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    1. Houseboat

      by , 12-22-2017 at 01:59 PM
      I was on some kind of open top barge or house boat. It was choc full of junk, well some of it was antique stuff and old toys. Somebody there was trying to stop me from getting something so I flew up and out of the opening onto a building roof above. The roof overlooking the river and boat was choc full of junk as well.
      The building morphed a bit and became the roof of a school. I did some more flying around and at this point said to myself this dream is really going on for a long while "Are dream" maybe I should take advantage of this fact and do some stuff.
      So I did some mind control on the dcs who were there then everything went black and white and I woke up unable to maintain lucidity.

      note: I remember saying to myself maybe I should have a go at getting lucid as it's holiday time now. This kind of pondering intention with no expectation attached has proved to be 100% effective in the past also, lol.
    2. Olympic Practice and Angelic Escape

      by , 11-29-2017 at 09:10 AM
      Morning of November 29, 2017. Wednesday.

      In the first segment of a two-part dream, I am indulging in a lot of very realistic physical activities, doing a number of different exercises including jumping jacks. Unknown people are present, but not in the room that I mostly exercise in. I wave my arms about in different positions as well as perform boxing motions. I feel very strong and energized. I do not become tired at all, despite the intensity of my movements. Additionally, this dream has an atypical sense of physical momentum for a non-lucid dream. Supposedly, I will be able to go into the Olympics, which in my dream, is only a few days away. I say that I will participate in the javelin throw, as it seems any participant can choose what they want to do, but then I consider that the javelin throw might not actually be a part of the Olympics. Still, no one else says anything.

      From here, I am apparently a time-traveling angel. I am in the backyard of the Loomis Street house, yet without a clear memory of my relatives having ever lived here. Instead, Jonathan LaPaglia (the actor from “Seven Days”, the television series about time travel) lives here. However, he is an ordinary person here, with no association with either his status as an actor (as his real identity) or any of the roles he had played.

      The situation relates to him having been offered to place some of his extra junk across the alley where the neighbors put out their garbage. Both piles include some damaged plastic children’s toys (of the type we discarded in real life recently). Curiously, our real life neighbor to the south, on the other side of our fence, is present as living just north of the Loomis Street house. It is extremely puzzling how this individual is one of the only factors of my current conscious self identity present in this dream, more so, how he is present in an American setting that I have not been in since February 1994, yet I do not question any of this fictitious rendering and scenario.

      I had also been reading a paperback book in this setting. It relates to Jonathan and a girl of whom he had been in a relationship with for a long time but had never married or lived with. Her name is Callie. The only association I can think of is Callie Torres from “Grey’s Anatomy”, though I have not watched the show on any regular basis. Very curiously, Sara Ramirez, the actress who plays her, was born on August 31 and so was Jonathan LaPaglia. According to what I read in the book, he has missed out on having a life with her in the future. At one point, he eventually seems to understand that I am “from the future” and only seems to find the situation somewhat amusing, but with no doubts about it.

      As an angel, I can “fix” this. He is to go to a public area where she is informally with another male who is a body builder. (I think the event they go to relates to boxing or bodybuilding.) However, he misses this opportunity but he can still go to where she lives to talk to her. We walk westerly (seemingly through a fictional version of Sill Street and near Kane Street) to an unusual house that has two apartments next to each other, though inside the main entrance of the house. Callie is never seen.

      In the last scene, two unfamiliar people at the address, male and female (though not implied to be living there, as another unfamiliar female lives in the left-side apartment while Callie apparently lives on the right), ask me who I am. “I’m a person,” I say, so as not to imply I am “really” an angel.

      Soon, they pull me to the ground, though without violence. Presumably, they seem happy in having restrained an angel as if they perhaps think I will grant them wishes. I am under them both. In a short time though, I teleport and watch them drop to the ground. I am then standing on an elevated area watching their surprised reaction with amusement.

      Many of my dreams have revealed unusual but very impersonal patterns and layers that cannot be explained, yet which serve no real known purpose and which are not otherwise prescient (as many of my other dreams are) to my knowledge. The matching birth dates regarding dream characters (including with me in some cases) or other matching dates has occurred many times before, and yet it seems to serve no real purpose other than as evidence of a “higher power” being at work in some dream states. (As the so-called subconscious has no thinking or reasoning skills or any kind of intelligence or viable memory, the typical nonsensical “my subconscious” rubbish that the majority goes on and on about cannot explain such things at all.)

      Those facets that relate to real life here are minimal. Jonathan LaPaglia reminds me vaguely of our landlord (though of whom we have only seen every now and then the entire time we have lived here), who said we could use the bins at a nearby address for additional stuff that was destroyed in the storm, so that is where that part originated from. The rest has no real connection to my current conscious self identity. My being an angel or a demigod has occurred in a number of dreams since childhood.

    3. Yard Sales / Vintage Electronics / 3-Wheeled Bike (Fragment)

      by , 08-14-2017 at 02:19 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: August 14, 2017 – 6:00AM (USA Eastern)

      I am riding a 3-wheeled bike through a development, visiting several yard sales as I pass through. At one sale, I pick up various vintage electronic items, mainly things with vacuum tubes. They only want $1 for each item, so I buy them all and load up the basket on the bike. As I pedal away, I notice that the bike is very heavy.
    4. A Beautiful Beach, Cool Water, and…Almost Kicking Someone

      by , 02-07-2017 at 08:17 AM
      Morning of February 7, 2017. Tuesday.

      I become intensely aware and feel cheerful, though I am not lucid, during what seems to be the last stages of someone leaving an area that he had been caught trespassing in late at night. I am not regarded by any of the characters in this situation even though I am fully physically present. The owner of the land remains at the rear of a guard’s large building, giving warnings to the other male who had trespassed. This other male however, is now with a guard at the front of the building. I watch him and the guard through the window from outside (on the left side of the building when looking at the front). Each time that the owner of the property shouts something at the trespassing male, the trespassing male then “interprets” and relays to the guard (on his left and not close enough to the window to hear the owner) what the other male had supposedly said.

      The property owner loudly informs the other male that a helicopter will be coming with people to arrest him. He will also be fined a large sum of money; at least a thousand dollars. He gives a number of minor details. This results in the guard being told (by the trespassing male) that a helicopter will be coming to take the trespasser to his home and that someone will bring money to give him (rather than him being fined). Everything the property owner shouts is changed by the other male to become a beneficial event for him. The guard does not realize this at all and writes down the instructions on a notepad. Even though the situation is hilarious, I am only mildly amused.

      I turn around to see an amazingly beautiful beach and nighttime scene. I walk towards it, thinking that I might take a helicopter from an island not that far from shore (which I may be able to walk to because of sandbars). I notice an orange beacon in the center of the island. There also appears to be a park shelter or some sort of small utility building on each corner of the island.

      Still, once I am on the beach itself, my perception and clarity becomes extreme. The scene is so beautiful and blissful, I become distracted and forget that I had been thinking about getting on a helicopter or going to the small island.

      I notice two sandbars just off the beach. I go to the closest one and roll around and slide with the incoming waves in the wonderful cool water and white sand. Two other people, an unknown male and female, are also enjoying themselves. I first think that they may be playing with some sort of sea creature such as a dolphin or octopus, but this is not the case. As I walk past them, I am somewhat annoyed. I would like to enjoy the beach more without strangers around.

      I see a large park shelter. There are three pairs of picnic tables, each pair touching end to end and the ends perpendicular to the front opening of the shelter. Two couples sit at opposite sides of the building. I walk in from the right side, having enjoyed being barefoot in the cool water and sand, but I soon notice a lot of crumpled empty packages from vending machine products and other rubbish strewn on the floor. There is a puddle and it looks like someone had even peed near one wall.

      I decide not to go fully into the park shelter and absentmindedly say aloud, “this is a real pee place”. The other male in the water looks up and asks me what I said. “It’s a pist-place!” I say.

      “You can’t expect people not to take their stuff out to enjoy nature,” says the male (which also seems to mean that he thinks it is okay to throw trash everywhere as well as put various recreational junk on an otherwise isolated pristine beach). As he says this, I notice an equidistant series of small yellow cube-shaped plastic boxes across the front of the park shelter (which I am certain were not there moments earlier), each overflowing with various items. Some of the items are for sports and recreation on the beach.

      “I prefer water, sand, and rocks to this junk,” I say. I start to become really annoyed and kick an oversized green Monopoly house (about the size of a football) from the top of the contents of one of the boxes as it flies at the other male, almost hitting his head. I kick a couple of the small storage boxes, also missing him. I then decide to kick him directly in the head with my right foot.

      Just as I somehow lift my foot high enough to kick his head, I wake up with my right leg thrashing out like a real kick (while on my left side). (Thankfully, I did not kick anyone or anything in reality.)

      • A beach in a dream is liminal space autosymbolism, a typically heightened stage between sleeping and waking, similar to bridges, parking lots, and porches, all of which represent a liminal link between the dream self and conscious self identity during the dreaming and waking process. I usually become much more aware in liminal space (especially as it links directly to the waking transition and emergent consciousness factor). In this case, I was only one step down from ordinary lucidity and at the highest level of (non-lucid) liminal dream state awareness, with full-body awareness.
      • The first situation in my dream is some sort of comedic transmuted “return flight” precursor where another male takes on my dream self’s role. (I never actually see a helicopter and my dream is altered into a sustained increased awareness rather than ending here as it should which is likely why the waking prompt was more extreme than usual.) From here, I deliberately sustain my dream without lucidity and even the personified preconscious element shifts to another scene (not that common). Water and its dynamics symbolizes sleep in real time, which is how I am able to additionally sustain my dream by focusing on the beauty of the beach and ocean (known as reinduction). The fact it is nighttime is a circadian rhythms factor of the deeper unconscious (which delays the emergent consciousness factor).
      • A waking prompt is a biological necessity, typically brought on by the dream self or something else falling, flying, collapsing, rising, and so on. In this case, my hypnic jerk actually seemed changed into a semi-conscious act, as if I knew I had to do this to fully wake (and as usual, the personified preconscious was the focus of instigation).

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    5. Motherboard Sale (or not)

      by , 08-07-2015 at 04:03 PM
      Morning of August 7, 2015. Friday.

      I will try to refrain from another titular trend (such as “or not” in this case).

      In my dream, I am once again on Loomis Street at my sister (deceased) Marilyn’s house. It seems to be early afternoon. My wife Zsuzsanna is with me at the house.

      An unknown person (a young female in a jogging outfit, jogging southward) comes by our house and leaves a huge computer motherboard on our front sidewalk for some reason (just giving it to us, or perhaps thinking of our front yard as a dumping ground - this is not certain). The motherboard is about eight times the size of a real one. I am not sure what to do with it as it is older technology and I would likely have no use for it.

      As I am wondering what to do with this junk, as it remains lying across our front sidewalk, along comes an (unknown and unfamiliar) older male that takes notice to it. A few other (unknown) people also crowd around for a short time. He asks me if he can look at it and I say yes (though I had not even looked at it). On one corner (upper left from my view), he takes notice to a particular chip which is apparently a bit newer than the motherboard itself. He asks me if he can buy it (the one single chip) for twenty dollars. This sounds very good to me and I feel quite cheerful upon hearing this. As I did not pay any money and someone else had just dropped it off for whatever reason, twenty dollars sounds good even if I give him the entire board, which I am thinking of telling him.

      As the motherboard is lowered to the ground I notice at least six jars of peanut butter attached to it in a line over the top, each about two jar spaces apart, which seem to serve as some sort of conduit (or perhaps even additional power source). After several minutes pass, the male stands with his chin in hand gazing at the motherboard. He eventually looks at the chip again and tells me that the serial number on it is one day off from the chip he was looking for. This makes no sense to me as it is not relevant to specific timing of movement (such as with two cassette decks that are most usable when the model is identical, as the capstan is the same speed, or otherwise the variation would be too extreme for dubbing or oversampling).

      He looks at me and seriously states “I’m not paying twenty dollars for that!” as if I was the one that told him that he should give me the money for it. I then tell him that he can just take what he wants, including the whole motherboard itself. I come to the conclusion that he is just “off his rocker” and do not say anything after this. The scene vaguely reminds me of one years ago when a very drunken male bought one of my father’s old tools (and I could tell he had no idea what it was, which was a very specialized large drill extension and I even asked him if he was sure he had use for it) and he dropped it on his foot and blamed me for dropping it. I am surprised he even managed to walk from the area. (My father had made a lot of sidewalk sections in addition to building public utilities and residential work in both La Crosse and Arcadia during the same period he was on the radio and local venues.)

      This dream was precognitive (in some ways) of a message I received from a former member of one dream journal site, but I will not get into the specifics at this time. I can say that peanut butter often represents human waste in certain types of dream scenarios. The jars of peanut butter on the motherboard are a reference to what was said in a message about grooming and trolling on the Internet.
    6. Searching Through a Self-Making Pile

      by , 04-11-2015 at 09:12 PM
      Morning of April 11, 2015. Saturday.

      Not much happens here. There is a pile of miscellaneous items on the bed, including handheld computer games, books (including board books for toddlers), a few small items of clothing, a few DVDs, and random toys - near the center, though not causing a problem for me as I am resting on the bed. I seem to have my eyes closed at times and yet can still search through the small pile, sometimes with my mind alone (without moving anything). Over time, the pile seems to change slightly as certain items appear or vanish. I am not even exactly sure what I am looking for, perhaps a particular book as I seem to remember a focus on a particular title which I do not remember. There is an abstract sequence where it almost seems relevant to what I am thinking; that is, I think of something not quite defined (such as an idea or phrase rather than an actual object), and it materializes but does not stay on the pile that long. Some of the items are actually completely abstract and hard to describe, sometimes with the property of being intangible and slowly sinking through other objects.

      My dream becomes clearer before it ends, but only includes a scene where an unknown female brings her daughter into the room, declaring her to be “iconoclastic”, which I am not sure of the meaning of in-dream. I think about the possible meaning, though am associating incorrectly, as I think of the concept of being goddess-like, though it actually means “criticizing or attacking cherished beliefs or institutions”, though my dream did not seem to have any negative implications or feelings. I have had numerous dreams where words are used or established with wrong or “unintended” meanings, primarily due to the lack of conscious thinking and reasoning skills when unconscious, though, on the other hand, interesting and unique puns are sometimes established.
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    7. Dumpster Diving in an Abandoned Warehouse

      by , 09-07-2014 at 06:58 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: September 7, 2014 – 9:45AM (USA Eastern)

      I am with my dad and brother, walking into an abandoned warehouse in which there are pallet racks loaded with boxes of what looks to be electrical materials. Some of the boxes are broken, spilling their contents onto the floor. One of the spilled boxes contained light switches which are now scattered across the floor. We walk to the end of the row and turn up an aisle, looking down the rows as we walk. In one row is an old forklift with a puddle of oil under it. At the end of the aisle, we stop at a dumpster and I can see several bags of colorful crimp-on electrical connectors that have been discarded.

      Liking the colors, and deciding that I must have these in my collection of junk, I lean into the dumpster and retrieve a box of bagged connectors and hand them to my brother to put in the car. I reach into the dumpster again and upright a spilled box and load it with several bags of colorful connectors, then hand it to my brother. Again, I lean in and start to load a spilled box when a couple of bees fly up from the right side of the dumpster, fighting each other. My dad is talking about the bees, stating that they do not sting, but they can bite really bad. I think nothing of it and continue to fill a box. One of the bees buzzes by my head and I swat it away. It bites my hand upon contact then flies off. I put another bag into the box, then the bee flies up and bites my back and I wake up.
    8. 6/18/14 - junk in the window

      by , 06-19-2014 at 01:15 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment:I was standing outside and I knew my sister was waiting for me in the building next to the building that I was staring at the window. The window is full of useless crap, but I see this thing that I feel I owned before, not that specific one. It was some stupid toy of pool or baseball or something, and I considered buying it again with $20, but then my sister called me from the door of the building next door, so I went with her into the building.
    9. 1/20/14 - dat dumbass

      by , 01-21-2014 at 11:56 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm walking into the house from being at my grandmas or something, like from a short vacation. When I walk in the house I see my dad walk in from the hallway. I instantly know he's been in my room. I become infuriated for my mom letting him in our house and he instantly tries to regain power of the house and us. I tell my mom to call the cops now I know he has no right but she acts like she's too afraid. So I go to my room and dig through stuff for some reason, then I hear him coming so I go to my door and shut it and lock it. He starts banging on the door, and brakes it in. Then he tries to make me back down, but I don't and tell him I'll steal everything right back. And I'll sell his shit as fast as he sells mine. He becomes enraged because he can't instill fear in me, so he pushed me on my bed and had this metal stick and stabbed it at my throat, i try to block it with my hands but it cuts my skin and he walks out of my room. I run out behind him and plea with my mom to step up again but she just stands there and smile, so I turn around and hear him digging in my room, then he walks out with some of my stuff and a stack of my money and he laughs at me telling me what he's going to do with it, but then I get up and grab the money and put it in my pocket and say the same things back.
    10. Trying out guns of Icarus

      by , 07-24-2013 at 01:22 PM
      This is actually a dream from yesterday, I just forgot to write it down here.

      In the dream I was a guy doing game reviews and I was just about to try out a game called "guns of icarus, which is a game I have played a lot IRL. It looks like this:

      AND THE BETTER ONE IS?-gunsoficarusonline.jpg

      I saw myself in third person but I was not me: In the dream I was instead a middle aged, somewhat overweight bearded man. I actually looked a lot like Notch (the developer of minecraft).

      AND THE BETTER ONE IS?-markus-notch-persson.jpg

      Yeah, that´s the guy. I was playing on a computer that looked a lot like mine except the entire table it was on was cluttered with thrash! I could barely see the screen for all the old Cola bottles and other junk.

      In the game I played as a pilot, and things was going somewhat well for me. I was amazed that other people did not use more stuff that comes in glass bottles...yeah, it doesn't make sense for me either. For some reason even though I used that...glass bottle thing in the game I still held the bottle in front of the computer.

      This is all I can remember. As I said I have been playing this game a bit, and I have been thinking about trying to play as a pilot. And then I have this dream, its like my subconscious telling me to go for it.
    11. A Strange Ball Game (fragment)

      by , 08-26-2012 at 04:08 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: August 26, 2012 – 5:30AM (USA Pacific)

      I am running around on an elevated wooden raceway, playing some kind of ball game with a few other players. The raceway has several broken boards which reveal a large canyon underneath. There are a few buildings which the track passes through. The track has a short rail along the edge in some areas, but drops off into the canyon in others. We are knocking tennis balls down the track with golf clubs, trying to avoid dropping the balls into the canyon.

      At one point, my ball jumps off the track and lands in a pile of junk in the corner of a building. When I climb over to get it, I find that it is balanced on the center of a small board with openings on both sides. I give it a whack and it rolls up and out of the building. I run after the ball to find that it rolled around the building and landed in a large field beside the building. I hear one of the other players say, “Nice shot!”
    12. Motorcycle / Abandoned House / Lucid

      by , 09-21-2011 at 01:37 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: September 20, 2011 – 7:00AM (USA Eastern)

      I am riding a small motorcycle through the woods at my parent's old house. The ground is moist and muddy in some places. A strip of dense fog follows the stream through the woods. The air smells like wet dirt and leaves. The motorcycle makes no sound as it moves, other than the sounds of the ground and leaves squishing under the tires.

      I arrive at a tree-house that I built and my brother is standing there. He points at an abandoned house near the edge of the woods and says, "We will have to knock this one down. It took on quite a bit of damage during the storm." A couple of the windows are broken out and some of the roof has been torn off.

      We walk over to the house and check it out. The first floor is a garage with an old Chevrolet car in it. The second level is missing a wall on one side. There is a lot of junk on the second floor, including some high-voltage transformers and a Tesla coil.

      My brother wanders inside to check things out. I look around through the old car to find that there are bees in there. Returning to my motorcycle to retrieve a can of bee spray from the saddle bag, I spray the bees and then open the car door to find even more bees. After spraying all of the bees, I get on a scissor lift and raise myself to the second floor.

      I look around for a moment, then look back at the scissor lift. I think that this is strange for a moment, so I push my finger through the palm of my hand and become lucid for a split second before waking up.

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    13. Best recall in detail in a while. Studio, driving, sister

      by , 02-22-2011 at 09:17 PM
      Drank some cranberry-raspberry juice before bed and had the best detail recall I've had in a long time. Ended up being 2.5 pages in Word!

      2/21-22. 1230. 530. In a grocery store with dad. Area looks to be by the BoA but also next to the registers. Then it’s a musician studio, mostly guitarists. Talking with some guys about a guitar. One guy looks like the big guy from Fanboys. I have to go to the bathroom, so go into another studio, which I guess was the bathroom. Feel uncomfortable because the rooms have glass between them. Some guy in a studio to my left. I’m able to get an angle where no one can see me. Still talking to the 2 other guys. Hand it to them while trying to go. “It’s a Rickenbacher knockoff. I can’t remember the name.” Though it was supposed to be a bass, it was a guitar with a short neck and dark blue. A pause and then I say, “Averia! That’s the name” (not the actual name). Then 2 other guys come into the same room I am to practice. One is a trombone player from my freshman year, Xxxx I think, has glasses. Name is different in the dream though. They’re across the room, so I go to the bathroom anyway as a chair is hiding me

      750. I wake up in my room. Theresa’s cats are there. I play with them. One jumps up on my left side dresser. I have an organizer with papers and the cat chews on it. I pick up my computer mouse, don’t know why I had it, and tap it on the dresser to get the cat off. Runs to the door. Then the cats are the 2 older Xxxxxxx twins, but one’s a girl. Play with them for a little bit. Then I’m walking down what feels like Main St. There’re a bunch of kids that had just graduated from Kindergarten, black robes with, I think, an orange stoal? Then at a car repair place. Pale yellow. It looks like the back of a Pep Boys with its garages, but that’s the building. Guy closes up shop because the kids are annoying him. Door is also pale yellow, but the bottom third is like a metal mesh and blue. I then drive home, heading south on Main. Xxxxxxx calls me to see if I’m going to make it to the run, academy? “What run is it?” “It’s a cancer run.” I’m eating some gummies or something. I take forever to answer his other questions though for some reason like I’m super tired and am thinking about each question before answering it. Pass a house where I see mom with glasses, and she’s jumping, like there’s a parade going on. Make it to Xxx and Xxxxxxx and there’s traffic. The houses and shops are no longer there, like it was before they were there, just an open lot. Heading W on Xxxxxxx and there’s a lot of traffic. Able to look up ahead and looks like some ambulances and flashing lights. Get closer and at that first street is a pile of junk cars being loaded onto a tow truck. Don’t catch what is going on off the left side, but maybe an accident

      1040. Watching TV. Someone gets hurt on a dam. Then the suicide video plays of goy at Hoover Dam. When guy hits bottom, his head smashes and red and yellow come out. People are then on the dam around him and looks like some people walked down the face that he just slid down. Then I’m home, but the house doesn’t look like ours. Dad’s showing me something to do with telling time at night. “Can you see it if there’s a new moon” (Showing me something and a black light flashlight simulates moon, shape is a snowflake). “No.” “Can you see it with a full moon?” He turns on the black light. “Yes! Man, that’s cool!” I’m looking around the room and the wall closest to use has a witch that moves, I’m thinking about touching it for some reason. The rest of the room is winter themed kind of. Snowflakes are all over and light up when I turn the black light on, which is now like Kyle’s, but only 3” long. Mom and dad then go to bed. I stay in the room and look around. There’s a door on the opposite wall, so go to it. I notice that the floor creaks, so assume there’s a walkout basement like Ernie’s house. Now light and with a friend. Room is his sister’s room. He’s looking around and I look at a wall next to the door. Sister was in track, uniforms are light blue and white. She has this whole section covered with pics with friends from track. There’s one I look at and they’re jumping over hurdles, she’s wearing earmuffs, but doing it gracefully in a funny way. 3 girls in the photo and one is a huge girl, maybe 400lbs. I think, “How can she jump?” Look at another picture and she’s holding the fat girl. I look back and forth at these photos and they stay the same, as well as others in my periphery. I go toward her computer desk which has its own little nook. Papers and stuff are everywhere and can’t walk, so don’t go in. Look at some papers. Get up and turn around and the friend found some boy’s number, he tears it up. Then walk out of the room, which the winter room from before is now different. There’s a kitchen counter and his mom and sister are at it. We get low and try to sneak up the stairs. Stairs creak a little also. Something about a white dog on the stairs with us, or at the top?
    14. Ocean Rummage

      by , 08-12-2002 at 09:59 AM
      Morning of August 12, 2002. Monday.

      This is a recurring setting with very similar events in numerous other dreams. I am near the ocean and there is a part of the shore that turns off at a corner where there are more rocks in that direction as well as an upward slope. A lot of other people are around. Some people are there to swim or fish in certain areas but I begin to discover cardboard boxes just under the water that are somehow not ruined. This seems to be why I am here although I am surprised by the larger amount. These boxes, some of which are open (and the contents still not damaged in any way) contain books, board games, toys, and other “treasures”.

      There are a few other people who apparently make a living gathering the contents of these boxes. I get the impression that parts of the area under the water are not that deep, and the boxes go out for quite a distance. It is not really that much like a dump under the water, though I am sure there is some junk that is not that useful or valuable. I gather several boxes and am interested in going down as far as possible. Perhaps there are more that have been buried under the ocean bottom over time. In a way, I think I am mentally teleporting the “treasures” to another location, likely to where I am living. (Of course, realistically, books under water for very long would be completely ruined.)