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    1. Bus, Grills

      by , 10-30-2015 at 06:44 AM
      I only remember my last 2 dreams besides waking up briefly and trying to remind myself to remember the prior dream (I forgot it).

      Dreamed I was back in high school. I got on the bus and got off at the wrong stop. The bus I'd been on is the bus that I take to work now, but the layout of the city itself had changed quite a bit, and there was a suburb where downtown should have been. I freaked out, because it meant that I was going to be 15 minutes late, and I was already in huge trouble academically. I'd been warned that I couldn't be late even one more time, or I wouldn't pass the grade I was in.

      I also realized I wasn't on the street I thought I was on, which would have been a straight shot to the school. I was on a side street I didn't recognize. In fact, it was even a dead end.

      Some other students had gotten off the bus at the same time I had, for some reason. They were older kids. So the older kids seemed kind of confused and annoyed by how panicky I was. But they allowed me to follow them. Once we reached a street I recognized, I was able to find my way to the school.

      The school was my old middle school. I did get in exactly 15 mins late. I ran into my "brother" - not anything like my real life brother, really just a dream character - as he went down the stairs as everybody went between classes (despite it only being 20 mins into the school day) and explained my problem. He told me "Well, go to your first class, then!"

      Then I realized that I had forgotten which class my first class was. I thought maybe it was English, but I wasn't sure. I also didn't know exactly where it was located.

      Then two school administrators came up and started yelling at me, demanding to know why I was late and why I wasn't in class. They were wearing brown leather dusters.

      My perspective shifted to just outside my body. At that point, I realized that I was a giant floating pink cartoon brain, and so was my brother. He had thick boxy glasses on and a dorky shirt collar and was generally a nerd. He looked down on me for being "stupid".

      Then for some reason our roles switched - I watched an outside comparison of my bubbly-squishy-"stupid" state and my much more streamlined-looking "intelligent" state, and my "brother" became the "stupid" one.

      He'd always looked down on me for eating lots of junk food and gross/fried foods, one of them being something the school cafeteria served that in the dream was called "cop-burgers" but once he'd switched places with me, he suddenly realized how delicious everything was.

      At some point he locked himself in the bathroom with a bunch of junk food and once he'd finished it, demanded to know (through the door) if I had any more burgers. I said, no. But I was also kind of him at the same time, staring into a sink full of fast food wrappers, and yelling, "Do you have any pork drippins'?"

      And that dream ended.

      I woke up, was a little weirded out by that one, and went back to sleep.

      I dreamed that I was looking through what I think was a Walmart for a present for my uncle. I wanted to get him a grill. I was crouched down on the floor looking through the bottom shelves for cooking grills, and there was a tiny propane grill you were supposed to be able to use on your counter top, but it really just looked like a weird tiny charcoal grill. It had little canisters it came with. You were supposed to buy more to refill it, but they were expensive, so my mother (who was suddenly there) argued with me about that. Eventually, I put it back on the shelf.

      Then I was in a cartoon and there was a puppy and I ran inside after it. So it turned out to belong to a girl who was trying to give it away. She was a complete stranger, but I just crawled right into her bed with the puppy and went to sleep.

      I sort of recall maybe having a conversation with her, but I was mostly interested in paying attention to the puppy.
    2. Drawing a Sword/Ozymandias (DILD)

      by , 09-07-2015 at 11:41 PM
      Ritual: I went to bed at midnight and found myself quite awake at 5am, so I got up and worked for an hour. On going back to bed, I realized that although I had not intended a WBTB, the conditions were good for LDing. I had to get up at 8, so I didn't want to spend the time on a formal WILD attempt, but I thought about what task I should do if I got lucid. All I could remember of this month's TOTMs were "fart" and "draw," so picked the latter. I decided I would draw a dinosaur, since I never got around to riding one last month.

      DILD: I think I was outside my workplace—something I rarely dream of—when I reached down to pick up something off the ground. As I straightened, I realized with clear certainty that I was dreaming. I wasn't sure what had triggered the awareness, so thought it over, but there didn't seem to be any specific anomalies that I had noticed, and I hadn't RC'd either. On this occasion I just felt very naturally aware of the dream state.

      I had originally planned to draw a dinosaur and bring it to life for the TOTM, but now I decided to start with something easier. I had been at my HEMA class yesterday, so I decided to draw a sword, then manifest it and do some practice. My initial strategy was to simply draw the sword in my left palm, so that I could manifest it directly in my hand (I am right-handed, so I was using my right hand to draw with). However, the lines changed as soon as I had set them down, turning into a cartoon-like character. I figured fine, I can work with that, it doesn't matter what I manifest... but my intention to transform the drawing into a real being fizzled. Nothing happened except that the drawing changed into a different character, and then faded.

      Changing strategy, as I found myself walking next to a building I drew a sword right on the wall. It was a poor drawing, chunky and ill-proportioned, but I figured I could fix it in post-production. I put my hand over where the hilt was drawn, intending to grab the sword as it manifested. Nothing happened. I wondered if it would help to reach into the wall, in case the sword was inside it. I pressed my right hand against the wall, which consisted of a reddish, textured stucco. It resisted at first, but I kept pressing, and eventually it yielded like a crumbly semi-moist clay, and my hand went right through. I closed my hand over an object and pulled it out. Unfortunately it was not the sword I was trying to create, but a comic book.

      It occurred to me that I was always trying to make the dream state conform to my will, and I should pay more attention to the things that it offered me unexpectedly, so I took a moment to flip through the comic book as I walked on past the building. The hero of the comic was a young boy, but nothing caught my interest, so I tossed it on the ground. Lucidity got a little weak, and I found myself grilling a piece of chicken for my husband's dinner. The image of the piece of meat on the grill was, in retrospect, an obvious bit of day residue from a Facebook post I had seen last night.

      While getting the dinner ready I found myself indoors, where I made a third try at drawing the sword, inscribing an outline on the wall again. Since there was a DC in the room with me, I thought I would be clever and asked him to grab the sword off the wall and give it to me. I figured it would still count for the TOTM as long as the drawing transformed into a three-dimensional object by any means. But he couldn't do it either!

      Later I got fed up and just manifested a sword directly into my hand so that I could actually get some practice in. For some reason I found it easy to create a sword in my hand out of nothing, even though I had been unable to do it from the drawings! I went through a few rounds of the "flow" movements I had learned in my HEMA class, but found myself wondering why I was wasting precious dream time practicing something that I could work on just as well in waking life, so I flew off to further explore the dream.

      Only then did I notice the beauty of my surroundings. Some dream environments are drab, but this was one of those landscapes that is gorgeous beyond anything you've seen in waking life. Pink-tinged clouds of beautiful hue and texture filled the sky. All around me was water, interspersed with strips of inhabited land, like a strange city straddling the sea. The water was full of beautiful sailing ships of many varieties.

      I felt a bit lonely in all this splendor and wished I had a friend to hang out with. Something inspired me to seek "Ozymandias," though the name has little relevance for me (outside being vaguely aquainted with its literary source) and has never come up in a dream before, nor can I trace it to DR. I loudly called "Ozymandias!" but no one appeared. Then I had an intuition that one of the boats was his, a small craft with a complex array of small square black and red sails.

      I flew over and landed on the boat, which was not much bigger than a rowboat despite its magnificent sails. There was a tall vertical form in the prow that I had assumed was Ozymandias, only to discover that it was made of wood and evidently served as the steering apparatus. The boat was empty, even though it was not anchored but sailing freely in the harbor. Something caught my eye and I knelt down to find some single earrings and a few tiny beads in the bottom of the boat, as though a woman had been here. Though I retained a degree of lucidity, I found myself being drawn into a dream narrative. I lingered in the boat until it drifted vertically down a tall waterfall, although the movement was gentle and not frightening.

      I wanted to figure out why Ozymandias had apparently disappeared from his boat, so I transported myself to an office where I could speak to a harbor official. I told him about the empty boat and the evidence that a woman had been on board.

      "The only other person allowed in his boat is Delphine," the clerk informed me. Something made me suspect Delphine was a courtesan, so I asked about the local brothels, and the clerk described two locations.

      As I went in search of the brothel I became confused.... now I began to wonder if I was Delphine, that is, if that was the character I was playing in the dream. But if so, why hadn't the clerk recognized me, since he had appeared to be familiar with her? Could it be because I don't currently resemble her, and instead look like my waking self?

      Without resolving these doubts, I went to the brothel and asked if they knew what had become of Ozymandias. "We don't give information about our clients," the madam informed me politely.

      "He might be dead!" I insisted, explaining my discovery of the empty boat. That persuaded them to give me a piece of paper listing the dates that he had visited. That was as far as I was able to pursue the mystery before I woke up.

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    3. Bathtub with Grill

      by , 06-26-2015 at 12:26 PM
      Morning of June 26, 2015. Friday.

      I seem to be in the fictional tall pipe house yet again (in an unknown region - but some versions are similar to my older sister’s house on Loomis Street in America and with the fictional utility room and storage area at the southwest corner), but this time it involves an unusual bathtub that has a large grilled rectangular prism adjacent to one end that is implied to be directly above the large utility room (with the high ceiling) that is on the first floor though with a dirt floor in most versions of this setting and now apparently has at least one tall pipe leading down from the bathtub drain to the room below (though it is usually the toilet that has the long narrow vertical pipe that becomes misaligned). The focus is very vivid and “realistic” materialistically but somewhat nonsensical in terms of aesthetics and potential design. The large grill is a box-like structure (a grill-like plane on all sides) on the faucet end of the bathtub. The faucet comes out through about the central area of the side of the grill that faces the bathtub, it seems.

      I find it remarkable in afterthought how such a three-dimensional fictional structure can be created so convincingly as such in a dream. In my dream, I decide to clean the grill, at least the bathtub-facing side, which is quite rusty as well as dusty (and I briefly contemplate why I had not tried to clean it previously) - in fact, the dirt and rust is nearly solid within all the grill spaces, though the faucet seems to be working fine (though the box-like structure seems like just a fancy cover for the pipes going in and out at the end of the bathtub - the bathtub being more near the central area of the bathroom in an unlikely layout). Over time, I use a whisk broom and, even though all of the spaces are cleared almost effortlessly, some of the vertical bars, being quite thin and mostly now composed of rust, break off easily at a light touch, though not that much damage occurs and all the spaces are otherwise cleared completely of rust and dirt so that it even appears somewhat shiny again. I notice how I can now see inside the structure (as well as through the spaces of the adjoining perpendicular grilled plane) and the running water is much louder as well - including a clearer metallic gurgling sound within the structure. It is loud but pleasant.

      Looking down through the top (horizontal) grill of the structure, I see that the water going through the bathtub drain ends up on the dirt floor in the utility and storage area below, though it is presently a small puddle. I am not concerned about this odd plumbing setup and it does not even strike me as unusual or requiring fixing (or adjusting the tall pipe alignment).

      This dream seems primarily an intriguing (though greatly exaggerated in size) distortion of my cleaning of the front room computer’s CPU fan the other day by removing the fan’s cover (where the vents were almost solid with dust clumps - causing the computer to not stay on). I did find the “realism” of my dream (in terms of solidness, movement, and effect change as well as the motions of my hands in my work) quite interesting.

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    4. Oct 26 Dream Journal: Birds see everything

      by , 10-27-2013 at 12:49 AM
      The dream starts with me as the student of an evil samurai -- Kibagami Genjuro, specifically, from the Samurai Shodown series. We are strolling along what I assume are the streets of Edo at night, and there's a light rain. To our left is the base of the castle/wall, and there is a river/moat(?) to the right. We walk under a willow and/or cherry blossom tree (my dream switches them up randomly for funsies) in a small garden patch with a stone lantern, and I recall climbing the tree while Genjuro drinks from a giant bottle of wine.

      As we are walking around being all samurai-y, we somehow get invited to a posh, contemporary house by an early 30's, he-likes-football-she-likes-Mimosas type couple. The house is a big, single-story house, and we are in a giant kitchen that has a view of the backyard through the sliding glass doors. We chit-chat a bit on the counters, and the husband takes Genjuro outside to look at his sweet grill.

      Dream Knowledge tells me the wife secretly flirts with everyone, and does it precisely because she knows her husband will get insanely jealous. And while her husband and Genjuro are outside, she begins flirting with me and Genjuro (who, by dream logic, is able to be in two places at once?). It's about this time her outfit changes into a set of pretty goddamn slutty workout clothes. I react exactly like Ferris' dad from Ferris Bueller's Day Off when Sloane flirts/messes with him in the cab. Meanwhile, the husband is right by the giant glass sliding door, and would have a clear view of everything if he's not so fixated with the grill.

      But then, he calls me to join him outside alone (Genjuro is no longer defying space-time and is now just inside the kitchen now), and there's a creepy vibe about him. I think he knows what's going on, and isn't too happy; but instead, he just talks to me about his grill. He then gives me a tour of his backyard, which is so big that there is are wooden walkways all about. At one end of the walkway, we see a couple of Blue Jays that the couple keeps as pets. He summons one of the birds to him, and for some reason, it's at this time I realize I have an owl friend (who just kinda exists briefly). As I marvel at the bird, the husband turns to me and says, "You know... birds see everything."

      I take that as a sign to leave. There are other guests all of a sudden, and they grow exponentially hostile from their sudden existence like dream extras in Inception.

      Things kind of escalate from here.

      The backyard grows larger, and I'm at the side of the fence. Directly in opposite of me in front of the glass doors is Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, and, yep, he shoots his spear thing at me. I all of a sudden have a katana in my hands, and charge at Scorpion. Suddenly, I'm fighting the entire cast of the evil characters from Mortal Kombat. Well, shit.

      I take to the upper terraces of the garden to get away, and suddenly I'm platforming along bamboo platforms supported hundreds of feet above ground, next to mountains that look like it comes out of a Chinese watercolor painting. I'm leaping and hopping hundreds of feet, and I distinctively remember going so fast that I'm very concerned about my landing.

      I wake up after a few bounds, confused as fuck what the hell my brain is doing.
    5. Lucid Dream 219: The Bears' BBQ

      by , 04-27-2011 at 12:15 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      April 17, 2011
      Lucid Dream 219: The Bears' BBQ
      Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 11
      around 9:00am

      I am sitting in the living room and my dad is there with me. The power flickers on and off several times. It is night time and a thunderstorm is raging outside. I kept getting weird feelings like something was watching us. I walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water and I looked out into the nearby hallway. It was pretty dark and I couldn't notice anything at first. I suudenly saw the outline of what looked like a small person. I felt the fear jolt into my chest and I just reacted. I took off running after it. The silhouette of the munchkin took off running away from me and entered my room. I went in after it and saw it trying to hide behind several things in my room. I managed to grasp the munchkin, but I heard an evil laugh and it turn to smoke in my hand.

      I was officially freaked out, so I returned to the living room. My cat walked in the room and under my feet. An identical cat walked in right after her. I thought, "I know I don't have two cats...what is going on here?" I looked and noticed the imposter cat right away. Here eyes were the same color unlike my actual cat. I heard a slam behind me and a dog had slammed into the sliding glass door. I walked up to the glass and the dogs head penetrated right through the glass like a ghost and was snapping at me and the cat. I was getting freaked out because I knew this was some sort of hardcore haunting. I thought, "Man this can't be real." I mindlessly raised my hand up and performed a nose pinch RC. I was, in fact, dreaming.

      I thought, "Oh thank goodness!" I felt some massive relief and looked at my dad and said, "Don't worry, its just a dream." I ignored the random ghosts that had popped into the room and dove through the sliding glass door. I took flight. I flew over several mountains and was just looking for anything interesting. I flew over a small village and noticed that there was a trap door right in the middle of town. I landed to investigate.

      The trap door was made into the earth right in the middle of town. I opened it up and there was another door. It slid open to reveal yet another door. After sliding open about 7 or 8 doors, a DC looked at me and said, "Pull it out of the ground this." I pulled up on the handle and a "flip-book" of doors came up out of the ground. I would have been opening doors forever if I wouldn't have pulled up. Underneath the book of doors, there was a dead body. I tried to move the body out of the way, but the hand of the body grabbed my wrist in dramatic fashion. I had actually thought that this would happen, so it didn't frighten me in the slightest. I pulled away from the body and the hand ripped clean off of its arm. I noticed there were maggots all around where the hand had ripped off. I shook off the hand and left the not so dead body alone.

      My friend Cliff was now with me. i walked around a nearby wooden shed and saw a huge pull. I nodded toward Cliff and we both took off running. Cliff shouted, "Cow tipping!" as we ran toward the great beast. We slammed into the bull and plowed it. It fell over hard and skid several yards while letting out a surprised, "Moooooo." As the bull scrambled to its feet I jumped up and landed on top of the barn. I noticed a stream about 40 yards in front of us. On the other side of the stream I could see a lion walking around. I jumped down off the barn and looked back over toward the lion. I now noticed that about 30 grizzly bears had surrounded it. They were all standing up on two legs and were doing a weird dance in unison. They began to close in on the lion while performing a well choreographed dance. The lion let out a final roar when the bears all dove into a pile on the lion.

      Dust soon covered up this oddity. I just watched as the dust cleared. The grizzly bears were all spread out wide and there was one in the center. The grizzly picked up the lion which was now tied up. It then slammed the lion down on a huge outdoor grill. The grizzly backed away. One of the other grizzlies tossed a small, round, ball to the grizzly in the center. This grizzly began dribbling the ball real fast and the ball suddenly burst into flames. The grizzly then shot a fade away and the fire ball fly high into the air. It landed on the grill and the lion caught fire. The grizzly slammed the grill shut and I could feel the dream fading. I decided to just go ahead and DEILD....

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      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!
    6. Jan 26 an odd time

      by , 02-11-2011 at 11:16 PM
      I was at Josh M's or Quinzios house, either way it wasnt exciting. It was really messy outside of his house like a grill being on a slant on a tree, I don't remember much else other than about to be entering the one level home in the marshy like environment.
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