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    1. Puppy with a Hill BB+WBTB+DILD

      by , 02-18-2020 at 03:54 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I'm not exactly sure how or why, but after spending time with my brother at the old apartment I became lucid. I told him that I knew this was a dream and that I was leaving soon. He told me I can go ahead and do what I want. I smile and began to phase through the door. As I did I had some trouble getting through it and decided to rip the entire door with my two hands.
      After that I began walking on the grassy fields of the night and found this little corner filled with antics.

      I wanted to create a person as I saw no one in my lucid dream. I tried to look for someone but still found no one. I then place my hand on one of the objects and try to see if I could form a human being from it. I concentrated but it was to no avail. I then tried multiple techniques to imagine a person was behind me or cause them to magically appear before me. Still nothing happen. I then began climbing up some of the higher things in the corner to my surprise I found a puppy on the very top.

      It look very cute and friendly, so I made my way towards it as I wanted to pet him or her. However the puppy began to move away from me and landed to the grass. I then notice the dream beginning to change and I made it my focus to hold on. Once it change I knew I was still lucid but at some point just how I gained it I had lost it.

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    2. 28 May: Kidnapped friend's kid, puppies in Mexico and meeting a god

      by , 05-28-2019 at 03:33 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I meet Laura, think she is in some kind of trouble and needs to hide. One of her kids is in the hands of some bad individuals, which we we manage to locate and bring to our place with the kid (an office at a university). We fight and the baby ends up falling down a window. Luckily there is a mattress below and he is projected onto a cradle that happens to be in the middle of the street, in a perfect safe landing. We want to go get her immediately but there are lots of passer byes who call the police and we are unable to retrieve the baby, because for some reason, despite the kid being hers, Laura is not exactly in good terms with the law and they can't know that she is trying to get her baby. Then the police comes knock at our door and start an absurd interrogation. The office is quite messy, because we fought there with the bad dudes and they find a book about birds on the floor and start asking us scientific names of birds to prove a point. But I know quite a few bird names and say I have them in my land, hence my interest in the book. I don't understand where they are going with that. They leave and can't connect us with the kidnappers or the flying baby.

      In Mexico with mom and another girl. We attend some expo in the outskirts of Mexico City. On return we find some people providing care to street puppies. One has a horrible thing in the eye but they remove instantly. It's painful to see because they don't use any sedative, but then we see the puppies after care and they are all fine, cleaned and healed. They are all black and with white spots, a bit scruffy. My mom holds and kisses one that is totally black. They will be returned back to the street and we feel so sad but we can't take them with us. We hope for the best for the puppies.

      As we walk down the street, a very poor area, we feel a bit uneasy, but I focus on the beauty of their simple way of life and how nobody is disturbing us, so the fear goes away. I feel the presence of my guru and I become lucid.
      I open a tear in the sky, just trying to get out of the dream, but from it comes out a god, a very hunky guy, who throws green energy blasts at me, apparently challenging me. It doesn't affect me, I fly towards him and kick him on the side. He is projected and although he laughs at me he stays on the ground. And then hold I his hand and I kiss it, saying I love him.
    3. Musical Keyboard Distortions and Distractions

      by , 09-13-2017 at 12:38 PM
      Morning of September 13, 2017. Wednesday.

      The main setting of my dream seems to be a larger variation of our bedroom in the house on Stadcor Street in Brisbane, where we have not lived in years. This seems to be the more dominant awareness of such due to that house’s kitchen being nearby in my dream’s layout and somewhat similar to real life, though there is also a vague association with the southwest Cubitis bedroom.

      In addition to a young version of my wife Zsuzsanna, there are four female “angels” or devoted “dream servants” present, though their behavior is atypical as my dream is non-lucid and they seem like my “protectors” as well (this being a non-lucid subliminal carryover from the nature of apex lucidity and unrelated to my real life). One of them is the (retired) actress Leelee Sobieski, seeming about twenty-five. I eventually become annoyed with her as she seems to have a contrary mindset at one point. I bump into Leelee while I am intimate with Zsuzsanna (while Leelee is facing away from us). This physical contact annoys Leelee and her annoyance annoys me (and makes me suspicious yet not lucid), so I conclude her “devotion” is pretense despite her being a “guardian”. However, any perception of conflict soon fades.

      In a scene in the kitchen, I have an electronic musical keyboard. I am thinking about recording some music for a new track. My mother is now present. (My dream self does not recall that she had died in 2002.) Pressing some of the keys, I see that one of them (seemingly a B key near the center of my keyboard) seems either loose or stuck due to the power cord somehow having been wrapped under the key. My mother tells me that she had done this (though unknowingly causing the problem), which makes me very annoyed as I am not sure if the key can be fixed as it seems broken or at least different in response to the other keys. I still want to play some music.

      I soon notice a tiny hairless creature that I first think is dead. It is lying between the A and B keys near the middle of my keyboard. I feel a sense of disgust in thinking that it may be a small rat fetus. However, over time, it begins to move and then breathe and gasp. “Oh…It’s a dog fetus,” I say aloud to the others present in casual matter-of-fact observation.

      Earl (an older half-brother on my mother’s side) is soon present. (My dream self does not recall that he had died in 2007.) The tiny hairless puppy, not much bigger than my thumb, is making unusual motions with its mouth (reminiscent of the “baby” in the movie “Eraserhead” from 1977). I wonder if it will even live, but I consider that Earl should put it with its mother to suckle. I have a wholly unexplainable false memory that Earl has a small dark gray cairn terrier that is likely its mother. The tiny “puppy” has an unusual brief feature on the top of its head that looks like an angular cap (though without the brim) of the kind a policeman or postman would wear, though it blends in with its head like an actual darker physical feature relating to its minimal fur. I know that my mind is creating this association somehow but it does not trigger lucidity.

      In the last scene, I have a meal with the four “angels”, Zsuzsanna, my mother, and Earl. My keyboard seems unrealistically bigger and oversized, and we seem to be using it as a table. Along with other food, which seems mostly normal to me, I also seem to have eaten much of the puppy except for its head, though the imagery is quite magnified. I feel a bit strange, but then I realize it is not the original puppy, but a “copy” of it, and that the “real” one is with its mother. At this point, my dream becomes more abstract and fades without a direct waking prompt.

      Foundational dream state indicators (no present relevance to real life): Our previous bedroom in Brisbane synthesized with my parents’ bedroom of Cubitis is simply based on concurrent subliminal threads of awareness of having gone to bed and additionally perceiving Zsuzsanna and I as parents.

      There are multiple reasons as to why Leelee Sobieski appeared in this dream, yet all of them unrelated to real-life symbolism and linked directly to the Reticular Activating System and real-time preconscious dynamics of the dream state. Reason number one stems from having briefly and randomly looked at details on IMDb of the 2007 movie “Walk All Over Me”. I only watched the first few minutes (and will watch it later with Zsuzsanna). She plays Alberta and appears as a cashier in the first few minutes, and the preconscious sometimes takes the form of a cashier to symbolize “checking out” of the dream state (as a lifelong recognized RAS function). Reason number two stems from her role in the 1998 movie “Deep Impact”, which has a theme analogous to the cessation of the dream state (“end of the world” association, symbolically unrelated to real life in this case). Reason number three comes from her role as Joan of Arc as associated with “divine voices and visions” and being in the dream state. Reason number four stems from her no longer being in movies as analogous to the waking precursor (“watching movies” as analogous to dreaming, though there may also be a play on “retired” as in going to bed).

      The power cord wrapped under the key is a dream state indicator (unrelated to present waking life) that no pretend “dream interpreter” could possibly have a clue about. Here is why: When I lived in America, I sometimes used to script dreams in real time by using affirmations in a digital sampling keyboard and did in fact, cause a key to stay down with the power cord holding it. In fact, the irony of this plays off of itself. In one real-time scripted vivid dream when I was young, I was distracted in trying to find the real audio source in order to turn it off. I was in a hallway with various doors and could not tell where the real sound was coming from. This is possibly one of the most hilarious failures of critical thinking skills in an otherwise vivid lucid dream.

      The last part of my dream is based on new ideas in my approach to newer music (as symbolized by the puppy needing to develop more). It is also an odd form of coalescence in “feeding off” my dream state (and the dream self coalescing back into consciousness). Also, as in uncountable past dreams, I was vaguely aware that I was consciously creating my dream (even though I was not lucid in any viable way), mostly only vaguely discernible in the scene where my focus on the “dead rat fetus” willed it to change into the living tiny hairless puppy. The focus on it coming to life and breathing relates to both waking up and very mild sleep apnea that is usually not a problem for me. Additionally, there are “end markers” here I do not typically go into detail about in an entry. For example, the B key represents the end of an octave and where there is no black key to the right of it, as a play on coming out of the unconscious state of dreaming, no more liminal space implied by the next white C key after the white B key.

    4. Dream Sign Driving and Lion Cub in La Crosse

      by , 01-14-2017 at 07:14 AM
      Morning of January 14, 2017. Saturday.

      I am in La Crosse and in the house next door to the King Street boarding house. There is some sort of party going on, possibly a high school graduation party, and it is at night. Zsuzsanna is there but as a teenager though is the only person I recognize. See seems a bit tired and I ask her if she wants to sleep in my bed (which turns out to be at an unknown residence but implied to be where I live). It feels as if we have not been together as a married couple yet, though she is passive towards me.

      We walk northwest from the house until we come to my fictional red 1922 Phaeton (a “dream car” that has not featured in my dreams for quite some time) in a commercial district. Its appearance is different as if perhaps an older model and its top is down. Curiously, there does not seem to be a steering wheel, though this does not serve to be a deterrent. I tell her to get in the car and I sit in the area behind where the steering wheel should be. As is often the case, I have difficulty in trying to fit in the vehicle. Still, after some adjustments (where the car even seems to expand slightly), it works out okay.

      We end up in an unfamiliar bedroom. A playful lion cub is present and so is a puppy (though the puppy of which I do not see much and which does not go onto the bed as the lion cub does). The lion cub makes small messes over the entire bed (to a very unrealistic extent) and I tell Zsuzsanna that I have to take the top blanket off and I am somewhat annoyed. It does not seem unusual to have either a puppy or a lion cub in my (fictional) house.

      • The appearance of the red 1922 Phaeton goes all the way back to early childhood, when I dreamt my father was a car.
      • I have not been on King Street since January 1994. I did not know any people who lived in the house next to the boarding house though I did paint some of the inside for the owner.
      • The lion is a recurring waking prompt and coalescence symbol (as it can swallow the dreamer back into whole consciousness) and is also a type of dream sign (as from the 1897 “Sleeping Gypsy” painting by Henri Rousseau). Here however, it is only a cub, but the obvious dream sign of the bed already serves as a waking transition factor. This specific rendering is a connection with having to wake up to use the bathroom.
      • The missing steering wheel is an invitation to lucidity (and implies liminal dream state awareness), whereby the car is my dream “vehicle” as an extension of my physical body (which is also called a “vehicle”) in sleep but without an active conscious self awareness as in normal lucid dreams to “steer” my dream with a more viable conscious choice (though liminal dream control occurs with me very often - I am just not aware I am dreaming). I am still able to resolve the beginning intent to a point. A car with no steering wheel also correlates with vestibular system dynamics and the liminal awareness of the inability to control the physical body while sleeping.
      • Even though bed dream signs are quite common in my dreams (and always have been since early childhood), I rarely pick up on them directly for active lucidity, though a bed implies the waking space of a dream (liminal awareness of being asleep).

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    5. [23-05-2016]

      by , 05-23-2016 at 08:20 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      A dark night. I jumped out though a window and wandered dark streets of a city, ending up on a small square. There was my younger sister sitting on a bench with some teddy bears. I was holding a puppy in my hands. We were arguing with sister. She claimed that talking in C++ people who speak only C won't understand me. I told her that these languages are highly familiar, but she replied that not all the functions are the same. I agreed and took a puppy in my hand saying "Teddy breaks all these conventions!" Then I decided to leave, and go back to my house. I found myself going out of my room to take a shower, I was holding clothes in my hand. I decided to check what's the hour. It was 1:250:00.
    6. Shadow

      by , 03-28-2016 at 04:08 AM
      D₁-Theres a shadow in the corner of my room on my ceiling and at first it was this furry thing that kept growling at me and then it turned into a cute black furry puppy that just wagged its tail at me.

      Dream skip

      D₂-Chase sent me a message on fb that was one of those memes about relationships and it said," pull her hair and slap her ass." Weird becuase our aquaintanship is nothing like that. Anyways back to the dream, he also put it as his status and a bunch of people liked it.
    7. Acting, Puppies and Kiss

      by , 11-17-2015 at 09:28 AM
      I'm at my school, in the library, acting in a movie or a play. I'm playing one of the main characters. At one point I, or my character, can't sit down at my normal seat because nobody likes me now, so they aren't letting me, and they put their hands on the table to stop me. A bit later I'm doing something I remembered from the script I had to do, and it is sort of an awkward thing to do, and after I do it half the people there start laughing. I figure I must have done it wrong. I say, "it wasn't that funny," and then everyone in the room starts laughing, and I feel slightly awkward.

      After the day of filming (?), I'm with my brother Adam and Mum on this white platform, that's sort of high, maybe a little more than a foot above the ground, and it has a short railing around it. Adam goes to borrow a puppy from the SPCA which is just down the steps and round the corner. He comes back with an adorable fluffy black-and-brown puppy. I take some photos of the puppy, until he starts trying to lick my phone. Adam takes the puppy back. As I'm starting to leave, he comes back with another puppy, slightly smaller than the other one but I feel that this puppy is somehow scary, because it seems vicious, even though I can't see its face. I'm like, "not another one," but it doesn't matter 'cause I'm leaving anyway. I go down onto a little boat that Dad and a few other people are standing in, chatting. The boat is similar to the platform in colour and the railing it has. The water comes up to the top of the railing, but somehow hasn't come onto the boat. I look out at the water, which is really blue and sparkly. I imagine what we would do if a tsunami came then, and if we'd have to time to drive away and be safe. I see a little ripple come towards us across the water, and everyone on the boat notices and start discussing it. Then we feel an earthquake, and Mum's with us too, and she seems really scared. Dad says, "It's over there!", pointing to a hill on the other side of the road (which is I guess right next to the water). "Look at all the corn blowing!" Because the corn blowing on the hill indicates to us that the earthquake is happening there.

      I'm with a young, maybe 10-year-old girl, and I think also my real-life friend Riley. The young girl has written a script from a book, by typing it all out so we can make a movie of it, or something. I don't think I ever hear her say anything besides "Yes" - when I ask her if she typed the script out from this book, and when I ask her if she edited it at all. She never says a single other thing. Then we're sitting down, three or four of us, and another girl says to the young girl, "I've never called you Mamie," and I 'remember' or 'realise' that this girl is Mamie Gummer (the actress) as a 10-year-old, or playing a 10-year-old. And then Riley is singing along to a song that's playing, so I start singing it too.

      I'm sitting on a bench, by the road near my house, with Riley and Mamie Gummer or whoever she really is. A boy is on my right, and I notice he is leaning on my leg with his elbow. I figure he must be coming onto me, maybe he likes me. I sort of turn to face him, and he turns to look at me, and we look at each other for a moment, and then I go forwards and he comes forward too and we kiss. Really briefly. And then he suddenly pulls away and he's taken my pen. Because he only wanted to do that so he could take my pen and see what was written on it because it said something about the group I was in, or like the Hogwarts House or something. ??? He immediately begins telling his friend about what just happened, how I thought he actually wanted to kiss me. I don't want Riley to hear, 'cause it'll be kind of embarrassing, but then I don't really care because I didn't lose anything - I got a kiss, and I got my pen back. 'Cause he gave it back straight after. So I just use the excuse that I have to go give the phone charger back to Mum and I run home. On the way up the driveway, I see the paddock on the left is flooded, and try to remember when it got flooded (it never did). And then the water goes away all these ostriches who'd been waiting in there all that time start coming out, and I see Big Bird. ????

      The end.
    8. Bus, Grills

      by , 10-30-2015 at 06:44 AM
      I only remember my last 2 dreams besides waking up briefly and trying to remind myself to remember the prior dream (I forgot it).

      Dreamed I was back in high school. I got on the bus and got off at the wrong stop. The bus I'd been on is the bus that I take to work now, but the layout of the city itself had changed quite a bit, and there was a suburb where downtown should have been. I freaked out, because it meant that I was going to be 15 minutes late, and I was already in huge trouble academically. I'd been warned that I couldn't be late even one more time, or I wouldn't pass the grade I was in.

      I also realized I wasn't on the street I thought I was on, which would have been a straight shot to the school. I was on a side street I didn't recognize. In fact, it was even a dead end.

      Some other students had gotten off the bus at the same time I had, for some reason. They were older kids. So the older kids seemed kind of confused and annoyed by how panicky I was. But they allowed me to follow them. Once we reached a street I recognized, I was able to find my way to the school.

      The school was my old middle school. I did get in exactly 15 mins late. I ran into my "brother" - not anything like my real life brother, really just a dream character - as he went down the stairs as everybody went between classes (despite it only being 20 mins into the school day) and explained my problem. He told me "Well, go to your first class, then!"

      Then I realized that I had forgotten which class my first class was. I thought maybe it was English, but I wasn't sure. I also didn't know exactly where it was located.

      Then two school administrators came up and started yelling at me, demanding to know why I was late and why I wasn't in class. They were wearing brown leather dusters.

      My perspective shifted to just outside my body. At that point, I realized that I was a giant floating pink cartoon brain, and so was my brother. He had thick boxy glasses on and a dorky shirt collar and was generally a nerd. He looked down on me for being "stupid".

      Then for some reason our roles switched - I watched an outside comparison of my bubbly-squishy-"stupid" state and my much more streamlined-looking "intelligent" state, and my "brother" became the "stupid" one.

      He'd always looked down on me for eating lots of junk food and gross/fried foods, one of them being something the school cafeteria served that in the dream was called "cop-burgers" but once he'd switched places with me, he suddenly realized how delicious everything was.

      At some point he locked himself in the bathroom with a bunch of junk food and once he'd finished it, demanded to know (through the door) if I had any more burgers. I said, no. But I was also kind of him at the same time, staring into a sink full of fast food wrappers, and yelling, "Do you have any pork drippins'?"

      And that dream ended.

      I woke up, was a little weirded out by that one, and went back to sleep.

      I dreamed that I was looking through what I think was a Walmart for a present for my uncle. I wanted to get him a grill. I was crouched down on the floor looking through the bottom shelves for cooking grills, and there was a tiny propane grill you were supposed to be able to use on your counter top, but it really just looked like a weird tiny charcoal grill. It had little canisters it came with. You were supposed to buy more to refill it, but they were expensive, so my mother (who was suddenly there) argued with me about that. Eventually, I put it back on the shelf.

      Then I was in a cartoon and there was a puppy and I ran inside after it. So it turned out to belong to a girl who was trying to give it away. She was a complete stranger, but I just crawled right into her bed with the puppy and went to sleep.

      I sort of recall maybe having a conversation with her, but I was mostly interested in paying attention to the puppy.
    9. Old Dream: Heroic Puppy

      by , 10-25-2015 at 06:06 PM
      I get nervous about losing my DJ, so I keep it in more than one place.
      I'd also like to consolidate it and get all of the rest of it onto here for easier searching and tagging.

      Feb. 16, 2003:
      I had some dreams I really don't remember, except that they weren't nightmares. Then I had dreams about woods, but they were nice dreams. Then I had a dream about a puppy. It was sort of scary but the end was happy, so it doesn't qualify a nightmare.

      Then I had a sort of semi, psuedo-nightmare, but the puppy was still involved... hmm... oh well.

      In my dream I was walking through the woods. They were more like deciduous woods, though. Not sure if they were Florida woods at all. I encountered a tall man with light brown hair. I can't remember what color his eyes were, or if they had a color. All I remember is saying "I remember you" and asking him his name. He wouldn't tell me his name

      Then there was the dream about the puppy, I don't remember much except that the puppy was going through a temple to save some people, and in the end the puppy managed to save them. It was smallish, sort of like a terrier, with silvery black fur, only it had floppy ears. It was a VERY cute puppy, though.

      Then I had a dream I was in a car with J__ following another car through some sort of theme park, and his brakes gave out. Somehow, though, we made it through that alive, mostly because the guy in front of us used the back end of his own car to slow us down (everything was mostly downhill so we would have kept gaining speed). The guy was NOT pleased that he had to total his car, but... hey... we didn't die.
    10. Trip

      by , 05-19-2015 at 01:49 AM
      I went on a road trip with my aunt and uncle. We stopped in a city parking lot behind a hotel while my uncle took care of some thing in the van while I went inside the hotel to eat.

      I sat down on a table in the lobby of the hotel, whose interior looked really nice with lots of gold chandeliers and wall decorations and column trims and a lot of velvet carpeting. the table itself was made from dark wood. An Asian couple was sitting in front of me. I was served (without even asking for anything) a plate of fish-looking rings on top of some lettuce leaves.

      I took one bite and instantly spit it out. It was some of the most bitter food I had ever tasted. All of a sudden Chef Gordon Ramsay came up next to me and asked me what was wrong. After I told him about the fish rings he tasted a pinch of it and said, "that's absolutely terrible." then the Asian couple tasted a bit with the same reaction.

      That meal made me leave the hotel, and when I got back my uncle told me about a puppy Great Dane with a spotted coat that they had which they knew was going to die.

      We kept driving down a barren road and we bumped into my programing teacher driving the other way. we stopped to talk (in the middle of the road because, again, it was really barren) and I told him about the puppy that was going to die. He started to cry while carrying him in his hands.

      After meeting up with him we somehow found my physics teacher and stopped by in a gas station. We all went inside and my physics teacher called me over to the women's restroom. Once inside I found that my aunt was also in there and they were both ready to jump scare my uncle, which they (somehow) knew was coming.

      That's all I remember...
    11. 12/26: School Sexy, School Disaster

      by , 12-29-2014 at 07:48 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 26, 2014

      I was walking through what seemed to be a large mall, but turned out to be a school. I met my professor in the hallways, and she told me that we were in the classroom that belonged to one of her colleagues, doing a project the required more space. I found the new room. The other teacher turned out to be the guy who played Four in the Divergent movie, and I was instaswooning. All my classmates had partners already, so I ended up being Four's partner. We were making bacteria cultures or something, but I had missed the instructions, and didn't know what the heck to do. It was something about cutting out squares of a special bacteria paper and put them in Petri dishes. I was so confused and Four wasn't helping, as all I could think about was wanting to screw him... I told him I needed to talk to him privately and we ran off to a staff bathroom for a while ;D

      After that, I was in a course where we had to film a game show or something. My group decided to do ours with a puppet or small animal of some sort as the host...

      As I was leaving the school for lunch, there was a siren and the sky was all dark and ferocious. I told my friends, "ah, it'll be alright. We get warnings all the time but there's never actually a tornado."

      Right as I say that, a funnel forms, and touches down about half a mile out from the school, heading right for us. We all go back inside and head for the basement. I was standing by one of those windows that's at the ground level, so I could see. Not very smart, really, but I wasn't thinking about safety. I just really wanted to see what it would look like if the tornado went right over our heads. The tornado came right next to the school building, destroying the church next door. I realized there was a small puppy right next to the window (which turned out to be a bar window), and I called for it to come over so I could hold onto it through the bars. I was worried about it flying away and getting hurt. I couldn't get hold of it though. It didn't get blown away, but it looked so scared, it made me so sad.

      As soon as the tornado was over, I went outside and looked for the puppy, but couldn't find it...
      Tags: puppy, school, sex, tornado
    12. New Puppy Smell in a Dream!

      by , 05-23-2014 at 03:33 PM
      May 23, 2014: Dream 2 of two: I am seated alongside the hospital bed of a man I do not recognize. He has a minimally injured right hand which looks like a sprained or broken ring finger, because it is taped to his middle finger as a splint for support. Despite the tape, we shake hands and we talk as the two of us leave the room. We find ourselves standing on the red embroidered rug in the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas. There is a small adorable puppy at my feet and I pick it up. It has that “new puppy” smell! The puppy belongs to the man with the injured finger. He says the puppy’s name is Clementine. He is not particularly fond of dogs, but I tell him I love this puppy. It is so cute! I secretly hope he will give it to me. I put Clementine down and it playfully romps with another, larger black dog, before the two of them playfully scamper off. When they are out of sight, I see my wife’s springer spaniel Lacey in the far distance coming towards me from the direction the two dogs ran off in.

      I go to leave the casino/hotel. My car is parked in an outside lot, and is the only one visible in the deep dark of the un-illuminated lot. It is parked obliquely in front of where a rock band is set up, so I need to move the car. I get in, and Lynne appears in the passenger seat. A tall woman opens the hatch to the Nissan Pathfinder and puts in a large radio controlled helicopter which barely fits inside. A man (evidently the owner of the heli) yells to her from a distance about folding the blades, and it finally fits and she closes the hatch. I start to back up, but can’t see anything behind me that I might run into in the pitch black. The car gains more speed in reverse than I would like or is safe, and no matter how I pump on the brake with my right foot, it doesn’t slow appreciably. I switch to my left foot and also pull up on the hand parking brake. This slows us down and we finally stop. All the time the car is slowing down I am worried that we might hit something that could penetrate the rear hatch window and hurt me or Lynne, but the car finally comes to a stop without incident. I wake.
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Home Base - 1st Experience

      by , 02-28-2014 at 04:44 PM (Into the Ether)
      A couple friends and I are working on a shared dreaming project. One which involves a still standing Castle in Europe and using it as a home base.

      1. Visiting a place near a body of water. Looked like our Home Castle, yet different in certain ways. I never went inside, but there was water surrounding the property, clear water, fresh (didn't look like the pictures we viewed.) On the edges of the water had a lot of plants and vegetation, it actually could have passed for a luxury hotel. I'm with others. We board a medium sized water vessel with a group of people and visited a nearby island. Sen (?) and I went swimming underwater, think Wg was nearby too. I watched as someone transformed themselves into a barracuda type fish. Other fish swam away, haha. Then I changed too. Shortly after the island adventure I'm standing in front of a woman with another man. She tells him that it's too bad he's not taller with blonde hair. Odd.

      2. When we were done we went back to the Castle. I was running around searching for something. Forgot what. Eventually I find a puppy and recall floods in. I realize I was at the Castle earlier in dreaming and now I'm trying to figure out a way to keep the recall (lol), thinking that none of this will be remembered (LOL). I'm also either trying to get a message from the puppy or I'm trying to give it a message for Wg and Sen. It was small, mostly white with brown spots.

      3. Some point along the night I was in Egypt. There was a ceremony but also a disruption. I vaguely recall racing through corridors trying to escape something (come to think of it, that may have been the caves.)

      4. Then at another point I'm driving and manage to crash about three vehicles, moving from one to the next. When I crashed the third I realized perhaps driving isn't the best thing for me to be doing. I seem to be having a bad string of luck with cars/motorcycles. The final vehicle I crash I'm able to move with my mind to get it out of the way of other traffic (I was in a one-lane area of a very busy highway.)

      5. I'm on a stretch of road and climb into the back of a parked truck. There's something inside I'm going after. I find it, it's a clear large vial/jar. I read the label on it, it's a lethal virus (can't recall the name.) I'm careful as I open it, vapor streams from the opening. I hold my breath, thinking that might help. I remove the lid completely, invert it, insert a long tube then replace the lid. Hop out and run back to a waiting car (think Sen was driving).

      6. I make my way inside a nearby university/Castle? I talk to a few people, then a male professor, then I find an Indian woman sitting in a large open room on the steps. I sit down near her and we speak respectfully. (Felt like the Priestess). She's heavy-set, older, tan skin (first time I've seen her in human form, usually it's whispy ethereal forms.) She shows me something, she takes a piece of what looks like coal and ingests it. It enters her body and I can see the reaction in her, smoke begins pouring from skin, it's eating her flesh from the looks of it. I'm concerned at this point, standing up about to try and assist, when she stands up and then shits out the piece of coal. Her body returns to the prior healthy appearance and she smiles at me. Again, I think this was another lesson for me but again, the lesson is difficult to grasp. A woman of very few, if any, words.
      lucid , memorable
    14. Heroic Puppy

      by , 11-26-2013 at 10:21 PM
      Feb. 16, 2003:
      I had some dreams I really don't remember,except that they weren't nightmares. Then I had dreams about woods, but they were nice dreams. Then I had a dream about a puppy. It was sort of scary but the end was happy, so it doesn't qualify a nightmare.
      Then I had a sort of semi, psuedo-nightmare, but the puppy was still involved... hmm... oh well.

      In my dream I was walking through the woods. They were more like deciduous woods, though. Not sure if they were Florida woods at all. I embraced a tall man with light brown hair. I can't remember what color his eyes were, or if they had a color. All I remember is saying "I remember you" and asking him his name. He wouldn't tell me his name

      Then there was the dream about the puppy, I don't remember much except that the puppy was going through a temple to save some people, and in the end the puppy managed to save them. It was smallish, sort of like a terrier, with silvery black fur, only it had floppy ears. It was a VERY cute puppy, though.

      Then I had a dream I was in a car with J following another car through some sort of theme park, and his brakes gave out. Somehow, though, we made it through that alive, mostly because the guy in front of us used the back end of his own car to slow us down (everything was mostly downhill so we would have kept gaining speed). The guy was NOT pleased that he had to total his car, but... hey... we didn't die.
    15. Long Lucid Dream

      by , 07-06-2013 at 09:33 PM

      I was in my dad's living room, and something prompted me to think that it was a dream. My brother stood right in front of me. To test my dream theory, I charged right through the wall and my brother, no fear. I saw his eyes widen as I rammed towards him at the speed of light, and I closed my eyes.

      Once I opened my eyes I was standing outside. Well, I guess that this is a dream. I attempt flying, but then completely slow down and am slowly spinning out of control, as if I'm in space. This is the first time that I've been unable to fly in a dream. My gaze tilts upward, and the power lines are outlined against the sky. I float alarmingly close to them. All while this is happening, a calm, female voice similar to that of a flight attendant talks inside my head. It seems as though she is some sort of 'lucid dreaming for beginners' guide. She explains something about the power lines, and how they shock you.

      I remember that you could sometimes jump to initiate flight, but it's not needed. Soon I'm zooming down the road, above the trees. For some reason in Every. Single. Dream I have, the lower part of the town I live in (past the hospital) is always dramatically changed. In this dream, although I was lucid, I couldn't recall what the area looked like. I jokingly recalled the map of past dreams, not really meaning to explore further but thinking that it'd be funny if it looked like it did in dreams.

      I looked down and imagined a small dog coming out of the bushes. Then, I put out my hands in a frame shape and imagined up a dog. It was small, and had matted brown fur. It was still cute.

      The dog followed me along, I assume flying. I wanted to come upon something fun to do. We flew above a small camp of ruffians with blue tents. I saw people in tribal paint jumping about, and worried about them attacking me. I believe that this was when two or three other girls joined us, at least two brown-haired and one blonde.

      We kept on flying. Our group quickly grew large, and I felt pleased. As if I was collecting people. We landed in a meadow. One girl and I stood by a fence. I studied her. I expected her face to be warped or somehow missing a nose, since it was a dream. She was quite beautiful, even her frizzy hair which stood a good three inches from her face somehow made her seem quaint. She was familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

      I told her that she was beautiful. She blushed and looked down. Yes, definitely beautiful, I decided. I asked her what she thought of me, knowing her answer already. This was my dream, of course she would respond positively. She gave me a critical head-to-toe. Then she said that I was beautiful. I jokingly said something about it being a dream. I was worried that she'd freak out since I'd called it a dream, but she didn't. She just half-smiled and laughed. So the people here were completely accepting of it being a dream.

      I think that we were still in the meadow when I tried to write something down. God, that was a nightmare. On every single word I had to backspace and retype the letter, but even then I rarely got it right. I realized that it was hard because I was in a dream, and gave up on that.

      I wanted to get to a city, and repeatedly commanded a taxi to appear. No luck. Then I told myself that we'd just take a boat. We fly a short while and we come upon a sea that is thrashing wildly, as if in the middle of a storm. We land on the deck and I see a few wary deckhands and smaller boats. I see a small yacht, but decide that it's too small. I pray for a giant cruise ship to pull around the mountain, but instead there comes a wild mix between boat and floating black truck. I didn't bat an eye at it in the dream, besides being disappointed that it wasn't a cruise ship. I pulls close to the deck and we fly to the 'boat deck'. There are doors that you open to get into the seats, and I immediately sit in the first row, window seat. The blonde girl is about to sit down outside the door, but I beg her to sit inside with me. I don't tell her why yet. She resists, but finally comes in to sit.

      I want to turn her into an actor and it'll be easier with her since she's already blonde. I tell her that I want to change her appearance into that of an actor, and she readily agrees. I worry that it won't feel the same with her as it would if he'd just walked up out of the mist.

      I tell her that I didn't want her to sit outside because things that I didn't have my eye on at all times in dreams had a habit of disappearing. I used the dog as an example, who I hadn't seen for a while and I could only assume had disappeared.

      I faced her, but we were on land now. I made her hair blonde, since it was brunette now. I sharpened her nose, changed her teeth. I was having an awful time trying to remember what he looked like, and worrying that I'd gotten a feature wrong. The brown slowly spread back into her/his hair. I said nuh uh and quickly changed it back to blonde. Then he changed into a alien and I got a comic-like picture of him beating his chest while howling at the sky. As a bulgy eyed, white alien. I sighed in disappointment because all my hard work was wasted. I began to lose lucidity.

      I was under these stairs, looking for my friend's little brother to put him to bed. With each turn the passageway got smaller and darker. I continued to brightly call for him. I turned once again, and knew that his was a trap to get me so deep in that I couldn't turn around to go back. I saw a panel on the wall shake, and I knew something scary was going to pop out behind it. It quickly turned to leave, and saw the little brother scamper across my path.

      I'm running along a dark, leaky room with wet pavement. I'm filled with adrenaline, and can see my friends leaping forward and sprinting beside me.

      I'm in a small, old-fashioned town. There's a funeral going on and I unwittingly say something offensive because I didn't know that it was a funeral. There a white church with a steeple beside the garage where the funeral is held. The brown casket is carried into the garage. Dream On by Aerosmith plays in the background, and I'm amazed that I can remember all the words. I'm also amazed that I've remembered the little details from 'a dream past'. I had a false memory of this happening in a dream, and of a crazy lady with wild hair interrupting the funeral.

      Although it doesn't seem like it, I'm still partly lucid. I want to try to eat something, so a friend or two and I flew to a fast food restaurant. We go inside, and I break off the top of a drink dispenser. What looks like tapioca is inside. I have it in a cup, and know that it will taste awful. A cop comes over and is mad at us for breaking open the machine.
      I force my friend to use her power to turn the white liquid red, hoping that it will disguise it from the cop and also make it taste better. It half-works, the cop stirs it with a finger and the color is instantly stirred under. I wake up.
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