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    1. The UFO and its Leave-taking

      by , 05-23-2018 at 11:23 AM
      Morning of May 23, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,783-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min 30 sec.

      My dream’s setting is unique and unfamiliar, but its implication is our current home in the late morning. The sky is bright blue with the essence of beauty and peace. I watch a silver 1960s flying saucer. I think it is the transportation of aliens without the recall of what “alien” means. I see it as rare and beautiful, with a cheerful shiny newness, and there is no sense of threat. It hovers in one location for several minutes. There is a soft humming sound that creates a sense of amusement and perfection. I tell Zsuzsanna I will have to get our oldest son to see it. (My dream self’s memory is incomplete as usual, as we have five children, but, other than Zsuzsanna, there is only a recall of our oldest son.) When he comes to see it, a jet is approaching it from the right (though the jet is moving too slowly to be real). Suddenly, the spacecraft is gone. I am somewhat annoyed.

      The scene transitions into higher liminality, mostly undefined, though I am aware of our son on my left. We study an A4-sized photograph that indicates the movement of the UFO. It looks like a linear series of cirrus clouds. Its direction is implied to be from the top to the bottom of the photograph even though there is the ambiguous implication it had been in the center before the image was captured. I think the path of the jet is also defined by another sequence of narrow fuzzy white strokes that curve down to the bottom right (implied to be going in a different direction than the UFO even though it had originally been flying towards it). I am unable to comprehend the significance of the three trails because the one going to the top might be part of the one also going to the bottom (from the center). There may have been two flying saucers near the same area that speedily flew off. I am slightly annoyed about not discerning what had transpired.

      This dreaming experience is primarily an ambiguous combination of static vestibular system associations (still images otherwise implying flight) with the waking transition, mixed with cognition, and an attempt to discern what is otherwise the illusion of the dream state.

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    2. TOTY Success - Saucer

      by , 06-27-2017 at 05:18 PM
      This is a DEILD where the dream forms outdoors with not much around. I think about the alien task of the year. I confidently know the flying saucer is up ahead. I see it by a rock formation. The ship is somewhat oval shaped with rigid panels. I enter and sit and there are lighted controls above me that I press to get the ship moving. I explain to my copilot who is already inside what I'll say when we get to the planet as my way of reminding myself the points of the task. It is not long before we arrive. We stop and I get out of the ship. This alien planet is not very interesting. Its dark, I'm on ridge at a ranch-like setting with less around, overlooking a bland desert city somewhat lit up in the distance, below and well out from the ridge. The aliens are seemingly formless. I'm making out only a watery shimmer in the space I assume they occupy. I hold up peace fingers and say my line "I come in peace and I want to learn your ways" and then I ask them to teach me something…I am led to a small garden, up ahead near some possible living structure, growing something like vegetables and they telepathically tell me "food and family (are what it's all about)." I think more about their appearance as the scene fades and I get an image of a black draped and black crepe-faced or masked figure. The craft was quite cool but the planet was not very exciting. I should have let my mind run wild with all of the exciting possibilities for where I would land, which might have produced something more spectacular.
    3. 16-10-18 UFO Attack, Flashbang Boobytrap

      by , 10-18-2016 at 03:09 PM
      I was in bed with a woman. She was older then me, but not much, perhaps in her late 30's. I think she had red hair, or dark hair. I wondered to myself how I got this lucky. And I realized this was very unusual for me.

      The house was in a suburban neighborhood of almost identical houses. When we were downstairs again, I saw something. It was a flying saucer. It looked like the city destroyers from Independence Day, but smaller - about 50 meters (150 feet) in diameter. It had an opening in the bottom center of the saucer, but this wasn't a weapon. It was more of a tractor beam. I think I got really excited, and ran outside. Our neighbor was also on the street, gawking at the ship. I took out my phone and started filming it. But the saucer went hostile. It started snatching people up using the tractor beam. I saw that the "beam" was more of a thin white wire, people got tangled in it, and pulled up to the ship. I ran back inside as my neighbor got taken. I kept filming through the roof (there was a skylight), but the battery power dropped below 8% and shut down my ability to record video before I could get the saucer itself in the image. So instead, I took some snapshots of my neighbor being lifted up by the white "thread". At some point, whoever was flying the saucer became aware I was in the house. I was grabbed by the thread through the back door (which was still closed, it was thin enough to fit between the door frame and the door). It tried to pull me through, but I resisted with all my might. I pulled so hard, I was pulling the wire back, instead of the wire pulling me back. It was during this struggle that I saw something. On the wall there was something that looked like a soap dispenser, and it had English writing on it. Strangely I thought this proved the saucer wasn't piloted by aliens, but rather by humans. I questioned it for a second, realizing the dispenser wasn't part of the ship, but the situation was too hectic for it to fully sink in. Anyway, suddenly the wire gave up, and the vanished again. I went outside, hell-bent on getting out of that neighborhood. I ran around the house and considered climbing a fence, but it was high, had spikes at the top and a high hedge behind it. Luckily, I saw I didn't have to flee anymore, as I saw the saucer fly off in the distance. Interestingly, the girlfriend had disappeared from existence somewhere mid-dream!

      I ran away from the house, joining a column of people walking on a dirt road, in the fields next to the houses. I was very emotional by what had just happened, and desperate for someone to believe me. They saw I was very shook up, and realized something must have happened to me. Suddenly I 'realized' the day had been 'reset'. This had all happened before, only then I was the one who didn't believe the UFO believers. The previous day started with this exact event, the column of people walking through the fields (it was a false memory though, I had no such dream).


      A later dream had me crawling through a ventilation duct, and disarming a flashbang grenade attached to one of the exits as boobytrap. I managed to do it, but there was still lasers and a turret attached to the lasers (cross one of the beams, it riddles you with bullets). I exited the vent same way I got in, and ended up in a supermarket? My ex-friend Fenn was there, and quite of few other people. I talked to him about the trap (I think). His buddy (another ex-friend of mine) Barra was nearby, and looked pissed because I was talking to his best friend. At some point I was wearing a long, white leather coat with fur around the collar (I casually adjusted the collar, that's how I found out).

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    4. Yet Another “Uhny Uftz” Dream (with Dick Van Dyke)

      by , 08-04-2015 at 02:04 PM
      Night of August 4, 2015. Tuesday.

      Even though I have only seen the “Uhny Uftz” episode of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” a few times in my life (the first occasion being September 29, 1965 on my sister’s television on Rose Street), it sometimes surfaces in my dreams as the autosymbolic model of vestibular system correlation.

      In my very vivid dream, I am in the same setting and scene as the image with this entry, and mostly lucid and in a very peaceful state. I recognize immediately what is going on, and, although the scene is a bit eerie, it shifts dramatically.

      Instead of Dick Van Dyke continuing to remain pressing nervously against the windows of his office to see if he can make out the flying saucer presumed to be out in the night sky, he is suddenly on board the flying saucer (apparently alone, though this is uncertain, as I am watching the scenario while incorporeal) looking out over his building and city (even though in the show’s episode, it was only a toy flying saucer). He appears as he did around this time period (though he is now eighty-nine years old in real life). There is an amazingly comfortable sense of peace (even though I sense that he may not fully realize where he is or perhaps reflect he is dreaming). He remains standing and smiling and gazing out happily over the city below.

      I explain this dream type further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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    5. Umbrella Carousel

      by , 07-28-2015 at 08:24 PM
      Morning of July 28, 2015. Tuesday.

      I enter apex lucidity and allow a generic cafe to form (a typical setting in this state) and allow it to transform in various ways and various color schemes until it stabilizes without using any affirmations or practiced mental forms. I decide to remain passive as some fairly interesting umbrellas form. However, instead of walking around until I trip over something and fall forward out of the state (in a hypnic jerk) I find myself rotating the angle until everything is upside down. I watch the umbrella turn and it reminds me of a carousel for some reason (though no actual carousel appears, or rather, the umbrella does not change that dramatically as features sometimes do regarding wherever the attention flows).

      Two unknown girls appear from the periphery of my perspective and seem to enjoy the “umbrella carousel” ride. I think it might be better to just change it into a carousel (and perhaps even right side up) but I do not. For some reason, the gravity seems lighter in this location. Other random characters appear and disappear over time. I vaguely notice people walking upside-down on the “ceiling” (sidewalk) below but I do not feel disoriented. The umbrella cycles through several different styles and colors over time with only happy and passive emotions expressed. I am not that concerned about the world being “upside-down” above me. (I do not feel upside-down as in past dreams where I did different types of maneuvers - it seems of “normal” orientation.)

      After about fifteen minutes, the focus shifts into a different dream state where I am in bed (as I am in reality) in our home on W Street. A toy flying saucer, seemingly the same one from the old “Uhny Uftz” episode of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” (first seen at age four on September 29, 1965 in La Crosse) but probably about one-fourth the size, is bumping against the light bulb in the ceiling in the living room (where there is not one in reality as the socket had disintegrated a few years ago) like a moth would do, not doing any damage to either itself or the bulb. I think of my mind as being four and clearly remember thinking the voice from the episode was saying “Oomy Oops” (even hearing my four-year-old voice say it vaguely, or perhaps it was actually my youngest son). That amuses me for a short time, but not for long and I catch myself wandering how I got to that point.
    6. Dream Log ??? Flying Saucers and Cars

      by , 09-10-2013 at 02:44 AM
      In this dream I find myself on a floating citadel. This mobile-arieal fortress was spinning it's outward disc while maintaing it's center still. The inside of this saucer was dimly lit with no noticeable light source. Their seemed to be furnishes of wood and metal but nothing more I could make out. Externally, it looks massive and looking at another citadel perpendicular to me, it travels quite fast. Looking back at this part of the dream, I'm surprised I felt no fear. Anyways, my sister accompanied me in the mobile fortress. I'm not aware of anyone else in the chamber. The citadels themselves (I can account for only two in my dream) are flying over a body of water. I see one, not the one I'm riding, briefly submerge itself for 10 seconds before rising again. It was a site to behold. The citadel I was on may have plunged into the depths, but I'm unsure.

      Next, I'm walking along some street with my sister and some strangers of east Asian descent say, "That guy who looks like Moses smells really bad". That was more or less a paraphrase, but I was keen to agree with them. Before I overheard them, there was a musty sock-like smell permeating through the bedsheets I was wearing (in the dream of course). Surprisingly, this is the first time I've recorded an olfactory sensation in any of my dream logs.

      Afterwards we're traveling with a group to his run down ice cream parlor. The store is off to the side and it's clearly a hole-in-the-wall, dirty as it can be. I remember ordering some peanut butter ice cream and there was some argument with my sister.

      Then, I'm driving a car along a road not unlike real life. I'm better at driving in my dreams than in the waking world apparently and it's such a joy. The area around the streets has very bright colors of green and yellow. Suddenly, I decide to fly up to get a better view of the area. Can't tell whether the sun is setting or rising. It looks beautiful but nothing I haven't seen before in my dreams. The city looks modern with something like an amusement part in the center. I descend to the ground and find myself in a museum. This "museum" looked more like an underground shelter with really cramped hallways. There were no paintings to be seen. I'm not sure why I called it a museum in the first place. Not much happens later on and eventually I awake.

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    7. My Reptilian Sidekick

      by , 06-03-2013 at 07:48 AM
      I am standing in the middle of a prairie. Far off in the distance, I see a downed flying saucer. In an instant, I am standing next to the craft. Then I am looking into the cockpit at the injured pilot. He has a humanoid body frame but instead of flesh and hair, he is covered in scales like a lizard. His face is severely burned and he appears to be close to the end. My dream logic tells me that I cannot take him to a human hospital and I cannot save him myself, so I pull him out of the ship and try to insure that his passing is more comfortable

      But he doesn't die. He wakes up and tells me that he cannot return to his own kind after such a failure. Being a non-lucid dream, I naturally assume that the best course of action would be to make him my sidekick. We could travel the galaxy in his flying saucer and fight crime, anywhere we were needed most. We would be an unstoppable force for justice in these dark times.

      He is reluctant to agree. He says that humans will not accept him as he is. I say he's wrong and that I'll prove it to him. I take him to a bar. We take our seats next to a pair of gorgeous young women. I order a drink for myself and my new companion. I ask one of the girls if my friend looks good enough to fight crime. She says " No, his face is burnt and his his eyes are too narrow. His skin is covered in scales and he looks like some kind of monster." My new companion chimes in with a "Hey lady, I am a Reptilian, other than the minor burns on my face, I was born like this!"

      Now she understands. "Well in that case you'd make an excellent crime fighter." My new companion and I share a high five and our logo imposes itself upon my perception of the dream. I wake up.

      This is my first DJ entry on Dream Views. I hope that anyone who read it enjoyed it and I hope to post many more exciting and strange adventures in the future.

      Until Then,
    8. 28 Sep: Stalking Björk (again) and lots of nonsense

      by , 09-30-2010 at 11:08 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      22:30 GMT – Sleep

      Lecture on a park
      On a train, remember speaking French and think I was on my way to some meeting. I got lucid and got out of the train. I start flying but lucidity is weak and I don’t remember any tasks. I just enjoy the beautiful blue sky. Then gravity starts pulling me down and I hate when that happens. I remember I am dreaming and I think that I should try to solve this issue once and for all, of gravity pulling me down on a dream. So I focus on the fact that I am dreaming and that there is no gravity and therefore no reason to be pulled down. I start going up instead and I make an effort to really record this on my mind so it doesn’t happen again. (But I’m not sure it will work 100%)
      Then lucidity gets a bit blurred and my thoughts get confusing.
      I think about levels and then I am on some terrace or whatever place, and have a black jacket on my hands with emblems on, with numbers relatively to levels of achievement. It has something to do with mastering the levels of flying or dream control in general. And I think it’s cool but won’t really wear that jacket. Then on the back it has some emblem about organic farming and I find that totally unrelated. Then a lady arrives – she looks Iranian or well... middle eastern. She says she is very happy that I could come to the meeting but at the same time she is disappointed no one else appeared.
      I wonder if she’ll cancel this meeting, but instead she says she will do her presentation only to me and so she can be more thorough. Then I realise we’re sitting on my bed. She starts her lecture but she is just reading some booklet of which she gives me a copy. I have hard time following what she is saying, but it is something about natural and protected areas and using the resources sustainably. I smile as if I am totally following. Then my boyfriend appears and joins us. It’s his lunch time. The lady continues without interruption but now I realise my bed is in the middle of a park. This park is inside some fenced area and there’s a guard at the gate. My boyfriend then spots his boss at the gate. We wonder what he wants. The lady now stops her conversation and says she wants to offer the man something to eat. She goes to the left to get something and comes back with a raw fish in her right hand. By now, the boss is already inside the perimeter but the guard is holding him back for some checks before allowing him to go further. As he sees the lady with the fish coming towards him, he looks at us with an enquiring and totally surprised face, like asking WTF!? I just shrug my shoulders.

      1:30 GMT

      Stalking Björk (again...)
      I’m meeting a small group on some terrace table in front of a coffee shop. It’s on a pitoresque town, with stone paved roads. I am bored and instead of sitting with them, I grab some kind of skate that actually looks like a stool on wheels and decide to skate down the road, which curves to the left and keeps getting ever more inclined. But as I gain speed, somehow I don’t want to keep going down. There’s something keeping me in this upper side of town (something I was dreaming previously, but don’t recall). So I stop, grab the stool and go up on foot. Then I arrive at the street where the terrace was and on the opposite side of the road there’s a kind of square, not paved, in front of some wall of a castle. There’s also an arch to enter the castle, which is what I was planning to do, but on my way there, when crossing the square, I see lots of kids gathered and some performances of artists, like jugglers. I get caught by this kind of theatre being performed by... I think cats, but I’m not sure.... dressed up in costumes I remember thinking how the hell the tamer managed the animals to do that so perfectly and I think probably with lots of suffering and mistreatment to the animals. But the kids are loving. I take some pictures and then two kids ask me to take pictures of them. I agree and ask how they want it. They say they want the view that his on my back now – a port or quay by the sea. I take picture of one and then the other. Remember the reflex of the sun on the lens. Then I hear singing and recognise the song and the voice of Björk. I go check it out and find Björk singing on top of some platform around a lighthouse or some similar tower building. There’s only half a dozen people stopping to listen to her and she looks so tanned! It looks like she was just having beach vacation and decided to sing for whoever was passing, but I don’t know. I sing along and when it’s over I approach this platform because I would like to say hello to her and because the clapping of the audience was so disappointing I feel she would like to meet some fan to lift her up. But she is already surrounded by people from her staff – so it wasn’t a casual show! One lady blocks my way and I grab her arm to really make her understand I wanna talk to Björk – OK!!! My hands are greasy and she looks a bit disgusted. I wonder why I’m greasy but tell her it’s not dirty oil, but some baby oil I put on my skin to moisturize (?) I finally get to her and congratulate her and start being a total nagging fan – which I would never do, but I think I was somewhat aware I was dreaming and felt no constraints. She is first totally ignoring me. She enters a trailer but leaves the door open so I also go inside. It’s a huge trailer. There’s a bunch of guys hanging around, doing video editing and sound checks – an entire team that probably worked for her. She enters a separate room, I assume it is her room or a changing room. But she also leaves the door open. And she hasn’t yet told me to shut up or go away, so I keep going. I don’t want to invade her privacy though, so I stay outside this room, sitting on the floor, by the side of the door. I bombard her with all sorts of questions and opinions, like saying she doesn’t look so good so tanned. Then she finally breaks the ice, asking me if I know anything about some hospital and I actually now something because my grandma uses to go there, so we end up discussing hospital location and treatments. Because of this, when I finally enter the room, she is lying in bed and she is has transformed into my grandmother . Then she turns into a giant poached egg. Then I wake up.

      3:40 GMT

      Random mix of unrelated stuff
      Going down some circular stairs down some kind of well to go meet someone and help with something. I realise I am inside a mine. As I reach some floor level crossed by huge pipes, there’s a quake which shakes down everything, and displaces some rocks and some of the pipes. People who were on downer levels come up and everybody decides to evacuate as it isn’t safe to stay there any longer. As we approach the surface, we open an hatch and we meet this guard on some control post who is guarding the entrance to the area. He tells us there’s no reason to worry, that everything is ok, just a minor quake, but we prefer to play safe and decide to make a break and go to this area on the left – a building – where we can eat something and rest for a while. At that moment I look to the sky and two police flying saucers pass by – like police cars, with the police lettering and red lights flashing, but in a flying saucer version. They seem to be on a hurry, maybe chasing some criminal on some other flying saucer?
      We cross a road and enter this building that looks like a mall, with revolving doors. Inside there are shower facilities and we all go for a shower before anything else. In the beginning we’re all in the same bathroom, men and women and some guy hands me over shampoo, but everybody’s dressed. First I say I’m not going to take a shower, but he insists and I just wash my hair – always with clothes on! Then I overhear one of the girls talking to a guy about considering living an alternative life style and I cannot help to tell her to talk to some other girl of the group who is obviously kinda hippie, thinking she might give her some advice. Then I look throught the window, admire some trees outside and spot an animal on some branch. I say “Look, an hedgehog on that tree!”, but something isn’t right and the others also notice. Hedgehogs don’t climb trees. I know that, but I’m sure what I saw was an hedgehog, so I go outside to prove my point. All I can find is some squirrel. He is cute but I’m sure not what I saw before. I spot some walnuts on the ground and think about throwing it at the squirrel, but then I realise he is not going to catch it and I might indeed hurt him if I try. So I give up and as I walk away I find a table with doll houses on top. They are from a lady artisan who makes them and is exhibiting them on open air. I am amazed at the details and beauty of the houses but then stumble on one whose miniature parquet floor is totally lifted on air – I try to fix it and as a result the whole house collapses. The lady is luckily surrounded by people and doesn’t see me.

      My hair is longer and I am sitting with another girl in front of my guru. He is giving us some instructions regarding the current practice we’re doing. I make some funny face and my guru asks me if I disagree with something, to which I reply no.

      6:10 GMT

      Changing clothes
      I’m on some large room with white long benches around, against the wall, like a cloakroom. The door is open but still I am trying to change clothes quickly. I see a corridor outside and realise this is inside some large building. I want to change pants but they are so tight, even my underwear comes off. Precisely when some people - among which I recognise my father - are just passing by in the corridor. Luckily they are not paying attention to what goes on inside the room. I decide to simply continue undressing and dressing. Strangely my panties have now enlarged with all the pulling and twisting from my changing acrobatics. I try wearing some new pants and they don't fir, so I grab a new skirt I brought and wear it – it also is huge, like twice normal size. I think I need to ask my mother what happened, because she was the last person who washed these clothes!

      Encounters at a canteen
      On a gathering of activists and farmers, there’s a guy in his 50s with a son about my age and they don’t stop looking at me. On lunch time at a canteen they sit in the table right in front of mine. My mom who’s also present notices the 2 guys interest and comes to join me. I realise she is digging the 50 year-old guy and I play along to help her. But e just exchange smiles and they never get up and come talk to us. After lunch I am packing all my stuff really well on my backpack to leave – I have mp3, camera, laptop and all the necessary plugs and cables, plus a book and whatever... I take ages to fit all in the backpack and that’s when the guy (the older) decides to talk. He tells me he is a rice producer and asks me if I know Alfredo (yeah, I do) because he is his neighbour. Then he also asks me if I am aware of the GM rice issue and I smile thinking “Why of course!” but he doesn’t give me a chance to talk, so he keeps going. He is totally furious that his project of organic rainfed rice was totally discouraged by the government while they support chemically and flooded rice and even GM rice. He concludes that this world is upside down and I agree, but decided not to speak.
      Then I spot Mónica onthe opposite side of this room and go there but then notice she is with her mom. Her mom takes her to a nearby window and shows her something which is outside. I hear their conversation. “Oh mom, I can’t believe it! It’s for surfing? I want it so badly! I want it! Thank you so much!” Apparently her mother just gave her some ridiculously expensive gift – I wonder if it’s a surfing board and since when she does sports? Then she turns but she doesn’t see me. Instead she goes talk to some lady who’s leaving and asks her if she can come along. The lady replies she would of course invite her, but she is with their guru on a private visit, as a friend and he is not expecting anyone else to join. Surprisingly then, the guru actually drops by saying he really needs to use the toilet. He doesn’t look so happy and even I say hi to him, but he does not reply. I find that odd, since he is always so kind and thoughtful. Mónica is clearly happy to see him and says to the other lady that he looks so well! I wonder why she says this, because to me he is clearly not looking so well.

      7:30 GMT – Wake up

      PRECOG explanation:
      On this morning my mom came to visit me. I was coincidentally wearing the panties from my dream but was wearing a different skirt. When she arrived she was bringing me a bag of clothes she had washed and ironed, including that new skirt. I just put it over the bed to sort it out later when my mom notices I have a big spot on the skirt I am wearing. We’re late to go out so I just grab the skirt on the bed and dress it. Already outside I realise I’m wearing the exact same thing I was wearing on the dream – luckily it suffered no accident and all is with normal size. I don’t know why I have such meaningless precog dreams, but fortunately once in a while I also have precogs that are actually interesting.
    9. "The Flying Saucer"

      by , 07-19-1979 at 04:05 PM
      Morning of July 19, 1969. Saturday.

      This dream, looking over notes and doing a bit more research, seems to have been influenced by the following real-life events and associations:

      1. “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (original movie from 1951).

      2. Visits to a parking lot near a store at an early age (not sure where, somewhere near Port Charlotte, I think) where an elephant would perform tricks near our car. It terrified me when I was much younger, but as I got a older, the fear subsided. My mother had said that I had yelled for them (my parents) to roll up the windows of the car when we first went there when I was really young. An older sister still has photographs of these events.

      3. Movies in the earlier grades in school about Pompeii and volcanoes in general. My wife said she had dream influences from such movies as well. I dreamed of volcanoes fairly often during my early years and once in real life, was startled by a sudden hailstorm which I thought was lava and volcanic rocks pouring down on our roof (this was a few years after this entry’s dream) and so I ran and hid in the closet until I realized what it was. Due to the fact that there was a large rutted metal section as the roof over most of our carport, it was really loud.

      4. The “Uhny Uftz” episode of “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, first seen September 29, 1965.

      Contrary to what my dreams sometimes presented, I was never alone in a car at an early age.

      My dream begins with my becoming aware of being in the middle of my backyard and assuming it is Sunday, late morning, perhaps around ten. A shadow appears on the ground, which is perfectly round, moving southward over our neighbor’s house. Perhaps it is a cloud, but perhaps not, so I go inside. I get a very vague sense of a “poisonous cloud”. Inside, in the living room, a man on a news report is talking rather unemotionally about a flying saucer having been sighted.

      I am slightly lucid, so I decide that I will take control for a time and visit Brenda W, a female classmate who lives north of me. We go back to my house and I notice the news reader is still talking about the flying saucer and some sort of (I think) toxic gas or some such. Brenda is laughing because when the man is speaking on the television, certain things he is saying seem to be going on outside in the backyard at the same time as each spoken reference (round shadow, flashing light, strange hum…).

      Later, Brenda seems to have gone home and I am seriously annoyed at this, as I want to spend the day playing with her (more like “playing house” even though I was quite young at the time). I decide to go back to her house. Soon, though, the round shadow appears on the ground, but I do not really look up. I start walking faster and faster, first trying to hide under trees, but eventually I start running and turn to go south towards town where there may be bigger and safer buildings and more people - and I have a vague idea that Brenda may also have gone there instead of going home.

      Amazingly, I run so fast and “perfectly” that I manage to run straight down the wall of a gulley, then turning about at fully ninety degrees upright again, treading effortlessly and swiftly over the surface of the deeper stream - only lightly splashing the surface, and turning my entire body again at ninety degrees and going straight up the wall on the other side - and then continue on as if nothing strange had happened, my only concern being that I had wasted a few seconds by not running in a straight, horizontal path!

      Eventually I am in town (Arcadia) and I do not notice any people around. Even though it seems to be the weekend, I notice a few cars in the elementary school’s parking lot and think it may be a meeting of the teachers - or perhaps a few alarmed people did not know where else to go for safety.

      I notice that the flying saucer seems to be landing, so I go to duck down near a car (but do not yet get into the car). It lands and looks just like the spacecraft from “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. The “door” of the flying saucer opens and…as I start to climb into the front seat of the car to hide…

      Out walks a large elephant…

      The elephant lifts its trunk straight into the air and out sprays a massive amount of lava and volcanic rocks. I jump into the car, but I notice the volcanic rocks quickly stacking up over the front window of the car (almost in “fast motion” animation) and so…it is the end of everything.
    10. Brother Earl’s Flying Saucer

      by , 11-29-1976 at 05:29 PM
      Morning of November 29, 1976. Monday.

      My older brother Earl (half-brother on my mother’s side whose father died on September 23, 1950, age 39, in a newspaper van accident) is in the process of completing his work in building a spacecraft which looks like the classic 1950s flying saucer, at first (though the appearance changes). He tests it around town and people often stop to see what is going on. I am with a friend and he also seems interested in this endeavor.

      In the last part of my dream it seems my brother intends on leaving Earth and not coming back. The flying saucer takes off ominously into the sky in the afternoon and narrowly misses a clock tower, flying very slowly at first, nearly hovering in one spot at times. There is a very vivid awareness at this point. Regardless of a couple near misses with the tops of buildings, it successfully flies away. At this point it looks a lot like the Flying Sub from the television series “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”. Shortly after this, I do not see any sign of where he has gone.

      My (unfamiliar supposed classmate) friend and I are discussing his life as we are walking along through an alley, seemingly south. He asks me, “How old was your brother?” and I say “Thirty-six,” waking up slowly to the unusual sadness in my voice.

      I had to do a lot of research on this to make sure it presently stands as correct as possible (regardless of later versions which have proven to be even more ambiguous). My brother died on November 29, 2007 (age 67, way too young in my opinion), so there is indeed a (long-term precognitive) marker here, one clue (unknown at the time) being the clock tower.

      This dream has the typical waking transition of the flight symbol, but it appears as an extraordinary atypical composite (with layered meaning) here, firstly as a flight symbol that metaphorically shows the essence of the dreamer successfully leaving the dream state (in contrast to the far more common directly perceived “falling” event). However, it is a “flying sub” which means it also comes from deep within the unconscious (or even collective conscious or the Source’s) realm. It is also a spaceship, which relates to tentative associations between waking self and full conscious self memory. I should add an additional note here that my brother also owned a Stingray (car), and of which the marine animal called a stingray resembles the Flying Sub. This dream also seems like a subtle “continuation” of my “Rocket Science?” dream, from earlier this year.

      Just because a dream is influenced by, say, television, does not mean it is dismissible. The foundations of non-lucid dreams will borrow anything and everything to metaphorically display the sleeping, dreaming, and waking process. The day before this dream, I had seen a CBS report on UFOS as well as as Nova’s “The Case of the Bermuda Triangle” (featuring the ocean of course and loosely associated with UFOs, perhaps even “flying subs”).
    11. Dinosaucer (Another Flying Saucer)

      by , 11-01-1974 at 08:01 AM
      Morning of November 1, 1974. Friday.

      Note that this dream journal title came long before any other associated names which I have since learned of (though I have never seen anything related to the “Dinosaucer” series that apparently first aired in 1987 and do not know much about it at all).

      This dream ends a little like the flying saucer dream from my childhood, though a brontosaurus emerges in this one (somewhat snake-like) instead of the apocalyptic elephant. This dream is much shorter than the elephant version and is not as emotional upon ending (and does not directly imply the end of the world as in the elephant dream).

      After hearing about reports of a possible alien invasion in my dream (from my mother’s large pale green radio), I find myself near my school. The single flying saucer that eventually lands looks like the one from the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (from 1951). I do not recall much vivid detail other than the brontosaurus neck and head emerging from the door of the flying saucer. (I never see the body at any point.) There seems to be an eerie (though unrealistic) contrast between the dinosaur’s head and neck and the shadow it casts near the outer area of the spacecraft.

      It is possible that there is an association with a cereal prize/premium that was called “Noggin Nodders” (from Kellogg’s). I had several of every piece in the set in different colors. The one that seemingly influenced this dream in part was a snake head emerging/wobbling from a log.