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  1. Ethics
  2. Power of the Mind, Reality Creation
  3. what if we all only exist to ourself
  4. Consciousness and AI
  5. People are always wondering why others aren't to fond of art......
  6. "Thought" world-view (very interesting)
  7. RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilization
  8. Is this world material or immaterial (arguments)
  9. idealism
  10. Conscious & Subconscious - An oversimplification?
  11. Pre-Socratic Philosophy
  12. Definition of truth
  13. Blank Slate?
  14. Frege's Sense and Reference? (Help with Language course)
  15. Aesthetics of Music
  16. Be here now
  17. What plato dialogue?
  18. This world is in our mind (is a dream)
  19. Truth vs. Happiness
  20. What Separates War from Murder?
  21. Axiomatic Concept: Primary Facts of Reality
  22. Thoughts on my new blog?
  23. Moral discussion: Why do you eat animals?
  24. Life is a mountain
  25. Free will (long rant) If you don't believe in free will you have no choice but to check it out XD
  26. Immortal Spirit
  27. Platonism
  28. Everyone Sees a slightly different world.
  29. Life is impossible, how then are we here?
  30. Strictly, we know absolutely nothing, even the former sentence
  31. Antagonistic view point
  32. No Such Thing As An Original Thought?
  33. The Way to End Suffering
  34. Is Experience the Stuff of Moral Value?
  35. A tied up way of life for ALL OF US!
  36. Sunrise....Sunset....Paradigm Shifting Reality
  37. Carl Jung
  38. Organ Harvesting
  39. Is The US A Democracy Or A Republic?
  40. Is There Morality In Profit?
  41. You are a Dream Character in God's dream. How would you make God lucid?
  42. 11 Paradoxes
  43. Ego Death
  44. What is consciousness?
  45. The fight with the only real 'enemy' youve ever had, yourself
  46. Good books?
  47. Deception
  48. Revolutionary human viewpoint
  49. Neural Incompleteness Theorem
  50. "Freedom from" or "Freedom to"?
  51. Topsy-turvy world
  52. Supersymmetry is counter intutive to the unitive nature of dimensions
  53. Who is crazy?
  54. Is there such thing as a wealthy/intelligent "aura"?
  55. Should we be seeding life in the universe?
  56. Beliefs
  57. Human race is a virus.
  58. Assuming life is but a dream...
  59. "New Maps of Hyperspace"
  60. Pinning down rationality
  61. Desiderata
  62. nothing again
  63. content with a meaningless life
  64. Intresting experiment
  65. What is reality? / Nothingness
  66. A philosophy of suffering?
  67. A Concrete, Deontological, and Direct Inductive Formulation (No God)
  68. Ruiz's Toltec philosophies for life.
  69. Consensus Reality
  70. Theory Of Multiple Dimensions.
  71. Mind-Altering drugs
  72. Animal Suicide
  73. Time
  74. Model Of Determinism.
  75. Anything and everything
  76. Exploring the "perspective" of myself.
  77. Natural Reincarnation?
  78. belief vs. behaviour
  79. The Need for Proof
  80. My Manifesto of Society
  81. A theory about Dinosaurs
  82. Does it really matter?
  83. What happens if you woke up and knew everything?
  84. Do any of you think language fails at conveying abstract ideas?
  85. Something to think about
  86. The False Dichotomy of Natural vs. Unnatural
  87. The Origin of Morality
  88. Philosophical Survey
  89. Infinite time + Nothingness = Universe?
  90. Compassion
  91. What Family Type is best?
  92. Pop Culture Philosphy
  93. The Subjective
  94. Am I the protagonist of life?
  95. If you had to choose between lucid dreaming or reality for the rest of your life...
  96. "Heaven"
  97. How Lucid Dreaming opened my eyes to the natural world
  98. Dream Theories - Please help!
  99. My Journey of Transcendence and how it has changed me
  100. Who killed him?
  101. Human attraction. Is it flawed?
  102. Death The Next Stage Of Life
  103. The Simulation Argument: Why we are most likely living in a Matrix
  104. Gut Feelings: Should We Trust Them?
  105. What if there is something outside the universe?
  106. A good point on a senseless debate
  107. Time, Reality, and Turing Machines
  108. Coincidences
  109. The Universe
  110. Does time exist?
  111. Heard joke once:
  112. Time and space
  113. Cutting
  114. Laughter
  115. If you had one day left to live.
  116. What to believe?
  117. Free Entheogenic Artistic Community
  118. A.I., Consciousness and Will Power
  119. Sould corporal punishment be outlawed?
  120. The Lady or the Tiger?
  121. Lucidity after death?
  122. What is your dream self like? *Studying how you act in Dreams*
  123. Lucid dreams, a place that we go after death
  124. Post-scarcity
  125. Different philosophies, different strokes, different folks
  126. The Perfect Society
  127. What Libertarianism Is
  128. What if you were currently a billionaire?
  129. Would you have Sex with yourself?
  130. Capitalism, Mixed Economy, or Socialism?
  131. What if you could talk to God?
  132. Planes of Existences
  133. What if you had unlimited power?
  134. Justice~
  135. Identify the Conclusion
  136. No such thing as time
  137. Free will and determinism
  138. Are you afraid of life?
  139. Rehashed: If you're conscious how can you die?
  140. Human Intolerance
  141. My Girlfriend and I's bondage/torture debate
  142. Should a criminal be punished for a crime he doesn't remember?
  143. Do inanimate objects have a "life"?
  144. What is reality?
  145. Life: Explained
  146. "Sacred"
  147. A collection of some of the painful things in life that no one ever wants to talk about or listen to
  148. If we had teleportation devices...
  149. Utopia
  150. So many paths, so little time.
  151. Neohumans
  152. Why do we struggle to survive?
  153. After Death?
  154. Personal and social identity
  155. The Philosophy of Music
  156. Anatomy of an Analogy
  157. venting economics
  158. I don't think I'll ever get used to the world
  159. Post-Modernism?
  160. IVF: good or bad?
  161. if you could get away with anything
  162. Little Quiz... Makes you think!
  163. Memory
  164. How to prove time travel will or will not exist
  165. What's your ideas about nothingness...
  166. An interesting poem I've read...
  167. Time Travel and Computer
  168. If the world were to end tomorrow.
  169. Anslem's Argument
  170. Do Philosophers Universally Agree on Anything?
  171. True Altruism
  172. Trolley Problem
  173. reality = perfect balance of order/chaos
  174. Time and Space are illusions
  175. Hypocrisy of the Greens
  176. Sophie's World
  177. A color to Me, A color to You....
  178. What is love?
  179. Morla, the Ancient One, Understands.
  180. does one deserve what one cannot protect?
  181. The First Step Toward Ending Procrastination
  182. ?¿ (procreation video)
  183. Your Mind Is An Operating System
  184. everything is 50/50
  185. Special Relativity; you are completely alone?
  186. Similarity Overload
  187. Consciousness, Causality, and Quantum Physics
  188. Celine's Laws.
  189. Philosophies of the Mind
  190. Why do we exist?
  191. logic loophole?
  192. Can a truely all powerful being do anything immoral?
  193. If a virus...
  194. Are you afraid of death?
  195. What's Relevant and Irrelevant?
  196. Eco Community
  197. Reality Is Not Perception
  198. Man in the distant future
  199. What question can you conjure up?
  200. What if we had infinite time
  201. How I See It
  202. The Nature of Laws
  203. Digital Organisms
  204. Movement Can't Exist
  205. What we are...
  206. Undecidability and Collapse of the Wavefunction
  207. Why are "you", "you"?
  208. The question of fate.
  209. NDE and Science
  210. blind dreaming
  211. Abstract
  212. What is Science?
  213. Metaphorical Reincarnation
  214. A Loner's Expectations
  215. How is the USA similar to ancient Rome?
  216. Does nonexistence exist?
  217. the meaning of life
  218. Gods Cannot Have Consciousness
  219. Dichotomy
  220. Experience & Your Unreliable Consciousness
  221. December 21, 2012.
  222. What do the blind see?
  223. Pondering why existence exists.
  224. The Fire in the Equations
  225. Is being polite greedy?
  226. This Forum
  227. Does this thread exist?
  228. Philosophical Movies
  229. Epic Thought-Experience on Meaning of Life
  230. What is Fair?
  231. Money and Love one or the other... And thoughts about Love
  232. Thoughts have frequencies. My theory of everything.
  233. Raw thinking.
  234. pulsating universe
  235. Which is more correct?
  236. Ineresting answers about life and death
  237. DMT Documentary : Great watch
  238. What time is it?
  239. Why?
  240. Free Will an Illusion?
  241. Solipsism;
  242. lucid dreaming for TOK help
  243. Changing our reality
  244. Parallel Dream/Universe
  245. Daze
  246. the zone
  247. Afterlife Idea
  248. Water
  249. life?
  250. I have a challenge for the astrology believers.