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    1. Dream - The Hairdressing Scam

      by , 05-25-2017 at 06:47 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 25 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 119 - The Hairdressing Scam

      My mum and grandma took me to the hairdressers to get a haircut. It was when I sat down on one of the chairs next to a wall that the lady put some glasses on me and started doing all these optical tests on me. Then all a sudden, this lady who is doing my eye tests is yelling across the room at another customer. She yells something like “Stop disrespecting the need of the business!”. Only then did I realise that this wasn't a hairdresser. I felt scared that the lady would yell at me too but anyway, I said to my mum, “This isn't a hairdresser, it's an optometrist!”. My mum started crying from shock and I got out of the chair and walked out of the store with her. As we were walking away, my mum was making all these remarks at the lady. One I could remember was that we weren't giving any of our money away.

      So we joined my grandmother back in the mall and decided that they would go back to the car early and have their chips. I followed them down a strange looking street with all these op shops but I was distracted all these racks of jewellery and I soon completely lost them. I eventually came to an area that looked like normal housing suburbia and there I noticed a complex where the lift to the car park was. At first, I was thinking of going down by myself but when I stood and looked up at the big metal doors, I started freaking out and said to myself that I couldn't do it.

      I went outside and once had the idea that I would call for Dreamy WB to help me down the lift. I walked around all the streets, calling her name but nothing happened. A few times I'd call “Dreamy WB” with the loudest voice in dream history. In this dream, I found that my voice was very loud and clear and was not restricted in any way. Also, every time I called out, I found myself trying to imagine that she was behind a corner of an object and that she would eventually come out if I called her enough times. Still, there was no change and so I decided to call out for her by her alternate guardian name, Miss T. There still wasn't any response and so now I was panicking. I went back to calling out “Dreamy WB!” until I was back at the lift complex.

      I now noticed a ramp leading downwards as well but I still wanted to call her just to what would happen. Then this room, looking like a public bathroom, appeared next to the lift. All these young girls were coming out of it, including a handful of Killester girls amongst the unknown ones. Still, I couldn't see Dreamy WB anywhere. I went outside again to wait for her. Then when EL comes out, I ask her, “Where's WB?”, she tells me she's coming. It takes a while but WB is one of the last girls to come out of that bathroom and when she's outside, no one else is around anymore. I tell her I need her help. She said she would go with me but she had something else to do first. WB pulled out her phone and used one hand to text someone. She invited me to stand next to her and so that's what I did. I full on hugged her while she put her unused arm around me, while she continued texting. Once she was finished, we walked up to the lift complex but I woke up before anything else could happen.

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    2. [05-02-2016]

      by , 02-05-2016 at 05:17 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in a shop near school. With classmates from previous school we were waiting in a queue. I wanted to buy some chips. For some reason, one of classmates paid for me and we went outside. On the way I ate some - it had strong herbal taste, and was a little bit spicy. We entered the school and went to IT room, where we worked on something.

      Second dream

      I was in my home, playing with our family pet - a fly. I had great fun with it, and wanted to find it some better place to live. I found a purple flower and found some good spot with few spiders. This fly was unusual - it ate spiders. Next day we wanted to play with our family pet, but we couldn't find it. We only found some dead spiders. Suddenly something jumped on me. I tried to throw it off, but it jumped back. After a while I managed to get rid of it - it was a strange black bug with long, thin legs.
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    3. Fortune Cookie and Putting on Shoes

      by , 09-02-2014 at 07:59 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I'm standing in a strange room, not really sure where, and realize I'm dreaming. I feel a bit mentally tired for some reason, so I decide to mostly just go with the flow of the dream rather than change it a lot. There is an army general looking guy in front of me, like the Russian guy from November Man. At least that's the role he's playing in my dream. Since I'm dreaming, I hit him across the face a few times to teach him not to be so evil. He just sits there and doesn't do anything, then gets up and motions for me to follow him. He walks over to a door, and opens it to a black void and steps through, disappearing out of the room.

      I tell him to, "wait, I just need to find a fortune cookie" as I remember one of the Tasks. I reach into my right pocket expectantly, but its empty. I try my left pocket - empty. I reach into my back pockets, and they are empty too. I notice a shelf on the wall, full of bags of chips. "There's always fortune cookies stashed away on the back of shelves like this" I tell myself as I reach far back. I have to stand on my tip toes to reach back to the end, and I push all the chips over to the right as I feel around back there. Then I feel it - "A'ha!" I'm excited to see what it has to say. Before I open it, I wish that whatever wisdom I receive from this cookie, that it is beneficial for everyone and helps me as well in profound ways. I unwrap it, break it open, and scarf down half of it as I pull the tiny paper out. I notice that it tastes just like a regular fortune cookie.

      I look at the fortune, and everything starts to get really blurry and the room starts to spin, everything starts fading as well. It seems like I'm about to wake up. I tell myself that, "I'm in control here, I can do what I want!" and remind myself that I'm dreaming, I have a dream body, and I'm standing in this dream room, about to read a fortune cookie. I'm holding the fortune upside down, so I rotate it right side up. As I do so, the lettering all changes to become very cryptic. I remember from looking at it upside down that it said something to the effect of, "It's godly to have no delusions, but look in your garden" I want to get a more accurate impression of the punctuation, spelling and so forth, but the more I look at the fortune, the more cryptic it becomes until it's just dots and commas, maybe a y and a j on there, but the message has completely changed. I look away and look back, but it is still losing clarity - mark by mark on the tiny paper.

      I decide that I've milked that task for all I can so far, and remember the shoe task. I sit down at the table in the same room, and put a shoe on each foot. They just spontaneously appeared in front of me as I sat down, and my feet were just wearing socks, so it was really smooth. They even fit! Just regular running shoes. The room spins a little, and I'm now standing in a hallway, walking through a dorm building to my room. I really have to go to the bathroom, but I again remind myself that I'm dreaming, focus on my body, and my environment, and some sort of plan. That's it, a plan! What was I doing? I remember the shoes task again, but am not really sure I ever tied my shoes.

      I walk into my room, the middle of which is a shower, surrounded by bunk beds. I don't see anyone else in the room. The lighting is rather dim, and I'm dressed like I'm about to take a shower (well, not dressed at all it turns out). The water turns on by itself, and the whole room seems to have become a shower. As the water pours down on me, I enjoy how warm and relaxing it feels. Now for the shoes. I normally wouldn't put shoes on in this situation, but I'm not satisfied with how it went earlier. Bending over, shoes again appear next to my feet. Some sort of running shoes again. I put them on, and tie a granny knot on each shoe - now soaked through and through from the shower.

      Having to go pee really bad, I question just going in the dream, but don't want to wet myself IRL, so I hold it. Holy crap it burns I have to go so bad though. I remember drinking a 1/2 gallon of water just before bed, so it's probably an accurate signal.

      I lose lucidity, and find myself on a boat, being excommunicated from my town, sent south along a river to Mexico or somewhere. Basically anywhere but where I was. It is a nice day, and I enjoy the sun as my room mates and I are floating down stream. I ask where they think we're going, and they don't know. Then my room mate RZ grabs onto a rope, and opens a sail, then jumps off our boat onto a raft. Pulling at the rope, he builds up some tension, then leaps off the raft and flies through the air, leaving us all behind to watch him fly away.

      Then I wake up, having to pee, but not that bad.
    4. Graveyard and chips.

      , 07-22-2010 at 03:42 AM
      There was some house and it seemed to be haunted somehow.
      I remember specifically this one character in my dream. He was some sort of indiekid/artfag/hipster type, wearing black skinny-leg jeans, scarf, jacket, long shirt, arty hat, shoulder bag, sunglasses, etc., as one of those types would do. Anyway, he would visit a room in this house and that indicated whether or not there were lollies in the fridge, or something like that. It didn't make any real logical sense so it is hard to explain it in my dream. My vision would always zoom into this room and see whether it was vacant or not.

      We were kind of in a graveyard and digging some food out of somewhere. But at the same time, we were cooking or something... haha idk.
      Hmm. I think that at first there was some food and lollies and we were cooking. But then the aforementioned hipster guy went into that room/fridge and got some chips out but didn't put them back properly. My aunties and I had to spend ages digging up all these chips because they all fell out as we opened the fridge door and putting them back into the crisper part of the fridge (wtf).
      Then my aunty heard some weird noises and saw some lights or something and it was the spirit of my grandfather or grandmother. She told my uncle and he heard them too, and also saw the spirits.
      After that part, I was talking to my aunty, but at this point she didn't seem to be my aunty anymore, but rather some random person. Although she still kinda had half the vibe of my aunty.
      I was talking to her about my philosophy on life, and how I believed that all we really needed in life was love, and all else would follow. After discussing it a bit, my conclusion came down to not just love, but love and food, lol. I think I said love and ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate, the molecule that provides energy in the human body, hahaha biology nerd). But this isn't true, because you need more than just ATP in cells .

      But anyway...

      There was a tennis match on and I was watching when suddenly the ball hit a pothole in the court and so it bounced back the other way and the referee called it wrong so the players were getting really angry and worked up and then a plane fell out of the sky and split into four pieces, with one piece landing in the sea (the main bit) and a smaller bit landing on the tennis court. The tail, wings and cockpit landed somewhere else.
      Mr T (the guy off the A-Team) was in the crowd, pretending to hit back all the balls somehow. He got onto the big screen that is broadcasted on TV.