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    1. 1,464 Words

      by , 07-05-2018 at 02:02 PM
      1,464 Words.

      I slept surprisingly well. I went to bed around 9 and didn't hear a single fire work all night. I watched the third Hobbit movie before bed and ended up finishing the whole thing. I did some waking life recall afterward. My dream recall still felt low tonight. I remembered something from my first round of dreams but couldn't re-remember it.

      I remember something about only being able to sign in from 9 P M to 4 A M. There was something with a vending machine. There was more to this. It was some kind of school or job thing. I don't rememeber now.

      I remember getting to my cousin J's house. I was at the back sliding door with some other people, waiting to be let in. I was with Uncle R and some others. One of them just let themselves in. I wasn't planning on being so bold.

      The house was arranged with 5 beds. One in the center and one in each of the 4 corners. Behind each bed in the corner, there was a fireplace, which had a fire going. The ceiling was opened to the sky. When I mentioned it, they showed me that they could pull some kind of fence thing over it to close it.

      I remember laying on one of the couches upside down, on a comfortable cushion, talking to some people there. We were asked by someone like M S's mom to go pick up some black vinyl tape and labels from the store. So, we went there.

      We got just one roll of the black vinyl tape, but they wanted more. So, we went back to get 4 more. I realized I had put a different name on the labels than they had asked. It was because the default name on the labels hadn't changed. 'Oops!' I thought.

      There were some bird house things we could clean to earn some money. I tried to do it. There was gunk all over the sides. Someone said we didn't get paid to clean that part.

      I remember a girl near a fence. I forgot if she was calling for help or trying to re-join us. 3 guys on the other side of the fence approached her. They got under the fence and captured her.

      I think I woke up around then, used the rest room, and took some supplements. I tried to form some memories of the dreams and fell back asleep pretty quickly.

      I remember being out kind of late. I was playing Pokemon battles. Near each of my Pokemon, the speed stat was listed. I noticed I had 2 Pokemon with 238 speed, which is relatively high. Their speed was lower.

      They had a Lugia who could cut half its HP and get some kind of power boost. They used it on one of my Pokemon, but I knew they couldn't do it again. Well, I feared they would Roost off the damage and do it again if I didn't take the chance to defeat Lugia.

      I sent in someone faster. Suddenly, they had a new Pokemon out. It was a dragon type with 100% HP. I looked through my moves, knowing I was dragon type, too. 'Oh no!' I thought. 'No dragon moves!' Then I saw it. A special 105 base power dragon move. 'Lets try it!' I said to myself, knowing that if it didn't do 100% damage, I'd have to take one of their dragon moves in return.

      It was like the last few percent points of their HP hesitated to go down. But they went down to 0%. I was so relieved. I think after that, Lugia was their last Pokemon, and it was easier to defeat, having much more speed.

      I remember thinking about or seeing a card game. I was thinking of some kind of endure-reversal stategy, but using cards. I think I had a Marowak card.

      I ahd been borrowing someone else's Pokemon. They offered me some more Pokemon to continue battling. I wanted to keep battling, but I realized I had already had soda and tea, so I didn't want any more beverages like that. "I just need to brush my teeth and get a water," I said. It was almost bed time anyway.

      I went to do that, hoping they would wait for me. When I walked into the other room, it was like the dining room in my college house.

      They were calling someone on the couch "William Hung" and saying that he had a lot of facebook friends. But they were kind of mocking him. I went back to the kitchen, and W H was at the door. He said he would give out free Pokemon cards. I just had to fill out a form.

      He showed me the form. It was kind of lengthy. It had a place for my social security number, but with four spaces instead of three. When I told him I might need more time, he eliminated part of the form, leaving me only with a questionnaire page.

      I remember W H lit an indoor vapor poison thing and it lit up blue at the end. I thought it was a regular poison thing and tried to grab it from him, to put it out. When I grabbed it, I could feel that it was more solid, like a pencil, because it was the vaporizing kind. We fought about it. I remember looking at the water dispensers on the silver fridge. I said even vaporizing poison indoors spreads toxins, even if it doesn't smell.

      I remember they went on some elevator things. They were doing some kind of space mission or research.

      I remember spying on J V as he poured a cup of coffee. I wondered what kind of sweeteners he would use. Because his dad was a dentist, it seemed like he was hiding the sweeteners. I imagined a white sugar or artificial sweetener packet. He kept trying to make sure no one saw.

      I remember something with vaccuums. I used one vaccuum to clean up all this gunk. But then the vaccuum was leaking, so I had to use another vaccuum to clean up after that vaccuum. I vaccuumed out the inside of one vaccuum with the other vaccuum.

      I remember a dream scene where I was looking at dollar bills. I was commenting on how they look very old fashioned. I didn't realize that was a dream memory until this morning. I thought it was waking life.

      I remember Bilbo stowing away in someone's luggage. When they got to the person's house, Bilbo was talking to himself. "What do they see?" He asked. "My behavior." So his plan was to use his behavior to deceive whoever it was. He wanted to leave before they found him, but then they found him. The person thought it was funny that Bilbo had stowed away in their luggage.

      I remember a drawing I had made. It seemed special. I wanted to take a picture of it. I tried lighting up my camera and using a flash on my phone. I remember angling my head to look past the camera. I was thinking, 'Wait, no, I have to look through the camera to see what I'm photographing.'

      I remember lots of slush in the driveway. It was morning. Some people wanted help from a young girl there. I guess I was supervising the kids. I pushed the slush around in the driveway. It felt like moving all the slush would take forever.

      Well, that was it for tonight. I wonder if I need to start writing the dreams before going back to sleep again. Or if its something in my waking life practices.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. The Birth and Rebirth of a Phoenix (DILD)

      by , 02-16-2016 at 07:43 PM
      Ritual: Yesterday was full of work and stress, conditions that I have previously correlated to vivid dreaming. I worked until going to bed at 2am. Woke at 5am to feed the cat, then again at 6am after a dream that culminated in an experience of intense frustration, vivid enough that I spent around 45 minutes writing it down—an unintended but useful WBTB. Since today will also be very busy I did not do any other lucid practices, however, I had primed myself a little by reading the list of TOTYs last night. Apart from those conditions, the following dream was spontaneous, and I woke from it at around 8:45am.

      DILD: I am at my mother's house, but it is unlike any WL house. I am in a long room with high ceilings, very spacious and sparsely furnished, with no modern accoutrements. Maybe it is the medieval look of the interior that reminds me of the TOTYs, and I become lucid. Which would be a good one to do? Fairy would be easier to do outdoors. I could turn into a dragon but then I'd have to destroy everything and I don't want to wreck my mother's house. Phoenix? That would be a good one. I try to remember the details. I can't just summon it directly, I have to burn something, right? I look around the room for something suitable.

      On the far end of the room is a table under a shuttered window. The table is covered with a white cloth, and spread across it is an assortment of jewels and precious stones. These look ideal. I select a faceted gem and place it in my left palm. It is small, only about six millimeters across, transparent with cobalt blue striations, like a combination of diamond and sapphire. It is faceted into what I think of as a classic gem shape. [According to online sources, this is simply called a "round" cut.] I walk slowly across the room back toward the couch where my mom is sitting, concentrating on the stone and willing it to catch fire. The stone feels inert in my hand, and I feel that I have chosen the wrong one. From the coloring, this stone is clearly attuned with ice, not fire. I should go back and pick a different one.

      I return to the table and find a small stone of matte earthy red color. This is more a mineral than a gem, and it is shaped like a narrow lozenge, almost a centimeter long, pointed at the ends, and only a few millimeters wide in the middle. I begin to will it into flame, but immediately have second thoughts. The stone is so skinny and small, it would probably make a scrawny phoenix. I go back to the table to look for a better one.

      I decide to find a gem that could pass for a phoenix egg, examine the options more carefully, and finally come across a good-sized stone around three centimeters across. It is also matte and reddish, but a generous oval in shape, and the top is composed of randomly assorted rounded protrusions, like bubbles. The bottom has been leveled off and already set into a metal frame. I decide that this one is ideal, put it in my left palm, and begin to invoke fire in earnest. Around this time my mom tries to talk to me about doing some household chore but I hush her: "Not now, I'm busy."

      The stone resists at first, but I do not let myself doubt my ability to do this. I've summoned fire in my palm before. This time I'm just transmuting it from a substrate. I will a flame to emerge from the stone and soon it does—but I notice that in the process, the stone has transformed into a candle. The candle is larger than the stone, filling my hand. It is a 6cm tall cylinder and is conveniently fitted in a round container. Between the candle and the sides of the container is what looks like a filling of crumpled dry grass.

      The flame is burning on the wick in the ordinary way, and I will it to expand and consume the whole candle, turning it into the phoenix I am trying to create. For a moment it burns quietly, but then the whole object transforms again. Briefly I seem to be holding a bundle of smoldering dried grass, around a foot in diameter, until the whole thing explodes and violently flies apart, patches landing in various places around the room. Failure? I'd better check the remains.

      I wander around to a couple of the smoking remnants, but see nothing notable. I remember that I need to keep my expectations high, so as I walk toward a third, larger patch, I anticipate finding a baby phoenix. Sure enough, when I prod at the charred dried grass, underneath I discover a tiny, long-necked, bird-like creature! The phoenix has hatched! But it is it skinny and completely limp. What can I do to help? As a creature of fire, I reason, it must need heat. It is probably freezing to death.

      I gently pick up the baby bird, which drapes across my hands with no sign of life, and take it to the fireplace. Luckily there is already a good fire burning. There is a kind of metal chain screen separating the fire from a metal grate on the hearth. Sprawled on the grate, soaking up the heat, is a long iguana-like lizard that I had previously noticed on the table when I was selecting jewels. I figure it must be a salamander, with the same need for warmth as my new phoenix. Should I place the phoenix in the fire directly, or on the grate? Since my hypothesis about the wisdom of putting the phoenix in the fire is as yet untested, I decide to lay it on the grate in case I need to remove it quickly.

      The experiment goes well. As soon as I lay the baby phoenix next to the fire, its body begins to perk up and fill out. It grows until it resembles a toucan in shape and size, though red in color and with a sleeker bill. Success! But was there more to the task? I can't remember if we were also supposed to fight something, and figure I'd better do that as well as long as I can maintain dreamstate. "Let's go fight something!" I say to the newborn phoenix, and it hops up on my shoulder.

      I head past the table with the jewels and open the window in the end wall. The window is a square aperture about three feet on a side, fastened with a single wooden shutter. The shutter is hinged on one side, flush with the wall when closed, and opens inward to the left. This truly resembles a medieval house in that there is no glass in the window, so it is easy to climb up and out. I pause on the sill and bid the phoenix to fly on ahead. Meanwhile, I hang up the long metal hook that I used to open the shutter so that I can grab it when I come in later, then use another device that resembles a hook attached to a wire loop to suspend myself from the sill and ease the drop to the ground, which is far enough below that it requires some precaution. I have the feeling that I have done this many times before.

      Once on the ground, I look around for someone or something to fight. I am on a grassy lawn that extends between a number of different buildings. The buildings themselves don't leave a distinct architectural impression—I wish I had taken a closer look. Instead I was scanning the ground between them, but all I see are ordinary people walking about, none of whom seem like suitable opponents. I don't want to be an unprovoked aggressor.

      The dream begins to fade. I worry that the abrupt transition to a different space might have unbalanced it, and I immediately take steps to stabilize, falling on my knees and examining the details of the grass while running my hands over it for texture. For a moment the grass turns grey and although I see all the usual plants among it, like clover, everything looks unusually small. But then a voice hails me from above and the dreamstate resumes its integrity: "Do you want to fight?" I promptly agree.

      I am facing a man who is accompanied by a creature resembling a muscular, short-haired white dog. The man has a sword, and immediately begins to strike at me. Although I am unarmed, I find that I am able to parry his blows with my hands without too much discomfort. I suspect that I could turn the fight to my advantage if I want, but the whole point of this exercise was to fight in tandem with the phoenix. Where is that bird? "Phoenix? Phoenix!" I call anxiously.

      The blade keeps falling, and I keep catching it and pushing it aside, but luckily the dog is hanging back for now. Suddenly to my relief the phoenix swoops in, aiming a stream of fire at the dog. More gouts of flame follow, consuming the man and dog, but they do not go down easily. I watch the phoenix, who has now taken human form, take a blade right through his stomach, angling up toward his chest. It is an unmistakably lethal blow, and I run over to him as he falls. I feel guilty for having put him in this predicament—but recall that for a phoenix, there should be a way to fix this.

      Looking around frantically, I am pleased to discover a fireplace in my immediate vicinity. Nevermind the unlikelihood of finding a fireplace outdoors; it is just what I need so I don't question it. I drag the phoenix, currently in the form of a slim Asian boy, over to the hearth and dump him directly onto the flames. I expect the fire to heal him; instead he begins screaming as his skin burns and chars. It is horrifying, but I hold him down as he struggles—he was dying already, this is the only thing that might help. Maybe this is how it is supposed to work. A phoenix has to die to be reborn, right? The human body blackens and burns away. Sure enough, in its place I find a little baby bird, looking much like it did initially but yellow instead of red this time. I wonder if its pale color means it needs to eat. The bird pecks at some morsel of food near the fire and I try to tempt it with something better. "Here, eat a hot one." I pluck an olive-sized piece from a row of snacks baking in the fireplace (I don't feel the heat, just as I didn't feel pain from the sword earlier) and offer it directly. The little bird compliantly swallows the morsel, growing in size and turning red again.

      I feel that I have completed the task to satisfaction, so even before I wake up I begin reviewing the details, making sure I commit them to memory. There is a moment when I am back in the same house as the beginning of the dream and ask someone to remind me the name of the guy I fought. "Ziggy Starduster and the Hoarfrost," comes the reply. I note that they definitely said "Starduster," not "Stardust." Since I only hear rather than see the names, I briefly wonder if the dog's name is spelled "Whorefrost" or "Hoarfrost," but decide that the latter is more appropriate on a number of levels.

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    3. September 13th, 2014 Fragments

      by , 09-13-2014 at 08:59 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      September 13th, 2014 Fragments (Non-lucid)


      - I went to visit a campsite with my wife. We were driving uphill and there were a lot of turns. Each turn was like in slow motion, like wavy, a good way to spot it was a dream, which I did not!

      - I was working in a shoe store. I felt weird, like why I would work there, but at the same time, I did want to do the best job possible and help clients. There was a guy wanting to buy seafood but I had no idea about it and just offered him assistance. He told me that he wanted to work with someone older. I told him that I did not work at the seafood department anyway. Someone else assisted me.

      I did help some people there until I went to a huge lobby that had several fireplaces, each fireplace was about 4 feet wide.
    4. #53 - Country Road

      by , 03-30-2013 at 12:15 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was standing in the middle of the road looking down a side road. I was at the junction of a T. All the roads were really wide. It was dusk, and there was nothing else around.

      At first I was intrigued by my location. Then I started getting concerned because I didn't know where I was. I then began to question how I got there and immediately realized I was lucid. I started singing "Country Road" by John Denver because it looked like a country road.

      I thought about a conversation I had with Canis Lucidius about singing in dreams and sounding really good. I sounded terrible in this dream, but I kept singing because it felt so good.

      I started flying, and thought how I should be trying a dream goal.

      Dream Skip

      I'm at a white ranch style home with black shutters and door and such. It is a fancy home for such a simple style house. I fly up to the house and see a man coming out of the door. I contemplate whether I should phase through the wall or take the opportunity to go through the open door. I didn't really want to deal with a DC, but there he was. He was an ugly older gentleman with a huge chin. He was a typical brain-dead DC, so he didn't notice me flying right in front of him.

      I phased through the wall and was then inside. I decided to try to enter my childhood nightmare. I had seen a chimney from the outside, so I looked for the fire place. I thought I could teleport to the demon circle of ashes from the fireplace.

      I was unable to go through the fireplace. I couldn't phase. I turned around to see the house from inside the fireplace and saw the man's wife. She saw me too. I got a face on as though I was the demon. The lady saw me and started having a heart-attack. She was carrying wood in (I guess to bring to the fire-place. I didn't even think about the connection 'till just now.)

      When she saw me in the fire place with an evil look on my face, she leaned over terrified and dropped some of the wood.

      I knew I was dreaming, but I didn't purposefully look evil. I think it was a byproduct of trying to enter my childhood nightmare, finding myself in the fireplace, and not wanting to deal with a DC. Still, I'd rather not be the demon. I just wanted to recreate the nightmare. Hmmmmm.

      I flew out of the fireplace and around the floor, under the dining table and such. I saw the man go outside, and now I decided to surprise him. I decided to phase through the roof and meet him outside to make him wonder how I got out there.

      I think I ended up at a street near my house and soon woke up.

      I used SSILD for the first time in a while.
      I also took care of business yesterday.
      Mowed my friends yard and had a few cold beers.
    5. Flying isn't always fun

      by , 08-06-2012 at 08:03 AM (Dimension X)
      This requires a lot of explaining. So in other words, a lot of reading, but please bear with me ._.

      Ok so about 6 months ago, I lived in a nice house... Everything was normal. Then, out of nowhere I had this one dream where it felt like I was awake. But what happened was, I was laying down with my eyes closed... And I could feel my bed float off the ground a few feet, and rotate 360 degrees before slowly falling back to the ground again. ...It didn't stop there. A few days later, I had another one of these dreams, except it was a bit more intense. Instead of slowly floating, this time my bed floated a bit faster, right up to the ceiling of my room. My eyes were open and I saw the ceiling like 20 inches away from my head. Then it dropped quite fast onto the floor. I started to have these dreams quite often, and they kept getting more and more intense with each one. Eventually I was at the point where I would have a dream like this and my bed would either skyrocket past my ceiling and into pitch black darkness, or carefully aim itself and dive into the floor at breakneck speed. It felt like I was on a roller coaster, except way faster. After about a month or so, I actually started to discover on my own that I could kind of control where my bed was going using my mind. Although it didn't work as often as I had hoped, it still helped. Then I had this one dream... This one specific dream that really freaked me out.
      My bed floated horizontally in this dream. All I saw was darkness, but I could feel it moving. And then my bed floated by a white fireplace. I didn't have a fireplace in that room. But the thing that really freaks me out about that is, there's a chimney right outside my room, as part of the house... There WAS a fireplace in my bedroom... 200 years ago.
      The fireplace that I saw was white, and there was a small fire in it, and it was brighter than it should have been for such a small fire. Yet, the light didn't go anywhere else. The light itself only surrounded the fireplace.
      Eventually these dreams started to happen less often. Then I had to move out of that house. I left my old bed there because I already had a new one ready for the new house, the one I'm living in now. After I moved here, those dreams stopped ENTIRELY. I think those were lucid dreams, though. Because I felt awake in all of them. Even though these events happened not that long ago, at the time, I knew what a lucid dream was, but... I don't know... I have no idea why I didn't take control. For some reason, now, it's harder for me to fully LD... Anyway, thanks for taking your time to read this, it was pretty weird.
    6. Blond and a Fireplace

      by , 02-23-2011 at 11:55 PM
      Sadly only the last fragment was recalled despite the same efforts as the night before...

      I saw a blond sitting on a gray shag carpet in front of a fireplace. She was wearing a bright red shirt and her legs were tan and beautiful. Out of the fireplace was pouring thick dark smoke that was moving straight up in a column. No fire was visible. She was posed elegantly and I had the impression this was a photo shoot.
    7. Outdoor Fireplace

      by , 07-05-1976 at 06:00 AM
      Morning of July 5, 1966. Tuesday.

      This was recurring from this time period (after the Fourth of July in 1966) associated with an actual visit to a park; Veterans Memorial Park Campground in Wisconsin. My older sister Carol (half-sister on motherís side) seems the strongest presence in my dreams for a time, with other older relatives also in the area including my older brother Jim (though only relatives from my motherís side) and usually no other (either generic or unknown) additional characters. The area seems more isolated than in reality and somewhat bushy though there is an open area where a large house supposedly once stood. All that is left is the fireplace and part of the chimney. However, there is ambiguity here in that it also seems like a brick barbecue deliberately made for the park or at least is apparently mistaken for one or considered as such according to my dreamís back story. There is some uncertainty whether or not to use it or to look for another one (even though no one seems to be carrying food or other supplies). There were several variations of this dream, not that well-documented as I was only five years old at the time, though it is one of my first known recurring dreams. This dream series may have just been caused by a visual association; that is, the similar appearance between a residential fireplace (especially from actual ruins I likely would have have seen) and an outside brick barbecue. I am glad I have these wondrous memories.

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