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    1. 22 Aug: My guru throws me a grenade and fire in a festival in Brazil

      by , 08-22-2019 at 10:12 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I pass through a small secondhand fair. One lady is annoyingly wanting me to buy a book collection from her. I get away and enter a war game simulation area. But it turns real pretty quickly, as soon as I realize the bullets shot are real ammunition. I pick a gun from a guy on the ground, presumably dead and I go upstream along a river. End up in a garden with people dancing. No war here. But I was followed by a guy that threatens everybody with a grenade. He arms it and throws it at me. I try that trick from the movies, of kicking it away. But then Rinpoche comes out of nowhere once again, catches it and after throwing me a defying look, throws it back at me. I feel like "Whaaaat?" and panic a little bit. But almost immediately realize, with my absolute trust in my guru, that this grenade represents no danger and that I can do whatever with it. So I hold it in my hands and try to turn it into a lotus flower. Unfortunately all I succeed in doing is turning it into sort of a flower made of rags. I feel disappointed, but then Rinpoche approaches me and turns these rags into a tent and invites me to step inside it with him.

      With my parents having vacations in Brazil. We go to some festival which is in a semi rural and forested area in the outskirts of a little town. Soon after we arrived, we start seeing smoke from distant fires in the forest. We discuss how it might get dark sooner because of it. But we think we're safe. It seems very distant.
      I see banners from locals supporting Bolsonaro and I feel angry. I make a nasty comment and some man hears and he's not happy. I tell him that I love Brazil and its people, but I just can't accept that man they chose for president. Later we're walking through a street with restaurants and I spot some curtains of a place, on fire. Then look around and also see some vegetation on fire. As I raise the alarm, we notice there are fires spreading a bit everywhere, from sparks coming through the air from far away. We decide to grab our things and leave this area before it gets serious. But general panic ensues and to make things worse, as we head to the car in the parking lot at the entrance of the venue, there are landslides and large boulders falling onto the road we're taking and people are getting blocked. For a while I lose my parents in the crowd, but soon after my mom appears. As we find a safe way out, she complains about the things I chose to bring on our backpack and I don't get why she is commenting that until I realize we can't go back to our tent to get most of our stuff that we left behind and I feel awful for that.
    2. 19-01-03 World War 2 Sniper

      by , 01-04-2019 at 06:35 AM
      There was some kind of World War 2 battle going on. Possibly indoors, in a mineshaft? I recall being in cover, and throwing confiscated German stielhandgranate at the Germans. I forgot to pull the pin at first, which I realized after tossing two or three that didn't explode. Interestingly, the grenades were 'activated' by twisting the top, rather than pulling a cord (the pin) at the base of the handle. Anyway... I pushed forward while my allies held the line, but then more baddies showed up from the right. My allies retreated, and I was left behind. Cut off. I headed in a different tunnel, which was a dead end. I went prone behind a barrel or crate, and stayed very still. Hoping they wouldn't see me if I stayed very still and in cover. Some Germans showed up to inspect the tunnel where I was hiding, but they didn't check very thoroughly and didn't see me. There was a Springfield 1903 sniper rifle in the mud next to me, so I grabbed it and peered through the scope to observe the enemy. I was far behind enemy lines at this point. The German soldiers looked relaxed. More officers showed up, and then I saw him. Hitler himself. Having him in the sights of my sniper rifle gave me the idea of shooting him, but I realized that I'd be killed instantly. I was backed in a little corner by loads of enemies. I decided to wait, hoping I'd get a better shot and chance to escape after. This did not happen. I don't recall how it happened, but my cover was blown and I was being shot at from all sides. I was running around like crazy, occasionally shooting Germans with the rifle. Sometimes even from pretty close up, looking through the scope. Almost impossible to do in real life. Luckily, being the dreamer, the baddies all had stormtrooper aim. Eventually, I was disarmed when the rifle was knocked from my hands, and I was forced to surrender. I was more annoyed I blew this chance to assassinate Hitler.
    3. 18-02-15 Blowing Up Boss With Huge Bomb

      by , 02-15-2018 at 05:36 PM
      All I remember was being in a building, and fighting a video game 'boss'. The whole setting was 100% realistic, not all all like a game, but I could retry the fight as often as I wanted. The boss was just a person, but taller and very strong. Conventional weapons didn't seem to hurt him very much. I had this bomb, it looked like a German stick grenade from the second World War, but it had multiple explosives. I say 'bomb' and not 'grenade' because this thing was utterly devastating. I think I put the grenade in his backpack (or somehow attached it to his back) while distracting him. Then I ran away very fast. The explosion pretty much vaporized the large, multi-storey building. I assumed this killed the boss. I tried that fight a few more times. At some point, the explosion happened underground. I ran outdoors, yelling to people to flee as fast as they could, as the blast radius was easily a kilometer. We were on the street when the bomb went off. The ground literally started cracking open, releasing hot gas from the explosion. Someone yelled at people to avoid the cracks.
    4. Grenade and shadow figure

      by , 11-09-2017 at 12:34 PM
      Hi everyone!
      I had a dream last night.

      I don't remember much of it, but I remember part of it. I was walking with someone, not anyone I recognised, but I got the feeling that the two of us were friends walking home from either a group activity, or perhaps shopping, as we were carrying bags with us.
      Part way along the walk I noticed a person following behind us. On second glance he was carrying a grenade..! I was instantly panicked, and tried to get us to move faster. The person behind us was right on our tail though, and he suddenly pressed the button on the grenade. I knocked him down the hill with his bomb, but unfortunately he grabbed my friend's leg, and took her down the hill with him!

      I then woke up, or so I thought.. I got out of bed like usual, and began to move over to my door. While I did so a shadowy figure followed straight behind me!

      Then, I properly woke up!
    5. #75: Jacket / Grenades / Shop

      by , 01-23-2016 at 09:31 AM
      I think I went to bed somewhere around 00:00. Woke up around 08:00 and stayed in bed until 09:10.

      I've got a white jacket that looks a bit like the Michelin mascot. It's a jacket from a broadcasting company I used to work for. It has the acronym embroidered onto it on the front in black, as opposed to the red 'stickers' in reality. I might've peeled the red ones off already. I'm not sure how to remove the embroidered part though. I'm thinking to myself that this would make an ideal jacket for wintersports if I can manage to remove all the company logo's.

      I'm sitting at a rectangular table in a non-descript room. My little brother is sitting opposite of me and I think there's a girl or woman sitting next to him. To my left about 2 metres further is either the pope or John McCain, with a white woman sitting opposite him. I believe McCain/the pope was wearing white. My little brother throws a grenade at him which lands just next to him on the table. Everyone but McCain/Pope makes a run for it. He didn't notice because he's got his earplugs in and it seems like he is Skyping on his laptop. The grenade explodes, but doesn't seem to do any damage. My little brother throws another grenade, and we dash for it again. This time it scares the shit ouf of McCain/Pope. There's at least 1 cameraman nearby, so I know this will be televised. I ask to speak to my private in a different room. This room we call Addis Abeba for some reason. The surroundings once I leave the first room suddenly become a bit more ancient/mystic. I get mad at my little brother and ask him what the hell he was doing. I sit on his chest in such a way that I won't crush him with my weight, but that he can't lift his arms. I start slapping him with a flat right hand on his cheeks to get some answers out of him. He whimpers a bit and gives me an answer, but very softly and I can't understand him. I tell him to speak up, but every time his answer is too soft. I tell him he can't get away with this by refusing to answer. Eventually we do leave the room to go back to the original room. At soom point I start to raise my awareness. I am considering everything I'm doing as if I'm writing a script. Someone with a cello enters the room. There was also something to do with music paper, though I can't recall what. My little brother and I go back to Addis Abeba again. I want answers. Eventually he breaks down and tells me that he got fired from his internship, but I can't get an answer as to why. I'm also surprised by the fact that he had an internship and that he got fired again. He whimpers and tells me that things are going bad with Bea. I ask him who that is and he tells me that it's his girlfriend. He has a girlfriend? I'm not sure if he's lieing to me or not. Suddenly my view changes to Facebook, with my aunt and cousin responding to a photo of him and his girlfriend about how they want to meet her and that they'll have to go to the school cafetaria to do so.

      I had another dream, but it's taking up quite some time to write everything down. Maybe I'll do it later tonight. The gist of it is: I'm in a phoneshop to adjust my contract. I end up having a lengthy conversation with the salesgirl and my mom also adds some points. Eventually the girl and I talk about an academic subject.
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. In the Zone

      by , 03-25-2015 at 04:40 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I woke up in an old hut. I went out of bed, and looked around. Everything was old. There were rusty pieces of metal scattered over the floor, the window was cracked. There was a table in the middle of the hut, a few chairs and cupboard. There was an AKS-74U rifle lying on the table.

      I come closer, took the rifle and loaded it. There were also some grenades, so I strapped them to my belt. Then I went outside. The hut was placed in an abandoned village, in the middle of a wilderness. I felt somehow uneasy in that place, so I went to a small nearby hill. I took a map out of my pocket, and saw that I'm in the Zone around Chernobyl Power Plant, the one from S.T.A.L.K.E.R games.

      I decided to move away from the strange village. When I entered the forest, I was attacked by a horde of bloodsuckers. I was running away, trying to shoot them down. Meanwhile some fleshes joined in, and I spot a controller in the distance.

      I took a grenade which was strapped to my belt, and thrown it in the group of monsters. Some of them died in the explosion, the rest ran away. Suddenly, the controller that was walking in the distance decided to join the party. I readied my rifle, while he was preparing to launch a psionic attack.
    7. Bad Recall :P

      by , 10-27-2014 at 12:51 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Unlike last night, where I know what went wrong, I don't know what didn't work last night. I did everything that consistently wins a lucid.

      Something to do with me eating at this cafe. Somebody who was out to assassinate me fired a grenade launcher through the window. I yelled everyone to get down and dove away from the table. The grenade exploded.
      I ran down the road into a suburban area and my assailant followed me. She was this shorter black girl with an army uniform. After running a few blocks, I looked back and saw that her grenade launcher had vanished. She looked confused. I came back after her to fight her in hand-to-hand combat but she vanished when I got closed.
      Somehow connected to a dream where more people were out to kill me. I was purchasing a gun and the owner of the gun store was showing me how I should load the bullets with a little piece of toilet paper in-between. It's supposed to make the gun much more accurate.
      Somehow connected to a dream about my parents when they were young and had first met.

      I was semi lucid and I 'remembered' that I wanted to visit this record store that my friends were into. I remember crossing the road and there was this big group of fat guys wearing matching shirts who were apparently the band that the record store was known for.
      When I got inside I saw that the entire store was empty 'cept for a cash register and a couple of racks of candy. The cashier was really cranky and told me that I wasn't a 'true fan' and that I should get out.

      There was some full-on lucidity in here somewhere, but I can't recall what happened.

      Well there is always tomorrow night...

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      dream fragment , non-lucid
    8. Krauser Pierces Through My Chest and Kills Me

      by , 10-07-2014 at 05:35 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Krauser Pierces Through My Chest and Kills Me (DILD)


      Iím in a narrow hallway, and Iím encountering a dream character that resembles Krauser from Resident Evil 4. Thereís several feelings of helplessness, and the overall setting of the dream gave an impression that things wonít turn out well for me. The environment seems to be some kind of aftermath of an explosion.

      Based on the color of the ground, and the bland formatting of the building Iím in, there seemed to have been a laboratory here. Thereís bits of metal and other scraps scattered all around the area, and random combustions of fire as well.

      Whatís weird about this environment is that it was fairly wide, but the space in which I can traverse was fairly limited; almost to the point where I felt it was intentionally done so I would only focus on the Krauser DC thatís slowly coming after me.

      Thereís a bit of discrepancies in validating whether or not Iím in a dream body version of me, or some alteration between Leon. What made me convinced it was the former presumptions is that I had full reign on how I moved in the dream itself while also being able to spectate myself from a behind the back third person perspective.

      And seeking any means of escape was pretty much futile since I had to deal with him first. I knew something bad was going to happen based from personal experiences, but I still tried to defend myself from him. Naturally, I used whatever weapon I had on me at the time, which happened to be a regular pistol.

      My plan was to go along with the logic of defeating this guy in the game, which would be shooting him in the legs in hopes that he would have one knee to the ground to expose his chest for me to shoot him before he gets back up from the relapse. For some reason, zooming in on the pistols iron sights shifted to a view as if I was using a sniper rifle.

      The aiming aid consisted of a very thin white cross with some short perpendicular lines on each end; at least two for each side that seemed to have been formatted for me to get straight into focus, and maybe avoid using peripheral vision within that line of sight. The subtle smoke that wraps around the atmosphere makes things a bit blurry.

      Almost suitable for the sake of giving off the dream-esque effect where the contours of things arenít as rigid and defined. I shift my awareness from the sights back to a first person view.

      Krauser doesnít seem to look like the actual one, and has a few modifications for his visage, but with how Iím too engulfed with instincts to survive, I canít render him out in detail except for the organic like arm blade he has.

      I shoot his legs a few times, but it doesnít seem to be working at all, but I still keep shooting. Then I get a sensation around my neck and head that my weapon is about to run out of ammo. Somehow, Iím redirected to an inventory screen, and I see that Iím fairly limited in options of which weapons to utilize to assess this seemingly futile endeavor.

      I wanted to take out a grenade to see if I could cause substantial damage to him, and proceeded to do so, only to find that it doesnít really seem to scathe him. I go back to the inventory screen, and I feel thereís more options for me to use, but I felt that while Iím doing that, heíll only get closer and closer.

      Kind of like playing Five Nights at Freddyís, and you look into the camera too much, and Freddy, or one of them comes up to you and kills you the moment you take your eyes away from the camera. I keep shooting with my pistol, and I eventually run out of bullets.

      Just as I was preparing to reload, heís already close to me, grinning as he knows that any other attempts to attack him would be useless, and he uses the mutant organic arm blade of his to stab me in the chest. As heís about to do this, Iím visualizing myself in the front from a third person perspective, and I watch as my mouth opens from the pressure, along with the air around me creating some kind of gushing sound effect.

      I eventually shrivel up in my last movements and die, and blood is coming out of my mouth while the chest seems to be filled with a darker color of blood.

      Funny thing is that I was imagining a few months back of how I would fight this guy again should he ever randomly show up; thinking I would find a way to win, but ironically, expectations of what will happen in a dream doesnít always turn out to be the case, especially if one invested in a bit of time imagining themselves accomplishing whatever goals they had in mind.

    9. 9-27-14 World War V

      by , 10-02-2014 at 06:19 PM
      I lived in the country during World War 5. One of my friends had a job as a mail carrier, and she hated it because she has bad knees.

      I was riding down a road on the back of a flat-bed pickup with a bunch of noisy teen boys. They were all carrying rocket launchers and machine guns and grenades and stuff. As we drove down the interstate, we would occasionally drive passed a big billboard. At that point, the boys would all jump off, run up to the sign and just DESTROY it with their weapons. Pretty epic.
    10. Mayhem

      by , 10-08-2013 at 11:27 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was indoors and there quite a lot of people around the place. Some people come and started to fight anyone they could see, the place was turning into mayhem real quick. I stayed calm and collected and tried to steer clear of the fights. Eventually I was set upon by a thug and I let loose on the guy and pounded him out.

      I was now in another area which seemed friendlier. I had a feeling that I couldn't be hurt cause it was a dream?

      I'm outside at my primary school and I threw a grenade towards a tall and built guy. It went straight over his head. I walked off trying to make it look like it wasn't me who threw the grenade. I approached a chemist and was thinking of going inside, but the guy was onto me, I think he knew it was me. I ran away from him at a fast pace. I was having thoughts of, what if he was keeping a steady pace and I would run myself out of gas?.

      I'm near Drew's house, where the drains are. I was looking for a hiding spot and saw some trees. I ran over to the trees and wasn't too happy with the spot, so I moved my whole body in where I felt hidden. A car approached the bush and I saw a car full of people. I think the driver was a female and she was pulling a face at me. She was copying the face I was pulling, cause I was unsure if she could actually see me. I asked if I could get in the car, and they were cool with it. I was in the back seat and looked out the window at the bush I was hiding behind. It looked like a terrible spot, cause I could see through it easily.
    11. 23rd Jan 2013 The Princess, Lion Wagon, some Grenade Throwing

      by , 01-23-2013 at 08:40 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      There was the princess and she sent me and a few other people on mission of some kind, when we were back the place(a building of some kind) apparently was captured by enemies, half of the people went to think up the way to get in silent way, while the other half got to prepare weapons and break in after. I was in 'weapons' group.
      I don't remember much what happened between, but now i and two more people were in some room that was made from ice, there was grate in the floor so we could see room below, there was wagon coming that was driven by some humanoid lions. In a bit i noticed that those are not humanoid lions, but the stealth group was apparently somehow carrying live lions of them and hiding in the wagon in a way that it looked like it was piloted by humanoid lions(how the...).
      After that one of group that i was in noticed some weird mechanic thing in a wall, dunno why but we decided to destroy it. We were using some kind of grenades that more looked like lumps of coal or something, also i had a few of yellow glowing grenades. One of people who were in group used some magic potion to set up station that increased damage that our grenades dealt, the 'station' looked like some yellow substance splashed on some random ice formation that was coming out of the floor. Touching it made yellow substance stick to my hands, and after that grenades that i threw indeed became more powerful. The mechanical thing had way too much hp, so i decided to use the yellow glowing grenades, explosions from them were amazing and huge, but the mechanical thing was still there. Dream ended shortly after that.

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    12. Sunday funday, aug 12, '12

      by , 08-13-2012 at 02:07 AM
      Short dream about black grenades shaped like pokeballs that have a little clicker button instead of a pin. I was randomly throwing it around a room and it was randomly coming back.
      Tags: grenade
      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    13. Nada.

      , 07-24-2012 at 11:06 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      I dont remember anything really, I went to bed late and was tired.. I might have been standing in some line though.
    14. Lecture Room Urinal, With Alyssa, Drown him, Grenading like a Boss, Ada Wong and Wesker....

      by , 05-18-2012 at 10:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lecture room Urinal (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a lecture class that looks almost the same as the ones near the BLOC area at A&M. There were probably two urinals at the entrance of the lecture. I take the one on my right (your right since you're looking at the screen right now), and while I'm getting ready to do my business, someone near the room tells me to close the area I'm in.

      I jump a little bit from them telling me to do this, but I do it, but it feels awkward closing myself inside the urinal, and I still do a reality check because urinals in a classroom is obviously not weird to me???

      Then when I'm done, I get out of the room (there aren't any sinks for me to wash my hands), and there are these group of women, three probably, and I think one or two of them are fat.

      For some reason, I'm bothered by this, but I didn't pay attention to them, in fact, I barely remember their faces because I had my back facing them the whole time. I think they were trying to talk to me, or luring me to get their attention.

      I start power-walking to make things less obvious that I'm trying to run away from them.

      I think some point in this dream, I met my mother and father, but I forget what I was meeting them for.
      With Alyssa (Non-lucid)


      No, not Alyzarin, a different Alyssa that I met in waking life.

      I'm in a theater, and I'm sitting near Alyssa, but not close to her, I think I'm sitting one row below her. The screen we're watching is just flashing white most of the time, and then I decided to come up to her row and sit close to her.

      That's all I remember.
      Drown him (Non-lucid)


      I'm with at least 2-3 people on my side, and we're trying to kill this entity that looks pretty scary, I can't remember exactly how he looked but he was after us. The environment was weird, it was like being in some kind of weird looking military base, with places you can jump off to get to lower levels.

      The guy was on a higher floor and was getting ready to jump down to come after that. Then I see his feet zoomed in, and cement or some kind of substance is being formed and hardened quickly to prevent him from moving.

      It seemed our main objective was to trap him just like that, create a stone wall so the only thing he could do was jump from a lower level, and then flood him within the small rectangular space.

      I forget how things turn out, but I remembered water coming out pretty fast to hopefully drown the guy.
      Grenading Like a Boss (Non-lucid)


      That area around 1:09 that Leon goes into is what the dream environment was like, only it was a little bit wider than that.

      I'm in an enclosed space, and someone that looks like Krauser from Resident evil 4 is trying to escape, or just being a retard by going around in circles. The area looked similar to the Lava room in Resident Evil 4 where there's some wrecking ball in the middle that you have to activate a few times to get to the blocked exit.

      The control room I'm in is closed, and he's trying to get out, but I'm tossing grenades at him like crazy, and he's not even trying to attack me. I throw a few grenades before he makes another cycle into the room, and then another timed grenade he he gets out.

      Ada Wong and Wesker (Non-lucid)


      The first part of this dream was a bit weird and random, but the second part made a little more sense, and seeing two dream characters that I've seen before in my dreams makes me wonder if they're.....nah, I have to become lucid before I assume that.

      Anyway, I believe I'm wielding some bows and arrows that look a lot like Krauser's from Resident Evil 4. The bow itself was pretty interesting, it had a compact structure. What I mean by that is that when you see it for the first time, it would look small, but when you grab it, you could extend it by grabbing the sides, and it would get bigger.

      Name:  8TykA.jpg
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Size:  3.9 KB

      I hold it around a few times, and I think I shoot a few random arrows, they went pretty fast, and it was kind of cool holding a different weapon for once than a handgun or a small machine gun. I can't remember doing much other than screwing around a bit with the mechanics of the weapon, then the dream shifts.

      I believe I'm in a NASCAR racing arena that had a mix of Track and Field to it? It was weird, but anyway, I think I was riding vehicle, and I went to a pit-stop so someone could refuel something inside of it, it all felt like was being guided or something, or as if I was watching these things happen.

      There's a random DC in a dark blue wind jacket telling someone over some transmitting device near his ear to use the parachute if they crashed their vehicle. But when they used their parachute, it looked more like a glider.

      I think at one point, I'm using a glider as well.

      The dream shifts to where Ada Wong and Albert Wesker are talking to each other. In the mean time, I see a box in the middle open, and I take a look at it. It's seems to be another bow and arrow just like the one I had in the previous dream shift.

      I take it out, and start shooting with it a few times while Wesker and Ada are talking about some kind of new armor.

      It has vibrations that initiate whenever there's some kind of rapid frequency, meaning you can dodge something like an attack from the ground or things like knives, etc. being thrown at you.

      There were more details on the armor, but I can't remember them all, it was lightweight, making it ideal since it wouldn't affect speed and all that, pretty much an awesome armor to have.

      I can't remember much after that.

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    15. Hitler

      by , 03-15-2012 at 06:49 PM
      There are a bunch of people that I know as well as a couple that I do not in a roman building except that there was no closed off part just pillars all the way around and ~10 stone church pews inside.

      Everyone seems very innocent. We are playing dead and Hitler walks between the pews and grabs a man behind me and shoves a grenade in his mouth. All at once we rush him and hold him hostage.
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