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  1. Arguing - When to stop being nice
  2. Israel-Gaza Crisis
  3. CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns
  4. Yay, the Republicrats won... everything... yet again.
  5. Recreational Marijuana now legal in Washington and Colorado
  6. Ashley Smith
  7. Sex
  8. Congressional Arrogance, Apathy, and Corruption Caught on Tape
  9. 'Gray State' - Is it closer than most people think?
  10. Bret Baier's ~ 'Death and Deceit in Benghazi'
  11. Can we please jail Mitt Romney for slander?
  12. cows fed candy due to corn value rising
  13. What if science/mathematics is necessarily the same thing as spirituality/religion?
  14. How to Build U.S.-Israeli Coordination on Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout
  15. Local St. Louis Sociologist Reveals U.S. Military Chemical Experiments on Citizens During Cold War
  16. This is really happening
  17. Genetically Modified Food is Really, Really Bad for Rats - and Maybe YOU!!!
  18. BBC - Crows Can Reason About Cause and Effect
  19. Al Qaeda Leader's Brother Offers Peace Plan
  20. Architects & Engineers Discuss WTC No. 7
  21. Is Righteousness and Trying To Do Good Pointless?
  22. Killing while Non-Lucid
  23. Religion, Slavery, Poverty and the Stockholm Syndrome Effect:
  24. What does the Alien Presence mean?
  25. Social Experiment Involving Money and Insurgency
  26. Violence and Propaganda
  27. EU funding 'Orwellian' artificial intelligence plan
  28. Marine Potentially Facing Death Penalty for Whistleblowing
  29. New York Shooting
  30. How could you change the world?
  31. U.S. Drone Strikes Target Rescuers in Pakistan
  32. War Veteran Detained Against His Will for Criticising Government Officials on Facebook
  33. Great video on our terrible education system
  34. Would you change yourself for your partner?
  35. Drug that replaces sleep - hypothetical
  36. Wikileaks reveals “TrapWire,” a government spy network that uses ordinary surveillance cameras
  37. Travelling
  38. How to learn to do vivid visualizations?.So vivid that will confuse with real world,physical things?
  39. Vision Quest
  40. Federal Reserve Audit Bill Overwhelmingly Passes The House
  41. Stop Making Sex Out To Be Bad/Dirty/Gross/Special/Important/Criminal/Unnacceptable/Unsociable
  42. Sociopathy and Brain Chemistry
  43. Boy Scouts of America refuses to enter 21st Century
  44. Dr Michio Kaku - America Has a secret weapon
  45. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  46. Altruism in Proverbs (research survey)
  47. Hidden Government Scanners Will Know Everything About You From 164 Ft Away
  48. Demonstrating: Violent or Peaceful?
  49. Why is it that we have more bitter feelings than happy feelings?
  50. Choking game [DANGEROUS]
  51. Higgs boson 99% proven
  52. Why do we have to be nice to people?
  53. Da Fuq is going on in the Baltic Sea?
  54. The Quitter Phenomenon
  55. ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
  56. Did Agriculture improve human quality of life?
  57. Rules of Engagement
  58. [19] Insane Conspiracy Theories (That Actually Happened)
  59. E + ? = (E x 1.01) Nonce-free zone.
  60. E + ? = (E x 1.01)
  61. Are black holes the cause of the Big Bang over and over again?
  62. Japan's meltdown
  63. sources of good art
  64. The book of rumors.Chapter five.A projecting rumor.
  65. Unleashing the Dogs of Cyberwar
  66. CATO Institute's Police Misconduct Reporting Project
  67. Man Becomes Math Genius After Head Injury
  68. What Kind Of Bird Are You?
  69. Needle-Less, Painless Way To Inject Drugs
  70. Congressmen Seek to Lift Propaganda Ban
  71. If animal cruelty laws prohibit bestiality, why don't they prohibit factory farming?
  72. Physicist Convicted of Terrorism Leaves Prison
  73. U.S. Military Taught Officers: Use ‘Hiroshima’ Tactics for ‘Total War’ on Islam
  74. Telling your Subconscious to obtain a skill
  75. You Climate Change Believers Are Crazy Unabombers!
  76. Ron Paul Speech on How the Government Has Gotten Way Too Powerful
  77. National Nanotechnology Initiative
  78. Canada less than one week away from (possibly) legalizing marijuana
  79. Magnetic Josephson Effect
  80. Psychophysics and Business
  81. Split Canada up.
  82. Where did the "right" to marriage come from?
  83. How do you imagine the future?
  84. What do you think about abortion?
  85. Overpopulation
  86. Google Glass
  87. FBI Taught Agents They Could "Bend or Suspend" the Law
  88. Student jailed for offensive comments on Twitter
  89. The Trayvon Martin Case...
  90. CIA Cheif: We'll Spy On You Through Your Dishwasher
  91. Are You Prejudiced?
  92. The Fertility Implosion
  93. What do you think about nuclear energy?
  94. NYPD Officer Committed to Psych Ward After Reporting Corruption
  95. Heads Up, UK. Privatized Police Force Could Be Headed Your Way?
  96. Impressionability
  97. Paypal. Electronic One World Currency
  98. Goodbye, First Amendment: Trespass Bill Will Make Protest Illegal
  99. The FBI Might Cut Off the Internet For Millions of People on March 8th
  100. Looks Like Nigerian Underwear Bomber Was a False Flag Attack
  101. 4 Chrysler brands and Jaguar are 5 least reliable vehicles of 2011.
  102. The Abominable Lies of War Criminals Tony Blair & Jack Straw
  103. Barack Obama's High Crimes & Misdemeanors
  104. I owe income taxes?
  105. Can anyone explain how contraceptives are health care?
  106. What is going on in North Korea (Now)?
  107. IRL Cloaking Device
  108. China Growing
  109. LA County OK's Hefty Fine for Throwing Footballs / Frisbees on Beach
  110. What's your Political Ideology?
  111. Interesting Film With Fomer Los Angeles Narcotics & Homicide Detective Michael Ruppert
  112. Is the England in danger of becoming a Totalitarian State?
  113. Lake Vostok reached!
  114. Neuroscientists reconstruct voice from internal dialogue
  115. The Importance of Honesty
  116. Placebos
  117. Acta
  118. A History of Wikileaks
  119. Is the US in danger of becoming a Totalitarian State?
  120. Attention Seeking
  121. This is really hard to believe
  122. Feminism and the Disposable Male
  123. Alain de Botton: Atheism 2.0
  124. The Biggest Company You've Never Heard Of
  125. Google Announces Privacy Policy Changes Across Products. No Opt-Out.
  126. Workers as Share-Holders
  127. Can someone please help me ??? - i've been advised to move my post to here.
  128. Scholar Calls On Google To Police “Conspiracy Theories”
  129. Google offers free legal download of music to China
  130. The Global Empire
  131. Obtaining Technology
  132. Humans vary biologically, but race is a social construct
  133. Rep. Lamar Smith pulls SOPA; pushes "Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act."
  134. New Bill worse than SOPA
  135. Please help me on this bicycle survey thanks
  136. 7 Charged as F.B.I. Closes a Top File-Sharing Site
  137. Connection between testosterone-related behavior, Nietzsche's Master Morality and Conservatism?
  138. If humans had as much genetic variation as dogs...
  139. How come every single european nation prospered by but only 1 african nation prospered.
  140. What the hell are these noises being heard worldwide?
  141. Cops beat their Wives at Twice the Average Rate
  142. Folds in Fabric
  143. Cloning Pets
  144. Future
  145. Stepping in to the Fire
  146. About Sopa
  147. Post videos of Police Misconduct
  148. US Government Calls for Twitter Censorship
  149. Ron Paul 2012
  150. Cops invade home in Ogden, get shot by Army Veteran with PTSD
  151. Why do we think Lucifer is bad and God is good?
  152. Stephen Lawrence Murder
  153. The Potential Weaponization of Bird Flu
  154. SOPA: high-traffic sites may shut down in protest if law passes
  155. Wait...so...collecting RAINWATER is ILLEGAL??
  156. 10,000 Year Clock
  157. Wheelchair-bound meth addict jailed for 10 years after sexual assault on chihuahua
  158. Why do we differ in our music preferences?
  159. Best Ron Paul ad
  160. New, Even Worse, Economic Crisis in America's Future
  161. U.S. Court Rules Iran Behind 9/11 Attacks
  162. Quantitative Easing in the Eurozone
  163. Unrest in Iraq, is anyone surprised?
  164. Where does all the money in schools go to?
  165. Money bomb, bitches.
  166. Survey Results: Teens Rejecting Alcohol, Tobacco; Selecting Marijuana
  167. Were Blacks better off under segregation?
  168. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sued by SEC
  169. Pushing For GREEN JOBS
  170. Can we or can't we record the police?
  171. Media and Politicians highlight extremist viewpoints in Protests, ignore major demands
  172. What is the Great Pacific trash patch? And why dont you care?
  173. US English vs Other English
  174. Three-Quarters of Climate Change is Man-Made
  175. Wisdom among older people
  176. Legally detaining American citizens indefinitely and without trial
  177. Internet censorship
  178. Could the Economic Collapse have been deliberate?
  179. [YouTube] UFO Mainstream News Coverage, Mass Sightings Worldwide
  180. About congress's last debacle
  181. Is the EU attempting to circumvent democracy?
  182. Why I support the 1%
  183. SO can we just throw the senate and congress out on their asses already?
  184. California City Approves Spy Plane to Fly Overhead
  185. Communists, Capitalism and Social Liberalism
  186. Shit is real in New York city
  187. Penn State students riot
  188. Non-religious meditation and the like
  189. NYPD Holds a girl for two days on fake charges
  190. Anonymous vows to destroy Fox News on November 5th
  191. 9 Year Old Designated Drivers. ..Say what??
  192. Success and Physical Appearance
  193. Feds Embrace Lying in Response to Public-Records Requests
  194. What do they have to offer?
  195. White people acting black
  196. NATO never goes for a dictator that doesn't turn against them first
  197. Skeptical Physicist reconfirms climate change
  198. Reporter Flips and Tells it Like it is.
  199. wnat to learn about past lives
  200. Troops in Iraq will be home by Christmas
  201. Seeing Things
  202. Slaughterhouse Cruelty
  203. Qaddafi Is Dead
  204. Private Wildlife Reserve Owner Suicides and lets animals free.
  205. Is Ron Paul being ignored?
  206. Will no one stand against government privacy invasion? Wait... twitter? rly?
  207. Man Releases 50+ Dangerous Wild Animals into the City then Kills Himself.
  208. against meat video *Warning: Graphic Video*
  209. 23 incredible new technologies
  210. Samsung wants iPhone 4 banned in Japan/Australia
  211. Operation Cash Out
  212. Skinheads face no charges after beating Native family in Nevada
  213. 2012 Presidential Election Poll
  214. NYPD Narcs Falsified Drug Charges to Meet Quota.
  215. German government caught with unconstitutional surveillance viruses
  216. Political Correctness
  217. Google reversing it's policy on government asking for info
  218. U.S. Drug Policy Would Be Imposed Globally By New House Bill
  219. Canada and ganja
  220. Secret Panel Can Put Americans on Kill List (Reuters)
  221. How to Love?
  222. Who do you want to see as President of the United States in 2012?
  223. Steve Jobs enters the iCasket
  224. Being a Conservative Doesn't Mean You Have to Be a Shill For the Goverment
  225. Blink - Malcolm Gladwell
  226. Apple investing in Camera Phone "Kill Switch"
  227. Anonymous Leaks Personal Details of Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Well Street Protesters
  228. Iran Planning to Send Ships Near U.S. Waters
  229. Jon Stewart Murders Bill O'Reilly (again) in a Debate Over Bringing Rapper Common to the White House
  230. Extroverted, Introverted or Ambiverted
  231. Do young people think about death and aging?
  232. Scientists Reconstruct Brains’ Visions Into Digital Video
  233. Restructuring the United Nations
  234. Why is dreamviews more liberal than society at large?
  235. Intesting video on Racial Identity
  236. IQ Tests
  237. PETA to Launch Porn Site in the Name of Animal Rights
  238. Women in Catholic art
  239. Occupy Dreamviews
  240. Increasing Awareness - What is really happening?
  241. FBI Teaches Agents: "Mainstream" Muslims are 'Violent, Radical' (Wired.com)
  242. Is ignorance of the senses bliss?
  243. Best Teaching Personality
  244. Are Holy Wars Justifiable?
  245. Is China Planning a Surprise Missile Attack on the U.S.? (World Affairs Journal)
  246. What do you dislike about the US?
  247. How to Beat Terrorism: Refused to be Terrorized
  248. The Balance between Conservatives and Progressives - Why Consensus is the Next Stage
  249. The Dangers of Anti-Depressant Drugs. Big Pharma
  250. Breaking news: US sees credible but unconfirmed terrorism threat