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  1. Roswell incident was real! Proof here. Not a conspiracy anymore
  2. Psychology Study Needs Participant
  3. Verichip - Welcome to the Matrix
  4. What side of your brain are you using?
  5. GMOs and Gene Patents
  6. The real benefit of learning a musical instrument at a young age
  7. Malcolm X
  8. Let's Study Sacred Geometry
  9. Is it possible to be born with STIs?
  10. Saving Nature Creates a Future for Mankind
  11. Swine flu.
  12. The Future: What Will It Be Like?
  13. Turn off the TV
  14. Debunking Third-World Myths With the Best Stats You've Ever Seen
  15. Sincerity Trend
  16. Nullification Revisited
  17. Churchgoers come all the way from Kansas to protest at high school play that includes gay characters
  18. How it feels to have a stroke.
  19. economic death match, con't.
  20. Gemcraft Chapter Zero
  21. Lucifer Effect: How Good People Turn Evil
  22. Should guns be legalized off the coast of Somalia?
  23. stop dressing your children
  24. The "Gay" Gene.
  25. Explosives Found In World Trade Center Dust
  26. Phantom Limb
  27. War on Drugs
  28. My eyes
  29. Why is the CURE for cancer surpressed?! Why are we killing people with kemo?!
  30. Project Blue Ray
  31. Incest (and other taboos?)
  32. The Obama Deception
  33. "It isn't natural!"
  34. Biotech crops.
  35. Apocalyptic Visions?
  36. I'm considering joining the ranks of FreeMasonry...
  37. Rain of Fire: Israel's Unlawful Use of White Phosphorous in Gaza
  38. President of the United States? Or Earth?
  39. Need discussion ideas...
  40. Obama's getting it done son!
  41. Obamas win
  42. US Marine Throws Puppy Over Cliff
  43. The Creative Personality - 10 Traits
  44. LittleBigPlanet's Qur'an Controversy
  45. So I work with retarded children sometimes..
  46. Fair and equal distribution of grades
  47. congress PWNS Fed Chairman.
  48. getting a feeling
  49. George Galloway vs. SkyNews
  50. The Pros and Cons of Running Away
  51. Reforming Capitalism
  52. Why do you live?
  53. Quantitative Easing
  54. Peace on Earth
  55. Do we have free will?
  56. The Universal Code Theory
  57. For chuff's sake... why are people still having fucking children?
  58. Modern civilisation will be destroyed in a matter of years
  59. No cussing club.... hmmm
  60. Homeschooling...
  61. The Reality Enigma
  62. USA tea party Feb 27, 2009 America wakes up!
  63. Warrior spoof
  64. Dang - Cigarettes jumped from $3.75 to $7.42 a pack in one day.
  65. Obama is sending 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan.
  66. "All in favor of gun control, raise your right hand!"
  67. Do schools kill creativity?
  68. Right to Commit Suicide?
  69. Elderly midget buttraped on TV show by morbidly obese twin vomit fetishists.
  70. Do you believe in an eye for an eye?
  71. Cartoon Said to Link Obama to Dead Chimp
  72. Read.
  73. Self-injury and why
  74. Our always despotic government declares Vitamin B6 illegal!
  75. Mental thoughts
  76. Playing a video game has taught me...
  77. And now for a world government (Financial Times)
  78. Obama is president, but the war in Iraq continues.
  79. Does swearing relieve your stress?
  80. Soldering - Have we lost our personal connection with electronics?
  81. The War On Drugs VS. The War On Terror
  82. Disclosure Project (Press Conference)/Official Sources
  83. Hawaii and be a bum or Buffalo and be independant?
  84. Who are we as people? Are we good hearted or out for our selfs?
  85. "Hooked" - Illegal Drugs: Marijuana
  86. Black History Month is Racist
  87. They Will Kill Us All...Pt 2. Global Dimming.
  88. Ooparts
  89. Society is Forgiving
  90. Cheney warns of a nuclear or biological attack soon
  91. Is there anyone else with my "disease"
  92. Internet Piracy
  93. Labels, Reason, Logic.
  94. For those of you who liked - She might be a gold digger
  95. The ol' "It's Just a Forum" argument...
  96. Ugh.... Racism
  97. The Elephant that's in the room is tumbling...
  98. Straight, Bi, Gay/Lesbian: THE LABELS
  99. Entheogen: Awakening The Divine Within
  100. The cruelty of Mother Nature
  101. Iraq in 40 years...
  102. a very disgusting side of humans.
  103. 2009 GLobal Marijuana March
  104. I come from the babystabber-country
  105. 2004 elections were rigged... better late than never
  106. The Technological Singularity Theory
  107. List of Democracies Overthrown by the U.S.
  108. Help; Ethnographic Study
  109. Blood thicker than water mentality
  110. What is a Terrorist?
  111. What Obama has already done for the country
  112. Obama sides spying without warrant...
  113. Mind's Ear
  114. Dawkins Reads Lovemail
  115. The Republicratic Party.... What if??????
  116. So much trouble in the world
  117. What would your Heaven or After Life be like?
  118. I ain't sayin she's a gold-digger...
  119. "The First African-American President"
  120. Marijuana and Academics (research paper)
  121. Does DNA Have Telepathic Properties?
  122. They Will Kill Us All... Without Firing a Shot.
  123. "Why do I like boys?"
  124. Mars and Methane Gas
  125. So long Youtube, nice knowing you
  126. New Findings in Cancer-Cell Metastisis
  127. What is the Future of Mankind
  128. Why is the world going crazy?
  129. Population Control
  130. How Obama got elected (documentary)
  131. UFO Destroyed Windturbine in England
  132. The world cannot support happiness
  133. planet mars
  134. White Privilege
  135. My Thought Pile
  136. Which is more pure?
  137. Yellowstone Evacuation Warning
  138. How old is mankind?
  139. say the unsayable
  140. Former Area 51 employee says government knows about aliens
  141. Do you beleive in . . . aliens?
  142. Blurring the Boundary Between Memory and Perception - SciAm
  143. Tell me why legalizing drugs would add a 75 billion dollar stimulus to the economy, in the U.S.
  144. Airplane crashes into field, somewhat intact.
  145. Rant of government bailouts
  146. The Majestic 12 documents
  147. I was reading Alice in wonderland
  148. Hip-hop and Homophobia
  149. The Largest Building In The World To Be Green
  150. The Truth about "Feeling Sorry for Yourself"...
  151. Synesthesia.
  152. So simple you will cry.
  153. Wormholes
  154. Australians LOOK HERE URGENT!
  155. Blackhole confirmed
  156. Marc Stevens
  157. Coup d'etat
  158. What would it look like?
  159. CMD: Netstat command?
  160. Britain braced for arrival of super ants
  161. The New World Order
  162. Vatican: It's OK to Believe in Aliens
  163. Peace Game
  164. OMG Check This out! LOL
  165. Change.org
  166. Many Scientists are Convinced that Man Can See the Future
  167. Women Have "No Emotional Feelings" During Orgasm
  168. China Declares Internet "Addiction." Imprisons Addicts.
  169. What's your political fantasy?
  170. Reaserchers find the world's oldest stash of marijuana
  171. Are these guys for real?
  172. The Time Travel Thread
  173. Waking up even more.
  174. The Space Elevator
  175. Sugar Molecule found in space!
  176. And I'm Proud to be an American!
  177. Hyperthyroidism and Marijuana/THC
  178. Do you think intelligent life ever existed on mars?
  179. Buried Glacier found on Mars
  180. The Third Wave - Ron Jones
  181. Tiny living Furbies rediscovered in Indonesia
  182. Spiders get there space legs..
  183. Blakesawake Discussion - Truth, is it speakable?
  184. Thinking Without Words
  185. Invisible Children: Child Soldiers of Uganda
  186. Messages sent to a planet 20 Light years away
  187. 25 Ways to Suppress the Truth
  188. Preditions for the year 2000, from the year 1900
  189. Exoplanets Finally Come Into View
  190. Physics 911
  191. Spread The Word
  192. Some Indications of the State of The Nation (U.S.)
  193. Progress in Iraq. How is the war going?
  194. You have seriously pissed me off.
  195. Seriously? Are you kidding...
  196. Sick America
  197. Science about to prove the existence of life outside of our planet?
  198. The Economy / Sports analogy
  199. Marijuana Decriminilization Passed(MA)
  200. The real shame of the election.
  201. Obama 2008!!!
  202. Zeitgeist
  203. Landmark Election
  204. us elections - why vote for him?
  205. Anarchy & This Yellow Submarine:The sacrifice of our innocents and teachers
  206. Are Jews considered a visible minority?
  207. Russell Brand and Jonathen Ross
  208. Post political ads/pics without arguing
  209. Embryo Selection
  210. Question to skeptics regarding ufo footage
  211. Ufo!
  212. Republicans are in trouble!
  213. Dear California... really?
  214. I honestly don't understand why we let the handicapped boss us around.
  215. The origin of offensive words
  216. Scientists On Track To Ease Painful Memories
  217. UDA vs IRA(and other questions about Ireland)
  218. Resistance is Futile
  219. Poverty
  220. Vote Bob Barr!
  221. Guess Who Al-Queda Endorsed For the U.S. Presidency...
  222. Reading This Will Change Your Brain
  223. Who supported Ron Paul and now supports Barack Obama?
  224. Do Cells Think - And Is This What They Sound Like?
  225. The Battle of L.A. UFO Attacked by U.S. Army
  226. What's your political philosophy?
  227. Thought provoking song.
  228. Why you should vote for Obama.
  229. There are two ultimate solutions to the economy problem:
  230. Inspired by the Suggestion of Slavery, I Have Another One...
  231. Let's bring back Slavery, with a new Twist.
  232. Pedophilia - How wide spread is it?
  233. Nixon Presidency set it up, Clinton Presidency Set it on, Bush Presidency Sped it up
  234. 1000 List Challenge
  235. McCain shows some class defending Obama
  236. Weighing John McClane Against Baraka Obama
  237. Brock Obama
  238. Martial Law -- What?
  239. Secret Laws Passed Through Bail-out
  240. Religion and US Gov should be destroyed they are evil
  241. Is suicide a cowar- should we eat meat?
  242. Lone Wolves, secret society?
  243. (AIDS / HIV) Man-made Are you in it?
  244. What causes Hexagonal Craters?
  245. Dispute This.
  246. When the USA gets foreclosed on what would you buy?
  247. The Crop Circle: Ending the Mystery
  248. An Unfortunate Dualist
  249. And the stock market goes BOOM! CHRRRR!
  250. What's going on with chinese goods?