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    1. The Tour Guide and the Evil Brother

      by , 09-16-2017 at 04:35 PM
      08-22-2017 -- Unsure how this will come out, how much I'll remember, and whether it will be interesting or not, but we'll give it a try. There were earlier bits, but the first thing I can remember is riding in a sort of passenger van down a street that I've remembered from many other dreams, a slightly smaller road connecting major highways, sometimes in the RPV area, sometimes in Washington, and sometimes in England, kind of connecting Cambridge and London This time is one of the Cambridge ones, and the beautiful blonde 'guide' (for lack of a better term) is commenting how we'll soon be at our destination, and I mention it should be right over the next hill, and then make a big deal about how I remember that from my England trip in '92, even though I have not been back, since.

      There is a guy driving the van, dark hair, fairly slim, but we're told to ignore him, as he 'doesn't exist.' Indication is, the blonde should be driving, and the only person here, but she prefers to have help. She's quite attractive, and a mild flirt, and I can't help but hope something eventually happens with her, but for now she is mostly involved in serving us as a sort of guide. There are several others on the van, including a family with several children, and I am trying to entertain them by picking up some candy and juggling it. There are several small chocolate balls maybe a half inch in diameter, and then I accidentally pick up something that looks much like a Cadbury egg, and hold it up next to the others and comment on "No, that's not right!" and drop it. So I have the three small balls, and I am trying to juggle them, but I can't juggle, so I end up tossing one up and down in my left hand, with two in my right, just tossing them up and catching them with the same hands. The kids know that isn't what juggling is like, so they laugh at my antics, which is what I wanted in the first place.

      Somehow we've eventually arrived in France, and though I don't get the hows or whys of any of it, we all end up strolling into a classroom where the class is in session, and this annoys the professor, who is poking fun at us. The driver, who was the one who brought us here, is being forced to smoke the professor's pipe, and told he needs to cough like the professor before the professor will listen to him. Meanwhile, the professor is blowing smoke in his face. So the guy takes a puff or two on the pipe, then starts blowing odd smoke formations. Instead of 'simple' smoke rings, he is blowing a sort of smoke chain or smoke 'lattice' that kind of reminds me of making balloon chains. Very cool stuff. The Professor seems kind of offended by that, and then asks the driver if he is a secret agent. The driver says no, and the professor answers with 'Well I am, and we've been after you for a while," and arrests he and the gorgeous blonde. Myself and the other passengers are just kind of brushed aside, and left on our own. The blonde tells me not to try and find them, I think, as they are hauled off.

      The family is looking to me for leadership, no idea why, but is ready to throw me off at a moment's notice, so what's the point? They are talking about where to go next, and how to get there, and we get separated for a minute, and I end up spotting the driver and the guide running toward a train station. I guess they managed to escape the folks who had them, and are making a break for it. I chase after them until I reach the ticket takers, who aren't about to let me in without a ticket, but that's ok, I just wanted to get close enough to call out a 'good luck' to the blonde, who has short three letter nickname that is masculine, while she most certainly isn't. It's as if I were calling her Bob, though that wasn't actually it. Anyway, the ticket taker/guard looks at me strangely, but I don't care.

      I run into the family again, and the oldest daughter has decided she wants to go to Publix, because of how great a store it is, and I am kind of surprised to learn that the chain has spread throughout Europe. I'm trying to figure out how to find one, as the others just walk up to a mall directory, and discover a Publix in the mall (which is huge, with something like 6 or 8 'wings' of shops, and much larger than any other mall I've seen before), but of course it is on the entire other side of the mall, and I'm fat and out of shape, so my comment on the whole thing is along the lines of 'of course!' I turn around and discover the family is gone again, so I glance at the map, identify where the Publix ought to be, and try to head off in that direction.

      I'm kind of walking, kind of running, but things get a little strange, as I look in the direction I want to go, and am suddenly moving much quicker, almost like I was riding a segway or something, except there is no equipment, it is just the dream helping me get around more efficiently. I must have made a wrong turn somewhere, as I find myself in a huge hotel on the outskirts of the mall, and since I still need to get to the Publix, I try to turn around to get back where I started. Suddenly I find myself in somebody else's vehicle again, and I come to realize it is Uber, but that Uber is very strange and different in other countries.

      The driver is a sort of a young punk, and quickly runs his very strong car (build like a tank) into the back of a pick-up truck, which knocks it into the smaller car in front of it, which is then knocked through a barricade, as my driver laughs at them. He offers me a couple of tootsie rolls, and I am about to turn it down because I don't like tootsie rolls, when he reminds me that in other countries, Tootsie Rolls are not just the sticks of weird 'chocolate' that isn't quite chocolate, but a wide variety of different treats. I unroll the roll, to discover four pieces of candy of the See's or Russell Stover type inside. Yummy. Meanwhile, the driver has caused another crash that wrecks another car, and leaves his virtually untouched, and he continues to laugh as he explains he is taking out his competition, while refusing to pick up their passengers who are desperate for rides.

      Soon I am back where I started, in the mall, and still trying to get to the Publix, but now I seem to be driving my own French Uber, problem is, I turn onto a highway I hope will take me to the Publix, only to find all the traffic heading directly at me. Forgot I was in Europe, and have to drive on the left side of the road. (Obviously my dream cannot remember that's only the UK!) So I swing off the road and quickly turn around, heading back off the freeway without causing myself or anyone else any trouble. I drive a few meters down, and find the correct entrance, heading the right way, but there is a large gang of bikers parked there. I am worried they might want to cause trouble, but signs and announcements proclaim that biker gangs often help maintain the peace and keep order. What?

      Anyway, momentarily I find myself pushing my way through crowds on a train, as part of another Uber tour where I am just along for the ride, and the person who is in charge is very much like the other punk, and likes to pick up little kids who need to go pee and set them on top of tables so they pee on the tables and when the train shifts, it runs into people's laps, so he can joke about it. These folks are nothing but trouble, and I keep moving along, wanting to make it to the next car, where I find myself sharing space with the gorgeous blonde and her driver again. He's worried to see me, but she's just flirting again, and rubbing up against me, as she tries to 'explain' things without explaining anything. I ask if they heard me call out to them before, but get no answer. Just more flirting from the gorgeous blonde! All I know is I want her, and every time it seems something might happen, he just happens to pop up again, and she says I'll just have to wait and see if he ever lets anything happens! AAUUGGHH!!
    2. Spy Handlers and Guest Stars

      by , 09-12-2017 at 03:41 PM
      07-29-2017 -- Well, this one is strange and abrupt. First thing I can remember, I am walking to Lucky or Thrifty for a bottle of soda, it is late at night, and there is this little kid who is asking me all kinds of questions. All I can remember of the conversation is being very snarky with all my answers. All I remember of the setting is being roughly at Tamarack and Dale, walking along. There is a creepy vibe, nothing with me and the kid, but just an odd feeling that something is wrong, just underlying everything.

      The kid just suddenly reaches the point where he wants to go home, but I still want to get my soda, so he says something that hints at maybe stealing one or something, and I make a snarky comment about hoping he doesn't do so, because that would make him a bad person, instead of the good, but insufferably annoying person that I think he is. Anyway, I buy a two liter of A&W and stick it in my pocket, and we leave the store. We are soon walking on Tamarack headed for Hickory, and as we pass a very large black girl (late teens to early 20s) she makes some sort of rude and slightly threatening comment to me, and I can't figure out why. Can't see anything I've done or said to her to deserve it. Kind of glance at some slightly punk teen blacks in the area who don't seem to have any problem with me, and they just shrug, with no idea.

      The kid sort of vanishes, so we probably passed his house and he wandered off. I am now walking down Hickory, and the ground is very wet, with puddles I am trying to avoid, and a couple of the black punks are doing the same, and we almost kind of get in each others' way in trying to avoid the puddles, but again, it causes no actual problems. Though I almost think there may be issues when I am forced to jump over someone's 10-speed, and I don't jump far enough and land on the middle of it. Thankfully, I am very light on my feet, so no harm done.

      I wander along, now alone, and soon reach Greenleaf and cross over to my own block, and run into friends or associates at the corner house. This gets really weird, really quick. Me and a guy here are good friends, and somehow as a sort of a prank, he has got me dressing up in a powder blue sweater that belongs to one of the girls, and we are making comments to try and make her look at me closely enough to notice. The other girl (both of them are fairly cute at this moment, but that will change quickly) makes a comment about how she fills it out far better than I do, while the other is holding up various bits of lingerie and commenting on how I ought to try wearing the rest of her clothes, and I'm completely out of my depth.

      The comment about filling it out better is becoming absurdly true, as the two girl are morphing into very freakishly odd people. The one whose sweater I am in has now got a set so large they are hanging down past her belly button, but that is almost normal, compared to the other. She is now over seven feet tall, dangerously thin, and wearing a sort of iso-skeleton-like set of crutches to even allow her to stand, while wearing a slightly see-through top, with her pair hanging down to her ankles, looking almost offensively freaky. We're all walking down the street, talking, and our discussion is turning more and more to spies and secret agents and handlers, and things are changing again.

      I am still physically there, but I am turning into someone else, who is kind of whining about who I am being forced to handle, because it turns out the agent (or more properly the 'asset' 'I' am supposed to be keeping under some kind of control is Bellatrix Lestrange, and she's a stone-cold killer and bat-shit crazy), and the whole 'game' is getting out of hand. I turn off to walk into my back yard (though I am not me) when a poorly maintained lime green car turns into the driveway, and I start to run through the side yard toward the alley, because I know it is my handler, and I figure I am either in trouble for not controlling Bellatrix well enough, or for something evil that she's done, and I fear they are either going to kill me, or force me to do something horrible, so I am on the run.

      Expecting to be shot at any moment, I dodge sideways through the supposed fence between my yard and the neighbors' yard, then into the alley and down a few yards. As the scene starts, I am Harold Finch from Person of Interest, but within a few seconds, he's the handler that I am running from.

      There has just been a lightning strike, moments before I reached one place in the alley, and I climb the fence into a backyard that just had its satellite dish fried, where I run into a slightly older version of Claudia Christian, who is my sister or my girlfriend (not sure which), who is also forced to handle a crazed psychopath, and we're muttering about getting out of the 'game' while grabbing our things and trying to run out onto Dale and away, when we come face to face with another agent who looks kind of like a near-death Carrie Fisher with a gun ready to shoot us if we don't stop. Very strange and disjointed.
    3. Shootout in New York City

      by , 09-12-2017 at 02:54 PM
      07-28-2017 -- Starts slowly. Driving around Orlando, trying to figure out how to get certain places. Taking what is probably to 408 to it's end over by UCF, but calling it one of the odd-numbered toll roads like the 417 or 429. Eventually somewhere more over near downtown, wandering around with Dale, and perhaps KPSB or Nick W. Maybe. Anyway, there is somebody that is somewhat punk-ish, but I still think or still hope is OK, and Dale ends up painting their picture, and does a remarkably decent job at it, so they don't destroy it or tear it up, but let him continue. Meanwhile, a cat gets its head stuck under a rock, and four or five other cats and kittens help to move the rock enough to free it and save it. Cool.

      Meanwhile, there are a couple of girls, seemingly somewhat homeless or something, possibly with several kinds of various ages that they are trying to care for, and I am helping them put some groceries in a fridge, while a couple of older ladies come by who seem to be trying to help them out a bit. They seem to be trying to provide significant help, because they have bought 5 or 6 prepaid trac-phones for the girls to use, which seems like a fairly good investment for a couple of girls who they've just run into on the streets. Problem is, the girls seem to be involved with the punk and his friends, who are also punks, and who no longer have anything to do with people I know.

      The punks are seeming to get more threatening, and because I dare even talk to the girls, are starting to push me around slightly and act like they may be starting to steal some of my stuff. Anyway, things move on a bit, and I have hiked through the downtown area for a distance, until I run into several of the girls and kids again, near the hospital, where they seem to be trying to get some help, trying to sign up for benefits or something, while seeking minor medical aid. A bunch of us are sitting in the area, and being called on one at a time to speak forth our relationship, and I end up calling out something like concerned bystander, and am trying to help out by explaining the ladies who helped them out with the prepaid phones in the hopes that it will help them get benefits. But the guy in charge is explaining how the biggest need is for a stable address where they can get mail which is not owned by the council. (Yes, my dream is starting to sound British here.)

      Eventually I leave the hospital, and head back to the area where I started in, and am starting to gather up my things, but a couple of the punks are coming back and becoming a problem again. I try to get rid of them, both by sending them off to the hospital, and by warning them that the girls are my friends, and they will be mad at them if they pick on me, but they continue lightly shoving me, and making grabs for some of my stuff. By this point, I've packed all my stuff up, and am wearing two large backpacks (one of them a European-style hiking pack) and pulling two large suitcases, and am simply trying to get away. I've got my Corolla parked around the corner, but they have at least one motorcycle, so I don't want to lead them to it, but want to lose them, first, then get in the car and drive away.

      There are a couple of uniformed cops standing around, and I am considering going to them for help, but I decide against it for now, and move a block over and head down the road a bit. At one point I put a little distance between myself and the guy following me, but then a lady gets knocked to the ground by the crowd and he helps her back up, and says something about being an Uber driver. I ask him about it a few minutes later, and he admits he is not, and says he just said that because I was an Uber driver. Odd stuff.

      We wander through a flea market-like area where I am glancing at some used books, but it is getting late and the place is shutting down and locking up, so we have to reverse directions and get out of there, which leads back to walking back the way we came, near where all this started. The one punk is still keeping an eye on me for all the other punks, and I am getting desperate enough to consider approaching the cops to ask for help. If they can distract and hold off the punks for a few minutes, I might be able to get my car and drive away. The problem is, though the cops have not stopped us from walking back into the area (strangely), they are in the middle of blocking everything off, and are holding machine guns in their hands at the ready.

      I realize that something is going down, and glancing up, see another machine gun sticking out a window, but notice it is a cop holding it. Things are obviously getting very tense, and suddenly something seems to break, and more and more shots start ringing out. Cops are firing up into the buildings towering around us (this is starting to look far less Orlando, and far more NYC) and people are firing down from the buildings into the cops. I see a couple of cops shot, and collapsing to the ground, bleeding heavily. There is a seemingly homeless woman who is calling out, demanding to give her back her gun, as she could use it better than the person who currently has is, and it seems she may be under cover, but she's shot down. By this time, several of us innocent bystanders are cowering on the grounds. I am actually underneath my backpacks and suitcases, which probably makes me a fair bit safer.

      More people are being shot, and several of us are just huddling here, but several others are grabbing us, and pulling us under and inside some of the buildings, hoping to get us out of range of the shooters. Some of the people have been shot, and are bleeding as they are being pulled along, but the ones pulling are hoping they are only minorly injured. Others, like myself, are unharmed, but either in shock or playing dead, and just being pulled along. Big sections on buildings are swinging up or down on large hydraulic systems, opening or closing access to large areas, and we are worried because we don't know what is happening.

      One lady (older than the teen girls looking for help, but seemingly younger than the middle aged ladies who were helping) who seems to be in her late 30s or early 40s sees me being dragged along there, and seems to be worried about me, and she is kind of cute, so I am considering getting up and speaking to her, but that's about when I woke up.
    4. At Mammoth, Trying to Reach Unexplored Areas, Rock Throwing at Eisenhower, Sailing Disney

      by , 06-27-2017 at 11:59 AM
      06-25-2017 -- The first thing I can remember, I am wandering around in some of the outermost bits of Mammoth Cave, just puttering around, part of a small group which is being shown around. I am hoping to get into some of the deeper, less well-known portions of the cave, but the people showing us around have no intentions of letting us get deeper in, and deny the existence of the deeper sections, while I'm catching glimpses of of branches I can remember from other dreams that lead to dangerous or tricky sections of the cave.

      Soon we're outside the cave with cliffs looming above us, and there are some falling rocks which we have to dodge to remain safe. It is pretty easy, and fine, when it is just a few random rocks falling, but soon it is determined action of punks up above who are pushing them down, trying to nail us with them. So we're running around this way and that, trying to get out of the way. Soon this leads to being in more of a river-like area that is half circular river, half Eisenhower Park river (I've drempt of this before) and instead of throwing things on us from above, the natives of the area are throwing things at us from within the river, or on the banks. Still dodging though. (And somehow part of it is happening at the edge of Holly Way. Weird.)

      Somehow things are turning into a Disney thing, and I'm now trying to sail a small sail boat through the river, which is drying up badly, and somehow I end up 'jumping' the boat over a barrier, and into a restricted lake filled with rare sea-life. I know I am not allowed in here, but am hoping not to get in too much trouble, since I am not trying to go down into the water, but am simply sailing on top of it. Meanwhile, I am stuck in one end of the lake or enclosure, with the wind against me, so have to (and know how to) tack the sails to sail (quite fast) against the wind to the other end of the lake. Seemed much more detailed when I dreamed it, but has faded and can't be remembered well.
    5. Runescape Farming (and Other Games) Turns to Flying thru a Balloon Convention, Flash Flood in P-Lot

      by , 06-27-2017 at 11:40 AM
      06-17-2017 -- No idea where I am or what is really going on. This dream was earlier in the night, and I have had more time to forget it, and it made less actual sense, anyway. Somehow I am standing in front of a sort of farm plot that looks like a Runescape allotment patch, and I am sort of planting plants or pulling them up or something, except I think I am mystery shopping (or at least laying out my route for mystery shopping, which makes no sense. Doubly so, since I am stopping at every fourth plant, like I am laying out a tram line on Locomotion. Just very strange.

      As I'm working on this, a friend walks up to me (it's probably Nick Vasile), asking me questions about electronics bits and things, and I am carrying a bunch of stuff with me. I have a computer, keyboard, drive, monitor, the whole line-up in my arms, and I also have a large white something (book? Drawing pad?) that I have found or purchased or whatever. The location stays largely the same (the farming patch is just there) even though the focus of the dream is changing, and I find that I am at a balloon convention or possibly a clown convention (I only see balloons, no other clown 'arts' being shown or talked about, but some people are wandering in clown makeup.)

      The large white thing is now something clown-related, but still I have no clue what, and I am being warned by a couple of friends that the person who is in charge of the whole thing is somebody that doesn't like me. So I end up wandering off and just leaving my stuff sitting there, as I wander through a lot of the building, seeing a few people twisting balloons, and a couple of people giving lectures, and just wandering around a bit.

      I spot the guy who is in charge (he looks like a thinner, younger Ronald Cross [who is/was probably a perfectly nice guy ... I don't know because I never had a conversation with him ... but something about his face always looked unhappy, in or out of clown make-up] and manage to avoid him, but it is getting more and more crowded, and to have more room, I start kind of jumping up on walls and things, and kind of flying around the place, maybe about fifteen feet in the air. Soon I'm being confronted by the guy who is in charge, and he is infuriated that I am flying around the place, because only he is allowed to fly around here! Since I am a far better flyer than the hypocrite, I decide to just ignore him, fly higher, until I am up in the ceiling, and he's struggling to follow me, and then just fly back to my stuff and leave.

      So I make it back out of the building to the farm patch (which is finally not a farm patch, but a bunch of dealer tables set up outside) and am trying to gather my stuff back up together and stick it in a large backpack, and I turn out to be just in time, because a couple of people are poking through my stuff, thinking it is stuff being sold by the dealers, and I kind of have to pull it from their hands and explain "Um ... that's already mine, sorry." I'm trying to get my stuff together quickly enough to get out of there before the guy who doesn't like me can catch up, but Nick's computer has had a system crash, and he needs my help to copy over part of the system from my computer to repair his. Problem is, we may not even be using the same brand of operating system, which is just making things more troublesome.

      Add to that, we're outside, and it has just begun to storm, with fairly heavy rain and lots of lightning starting to flash. I'm trying to pull the computer stuff under a small awning, and thinking it really is time to get out of here, when the punk leader shows up and starts making threats (yet is worried about the lightning, even as he tries to make light of the danger), when we are interrupted by somebody reporting the storm is causing mass flash flooding that is on it's way, and he points at a small hill a short distance away where I parked my car when I arrived this morning, and mentions anyone who is parked over there better get their cars moved before the flood waters arrive.

      So I grab all my stuff best as I can, and start to fly over there, looking for my car as waters begin flowing into the area. You would think the hill, being higher ground, would be safe, but no such thing. The car park that was a flat collection of marked spaces this morning has turned into a multi-floor parking structure with all but the very top level being inside the hill, underground. Secondly, there are a tremendous number of cars, and like in another recent dream -here-, to fit them all in and save space, they've kind of been shrunk down. The waters are pouring in, the structure is being destroyed, and actually the whole scene looks a lot like that other dream, except this time we aren't in any danger, just our cars are being ruined.

      So as I fly through this ever-more-flooded mess, looking for my car, the structure is getting deeper and deeper, and each time there is always another level to go down. The water is kind of reversing the shrinking process on the cars, but not properly, so you end up with cars that have returned to their normal size for most of the length of the car, but then perhaps the entire engine compartment will still be six inches deep, six inches tall, and about a foot wide, warping out to a normal-sized car. I'm having no luck finding my car because there are so many gray Toyotas in the world, so I start using my keys to try and beep the car, and each time I do, in the distance I can see a plume of water spray into the air. I approach the spray and finally find my car, in the deepest level of the structure, filled with water (hence the spray) and only half-unshrunk, and I pull it free and start trying to pull out the shrunk portions of the car and kind of shake it back into proper size and form. Weird.
    6. Trying to go Shopping, Attacked by Dinosaurs with Machine Guns, Weird Dorm, Kicked Out

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:58 PM
      06-13-2017 -- Shopping at Publix, and actually making a comment during the dream about 'where shopping is supposed to be a pleasure.' Wandering around the place quite a bit, though I can't fully remember why. What I can remember is going out to the car (white Corolla, for some odd reason) several times. One time, I was kind of being half-followed around the store by a couple of troublemakers who would literally bump into me now and then, and trying to cause trouble. Another time, while I was out at the car, I opened the trunk and found three black or dark blue ski masks that had a really creepy vibe to them.

      Back into the store, and pushing around a shopping cart trying to find a place where I can take it in or out, grabbing food, and trying to check it out with one of the cashiers, then head back outside. This time I glance up to see a couple of T-Rex-like dinosaurs off in the distance, waving around machine guns and heading our way. People start screaming, including myself (no real surprise), and we try to run back into the store, but the dinosaurs are moving too quickly, and are firing at us. I act like I've been hit and drop to the ground, playing dead, but it doesn't seem to fool the dinosaur, because he walks right up to me and starts firing the gun directly at my head. I am getting quite a headache from this, but other than that, suffer no real harm.

      So since the dinosaur is still shooting me and playing dead isn't doing much good, I hop to my feet, and just turn to walk in the store, which really freaks the dinosaur out. As I step inside, the place is a mess. There are wounded and blood everywhere. Some are sick (mentally) because of what they've seen, and are throwing up. There's a really dark, spooky, apocalyptic feel to the whole thing, with the slightest hint of zombies. I take the escalators up to the third floor, where I wander into a sort of a homeless shelter-style dorm room with bunk beds all around. One poor, deluded soul is painting scripture-sounding verses on the walls, but he's really messed up, and the verses are twisted, inaccurate, and foolish.

      We're all just kind of standing around and talking, and I mention I've got some creepy ski masks if anybody needs them, though I say I have no idea where they came from, and nobody seems to much care. At one point, they open up a roll-up door in the northeast wall, and a whole bunch of people come marching in, four abreast, looking almost like they are on a stand-up roller coaster. Somehow they don't want to be here, and have volunteered to all be shot out of a giant slingshot ... and remember, we're on the third floor, here. It's really screwy. Anyway, once they've been shot out, we're all kind of congregating around the door into the dorm, discussing how that was wrong and freaky, and in just kind of shuffling around, I step through the door without even meaning to.

      Lights start flashing and an alarm starts blaring, and I'm a little freaked out as everybody else steps back from me. It turns out I've now been here for something like three years or something, but I never realized that once we entered the dorm, we're not allowed to exit it unless they ask us to. Some guy dressed up in a sort of monk's habit walks up to me, and is kind of pushing me along, while asking if I thought I could just pretend the whole thing never happened, and I hopefully say something like "Well, I'd be glad to," but he's not allowing it. They open the roll-up door again, and are pushing me into a sort of parachute harness kind of thing, then I'm pushed out the door. I drop the three floors, but the harness keeps me safe, and when I hit the ground I take it off and drop it.

      I'm in what used to be the open parking lot of the Publix, but it has now been converted into a covered parking structure with soldiers kind of wandering around. I glance around to see where the soldiers are and who else is around, and see a strange figure that I could swear I half-remember from some sort of movie or TV show, but can't remember what. The guy seems like a cross between Trick (the mayor's assistant from BtVS) and the Joker, or just some weird guy in a sort of jester costume, but he kind of tilts his head, gives me an odd look, and dances a few steps of an odd little jig that makes it look like he is a marionette or something. I know I should remember this, but I just can't place it.

      Crouched down on the ground and muttering to himself is somebody I kind of recognize. It is mostly Tom Courtney, with just a hint of Miles O'Brien thrown in, and he's kind of muttering to himself, something about how God has told him to wait here, and he's trusted, and waited, and been left alone, and it seems he has probably been waiting for me. Meanwhile, there's this whole sort of Logan's Run kind of vibe going on, as all the soldiers and creepy people keep kind of starting to approach us, then back off, because the spot on Tom's hand is green, and the spot that was on my hand has kind of been painted over white, because I was thrown out of the dorms, but God protected me from the gun, and is still protecting me, and since neither of us have the red spot, they can't come after us, but they keep trying to start in our direction, anyway. Meanwhile, I am just looking around the parking lot, trying to find out where my white Corolla is. Strange! Very strange.
    7. Renting a Car for a Trip, Nobody Has Any, Fight with Punk

      by , 12-01-2015 at 04:09 AM
      11-30-2015 -- Can't remember most of the earlier parts. Might have been a touch of mystery shopping stuff, and at some point there was something about a diner, I think, but very little that I can actually remember. The first thing I really do remember, I am going on some sort of trip and need a rental car, so I've stopped by the downtown Enterprise office.

      The problem is, they are out of cars and don't have one for me, so they are sending me to one of the other offices to get a car, and drive me over there in a golf cart. So now I am standing in the other location office, and am trying to repack my stuff. Somehow I am laying out shirts and pants and the like, and then folding them into a couple of pieces of wood, to where they are somehow compacted down into a folded up piece of 2x4. Very strange.

      Meanwhile, this location doesn't have a car for me either, and say they will send me back to the first location (which now supposedly does), except they keep getting busy with other customers, and are having problems getting me back to the downtown branch.

      Eventually the guy who is supposed to drive me pulls out in a sort of a cross between a tractor and a golf cart (think of something like what pulls the Disney parking lot trams) and is ready to drive me back ... except that he doesn't want to wait for me to get on, and just starts driving to the edge of the driveway, ready to turn onto the road. So I am running to catch up, and jump on the end of a transporter type of trailer, which had a spot at the end where there are no handholds or anything, but the thing simply slopes down to meet the point where it is hooked up to the part he is driving, and I'm trying to not go too far and slide down that and fall into the street.

      Meanwhile, the driver and a guy in another vehicle are sitting there and kind of sword fighting with each other from their seats with long boxes, using them like swords. Weird stuff. Meanwhile, there is a black guy who looks a lot like that guy talking about aliens on one of the theoretically more educational TV channels who is objecting to something I am saying, claiming that I am racist, and I can't say that. Thing is, nothing that I am saying has anything to do with race, or blacks or anything.

      I tell him I will say what I like, and he pulls a knife and tells me we're not going to have things like that going. I give him a good bit of a knock down, and throw away his knife, and tell him I don't have any problem with blacks, but nobody tells me what I can and can't say ... and anybody who pulls a knife on me is going to get their butts whooped.
    8. Melting Pot Shop Goes Wrong

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:17 AM
      10-01-2015 -- So I didn't write this down, and am putting it on computer a day late, so don't know how well I will remember this. It seems I am out doing a dinner mystery shop at somewhere that may be a cross between Miller's Ale House and Texas Roadhouse, and it is my assignment to eat a lot of courses, and I'm having myself a really good meal. The problem is, I'm not completely sure what I need to order, so I excuse myself for a few minutes to go out to my car to get my paperwork and check it to make sure I am doing things right.

      So I get out to the car (the silver Lexus) and grab the paperwork, but almost immediately am attacked by a punk who is trying to take it away from me. He looks like the blond punk from the original Karate Kid movie. I won't let go of the paperwork, and we are wrestling for a bit, and he is warning me that I am really going to regret this, but somehow I manage to get free, and return to the restaurant. When I get back in, they are slightly upset with me, because they thought I'd run off without paying, but I explain I simply needed to get something, and now I am back, and need to order dessert.

      I am trying to order some sort of special I'd seen advertised on a sign earlier in the meal, which was some sort of seven scoop sundae, but a different advertisement is showing now, so they are trying to put in an order for the wrong item. It's a bit confusing, and I just can't seem to get what I want to get, which is annoying. So soon I find myself getting ready to leave the place, but I seem to be leaving in a dream or a day dream or something, where I walk out into the parking lot, and approach my car to find that the punk and his gang have really done a number on it. They've stolen the tires, broken the windows, stolen everything from inside, removed the bumpers, and more. I'm left with a car that is just a somewhat mangled frame.

      And yet, I haven't gotten out there yet. I'm just imagining what could have happened. But then I walk out into the strip mall parking lot, and am looking for my car, and it is parked a lot closer than it was, and the gang is at it, doing the kinds of things I had imagined, but they are still at it. I had just seen a security guard, so I am calling for help, while taking pictures of the main thug with my new video camera, and he is just smirking at me, and warning me 'You just don't get it, do you?' And I am left with a bit of an impression that the local cops are corrupt, and will ignore his crimes, and that there is a good chance that instead of getting him in trouble, they may arrest me, even though they have no reason to. But I still need to pursue this, so I am wandering along the strip mall, past the comic book store, and the Melting Pot (which is what the restaurant I was eating at has turned into), looking for the police station.
    9. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 09-02-2015 at 05:32 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Catching up on a few days worth of notes.

      Still gonna try to keep this under the ~30 minute limit writing constraint.


      Staying in a bed and breakfast, an alien podship smashes into the window, docking similarly to Halo 2's first mission. A severed head speaks the intentions of the immature xenomorphs that spill from the small ship, into the room. They seek only our love, adoration, and worship. Only if necessary will they subsume control of our brains and bodies. Euphoria awaits those who submit.

      I make up some excuse and nope the fuck out the front door.

      Running down the town's main road at super-speeds, I'm stuck behind a bicyclist. I'm pretty sure he's a coworker. I don't want to be rude and pass him, so I make the first available turn between a row of houses, and continue on my path by taking a turn on a road parallel to the main one. I slow as I approach the market. It's really more of a bazaar with open-air shops and colorful awnings lit solely by starlight, all set atop grey cobblestone.

      Samael's there, attending to one of the shops. I head into Samael's shop and pull out a copy of Agricola for inspection, since the shop specializes in fixing issues with board games or something. I don't quite remember. As I'm lifting the cover, Samael hastily warns me, but it's too late. A bunch of cardboard meeples scatter across the floor as other patrons crowd around. Graciously, Samael helps me pick them up and place them back in the box, the contents of which look more like Five Tribes than Agricola.

      After leaving the mall, K and I walk into a golden and brown hued cafe alongside the street. A bunch of people from high school and college are there. They're glaring, murder in their eyes. K is unsurprisingly oblivious to the mood in the room. He takes a seat, and I follow suit.

      Someone's dead, and I think I might be involved. At the very least, the CEO suspects me. I'm sure that's why I passed hotel security on my way to the stairs. And it's definitely why I jumped down the little square hole between the spiraling stairwell, letting gravity pull me down the hundred or so stories to the ground floor. That should buy me some time.

      Walking through the hotel's grand hall, I take in the extravagance. Around me austere columns stand amidst dark oak tables. Whilst underfoot, a lush carpet with elegant gold inlays cushions my every step. It's not as vivid as it could be. In fact, I notice the dream wavering a bit and muse to myself about the false notion that all lucid dreams are vividly realistically. Vividness is a choice, I remind myself with a smirk, stabilizing the dream around me to life-like realism and stepping out onto the deck, where many of the guests have already gathered. The view is breathtaking. A number of curved, ancient buildings hug the glittering lake below. Towering high above, all perfectly illuminated by varying gradients of blue, pink, purple, and red. To my left, a waterfall spills lazily from the window of one of the stone marvels. I fly to it, cresting over the falling water and landing on the grassy overlook above.

      Some punks are acting up in the parking lot. I can tell they've targeted me, so I untarget myself and pass through without incident.

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    10. Christmas Theft at the Church

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:05 AM
      07-16-2013 -- This one starts off with mom somehow driving me to church at the Buena Park Church of the Nazarene, though I have no idea what she drove me in. We park in the parking lot, and head inside for services. The church is very crowded and there isn't a lot of room in the pews. I head up near the choir loft, but I have no voice, so I know I can't sing with them. For some reason I don't feel much like a full, organized church service today anyway, so I take one of the hallways to the back of the building and up the stairs to where we used to meet as teens.

      I figure I'll find an empty room and just kind of hide out and read my Bible, but they've converted the entire upper floor into a single huge room without even a corridor, and I know I don't belong there. They are (politely) throwing out another adult who doesn't belong, but I turn around and head back down the stairs without needing to be asked to leave. I walk out the back door and just stand there for a minute or two, looking at the freeway and wondering if I want to walk home from here, remembering some of the trouble I have run into doing so in past dreams.

      While I am thinking about this, a huge bus pulls on to the median and stops, across the way on the freeway, and Brazilian tourists come flooding off. For some reason they are pulling down the fence separating the freeway from the road, and soon they are storming across the road to where I am standing. It must be the Christmas season, because both of the rear doors have strings of lights around them, and three huge colored light bulbs, as well, and for some reason the Brazilians decide they are going to steal our Christmas decorations.

      I try to stop them, but there are too many. I threaten to call 911, but they laugh at me and say they'll be gone long before the police can get here, and start back to their bus, our decorations in hand. They seem to have trouble with the bus, though, and can't leave as quickly as they want to, and I rush across the street to try and see the license plate of the bus before it drives off, but it moves too quickly for me, causing another accident.

      Almost instantly after that, the police arrive, trying to find out what they can about the accidents, and the bus that just drove by. I try to tell them about the tourists and the perloined Christmas decorations, but they don't want to listen, feeling the accident is much more important to investigate. I try to explain it was the same bus, and give them my information, but they refuse to hear me and I finally stalk off in disgust, and walk back to the church to talk to the assistant pastor, Terry. I apologize for 'losing' the decorations, and he admits it is not that important, and decides perhaps they needed them more than we did.
    11. Showering in Bed and Harry Potter Mysteries

      by , 01-06-2013 at 08:18 AM
      01-04-2013 -- [Fragmented, bits of stuff all over the place. Last dream of the night, after other short fragmented ones, and one long, detailed one.] Watching a new episode of Doctor Who which features yet another return of Amy Pond. Moment by moment it seems to be less and less a show, and more and more, real life.

      There are hints of some kind of sex, but no memories, so I have no idea of who with. Eventually I find I am sleeping on mom and dad's bed in the Hickory house. My friend Cheyanne K comes bustling into the room, telling me to wake up, and asking if I plan to sleep all day, then she walks out. I do wake up, and start to get out of bed, but she walks in again to urge me to hurry, and I have to suddenly start covering up my nudity.

      I turn on the water, and start showering in bed! Water, sweat, and bits of gunk are rinsing off my body, and soon I am trying to direct little bits of gunk in the bed to rinse into a place where my mom's weight has torn the mattress, and the springs are sticking out. Seems to serve as a sort of drain for the shower in the bed.

      Soon I am dressed and wandering about the house. There is something about a documentary on a Mormon who had ten wives, and I'm thinking to myself that even if I am not a Mormon, and don't believe in their religion, the documentary is really biased and unfair.

      Soon I find I am sitting in my bed, in my bedroom, writing books. I have just finished the second book in a series which focus around the character of Harry Potter, wizard, but are mysteries. I've decided to title it And Then There Were Two and none of my friends like the name. They tell me it has already been used, and is a bad name anyway, and I really ought to worry about writing the books, and let the publisher bother with the titles! I try and explain it is a parody (probably on Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None), but nobody wants to listen.

      And then things switch to where I am living it instead of writing it, running around chasing suspects, being chased by crooks, and having a good time, but most of the details not vivid enough to remember. Soon a bunch of us are standing around talking, when some girl lifts her shirt, and we all start to feel her up, except she doesn't have all that good of breasts, and we're all kind of 'meh' about it. Fragmentary and weird.
    12. 11/30/2010 - "Punks 'n a Bat"

      by , 12-06-2010 at 09:43 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One:
      "Punks 'n a Bat"

      I was in some sort of older city. It was modern, but just seemed like an old, sea town. The Keys, maybe. MJ was hanging out with the group, and there were a bunch of punks that were going around and starting shit with people. They came up to our group, and one of them started hitting on MJ. She dismissed him by saying something really slick, and he didn't like it. He stepped up to her, as if he was going to hit her, and I stepped between them. The dude just got in my face and glared at me, anxiously rocking side-to-side. He was shorter than me. I could see in his eyes that he wanted nothing more than to fight me...but he was scared. Had I been someone smaller, he would have relished the chance, but he saw the way I was looking back at him; cool and calm. He knew that I knew I could kick his ass. From behind him, his friends moved in closer, silently signaling to him that they had his back. I knew my friends were standing behind me, as well, so I wasn't really too worried about his squad. He ended up trying something on me. We made a brief exchange of movements, and I ended up dumping him over the short, rope fence on the marina, and into the ocean. I don't really remember his friends trying anything at the moment.

      Later, I was walking through the streets, by myself. Still, obviously, in this old, red brick town. Cutting down a wide alleyway, I came upon the same kid from earlier. This time, he was alone, as well. He had something in his hand, though...a baseball bat. We were walking straight toward one another, at the time that we noticed each other. Recognizing me, he ran toward me. I wasn't going to run from him, and the best thing I figured I could do was slip into a range a little too close for him to effectively swing the bat. In a somewhat surprising mood, knowing that he was going to swing the bat as soon as I came in range, I slid to the ground, leaning backward to let the bat pass right over my head. I goofed, though, coming to a sliding stop in front of him after having not traveled far enough. He looked down at me and swung the bat down in my direction, from above. I rolled to the side and stood up, rushing in toward him again. He took one more swing, but I was already in too close. Bracing my left arm for an impact, I swung it up in an outward block, taking a shot from the lower half of the bat while I stepped further in. Confident that I was going to be too close for him to do much damage with it, I completely ignored the impact, now face to face with him. I could tell he wasn't expecting me to just step into his attack like that. I caught just a glimpse of it, when grabbing him by the collar, just before dropping him to the ground with an immediate hay-maker.

      Once again, I ran into the boy and his entourage, later the same day. They wanted absolutely no problems, and were trying to act all nice.

      Dream (Frag) Two:
      I had put together an experimental, makeshift ultralight, in front of my house, out in Canterbury. Apparently, this thing was remote controlled. I don't even remember whether or not it had a seat in it. I had a companion in this dream, who was a small, talking, shape-shifting animal 'demon' (I watched The Golden Compass, for the first time, last night), which just kind of scurried around me, the whole time. Not sure whether or not I could have actually ridden this ultra-light, I took it for a test flight, using the remote control and driving it around the grass around the ditch outside my house. The body of this 'plane' was made out of a lawnmower. And since I couldn't yet figure out how to fly the thing, it was going around in circles and actually mowing the grass. Lol. I finally figured out how to get it in the air, and it took a short flight over the ditch, just before rounding a huge tree, quickly descending, and smashing into my friend Jesse's mom's house. However, instead of being Jesse's mom and dad, who lived there, it was Todd's mom, and a different husband than the one she has now. Pretty random.