutritious. I realized that this was a stupid idea and was ashamed as I put the bowl up on the counter. I asked the lady if my fish were going to die. There were a few brightly coloured pink and green goldfish in my bowl, and a layer of poop was on top. Another implanted memory: they didn't eat it so I put more in their to try and get them to eat it. The vet looked at me dissapointedly and my face burned. i felt like I was younger than i really was. She said that i could just leave my fishes here for the week and she would take care of them and nurse them back to health. I brightened up and thanked her, then asked where a bathroom was. I wanted to wash my hands because I had been touching the tiny poo. She pointed to a place in the hall.

      I knocked on the door and it was occupied, so started to wait, but then I turned and saw that the back half of the office was a house. There was a bedroom and an enourmous, beautiful bathroom. I peeked into the bedroom and saw a man who I assumed to be the lady's husband straightening his tie. I thought that he wouldnt mind and dashed into the bathroom. I remember this the most vividly for some reason. The whole bathroom was a color scheme of cream, beige, and light brown. It was tile floors and tile walls, and a small tile shower with a nice green curtain. There was a huge window and I looked out and it was so dark I couldnt see a thing. This made me terrified and my heart raced. I tried not to look at the window, and ran up to the bathtub to wash because the sink was closer to the window. i heard the man leaving his room, so i ran out the room and out the door.

      I met up with Abbey and my crazy Aunt, who were at a clothing store. Abbey was walking out, trying on hats and scarves and boots and modeling for her mom. I wanted to try too, but apparently I was too little and nothing was in my size, and the big hats looked stupid on me, so I dissapointedly sat down to watch.

      After a while, Abbey and I got back into her car and drove to her house. This part was too fuzzy, so I'll skip it.

      We began to drive back to the pet store. I was, oddly, in a second car. This time I was sure we were playing MarioKart. I tried to follow Abbey but ended up missing a ramp, and a few powerups. There was a ramp, however, that you could take if you missed the first one. If you went really fast, it curved up and shot you backwards onto the other ramp. I went up it, but then I lost conrtol of the car, like something else was taking it over. It started riding the very edge of the ramp. Then I got back control but the car fell off into some grass. I wasn't very good at backing up, so I tried to turn around. There were some huge boulders, and then after that it dropped off into nothingness. There was suddenly a minimap, like in WoW, and I saw that the place beyond the boulders was off the map. I got very scared and quickly turned around, but by this time, I was hopelessly lost. After trying to find the pet store for a while longer, I woke up.