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    1. Expedition to a freezing alien world + LD 106 - Lego Aliens

      by , 08-25-2018 at 09:13 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Expedition to a freezing alien world

      I'm on a massive spaceship. It's like a little moon, absolutely huge. We've made our way out of the Milky Way galaxy and reached a system we want to explore. We haven't encountered life yet, but the first planet we land on is extremely hostile.

      We lose half of the crew instantly, systems are dying all around the ship. I pilot one shuttle and a crewmate pilots another. We have to fly to another part of the ship now that the systems are dead. Outside the ship there's a storm and the temperature is just some odd Kelvins, it's incredibly cold. I watch the wind slamming the other shuttle down to a liquid nitrogen "river" that the storm has created. I hear the pilots screams as the shuttle is quickly destroyed. I struggle to get to my destination too. Seems like this is the end.

      Then the dream skips. I'm inside the ship again, with one of the last surviving crew members, a strong willed woman. We are in the medbay and she tells the computer to unlock the vampiric systems. I have no idea what that means. I notice a futuristic blood pressure monitor and test it out. When I activate it, the wrap cuff builds itself around my arm. My blood pressure and pulse are pretty high.

      LD 106 - Lego Aliens Personal goal attempt #18
      I'm a massive observer in space around Earth. I'm bigger than the planet. I see a space station in Earth's orbit and a portal opens far away. Aliens from another galaxy are invading. Instead of using weapons, the alien ships slam one by one into the station's shields. The shields hold, but the alien ship just make a big loop like a boomerang and hit it again. This repeats until the shields are destroyed and the station starts falling apart.

      Awareness rises from my subconscious. It's like a whisper saying "You're dreaming" gently reached me. Lucidity changes the scene. I find myself in my childhood home, in the kitchen. The alien ships from before are floating in the kitchen. They look to be made from legos. I raise my hand towards them and try to pull them apart. One of my goals is to use dream powers without any unnecessary tricks. I can't do it. I sit down to meditate. I tell myself out loud "I'm a lucid dreamer" and try to remind myself of my role in the dream. My thoughts are not focused though. I get up and try destroy the ships again. They shrink down. Good enough for me. I crush one of the ships with my foot for good measure.

      Alright, time for my personal goal. I first think I should go outside, but rethink and just go to the closest door. It's the door to my brother's old room. I close it and imagine the Frozen Planet being on the other side. I enter without looking, one bare foot first. I want to feel snow before I look. I do feel snow, but when I look, it's just the backyard covered in snow. I close the door and try again. I look behind me and focus for a second on all the details of the dream. Beautifully detailed. I see through the other windows that there's now snow outside. I step through the door again with one foot. I feel snow and look in, now it's a dark, unfamiliar room with broken windows and snow blowing in through ragged curtains. Since I don't recognize it, I believe this is it. This room is on the Frozen Planet! All I need to do is to go through the wall to see the planet. I wake up.
    2. Lego Biplane

      by , 07-09-2018 at 02:11 PM
      Morning of July 9, 2018. Monday.

      I am in our present home in my dream, though which seems rotated from north to west, perpendicular to its real location on the corner (intersection).

      Our youngest son is building a biplane from Lego. However, when I look again, it seems he has changed it so that it is now a building. He is sitting on our youngest daughter’s bed (where he had slept temporarily). I puzzle over this. I visualize the Lego biplane as being vertical and upright, but then consider that I may have only been looking at the “skeletal” foundation of the building (even though it was an actual transformation typical of the dream state).

      This dream is based on very common (an average of more than once per sleep cycle) anticipatory autosymbolism for vestibular system correlation. This does not always result in actual “flight” or a direct change in physicality upon waking (such as a hypnopompic kick or common falling sensation). In this case, with the bed as the literal dream state indicator, with an airplane autosymbolism for physicality in regard to VSC, it simply represents standing up after getting out of bed, though is also an association with our youngest son sometimes standing on this same bed in reality.

      Some previous (posted online) dreams in which a biplane or biplane hang glider has featured include:

      Biplane Hang Glider Mishap, February 27, 2016

      Biplane in my Pillow, April 4, 2012

      Water from a Biplane, December 20, 2010

      Biplane Directive, January 2, 1972

      They are not as common as other flight symbols (that is, dream state contemporaneous symbolism of VSC, which is usually unrelated to waking life), such as helicopters, of which have featured in hundreds of my dreams since childhood, some featured in my entry “40 Helicopter Dreams”, posted on May 20, 2018.

    3. Reverse Transition in Liminal Space

      by , 04-16-2018 at 08:09 AM
      Morning of April 16, 2018. Monday.

      (When water induction subsides and my non-lucid dream self is left wandering in liminal space, subliminally attempting to gather threads of my conscious self identity in the waking transition.)

      My dream starts out on a public beach, yet at no point am I aware of the ocean. Apparently, Zsuzsanna and our children as they appear now are present, but I am eventually most aware of our youngest son being nearby.

      I come to understand that many children had lost their toys in the long stretch of beach sand. Here and there, I dig and I find mostly Lego; a lot of small bricks and a large one at times. I know that our youngest son will want some of them. There are also other parts found from older Lego kits, including plastic Lego figures. The sensation of digging with my hands is very realistic and vivid.

      (When my non-lucid dream self is still wandering about in liminal space and reaches an autosymbolic form relating to neural gating and the subliminal enigma of being between sleeping and waking.)

      I eventually reach a small square area on the beach that looks like some sort of ambiguous utility structure. It is somewhat like a small transformer station. Inside, on the ground, though there are a couple very small concrete partial floor sections, there are a few Lego platforms that have simple maze features and look as if they were designed to make a miniature maze by putting the platforms together as well as add separate smaller features over the connected platforms. These other pieces are mostly flat, but with sparse raised patterns (though raised less that a quarter of an inch) that imply part of a simple maze. I consider that our youngest son might enjoy them and I take them to put aside as well. I have a large plastic bag to put all the pieces in.

      (When atypical neural gating closes off more of my conscious self identity after being at this structure, the maze implying the potential return to dreamless sleep in this case, as I have not yet begun waking ascension.)

      Without paying any attention to the change of setting, I am soon digging in the wooden floor, though which is still somewhat like digging in beach sand, of the hall of the second storey of the King Street boarding house (where I have not lived since 1990), rendered as having a searchable essence as in a number of other recent dreams. At this point, even though my current conscious self identity was mostly extant at the beginning of my dream, I am now slipping back into a reversed timeline, where I do not realize I am in the “wrong” setting - and my current conscious self’s memory is now far less viable. Instead of Lego, which is autosymbolism for gathering and constructing my thoughts and identity, and to remember I have a young son, I lose that focus entirely and am now finding stones of an interesting appearance.

      Leonard S comes up to see me, though remains at the opposite end of the hall. He seems cheerful and is going to get some additional stones from downstairs. Meanwhile, the King Street landlady comes up to see what is going on and seems somewhat annoyed. She remains standing at the opposite end of the hall from me as well.

      (When my dream again subliminally focuses on the waking goal, and fails to initiate conscious self identity.)

      Eventually, I find a large magnetic object near a fictional window on my end of the hall. (In real life, there was not a window in this location, my dream falsely implying the end of that area of the house, but the door to Leonard’s room as well as a smaller hall perpendicularly leading to the right and the left open to a staircase to the downstairs area.) It is not a stone but some sort of unusual ovular (though irregular) magnetic object with at least three large flat magnets arranged around its surface. They are somewhat like oversized refrigerator magnets. Each magnet features a scene from “101 Dalmatians” from 1961. One magnet features dalmatians, including Pongo and Perdita, the others, the human cartoon characters Roger and Anita.

      A similar object is nearby. I consider that the objects are meant to be placed together. However, when I touch them together all the flat magnets fall off from each. I start talking about this event to an unfamiliar cheerful male who is now suddenly sitting in the window. I try it again, after placing the magnets back on, but they fall off again. I am trying to understand if this is “right” or not, but the unlikely scene and erroneous magnetism does not trigger lucid awareness.

      The personified preconscious atypically takes on the essence of reinduction (as with the personified unconscious but of which is most often female) and sits in a low-set window rather than standing by or within a doorway, its usual habitat. The magnets did not continue to stick when the two objects were joined, being autosymbolic of the failure of the conscious self to fully initiate (the window otherwise implying the potential exit point for this dream).

      To summarize dream specifics: Water (no longer present in this atypical dream sequence) subsiding from liminal space as the very common (since early childhood) tidal analogy of waking autosymbolism. Seeking to gather current waking life identity. Small transformer station as autosymbolism for RAS (Reticular Activating System). My dream self finds curiosity in the maze-like neural gating potential of the dream state and becomes distracted. Trading one liminal space for another (beach to hall). Personification of neural gating at dream’s outcome, which very atypically represents reinduction rather than waking.

    4. Huge Objects DILD

      by , 10-08-2016 at 11:15 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      My father and I were going to a poorely design supermarket to buy some food. As we head there we got thrown in jail with this other one guy for no reason. I manage to except right before the guard shut the door. I am now running and trying to find a place to catch my breath. But as I stop running I see I am in a place that looks like huge yellow and white lego peices and huge pink/red flowers around the entire area. We were still in a building but this look odd in my cases. For some reason even though I knew the guards were gaining on me and I could see there was no where to go as apart of the stairs to go down was blown off.

      I just began dancing for about a couple of minutes. That's when I see my father run out and I mistaken it as the guard so I jump down from the upper deck and landed on the flower. I tried to keep my balance on it as it was split in to 6 parts. I look at them as I continue to grip. My father and now brother were watching me. I could feel myself slipping. Suddenly I could feel myself getting lucid. And an idea pop up in my head, I decided to pull the flower back as far as I can with my own weight so it can parachute me rather than trying to not fall off. It would have not work but since I knew it was a dream it did.

      I flew up high and landed on another flower and continue to do the same intill I landed next to my father,brother and mother. My father began showing this natural grass landscape that appear infront of his hands. He said while changing the structure of it, that land could become something else. But I can't seem to remember what else he said after that. I could feel my dream body becoming faint. So I knew I was going to wake up now.
    5. Master Sword

      by , 09-28-2016 at 09:26 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      10:30 AM
      Master Sword (DILD)

      There was an earlier section to the dream but it was a bit personal and I don't think I should share it. I realized it was a dream but by this point lost a bit of lucidity. I am in a casino in Vegas. My mind is wandering, not really paying attention to my friends playing roulette. I see my girlfriend walking over and I get happy she is back and then become lucid again. I remember that I wanted to try summoning my the master sword from Zelda again so I reach back and feel a sword in my hand. I pull it forwad and it is the master sword! I swing it around and wonder if I can do the engery blast attack. I swing and yell hiya and the sword glows blue and releases a blast at the peak of the swing. I try and see if I can get more accurate aim a few times. I run over to my girlfriend and her friends and try to show them that it's magic but can't seem to do it properly while they are watching. I let go of the sword and swing it around with telekinesis and they finally acknowledge the magic.

      The dream changed at this point and I loose lucidity. I am in a Lego video game of some sort. It is like a spy adventure game and I can make tools to help me. The game has every lego piece ever and you can make what ever you want which I find very impressive.

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    6. 05.03.2016

      by , 05-04-2016 at 04:03 PM

      We have had a lot of rain in my city recently, which resulted in flooding in many areas. Some people were without power for 2 weeks. There is an area of the city that will not be free of the flood water for at least 2 more weeks. April was our wettest month since 1989.

      I also have been experiencing a number of roadblocks at work. I am on an impossible project..so to say I am discouraged is an understatement.

      I haven't been sleeping very well. I've been distracted by a number of things, so I have not felt very in control.

      DR 1

      I was in a home or apartment, with someone, I don't recognize him or his face. Everything in the dwelling is white. I tell him I am leaving for work. I get into a small white car and I begin my drive to work. The sky is gloomy, and its raining. I notice the roads are starting to flood. I get to the frontage road to enter the freeway, and there is water that appears to be waist deep. I make a u-turn to go back home, and I yell and wave at the people behind me, to warn them, to tell them to go back. Not far away from the flooding, I find a parking lot and leave the car.

      I don't remember that it was raining as I walk in, and I don't feel the rain. I realize I am a little wet, but not soaked. I start down a hall way, and there appear to be classes. Again, everything is white- white floors, white doors, white walls. Classrooms are on either side- with windows so that I can peer in. I notice a girl with dark hair, pulled into a pony. She is very short. She is sitting lopsided, off to the side in one of the desks and I notice that she has what looks like legos clipped to her tights at her hips. She seems to have a deformity, or maybe a type of sclerosis? Anyway, the legos make a clicking sound, which sound like rhythms to me. The class turns out to be a kind of music class, using lego blocks to make noise. Someone would say a phrase, and a student would click the blocks to the rhythm of the syllables. The lopsided girl was really good, and I equate the use of her blocks to zills.
      (I may be thinking a bit too much about dancing with zills...https://youtu.be/3kdrY9q_gwg)

      I remember that I need to go back and secure the car, because the parking lot may be too low, subjecting the car to water.
      Tags: flood, lego, white, zills
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    7. (291,292) Creating a Gas Planet, Developing a Lego Game

      by , 05-02-2016 at 01:15 PM (Lucid Time!)

      #1. I was driving a black convertible down the road and playing loud music. I saw some cops and thought they were going to pull me over, but they didn't. Later I got my car stuck and the police came to help. I thought they were going to be mad and give me a ticket, but they didn't. They were really cool about it. I promised myself I would abide by the law closer and always be nice to police.

      I then remember finding this house by the beach. (I was in an unusual location. While not very interesting, it wasn't the usual my-neighborhood-overlayed-with-some-cheap-props.) So credit for that. The woman who lived at it, a 50-something single woman who looked pretty good for her age. She was supposedly the worlds best angry birds player and something of a celebrity for it.

      I don't remember why or even think there was a reason for it to begin with, but I was forced into interaction with her. I felt like this whole thing was a scam. Nobody should be a celebrity just for being good at a mobile game. But then again, she wasn't THAT famous. Her house was small, she lived alone and there was no paparazzi around. She probably just made enough money to live here comfortably for the rest of her life.


      I remember leaving. She was following me and I was going back to my place, a condo a little closer to the ocean. To get there, we had to ride our bikes down a sand trail at night through this huge field. She stopped saying she was out of breath and we stopped for a minute. I RC'd and became lucid. I think I said something about being lucid to the woman.

      WBABP: "In order to proceed, you must meditate on the meaning of Vishnu."

      Me: "But I'm not hindu."

      WBABP: "Be nike and just do it, like I did when I shot that bird at the last glass block ass. My ass." (Slaps her butt.) "And maybe you'll end up as well-off as me." (Smiles)

      I don't know what came over me next. But for some reason I thought I wanted to change the look of the moon. I remember I could focus on making it lighter or darker and do so. I then discovered that I could turn the moon into molten magma and solid at will. It was pretty cool because I turned all of earth's moon into magma, then reformed it, and when I did, I cleared away all of the craters, and earth had a smooth moon now.

      I then drew a pair of magic runes on the moon out of magma channels on the top and bottom. Then another pair on the sides. Then four more at a 45 degree angle. Then connected them to make an 8-pointed star. Some internal logic told me that when people draw a pentagram, it is a five dimensional shape, so they summon demons from the fifth dimension. But if you draw an 8 sided star (Octogram?) you summon very powerful beings from the 8th dimension.

      Just because I was lucid didn't mean I had any idea what I was doing.

      I remember an egg shape formed out of the moon magma, solidified into a smooth white egg and floated down. It hatched. It was some horrifying alien lizard creature. Something like a velociraptor but with a wider face, and it walked on all fours with really large, muscular front legs and small, thin back legs, and a tail with a spiked weapon on it. It wasn't that big, maybe the size of a horse. The thing that made it even more off-putting was that the creature didn't seem to have any skin. It looked like an anatomy diagram with just muscles and bones. (Huh maybe it really was a demon.) But because I was lucid, I wasn't at all bothered by its appearance.

      It didn't act like a demon though.
      I for some reason snapped back into more proper lucidity, but falsely remembered that I had a dream goal of creating a gas giant that earth would now orbit. I remembered that this creature would become the core of the gas planet. It asked me to select some flowers from around the area to help provide it information about what the planet should look like.

      I picked some random flowers. The field that the bike trail went through had seemingly endless variety and color of flowers. The dream seemed to skip that part, though, because the next thing I remember was handing the being (I think the monstrous looking planet maker had moose antlers now).

      "Are you sure these are the colors you want?" (The creature had a gruff, gurgle voice like you might expect from a monster, but at the same time, I could tell it was nice.)


      The creature jumped off into the sky and exploded. It created an absolutely beautiful gas planet with sky-blue bands rotating one way and brownish orange bands rotating the other. I remember it had a huge blue storm like Jupiter's great red spot that I could see rotating.


      I was working with Spellbee2 on the next Lego video game. We went into the bathroom together to wash up since both of us lived at work because we had such long hours. I remember he was perplexed by how to get these lego parts to connect when they had 3 connector studs on bottom and four on top.

      I remember I asked him to show me the parts and the moment he put the legos in my hands I became
      lucid, since I keep on dreaming about legos. I remember I used lucid magic to add a fourth connector stud on top and make it work. Spellbee was blown away by this.

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    8. #88: Birds / LEGO

      by , 02-07-2016 at 09:15 AM
      My recall for this night is quite crappy. I took way too long before finally writing anything down.

      » There's something that has to do with Harvey from Suits.

      Someone is telling me something about birds. (S)he mentions birds, predator birds, superbirds and superpredators. While that person is talking I see a parrot hanging upside down from a tree. A parrot counts as a superbird. An eagle or hawk shows up to prey on the parrot. The eagle/hawk flies away shortly after, though I don't remember what happened to the parrot. I also had one eagle/hawk sitting on my hand for just a moment, but because I didn't have a glove, his talons scratched my right middle finger. I should've worn a glove..

      I vaguely remember something that starts out as or resembles the Avengers and then slowly moves towards LEGO. I'm just an observer in this dream it seems. They're hatching a plan that's supposedly quite insane. They have to retrieve/steal some object. At one point they're communicating through a laser beam that got reflected off several walls to finally reach someone somewhere else. Ok, way too convenient that that's possible.

      When the dream switches over to LEGO there's something to do with a king. He's going out in the hallway with a small army of guards. About half off them sneak off because they are part of the Avengers plan. Really? Half of them? Don't you think that's a little conspicuous? Do you really need 20ish people to get the job done? The king and the rest of his guard keep moving. Everyone else in the hallway seem to be regular people, so for the king and his guards they are insanely huge. They make a stop somewhere and there's a balloon or something that floats down onto the pikes of several of the guardsmen, making it burst. There's also something with a liquid that's apparently quite tasty.
    9. Steamboat Sinks

      by , 02-16-2015 at 01:43 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My recall is back and running. Thank goodness.

      I entered the dream already fully lucid. Manei said she was going to help me to align my chackras. There was another dream character present as well, but I didn't take a good look at them. I remember visuals of some white/light colors. She put her hand in the middle of my back.

      I had two autosuggestion notebooks, a red one and the black one I have IWL. I was trying to figure out which one had my list of dream goals. (Good, my autosuggestion notebooks are being recognized by my subc as important.)

      I had been hired to work for LEGO. They wanted me to make a bunch of themed sets called Alpha Centuari that were supposed to center around realistic/scientifically plausible means of traveling into outer space and other stars in the future.

      I designed a bunch of sets such as a toroidal space station, spaceplane, and SETI telescope. All of the people at LEGO really liked them and they looked really cool, but when we released them into toy stores they were a flop.

      I was on a small yellow inflatable boat in the middle of a lake. It was somewhat foggy. Off in the distance, at about my 5'oclock was a large river steamboat. The structure of it looked very modern though, like a cruise ship, but it had a large paddle wheel on the back.

      I wasn't quite sure what I was doing away from the boat, but I knew that my family along with S were onboard.

      I remember hearing the captain of the ship say that they were going to hit a wave and that people on the lower deck might get splashed. A nice sized wave (about 10 feet) hit the boat and thoroughly drenched everyone on the lower deck.

      I somehow knew the captain, or remembered his face. He was a nice man of about 30 with a long, pointed face, greenish eyes and short ginger-brown hair.

      The yellow boat handled the wave just fine.

      The captain said that there would be another wave, this one could rock the ship pretty bad. It hit, and it was a pretty large wave, about 30 feet this time and thoroughly drenched all but the uppermost deck. If I remember correctly, the boat was actually a floating hotel, and every deck above the bottom and the roof were hotel rooms. I remember thinking about how the water was probably leaking through the glass and getting everything wet in all of the rooms.

      The captain said that there would be yet another wave, and that everybody should brace, because this one will be really bad. I looked out in front of me and the boat and nearly wet the bed. There was a huge wall of water heading for us. (For those of you who have seen the movie 'Interstellar'... yeah, that's a good idea of what the wave looked like.)

      The yellow inflatable boat handled the wave fine, it just floated up to the top, but I saw that the wave was starting to crest and came crashing down ontop of the steamboat, and it sunk it pretty much instantly. I saw a few (10ish people) come to the surface.

      The fog lifted and I saw that we were in fact on a medium sized lake. My dingy drifted into the shore on some smaller waves. I managed to hop up onto a dock and then ran a safe distance away from the water. While I waited for other people I looked at the lake we had been on. It was no more than a mile or two across, and there were mountains on the other side. I asked how a lake so small could produce big waves, even if it was windy.

      The other people came to shore. One of them was the captain. I asked if we should mount a rescue and see if there are more people. The captain said that would be suicide for us because another giant wave could spawn at any time and the water was really cold and we could get hypothermia and the boat was already hundreds of feet down. He told me that the upper levels of the boat were actually watertight and that anyone in them was probably fine, we just had to send a proper dive team to lift them out before the oxygen ran out.

      Somebody got a cell phone and called a proper dive team. They showed up almost instantly and started bringing up survivors from the air pocket that the boat had created.

      My aunt appeared and asked me to find my cousins. Everyone from the boat was taking refuge in side of this museum/hall area. There seemed to be a lot more survivors than there were people on the boat. Most of the people there were actually worried families of the people from the wreck.

      I can't really recall what happened after this. I think I went into the museum/hall where the rescued people were drying off and warming up. I chased a kid wearing a cloak who I thought was my cousin, but turned out not to be my cousin. When I exposed his identity he bit me. I slapped him and he started crying. He told me that it was his secret identity and nobody should know it. I tried to explain to him that this was a rescue situation and that this was no time for being a brat. Then my real cousins showed up and asked me what was going on. I explained and they started yelling at the kid as well.

      He kept crying louder and louder about his secret identity, saying that I was the worst person ever for chasing him and trying to remove his cloak. Eventually he aged in reverse and became a small pink baby about the size of my hand. I set him in the windowsill.

      His mom showed up and yelled at him for biting me and then for using his special power to age in reverse. Apparently now his mom had to go through all the work of raising him from the beginning now.

      I asked my cousins if they knew where everyone else had gone. The said that they didn't know and didn't care. They both pulled out laptops and started playing DOTA 2.

      I started to get absorbed into the game. It was this tundra map that I had never seen before (For the record, I haven't even played DOTA 2, I've only watched my cousin play.) And this character who could rapid fire multiple streams of arrows. The character seemed really overpowered and was killing everyone else.

      Spoiler for Interpretations (I'm gonna start doing these daily.):

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    10. LD#154: once in a two moon

      by , 01-08-2015 at 02:16 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was playing with legos. Somehow or other I had legend of Korra lego figures and I had made a spaceship that all of the main characters could ride around in. I was doing that thing that you always see kids doing with Lego spaceships where they spin in circles and run around making laser gun sounds for no other reason than it could be done. I was really enjoying myself as well.

      I was playing outside at night for some reason. I believe it was summer.

      Just then I stopped. I noticed that the moon seemed to look strange.
      It seemed like there were no craters and the whole thing was just flat gray maria. My view seemed to zoom in on the moon. It came back to me, and I thought of how strange it was. Then I noticed that there was a second larger moon right next to it.

      I thought for a second about what that might mean and realized that extra celestial bodies was a common dream sign.
      I preformed the nose pinch. Dreamin', baby! I had good lucidity too.

      I looked up at the night sky. It was a clear night with no clouds. I thought about the stars for a few moments. There was a very bright one (might have been a planet) right above me.

      I realized that I might want to try and stabilize the dream, seeing as I've been losing my lucid dreams a lot this past week or so. So my first priority was to get daylight. I tried my old trick of swiping the sky like an Iphone screen, but it didn't work. I tried swiping it the other direction and it still didn't work. I tried swiping it north-south (though this makes no sense) the sun came up directly south relative to my house.

      Just then the dream started to destabilize. I laid down on the grass and grabbed onto it with both hands. "I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream!" I began to feel like I was spinning. A golden light passed over me, and I phased through a number of blurry environments but retained the grassy bed below me.

      I got up and pulled up the grass. I put it in my mouth to try to stimulate taste or maybe hold onto the dream a little longer, but it tasted like having metal shards in my mouth. I spit it out to see that the grass was in fact a bunch of small X-acto blades.

      I looked around. I was in a perfectly flat meadow. All around me were equally sized and spaced tombstones. They were huge, about ten or twelve feet tall, and they didn't have any writing on them. And they were all on forty-five degree angles leaning toward a huge tree that the sunlight shone through. There were a couple of clouds in the sky.

      I began to feel Manei was somewhere in the dream. I felt like I should focus on her, bring her forward, but the dream was slipping quickly.

      "I want to know why the dream is so unstable!"

      I began to lose the dream again, and let it slide this time. There really was no point if it was going to fight me this hard. I did my best to hang on to staring at the huge tree.
      Tags: grass, grave, lego, moon, stars, sun, tree
    11. Fragments

      by , 12-22-2014 at 12:11 PM
      Did a natural WBTB at about 5:40, I stayed up for only 10 minutes this time but it was pretty light outside so I had some trouble going back to sleep again. I originally had some notes on my dream app that I was going to reference but that was erased unfortunatly so I'll have to type this from memory which will make the fragments even shorter.


      Fragment 1
      I was in a beautiful steampunk inspired city that was floating on an island in the clouds. I was with another boy and we were traversing the city trying to help someone while trying to avoid the police. We were being questioned by an officer and decided to take him to the museum so he would get bored and leave us alone.

      Fragment 2
      I was with a group of survivors in an abandoned house surrounded by lava which had covered the entire Earth. I was sent on a scavenging mission and remember running away from something before the dream faded.

      Frgment 3
      I was in a doctors/scientists office and he had a huge magnifying glass pointed at me. I got up from my chair and looked at a hologram of the Earth which appeared to be made out of lego, I glanced behind me and the magnifying glass was lego. I took a couple pieces from the glass and the doctor/scientist told me to put them back.

      Not very long but that's to be expected when I'm doing it from memory a couple of hours later. Gonna keep doing WBTB and try going to bed earlier so I can wake up naturally when it's still dark.
      - Have another Lucid Dream
      - Bend all 4 elements
      - Tell a DC I'm dreaming and see their reaction
      - Fly
      - Find my Dream Guide or have them find me
    12. Brought the little one to the kindergarten

      by , 10-18-2014 at 12:27 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm squatting to let the little devil go to play with her friends. She doesn't want to let me go and tuns back to hug me. It makes me fall on my back. I stand up, and start talking with one of her teachers. We have a conversation about Lego bricks. She tells me she used to play with her dad building a castle and a bridge that used to fall. I tell her that my brother and I, used to build a brick with plastic soldiers standing there, and threw batteries against it until it was completely "devastated". I remember I was around 8 when we did that, and I tell her it was like saying goodbye to that era. Because of it was one of the last times I remember playing with my old brother that way. She tells me that's exactly what the Gipsy Kings sing in one of their songs, they say: "My son didn't want to hear me, that's why I burned him"/...

      * Alarm clock went off long ago and I realize it's late again, I have to run... again.
    13. The Note

      by , 08-10-2014 at 05:47 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #229: The Note

      I’m sitting in a restaurant and something feels off to me. I stand up to find Wife standing here beside me and I realize that a lucid dream has started. “Do you want to come along?” I ask Wife.

      “Sure, okay!” she responds rather happily. This is a nice change because she’s normally more involved in the dream plot and not as cooperative.

      I walk outside of the restaurant with Wife, opening the glass door to walk through. Oops, I’d meant to do a phase for the competition! I try to quickly phase through it while it’s open. I phase my arm through the door and then start moving the rest of my body through, Wife giving me a very strange look. The door becomes flimsy in the middle of the attempt and starts folding in on itself. I gyrate my hips, trying to hurry through before it collapses, and I’m very conscious that it totally looks like I’m humping it.

      The door becomes completely unmanageable and the scene comes apart as I fall into the void. I hand-rub for a bit to wait this out but sense that something is close to my face, something that I can chew on. I bite down on it and it tastes like a soft, very mild licorice. I usually hate licorice but there’s something about this that makes it a little more bearable, sort of like it’s been crossed with bubble gum somehow.

      I keep chewing and chewing, walking forward through the void. I eat fast, consuming yards of the stuff as I walk forward. After a while, it just feels like it’s been too long in the void and that I need to do something about it. For some reason I raise both of my arms over my head before calling out, “Dreamer, pull me out!” I don’t feel any physical contact, but almost immediately find myself standing in my darkened master bedroom, no longer in the void.

      There’s a piece of paper stuck on the opposite wall covered with large, handwritten letters. I interpret this as being a note that Dreamer has left for me. It looks like gibberish, so I move forward, trying to get a better look. It rearranges itself, but it’s still unreadable. Then the letters rearrange into:

      “Sorry couldn’t read reply, check the”

      I interpret this as meaning there’s something I’m meant to read, but I don’t know what. This is relevant for later… see the end of this entry!

      I wander out into the hall, which is lit up like it’s morning. I remember my intent to phase and try to phase through my youngest child R’s door. Unfortunately the door just comes open instead of letting me phase and I see R beginning to stir around in bed. This sounds like a good way to get wrapped up in a dream plot, so I back away into the hall.

      I fly down the stairs to the kitchen area to see that the breakfast table has been moved far to the side and that almost the entire area is covered with Lego pieces. The coolest part is that most of them have been assembled into these amazing, moving models of roads, freeways, machines, amusement park carousels, and all kinds of other things. It’s really vivid, so much so that it’s hard to shake the feeling that I’m viewing a scene from waking life. I think that in this scenario, Wife must have stayed up all night building this.

      I leave through the back door, finding myself in a park walking along a red dirt path dotted with autumn leaves. I follow the path into a building with large plate glass windows all around its walls. I look back at the park through the window, marveling at how realistic it looks when I shift my perspective. I feel excited and happy to see this, saying, “I can’t believe my mind generated all of this.”

      I remember again that I’d meant to phase, so I walk toward one of the plate glass windows, anticipating an easy phase. Unfortunately, before I get there,
      the dream ends.

      Notes: Here’s something cool. Immediately upon waking up, I removed my sleep mask and looked over at the clock. Just as I was looking at it, my iPod’s screen came on with a notification. I popped it open and just at that moment I’d received a Skype message from Dreamer.

      This was really exciting to me because of what the note had said earlier (“Sorry couldn’t read reply, check the”), and the timing was perfect. I guess that the end of the message would have been “check the iPod”. Pretty cool!
    14. LDing/ Miho/ Lego world

      by , 02-11-2014 at 07:05 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      dream 1 - I barely remember, but someone says to me that LDing technically doesn't make you rest well, so I rebuke him by remembering the sleep stage picture I saw last night that every person goes through N1 and N2 stage where the dream doesn't occur and the body goes into deep sleep mode so we rest well for the night. So LDing doesn't make us tired at all.

      dream 2 - I'm Miho, sitting on a chair in a casual modern office building or something. There's a plastic dark greyish blue colored table and I'm talking to a black gumiho(same deity as Miho, nine tails fox) who's sitting right in front of me. She's probably female. (I feel a little male energy from her) She's wearing very dark hanbok and her ears and tails are white, and black at the end of them. Her hair is straight with black. She has white fur just like mine, and her eyes are fierce with yellow. I see Miho's thin white hand and light colored hanbok with red parts on it, and reddish orange skirt below me as well.

      She shows me a big book about some kind of spells and magic guide. The book doesn't look old, rather very freshly printed and the book is maybe about over 600 pages. She asks me what type of power I possess in general. I flip over the book and find this page that says 'Love' at the top and some icon drawings that shows some kind of green leaf.

      "Yes, my power is from Love. After all, I'm light type of security deity. I'm not evil."
      Is this me or Miho talking?

      The black gumiho is impressed.

      dream 3 - I'm getting all wet from rain but I feel great.

      WILD - I see myself in the mirror. I push the window and go out. I fly over some kind of marsh or lake. The water doesn't look that clean, so I make it clear. I try to summon a portal behind me but it doesn't work. I somehow go into it and end up somewhere weird parallel universe after fading out - A LEGO WORLD.

      Woah!! This is so weird, everything is lego and I'm lego too?! I see colorful lego parts and characters - red, yellow, green, blue. I try to summon another portal to go to other place, and I end up in a forest with fresh grass.
      Tags: lego, miho
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. 8th June 2013 Weird game, Radio voice, MiniLD

      by , 06-08-2013 at 12:24 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      I was watching playthrough of some video game that was third person game and the main character was weird white robot thing with three antennas on the top of the head. There was one level that was in white city, there were a few buildings and it was full of secrets, but player decided to skip them. Then i was looking up those secrets and was playing the game, one of secrets was on the top of the highest building, and only way there was through some difficult platforming. . At the top there was an entrance into brown area with Doom-like textures and some items. While getting back down game transformed.... into a lego of all things and i broke antennas on character's head, i was confused. Weird radio like voice started playing somewhere and...
      I wake up
      there's still this weird voice, so i must be dreaming, i am about to rub hands but i wake up.
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