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    1. Beatles in the Barn with Tiger

      by , 10-25-2018 at 08:16 AM
      Morning of October 25, 2018. Thursday.

      Dream #: 18,938-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 83.

      In late morning, I find myself in a big barn (in an unknown location) that serves as a recording studio for the Beatles. There is much sound equipment on hay bales and the barn floor, such as big amplifiers and mixing consoles, but I do not see any musical instruments. There are a few unfamiliar men present, one being a producer, another, a sound engineer.

      While a man is checking a track, there is an unusual drum fill where the snare audio reverses at least twice. The man is puzzled and asks Paul McCartney what that was, but he does not reply. A different “drum fill” is heard, but it turns out to be someone knocking on the barn door. (This scene is ambiguous for two reasons, one, a door knock would not have reverse audio and two, the sound came from the equipment.)

      A man comes in with a tiger that belongs to John Lennon’s wife (Cynthia Powell). He pets it for a short time. There is no sense of danger.

      Later, there is an unknown man with a Bainbridge livestock prod. He taps the tiger with it on the rump, and John and the man with the tiger slowly leave the barn. They seem cheerful. Next, the man uses the prod on some farm animals. He touches the rump of a horse with it to get it to move to the corner of the barn. The horse seems annoyed but goes where the man wants him to go.

      I do not see any of the Beatles at this point and decide to leave the barn. I go around to the back and see a young version of Zsuzsanna, who is about eight years old. However, my real-life identity is not extant in this dream, and so my dream self does not recall who she is. There is a cage adjacent to the back of the barn. There are at least three brown-mantled tamarins in the cage, a mother and two babies. Zsuzsanna is sitting on the ground watching them. She does not speak. I hold the paw of the mother tamarin, stroking the fur on the back of its “hand.” It seems tame.

      Later, I get up and go back into the barn, which is now empty and full of hundreds of flies that start buzzing in my face. The air is thick with them, and they are loud. I soon decide to leave the barn and slowly wake after I walk back out. As I wake, I realize that the illusion of the flies was a distortion of the sound of the fan and its air on my face (from the foot of the bed).

      Two other dreams came before this, one of sending many DVDs over time to a member of the dream journal website (a long-term male poster). The other related to capturing each instrument from the Beatles’ “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” to use virtual versions (mostly on keyboards) for a live cover.

    2. Shebra

      by , 11-15-2017 at 02:40 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #517 - DILD - 2:30AM

      I have an anxiety nightmare early in the night about rats. I do a mini WBTB and fall asleep with my intention set. My last thought was about my LD goal.

      That same dream repeats itself, but this time there is no anxiety because I recognize it almost immediately and become lucid.
      I turn away from the rats scene and turn down a hallway in some way better version of my house. Everything is brightly light.
      Because I am always amused how realistic my shouting is, I yell out, "Hey! Hey! HEEEEYYYY!"
      I suspect all this shouting will conjure up a DC. I turn into a door way into a bedroom. I see my wife is scantily clad. I notice no bra under her thin shirt. I say something to her, I don't recall. All I remember is that she has a really strange reply. She gives me a high-five and attempts some strange secret handshake I lose track of it.
      Instead of getting caught up in it I remind myself by telling her that this is a dream, "I am dreaming. This is a lucid dream."
      She smiles.
      I then tap her once on each boob and say, "I'll be right back."
      I turn to a window in the room and phase outside. I recall my goal, inspired by TWD, to ride a tiger.

      I wonder around my neighborhood. Again, enjoying the sound and feel of dream shouting, I call out for a tiger. After a moment a large, dog-sized version of my childhood pet cat appears. The orange tabby reminds me of the cat I once named Tigger. I take a brief second to appreciate this memory, but this isn't quite what I want. I turn away down the street and try to remember the name of the tiger from TWD. The closest I get is Shebra, but I now know that what I meant was Shiva. It's OK my dream tiger can be Shebra if I want.

      After some walking and shouting for Shebra, I find her sitting and waiting. She's about the size of my Great Pyrenees but that doesn't stop me from trying to ride her. I get on her back and wrap my hands around her neck. She stands and carries down the street. Though see feels like she has gotten quite a bit bigger is really just feels like I am hugging my own dog. I am a little disappointed. I see some kids playing with an young woman, maybe still in her teens. I notice her shirt has an 80's design and reads, 'LOVECRAFT'. I ride away as I gradually wake up.

      It's probably meaningless coincidence, but I found this after googling 'lovecraft tiger'

      Little Tiger

      Little Tiger, burning bright
      With a subtle Blakeish light,
      Tell what visions have their home
      In those eyes of flame and chrome!
      Children vex thee - thoughtless, gay -
      Holding when thou wouldst away:
      What dark lore is that which thou,
      Spitting, mixest with thy meow?
      Tags: tiger
    3. Eye of the Tiger

      by , 05-17-2017 at 06:45 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-16

      Eye of the Tiger

      I am in my bedroom at home. I am sitting on the bed, and I get up to walk out to the other room. My mom is out there petting a cat… a BIG cat. She isn’t petting a house cat, she is petting a full grown tiger! I am about to ask her what is going on when there is a commotion outside. My mom looks out the window and then tells me I need to hide the cats before they are taken away from us. Hide the cats? She says they never check bedrooms or bathrooms, so I should hide them there. But don’t crowd them too much or they’ll fight! Still confused, I lead the tiger my mom has been petting into my bathroom. It’s small, but the tiger sees the bath tub as a box and lies down in it like house cats will do in a sink. I shut the bathroom door and see another tiger coming from my mom’s room. I lead that tiger to my bedroom and shut the door. The tiger is on my bed… so much for my waterbed mattress. I leave the bedroom and find another tiger. I think to put the cat in my game room but my house cats are in there. The front door is opening so I can’t take time, I duck with the tiger into the bathroom. The other tiger is sleeping in the bath tub, and the one I just brought wants attention. It is rubbing its head on me and purring so loud that it wakes me up… it was Princess purring in my ear!
      Tags: cat, tiger
    4. My first lucid dream I remember

      by , 03-13-2017 at 09:52 AM
      My first lucid dream I remember was weird.
      I was 4-7 years old.While I was walking with my mother, she met a friend of her and stopped to talk with her.
      There was a tiger near us but nobody was frightened. I realized that I was dreamming and asked the tiger to eat me to prove my mum that I am dreamming . My mum didn't pay attention and it seemed like nobody cares about that the tiger is eating me . As the tiger was eating me I woke up .
    5. 08-12-16 - Tigers, Ducks and replays

      by , 12-08-2016 at 11:30 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      “Imprinting a tiger”

      In the dusk I find myself walking into a garden. Et is elongated and narrow and towards the end there is a house. I look to my right into the hedge. At the grass I see a female duck and below her chest a small duckling that soon meets my eye. As we lock our eyes together the duckling starts a trip out into the uncut grass towards where I am now sat down. Behind it follows it’s mother, trying to establish contact with little luck as it seems the duckling has already imprinted me as its mother.

      I feel both excited and ashamed. I feel guilty for robbing the duck of the chance to bond with its off spring, but also excited and joyful of my own bonding with the creature. I look down at its little beak and let it push its body against my knees and one of my hands. Then I look up at its mother and try and stroke its chest. It lets me, but with an air of calculative anticipation and scepticism, which makes me apprehensive, if persistent.

      I then look down again at the duckling. I don’t recognise the absurdity that the creature has now transformed into a miniature Tiger of maybe 10-12 cm in length and is crawling about on my right thigh. When I look up at the mother duck again to explain that I am deeply sorry that I have stolen her chance to bond with her infant.

      When I look up mother duck is now wearing glasses and a pearl necklace, and quite frankly it would be impossible to describe if she looks more like a duck than a human. She explains “That is OK I had a clutch 3 months ago.” and frankly she sounds relieved.

      “Travelling in trains with Liv”


      I am standing on a lengthy and wide platform on a train station. It is morning and the lighting foretells of a sunny day, which has yet to breach the foggy clouds above and around. It seems like late spring or summer. I am standing with Liv and we are going somewhere. The conversation we are having is about finding the right train.

      There is more to the dream, though I recall nothing but this fragment.

      “Getting to the shore, 4 metal objects in the water”


      I am on the water. The sun is bright and the ocean water which I am on is very bright and lightly blue. Up ahead I see a beach, a wide and almost white sandy beach. I think my Dad is there with me and he asks:

      “Do you remember us being here?”

      I look up towards the right and in the distance gaze upon a little island around 50-100 metres from the shore. As the foliage behind the beach the island is covered in lustrous trees and other greenery. I remember this place, I have indeed been here before.

      (In writing this I recall a dream of way back, perhaps detailed somewhere within this journal. I am in Holstebro, where we throw our family reunions, and as I walk down the forest pathway that in waking life take you to the river in the dream it takes me to a cove. From this cove I rush across the open water to an Island, which is the one I see in this dream.)

      I jump out in to the water and submerge myself. Light penetrates the surface and everything looks very bright, if blurry beneath. I loose four metal objects I have in my pocket and for a moment worry if I still have my phone in my pocket. I check that it is empty and then sweep the sand below and pull up the objects, where one of them is a key. Then I head for the beach.

      End of dream/recall
    6. DJ Entry 11Night Of 7/28/16

      by , 07-29-2016 at 09:38 PM
      Well... In a sense I went to sleep at 1 a.m. so... Let's just get to the point

      Not having any dreams worth mentioning for a while now, I haven't posted for quite a long time. Now this dream, however... This needed to be discussed.

      It was about 1:30 a.m. and I was tired so I went to sleep. Got comfy real quick, set my alarm to 6:30 in the morning, all that stuff. Now here are the first set of dreams:

      1. Oddly enough, I was a prehistoric animal (for some strange reason) and was in a cave when a... Tiger? Came by killing everything in sight. Now I still felt fear even though I knew it was just a dream. Maybe I wanted the dream to continue on? Either way, I stood against the wall and... For whatever reason the tiger just kinda skipped past me for no appearent reason. Knowing the big cat was still hungry I couldn't help but think it was some of my optimism. For example, I wouldn't've stayed still had I known I would get killed for sure. Anyways, walking out the cave I was led to my old bedroom for whatever reason. I then saw that same tiger waiting there, and at that moment when I walked out, I was my 5-year-old self with the same mindset as I am right now.

      The tiger then said "What were you thinking?" I just stood silent. We went to the bathroom to discuss some things (for whatever reason) and the discussion stood quite stable. I said "I just knew if I stayed optimistic then maybe chances were I'd be safe. The tiger asked "You know I just killed your entire family, right?" To which I responded "and you know this is a dream where I can simply bring then back, right?". The tiger kinda just stood silent. I left the bathroom and well what do you know? I'm back to myself again!

      In this dream, it seemed as school has started up. The date was August 17th on the first day of school. I then kinda teleported to my old school ('cause I hate my new school) and was in the workout room for some reason. Oddly enough, I was the one to view the dream this time. I saw a discussion going on about the whole tiger incident and it seemed like everyone knew about it. Though oddly enough everyone came back alive after the tiger killed everyone. I teleported home and it seemed like my dad was doing some work on the floors (I was back in my present home at this time) and my bedroom floor was oak instead of cherry for some reason. I then woke up to my 6:30 alarm.

      I pretty much said "Screw you alarm, I'm going to find out what happens next!" And headed back to sleep. In the next dream I kinda saw a flashback on the things that happened and was in my old house again. Next thing you know the Tiger's a T-Rex this time. Oddly enough all is the same. This time we headed up the appalaichians Only to discover something was a bit off this time. We hit the tip and we were back in the bedroom.

      Then we discovered a telescope in my room which i couldn't help but look through. All's the same, except when I look back the T-Rex is just gone. I then Lie in bed for a few wondering where they went, and then all the sudden what do you know, there's a 7-foot tall robot in my room for no appearent reason just taking off. I kinda shrugged it off until the T-Rex came back as a Tiger and we had the discussion. We kinda said our goodbye to eachother and the dream ended. I got a fine 13 hours of sleep when I woke up and my thoughts about the dream still remain as I typed this.

      I woke up choking on phlegm as i saw it was 2:15 in the afternoon.

      Please let me know what you think of this confusing dream in the comments.
    7. 3 fragments

      by , 04-18-2016 at 06:11 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Fell asleep: 11:03 P.M.
      Woke up: 8:05 A.M.

      8 hours 39 minutes sleep
      last night 7 hours 2 minutes restful sleep
      1 hours 36 minutes restless sleep

      81 % restful sleep

      Fragment 1:

      I'm in a house. Dogs keep coming up to me, they seem really friendly and cute, but then? Then they start snapping out at me by jumping and shoving at me, and worst of all, taking big chomps out of my limbs! I'm terrified, but the others in the house don't seem to be taking it seriously, they just say the dogs have some emotional issues. The other dogs are outside or something, but there's one left in the house that's also cute and friendly looking, but I'm just waaaiting to get chomped on again. ;A; There was more to this but it was a really early dream and I didn't log details before going back to sleep. I'm not good at describing things but the dogs were on the small side and lean, brown/gold colored.

      Fragment 2:

      I'm sitting by my grandma F. (dead IWL). I remember picking up a notebook/diary and turning to a page written in 1992. Grandma wants me to read it. I'm having a hard time seeing what's written on the page though because of the darkness, so I try using the backlight on my activity watch, but it doesn't help much, just enough to see a small, faded paragraph written at the time in pencil.

      I come across a page made in 1988. It has words cut out from magazines, and I realize it's our names. I remember seeing dad's name. Either I knew or someone told me that I made that page. But after a moment I'm like 'wait a minute I was born that year how the heck would baby me make this'.

      I remember going through a tall stack of magazines. One was 'Pokemon'.

      Some people are talking in the background and one (mom?) asks grandma if she wants a taco. I'm thinking about the heartburn when she says yes. She says something about how she'll need cough(?) syrup, and I replied that I was just about to say something about the heartburn she'll have.

      Fragment 3:

      This is a bit jumbled, but... An audience, including me, is watching two black singers on stage. It's kind of dark, but someone just beside the stage to the left notices someone else has snuck up there. As we watch, they become part of the performance, dancing in the middle. They seemed to have thick, stringy hair and a round face.

      Back to me watching, I see that instead of a man, a tiger is dancing and singing with them. At the end, he transforms back into a tall, thin man in his late twenties maybe with brown/blond hair. The crowd boos, and I think it might be because it's a white man singing songs typical of black men.

      I think I knew what song they were singing on the tiger part but I forgot.

      Wakeup times:
      1:30 A.M. for 25 minutes
      3:50 A.M. for 1 minute
      4:20 A.M. for a couple minutes
      6:40 for a minute
    8. Holographic Toy Tiger

      by , 03-14-2016 at 06:09 AM
      Morning of March 14, 2016. Monday.

      The setting seems to be my den from Stadcor Street in Brisbane where we lived a number of years ago (and in fact may actually be relevant to a play on “den” as in “tiger’s den”).

      My room seems mostly featureless though I am aware of some sort of singular holographic image of a small stuffed tiger lying on a blanket on the floor on its stomach in the center of the room. It is a little like one we have in reality but less realistic.

      Strangely, I try to bring about a tactile pretense; that is, I pretend I could actually touch it even though it is not tangible. However, I know I will feel something, which is apparently a tangible surface (of something unknown) also somehow projected from elsewhere into the same general location - or maybe it relates to expectation concerning imagination. Even so, I do not have any thought I may be dreaming. I mostly use the back of my hand and carefully move it to the outermost area of the hologram. I get a slight impression that the unseen solid surface may not be perfectly congruous with the toy hologram. I eventually have success, though - I can feel something very clearly - which correlates to the implied surface of the hologram. It almost seems to imply “real” flesh yet I also get the impression of a pillow.

      Zsuzsanna looks in through the doorway. The toy tiger hologram actually seems to move its head very slightly. I see a slight flick of its tongue from its profile. I am not wary of this though it does seem unusual, as it is supposed to be only the static projection of a stuffed toy and not “alive” or even capable of movement in any way.

      The last part seems to simply be my emergent consciousness bringing “life” into my dream during the waking point, though there is no lucidity.

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    9. Big Cats and Cavemen

      by , 02-05-2016 at 08:05 AM
      Morning of February 5, 2016. Friday.

      Dream #: 17,945-05. Reading time: 2 min 12 sec.

      I communicate with unknown people. Some of them are arrangements of objects that are not in one cluster, but I still perceive them in human form at times. A table lamp on the floor, books in a bookshelf, and a table leg may equate one person. Even though they seem sentient, an unfamiliar female thinks this type of supposed human is without life and does not have the same rights or ability to communicate.

      I quickly climb an unusual structure (vestibular system adaptation). I am atop a big cage. At this level, open enclosures are on each side with spaces from them. Beyond the gap on one side at ground level, is an oversized leopard. Its oblong spots are longer than on a real leopard and its coat more of a brownish tint. I have a concern it could jump up to get to me, and it does. I bite the back of its neck and push it off the top of the cage. As it goes tumbling off, it bounces into another big wild cat which makes it angry. That one also jumps up to eat me. I bite it and throw it off backward.

      Two big wild cats come up, one from each side (through each gap on each side). The one on my left seems like a tiger. I somehow bite both of them on the back of the neck in a short time and push them off. I do not seem to injure any of them.

      I become part of an experiment using changes in DNA to make the test subjects more like prehistoric people. I am in a big mostly featureless field (at least one end with only high grass) in a rectangular fenced-in area. The others are all men and women who look like cave people from a cheaply made movie. They seem almost like modern humans on one level in that they remind me of a group of businessmen and secretaries. They want to pretend to have a business office even in this unusual setting requiring hunting and survival skills. For this and other reasons, the group annoys me. I pretend that I am “more primitive” than them by growling like an animal. I decide I will have no part of the controlled experiment or whatever it is and go to the opposite side of the fenced-in area where there is a big tree (the only shelter in the area) as well as different food plants. Meanwhile, I keep throwing long spears (which seem to come out of nowhere) at the group. I throw them like daggers, and they spin horizontally like helicopter rotors before reaching their target, either their neck or chest. (That is impossible as the spearhead would hit from its side not suddenly go forward into the target.)

      There are about half (five or six people) of the group left. I plan on living on this side where the big tree is. There are a few animals, including a saber-tooth tiger resting in the shade of the tree. I am not threatened by it. It seems more natural and right than trying to live with the group. (They stay on the featureless side of the fenced-in area away from food and shelter.) I sense I will be the only one to survive.

      Tags: cage, cavemen, spear, tiger
    10. 091115: Rush to the Airport, Creeps Outside, a Church?

      by , 11-09-2015 at 08:18 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Scene 1
      Rushing to the Airport
      I'm outside, dark outside, in the center of a suburban area of a large city. I have to make it to the airport, I try to find a bus I can take there. I look and look and somehow jump onto one.
      I make it to the airport. Do I make it on board? I'm travelling with a group of people, feels like class from a school.
      In the lobby of the airport, it is busy, shops around, I see a Pizza hut with a really old Jurassic Park promo pizza stand. Lucky they kept it this last 20 years, now with Jurassic World out.

      I'm outside again, it's sunny outside, morning, and I'm where a friend of mine used to live. I get on a bus, but it costs almost 10 euros to make it to the airport. Confused, I give the driver a 50 and get on. As an female inspector checks my ticket, I think there must be some confusion, a ticket can't cost that much. As I turn to get to the driver I get out of the bus to let a person pass me to get out and the bus takes off. I'm going to miss my flight! I call another friend of mine who was with me (apparently) who was on the bus and has my change from the fifty. She says she is too busy to come and give me the money back. Now I'm stuck here, missing my flight and penniless.

      Scene 2
      Creeps Outside my Childhood Home
      I'm in my old room at night. My bed is by the window. I can see outside into the night, light on in the other apartments. I feel cold, as if the window is not really there. I think that's absurd, it has to be there, otherwise I'd fall out.
      I look down at the people walking, I'm in an apartment way higher than it really was. Looking down at the people walking below I feel safe. I then see a person carrying a person on his shoulder, the person is a woman and clearly passed out or dead. He drags her to a puddle on the icy street and leaves her there, as if dumping her there. Should I call someone? Has this guy committed a crime? The guy then goes and passes out in a puddle a few steps away. The woman gets up and drunkenly tries to push the guy out of the puddle. They are just drunk, no need to worry.

      I'm on the big blue sofa in the living room trying to sleep. My mom is sleeping on the sofa behind me. I hear a crash and some commotion and see that a man and a woman, both drunk, have come in. Who are they? Despite not knowing them I don't panic, I only hope they don't wake up my mom. I get up and go to the kitchen. The guy is a bearded guy in his thirties., his eyes are drooping. I ask him who he is and what's up, pretty non-nonchalantly. He says he's been up in a bar with his girlfriend all night. (It is morning, greyish light can be seen through the kitchen windows.

      I see that his girlfriend has passed out on a sofa bed across from the blue sofa. She is apparently a family friend who is visiting and has brought a guy over she met in a bar. Kind of rude.

      Scene 3
      Tigers and Messed Up Turtles
      I walk outside, grey day in front of my childhood home, the same apartment. I see tigers playing with a bunch of string just like cats. Tigers are really rare, awesome that my housing complex is one of the few groups that has some as pets. I hear documentary footage commentary about the nature of growling.

      A little further on the play park in the next yard, on the grass I see a group of turtles, a mom with babies, walking. They are pretty weird looking, all greenish-brown and wrinkly, remind me of snapping turtles. The mother comes up to me and snaps at my heals. A family, like the Vine family Ehbee's, are playing with puppies with a remote-controlled car.

      Scene 3
      Serial Killing Couple
      By a lake, see a summer house. There is a TV connected to really long cables. There are puddles everywhere. I think Garfield and Friends is playing on the TV? I try to carry the TV to safety but I drop it into a puddle, I quickly pull it out, hope it isn't broken.

      On the summer house veranda, I see a couple, ideal and perfect looking. The woman says she got together with the guy because they can kill together, the only thing that gives any of them pleasure. I find the juxtaposition oddly disturbing.

      Scene 4
      The Church
      My sister is graduating? In a church, I see that there are only two guys in her graduating class of almost 30. They begin to sing Gaudeamus Igitur, I see some of the people are struggling with it. By the altar I see a piece of paper with the Latin lyrics. I see an English translation under them and it translates "Gaudeamus igitur" as "The Matchstick" and the rest of the lyrics are about light. Is this supposed to be some kind of metaphor?

      At my mom's house, see my sister, a grey day outside, I go down the stairs. Lots of people there, getting ready for the graduation ceremony?

      Back at the church I see a couple of kids I knew from church as a kid. They are grown now and plot an evil revenge plot on a teacher of mine for marrying their mom. I see Tess from "Touched By An Angel". She is getting ready to get married in the near future. I look into her eyes and ask her if she can do anything to stop this plot.
    11. Detective Tiger [lucid]

      by , 10-21-2015 at 05:59 AM
      I've had a lot of lucids, semi-lucids, etc. lately, and I'm so bad at recording them. I even forget some of them. When I first started practicing, I would have said that's crazy talk, but it's like remembering stuff from your day to day life. After you live enough days, the details of what happened during each one get hazy.

      I'll record the one from last night, though.

      In this particular one, I realized I was dreaming while I was waiting for a train on an elevated train platform that doesn't exist along that particular rail line.

      It was dark and stormy at the time, just generally nasty weather, and it was extremely late (like 4 a.m. late/early) and I was thinking about how tired I was going to be... then I realized that this train platform doesn't exist, and I don't work at the job I was thinking about any more.

      The weather immediately switched to daylight/dusk. I hopped off of the platform into the air and flew along the train tracks, exploring this new and different rail line. I ran my hands along the metal, along the weeds as I skimmed the ground, focused on the feeling of wind, so I could maintain my thread of awareness.

      I flew down into a neighborhood I wanted to explore and found some apartments where there would normally be a metalworking shop. I decided to explore the inside. Inside of the apartment, the walls were sort of orange... everything was decorated like a grandmother might decorate. Sitting at the kitchen table sipping a cup of tea was a bipedal talking white tiger in a grey-brown trench coat and fedora. He was extremely tall, and he carried himself and spoke with a great deal of dignity.

      I decided to see where this was going and told the "detective" that I needed help finding my missing cousin. He was reluctant at first and basically said that he wasn't interested in helping. I was trying to talk him into helping me when my alarm clock went off.

      I'll probably run into Mr. Tiger Detective again at some point. Some characters pop up more than once, and he seems like one who will.
    12. 20/9/2015

      by , 09-20-2015 at 07:21 AM
      Arrived at new surgery. One doctor commented that he hadn't spoken to me yet and wandered off through double glass doors so I couldn't talk to him. Walked down corridor to my new office a nurse was clearing up a mess in the corridor and I didn't need to help.

      Long consultation with female patient I thought I was being very understanding. Realised I was lying in bed talking to her and commented on how unusual it was. Looked at a rash on her chest and tried to scratch it off.

      Went to get lunch and returned home. The lane had become a massive roadworks site, I was walking down it. A very small car got under my feet and drove off and in the distance became a normal size again. Couldn't find my house the road had changed completely so went to another house. Looked at a map and realised that the road had completely been erased.

      A tiger was in the field so the police were called and they were talkign about shooting the tiger.

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    13. Tiger and Lion Guards

      by , 08-15-2015 at 02:15 PM
      Morning of August 15, 2015. Saturday.

      My dream’s location seems like the house on Loomis Street regarding the area I sense I am in, though everything is different otherwise and it is not even much like a house; more like a partly underground setting in a zoo, at least in one area, though I seem to be living here. The entire back and north side of the “house” is open, though high walls are at least two sides at the northwest corner. The front is enclosed and there is a row of jalousie windows. (There were no jalousie windows in the Loomis Street house or in any of the houses in La Crosse I had been in).

      I become aware that a large tiger is in the front yard. At first, I decide to close the windows due to a slight concern about the tiger smelling me. I do not think it can get in but it might surprise me if I have my head close to the window at a later point. Over time, I realize that there is also a lion in the backyard, though the wall may be high enough so that he does not get into the enclosure I am in.

      Later, I realize that these two large animals are supposed to be in the area and that they are like guard dogs in a way. Each has his own space to guard and survey and to stop intruders from getting into “my” house. Somehow, the tiger eventually gets in to where I am. I am not sure how that happened since there is no direct way in via the front. It certainly could not have gotten through the narrow jalousie window’s glass slats at any point. No door had been open, and I do not think it came over the walls in the back and north side. Still, I realize that there is nothing to be worried about. The tiger will not eat me or attack and is simply looking around. I watch it for a time and eventually pet it like a cat. It seems content.

      Eventually, I am aware that the lion in the backyard can get in to where I am. This only concerns me in a way that I know it will probably fight with the tiger. I can see the tiger sniffing the air and I look back and see the lion on the top of the wall. I ask a couple unfamiliar people who are there to keep the lion from getting in. However, it eventually goes around to the north wall and I sense there may be a fight, though this does not happen. The lion stands on the wall while observing the tiger and they both continue to sniff the air, but I wake before anything happens. The lion could easily jump down into the structure that the tiger and I are in. I believe the lion will not attack me, but I do not want to see the animals attack each other. My dream fades with a soft awakening (that is, no discernible physical RAS effect such as a leg kick or abdominal twitch).

      The reticular activating system (RAS) is curiously sustained and duplicated here due to an atypically vivid subliminally lucid sequence. Tigers and lions are RAS factors just as snakes (in certain vivid non-lucid dreams) and dogs (in certain apex lucidity dreams mainly only in childhood) are and serve the same purpose with the same basic meaning (though I associate a lion more with waking coalescence as it can swallow the dream self into the “lion as emergent consciousness” as with 1897’s “The Sleeping Gypsy” painting). RAS also serves, biologically, as a “guardian” while mediating sleep-wake transitions, which was in the back of my mind in my dream and the understanding of which altered my dream’s mood and dynamics, for example, why my non-lucid dream self was not afraid of the big cats. Obviously, RAS is a normal part of the mind and nothing to fear (except perhaps in people who tend to faint a lot). Learning about RAS at a very early age is partly how my mind developed differently than many my age and why I rarely have nightmares (other than as health warnings, for example, at the threshold of getting the flu).

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    14. Elections

      by , 07-22-2015 at 08:04 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was in a fort, and there were some kind of elections. There were lots of politicians, talking about something that I can't quite recall. We were sitting high above the ground. I had enough of their talking, so I made a super high jump to a roof in a nearby city, a roof in a chinese alley. Suddenly I heard a voice telling me about a tiger guardian.
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    15. Fragment

      by , 03-19-2015 at 12:56 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      There are two ill siblings, they seem to be recovering but then the girl relapses and starts fading away.

      The younger boy is left and is depressed. I find him in a room looking for a book on knives. I go through the cooking books on the shelf and find the only one, but it’s a technical one and I keep stumbling over my words. The boy is unhappy and leaves.

      Everything else is too foggy to remember, except this part where I went to the bathroom at my grandma’s house and saw myself in the mirror on the back of a door. I tried to remember if that’s where it was supposed to be. A tiger was peering at me from under the door…

      Inspiration: Reading the Tower of God webtoon with Baam and Rachel, her disappearing on him. Mirror from me thinking about the TotM and what mirrors were around places I go. Tiger comes from a cat toy Jazzy has, I sometimes hang it from the window so she can play with it.

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