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    1. Beh-beh-beh Bumblebee (Fence Autosymbolism part 2)

      by , 09-29-1981 at 03:29 PM
      Morning of September 29, 1981. Tuesday.

      A seemingly shorter dream (after a series of unrelated dreams), deemed shorter in conscious afterthought (which consequently probably seemed much longer than it was, almost “timeless” at the time) involved a boy’s spirit (a young boy, Scott R, who my sister was watching in real life at the time, as his mother had abandoned him) somehow becoming part of a bumblebee, yet also moving about in an invisible “cloud” of some kind at the same time. He is singing a melancholy song about being a bumblebee. One line is “Beh-beh-beh-bumblebee” (which is not a stutter but a slow musical intonation). It almost seems like a sort of prayer as well as a “cheerful” yet somehow mournful inference.

      At the waking stage, he lands on the top of the south fence of the backyard of my sister’s house on Loomis Street, which divides her backyard and the neighbor’s backyard.

      This is part 2 of a random but extensive set of dreams pertaining primarily to fence autosymbolism (which means it is inherent to the dream state, not waking life). A fence is rendered as a metaphorical barrier between the dream state and the waking world, though can also serve as induction and dream state revivification in some cases (though not as often as doors do in my case).

      In addition to liminal space autosymbolism, the very common dynamic of vestibular system correlation is present, with a bee as representing synaptic gating (due to the association with a bee “buzzing” and loosely associated with electricity as such). Thus, the bee is the preconscious factor of this dream. (The preconscious is often personified, and because the bee seems to have Scott’s essence on one level, it is partial personification here.)

      An additional but inexplicable factor is that the boy (Scott) also had the same dream during the same time period (though from his viewpoint as actually seeming to be a singing bee). Most people do not accept shared dreaming (or in fact anything they cannot explain) even though I have experienced it continuously since earliest memory, especially with Zsuzsanna. However, this series is for explaining fence autosymbolism and to help rise above the deception of “interpretation”. People will believe whatever they want regardless of someone else’s knowledge and experience. After all, each life is unique.

      In part 1, I wrote a little about the relevance of the rabbit. In that dream, it was a factor of returning to deeper sleep (even though it occurred during what would otherwise be the waking process), while this dream is a factor of closeness to waking (and was the last dream of my sleep cycle). (The rabbit goes under the fence but is stuck for a time within the fence itself. The bee in this dream lands on the fence with the assumption it will keep flying. Neither dream relates to waking life, but the dreaming process itself.)

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    2. “Swathy Daniels”

      by , 02-10-1980 at 08:10 AM
      Morning of February 10, 1980. Sunday.

      I am disembodied in my dream while watching a seeming display as if from a television movie or commercial, although it seems I am actually there at one point and hovering over the scene following the unknown Caucasian female as she walks. It apparently involves a female detective and “Swathy Daniels” is apparently her name. There is an unseen younger male of perhaps about twenty (as a voice-over) singing her name as she walks through the unknown city (though may be La Crosse) in a pale gold jacket - he sings it slowly in a sort of odd matter-of-fact way as she crosses the street (not at an intersection but near the middle) with a very slight sense of melancholy though still with a discernible degree of cheerfulness.

      Later on, I reason that it may have turned out to be just a perfume commercial (or perhaps a shampoo commercial) even though I still sense it is related to a detective show. (Detectives are typically rendered in cases where the non-lucid dream self is puzzled by being in the dream state).

      Trying to work out what this could possibly mean, there is a good chance that crossing the street is a liminal space period, though not as much a consciousness shift as with a staircase - though reaching the other side of the street would be a good waking metaphor. “Swath” is probably a dream sign play related to being wrapped (”swathed”) in a bed sheet during the dream. “Daniels” may or may not be a subtle play on actor Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO in the “Star Wars” movies and in which case would reflect one of the aspects of the dream self in not being fully conscious. This seems possible due to the fact her jacket was of a similar color (also an emergent consciousness color) so then would represent the transitory waking self (hybrid stage, usually very brief other than in my childhood dreams).
    3. The Legend of Tony Karoni

      by , 06-27-1976 at 01:47 PM
      Morning of June 27, 1976. Sunday.

      Dreams are sometimes known for providing supposedly worthless and ridiculous poetry that often has non-words or very odd variations of known (real-life) poetry. Here is an intriguing example:

      Don Grady, the actor (who starred as Robbie Douglas in the television series “My Three Sons”), stars in an epic Western - “The Legend of Tony Karoni”. He was from Virginia (associations with “The Virginian” Western television series, I suppose) and sometimes rode in a group of many other cowboys. After many adventures, gunfights, and stopping rustlers, he ends up in a small jailhouse in an area in Southern California or possibly Mexico, to meet the local sheriff (and possibly to rescue a friend who is being held wrongfully). Two Mexican bandits are standing inside, leaning on the bars of the jail. One of them says, “Well, gang, look who’s back!” (There only seems to be the two men, no actual “gang”.) They then sing in a perfect, layered, somewhat metallic voice:

      “It’s TOny KaROni!”

      “All the way from NEAto’s cell!” (or “All the way from Needles’ cell!” - Needles is a place in California at any rate).

      At this point, I am not certain if “Neato” was a play on the reversal of the “To” and “ny” of “Tony” or if they were actually singing “Needles” in reference to the town, though it does sound like “knee - toes”.

      There are some possible plays here, one being from hearing “macaroni” in real life as well as possible associations with the “Frito Bandito” song (1967-1971?).

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    4. “Jingle all the waaaaaay…” (Melancholy Dwarf Sings)

      by , 12-23-1970 at 06:23 PM
      Morning of December 23, 1970. Wednesday. (Original data and date validated.)

      Recurring over Christmas holidays during fourth grade. I am at school for some reason during the weekend starting Christmas break. A very short man/elf (who is very old) - or possibly a dressed-up dwarf or midget more “realistically” - is singing “Jingle Bells” very mournfully (dragging out “way” with a very melancholy flow with about three syllables). He used to sing it with great cheer, but his wife, who was three times taller than him (a blue Christmas fairy or whoever) had died the year before. However, in one part of my dream it seems her “spirit” is present and in a happy mood watching him and there seem to be a few other “woodland characters” in the background, possibly to later participate or remain an audience. (The idea for the “blue fairy” as a dream influence may have come from “Pinocchio”.)

      In real life, I had gotten a really long candy-cane-striped pencil with an elf head on the end - not an eraser though, it was made of plastic and cloth - from school as a gift from a teacher. I actually had it for many years, unused.

      Also in real life, I had exchanged gifts at school with Morris E based on name draws in school. I had given him (bought by my mother) a small spinner game with tiny pegs in a plastic box about the size of a deck of cards, and he gave me a pair of very cheap toy plastic handcuffs. However, the handcuffs broke after a very short time before school was out that day (and during the so-called Christmas party). The teacher made us switch back to where we kept our “own” gifts and of course, this made Morris E more of my nemesis than he already was, blaming me for “ruining his Christmas”, something I did not take all that seriously, though. My mother seemed vaguely annoyed at me keeping the gift as well. It is possible the mournful singing dwarf was some sort of representation of Morris in one layer, as he was a “dwarf” of sorts, that is, his growth was stunted and he remained very short as he got older.

      This dream colored my mood, but not in a negative way. It just felt “right” at the time, almost nostalgic (even for a child). I did make the stronger association with a “Christmas dwarf” rather than a Christmas elf.

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    5. The “Little Rabbit” Song (Fence Autosymbolism part 1)

      by , 03-17-1970 at 09:17 AM
      Morning of March 17, 1970. Tuesday.

      My dream’s setting is the southwest corner of West Elementary School’s playground. A small light-colored rabbit is trying to get through the bottom of a chain-link fence where a few of the links had been broken (to leave the fenced-in area of the playground to continue south, where there are mostly the backyards of suburban houses), presumably to escape danger. The rabbit firstly seems slightly too large to fit through. (I am not sure what the danger is, as I do not see any other animal at any time. Perhaps it had been running from a fox, though this remains uncertain.)

      I and a few other children, mostly my friendlier classmates, including Danny and Annette as well as schoolmate Linda, gather around the scene. Some of us are standing and some of us are squatting. I am squatting. We start singing, “Come little rabbit, you can do it” to the tune of “Glow Worm” (a song my father performed now and then and one I had played on the accordion and organ when I was older). (I did not make the direct association with the song while in my dream.) It seems to be working, as the rabbit is almost through and I get the sense that our singing was effective.

      Even though we are happily singing “come little rabbit” (rather than “come on little rabbit”, though this would not have fit as well with the “Glow Worm” melody), the rabbit is moving through the fence away from us to the other side. For the record, the “Glow Worm” lyric (as subliminally borrowed in my dream) is “glow little glow worm, glimmer, glimmer”, which matches “come little rabbit, you can do it” with its nine syllables. (There are variations of the real song, including comedic ones.)

      Decoding my dream with intelligence and experience (only for people with a genuine interest in dreams):

      A point of focus is the chain link fence. This fence exists in real life. The fence divides my elementary school’s playground from the backyards of the suburban residences nearby for the entire city block. The essence of a dream’s autosymbolism is more from literal factors, not symbolic in the conventional sense. The fence is autosymbolism based on how I would perceive a fence in reality, as a divider between states of being and the area of immediate current focus as I sleep. As I am unconscious, and as a rabbit is involved, I consider that a rabbit, representing dream state induction as in “Alice in Wonderland” and naturally perceived as an underground denizen, is autosymbolic of the sleep cycle itself (being underground as being analogous to being asleep). The rabbit is apparently trying to escape from the playground area, though there is no perceived danger.

      It can be considered that I view and project my dream self as the secondary form of a rabbit due to my desire to return to deeper sleep (with the school’s playground as a preparatory rendering of getting up and going to school). Thus, I focus on the metaphorical barrier that divides the dream state from wakefulness. A rabbit also represents vulnerability. However, do not make the mistake of pretending there is a conscious self correlation, as it is about feeling vulnerable while I am sleeping. This is a mistake that people who “interpret” dreams always make, that is, mistaking the dream self identity as always being like the conscious self while awake (which ultimately makes no sense at all). While there are sometimes threads that are shared, including literal prescience, the dream self “I am” cannot possibly be the “I am” of waking life. Many people cannot seem to grasp this at all despite how easy it is to understand with even minimal experience.

      There is an important factor that no one else would guess unless I revealed it. In addition to the rabbit being an indicator of my desire to return to deeper sleep, I also associated rabbits with being back home during the time of this dream, as my father ran a rabbit farm on our property. However, the rabbit is “escaping” from the schoolyard by going south, not north to where my home is in reality. However, “returning home” (to my bedroom) would otherwise be autosymbolic of the waking process, which is not my dream self’s directive, liminal or otherwise, thus I choose to direct the rabbit south, farther away from my real bed.

      One additional factor is that a rabbit typically kicks when picked up. The rabbit is within the liminal space divider, so this correlates with the hypnopompic kick that is a result of some waking transitions.

      This dream correlates with hundreds of other dreams that use the same processes. For example, in the “My Little Cane” series of dreams, also from childhood, I lucidly phased into the ground (into an oversized rabbit warren) as well as chanting “invisible, invisible” to avoid the waking transition of the preconscious. Once again, such dreams are related to the dream state itself, not waking life. To pretend waking life symbolism where it does not exist is the way of a fool, of which I am not. (After all, Alice did eventually wake and come to her senses. In fact, I had an “Alice in Wonderland” dream the day before this dream.)

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