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    1. 18 Mar: Mom, boars on train station, bully in train

      by , 03-18-2019 at 01:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With my mom, separating and displaying clothes on hangers for selling. I am upset that she put some dress that I like for sale and I remove it. Then we are balancing ourselves and the clothes on top of ironing boards balancing upon other ironing boards. An iron falls to the ground, almost hitting one of our cats. I tell her that it was due to her being distracted, but she didn't even notice. We come down to the ground and we are now on the platform of a train station. On another platform she spots a baby boar and I say "na-uh, it's a pack of boars walking in line." I wanna take a picture but also want to stay at a close distance to the exit, in case they cross the train tracks to our side. My mom is unafraid and walks 'till the edge at the far end of the platform. I notice now that she had Hachi by the leash and ties his leash to some door handles. I run to it as soon as possible, because very likely she didn't tied it well and he might escape. Indeed he gets lose and is about to chase the boars when I get hold of him. Then we get on a train to do some long travel and there are no doors on the wagon, it's very cold and dangerous. We discuss what to use to cover the doors, like a wooden board. Then a fiscal comes by and asks how people are doing and says that this will be solved. Next stop my mom does something stupid like hanging from one hand and swinging outside to pick up something while the train is still in motion. New passengers come in and comment how she is crazy and I agree. Then the doors are finally covered and the train is getting full, so no more cold. Instead some couple of kids with no manners start causing discomfort among passengers and one decides to smoke a fat cigar filling the place with smoke. Everybody complains but he is a bully and threatens everyone. People fear him. I don't. I take his cigar out of his hand and put it out. He is angry and says he will beat me. I say I am not afraid because he is smaller than me and I can kick his ass. Then I recall "oh, and I am purple belt in Kenpo" but immediately feel scared that I don't remember one movement how to fight and may look silly, since I don't practice for a while. But he actually shows respect and wants to know my school. After a while we are best friends. He has a gypsy look with fabulous blue eyes. I end up going to one of his kids birthday party with my cats.
    2. Dream - Limited Time Offer!

      by , 06-05-2017 at 02:48 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 5 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 126 - Limited Time Offer!

      I remember being at Chadstone shopping centre with my mum and my brother. There was this offer for 24 hours, where better quality items would be sold in shops than usual. For instance, 10 years ago in real, clothes were made better than they are now. In the dream, the shops now had these things on the sale in the current time which made me very happy. I went to numerous shops including Myer, Target and Dangerfield and bought really good pieces of clothes and jewellery. My eyes were darting everywhere like crazy because I didn't know where to start.

      At one point, I see my mum and brother with these super-sized, colourful ice-creams and I ask where mine is. My brother said I was too busy looking at clothes. Anyway, they took me to get an ice-cream of my own at the place. The man said I could combine flavours from three categories. After a short amount of time, I realised that the really good quality sale had come to an end and I wasn't happy about that. I don't remember anything else about the dream.
    3. Anti-Semitism Sentiments

      by , 01-04-2016 at 07:33 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Jan 2, 2016

      I traveled to BGC to a condo unit. I think Rob and/or Lico was there.

      Someone needed to take a cab. I wrote down a number for GrabCar or something.

      I was lining up in the MRT. There's a sale in a mall nearby. People are also lining up, but they're on tiles (like in Civilization). I moved a bag on one tile out so people can use it. Or I think someone else took out the bag.

      There was a game of some sort where everybody wins an apple. Literally one piece of apple. I thought that was ridiculous.

      I was on a rooftop of a building. Alex and Bishie were there I think. They're playing around. I can see the height from the edge of the roof of the building. Several stories high.

      A videogame. An old man and a monster. "Panga-yao."

      I was talking with a person about how Jews are gaining power and oppressing everyone else, including Muslims. There's a hint of anti-Semitism and conspiracy theory. I mentioned to the person how hypocritical that is, defending one religious group (Muslims) while demonizing another (Jews). The person tried to it dismiss it and change the topic.



      - Most of the dream was hazy but the last part where I was arguing with the person was very lucid. Too bad it ended quickly.
      - The person is familiar in real life but I forgot his/her name.
    4. Motherboard Sale (or not)

      by , 08-07-2015 at 04:03 PM
      Morning of August 7, 2015. Friday.

      I will try to refrain from another titular trend (such as “or not” in this case).

      In my dream, I am once again on Loomis Street at my sister (deceased) Marilyn’s house. It seems to be early afternoon. My wife Zsuzsanna is with me at the house.

      An unknown person (a young female in a jogging outfit, jogging southward) comes by our house and leaves a huge computer motherboard on our front sidewalk for some reason (just giving it to us, or perhaps thinking of our front yard as a dumping ground - this is not certain). The motherboard is about eight times the size of a real one. I am not sure what to do with it as it is older technology and I would likely have no use for it.

      As I am wondering what to do with this junk, as it remains lying across our front sidewalk, along comes an (unknown and unfamiliar) older male that takes notice to it. A few other (unknown) people also crowd around for a short time. He asks me if he can look at it and I say yes (though I had not even looked at it). On one corner (upper left from my view), he takes notice to a particular chip which is apparently a bit newer than the motherboard itself. He asks me if he can buy it (the one single chip) for twenty dollars. This sounds very good to me and I feel quite cheerful upon hearing this. As I did not pay any money and someone else had just dropped it off for whatever reason, twenty dollars sounds good even if I give him the entire board, which I am thinking of telling him.

      As the motherboard is lowered to the ground I notice at least six jars of peanut butter attached to it in a line over the top, each about two jar spaces apart, which seem to serve as some sort of conduit (or perhaps even additional power source). After several minutes pass, the male stands with his chin in hand gazing at the motherboard. He eventually looks at the chip again and tells me that the serial number on it is one day off from the chip he was looking for. This makes no sense to me as it is not relevant to specific timing of movement (such as with two cassette decks that are most usable when the model is identical, as the capstan is the same speed, or otherwise the variation would be too extreme for dubbing or oversampling).

      He looks at me and seriously states “I’m not paying twenty dollars for that!” as if I was the one that told him that he should give me the money for it. I then tell him that he can just take what he wants, including the whole motherboard itself. I come to the conclusion that he is just “off his rocker” and do not say anything after this. The scene vaguely reminds me of one years ago when a very drunken male bought one of my father’s old tools (and I could tell he had no idea what it was, which was a very specialized large drill extension and I even asked him if he was sure he had use for it) and he dropped it on his foot and blamed me for dropping it. I am surprised he even managed to walk from the area. (My father had made a lot of sidewalk sections in addition to building public utilities and residential work in both La Crosse and Arcadia during the same period he was on the radio and local venues.)

      This dream was precognitive (in some ways) of a message I received from a former member of one dream journal site, but I will not get into the specifics at this time. I can say that peanut butter often represents human waste in certain types of dream scenarios. The jars of peanut butter on the motherboard are a reference to what was said in a message about grooming and trolling on the Internet.
    5. Putting My Old Cats to Sleep, and My Grandparents' Big Sale

      by , 10-18-2012 at 03:15 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was giving my old cats, Ziggy and Pounce, to my old manager, Virginia. The room we were in had tons of black cages on the floor with animals in them. They were to be put to sleep; it's why I was giving my cats to Virginia...they were old and sick (IWL both had to be put down, Ziggy when I was 15, and Pounce just last year). I handed the kitties over to Virginia. She seemed very professional and emotionally detatched from the job (I suppose you'd have to be, wouldn't you?).

      Then, I remember walking into my grandparents' house, though it didn't resemble any house I've actually seen before. I went through a couple of rooms, and found them in a wooden room. They were having a huge sale inside their house that had been going on for a long time, day in and day out. They were just getting rid of what seemed to be old junk that was all displayed, lined up on a wall by some windows. I saw Barbie-like figurines, an old Walkman CD player, among other things. People were coming in and buy them for garage sale prices. I think there were also some animals in cages here too, I remember seeing some puppies or small dogs; they were for sale as well. I saw someone, a man, pick up and buy the old Walkman, and something else from one of the bins.

      I then saw Virginia again, and asked her about my cats, and if they'd been put down yet. I asked her while not making eye contact, because I was trying not to show her it was a tough subject, and it did hurt me. She told me that they had, saying one had just recently been put down. I don't remember what else we said, if anything. The animals at my grandparents' were somehow connected to what Virginia was doing.

      Then, I was going through some more things to put out for my grandparents' sale, some more old Barbie doll type toys. I noticed that there were some on display already, and someone had made it so one of the Barbies looked like they were making out with a Ken doll. The Barbie was bent backwards, and the Ken was leaning in and "kissing" her. I kinda didn't know how they were even standing up that way, but I let it be for the time being; I'd fix it later.

      I started to set out some small dog figurines. There were some that were already up there with the Barbies, but I guess I had some other ones. I remember specifically setting out a small, black, fluffy dog, that kind of looked like a Pekingese with a haircut. Its tongue was hanging out.

      Like that, except for it was black. And also a toy.

      I got out some more figurines, I remember one that wasn't a Barbie at all, but it looked like an old McDonald's toy, some superhero or supervillain. I then fixed the Barbie that looked like it was making out with Ken so they were both standing upright and not "kissing".

      I remember thinking that though the stuff I was setting out was mine, I wasn't sure if I'd be getting the money for it, of if my grandparents would be. I figured it would be my grandparents, and I was ok with that.

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    6. frequency of a pawn shop

      by , 07-30-2011 at 12:15 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am in a giant warehouse store, like mardens or renys...cheap versions of walmart. dollar store kind of place.

      its all in an attic of some building, or maybe i'm just on the top levels. i have to duck kind of to walk around. i can't see the other ends of the room, just where i am. it goes on forever, it seems.

      i walk into a few offshoot rooms from this main one. i enter one and the expansiveness is overwhelming. i have to get on my hands and knees to walk around because of how low the ceiling is. i romp around the room and then notice its completely empty. am i supposed to be here? there are three or four employees getting ready to fill it in, marking where the shelving will be. they suddenly glare at me and i turn away.

      i notice a police car is parked in here. how? we're in an attic! i begin to become aware but this causes me to lose balance. i tumble toward the car and then notice there's another one. its a dark purple sports car. i am about to fall into it and i'm afraid it has an alarm. it doesn't, and when i hit it i balance out, no awareness. i leave this room.

      there is so much SHIT. i want to leave. instead of stairs, i look thru the railway and down at the first floor. i overhear a conversation between a lady who works register and a guy. he has a gun and is going to shoot himself. she calms him down and he leaves. "you just wanted to do that to say you escaped, didn't you" she said.

      i jump from the railway, bouncing off the different levels inbetween the attic and the ground floor until i'm safely down. i leave following the guy. the exit of the store is made of plastic wrap

      i take a fake gun and point it at my head as i walk away. i don't know why.

      outside the store is a pawn shop on wheels. there is a huge crowd around the vendor. its a pretty cool set up, a glass case, five tier shelf system and the guy runs it all in a booth with wheels.

      everyone is fighting to see a particular object. i take this time to scope whats for sale. my eyes are drawn to a stone plate with a carved spider in the center and a matching spoon two shelves down with a fox on it. on the very bottom shelf is some kind of case/bank that is a wooden carved whale. its huge and pretty magnificent.

      the vendor caters to all the customers and then takes the whale out for me. i want to tell heather about this. the vendor talks to me about it for awhile and then says they are having a frequency display later and i should come. i agree to.

      i go with a friend to visit someone until then. we have to adventure into deep swamp forest land. after we visit our friend (no recollection of this happening), we have to get back to town. we get lost and go in circles on roads made of floating bridges over swamp hundreds of feet below us. the bridges are made of wood planks five feet apart. its all very difficult but we make it back.

      its darker out now (my mind usually doesn't transition/follow days like this!). theres a crowd of muslims around the pawn shop display, looking at dozens of tuning forks layed out all around. thats cool....i guess. i go over to the actual shop and notice that everything is now in a box and inside the box is a comb. people flick the combs and they vibrate a specific frequency, the same frequency that the object is supposed to be on. some are really low and some are high, in between, etc etc. i don't know if it means anything to be higher or lower.