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    1. My Strange Music Video

      by , 08-12-2018 at 08:59 AM
      Night of August 12, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time: 1 min 29 sec. Readability score: 73.

      I had made a music video of one of my songs. An unknown male happily praises my work, saying how “perfect” it is. I had supposedly not seen it for a long time.

      The video recording is somehow on an audio cassette. (I have not recorded on audio cassettes for years.) I notice that the tape, in a cassette deck about three feet below the monitor and vertically oriented, had been left near the middle and I remember that not having a cassette tape rewound when not in use exposes the surface and might cause wow and flutter and damage the area. I start to play it, but it is about a minute into the song, so I rewind it to the beginning of the video.

      “My” song turns out to be a strange version of “Sloop John B.” It mostly features me standing and singing in front of the sides of old ships. I am singing out of key. My voice is wavering and is annoying. Not all the words are the same as the original song, but I eventually make out, “So hoist up the John B’s sail. See how the mainsail sets.”

      In the last scene, I notice a cannon pointed towards the viewer, on the right of where I am standing in a closeup shot from my chest up. It appears to be protruding from behind a tarpaulin.

      My dream is a typical mix of associations that are unrelated. The main idea comes from sailing, as I had been using the word “oneironaut” (“dream sailor”) in some dream-related essays I had recently been writing. (Boats and water occur regularly in my dreams as it is.) Another word I had been using recently is “canon,” though related to known facts about my dreaming history. (In contrast, there are photographs from when I was about four, where I sat astride a cannon in a park.) Being the video’s last scene, it is the reactive representation of the cessation of the dream state. (Additionally, it may be a phallus association that reflects a need to wake and use the bathroom). In real life, I had recently made a video of a recent track of mine, but there are no vocals.

    2. At Mammoth, Trying to Reach Unexplored Areas, Rock Throwing at Eisenhower, Sailing Disney

      by , 06-27-2017 at 11:59 AM
      06-25-2017 -- The first thing I can remember, I am wandering around in some of the outermost bits of Mammoth Cave, just puttering around, part of a small group which is being shown around. I am hoping to get into some of the deeper, less well-known portions of the cave, but the people showing us around have no intentions of letting us get deeper in, and deny the existence of the deeper sections, while I'm catching glimpses of of branches I can remember from other dreams that lead to dangerous or tricky sections of the cave.

      Soon we're outside the cave with cliffs looming above us, and there are some falling rocks which we have to dodge to remain safe. It is pretty easy, and fine, when it is just a few random rocks falling, but soon it is determined action of punks up above who are pushing them down, trying to nail us with them. So we're running around this way and that, trying to get out of the way. Soon this leads to being in more of a river-like area that is half circular river, half Eisenhower Park river (I've drempt of this before) and instead of throwing things on us from above, the natives of the area are throwing things at us from within the river, or on the banks. Still dodging though. (And somehow part of it is happening at the edge of Holly Way. Weird.)

      Somehow things are turning into a Disney thing, and I'm now trying to sail a small sail boat through the river, which is drying up badly, and somehow I end up 'jumping' the boat over a barrier, and into a restricted lake filled with rare sea-life. I know I am not allowed in here, but am hoping not to get in too much trouble, since I am not trying to go down into the water, but am simply sailing on top of it. Meanwhile, I am stuck in one end of the lake or enclosure, with the wind against me, so have to (and know how to) tack the sails to sail (quite fast) against the wind to the other end of the lake. Seemed much more detailed when I dreamed it, but has faded and can't be remembered well.
    3. 31th of August: Games, death and concern (4 non-lucid dreams)

      by , 08-31-2016 at 10:36 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      1:00 - 6:40
      Demonic Crime Scene
      I'm a disembodied observer inside a game world. I follow a playable character around as a youtuber, Rockleesmile aka Nick, talks about the game. I just see the game, but Nick's voice is easy to recognize. Nick is giving praise to this game and calls it Dead Space 2. The playable character does look like Isaac, but the game is an open world puzzle game with monsters that remind me of Dark Souls. Then Nick shows me the jetpack and how fast you can go with it. I am impressed. It looks fun. My memory here is a bit fuzzy, but I feel like I took over the playable character for a while to just fly around the level.

      I continue as a cameraman. Nick explains that he has been stuck on this level for a long time. He goes into a large metallic building with wandering demons and two robots. These robots switch between a sad expression to a happy one. The two seem to be important to the puzzle. I force Nick to focus on this. With my influence, he solves the puzzle. The two robots start to fight and draw attention of a tiny demon that is wandering outside. This little black, transparent blob that's no bigger than my fist. The demon is annoyed by this fighting inside the building. It slaughters all the robots and demons inside the building. The path in no longer blocked.

      I manifest a body and go deeper into this building. There's a crime scene and I have to solve puzzles, a lot of evidence on the ground. There is a cross on the ground made of black smoke. Red light shines from inside the smoke periodically. There are glowing red marks on the ground, about 15 of them. There is a big orb floating in the middle, I know that it's a soul. It's black, indicating that it belongs to a demon. There is a calendar on the ground and small vials on certain dates. I investigate these vials, at least one of them should have glowing green liquid inside. I break the first one I pick up. I notice that it's hard to do things that require precision, I feel like I'm drunk. (I should have RCed.)

      WBTB from 6:40 to 7:10

      Short dream: Hanna and Tuomas called me. They asked why I hadn't contacted in a long while. I started telling them about my health problems. As I focused on talking, my mind wandered like it does in waking life. The result of this inside a dream is a new dream scene. I was flying above a small fantasy village, like Shire from LotR, while still on the phone with Hanna. Hanna and Tuomas were very understanding. (It's like I see a dream with my mind's eye, while focusing on something else. I do it all the time. I also woke up after this.)

      Fighting Tooth Fairy
      I see a map and believe that I'm on a sailing ship. I'm trying to find the dock. I zoom in the map, but it doesn't help me too much. I force my vision out of the map, we are about to crash otherwise. As the map closes, my vision is in the sky, same angle as Diablo-games. The ship hits the dock and disappears. The crew is safely on the dock. A bit bizarre, I think. The wooden planks of the dock are a few centimeters underwater.

      Dream skips a bit. I'm a cameraman again, following my brother's character. He went inland from the dock and is fighting a fleshy bull monster. I tell him how the monsters in this area are difficult. A charge attack will straight up kill you. Then I remember that my brother is level 38 and I was here at level 20. I tell him he might be ok. My brother is using a bow and arrow.

      The next monster he encounters is a massive black salamander like creature with a large head and a huge mouth. The monster has small dragonfly-like wings. Reminds me of Dark Souls a lot. The arrows are not doing anything. I notice that the monster opens it's mouth periodically. I tell my brother to aim for it's mouth. My brother does so and it seems to work. A bright white light shoots out of the beasts mouth. Then we see a huge crystal inside it's mouth. The monster stops fighting us. It congratulates us on figuring out his weakness. I ask what the things around his neck are. "Extra teeth. I'm a tooth fairy."

      The monster goes back down to a small canyon it crawled out of. We approach the edge of it. There is a small giant lying dead in the canyon. The corpse has some sick armor on. "Can we take those boots?" I ask the tooth fairy. "Sure, you earned it. Just take the boots though." The boots are shiny white metal. (And I think the real name for these are greaves and sabatons) I still have no body and my brother's character seems to be gone. A female knight in white armor takes the giant's boots and puts them on. She now has the complete set. She looks badass. (I woke up and focused on recalling as much details as I can, fell asleep for a bit more.)

      Short dream: People gathering outside, getting ready for a competition. There are teams of 3-4 people. I see this vividly. I just stare at each character, because I don't usually see dream characters this vividly, their faces are often blurry. Not this time, I see everything clearly and without needing my glasses. (Some level of awareness, but not quite lucid.)

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    4. #64 - random mission to save me or something...

      by , 02-22-2015 at 11:10 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - I got kidnapped (happened 2 nights ago)
      I'm in a homely bar or something, and a person who is doubling as a friend of mine walks in and is pretending to be him but I know he isn't... (the face of the person looks like no one I know). I can't make him mad or something though, so I have to pretend he is my friend, I help him connect to the internet on a laptop in the bar as I believe his intentions are to steal some stuff if he doesn't get what he wants. He ends up kidnapping me instead, because he thinks I'll be more valuable and can help him get what he wants. We're now on an island similar to Master Yoshi's home island on Dragonball Z, the water is blue and there are tropical trees and a small white house. I have to pretend to be his friend still, I know that the only way I can get off the island is if my real friends save me, which can only happen at a certain time due to the ocean currents changing their flow temporarily for 1 day... This leaves a very small window of opportunity. I remember finding something that I can use to get in contact with my friends, I rush through typing something out to them and then throw it as far as I can into the ocean before the 'fake' sees what I've done. He shows up and says something like "Oh wow you've done a number on that one", and is holding the broken thing I threw. I'm hiding my anticipation for escaping the island, I know that I've been on the island for something like 180 days and that the ocean currents are about to change. For some reason I think there is a sunset and it meant that my friends missed the window of opportunity, but they only just manage to make it to me and the next thing I know there is a train track around the house that the fake is trying to escape on, we've become the trains from that thomas the tank engine kids show (this part only lasted like 20 seconds), the driver is the fake friend and is trying to escape but I pull him out and throw him on the ground, he smashes like a lego piece and can't move because his arms and legs have fallen off. Me and my friends turn to leave now, as we leave I turn around again to find the fake sailing away on the grass on a miniature sail raft thing (He has arms and legs now and looks like a super tiny pirate).. the scenery is different too, it's more like the outside of my parents house in the yard. My memory connects him to the bar at the start where he apparently had put up these posters to draw attention (it doesn't make sense at all). He sails away on the grass into the bush so I run and catch him, I throw him off and show him the poster, "This is what started it all aye, not so proud now huh" I toss him aside and the day is won. Me and my friends head back to the bar now, there is a big celebration and party, the bar is quite cosy with dark brown wooden walls and lots of people. The focus is on these 2 people playing darts, a guy and a girl. The guy is known to be really good and the girl is an unknown, she gets up and challenges him. She has long dark brown curly hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. She turns out to be really good at darts and wins and everyone is cheering her on... And that's the end of my random dream O_O.

      Dream 2 - Car crash (happened last night)
      All I remember from this dream is that me, my girlfriend and my daughter were in a ute, my girlfriend was driving and we were in a forested suburban area. We seemed to be coming back from my field trip (of which they weren't a part of irl) where I had just taken a lot of strike and dip measurements for the regional geology. She drove up to a stop point and stopped, but as the way was clear and she started to drive on she suddenly stared blankly off to the distance with a glazed over look... She kept on driving and I had begun to shout something like "road road road!" or "turn turn turn".. something panicked and unsettled because we were heading straight for a wall and she was completely spaced out. I could only think of my daughter getting hurt and how scared I was, then we slammed into a cobblestone wall and I woke up.

      Had to post these pretty late so details are missing and there aren't many dreams, I've been working in the field for the past 4 days away from home so I haven't had internet.
    5. The Restaurant and the Impound Yard

      by , 09-11-2013 at 02:23 PM
      09-11-2013 -- Can't remember too much of the earlier parts of this, but I find myself down in the Lauderdale/Hollywood part of Florida, probably doing some mystery shops. I am tired, hungry, depressed, and I don't have much money. I think I need to find somewhere to sleep for the night and continue with the shops in the morning (happened frequently when I had a lot of shops in the Miami area, back when I had gas stations, banks, restaurants, and Kinko's locations all on the same trip) but I just don't have the money for it, and nobody seems to want to help me in any way.

      Finally I end up sitting in a restaurant, eating a meal, half falling asleep, and there is a bartender who is bringing me a huge bottle of whiskey, and seems worried I am going to get drunk or something with it. He shouldn't worry, as the shots I am pouring are very small. But I am just feeling very down and put upon.

      Soon I've stopped with the boozing and walked out of the place with a friend, and it might have been Keith, though I am not completely sure. The area is kind of a cross between the dog track in the Hollywood/Lauderdale area (which I know from doing gas stations and other mystery shops in the area) and the parking lot at (and across from) Pleasure Island.

      We're wandering, going somewhere that Keith has promised to lead me, and soon, even though I am still walking on pavement, it is kind of half walking in a shallow body of water, and a decent sized motor boat is near us, and we are trying to get close enough to climb into it, and Keith has arranged for a little sailing. The funny thing is, the person running the boat seems to be Brian Keith (Parent Trap, Hardcastle and McCormick) who I just watched about a week ago dressed as Sherlock Holmes in a couple of episodes of Murder, She Wrote.

      So we go for a small sail, which in dream time only lasts a minute or two, but probably represents an hour or two. Then we're dumped back in the parking lot. Keith has things to do, and is getting ready to leave, Brian Keith is heading off, and I am being just kind of dumped, still no money, nowhere to go, and I finally give up, nobody wants to spend a lot of time with me, or help me out too much, and I figure I should just get in my car and head back to Orlando. So I start walking through the parking lot, trying to remember where I parked, and even what I am driving.

      So I keep looking for my car, and cross the street in what seems to be the overflow parking, and I can vaguely remember I may have parked here ... but I look around the section of the parking lot where I think I would have parked, and can't find any car that feels like mine. Of course, since I only got the car about two days ago, and parked it there yesterday, I can't quite remember what kind or color of car it is, anyway.

      So I keep stumbling around, slightly tired, trying to find my car, when I start to notice the no parking warnings, and I begin to think there may be a good reason why I can't find it. As I look around, I find that this seeming 'overflow' parking is actually located in the parking lot of a police station or possibly a jail, and I see some cops talking, so decide to go speak to them and try to find out if my car might have been towed.

      I reach where the three cops are talking and joking at a sort of podium, but they largely ignore me, so I keep trying to speak and get their attention. But they are kind of loud and boisterous, and I have almost no voice, so it takes a while for them to notice me. Then two of them walk off, leaving me talking to a female cop with wild blondish hair (think a slightly heavier Alex Kingston) to speak to me. I ask about finding out if my car has been towed, and she says she'll check, and wanders off for a fair amount of time.

      She eventually comes back and tells me that, yes, my car has been towed and impounded. It is inside their facility, and I will have to go inside and pay a ticket or fine before I can get it back. Unfortunately she indicates that the entrance is on the other side of the building. I am on the northern end of the east side of the building, and I cannot tell from what she is saying if the entrance is on the south side or the west side, but I am hoping it is the south side, since it is a large building.

      So I start walking around the building. The part I started at was kind of like a small loading dock, and I walk a fair distance to reach the south side of the building, and though I find emergency exits and the like, I cannot find an official entrance, so I have to keep going to the west side. But as I reach the southwest corner, I find all kinds of traffic control devices in use. Gates that seem like railroad crossing gates, which drop down at high speed if you try to walk through the areas and don't belong there, and at least one steel mesh gate (think roll-up gate at a mall store) that comes down with great speed and could minorly crush someone.

      I'm almost running around trying to dodge these things, and not wanting to be forced to walk a long way around to get out of the parking lot and onto a side walk to bypass them, as it would mean a lot more walking, and I'm a big guy who is already getting kind of tired. But luckily I find one set of the crossing bars that are kind of short, and there is a gap of perhaps five feet between two of them, which is more than large enough for me to make it through, so I continue on walking through a very large warehouse-like loading dock area with many big rigs, and continue on until I find the entrance to the facility on the west side.

      I walk up to speak to a few cops at the entrance, and explain they have my car, and a bit about my situation (including having enough money to get gas back to Orlando or pay a small fine, but probably not both, and one of them takes pity on me, and tells me he can help me get my car back, and he'll make sure I can afford it. Unfortunately, he leads me all the way around the north side of the building, and then the east side on the outside of the wall, so I not only have to walk the entire east side outside the wall, but then have to walk almost the entire east side again, inside the outer wall, to reach the point I started from.

      But things have changed a bit since the last time I was here, and now, rather than being just a big, open parking area, it is more fenced in, with more of those dropping gates and train crossing-type gates, and I find myself at a place where I am kind of climbing out on a ledge, wrapping my arms around a pillar and trying to find my footing around it. The cop just walks past me and opens a door, not risking life and limb, and I look at him and say something like "even better." I swing back around the pillar and start to step through the doorway when I wake up.
    6. The helicopter in the sea

      by , 09-07-2013 at 02:15 AM (Strange dreams and experiences)
      ((Again very fuzzy dream. I'll just put down what I have in my dream journal))
      Traveling sea with some guys, ran into a girl who crashed her helicopter into the sea. I found her playing with a shark.
    7. Train of Thought?

      by , 09-07-2011 at 04:40 AM
      4 Sep 2011

      We were staying at an open motel I think and there was a problem with the railway line. A man was showing us how to make railway rails out of copper barbed wire and small copper nails. He talked of a time when a close relative of mine was working at the factory which supplied these rails and of how this relative was a perfectionist. He would use more nails than anyone else as he used them a spacers to make sure that the spacing in the rail was even. His rails always lasted longer than anybody else's. We made a few short segments of rail with no clear intention but then went and used them on our Gemini Catamaran as a launching device. One short rail was attached to the stern of each hull and a rope was tied around it. Somehow this mechanism was to allow us to release the rope from on board. On the day of testing, M.S. was on the shore watching us with no idea what it was that we were doing. The mechanism did not work in theory and the same went for in practice. We had to cut the ropes in the end and nearly capsized in the process. As we finally got away, M.S. called out "Where to now?" I yelled "Home," but she did not hear me and a asked again repeatedly so I sent her a text message politely telling her that we were heading home and that she would find it difficult to join us there. Then there was intrusion from the waking world, I heard someone ask whether I was awake yet and woke myself up as the dream was quite boring and I was in a hurry. I might also mention that the rails produced bore more resemblance to zippers than to railway rails in the waking world. Oh and the Nerf Gun, there was reference to a Nerf Gun.
    8. Voyage of the Dawn Sunmaid

      by , 09-07-2011 at 04:34 AM
      21 Aug 2011

      Lots of navigational issues, Dad and I went sailing out to sea and tried to navigate to various points. We encountered islands and other vessels in different situations. It was kind of like 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". One vessel which we couldn't seem to get away from was a large sinking yacht. We were worried that the resultant undertow would drag us down. That is all, I am too tired to remember more and am surprised to have remembered this much in coherent detail.