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    1. Anti-Semitism Sentiments

      by , 01-04-2016 at 07:33 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Jan 2, 2016

      I traveled to BGC to a condo unit. I think Rob and/or Lico was there.

      Someone needed to take a cab. I wrote down a number for GrabCar or something.

      I was lining up in the MRT. There's a sale in a mall nearby. People are also lining up, but they're on tiles (like in Civilization). I moved a bag on one tile out so people can use it. Or I think someone else took out the bag.

      There was a game of some sort where everybody wins an apple. Literally one piece of apple. I thought that was ridiculous.

      I was on a rooftop of a building. Alex and Bishie were there I think. They're playing around. I can see the height from the edge of the roof of the building. Several stories high.

      A videogame. An old man and a monster. "Panga-yao."

      I was talking with a person about how Jews are gaining power and oppressing everyone else, including Muslims. There's a hint of anti-Semitism and conspiracy theory. I mentioned to the person how hypocritical that is, defending one religious group (Muslims) while demonizing another (Jews). The person tried to it dismiss it and change the topic.



      - Most of the dream was hazy but the last part where I was arguing with the person was very lucid. Too bad it ended quickly.
      - The person is familiar in real life but I forgot his/her name.
    2. Night Light OST + MILD

      by , 07-19-2015 at 10:48 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      The first thing I was able to see is two police officers in a SVU show talking. I must have been in third person point of view as I became in 1st person shortly after. My brother and I were seeing this cop show playing and we realize it had started from the beginning. So I told my brother I would fast forward the clips as there were some scenes I didn't care to see. The remote controller was refusing to work properly, instead of fast forwarding it simply pause. Not too long after I have an FA and during this transition I began to realize that I had been dreaming all along.

      That's when the transition had end and I awoken to find myself in the bed. I was in my father room and could tell a few things were different how it usually look. Outside was dim but when it shine through the window it made it darker than usual. I figure I must still be dreaming. There was a mirror all the way at the end of the bed. I can see an apple underneath my mouth near the top of my neck. I get off the bed, my dream memories told me that I had fallen asleep with this and apple and now it has become apart of me.

      With some effort I manage to pull the apple out. I rather eat apples not wear them. I then toss it on the carpet and found my way back to the bed. I notice that one of the covers I usually sleep in was missing. Suddenly I wake up. Lucidity Time: 52 seconds
    3. Throwing Apples at Wilma Tell

      by , 02-14-2015 at 08:14 AM
      Morning of February 14, 2015. Saturday.

      I am in a mostly featureless outdoor area except that I think there is a wooden wall behind me (that does seem to be part of a building). It is seemingly early afternoon. I had supposedly volunteered to have an apple shot atop my head by Wilma Tell. She has reddish hair and is facing me from perhaps about fifteen feet away. Apparently, there is an audience off to my right (on bleachers, possibly four-tiered as that is what came to mind later), though I cannot directly see them (as if they are implied to be invisible, since I “know” they are present).

      I become more aware and cannot imagine why I would have volunteered to do this. (There is no recall of any backstory or what led up to this.) I am distracted by noticing half-eaten apples on the ground. (I do not seem to actually feel an apple atop my head.)

      I see that Wilma is ready to fire an arrow at me. Before she is able to, I reach down and pick up various apples (including half-eaten ones) and throw them at her, causing her to lower and drop her bow. The unseen audience starts laughing and applauding. One apple I throw somehow goes vertically higher than any other. It seems to become “stuck” in midair almost so high as to be indiscernible. This distracts me and I wake with a soft hypnopompic back spasm.

      This dream is proof that the nature of non-lucid dream control (that is, the knowledge of altering the dynamics of the dream without even remembering what a dream is, including forms of reinduction) can sometimes alter the biologically premonitory hypnopompic mechanism (of which the waking symbolism is also always directory premonitory of in various ways, though typically in an incidental form unrelated to the conscious self identity in real life), though this was usually not the case when I was a boy when there was no time to focus upon it (other than in dreams such as “The Staged Bull” from 1971, with the potential back spasm trigger of the bull’s horn willfully avoided by initiating my own waking).

      Although the arrow was supposedly aimed at the apple atop my head, it has a direct connection with the hypnopompic back spasm event (which ranges from very soft and nearly indiscernible to intense enough to make my whole body jump, which seems directly related to how much physical activity I was involved in during the previous day though is also directly related to the level of consciousness I am in), which has often been associated with bird beaks in childhood dreams that triggered it (for example, “The Buzzard’s Beak” from 1969). Other dreams have included a dog’s hard nose (being pushed into the small of my back) terminating my state of apex lucidity in 1970.

      Although dreams like “Devil Dog” (1972) showed evidence that physically premonitory hypnopompia can sometimes be shifted (though not willfully or intentionally in every case), it usually cannot be (such as in “A knife into my back in a hospital hall” from 1989).

      Is it any wonder why my Olympic barbell is my preferred weapon of choice to jab the preconscious back when I am (subliminally) annoyed about the waking transition.

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    4. Apple Store and Apartment

      by , 10-24-2014 at 10:05 AM
      1st.I can remember that there was a valley type area, at the top was a parking lot and a fountain. At the bottom was an apple store that was featured on a keynote. There was someone in a car that was hella mad, I hopped in the car and we sped down the valley to the apple store at the bottom. The apple store had a back area with a few counters and a little nook area with other electronics

      2nd.As of now I can remember us being on top of an apartment building. There was Tatum(Cousin), Tom(Brother), Luke(Brother), Aunty Vanessa, Uncle Victor, Nash(Cousin) and a few other people. There were bean bags on the outside although I didn’t want to sit there or something was bothering me so I moved inside. Here there were a bunch of bean bags and it was cool inside and the only thing I had to put up with was kids.
    5. 9-22-14 Let the computer speak for itself...

      by , 09-23-2014 at 09:22 PM
      I was at a tech conference. Apple was revealing a new computer that could talk interactively with you. Just for fun, they decided to let the computer give a speech that it had come up with on its own. They set it up on a podium. It talked about how much better it was than other competing brands' computers. Afterwards, the crowd went wild, gave it a standing ovation and voted it the best computer of the year.
    6. 9/9/13 2nd lucid dream!

      by , 09-09-2013 at 02:51 PM (Illuminating the Dream Realm)
      In my front yard. Not sure how I realized I was dreaming, but it may have been that many of my dreams lately have been in my front yard. After becoming lucid, I walked around taking in how real it all felt. I was about to feel the ground, when I remembered my goal of eating something. I wanted an apple. I put my hand behind my back and felt an apple materialize. When I brought my hand back there was a dark red apple. It was the best apple I have ever tasted. Just the right mixture of sweet and sour,softness and crispness. It turned into a plum after a few bites, but that was good too. :P

      I then tried to think of what I wanted to do next I remembered my other goal of finding a wizard, and getting him to teach me magic. I closed my eyes and thought of the inside of a castle as I spun around. When I opened them, I was underground. Everything was brown stone, but well lit. I kept having to crawl through perfectly square holes, and at some point it turned into minecraft -_- I found the wizard at his castle, but he was just a minecraft mob that could fly. I was having problems making the fight "fullscreen" and I just "shut down" the game and found myself in the kitchen.

      I remembered the task of the month for august, so I went looking for a dream character to ask the meaning of life. (not sure if I forgot it is september or just wanted to do the task.) I found my mom and asked her, but she just said "What?" and started scolding me for random things. I found this too un-dreamlike, and lost lucidity.

      I then went to my room and my desk was covered in schoolbooks and children's books about racial and religious toleration. dream fades.

      Notes: I am happy to have had another lucid dream, and I had better control in this one. The apple thing worked perfectly, but the Teleporting was not what I wanted. Also I really need to avoid my mom in dreams. D: All she does is scold.
    7. Facebook Apple

      by , 01-09-2013 at 09:42 AM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had a dream last night that I was replying to a Facebook comment on an apple. Yes, an apple. No, I don't mean an Apple computer; it was an actual apple, as in the fruit. I ate it afterwards.
    8. 12 Nov: Reliving a dream, demon and Daily Show

      by , 11-12-2012 at 12:41 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I enter a dream and immediately recognize it. I had this dream before. I'm in Lisbon and there's a demonstration on the streets. I'm coming from an inclined street that meets the main street up there, with an iron fence along its side, and I am about to join the people marching.
      But this time I come here with a slight time difference from the other dream, so I wonder what different things will happen due to this time shift.
      I meet Diana with some girl friends. She is marching and crying. Her friends say that she lost her studio and might also lose her house. I tell her she can always come to stay with me. She says thanks but she continues crying.

      Then we arrive at some improvised amusement park someone set up at the end of the march. There I meet Ruby, she doesn't recognize me so I pretend I also don't know who she is. They are trying some radical games available and I join them. It's them against me racing at a circuit full of obstacles and challenges. I look like spider-man moving around and I reach the end of it in no time. They are so late I decide entering some cafeteria to eat something. A guy comes to me
      holding an apple and saying I must eat it. "Sorry?"
      "You did not eat your fruit portion at lunch and the rules must be followed. Eat the apple or you're grounded!"
      "Excuse me, you must be mistaking me for someone else. I eat all my veggies and surely more than apple a day, so you don't need to worry."
      He doesn't believe me and keeps nagging me to eat the "goddamn apple". I move on.

      I reach home and meet a demonic being, like a 3 mts tall black spectre, trying to kill my neighbours: a couple of brazilians and the lady is pregnant. He is after some gold piece that they have and they don't understand why it is important.
      I fight the demon to help them. It is so very strong. He seems surprised I'm actually offering a fight, because he says nobody ever escapes his mortal blows. I don't win the beast but he is upset with the resistance found, so he leaves, promising to come back, as no one ever escapes him.
      But one day I come back home with a friend and find at my door a carton box on the floor. My friend opens it and it is covered in blood and contains a dead foetus inside. Then I know he killed my neighbours and got what he wanted. My friend vomits.

      Go for a walk near the beach and I see Jon Stewart surrounded by his staff. I feel like talking to him, but so does hundreds of other people, so I decide not to. I just watch as they go to two huge buses personalized with prints of the Daily Show and they are like a mansion on wheels. One of them even has a horse trailer attached. I wonder why they need it.
      I manage to get a peak to the inside and it looks awesome. There are trays full of the most delicious cakes. But a lady tells the staff that they are only allowed to eat the cakes after they come up with some ideas for the upcoming shows. They sound like disappointed kids "Awwwww!".
    9. LD #17 Bored...

      by , 10-11-2012 at 11:25 AM (Lucid Time!)
      One of the most stable and least fun lucid dreams that I've had so far.

      So me and...someone. Idk really who, but she was about my age and she was leading me inside this castle. It had a cathedral look and was entirely white. I was already lucid.
      We walked though this throne room and to the left, there was a dining hall. The entire room was white, and there was a very large throne positioned at a long dining table, for like a king or something. It was flanked by four smaller thrones. The girl who had followed me told me to just sit and be patient while the court was in session.
      "But what about having fun in a lucid dream? Flying?"
      "There will be time for that soon enough."
      I sat down at a table in the corner. By now the large dining table had several people sitting at it, and more people were coming into the room.
      Everyone sat down at the table, and I sat down at another table, alone. I decided to work on stabilizing the dream so I felt some of the food and dishes on the table. I couldn't get over the fact that the dream was sort of blurry with the visuals. My sense of touch seemed active. I could discern the feel of a greasy plate from a clean one.
      I was very restless that my precious dream time was draining away, so I moved to another table and felt a basket of flowers. Again, very active touch, very realistic. But the visuals were bland.
      I decided to throw an apple at the wall. I wanted this counsel to break up and pay attention to the fact that I was lucid dreaming. Knowing there was no consequence, I picked a small green apple out of a bowl and was about to throw it, but instead it just fell out of my hand and rolled away on the floor. But it hit against my leg with another very active sensation of touch.
      I started to look back down the hallway. It was getting darker, and the scene had changed from the large cathedral castle to my grandparent's house. I could tell that the dream was ending by fading to back, so I shouted out.
      "Let there be light!"
      Apparently quotes form the god don't work all too well, because I saw the dream get briefly brighter until I woke up.

      A little added description:

      The "king" man wore white armor and this spiky crown with large diamonds in it. I couldn't discern his approximate age, but I knew that he had either blonde or white hair.

      The girl seems to match the descriptions of my dream guide, from my old dream journal. Even down to the apparel she most commonly wears.

      I wonder what that counsel was about.

      And here are some of the non lucid dreams. I typed these in later due to school...

      I started out getting some explanation from this guy who was mining some rare metal somewhere in northern Russia. I can remember the whole dream scene being an ocean/lake, with some glacial mountains around it. He started explaining to me that the metal that he was mining was very chemically reactive with water.
      He took a small piece and put it into the water, and it started to bubble and the chunk of metal was shrinking. He said that it got more interesting when there was only one atom of metal left.
      The chunk of metal had started out at about the size of a golf ball, and was now about the size of a sand grain. Then it exploded into this huge, shiny perfect sphere, shrunk again. It repeated several times, and each time the sphere was smaller. It was over.

      I was going though a very typical anxiety dream about school. It involved me walking out to the bus. K was there, and she reminded me that I needed to get some homework from my class.
      I went back to the classroom, saw the homework on the desk, then went back to the bus. When I came back again, K told me that I still hadn't got the homework. I went back again, and saw all of the school buses drive out of the bus loop.
      When I got back to the classroom the second time, It had become this large room that looked like an airplane hanger. There was one man sitting on top of a school bus parked in the hanger.
      For some reason, my shoes were on top of the school bus and this man had put them up there. I asked him how to get my shoes down, and he told me:
      "Believe that you can't and you can."
      I told myself that getting my shoes was impossible, and sure enough, I teleported to the top of the bus. Once I had put my shoes on, the man disappeared and the dream scene changed. I was now in my neighborhood, up on the northern end, where my old bust stop used to be.
      A sense of urgency, almost panic came over me, Like I was having a nightmare. I remembered what the man had told me. So I decided to not believe that I could make a sword out of a stick I had found on the ground.
      (Ahh, swords. My dream sign.)
      This police car crashed into a house, and a lot of dream characters started running and screaming.
      I decided to do a nose plug reality check. It failed for some odd reason, and I remained non lucid. I proceeded to try and make swords out of several more objects, but failed.

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    10. Talking back to my teacher

      by , 04-21-2012 at 02:02 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I acted so out of character in this dream. I would never do something like this in waking life. I just wish it were my history teacher.

      I was in the drafting room at school. My old math teacher was teaching the class, but we were doing something computer related. She decided to give only a small group of four people (including myself) essays to work on. I was annoyed, but started to work on it anyway. I asked my teacher if she could just not make us do it, but of course she didn't let us. I put on my headphones and listened to SeeU songs on my iPad. Not even a minute passed and time was already up. I couldn't even finish writing the first sentence: "Apple is a large company that..." I asked for more time, but my teacher said "okay then, you can have more time, but now everyone else in the class has to do an essay." That made me really mad. I called her sleazy and she picked up the phone to call the office. I said, "fine, go ahead," but my head was down so I couldn't see her reaction to any of this. The dream skips and I'm in a strange room with red carpet. There are some stairs leading down. A few girls that were in the classed walked by. I asked them if they thought I did the right thing. They said I didn't, and that I was going to be expelled now.
    11. Boy on a tree and a rally in Zasada

      by , 03-08-2012 at 08:00 PM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I was standing somewhere in the middle of Zasada. It did not look as in reality. There was some really going on. I am standing with someone, I think its Ota Pavlata and we wait for the cars to come. Then an orange felicia rushes out from the horizon and is carried out of the road....flying right behind us hitting the wall... I stay surprisingly calm. Then there is another car but as it passes by, and carries on the road that goes a bit uphill... it misses the turn and slows down... then a few more cars is going through pretty slowly and I am sure it is because they do not know the road very well. I tell Ota, that he would be slower only than the WRC cars, but faster than the other ones.... he is denying it, but I am opposing with the fact that he knows the roads and its a bit advantage....

      Then I am in some garage.... reminds me of the place I went once with George to visit his friend... a big open warehouse. I walk in through one hall... to another, that is dark and looks like garage. There are some lifting cranes and usual garage tools. But its dark and none is there. I am looking for Milan Krupka.

      Next, I am standing by a tree... it is a massive apple tree, and there is someone on the top picking the apples. Then I somehow see it from above. There is a young boy, picking up all the apples a putting them to a huge sack, so big that it will be impossible to take it down the tree. I am wondering why ishe doing it, but somehow I know he is from a very poor family and he is trying to help his mom like this.
      I would like to help him but I don't know how...... I am waking up
    12. Too many dreams

      by , 12-18-2011 at 11:23 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      Frist... I am in some supermarket, that sells mixture of stuff.. I am surprised how its organised. It reminds me of B&Q or LIDL. I walk around and then I realise that I want to buy mac-book pro. They seem to have just last piece. I talk to the shop assistant and he kindly shows me everything. But as we play with the laptop, we find that there is some problem with it. I am there with my friend. It seems that they are not able to repair the problem and I am very hesitant to by it... despite that they try their best to sell it to me. I ask for some discount, but they oppose that it is impossible for apple products. I think that the price was £749. I try my best to negotiate the price, but apple policy is too strict. I am really annoyed as I was looking forward to it. My friend says we should take something from the shop.... by that he means steal something. I am laughing at him and he starts filling up paper bag with some stuff..... he expects me to do that... hahah no way.... his plan is that I carry the paper bag with stuff through the till and give them only one thing to scan.... I am laughing that it is crazy.... then I see some police officers there.... and tell him not to do that, that it is stupid. Then one of the shop assistants or supervisor of the supermarket comes to me. He says that he really liked the way I was negotiation and that there are his bosses and perhaps he could intro due me to them. I looked down the shop and saw two asian guys with strange haircut... like a hawk (long hair in the middle and almost shaved on the sides). They were pushing trolleys around the shop and discussing something. I don't remember talking to them.
      But then I go somewhere on top of some hill, where is a big house. When I get there, I realise that that is the house of those two guys. I walk in and see them chatting in the lobby.... some person comes to me and starts talking to me.... They welcome me in the house. I go to the top floor as I am looking for a toilet... and discover attic room. There is some guy or a monk meditating... he is talking to me about some things and maze and some kind of life philosophies, but I don't remember.

      Next thing I am in czech, in front of my aunties house. There is my brother and his wife. I am excited about seeing them and I start talking to my brother about the dream I had (above)not realising i am still in a dream. Misa tells me something about some maze game. I realise that it is the second time some on did tell me about it.... and i start thinking about it. Next I see a maze in a box.... just imagining... it is full of soil and there are worms trying to find a way through... to the middle.....

      Suddenly, I am in the bottom garden and I have a box looking like that maze, with soil in it and some kind of small worms... I watch it as they trying to get through... there are some other smaller pinky worms. They look like they are trying to hunt them, but when they meet, the bigger eat them. I put some more dark soil in the maze and the I go for some more worms. I put them in to the box... and soon I see long (zizaly) ground worms really quickly digging through the dark soil... they getting through it faster and faster... they look like small snakes... I admire their body... its shiny, made of segments and dark brown reddish... Itell my mum to look at them...she doesn't want to... but at the end I convince them.... and when I look again in the box... most of the soil is eaten now... only the worms are swirling at the bottom... I am amazed... how quickly they ate it.
    13. Kitchen Musical

      by , 11-15-2011 at 12:59 AM
      I was in the kitchen that I know think might have been the kitchen or some room from a ranch I visited some time ago. Me and my mom were there and on the table was a huge Disc Jokey(DJ) thing. It had two giant record type things and I think some ports and stuff for iPod and discs and stuff. I remember my mom leaving and I stayed there to try and figure out the system and I remember getting annoyed that I needed two iPods when I only had one so I couldn't mix songs. Soon after that is when I woke up I think but It was annoying because it was my alarm.
    14. The iPod Shuffle

      by , 10-26-2011 at 06:05 AM (Roving the Dreamscape)
      In my dream, my father told me to load songs to his iPod Shuffle(my dad just received an ipod shuffle recently so that must be the cause why I'm dreaming this). So I got it form him and started to walk in my brother's room and opened my laptop. Aaaaaand, that's about it . Well here's an image of what his iPod looks like(I don't really know what's his iPod Shuffle's generation, but I think it's either the 2nd or 4th) :

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    15. The House Party - 9th

      by , 07-05-2011 at 12:34 PM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      The House Party (MILD)


      My family had a lot of people over, mostly relatives but I didn't recognise anyone. They were mostly old, there were women with greying hair who looked frail, and a couple of old men. We sat in the loungeroom and watched some sort of movie, with lots of food on the coffee table. I don't think I was very interested in the movie.

      There was one man there I recognised - who looked like an older version of one of my ex's dads. I walked up to him and shook his hand, telling him I'd never mis-recognise someone from their family. There were two small dogs who I played with throughout the dream. I recall there being small clumps of dog hair under the coffee table, and we were suspicious that they had been fighting with the cats. I went and got one of the dogs from out in the family room, picked him up and bought him out into the family room. He was noticably scared of Kitty & Merlin.

      It was time for everyone to leave, and they all left out the front door, and as I was left alone in the loungeroom, the dream fades to darkness.
      I wake up in the loungeroom, alone. It's night, pitch black outside with lots of stars in the sky. The light is on in the loungeroom. Something seemed odd to me - but nothing in particular, I counted my fingers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 wait - my fingers are branching off one another. I went to recount and my fingers just kept on generating and branching. Cool! I did a nose RC just incase - wow, I'm dreaming!"

      I felt as though I was in a hurry, quickly I decided to try and teleport - imagining myself standing in the hallway. I was trying to do it too fast, and not trying properly and so I failed. I started looking for Dad again for some reason. I tried to summon him, I think and it failed. I then saw the reflection of him standing up wearing his cap out in the hallway from the window. I went to check and he wasn't there.

      I realised how fast I was going and slowed down, stabilised. I grabbed the wall and touched it, looking around the room. The old TV cabinet was in the front window, and was also in the bar area where it used to be - cool. I wanted to use my sense of taste - and so I flick-summoned an apple into my hand. At first I couldn't feel it, but as I raised my hand up to my mouth I decided on a slice of apple instead of the whole thing. I took a bite, it was sweet and delicious, and made a satisfying crunch. I intensified the sweetness using my mind.

      My eyes started to feel tired, and I noticed they had sleep in them. I noted that I had better not shut my eyes too much or I ran the risk of waking up. I simply scratched at the sleep with my fingernails, but at one point did shut my eyes. As I opened them, my eyelids opened in real life, and I was fully awake. Oops.
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