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    1. 18 Mar: Mom, boars on train station, bully in train

      by , 03-18-2019 at 01:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With my mom, separating and displaying clothes on hangers for selling. I am upset that she put some dress that I like for sale and I remove it. Then we are balancing ourselves and the clothes on top of ironing boards balancing upon other ironing boards. An iron falls to the ground, almost hitting one of our cats. I tell her that it was due to her being distracted, but she didn't even notice. We come down to the ground and we are now on the platform of a train station. On another platform she spots a baby boar and I say "na-uh, it's a pack of boars walking in line." I wanna take a picture but also want to stay at a close distance to the exit, in case they cross the train tracks to our side. My mom is unafraid and walks 'till the edge at the far end of the platform. I notice now that she had Hachi by the leash and ties his leash to some door handles. I run to it as soon as possible, because very likely she didn't tied it well and he might escape. Indeed he gets lose and is about to chase the boars when I get hold of him. Then we get on a train to do some long travel and there are no doors on the wagon, it's very cold and dangerous. We discuss what to use to cover the doors, like a wooden board. Then a fiscal comes by and asks how people are doing and says that this will be solved. Next stop my mom does something stupid like hanging from one hand and swinging outside to pick up something while the train is still in motion. New passengers come in and comment how she is crazy and I agree. Then the doors are finally covered and the train is getting full, so no more cold. Instead some couple of kids with no manners start causing discomfort among passengers and one decides to smoke a fat cigar filling the place with smoke. Everybody complains but he is a bully and threatens everyone. People fear him. I don't. I take his cigar out of his hand and put it out. He is angry and says he will beat me. I say I am not afraid because he is smaller than me and I can kick his ass. Then I recall "oh, and I am purple belt in Kenpo" but immediately feel scared that I don't remember one movement how to fight and may look silly, since I don't practice for a while. But he actually shows respect and wants to know my school. After a while we are best friends. He has a gypsy look with fabulous blue eyes. I end up going to one of his kids birthday party with my cats.
    2. 17 Mar: Country hotel, subway thief, time travel effects and military android

      by , 03-17-2019 at 01:46 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At some kind of hotel in the country, boars come down a road around the building and everybody goes see it through the windows. I want to take picture, but I get too late, think I only catch a glimpse. Meanwhile someone's walking a dog and the boars pass right by, peacefully.

      Go on the subway with some kid and another adult, we're doing some study and I need to ask people money for the purpose of whatever survey we're doing. We check the coins we got from people and some dude comes to rob us. I fight back, he steals my purse. I chase him, we fight. He says I gotta let go and throws the purse far away. I say I don't care about the money (it is very little) I just want to teach him a lesson. And I beat him really bad.

      On top of some building with acoustic resonance, it's made of metal structure. It makes a hum with some organic or digital noises. I have a security clearance for access to this building. I detect threats and detect something weird involving one lab where they do genetic stuff, but also some time related search. Some guy robbed a scientist carrying a new formula on a syringe he thought gave him superpowers, but instead it just ages him very fast. He freaks bout, tries to reverse time on the department of time travels. He opens a portal that has consequences for 2022: the economy will shift and poor will get rich, rich will get poor. The people in charge want to fix the interference, but it reaches public knowledge and the people don't want it changed.

      Live in a farm in the middle of nowhere. A couple of dudes on an helicopter with a large package dangling under, land and request asylum. I allow them in, but soon realize they are up to no good. I hear them sating they need to get rid of me, I tell them I don't care what they are really up to. They don't buy it. I say I need to take care of my chores and leave them, but one of them goes after me and sees that the farm is a façade for a secret military complex that I keep. I am actually an AI android or some kind of genetically improved super soldier. They get scared, they think they know what project this might be, they are military too maybe. I manage to dodge them and lock myself in a room making a plan for what to do with these two. Then I go to a flying car and simply leave, locking up the compound with them inside.
    3. 22 Feb: Meeting a lot of people and situations at an old abandoned house

      by , 02-22-2019 at 09:37 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      It's really early dawn and I go on foot to meet Riverstone at home, but it is totally dark, so I can't take the road down to the valley, instead I hang up at an old house on top of the hill. It's an old stone house and soon I find out it is haunted. I see the ghost of a little girl roaming around and then a couple of bad guys chasing her and she disappears down a hole on the floor to some water pipes. I find some toys stuck in there, a ball, a bunny and something else. Then I hear Riverstone's van approaching, he is going somewhere, but he stops and comes in this house to. Also has some child with him that he is attending to. I surprise them and ask for a lift but then for some reason I stay behind. My dad and grandpa come by with papers and a proposition to make to the tenants of their country house. They don't tell me what it is and the tenant's family comes by, their family has increased quite a while, particularly they now have a bunch of girls my age (actually younger but in my dreams I am always between 20s and 30). They are pissed of with the proposal they say it is 2800€ short. My grandpa starts feeling nervous and anxious and I tell them not to be confrontational or he can have a heart attack. He goes away and I take care of it. I ask what the issue is, but they don't believe I don't know, think I am trolling them. But I conquer the girls trust and they will negotiate with me.
      Later I spot a boar with a baby coming out from the bushes and I say it with enthusiasm and go take a peak. No one saw it and they don't believe me. I point to the animals and they don't look like boars anymore, now they are dwarf zebras.
      Then my mom comes by and she asks my help to graft a tree on the outside of the house which we do. She kinda ruins it, but then I fix it.
      Then I am at a kindergarten nearby where I used to go as a kid and they have a gardener that goes there once in a while to teach the kids somethings about gardening and horticulture. I find it wonderful, want to do the same but I don't think I have his talent to keep the kids really interested.
    4. 9 Jan: Magical island with spirit animals

      by , 01-09-2019 at 09:31 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With a friend, we are going to denounce some corruption in the police. There is a conspiracy and they do what they can to stop us. A traffic policewoman doesn't want to let us drive away in our car, we understand she is looking for reasons to detain us, so we run away. We are followed, we split. I enter the internal affairs or something like it and I meet the detective that already is expecting us. I sign a letter with my testimony. Even in there he has to do some tricks to protect the statement and the evidences from corrupt colleagues.

      With some boys, having some classes on metallurgy, learning to make some instruments and later applying to some competition.

      With mom, arriving to a house at the very edge of the woods. We spot 5 kids coming out of the house, all fired up over something. They get on a boat at a nearby peer and we keep watching their journey as if watching a movie. They sail the sea and face sea monsters and are almost swallowed by a whale. They end up on the shore of some dream island and welcomed by some Greek goddess. People live there in peace, away from the human world, protected by this magical monsters that live around and in the island.

      I go down to the beach and meet these amazing black shiny horses that jump on the ocean and they swim to the shores of the idyllic island. I follow them there. Nothing happens on the way. Once on land, I learn the island is full of wild animal spirits. The population here stays indoors after sunset and keeps the fire burning for protection, because the evil spirits attack at night. But the fire extinguishes and we are attacked by a spirit in the form of a black puma. When he is about to attack me, he stops but still hurts me with its claws. Wants me to follow him to his cave. Zilla is there to and tries to hit him with something, so I can run. I don't want to hurt the puma, so I use the chance to escape and he gives up and goes away. Later, a demonic boar is attacking a lady and I also have to beat it until the spirit leaves.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. #183 - True SC1 / Boar hunt / Bomb shelter / Balding / Restaurant / Disgusting Toes

      by , 12-18-2015 at 06:43 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      SC1) 12:51
      True SC1
      I woke up and had some small memories of dreamlets but nothing solid enough to put on paper. I did a WBTB to let the cat out of my room and also to eat some apple crumble (because why not? )

      I don't usually wake up at this time so this is the first I've woken up for the 1st sleep cycle of the night.

      SC2) 02:32
      Dream - Boar hunt
      I was in my house, yet it didn't exactly resemble it at first. It seemed that we were on a camp (university camp?) and I found out there was a huge pig/boar running around in the house. I decide to deal with it, it's in a small room that has a refrigerator and other food stuff in it. I knock the boar unconscious somehow and wonder if I should put it into the freezer and let it die that way? Hmm oh well I'll leave it for now. I decide to go ask for help, I head outside and on my way out of the small room I see a stack of bagged pig meat and blood and guts. When I get outside I see 3 guys and maybe 4 girls all sunbathing. The guys have their shirts off and the girls are bikinis, they're all lying on beach towels on the back deck of my house (though it's clear it's not my 'house' if that makes sense). I also remember one of the guys who was called Alex Sigley. I speak up and ask if someone wants to go half with me on the boar I just killed, 3 of the guys say yes but none of the girls want any. One girl then gets up with a sigh as she knows how to deal with the boar (butchering it or something) which is what I wanted, I have no clue how to deal with this thing.

      My current WBTB alarm is set to 02:00 and I need to set it to 02:30 I think, as that seems to be the right time to wake up.

      SC3) 04:18
      Dream - Bomb shelter
      I'm on a road near where I live there the road forks off. There was quite a few people here on the road with me and we were chatting (though I don't remember who they were). We must have been doing some sort of roadworks. Things were pretty happy during most of the dream but towards the end a train arrived. It turned the corner out of one of the roads that forked off and headed onto our road (this is impossible, and also there's no train there in RL). We alert each other to the train and head over to the pavement, I have to pull along a retard who was clapping his hands. There's a person doing the announcements, he berates us and I notice we're missing some people. The missing people had been 'dealt with'. "Keep away from the manhole cover!" the announcer announced angrily. I can tell he's evil. The manhole cover he spoke of was a sort of 'time capsule' for the rich, so they could be protected in the case of nuclear fallout (Fallout 4 reference I guess). There's a bunch of rich folk (who look like they're from the 1950s) streaming out of the train I think, but they had also supposedly just exited the manhole, but they were walking towards the manhole (rather than away from it), and also seemed to be walking past it. (Poor dream logic but I didn't catch on so no lucid ).

      SC4) 05:58
      Dream - Balding
      I'm in the bathroom looking into the mirror, WHAT THE HELL. My hair has bald patches all through it! Ugh, oh no... This can't be real? I have a FA and I'm in the bathroom again, but this time my hair is normal. Phew, it was just a dream . I keep looking at the mirror just to make sure, my reflection is quite accurate. But as I look at my eyes... My iris' don't seem right, they look like solid green disks with a black pupil that isn't quite in the center. Hmm??? It changes a couple times, why is it doing that? Oh wait, I must be dreaming. It all seems so obvious now. I take a step back and my vision is that of a severely drunk person, why can't I see well? I decide on going straight to doing telekinesis on the toilet. I raise my hand and will the toilet to float but to no avail. Meanwhile I'm still seeing the world in a sort of drunken state. Geeze maybe that's why I can't do telekinesis? Oh! It must be because I went cross-eyed looking at my reflection earlier? ( best dream logic) I 'uncross' my eyes and the dream becomes less shaky. That's better. I walk out of the bathroom and to my room, I try to do telekinesis again but my vision kind of becomes a bit drunk once more and I'm unsuccessful at telekinesis.

      SC5) 07:00
      Dream - Restaurant
      I remember being in a restaurant and I think I'm an employee. The restaurant has a dark wooden texture and has an appropriate dim mood-light setting for dining out. I'm at the checkout talking to an Indian girl who is a fellow employee, I think we're talking about something and she might be teaching me how to work here. Her face is next to mine, side by side with a bit of a gap between us. She says something and it's a bit flirtatious and she moves in to kiss me. Our lips touch and I'm like 'Oh shit, have I just cheated on my gf? Well... I'm in the middle of the kiss, I'll wait until it's over' (for some reason I thought this was the only option ). The kiss was very vivid, I remember closing my eyes to it and feeling the texture of her lips, they soft and have a smooth feeling which made me think it wasn't quite right for how kissing should feel. She gets into the kiss, I wake up before it finishes.

      I tried writing this down but all I wrote was 'Kiss in restaurant, I'm an employee'. I must have really struggled to stay awake O_O

      Dream fragment - Disgusting Toes
      I'm in the living room at home and see that my mum has just gotten home from work. She's taking her shoes off as I go and talk to her about my toes. They have these absolutely revolting, putrid, disgusting bubbly veruca wart growths on them, mostly on my big left toe, the bottom of the toe next to it and a couple other toes. My mum doesn't take it seriously enough, can she see how disgusting it looks? I'm a little stressed and anxious about the whole thing. I remember that I may have gotten them from an earlier dream in the night where I was running at night time with a couple people. Something happened and there was broken glass on the ground which had the blood of someone else I was with on it. I got a few shards in my toes and that's how my foot got infected it seems.
    6. Dark Angel and a Little Evil Boar

      by , 12-25-2013 at 11:35 PM
      December 24

      Bed time 22 PM

      WBTB 3 AM. I remembered two fragments: the first was about my friend who caught a flu and the second was about David Duchovny being a guest in some TV series.
      I then took 4 mg galantamine and went back to bed

      4: 50 AM I woke up from an epic journey. I remained stunned for a few minutes.

      The dream started with a false awakening, although I couldn't realize it. I woke up because someone was grabbing and pinching me. Nervously i got up and went to check my phone. It began to glitch. My phone started showing some old message conversations with people I knew long time ago. I decided to go to kitchen. My mom is there. She is making coffee. On the counter I saw a Snickers. I was going to eat that for breakfast.
      -I don't feel right, something strange is happening to me. -I told my mom.
      -Don't be silly. -she replied and continued to twist in a kitchen.
      I went to take something to put on. I opened a drawer and took a shirt. As I tried to close the drawer it stuck in the middle. I couldn't close it. I went back to kitchen to announce that the drawer doesn't close. My mom went to check it. She tried to close it and succeeded from the first time.
      -What a scatterbrain... -she mumbled.
      "That's strange" i thought. I checked what time was that. It was 8:52. I had to be at the bus station at 8:50 to arrive at the university for the first lecture. The first lecture was Psychology. As I couldn't make to the bus on time, I decided to pass the first lecture. I felt kind of drowsy. I felt like drunk + smoked out + tired. I started to wonder what the fuck is wrong with that drawer? Tried to open and close it again. Everything is okay. However, I always got feeling that something is wrong. The atmosphere was Matrix'ish or Inception'ish - everything is okay, but sometimes little glitches happen which make you doubt whether this is real world... AND I DIDN'T realize I WAS DREAMING. STUPID ME!
      Another WILD technique-digimon007.jpg

      Then really weird shit happened. Some kind of dark angel appeared in front of me. It looked like that angel from Digimons, only it was black. It was female and very tall. With confidence I went to my Mom and asked:
      -How would you explain that a fucking black angel is in our home?
      -Look, what is wrong with you? Do you use drugs or something? -she asked.
      I crumpled on the floor in disbelief that my Mother talks to me like this, that she doesn't believe me and can't help me... As I was sitting on the floor i saw the black angel becoming bigger and angrier. Her smile became evil and she laughed at me. I looked up at her and somehow it popped to my head that she feeds on my emotions. I got up, smiled and tried not to be sad. I tried not to care about "my mom not believing me" situation. And voila! The black angel became smaller and normal looking again.

      She came closer to me, kneel down and showed me a silver pendant. I recognized an eye of Horus in that. Although it was more complex. The pendant was lying on the palm of the dark angel. Her palm was burnt out with that symbol. Her hand was dirty and the skin was coarse. I remember her hand in very great detail.
      -One, who has this pendant, lives forever. -she said quietly, -I live the fourth time already. -added the angel. She told me she will wait me in the church and disappeared... I was thinking "damn..I am definitely not drugged or something, I am sober, I guess every in-some-way-spiritual person begins to see something more than normal people. This angel will be like my imaginative friend, or maybe my guide...."

      I am at the church. There is a huge castle model inside. I see mini soldiers participating in the castle siege. Like in a video game, they survive an enemy wave and then goof around shooting team mates. It was strange because some soldiers used very modern machine guns. I saw empty golden rounds all around. My attention was caught by a lady in black. That's her! The black angel! She has changed her clothes. She was wearing a shiny tight corset expressing her waist and breasts. She didn't wear a mask. I saw her face. She had long dark hair. The black angel was beautiful and sexy but somehow not my type.

      A thought came to my head: "I don't know...I don't know why I came to the church, I don't know who that black angel is. I must be careful. I can't trust her so bluntly. What if she is a demon?" I was watching her and made a cross sign with my fingers in my pocket. "If she's a demon, that should generate some reaction from her." However she didn't even looked once to my side. I saw how she pulled out her Iphone and began to talk with someone.

      There was a little boar on the floor. It looked interesting. The boar was size of a foot. I came close to it and that little bastard suddenly jumped on my arm and bit me. The boar toothed to my sleeve and didn't let go. I was trying to shake it off - no luck. I started running around and shaking my hand to get rid of it. I tried to get the boar off with my other hand, but then he would stick to that hand too! Finally I found a way how to get rid of it. " I need to make a double shake off." When the boar toothed to my sleeve I grabbed it with my other hand and immediately shook it off the floor. That fury bastard didn't give up. He was running after me. And he was faster! He jumped and got his teeth in my ass. I screamed out of pain and woke up! I felt a real sting in my ass for a few seconds

      I took noted about this dream and went back to bed.

      8:50. Remembered one fragment about me being the only white guy in a group.
      Also remembered one dream about me participating in a beatbox battle, then struggling to find a place to eat, my friend spending lots of money on alcohol, me buying him a conference ticket and so in..

      15:00 I took a nap and remember one fragment about talking with my grandparents.

      I heard galantamine stays in system for 48 hours, so I hope it would help me tonight too!
      All in all I am very happy with such a cool dream. However I am disappointed I couldn't become lucid
    7. Werewolf lucid

      by , 01-16-2011 at 05:26 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am in a large hallway connecting a lab to a house. I am a scientist in a white lab coat. I am in a video game.

      I am supposed to be able to web-sling. I practice with a black web thread which is balled up in one hand. It works, but I hover more than swing. I stop trying to web sling. I spin a short amount of web thread in front of me like a propeller. I move forward slowly, hovering about two feet above the floor. I then realize I must be dreaming.
      I play around with the web for awhile, combining swinging with hovering. I go into the next room. In an old dirty living room, I see Brennen and Kalani sitting on the carpet doing homework or something. "HEY GUYS!" I shout, "DUDES, WE ARE DREAMING!" Brennen smiles broadly, and Kalani shrugs. They continue doing what they are doing. I focus on Kalani. "Listen man, we are dreaming. This is a dream."

      "So what? It doesn't matter."

      "But, we can do anything we want in a dream!"

      "No, we can't."

      Kalani grows light grey fur on his feet and hands. His eyes become completely blood red.

      "Look, you are turning into a wolf, because this is a dream. Why don't we go outside and look at the Moon?"

      Kalani grins, and I see his teeth are now canine. We go outside in the backyard. I feel part man and part wolf. I walk on all fours. I feel like I have a man mind in a wolf body. There is no fence between this yard and the next. I can hear other wolves growling in the tall grass. My heart races. I am afraid they may attack me, forgetting my wolf-ness for a second, then I remember I am one of them. I growl back, and grow larger. A couple wolves reveal themselves in the grass, then turn away. They have acknowledged I am one of their own.

      I see a large black wild boar rustling in a bush, digging for food. I assume it's another dreamer. I wonder who it is. Then a white animal bumps up against me. At first I think it's a wolf, then I realize it's a kid, a young goat. I playfully push on its head. I bump its eye, and say, "Oh sorry!" I check its eye. It's fine. I play with the kid more.

      A woman comes out of the house and tells me not to play with the kid. I say in the dream and in waking life, "No, I can do whatever I want. I'm dreaming."

      The sound of my own loud voice talking in my sleep wakes me up. I want to re-enter the dream, but I have to use the bathroom, and I don't want to forget, since I haven't had a regular lucid for about a month, so I get up to use the bathroom, and write the dream down.