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  1. Schopenhauer, The Pessimist
  2. The Pluralism of Worlds and Other Yous
  3. Freedom
  4. Can anybody tell me the name of this neuroscientist who worked with Jung?
  5. Needs Model
  6. Ideas on Free Will
  7. My thoughts on the political correctness/ political incorrectness debate
  8. Carl Gustav Jung - Videos, Books, Ruminations
  9. What does it mean to be alive?
  10. Do you agree more with Existentialism or Nihilism? Why?
  11. Would nature laws be the same for the aliens?
  12. Carl Jung on the Psyche
  13. Can one escape duality and talking/thinking in circles?
  14. What qualifies as empathy and love?
  15. How Vegetarianism/Veganism Benifit World Causes
  16. "Male" as the standard gender
  17. Recognising annoying traits in yourself
  18. Dream and Fantasy Morals
  19. 10 Signs of intellectual honesty
  20. What would life be like if you never slept?
  21. Fitting infinity in a moment of dream
  22. Original Thought and shared dreaming.
  23. Waves, Orbits, and Us
  24. How Much Does Physical Attractiveness Matter
  25. An Interesting Thought About Time
  26. Forming intuition/beliefs/values on how to live
  27. Free will is completely irrelevant
  28. Philosophy and Psychology books
  29. mind-body rambling
  30. Do I have a problem?
  31. Simulation Extension Paradox
  32. Why does a positive view of the afterlife not seem to prevent deep grief?
  33. “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable o
  34. Time Cube
  35. How close are you to an Übermensch? -take the test!
  36. Cogito Ergo Sum
  37. Reality - potentially not as real as it seems
  38. First ten questions for somebody getting into philosophy.
  39. the philosophy of stars law and infinity
  40. A time traveler from the future confirmed to me that free will is an illusion...
  41. Would you say that the harder an event is to recreate, the more nostalgic we feel about it?
  42. political correctness as a tool of supressing dissension of current injustices
  43. Perception and Logic
  44. Should we strive to live forever?
  45. My view on reality/consciousness/life
  46. The Frankfurt School - roots of radical feminism and political correctness and bent on destruction
  47. This World is Rotten
  48. The Digitization of Consciousness
  49. I wish I could live forever in my dreams
  50. I just can't get my head around nonexistence after death
  51. What is Happiness?
  52. Morality and Ethics: Objective or subjective?
  53. Sentience and the Implications
  54. The Idea of Things Our Logic Cannot Percieve
  55. What to do with one's mind ?
  56. Does drug addiction turn some people evil, or were the evil ones already evil?
  57. Thought Experiment Concerning the Nature of the Self
  58. Quotes and Notes, thought's from altered states of consciousness, and sobriety.
  59. Is honesty is the best policy?
  60. The difference between a dream and a lucid dream
  61. What is your explanation of Human Condition?
  62. Are you more rational or intuitive?
  63. Is technology technically natural evolution?
  64. Give me readings on Nihilism
  65. Your driving force
  66. why do we feel
  67. What if money were no object?
  68. Moral Dilemmas
  69. Do we really have a free will?
  70. A question
  71. Need versus Desire
  72. accesing subconscious while awake
  73. Is time an illusion?
  74. Let's discuss favoritism! :D
  75. Is conciousness an illusion?
  76. The philosophy game.
  77. Choice
  78. Blindness. Do you see black, or nothing?
  79. Are joy and sorrow the same thing?
  80. Can they both be rational?
  81. Enlightenment... with honours
  82. How would you define modern philosophy?
  83. 'An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself 'Albert Camus
  84. Post your random thoughts and questions
  85. Probability vs Possibility, what is it better to believe in?
  86. Dreamviews philosophy subforum sucks balls (so let's talk meta-ethics)
  87. Will you question your beliefs if it will shatter your world?
  88. What is an object?
  89. Do you know who you really are ???
  90. Doing things you don't feel like
  91. what is the death of ego?
  92. The Question Of Life
  93. Who's yor favorite Philosopher (???)
  94. What is reality?
  95. Top 20 Movies for Philosophy Students
  96. Paradox - Individuals don't make a difference
  97. What is a belief?
  98. Perfection
  99. Very little is done consciously
  100. Vague Thread Title
  101. >tfw no gf
  102. Why is there something instead of nothing?
  103. Independence Vs Consideration
  104. How long have you existed?, or How old are you?
  105. Is Emotional Condemnation Required to Prohibit Repeating Past Mistakes?
  106. What can change the nature of a man?
  107. Why Not Commit Suicide?
  108. Women and Strength
  109. Knowledge?
  110. Primary and Secondary Qualities
  111. Philosophy riddle
  112. A Falsifiable Solution to the Star Trek Problem...
  113. My theory.
  114. Exploring Solipsism
  115. Freewill
  116. our construction of reality
  117. is there a 50/50 chance that this is an illusion or not real?
  118. The Illusion of Consciousness, Identity, Choice and Control
  119. Ethics: Absolutism and Consequentialism
  120. Useless Philosophical Questions
  121. Is there really something as selflessness?
  122. Is Outward Empathy Possible
  123. more to plants than meets the eyes?
  124. Bits in Bits
  125. Why Something Rather Than Nothing?
  126. Are we truly see ourselves for what we are?
  127. Is suffering necessary for enlightenment?
  128. What is an Organism?
  129. Should humanity have an end goal?
  130. Fear of death - A rational fear?
  131. What is the importance of Attitude?
  132. Brane teaser.
  133. Some thoughts on the ethics of meat eating...
  134. On Harvard Suicide
  135. By which mental faculties do we obtain counterintuitive knowledge about the universe?
  136. Just a thought question.
  137. Is habit stronger than reason?
  138. Who's your favorite philosopher/s?
  139. Metaphysical Paradoxes
  140. A Guide to Happiness
  141. let your past make you better, not bitter
  142. What is Science?
  143. Truth, Purpose and of course Happiness
  144. what would happen?
  145. Facing Fear
  146. Epistemological Relativism
  147. What is ugly?
  148. If We Weren't Taught What Was Right or Wrong as Children..
  149. Empathy
  150. Every Conflict can be resolved from within
  151. Arguments with Inconsisent Premises
  152. Transitional Beings
  153. The Souls Camara
  154. Why this world is a dream?
  155. What distinguishes Civilization and Wilderness?
  156. Pointlessness and Value
  157. [help] how to find out your life`s purpose
  158. The Omniverse
  159. Separate Consciousnesses
  160. what do you think about life?
  161. Thoughts on Thoughts on Language
  162. Poll! Please contribute your vote!
  163. Is only personal experience valid, or is experience + information better?
  164. the Ancient Greek Concept "Nous" (source.)
  165. the Ancient Greek Concept "Nous" (source.)
  166. All the Hurt Egoes Club Band
  167. Ethics vs Tactics (IE Why We Need Government)
  168. Peace and Progress
  169. Runaway Train Dilemma
  170. Apocalypse
  171. Which is more true? Which is preferable?
  172. Discourse on Knowledge
  173. The Purpose of Philosophy - Seneca's Moral Epistles
  174. 50/50
  175. Energy Measurements - Predicting the future?
  176. Philosophical Debate - Does it feel the same for you?
  177. 10 Questions
  178. Start with Nothing
  179. The greatest logic to ever be yet!
  180. Can the brain explain perception?
  181. Modal realism, quantum immortality, and the simulation argument
  182. Extra Dimensions
  183. Waking vs. Dreaming
  184. Interpretation of life
  185. Love can't be stolen it needs to be given.
  186. All you intellectuals out there...
  187. What is Reality?
  188. Your Intentions
  189. Auditing Your Life
  190. my theorys of life and dreaming
  191. Is anger toward people ever justified?
  192. Kantian
  193. A Brief Guide to Embodied Cognition: Why You Are Not Your Brain (SciAm)
  194. A discourse on Vicarious Living
  195. Atheists who believe in objective 'right' and 'wrong'.
  196. What is Intelligence?
  197. Sour grapes.
  198. Practical/ethical value of metaphysics
  199. Causality
  200. In Quantum Mechanics, what defines an observer?
  201. The determined "self"
  202. Something that has an eternal past will have an eternal future
  203. Transhumanist ethical relativism
  204. The short argument against free will
  205. What Politcal Ideology Are you?-Intelligent Debate time!
  206. Beauty of light in darkness
  207. How to obtain world peace?
  208. A Meditation on Time (its long)
  209. Two wolves
  210. Right and wrong doesn't exist
  211. Our Collective Expectation Driven Reality
  212. The Hangman's Paradox
  213. Global Altruism
  214. Information is not Knowledge so stop making assumptions
  215. What is your definition of Freedom - Is a Utopia possible
  216. turing test on DCs
  217. What makes you unique? How are you special?
  218. Thinking falsifiably (empirically) and how that relates to you
  219. Highest Universe
  220. What do you think about the future?
  221. What If We're Somebody's Science Experiment?
  222. If you were sentenced to death..
  223. What if thoughts dont come from us but to us?
  224. what if thoughts are reading us?
  225. single stream of consciousness or many streams in one brain?
  226. split brain consciousness
  227. Argument for the existence of Platonic forms
  228. The Balance between Purpose and Awareness
  229. What if?
  230. Certainty
  231. Neuroscience and Determinism (video)
  232. Wittgenstein manuscripts found
  233. Second thought experiment
  234. Bad aura and lonlyness
  235. Perception and its Effects
  236. The value of Metaphysics
  237. Archetypes
  238. Outside the Visible and Audible Light and Sound Spectrum
  239. Nothing Matters / All is Extraordinarily Special
  240. The Darkness That Comes Before
  241. Human progress: Why bother?
  242. How far should tolerance go? Where do we draw the line?
  243. No True Scotsman
  244. Knowledge. Ends or means or both?
  245. Murderer Scenario
  246. Hume's Bundle Theory
  247. What's the difference between a dream and reality?
  248. Can we be certain that A=A?
  249. Thoughts
  250. A thought experiment