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    1. Regular day of football practice.Or not.

      by , 08-09-2012 at 10:32 PM (Mysteries of my subconscious)
      So I'm not doing football this year in real life, but one day in my dream, I decided to go to just check it out. I got there at around 10 AM, although practice starts at 8 or so. It wasn't any regular practice, though.

      There were these coaches I hadn't known, hadn't been familiar with, nor were real football coaches I believe. The point of the practice at first were to complete 2 three point basketball shots, then afterwards, place two flags in the opponents flag holders, and last was to post a banner of your team, showcasing there name.

      My team was red, and we were facing the blue team. So first was the 3 point shots. I got both the shots in. I do not know or very much recognize many of the dream characters, besides very few coaches or others later on. So I do not know who got there shots in. Next was the flags. The opposing team had to try and stop us from getting the flags in, by any means, but it was relatively casual. The only odd thing about it was, that at first, the real coach had created fire traps on the floor that created a relatively high wall of fire that had to be jumped over. There were also bleachers, and other things we could climb on in order to jump over the fire. I believe that I got the first flag in. They had gotten there flag in as well. Then afterwards, the craziness stopped, and it was relatively casual. People were talking, and everything, but the games were still on. I abandoned the second flag unintentionally, and then the enemy team took it and hid it. They apparently had gotten there second flag in, and then they quickly already hung there banner in a large hangar, like area. After that, we had to run a small lap around the field and meet back at the coach.

      He told us to meet him by the hangars, ( which he used a different name for) and when we got there, we just watched videos, and kind of interacted with the coaches, in social games, I think. The blue team was watching videos in a different place that was near there second flag. I sort of sneaked away to place the flag, but they saw me, and allowed me to proceed, because they told me they don't care.

      I went back and they were just watching videos, and I allowed myself to, although I do not remember looking at any screen at all... That was weird for me. After a while, We were about done and allowed to go home. At this point it was about 2 AM. We began to leave, and for some odd reason, when I left the school I was in, I was in my bedroom, with my friend Jagger. I asked if he wanted to stay the night, and he said yeah and then just crashed in my room, because it was reaaaaaally late. I then realized that I forgot my phone and clothes in my locker at the school. I began to leave my house, and my phone was right there, and so was the rest of my stuff. I LITERALLY thought to myself "Good thing this is a dream, or else I wouldn't be able to get my stuff back." but I totally ignored it and didn't think about that for the remainder of the dream. Not too long after,

      I was too meet back for practice, and we were on a big bus, with the only coach with us being of my favorites, Coach Harris. At first we were in a HUGE arcade, where everybody was just playing games and having fun, even people I knew weren't a part of football or anything like that. I received some kind of message from my mom, that I was in danger, not to go anywhere else, not to stop for anyone else, just to go home with her. After the arcade, we were in what appeared to be an office building, but we were leaving to go back to the bus. My uncle called me and told me that something was wrong and in danger, but I couldn't fully understand what was going on, and he tried to tell me to go the Palms hotel roof, and meet him for a drink. My phone died during the call and I just thought that I definitely wasn't going there.

      As we left the office building, we went onto the freeway, and then rounded into another buildings lot. We were only dropping one person off there, and I saw my mom's car. I told the coach that I have to go here too, but he wouldn't let me off the bus. So, as we were slowly moving, I threw my gear off the bus and began to climb out the door and onto the sidewalk. I began walking towards my moms car only to find that she wasn't in it. Only two chubby white women, one being way younger than the other. I told them to tell me where my mother was, and she was in the trunk, freezing in some snow. (which is weird, I live in Las Vegas, and this is during the summer) My mom climbed out and forced us to be pushed down a hill into snow. We were stuck in a dish, and then a ton of water started to fly down the hill after us. We were to hold our breath, but I could still breathe fine. We began to try and get out of there and that's where it ended...
    2. Science Class

      by , 11-18-2011 at 03:33 PM
      This morning I was able to remember my dream more completely than in nights before but I was only able to remember one (I didn't wake up when my WBTB alarm went off). I was in a science classroom and the people in the class were all the kids from my wrestling team. My wrestling coach was the teacher. He was talking to us about some charity that we should give to then he switched to complaining about where the money went (something about two murderers in Pennsylvania). He wanted us to donate the money to the wrestling team.
      While he was talking I was looking through my friends text messages on his Droid. I asked him how much it cost and he said it was 1,000 a month but every third month it was far more expensive. I had a glass of water and it was empty so I was eating the ice in it, one of the ice cubes was a small egg (no shell) and everyone thought it was funny that I spit it out. I didn't get the feeling that it was a prank, instead that eggs were usually in in glasses of water and most people had the common sense to avoid them.
    3. Track Mixed With Band? (Nov 8, 2011)

      by , 11-08-2011 at 01:13 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      I was outside of a school, it was dark an in front of me was a track an the people running on the track were from band. (Just the day before I had track tryouts at school so I know where this came from.) As we were running, our coach (who sounded like one of my previous coaches) came over a bullhorn and was shouting at us, that we did not get to eat if we did not show better work. The dream scene switched and we were now inside. Mostly everyone was sitting on the ground while I was standing up and we were all eating pizza. We were watching something on tv that I didn't see but could hear and I think that it was "I Survived." After this I barely remember me going into the main hallway and having a conversation with two ladies sitting in chairs with an umbrella over them.
      (All of this dream I was seeing people that I know which is one of my dream signs and the fact that they are all from band, which is another one of my dream signs but yet my brain still does not recognize this fact and it makes me miss out on a lot of lucid dreams because just about every one of my dreams has a person I know (or I'm in a band area.), in a place or situation they would not normally be in. Hopefully this gets a lot better. )
    4. Too many

      by , 10-05-2011 at 01:33 AM
      I had to many dreams so I'm just gonna write down one that I remember/can be bothered to.

      I was outside a shopping centre and around the car park was a 21st Century Fox statue. I started thinking of The Joker from Batman TAS and drove a car up a ramp.

      Then I was in the shopping mall and my boing coach was there wearing a blue tracksuit. I asked when I can go boxing and he said that he can fit me in for "2 hours on Wednesday".
    5. Kicked Out of The Team

      by , 08-31-2011 at 01:41 AM
      Kicked off the Team (DILD)


      My dream starts with me playing a video game that has space travel, sword combat and looking for different species of life in my logbook(a little like the game Metroid Prime). After i play for a while the game transitions to the basement under my dad's store. I find a girl wearing a towel talking to her friends. They were talking about her finding the right guy for her. When I came in the group started teasing her about me and her going out. A friend of her said "look who's here," in a sarcastic tone. I wave at the girl but the setting changes again. I now am at a athletic center similar to the one at my old college. One of my teammates tells me we have to change for practice so i grab my gym bag and change on the spot. One guy warns me not to change in front of entrance. I turned around and saw the coach's daughters and other girls watching us, so i walk to the other side of the place near alot of seats. I change into my karate gi and saw that a friend of mine from high school was there too (He doesn't go to my college, I didn't think anything of it though). Later my coach tells us to run somewhere and not to bring our bags with us. The next thing I know is that i taking my bag with me, i get thrown off the team immediately for that reason. I leave my bag(i forgot about it) and went outside to take a walk. While walking my vision gets distorted for a moment and I lose my balance for that moment in time. The setting gets really clear and i notice something is weird, so i did a nose RC and it failed I get confusedand surprised for a second but I realized i was dreaming. I stabilize by feeling out the enviornment i felt the wind go past me, the sounds of people talking and walking around me, etc. I'm standing on a sidewalk looking at my surroundings. The houses in front me were in really good detail. I also can see some mountains in the background. i talk to a couple DCs and we decide to go on a road trip to a amusement park. my lucidity drops a little but i still feel like i have control. We get into a car which appears like in 90s Honda civic. One guy looks annoyed because I joined their group but i didn't pay much mind. Then we go through a palce that sells car merchandise. Being nice i tell the driver that I could give him all the stuff for free, he thanks me. We never get to the amusement park.
      lucid , non-lucid
    6. 9/17/10 Athletic Jail, Where are they?, Dream FA or Dream DEILD, Dream FA or Dream DEILD #2

      by , 09-22-2010 at 11:56 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Basically, most of these dreams were about me dreaming that I was DEILDing and dreaming that I was dreaming lucidly, when I actually wasn't.
      If this got confusing, I wasn't lucid in these (at least I don't think so).

      Athletic Jail
      I remember a dream in where I wasn't in, but I was looking at (like a TV) There were these men that were probably in jail and had to do hard labor or something. Everyone was outside at this time. it was nighttime. The guard was standing at the gate, the only place for escape. The setting looked like a football field/track. The guard left for one minute, and when he came back, he saw all the prisoners jumping over the fence and running away. He yelled at them angrily.

      Where are they?
      My siblings and I walked up to a place that looked like McDonalds from the outside but a normal house on the inside. We walked in to a big living room. We were waiting for our mom to show up. I was standing behind the couch. In the corner of my eye I saw a guy-about 16 (who must have been their son)- standing in his doorway. I turne dmy head towards him but then he vanished.
      A few minutes later the father came around the corner and stood in the doorway of the livin groom. He was bald but had a mustach and glasses. "Hey." he said. I said hi, and told him my name. He wanted to show me something. So we went up to the master bedroom. I saw a pair of shoes and some trash on the floor. He showed me a view out the window. That's really all I remember. Also I recall hearing his wife say "I don't shop, I ____. (can't remember)" (meaning: instead of shopping at regular mall stores, she shops at Goodwill and thrift stores)

      Dream FA or Dream DEILD
      This dream would seem like a false awakening, but I don't think it was. I was actually in 3rd person in the dream, so I was basically like dream DEILDing or WILDing.
      Anyways, I "woke up" in a different bed in the dream (still at my house, still in the same room, just different place, position, and style) and I rolled over in bed. Before the dream "FA" I had had a dream about iCarly so I decided that I would DEILD (I was really dream DEILDing) or something.

      So a minute later I was back in a "dream" as I thought it was. I probably was lucid in this, or I dreamed that I was lucid in the dream.
      I remember being in 3rd person looking at myself and a group of girls I was singing with. We were dressed in these cool pixie-like costumes.

      I started dancing. By this time I realized that I was actually on a computer looking at myself. (Well, I didn't realize, but once I woke up I did.) I saw the whole screen like I was there, but I remember the feeling of controlling a mouse and clicking on some buttons.

      At the end of the song we all jumped up and did these twisty moves with rainbows trailing behind us. Yes, it was that weird.

      Dream FA or Dream DEILD #2
      The same thing happened again. I must've had another dream about waking up and DEILDing. Again, I was in the same different bed. I was also in 3rd person again. I remember wanting to have that previous dream. I rolled over; and a few minutes later I was back in a "dream". Instead of the same drea, I was at my school trying to find the lead singer. I wasn't lucid in this, because I was dreaming that I was dreaming lucidly (I guess; darn this is confusing).

      I was on the playground of my school. I found her and starting chatting with her. All of a sudden we heard a low rumble noise. She and some other kids ran into the school and I followed. I turned around once we were in the hallway and looked out he door. I noticed that there was sand covering the pasture land beyond the playground. There was still some kids playing outside, unaware of the sand cyclones in that area. I saw my friend try to run on a wave of sand as it was being blown. l0l.

      Once again: "Basically, most of these dreams were about me dreaming that I was DEILDing and dreaming that I was dreaming lucidly, when I actually wasn't.

    7. Bodyswap, Alton Towers and a SPACESHIP :D

      by , 06-18-2010 at 02:26 PM (My Own Personal Inspiration Bank)
      [Dream in blue.]
      [Lucid in red.]
      [Nightmare in pink.]
      [Non-dream in normal.]

      Dream #1: Bodyswap.

      I donít remember much, because it was my first dream of the night and I had a fraught morning, but, what I do remember, is that Jen (who lives 300~ miles away) and I bodyswapped. Iím not sure why, exactly, though, because we bodyswapped into dolls, but continued to be human-like.

      I do, however, remember this:

      Iím on MSN with her, with a bodyswap device in my hand, ready to swap back into my body (which sheís sporting) and give her hers back (which Iím sporting). I tell her Iím just setting it up to go and she asks why. I say because we were meant to be sleeping together tonight and I was hoping to have sex with her [but even if sheís down there in my body, and Iím up here in hers... it doesnít really count.]

      She says sheís happy in my body for the night and we should swap back and my parents should come fetch her tomorrow. I say but I really wanted to sleep with her and I say Iím going to do it. So I turn to my dad and I say that Iím going to swap back now and he needs to go fetch me in a minute. He says I canít do that tonight and to stick with the body Iíve got.

      Iím about to start having a go at him
      , when I wake up.

      Dream #2: Alton Towers

      Iím at Alton Towers for some really strange reason. I think Iím there with college. And then, because Iím not enjoying myself anymore, I get on the coach to go home, even though it about five hours too early. The coach driver says heíll go around in circles because he canít stay at Alton Towers. I say okay.

      Next thing I know, Lukeís on the coach with me, on the seat next to me. The ventilation is open overhead and thereís a nice breeze coming in. I ask what heís doing here and he says he was bored. I say okay. He asks where the coach is going and I tell him itís going round in circles. He says he wants to go back to Alton Towers and I say I donít know whether itíll go back there, but it doesnít matter, because we live next door to each other [we do] and if the coach takes us home, heíll get home too.

      I get a response much like, ďFair dues.Ē and we carry on sitting next to each other in comfortable silence. Then I wake up.

      Dream #3: Spaceship.

      This was the best dream Iíve had in a while.

      Iím on a spaceship, with a pregnant Amy Pond [from Doctor Who] and two other men [who weíll call Man #1 and Man #2 to avoid utter confusion on my part]. Iím in the ventilation shafts [like Jeffreyís Tubes from Star Trek], which are shining blue and are a little bit too small.

      The floor is gridded, but it doesnít hurt to be sat on or crawl across and itís pretty light, so I can see where I am.

      Iím on a pillow, so I think Iíve been sleeping here, and Amy is near me. We talk about something, but Iím not sure what, and I notice thereís a book or two nearby, but I donít take note of the titles. Iíve been there a while, but Iím not sure why. Iím part of the crew, though.

      I crawl through the tunnels until I reach the main area, where I find out from Man #1 that the transport pod, used to navigate through the tunnels, has been ejected, leaving us with a gaping hole with no air.

      I decide to test this, so I grab a remote, crawl through the tunnels and emerge into an enormous glass area. I can see space through the glass, but I canít see how high the glass is. I point the remote upwards and press the button, knowing Iím going to die if it goes wrong.

      This object illuminates high up; itís shaped like a bauble
      but made of golden lights. I grin and shout to the others that itís safe to come out.

      Question! I have not seen this on any of the threads!-homebase-bauble.jpg

      They shout at me, because I was an idiot. I shrug because I donít care.

      Next thing I know, Iím at the top of this pillar thing in the middle of the gigantic room, about 60ft or so in the air. Itís tall and thin, branching out four ways at the top and Iím sat on one of the four, straddling it and pulling plastic covers off the main spike in front of me, revealing information inside. I find out that the captain (deceased) didnít like books, excluding about five. Because of his fondness for these five books, he allowed them on board. They were listed, and I thought they were boring.

      The next plastic cover reveals, in the captainís voice, that he had taken the bauble pod thing to get away. I donít know why.

      Suddenly, the spoke Iím sat on gives way and I start to fall, but I grab on to the main bit and shout for help. Man #2 reaches out and helps me clamber onto the second spoke. Man #1, far below, is flicking through some manuals and commenting on them. Heís boring me, so I start looking through the plastic things again, while Man #1 talks to me. I donít remember the conversation.

      After Iíve been through the second plastic things, that spoke gives way, but I manage to clutch on to the top of the colemn and stop myself from falling, but my legs are dangling and I start screaming for help, but the two men ignore me.

      I reckon they would have caught me eventually, but Iíll never know because I woke up.

      All in all, I missed a bunch of dream signs; bodyswapping, Alton Towers, spaceships, Jen, Amy Pond, Doctor Who, Star Trek, claustrophobia... But oh whatever. I'll do better next time. Although that spaceship dream would have been EPIC lucid.
    8. Old Dream: Police and Basilisks

      by , 04-01-2003 at 06:12 PM
      April 1, 2003:

      First I have a dream I'm a 40 yr old policeman taking my nephew (or was it my son?) out with me because he wants to see what cops do on the job... it seemed safe, I was just doing highway patrol. I pull this car over after some difficulty... the coast seems clear enough. Then the guy jumps out of the car and starts making a run for it... my nephew gets out of the car, to find out what's going on, and the guy shoots him twice. Then he shoots me.

      Then I had a dream about a basilisk... I got some eggs, I knew what they were and was hoping they didn't hatch... but one started hatching, so I ran away. The basilisk followed me and it was pissed that I'd abandoned it. So I had to take care of it. Unfortunately, I couldn't look directly AT it or I'd die, so I had to carry it around in my hand and not look toward my left- EVER.

      Then I had some other dream. I don't remember it very well... except that I was little again, and going to all of these old places from all of my childhood memories, except now all of them were located in one neighborhood and it was a short walk from place to place. I ran into an old coach who seemed to remember me very well, but I didn't really remember him. I asked if I'd played baseball for his team... he said no, he'd been my old martial arts teacher. We walked outside through the neighborhood for a while. Then he showed me some sparring techniques.

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