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    1. Strange Dream #2

      by , 10-11-2014 at 08:00 PM
      Once again, I had a couple dreams. However, for the second one, this time I know that I was lucid. I will post these 2 dreams here.

      1. I don't really remember much about this one. All I remember was that video game characters were involved. But still, might as well put this down.

      2. After the last dream, again, youtube came up. And again, there were screamers involved. Not just one this time, but there were multiple involved. After the video was over, the replay button was clicked and I was like "NO! NO! NO! I'M DREAMING!" Then I saw a hallway type thing. It was very weird. The first thing I did was rub my hands together. However, I couldn't maintain lucidity, and I woke up.
    2. Strange Dream

      by , 09-17-2014 at 06:57 PM
      Alright, so, this morning, I had a couple dreams. I will list the 2 dreams that I remember. I don't remember much of the first one.

      1. After I fell asleep, I remember dreaming about looking up and watching youtube videos. However, after I clicked one, I noticed that the video was like 20 seconds long. And it turned out to be a screamer (A sudden picture thats usually horrifying, with a scream sound). I tried clicking off the page because I knew it would be one somehow. However, it did NOT scare me at all, so I was still asleep. Usually if I am scared in a dream, I wake up immediately. However, this was not the case.

      2. A few minutes later, I thought "I'm dreaming!" This is when I believe I had a semi lucid dream. It was semi lucid because I still couldn't see everything very clearly. I just got an overhead view of what looked like an RPG game. My character was walking in the forest. However, I was losing lucidity. It was getting darker and darker. I kept thinking "Rub your hands! Rub your hands! Keep lucidity!" And it apparantly worked. After a little while, I was brought into the first person perspective of the forest. This was my first lucid dream. The first thing I did was do a reality check by trying to Push 2 fingers through the palm of my other hand. However, that didnt work, and I forgot about my reality check that I did more often: Counting my fingers. I did not do this, and this was a mistake. I accidentally thought of Jeff the Killer (The Creepypasta), and my character began taking damage. However, nobody was there. I was wondering what was going on. A few minutes later, I woke up.
    3. The dog with a fire cracker, not a bone..

      by , 09-10-2013 at 03:16 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      (One of the weirdest dreams I've had. I only wrote notes down unfortunately, and can't recall it all )

      It was daytime.

      I was on a pier with Daz and my brother. There was a lot of random as fuck people.. really strange.

      I was in a room joined to the pier and Daz put a fire cracker in a man's mouth, who was the size of a small dog. When the fire cracker went off, I remember thinking that the guy would have been dead for sure.. I thought he would have been blown up. I had a look at the guy and he wasn't looking good. He was moving side to side and struggling to breath. Eventually he took his last couple of breaths, then passed out. I was worried for Daz, as I didn't want the guy to go down for murder.

      I was on the pier and a girl was cracking onto me. Everyone was different, and acting weird, but in a good way..

      I was outside at some kind of stall you would see at a amusement park. I could see a man trying to sell me a gun who was behind a glass. He was demonstrating what the gun could do, which shot plastic balls. I asked him If I could have a look at it before I thought of buying.

      I saw a few rowing boats go passed the pier, so I decided to jump in one and carry along. I was rowing through a small tunnel.

      I was naked, at a house with Josh D. I was looking through a paper which had all the interesting/strange people from the pier.
    4. A Trick Gone Wrong (6.9.2013)

      by , 09-07-2013 at 04:45 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was at my old house in blacksland, and I was with a few friends from high school.

      I was talking to Danielle R, about her mum. Her Mum dad won a choice between $30,000 or a chance to be on the show The Biggest Loser. I was telling her a white lie, about someone I knew that was in the same boat as her Mum, and that they had stuffed up with there choice. They chose to take the money and built their own home gym, as well as hire a personal trainer. I think they had failed to stick at staying fit.

      Jade A, was getting her dick sucked by her friend Alana. I was watching someone get a trick played on them.

      We were in my backyard
      and It was my turn to give this thing a go. I walked over to the spot where Jade was earlier. I saw that there was two dogs, both pugs. I sat in the spot where the girls were earlier (It was like a coffin shape, but both ends were cut out). I had half my body in and half out. Danielle's father was apart of the joke. I was getting my dick sucked by someone inside the coffin. I had to stay calm and act as if nothing was happening. The name of the game was to try and convince Danielle's father that I wasn't getting my dick sucked. I acted as if nothing was happening and started asking the father questions so that I could not look suspect. I asked what's going on? why are you guys trying to make me laugh?

      I was eating the meringue (lemon meringue pie) off of the coffin. It was now had meringue on the top of it.

      Someone must have been picking their ass. They were smudging poo on the sides of my mouth. I was saying it smelt like shit (No shit captain lol)

      I saw Alisha (Called her Daryl), and she was with her sister. Alisha looked a bit different, more attractive. Her sister looked very similar but was more attractive. I got introduced to the sister, but I don't think she acknowledged me.

      Danielle's Father was now in the coffin with me. He looked like an attractive man, very similar to a younger Rod Stewart. I was telling him that he was one attractive bloke. We had to swap our clothes while still in the coffin, and I was struggling to take them off. I think we had to take off our clothes in one transition. I tried it, but I think I cheated and took clothes off one by one. Her Father did it the proper way and successfully did it in one transition.

      We were now in a see through square box. We were both jumping around in cage naked. I was holding my nuts as I was jumping around. The Father was jumping around with his hands flailing in the air, not giving a care in the world. We were having a lot of fun and were hugging and each other. The scene looked darkish.

      Dream Fragments:

      Saw girls on the couch around the backyard (Jade and some others)

      Scene 2
      There was a spelling bee, and I had to spell Taharn and got it correct. Xavier (Big brother contestant) also was in the spelling bee but spelt name wrong.
    5. Took a biiiig nap today, and dreamed this:

      by , 07-26-2013 at 02:36 AM
      Scientists have been cloning dinosaurs, and are in need of volunteers to help raise them up to a certain age. My husband says we can, so we go to this sort of farm where they are keeping the younger, smaller ones little fences just like at a petting zoo. We are planning to get an herbivore, but as we're looking around I come across a baby T-rex that is about 3 feet tall with these huuuge goofy teeth, and I just can't get over how adorable it is and how much it looks like it's got this big goofy smile. So I bet my husband and he is definitely into the idea. We bring the baby t-rex home.

      At first it is all going nicely. I'm really excited and I'm tossing it raw meat and such and only slightly nervous that it will decide to eat us. Then my cat comes sauntering out and I feel stupid that I forgot we have him and that the t-rex may eat him. Even though my cat seems to keep a very safe distance from the little t-rex, I am nervous out of my mind with worry for my kitty. I start calling the dinosaur farm place and begging them to let me bring the t-rex back and get an herbivore, explaining about the cat and my concerns, but they won't return my calls and I can't get in touch with anyone. That is all I remember, and if I recall correctly I actually woke up as I was leaving one such message in the dream.
    6. Cadillac Incineration

      by , 07-22-2013 at 07:10 PM
      So basically this is a pretty strange dream I had last night. I am new here but like the idea of sharing dreams because I think dreams are easily the most profound experience someone can have. The dream started off in a wooded area and I was with my family. I had ingested a psychedelic drug but was ironically normal, even though I was in a dream. Things looked different, I could see faces within textures and stuff, but it was more dreamy than anything else. I do not use drugs anymore but could recall what it was like in this dream. Anyways, that isn't a important part to this story... I was with my family and I was sitting by my mom while she had her arms around me, I felt very safe in this moment. After that scene I was walking around more and out of nowhere a relative of mine who has had bad drug problems ran past me saying something like "try to catch me" or something to that effect. I started chasing after and then they went around the corner, when I got around the corner, she was in the backseat of a Cadillac and the front seat was full, no one in the backseat. Then the backseat area fills up with flames and this relative of mine gets incinerated. All I know is I just witnessed something terrible and needed to get out of there before I got killed myself, so I run off and I am pretty sure they are chasing me. Anyways some random woman I meet while I am running away decides to go with me (doesn't make sense, but it's a dream). We are running and then a guy with a gun is about to catch up so we hope a fence and there is a huge cliff with water on the other side, but me and this lady both decide to jump anyways. When we hit the water we must have jumped across a border because we are in another country. We swim to the shore and the guy sitting there with a rifle decides to let us in after hearing our story. It sort of blanks out and then further in this lady is now pregnant with what I guess is my kid. We now live in this country. We are going to some sort of play that is very very bizarre and the man that was trying to kill us shows up to the play. The play was about peace and I am hoping that the man realizes that we aren't bad people. He doesn't kill us because the play has a lot of people there. Afterwards he is sitting at a table and I ask him why he wants to kill us or something like that and he starts to answer but I wake up before he says anything I could recall.
    7. Portugese holiday

      by , 12-15-2011 at 06:27 PM

      I am in Portugal on holiday. I am playing in an old shack, and we are playing dodgeball. I can't see who is throwing the balls.
      I am walking outside, up onto a roof where I glance out over a vast lake and lean on the railings. My friend Aimee comes up to me, holding a fish in her fingers by its tail. We talk about Portugal, a lively conversation. We watch as people swim up a water treadmill catching koi. Aimee says its a Japanese tradition.

      I ask my dad if I can try, but he says no because it is our last night on holiday.
      I talk with my dad about how the fair and lake was open at night even though the workers went home. In the distance there are twinkling lights, most probably lights of a nearby town.

      I an at an airport. Dad mentions something about me and my friend Skye watching a movie about T-rexes. He says that my little sister can't, so she has to go make posters and colouring pages of dogs. She is about to go off with a little posh girl, coated in fur and with voluminous blonde hair. She has an English accent, and looks snooty and rich.
    8. Science Class

      by , 11-18-2011 at 03:33 PM
      This morning I was able to remember my dream more completely than in nights before but I was only able to remember one (I didn't wake up when my WBTB alarm went off). I was in a science classroom and the people in the class were all the kids from my wrestling team. My wrestling coach was the teacher. He was talking to us about some charity that we should give to then he switched to complaining about where the money went (something about two murderers in Pennsylvania). He wanted us to donate the money to the wrestling team.
      While he was talking I was looking through my friends text messages on his Droid. I asked him how much it cost and he said it was 1,000 a month but every third month it was far more expensive. I had a glass of water and it was empty so I was eating the ice in it, one of the ice cubes was a small egg (no shell) and everyone thought it was funny that I spit it out. I didn't get the feeling that it was a prank, instead that eggs were usually in in glasses of water and most people had the common sense to avoid them.
    9. Spiritual or what?

      by , 11-03-2011 at 10:45 PM
      I first have to say I am not religious, but I believe in spiritual things and such. And also this is my most vivid dream I've ever had. This dream was about 6 years ago.

      The setting of where I was sleeping was over a friends house in the basement sleeping on the floor.
      Now my dream. In my dream I woke up sitting up with a strong cold wind blowing the left side of my face. So I looked over to my right and saw my older brother and older sister kneeling, but something was different about them. They were at least 10 years younger and had the emptiest stares.
      Then I looked to my left and saw the basement empty (except for the carpet and the walls) and expanding and continuing to expand. Then I looked out in front of me and saw 6 boxes stacked in a cross, but each box and a punishment. Before I could read each punishment, they changed into the word punishment.
      Finally, the boxes, one by one, disappeared and I woke up.
      The left side of my face was as cold as ice which is where the portable heater was blowing heat at me.

      Does anyone have any idea what this dream is trying to say? Whether it be some kind of spiritual meaning or if my subconscious is trying to say.
    10. On a bus

      by , 09-14-2011 at 04:48 PM
      I woke up earlier in the morning and had a quick nap between 9:20-9:40 am. It was also a failed lucid dream attempt.

      I was on a bus coming from a summer camp to school and I was rolling on the floor and on the front seat were 2 girls and they were interested in me. After we arrived I went to the school yard and there was a fight going on between 2 guys and they were doing some huge ninja kicks.

      I went there and got into fight and I had those same powers. Suddenly the fight stopped and I found I had tattoos all over me and some guy came to say "what a nice tattoos" Then these 2 girls who were opn the bus came to talk to me and I woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Sleep Paralysis

      by , 07-16-2011 at 10:33 AM
      I could hear the familliar sound of sleep paralysis coming from a distance. Soon it was all over me and my breathing got slower. I waited to see what would happen and then I felt something grab my ankles.
      I was dragged out of my bed, and found myself standing right next to it.
      I looked down and saw myself sleeping (OBE). I poked myself and the body sat bolt upright in the bed. It was quite werid to look straight into the eyes of myself. Excited I said to my mirrorimage: Is this cool or what!? He quickly aswered, hell yeah! then the floor dissapeared underneath me and I fell. I saw shadows flying past me and then in the distance I could see a floor. It was as if I fell from the ceiling of a very very tall room. I smacked against the floor and stood up quickly. I was in a playroom filled with creepy toys such as clowns and rubber ducks. I was about 10 cm tall from what I could tell. I quickly looked down on my hands just to make sure I was dreaming, fingers where popping out everywhere, so I didn't bother counting them (RC). The first thought I had was that I needed to get out of here. I turned around and saw a door in my size. I ran for it and flung it open. I stepped out onto a large beach. The doorpost where standing all by itself in the sand. There was a sofa beside it and a small tree. In the tree there was a bird with a large beak looking curiously at me. ''What did you want to tell me?'' The voice came from a girl sitting in the sofa. (I must admit, I was pretty lost at this point ) She got up and walked towards me and then I woke up I was lucid throughout the dream but I think my subconscious got the better of me
    12. Strangest Dream Yet: The Twins.

      by , 02-15-2011 at 04:39 AM
      Last night's dream was... Weird.

      I know that's a silly thing to say about a dream, since they're all weird in their own right, but I find something about this dream unsettling.

      The dream was processed over the course of an hour from 6:30 to 7:30. I remember playing a pokemon game. It was like a cross between Mystery Dungeon and one of the regular games... For some reason there were conflicts about it, but I can't remember over what specifically.

      At some point, the antagonist came to play. There was no name for him. He was a hulking creature that wore a ski mask and overalls, but the rest of his body was pretty much black as the night sky.

      Then I met up with my significant other. Or maybe he had been with me all along. We argue about pokemon a lot so the conflict could've been there...

      But then we reached a place that looked like a combination of Walmart and an abandoned house I had explored the night prior (in real life).... And the antagonist was hanging out of the entrance to the attic... Which really wasn't attached to the building.

      Standing at the registers of this place were two strange little people. I believe both were female and part bear, yet so short. They wore miners caps and overalls much like the generic looming figure.

      Here's where it gets strange. I claim to recognize them from a paranormal magazine or video of some sort, where they had claimed they could enter anyone's dream from any place in the world. In a way, I realized I was dreaming... But didn't at the same time. In the dream, I was aware that it was a dream, yet I wasn't conscious of the fact.

      Anyways, my significant other immediately interrupts and says something to the effect that should such a thing be fact it would falsify the existence of humanity or some such nonsense. It sounded like something he would say.

      When he finally shuts up, the two start explaining that they're in my dream for a reason. To help me conquer the antagonist in the background who scares the shit out of me. Eventually it leads us up to the attic. At first, we see nothing... But then roaches start coming out of every crevice. Collapsing on the floor, I take hold of my boyfriend and hold him tightly. The bugs start to whirl around us in a twister-like manner, while a few of them hit us across the face. I remember feeling his warmth... Which is strange since I slept alone. The two yell at me, tell me that this is it. I needed to survive this and then everything would be okay.

      I screamed... And my scream turned into my alarm. At that point, I woke up... Feeling cheated.
    13. a dream from last week-

      by , 08-04-2010 at 09:22 PM
      I cant remember it well, but it goes something like this:
      I was in a war. For somereason, we could all fly, but my enemies were in little caterpillar-like ships and were very small.We seemed to be in a 3d tetris landscape, with a kind of sunset background. we were battling, well i was mostly avoiding all of them, but i remember my friend got shot and i helped him while we were defeating the flying caterpillar enemies. (the dream really diddnt make this much sense, i cant remember half of it, something to do with a pokemon and super smash brothers videogame boss)
      And this was the same dream but im not sure how it got to this point:
      Roger-My crush- and i were standing on a tyype of escalator in a stairwell. There were two lines and we were in the same one, but all the sudden i knew we were splitting into boys/girls lines. And i also knew we were in the line For lunch, and that when you got to the bottom, you had to eat a cheeseburger , and then kiss your partner( whoever was in the other line at the same place as you) and as we were waiting i was nervous to kiss roger, and we passed a bathroom, it wasnt aligned with the floor, it was floating there ,a hole in the wall, because we were on an escalator. I saw a bunch of girls looking into mirrors and putting on lipgloss and stuff . I woke up before i got to kiss him