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    1. Nightmare Worms

      by , 02-17-2016 at 07:54 PM
      D1 - Class are drawing something, all the drawings are slightly different but all are wrong, red, blue pen is being used.
      Ed suggests he could help. I decide to redo lesson and take class back out on a trip to see the art they have been trying to replicate in the art gallery again. Whilst taking them I realise no way is there sufficient time to complete task, it is 2.30pm.
      I meet D in corridor she is smiley and helpful, but just makes me feel inaquedate and totally stupid.

      D2 - A load of old geezers are drinking in a bar, there is a large pitcher of whiskey which is being refilled. Some have hat and coats on. One looks like delboy out of only fools and horses. They are discussing someone, they don't rate. I have the feeling it is me. That I don't qualify as man enough for their liking.

      D3 - Someone is jogging through semi-woodland on a muddy track. They are having a conversation as he runs along, about how his coach has been so great and a fantastic rolemodel. And as I stand by the path, near some training bars, I get the feeling that I am excluded, as i am not a good rolemodel, or father or anything.

      D4 - We are at the last minute it seems again, trying to learn the lines for some performance. I try hopelessly to get the kids to remember their lines.
      Rob ever helpful, seems to have put me in a barrel and i'm in dark water out at sea.
      Next i'm on his boat in a small cabin, I can still sea the dark waters out the little rectangular windows.
      He shows me his parasitic worm collection, they are gigantic and very horrible. I try with all my intention to pull away as the worm comes towards my face. I imagine them inside me, eating me.
      He is upset about how his worms have not be breeding well, due to the dark wet weather and that the tanks have not been cleaned properly. Inside the wood in the cabin is slightly ornate, not unlike a coffin Oo.

      When I awake I am not scared but later remember the extreme sensation and fear.
    2. dark shopper

      by , 11-02-2015 at 06:32 PM
      I'm in a supermarket, there is almost total darkness except for some emergency lighting shining from one corner of the ceiling. Giving a green tinge to everything. I am shopping but i am not along. There is a couple shopping also. A woman and man with lank hair, glasses and moustach.
      They go to leave. A worker uses a flashlight to see what they have bought and workout their bill. In the light he sees the man has an ice cream wrapper at the bottom of his other basket. He has been scoffing stuff secretly. The worker in a floursent jacket and cap, glasses, radios security to tell them the man has not been eating a balanced diet.
    3. Disturbed Sleep zzzZz

      by , 11-01-2015 at 11:11 AM
      D1 - Different people are practising dream incubation, involving visualising large vivid colourful png. I can recognise frames are from anime I know. The faster people can do it the higher the score. Background images are also switched in for bonus scores.
      The soundtrack from the opening of Noragami Aregato was playing throughout dream, I have never recalled/noticed sounds before in my dreams.
      (I did actually think about doing exactly this in the day, didn't intend for it to become a dream)

      - Insomnia, there followed me worrying about things for approx 3 hours :/

      D2 - We were trying to escape a large mangy black dog. On a grassy bank, the dog was standing baring its teeth. Someone unknown, sent a big white sheep past at high speed followed by a long heavy wooden plank, tied to the sheep by a length of rope.
      This had the desired effect as the dog looked on in disbelief and while it was still in shock we made our escape. The person who sent the sheep got in trouble when it was later found in a broom cupboard , they lost some of their score and had to do 48000 hours community service.

      D3 - On holiday in England. P is little and holds my hand, we go to visit a church. We are visiting famous churches with high towers on a tourist route ( as you do :p).
      The churches all have hollow towers. The height in feet is shown as 38 for first tower.
      When I step into the tower a float up to the top, then down again upside down. I do this a few times calculating the height of the tower. I dont really like the feeling of disorientation and leave the church. Outside P want to go to a nearby alternative attraction, probably toy shop or amusements. An Uncle is with my parents, he has a serious moustach and tries to get us to come back into the church with them. Despite his continual attempts we leave.

      - laying in bed completely still, I am trying to recall D3. I notice the a feeling and instinctively think it is my wrist, which I hurt. But it is not, it is the sensation or feeling that my arms are either slightly longer than they really are or in a slightly different position. In my minds eye I can make out an x-ray blue and white outline of my bones, as I try to wiggle my fingers slightly. I do this several times, it feels as if my thumb is not really moving but I have sensation of it and in my minds eye it is moving, also my other arm is moving slightly and fingers. But mainly one thumb which I concentrate on. Most weird. Then I can sense things as normal again in the room, without opening my eyes still. All is normal again.
    4. Shortest LD record contender!

      by , 06-13-2014 at 08:45 AM
      I woke up around half four with a vague memory that I had dreamed, so I paused to think about it and remembered that I had become lucid and was walking through a sunny scene. I remembered that I wanted to try out as many RCs as I could remember. I tried to push my fingers through the palm of me left hand and it felt like walking life. I pushed harder and tried a twisting action. Eventually I managed to get half a finger through by wiggling.

      That's it, about four seconds!

      After that I decided to try WILDing but got memorable NLDs.

      1. Playing tennis mixed doubles, our opponents make a tactical error by coming to our side of the net as I deliver a return. I congratulate my partner with a bottom spank. I note that that's not really appropriate but think that it would be OK if I was a girl, so I was. Then the idea of playing not-tennis excites me awake, boo! :-(

      2. At a drama / history workshop, roleplaying with fake beards and moustaches, reliving some historic famine situation. I climb up a step valley side to the top of a cliff where I spot a mirage effect on one of the rocks. I shout down to some people at the bottom of the cliff and then reenact a daring rescue attempt of a girl stuck on the cliff face. Then I go back down to help tidy up the props.


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