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    1. Dream - Graduation No Fun & Volcanic Panic & Class Already Started & Spying Into The House

      by , 08-13-2017 at 01:54 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 11 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 175 - Separated Sections

      Dream 175 A - Graduation No Fun

      The class of 2017 graduation was taking place at some unknown external venue, somewhere near the city. I was trying to congratulate each year 12 that walked past me but Ms L would constantly be talking over the top of me. I felt like I wasn't a valued part of the school community anymore. I then noticed that WB hadn't arrived yet, and I was waiting especially to greet her.

      I saw that family photos were taking place across the road, right on the nature-strip. One group had just left and the next group that were coming appeared to be WB's family. The mum and dad did not look familiar at all, WB had dusty ginger hair and there was a little boy with them. As they walked across the road, I got into position to meet them. I frantically waved at them but they power-walked past me, without smiling.

      As the dream progressed, I actually got lost and drifted away from the venue. Eventually, I was doing something with Jasmine and her sister, with some dog near by. I was then walking around on my own, trying to find my way back to the graduation event but would still feel lost. The dream scene then shifted to my bedroom, as if I would wake up in the morning, sitting up in bed, the room was light like sun was coming through the curtains. This part of the dream actually did feel like I was waking up in real life.

      But then I sit up, look towards the window, closed curtains, and use the exact same sequence for requesting Dreamy WB's help like in Dream 167 A. The first two times, I use a standard speaking voice to say “Dreamy WB” and the third time, it's her alternate name, “Miss T”. After that is a very slight whisper of “Dreamy WB...”.

      The dream scene then changes back to searching for the venue. It appears that there is now this strong, invisible energy guiding me towards the place. I know I am near because I see two teachers standing beside a set of escalators but they didn't really talk to me, rather I listened in on their conversation. I then continues towards where I thought the venue was. I can't remember what else happened in this dream.

      Dream 175 B - Volcanic Panic
      I don't remember completely what happened in this dream, only a small amount. There was this volcano right in the middle of suburbia that I approached. There was this poodle-like dog there and the volcano was about erupt.

      Dream 175 C - Class Already Started
      The dream started off with me in my bedroom but very quickly shifted to the scene of a classroom. It showed that I was already in the company accounting class. Throughout the whole dream, I am saying to myself, “How am I expected to be in class if I am still sleeping?”. I don't remember what else happened in this dream.

      Dream 175 D - Spying Into The House
      I was walking around the streets when I caught sight of Jure's house. I was curious to know what was going in there and so snuck to the side of the house and stuck my head into the window. There I saw Jure, sitting on a couch facing towards the kitchen and he was reading a newpaper. I then catch sight of his wife who looks shocked when she sees me. She points a finger to me and speaks to me, still with the window shut, calling me a pervert. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None

      I only had enough time in the morning to write the majority of Dream A down, hence why there is only little detail on B, C and D.

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    2. Stomach surgery

      by , 02-24-2016 at 06:45 PM
      I am on the top of a tower with my girlfriend's best friend. It's kind of like Sauron's tower in Lord of the Rings, except it's not dark and scary around here. It's bright and sunny and beautiful, except it's supposed to be midnight. We reason that it's due to time zones, but a few moments later I'm questioning it again. It looks like mid-afternoon but it's supposed to be midnight. Then it clicks. I look at J. I say, "You know why we can't figure this out? It's because we're dreaming." I shake his shoulders for emphasis. But I don't get lucid. Everything seems so deceptively real. When I shut my eyes and scrunch them and focus on waking up, I can't fathom how any of this could be a dream.

      But then another few moments pass. I can feel the dream slipping, like I'm on the verge of waking up. So then I say, "Wake up."

      I wake up in the bed of another dream. I'm still not lucid, but I know it's a dream. I'm in what was my younger sister's bedroom of my mom's house. A dream sign missed.

      I leave and go exploring. I have to go to some high school graduation of an all-boy's school.

      On the way there, we run into some bosses that remind me of the difficult bosses from FFVII. I tell my gf and her friend that we have to save our progress before fighting them, because they are in an inconvenient spot of the game and losing would keep us trapped here and unable to level up. We fight them. I'm unsure if we beat them, but we get passed them.

      I need surgery on my stomach. Then I'm on a surgeon's table. They only give me a local anasthetic. I watch the doctor take a blade specifically for cutting humans. I see the blade approaching me from his perspective, but then I look away because I don't want to see. Cut to after the surgery. I get incredibly nauseous and my fever spikes. The nurses ask me if I'd eaten anything before the surgery. I remember eating breakfast. I should have known. I tell them I didn't know I wasn't supposed to eat.

      The doctor prescribes me a huge bag of orange vicodin. I am afraid of becoming addicted, and also of my gf finding out and freaking out about it. I'm not in any pain, but I do feel like my insides are not what they used to be. It is very uncomfortable. I leave and go to the high school graduation.

      I'm sitting in the bleachers of this small schoolyard. The valedictorian and his best friend are leading the event. They have so much energy and look so bright and happy. The best friend looks like a younger BM. The valedictorian is small and in shape. I reflect on being younger, and that it's strange how quickly that youth seems far away.

      After the graduation, someone fights me. I'm still weak from the surgery. They flip me over and stomp on my stomach. I curl up and cry, I can't believe they would do that. K comes to me and I ask her if I can take some pain medication. I show her the bag and she freaks out at how much the doctor gave me. That shouldn't be allowed. One of the women in the schoolyard looks hungrily at the bag, and salivates while doing so. I take the bag back and hide it on my person.
    3. Korea Wormhole College

      by , 01-05-2016 at 08:55 AM
      a fragment about being on a plane going to Korea and a hole opens up and there is swirling and I think it is a wormhole that will get me there faster but I am not sure

      I go back to the apartment. Someone has been in the apartment and has put my diploma in a frame on the bookshelf along with a graduation suit and hat and picures in frames of me on campus in my graduation suit but that is weird because I didn't even sign up for the graduation or buy a graduation suit so the pictures must have been photoshopped. I get an email from college with a directory of restaurants, libraries, and banks that I can use off-campus like I don't already know where these places are. I have a lot of mail in the mailbox. How did this huge letter even fit in the mailbox? It is some kind of xbox thing like I get points for playing xbox or something.
    4. New home divination and vampire priest

      by , 08-30-2014 at 09:59 PM
      I'm looking after a little girl and a little boy. My IRL father's recently married their mother. At the moment we're heading for the car, and the little girl asks to stop by our parents' new house. I say sure, we can swing by and take a look if you want - it has pretty steps, doesn't it? She says that's not it, she wants to go inside. I tell them we can't do that yet. The little girl doesn't understand why not - she says the divination's already been done. I hadn't been aware of that. The results of the divination must have been bad. I see an image of something being driven into the ground outside the house with a hammer - if it's blocked by anything, if it doesn't sink completely into the ground in one blow, then it's a sign of misfortune and they'll have to clear the misfortune before anyone can enter. I see my IRL father walking away from that divination and getting into a car, and I think about the traditions associated with the place our families come from.

      Transition to that place - it's a small New England town. I'm walking down main street - well, 'walking'; I think I was disembodied at this point - and I overhear snatches of conversations with words like "dreams" (a girl pointing to a phrase in her friend's book) and "luck" (a goth girl talking on her cell phone about her boss). I pass by a church where the window is covered by cardboard. People are milling around outside, just left a service, and someone's commenting on how the priest here never gives any blessings and never reads from the Bible. Someone who works for the church is insisting, offended, that the priest is not a vampire - he's just unwell.

      Transition to see that priest - he's giving a speech to a group of graduating students on an overcast day. He's making a point to appear in public during the daytime, to prove that he can. It's a small graduating class, maybe thirty or so people, and they're standing around him in a circle, very casual. The priest looks like he's in his 80s or 90s, slightly hunched, and he's got Nosferatu teeth. As he's speaking, the clouds are beginning to thin - the sun will be out soon. I'm mentally trying to get the priest to notice this, but he doesn't. Eventually one of the students comments on it, and the priest finally looks up. He finishes his speech and leaves in a hurry.
    5. The Cool Kid's Table, Tooth Adventures and Texas Graduation

      by , 07-22-2014 at 12:03 AM
      I am sitting at a table in my old high school's cafeteria.*

      *I am not sure if this is merely a fleeting fragment of a separate dream in and of itself or if it is a precursor/transition to:

      I am in New Orleans, sitting at a table - circular, black wrought iron - on the sidewalk outside of a series of buildings that include: The Boot, The Mushroom and Crepes a la Cart. At my table are a mix of people I knew from high school and college. There are a few more tables, of the same type, on either side of me. They have the same general mix of high school and college acquaintances. I vaguely recall that one of the adjacent tables has the "tier 1" cool kids and my table has the "tier 2" still-cool-but-not-as-cool-kids (reminiscent of the popularity hierarchy of lunch tables at my middle school).

      One of the kids, either at my table or the adjacent table, ask if I had sex with this one girl; she is sitting at one of the two tables (my recollection is hazy as to which). I, at least in my dream, was certain that I did in fact have sex with her (I have no idea where the absolute certainty in my dream came from). However, I don't answer the question directly, instead I nonchalantly shrug off the question in a way that indicates that I did, but I prefer to be a coy dick about it.

      People get up and start to leave. A guy at my table is frantically looking around. I see, now that everyone has gotten up, that there is a bunch of junk strewn under the table. I bend down to look and see a man's bra* on the ground as well as a wad of money. The guy searching tell me he is looking for a credit card, which I see it on the ground, under a chair, and hand to him.

      *Literally no idea why - however I explicitly clarified that the bra was a man's in the dream journal I use upon walking up (it is to be noted that I wrote it in a half-sleep daze).

      Next Dream:

      I am looking in a mirror and see that one of my bottom teeth, in the middle of the bottom row, is sticking out higher than the rest and is quite loose/wobbly. I doesn't hurt though. I decide to get it looked at. In order to get to the dentist I go to Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans and use this pseudo-helicopter contraption I find there. It is incredibly small, similar in scale to a smart car - if not smaller, and very high tech; there is just enough room inside to sit down comfortably. From the Hospital it autopilots me to the dentist. Directly in front of me is a flat screen monitor that displays where I am as there are no windows. The screen shows me circling the entire world, in maybe 30 seconds, before crossing back over North America to New Orleans. During the trip these mechanical arms come out and give me a shot of something into my mouth which I vaguely remember as fleetingly numbing my mouth (possibly Novocain).

      I land on the roof of a building and flatten/fold up the pseudo-copter so that I can carry it around with me; it is very light. I make my way down to a hallway with doors for medical and business related offices on either side. My dentist (in the dream - not reality)* is in this hallway. However, I find a different business when I walk into his office. I slip out before anyone sees me and walk back and forth down the hallway thinking that I may have used the wrong door. After a few rounds I check the sign outside the should-be office door. Apparently, the dentist had changed offices, but did not inform me.

      *He is, in reality, an old family-friend and a physician my family often goes to in NYC, but for whatever reason he is my dream dentist.

      At a stand still I look down the hallway and see Hulk Holgan (HH), in a business suit, talking to a tall black man with short dreadlocks also in a suit. I listen in and hear that the man has hired HH to do a commercial for his burger chain. HH asks for a few minutes to get ready before the commerical starts filming and the chain owner walks into his office.

      As I walk by HH offers to give my tooth a look. I readily agree and offer, in turn, to help him with a slogan for the burger commercial. While checking out my tooth, HH tells me that he was thinking of using "like a million dollars" as the slogan. I think for a second and try "better than cashing a paycheck" which he likes more. HH then pulls out my tooth and I immediately feel better. However, there is now a large gap in the middle of my bottom row of teeth. HH says that I can get a filling later, but it wouldn't close the gap, only make it more stable; I'm not too happy about that, but there is nothing I can do about it at the moment.

      I look around see LaMarcus Aldridge (LA) standing next to HH and me. He offers to go get food with me, but HH tells me not to, that it isn't such a good idea. I ignore him and, with LA, I walk down the hallway. We head outside into a fairly hard rain and I realize that I am at the University of Texas. LA jogs over to an outside basketball court where the University of Texas basketball team is practicing. LA joins them as I walk over to watch the practice. Right past the end of the court, on the side closest to me, is a line of marching band drummers practicing.

      The drummers are in a single file line and all decked out in marching band uniforms. At one side of the line is an administrative-looking older gentleman handing out diplomas and shaking the hands. I walk wast the line and see, about 8 feet beyond the drum line, an adjacent line of brass players (trumpets, etc.) playing their instruments. I keep walking and move past the brass line coming to a small and long hill that levels out into a paved parking lot. The father of an old friend of mine is standing at the top. He shakes my hand and congratulates me on graduating (I think - the dream gets hazy and I wake up around this point).

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    6. Lucid Dream #92 Graduation...wait

      by , 06-15-2014 at 03:16 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at my school's graduation ceremony. Or at least a dream of it. We were waiting around with our cap and gown on for them to call us into the gym so we could walk and get our diplomas or whatever. They basically had two rooms. One for average students, and one for valedictorians and all of the honors students or whatever.
      I didn't quite get this, and I ended up going into the room for the honors student room. (Because me, and Honors student? Bwahaha! That's funny.) Some teacher redirected me out, and I went into the normal students room that was larger and more crowded.
      Then one of the students from the other room came to see me and ask me about her speech. Also, this was a very peculiar dream character. She was very beautiful save for the fact that she had very strange teeth that seemed very large when she opened her mouth, and she had two rows of teeth along with a braces. She also had long silvery-blue hair.
      So she asked me about how her speech could connect to her favorite TV show, Avatar: The last Airbender. I recommended she talk about looking at what's the same instead of what's different, because I know one of the themes of the show is the idea that people divide themselves (the four nations) and fail to realize that although they align to different elements, they are all one people.
      She thanked me and left. I went back to just waiting around for the graduation to start.
      Wait a second. I thought I already graduated. I reality check. I'm dreaming. Haha! A lucid!
      I wake up.

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    7. #8. An Old RA Graduating, #9. Unproductive Volunteering

      by , 06-07-2014 at 08:25 PM

      It's interesting to note in regards to the first part of the first dream that this morning I happened to run into the RA that appeared in my dream (not necessarily a very frequent occurence). And I thought that the dream was wrong and that she was graduating next year, but apparently she is graduating right now. She also mentioned during our conversation that she is super busy. Nothing about an art museum or anything that I had forgotten , but interesting coincidence nonetheless.

      In bed: 1:20 AM - 9:20 AM

      #8. I. 5:45 AM
      My old RA is graduating soon. I am talking with her and ask her if there’s a time we could catch up. She says that she is super busy though and occupied almost constantly. Then, she suggests that I am forgetting about something. Apparently, we already established that we happen to be going to some art museum event on a Wednesday soon.
      I am working in a school building with multiple floors. I ran into my old RA when I was downstairs. I am mostly on the third floor though. There is an open balcony, so you can see down to the other floors below pretty easily like in a mall. There is some sort of summer camp-like thing going on with a bunch of kids one side of the third floor across from where I am usually at. But whenever, I go over to the bathroom on the third floor, it is right outside their room, so I sort of feel that I am intruding.

      #9. II. 8:50 AM
      I am helping with a massive event at a school, seemingly of high school students. There are generally tons of volunteers here for it though, so my presence being there is not necessarily all that helpful in general. I usually get there early and help with opening and starting up when there’s a lot less volunteers then kind of just hang out after that. I go upstairs eventually where there’s especially a lot less to do, and am just standing around a lot. On the message group for this event, one of the people in charge who I know of posts a message saying that one of the kids has gotten sick and that she needs help, not really knowing what to do. I come only later on though and at that point, I see that they are still handling the situation with the sick kid, but that it’s mostly under control by now. The boy is sitting in a chair with a few people around him, some helping, some more watching. As I come by, someone asks me what I think might be wrong with him based on that he has a runny nose. I consider different options, but don’t get a chance to respond because of other people talking. Someone is sitting in front of another kid who is doing some practice activity with writing or something. The person asks me to take over monitoring the kid which I am slightly hesitant about.
    8. Exams

      by , 05-05-2014 at 07:27 AM
      Yesterday I could again not recall my dream. But today, I could recall a lot.

      Fragment 1:
      IRL the ink of my printer has to be replaced, I am the only one that knows, because I keep forgetting to tell my dad to get ink. But I dreamed that I was on my laptop watching Youtube video's and my father printed something and the paper came out white, but with a purple square on it (IRL only the black ink has to be replaced, the colored ink is still full). My father showed me the papers he just printed and said 'Yes, ink has to be replaced.'. Which is weird because I hadn't told him in my dream (or IRL) that the ink had to be replaced.

      Dream/nightmare:This dream shows my exam stress
      I was in the classroom were I have to take my exams IRL next week. I was given my English exam and already started making it, but when I looked up the teacher was still talking and nobody was writing. I slowly closed my test and listen to the teacher explaining I couldn't write on my test, only on my answers-paper. I panicked because I wrote on my test and I didn't have a answers-paper. Than everybody started and I asked for the answers-paper. For some reason I was sitting in a different seat right now. First I was sitting front row in the middle, now I was front row next to the windows. The woman gave me a paper, but it wasn't the answer-paper, it was just a paper to take notes. I had a notepad with me (IRL you can't have that with you when you are making your exams), and started making the test. I turned around to look at the clock and it was huge and I still had enough time left. Than there was something wrong with my calculator (why I needed a calculator for my English exam, I don't know). So I raised my hand and a teacher (a tall small, dress wearing, grey short 'curly' haired) came and I asked her for another calculator and a answers-paper. She gave me a calculator, but not a answers-paper. Than I was hot, because I was wearing a thick scarf and a winter coat. Than all of the sudden it was okay, I was wearing a thin scarf and just a T-shirt. I got passed a note, almost like a homemade greeting card, from the gray haired teacher. It said I was to loud and I wasn't going to finish the test and I should stop asking for paper and stuff and I was awful kid. I was so shocked and so panicked I didn't react. I looked on the clock and thought I still had an hour, but the other male teacher stood up and said that we just had ten minutes. I panicked again. I raised my hand and the gray haired teacher gave me the answers-paper without talking.
      As a mad men I started to take over my answers from my note pad to my answers-paper. But I found out that the test had to parts and I only made the second part, but both assignments started counting at number 1. So I had only made the second part. In five minutes or so I made the first part.
      Then my dream ended.

      Fragment 2:
      I was on the stage with two other classmates in front of all my classmates and their (and mine) parents and grandpa's and grandma's and uncles and aunts. It was graduation day and I was getting my diploma and now a teacher was going to say something about me and my other classmates that were on stage.

      Fragment 3: followup of my dream
      I handed in the paper and collected my writing stuff and walked out of the classroom.

      So this dream clearly shows my anxiety's, but when I woke up I felt really confident t that I would make my exams well and that I would graduate.
    9. Rabbits and Graduation

      by , 03-29-2013 at 10:39 PM
      I had some difficulty initially falling asleep which disrupted attempts to use a mantra. Attempted DEILD last night. Wasn't successful at entering a lucid dream, but it did result in a very long non-lucid that resumed every time I went back to sleep.

      These dreams are non-lucid but there is a very, very low level of semi-lucidity running through them, especially the later ones. I was not lucid but had some idea on a very basic level that it was not real, although I didn't realize it was a dream or even unconsciously influence the dreams. The fact that Bun popped up in the first dream was a clue that my dreaming mind was aware on at least a basic level, as summoning and petting Bun was one of my lucid goals. It's especially telling that in the dream, I was aware that this Bun was not the "real" Bun but she was still a perfect replica.

      #1 - I have a pet rabbit again. I have named her Bun, after my last pet rabbit, and she looks exactly the same as my "old" Bun. I understand that this new rabbit is not my old rabbit (who died of old age) but she looks and behaves a lot like her. I don't feel sad in this dream. I feel happy that I have my rabbit back, in some form, again.

      This is interesting to have popped up in a non-lucid dream, since one of my lucid goals is to summon Bun, pet her, and keep her in my base so I can play with her whenever I want to see her again. This was one of the goals I meditated on as I fell asleep. Alright, I know that's sad, but I miss her a lot.

      On a side note: domesticated house-rabbits can be trained with very simple commands. They're devious, though, and not nearly as obedient as a dog.

      I am building a cage for her. The cage came in a box, in several pieces, and is about 6' long. I've built a rabbit cage before, but this one is put together very oddly, so I'm having some difficulty.

      In addition, New Bun is not trained like Old Bun is, so instead of obediently waiting in the same room as me while I prepare her cage, she keeps running off into areas of the apartment she shouldn't be in. I'm in an old bedroom of mine with light brown carpet. New Bun keeps chewing on the carpet and furniture, even when I tell her "No". I'm not angry, but I am a bit exasperated, because I spent so much time training the last rabbit not to do that and I don't want to have to do it all over again. I keep chasing after New Bun and carrying her back to my room, which is difficult because holding onto a squirming rabbit who doesn't want to be carried AND doesn't want to go where you're taking her is like trying to hold onto an angry water balloon.

      She runs off AGAIN and this time I find her wriggling behind a server case, where there are a ton of wires. She's nibbling on the wires and doesn't pay attention to me scolding her. I pull the wires aside and try to grab her, but she wriggles in further. I disconnect the power so she doesn't electrocute herself. I have to move the entire case and disconnect all of the wires in order to get to her, and by now I'm pretty irritated.

      I carry her (still as squirmy as before) back to the room and set her down. "Stay!" I command. She doesn't listen perfectly, but doesn't try to charge out the door again. I finally finish putting the cage together, and she bounds into her cage and settles down for a nap.

      I wake up. I meditate on the dream and attempt to re-enter.

      I fail at a DEILD and when the dream picks up again, I am non-lucid. My "mother", a woman with short blonde hair whom I have never met, comes into the room where I am petting Bun. She tells me that I need to get ready for my graduation ceremony. I close the door to Bun's cage and tell her goodbye.

      The dream jumps locations and I am in a graduation ceremony that is being held at a place that is somehow simultaneously a yacht club and a water park. There is dance music playing and there is some sort of after-party. DJs have divided into Red and Blue teams, and over the course of the party, people are supposed to vote on which team's mix they like the most. Blue Team wins, although I don't particularly care. They put their mix CDs up for sale, but I'm not really interested; it's all super clubby "bro" techno. The party ends and it's time for me to pack my stuff up and move.

      I wake up and use the bathroom. I meditate on the dream as I do so. When I lie back down the dream resumes. Throughout this section of the dream, I am almost nearly awake; I'm more aware that this is dreamlike but still not aware that I am dreaming, and do not affect the dream even subconsciously.

      A friend of the family is helping me move to college. He looks like Dwight Shrute, for some reason, but he's not nearly as much of a jerk or nearly that creepy. The blonde haired woman - who was my mom before, but is now just a friend - rented a U-haul so she and her family could move their stuff, and is allowing me to pack some of my stuff in it since I'm moving somewhere that's sort of on the route to their new home. It's a long trip, and I ride in the back of the cab. "Dwight" chats with me the whole time. I want to chat with him about a movie about a group of people who make video games, but I can't remember the name of the movie and it's frustrating me.

      Toward the end of the trip, the blonde woman reappears in the passenger seat - I hadn't known she was there, I think to myself, and think that it's so odd that she suddenly appeared there, but don't gain lucidity. I begin to look through my wallet; I only have a $20 and a $5. "Dwight" had paid for the gas and the blonde woman had paid for the U-haul, so I feel like I owe them something. I am debating the tackiness of handing them $25 total and telling them to split the money amongst themselves when I wake up.
    10. College

      by , 09-04-2012 at 02:37 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had a dream that I was going to college. It was like a graduation ceremony, though, except it was for the new students. They started by calling the names of the students who'd earned scholarships, then went on to call everyone else, one by one. There were seats in the front of the room, behind the official people calling names, facing the back, for all the students whose names had already been called. They were also higher up; the room was like an auditorium, where it's slanted, except the front of the room was higher up). It was really exciting when they called my name.

      After I'd been called, though, I remembered that I still had another year of high school... but then I just assumed this ceremony was for the students who'd been accepted and would be starting college next fall.

      In the next dream, my family and I had moved to a hotel in North Carolina, but I really didn't want to be there. The hotel was not very good, and I assumed the rest of the state was the same.

      I woke up from that dream and started writing in my dream journal. I'd written almost one page when I heard my mom call from the dining room to say that breakfast was ready. I told her I'd be out in just a moment and continued writing.

      ...then I woke up.
    11. Cold Watter Termite 01/10/11

      by , 07-10-2011 at 11:34 PM
      Fragment 1
      Saw an almost paper thin yet several inch wide termite creature. I used air bubbles to insulate its underwater nests. Somehow these bubbles are also like portal tunnels for the termite to crawl through. In order to eat the termites will freeze wood making it dry out and easier to chew up.

      Fragment 2
      Jumping scene to scene of trying to find my through a mountain path / 3D puzzle maze. Girl friends graduation plans and such things in my life come to mind.
    12. Dead Poet Society

      by , 05-28-2011 at 08:56 PM (Trial and Error)
      I was Robin Williams and I was going to sneak into the graduation of all the kids from the Dead Poet Society. I was wearing the strange red robe he was wearing in the movie, it was great. I was concerned that they had become to much a part of the system after I left. But now that they were going to have a diploma I was going to break them out.

      I ordered new robes online that said something along the lines of "Dead Poet Society-Seize the Day" but I forget what it said word for word. Instantly after placing the order they were there (I wish!) and I was going to have them change into the robes and a rebel statement!

      I grab the box of robes and head to the ceremony. I head up to where they are and open the box to find something I did not expect. It was tan t-shirts with the confederate flag on them that had different writing (I knew what it was in the dream but don't remember). I was confused and left the box behind.

      There was a bit of a dream skip but some how I found them all and we were leaving the ceremony giggling and running. They were happy to see me again and we all felt such a feeling of freedom.

      We ended up running into another graduation that was going on for the "longhorns". They were all wearing longhorn hats (almost like viking helmets but longer and curvier). I assume their colors were red and yellow because they had tons of stuff of those colors. Some were shirtless and painted yellow or red, there were large clothes and everyone that was wearing clothes had a design from their school, and they were all cheering like it was a football game. (There was one random guy in the back that was painted blue, but I think it is just because I watch "Easy A" recently.) We ran through cheering and they cheered back.

      Further through the same venue there was a guy that had an outfit completely made out of full cooked chickens covered in barbecue sauce. (must have been hungry ) We ran past them and I woke up.
    13. Dream Graduation '(again) + Lucid Awakening + Fragments

      by , 04-11-2011 at 02:57 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      Dream Graduation

      I’m in school. Graduation is getting set up RIGHT NOW. Hallways are empty except me and a few other “left overs” who can’t graduate for whatever reason. I have a bottle of wine in my hand and start running and screaming: look at me! A cup manifests and I pour it, chugging the bottle and then the cup, bottle then the cup until I’m in the rotunda, drunk and everyone’s looking at me.

      I follow some other left overs through dusty abandoned hallways so Mrs. L doesn’t see us and find us out. We all have this plan to graduate anyway so we go way up into the theater storage attic and try our best to hide ourselves. Me under a big blanket with someone and I’m drunk and my eyesight is like that of when I’m so tired I can’t keep my lids awake. So for most of it I do have my eyes closed and just listen under a blanket stacked on top of theater props so I almost touch the ceiling.

      Someone tries to peep into the hallway and a little Asian girl who ate all her hair off (really) is the “hall monitor” for graduation sees that someone. She sends in this bulky girl, a real bully. She’s got a trick. She pulls the first kid she sees to her and licks that student’s lip, touches it and then taps her temple. She screams and falls down, not dead but just painful. She does another little trick to someone (pulls their lip ring over their nose!) and says she won’t tell Mrs. L. She’s gonna leave but first wants to show off another trick, looking for someone she pulls me over to her! No way, I hate pain (who doesn’t); she spins my chin into a tight spiral and every time I un-spin it a little, shit it hurts. But someone tells me there’s a trick to her trick and just un-spin it all at once: I do, and I feel just a little tug and I’m okay.

      A few of us go further into the attic and we find that there’s a desk and under the desk is nothing, it’s a free-fall to the ice arena where they graduate so you can watch the whole thing. They’re almost ready! A teacher, Mrs. Smith (4’7 or something small!) sees us peeping and comes marching over. We all run out of the attic, oh too late, and Mrs. L is standing waiting for us.

      She’s a lovely lady sometimes and says we can all graduate, so everyone puts their gowns on. I don’t have one. At the final door to the ice arena, its time to graduate, I don’t have a gown, but there’s a box with a white Freshman gown. I’m a sophomore in my dream (hey wait, why were all the different classes graduating instead of just the seniors!) and our color is green, so I’m a bit embarrassed. We walk out and I run over to Autumn so she can take my picture (it’s mandatory). When I get over to my class, they’re all wearing white and I’m the only one wearing green.

      Lucid Awakening

      I’m downtown, walking in a little drizzle. I plan on going to the community market to volunteer when I see a little nook between buildings with a candy store built in. It doesn’t have a door or a cashing machine, it’s just a bunch of glass jars with a ton of bright colored candy. I’m pretty delighted but wait! We don’t have a candy store downtown. And why is downtown so tiny? I’m lucid. I walk into the center of downtown (as I said, everything is tiny and compact, like 50 feet). I look around and notice:

      This feels real. This is REALITY to me. Everything is solid and I am perceiving it just as I do waking life.

      (This single lucid fragment has created something in me that has helped everything I've been doing dream-wise DRAMATICALLY. I understood before that dreams=reality while waking life=hazy and unreal while you're dreaming, but I never FELT and EXPERIENCED that completely. Now that I have, something has clicked. My reality checks take up to five minutes or more, not because I feel that more time is necessary or anything, but that's how long it takes me to discern my reality. REALITY has a new meaning. I become lucid more often (though write more in the hard copy of my dream journal, less on here). I thank my subconscious for letting me explore this feeling.)


      I make a sandwich for myself "when I wake up"- WHY WASN'T I LUCID?

      Autumn and I are being obnoxious in school, so Heather leaves without saying a word to me. Crushing.
      NOTE: Autumn told me today that she had a VERY SIMILAR dream, of her and I and Heather (who she has never met or talked to) all in a classroom.

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    14. Dream Graduation + Fragments

      by , 02-24-2011 at 05:08 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      Dream Graduation

      It’s the first day of my senior year. Most of the student body is sitting on a giant multi-tier bench system that isn’t quite bleachers. It’s in the middle of a giant intersection downtown. All of us are seated by popularity, with the most popular at the bottom with no one in front of us so we can see the “show” that’s going to happen. I happen to be in the very front row (though I was never that popular). From where the benches are, we can see upper main street which trails off and turns a corner. It’s sloped quite a bit more than usual.

      The “show” starts. All of the “really really cool” fashionably dressed kids come out and use main street like a runway. The first is this big black guy who was never dressed nicely at all, but he was wearing some classy clothes (classy in dream terms: truthfully it was quite wacky). A few more people trickle out of some building passed the curve of the street. None are girls!

      As the fashion students strut around downtown, the whole world turns, or at least the benches we are on. If one starts walking down the street instead of up, all of us lean toward that end of the street. I am so scared that I’m going to fall off the bench which would be really embarrassing. Whenever the benches turn, I grab onto the girl next to me: a girl I know in waking life, Hilary. Behind me, my ex-boyfriend Dylan is sitting. In my dream, they are dating, so it’s awkward that I’m holding onto his new girlfriend pretty tightly.

      Once the show is over, all the fashionably dressed popular students are allowed to look around main street alone; we are all here to visit the new shops on the first day of school. I realize that we will be able to join them row by row and I’m in the first row. I panic because that means all the still-sitting students will watch what I look at. My row is dismissed.

      I walk around kind of hazily and embarrassed for a few minutes, waiting to see someone I know on the street and for the rest of the rows to come join us. Eventually they do but I can’t find anyone I know. I decide to spend my time as I should: looking at the new places.

      The first place I see is a new tattoo shop right next to our older one. It’s called Astral Tattoos and it isn’t an actual store, it’s a pink and green painted wooden booth. They’re selling body modification, tattoos and henna tattoos. I don’t pay attention to what else or what specifically the tattoos are, but I imagine they’d be interesting.

      I find my brother Holden (who doesn’t go to my school) and follow him around until we are all brought into the big building at the end of the street. It’s the high school (not where it usually is, it also looks very different).

      Inside, we are all wearing our caps and gowns now. Everyone’s color is maroon; it’s our school colors (not in waking life). I follow a few students who are in front of me, because we are arranged alphabetically. Steven and Jamal are before me and Adam is in back of me, although all of them have last names that are in back of where I would have been. I’m really nervous and walk into the bathroom for a moment, look at myself and walk back out. We are led into the auditorium of the school which is absolutely huge and decorated with maroon everything.

      I sit down in my row with Steven next to me. Jamal isn’t here so there’s an empty seat. As the students are being shuffled in, I question where I am.

      “Is this a dream?” I look around but make up a history to make sense of where I am: yes, the graduation memory that comes to mind is actually when I graduated junior year. Now it’s senior year, so this is real life. Wasted dream check.

      Behind me, Martin who is a junior but is sitting with the seniors is handing out camera kits for us to use. I go to grab one but realize that I don’t talk to him a lot and that would be weird and he’d want someone he knows to have them.

      While I sit and wait for the ceremony to start, I look at a pamphlet that I have in my hands. It has a bunch of activities we were supposed to do while downtown. They include things like woodworking, pottery, volleyball, etc. I didn’t sign up for anything. I wake up.


      Heather invites me to her house. It’s a huge place and her room is the size of a usual upstairs area in a normal sized house. We go passed her room which is quite barren. We seem to be in the attic. In back of her room she has a big stage that’s halfway on the house, halfway on the roof with wide glass windows containing a backstage area. She begins to dance with life-sized puppets as her back up dancers. The music plays and she steps into the darkness about half-way on the stage, the dancers follow, and everyone glows in the dark.

      Fragment 2

      I remember eating a lot of maple sugar through a straw out of this tiny dollhouse. I drained it of maple sugar and felt sick. I could see all the sugar particles in my thigh which was where I would gain the weight if I didn't start running. The radio started to play and a commercial was discussing weight gain.

      "Usually when people eat fatty foods, they will gain weight. However, some people have a large amount of bridges in their body which distributes the fat evenly, so they don't gain any weight." I knew I had a lot of "bridges" in my body and didn't worry.

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