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    1. unknown language??

      by , 06-01-2022 at 10:39 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      Idk if I even dreamt it , or maybe it was a nap dream??
      but anyways, I think I dreamt of one of those language demonstrating youtube videos
      all I remember is that the word for "what" was "aš" and I tought to myself "how strange"
      and left the video
    2. Crash Bandicoot DLC

      by , 11-26-2021 at 03:27 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      10:00 AM
      Crash Bandicoot DLC! (Non-Lucid)

      I was returning to sleep after a short wake up and then I saw a loading screen with the Crash Bandicoot Warped logo but with new effects. After loading into the warp room there were 25 new levels to play which got me so excited I woke up again.
    3. The Matrix engulfs all

      by , 12-25-2020 at 11:48 AM (Nef's dream journal)
      barely remember the dream
      I dreamt about the matrix engulfing all space and time
      it was like a green static wall from the outside
      everyone was becoming part of it
      but I did not become one with it, even if I entered
      I left

      felt lost ,no way out , everything will be swallowed by it
      Tags: matrix, non lucid
    4. Horses , ponies, cows they all can talk

      by , 11-07-2020 at 11:59 AM (Nef's dream journal)
      I dreamt about being in a place that is meshed up from multiple universes
      in an abandoned house I found little horses, I petted one of them
      things happened and one of em run away into what was a mesh of an imperial star destroyer
      then on a bus I talked to another on about school education
      it was surreal

      I woke up ... its 11 am , I slept way too much again
    5. Big freaking snakes

      by , 10-16-2020 at 12:06 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      I dreamt that after a heavy rain, a lot of water was flowing down the hill, among the streets.
      I didnt pay much mind to it, I went to the shop. Then encountered a big fckoff COBRA, but it wasnt any kind of cobra , it was FLYING all over the place. Its morphology was unique:Its lower half was of a light colour , cant tell which, the top, was vibrant red, with the hood stretching all over it's body, acting as a wing to catch wing, while doing this swirly motion mid air , supposedly to maneuver itself. I got really scared, it somehow flew up and charged me , I fell on the ground and covered my face, but nothing happened, it just went away. I ran home like mad while seeing a bunch of these things flying around, told mom, closed windows ,door , I was panicking like mad, then started to see reptillians even, flooding the street , and maybe even lions?
      Someone told me that this event will die off once all the water flows down from the mountains... Nobody was worrying that much about it..but I was furious
    6. Hassling an old bully, fighting over stepping on grass

      by , 10-14-2020 at 03:54 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      note: there's been a time when I often dreamt of being middle school, which was really bad because it was a really traumatic part of my life. But with time, I had those dreams less and less, sometimes I still do have em rarely. This time was different

      I was again back at middle school as an adult, and the whole class was made of adults(pretty strange). The interior of the building was much larger, instead of 3 floors, there was like 15. Going downstairs was really tiring.
      All I remember, is that now I knew I can play the other way, this girl who bullied me often tried to start some shit... and so I kept coming back at her, hassling her to the point she wanted to kick me , but she kicked into the table by me instead, hurting her leg, she was seething from anger. I went downstairs left the building.
      Then I got into a fight with some guy because he was playing tough guy , and I stepped on the grass infront of the school...
    7. One Lucid and some NLs - August 25

      , 08-25-2018 at 06:43 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Aug 25 2018

      Went to bed pretty late. Woke up at 5:30 or 6:30 and remembered that I had 3 long NLs, but couldn't remember them.
      First dream I remember of the night was lucid. I don't know what I was doing and don't remember much about it. I was in a library, possibly on a college campus. I spontaneously became lucid and looked at my hands, and I remember saying "I'm dreaming!" excitedly. I then walked around and tried to push my fingers through my palm, but it didn't work. The dream started to fade and I remembered the advice to meditate in your dream. Instead of really meditating though, I sort of just focused on my senses for a moment (just vision and touch) and the clarity came back. I tried the finger through palm RC again and it worked! I remember walking around a little more but that's it. I think the dream continued but I lost lucidity. Vaguely remember bragging to DCs while not lucid that I could lucid dream (how did I not catch this ).

      Had another dream about two cacti in a pool house or greenhouse, and at some point they fused together into one (possibly connected with my lucid one).
      Had another dream about college campus murders with some pretty gruesome mangled corpses. I think I was the murderer but was also investigating.
      Had another dream in my childhood living room where my cousin dropped himself down through the beams (we didn't think he could).
      Had another dream where I bought $50 dollar tickets for my fiance in some kind of stadium, but I couldn't find her and wanted to ask to use the loudspeaker.

      Throughout the night, each time I woke up I tried to WILD using hypnagogic imagery. Didn't work but came close and had some cool HI. MILDed each time then using the mantra "I will be lucid in my next dream", and also tried to remind myself to RC each time I woke up, but I forgot to each time.

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    8. Bunch of Fun, Vivid Semi-Lucids and NLs - August 24

      , 08-24-2018 at 04:39 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Aug 24 2018

      Yesterday afternoon I discovered SAT which pretty much describes what I called "relaxed ADA" in previous posts. I did this throughout the day, and started doing more consistent RCs (noseplug, question surroundings and past actions for ~30 seconds at least, then finger through palm to make sure) throughout the day. Before bed I didn't do meditation or anything, just progressive relaxation and a little MILD. I also did some autosuggestion that I would do an RC every time I woke up, since I've been having a lot of FA's lately and wanted to convert them. Then I fell asleep pretty quickly (and pretty early).

      My first dream was of a huge, squarish/adobe-style mansion. I had the understanding that it wasn't mine, but rather I was staying at it. My fiance was staying there with me, and we had some R&R in our shadowy corner of the mansion, where we could still see some sunlight on the terrace. She was wearing an outfit I'd seen recently IWL. Occasionally we went on the main grounds and met with others staying there (non-WL DCs, but they were friends, not random lodgers). I remember semi-consciously shaping events and character actions, but I definitely wasn't fully lucid and never did an RC. It was a fun dream though, one of those simple and joyful NLs that you remember fondly afterwards.

      I woke up after this dream and didn't do much MILDing, fell asleep pretty quickly. I'm a kid with three sidekicks, young Hermione and two other kids our age. We're all walking around an outdoor/indoor farmer's market that morphs into an oversized shopping mall. We start avoiding Darth Maul and his gang, they're trying to catch and kill us, or rather wipe out our existence. At one point we're flying around near the ceiling of the mall, dodging slow-flying homing darts. We're also avoiding the big stinky guy from spirited away (not noface, the stinky guy that turns out to be a river spirit). He apparently has the power to reverse-age us if we get to close to him. We eventually find our way into a room with a closet/armoire named Percy. He can take us back to some years ago before this happened. I think this part of the dream happened twice, in different ways. The first time, we all got in and were saved. The second time, only I made it into the armoire and shut the doors tight, with Darth Maul's fingers gripping the edge of the door. He was making some kind of persuasive argument, appealing to my emotions, and I felt sorry for him, but in the end I was able to shut the doors and I made it out. Flash-forward to several years later. My friends who didn't make it out were reincarnated and are the same age as me now (several years older). We are all at a smaller outdoor farmer's market. They are all the opposite genders now. One of them has discovered a new strain of blueberry, which is oblong.

      Our curtain dropped IWL and I had to put it back. I went back to bed quickly after that. My next dream was an NL. I was in my high school gym and it was the last day of high school. I was in the top row of the bleachers joking around with my friends during an emotional and apparently important speech by Coach M. I got called out and cried in the dream. Several of my high school friends were there also, and they're some of my dream signs, so I should have recognized them. Despite this, I didn't question anything. I walked towards the exits and on the way out had a heart to heart with Coach M. Once I was out, I walked under the overhang and got made fun of by my friends for crying, but then we were all cool again.

      Slight dream scene transition and I'm in the HS parking lot, where I see someone taking my dog into a black SUV. I run after them and I am flying on the street (I think I was semi-lucid here but I can't be sure; again, I definitely didn't do an RC or anything). I see one of my WL coworkers in the air on a flying machine (think chitty chitty bang bang). I ask him for help. As I fly forward and he flies towards school, I communicate with him telepathically and have him drop down some electronic turnstiles/gates to allow me access through where this black SUV is taking my dog. The gates and general scene remind me of the new Jurassic Park movies for some reason.

      Somehow from here I end up in a version of Disneyland with fiance. Again, she's wearing an outfit that I saw IWL recently, a business-ish dress this time. Everything is frozen. There's a huge blue bioluminescent flower that's completely frozen. The entrance feels more like a shoddy amusement park than Disneyland -- the sign for it is like 8.5x11 and just says in small Denny's-like font "Disney". Fiance is wearing ice skates, I'm wearing her thin slippers from WL. I get a strong sense of deja vu as we enter and hop over a cold puddle. I can feel the ice crunch underfoot and feel the cold, but not in a bad way...very vivid. I make a comment about taking a swim or something similar

      From here I end up at a pot luck that looks like a huge Thanksgiving feast. I brought my own meal though, and I feel bad about it because it's not enough for everyone. I say my hellos and then head to the back where there's a darkened living room (fireplace behind/to the righ of me) and I'm in a chair/recliner. There are some older folks and family members around me and fiance eventually joins me.

      *Note: Mostly slept on my sides last night. I think this results in more vivid semi lucids and non lucids, which can be nice every once in a while Interestingly I don't think I had any FA's.
    9. Kidnapping a baby from a wild amazonian(?) tribe

      by , 08-01-2018 at 02:23 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      I've been in a big complex in the middle of the jungle , it was a headquarters for a tribe. Made of something strong , it was basically four walls in a cube form, they were really tall ,like a tower and on them were holes and structures made of wood ,latters , lil shacks and stuff , strategic points. On the Inside were wooden bridges to go between the segments. The tribe used spears ,and arrows , and such weaponry, and there were also that long stick that had something really flexible tied to it, with something stingy and poisonous and sharp at the end of the string. I posessed one of those things.

      My mission was to kidnap a baby and bring the baby into civilisation. I had a companion , who worked outside in a helicopter , was covering me I think? I was going in with stealth, infiltarted the base somehow from above ,and looked for a baby.
      But at a point some tribesmen saw me and started to chase me on the bridges , shooting arrows and trying to catch me with that poision fishing stick thing. I was flying across the bridges by using that stick thing I flung it under the bridge so it hooks onto the bridge then jumped down the other side and swung myself in the sky like spiderman, it was amazing.
      Then at a point I got the baby and escaped through the helicopter. The companion was my supposed girlfriend who drove the helicopter .
      Then I got detached from the scene and the characters held a conversation on their own
      and they said something like this

      "- I feel sorry for this kid , he may not going to live like their savage parents but in the end hes going to be just another brick in the wall ,probably a grocery shop seller somewhere in -something latin sounding city name- " said the guy who I was just a minute ago

      +That's how our job is , what can u do -said the woman

      -Idk , overthrow the system ?

      +Hell no , especially when my job is what supports the system.

      Then I had an epiphany or something like that.. Indeed , people are afraid of change, they cling to their status . There can be "new ways" that would new and good , but people are afraid of losing ,and even more...they hate to learn new things, its too bothersome for them , so they will stay with the old ways even if its not so beneficial for anyone
    10. Melachim

      by , 05-21-2018 at 11:19 AM (Nef's dream journal)
      I was in some sort of a surreal game with a group of people
      We were placed into a place and we didn't know what to do
      There was several levels
      The first one was called moama and everyone died, it was some sort of island but then men and women dressed in red and black came, they had an empty look or smile on their faces and just stood here I heard weird noises and suddenly everyone started to die Like of they're being scrapped into bloody pieces
      Then we got respawned at another place, it was a forest and in the middle of it, a hill, we took shelter there
      We didn't understand wtf is going on, in the end we agreed to avoid those ppl called the melachim, we named them that cuz we thought they're the ones organising this game
      The next time they came, we saw them emerging from the hill we hid with haste I think some of us died but most of us survived and we actually won this game
      So we came to the conclusion that in order to win we must avoid contact with the melachim at all cost
      That's how we can survive
      The thing is that when they came they usually came from a great distance and they walked really fast, also a weird drum or music or noise could be heard when they were near and electronics Got Jammed
      In anther instance I was traveling in a subway when they turned up, I was standing in front of a little corridor between two wagons
      That's where they appeared as those persons who check the tickets at a train
      Me and a few ppl hid by the window shitting bricks, the door to the corridor saved my ass cuz it hid me from the melachim
      But as they came I knew I will have to go to anotger room and so I did just when the humanoid was about to enter through the corridor I stepped through anther door and sat down among ppl and pretended to be npc
      It worked but when the melachim was just behind me cuz they also entered this place looking for us I got super dizzy but I survived
      And won the match
      Next time I was watching other ppl doing this game on YouTube and somehow i got into one of the games
      There was an empty city
      Youth were having fun it was teenager kids walking around, the lights were on and it was sunset
      Then they found a
      Shopping cart
      And there was a kids face in it
      A fat kids face in a cube like shape in it
      I told the kids that is possibly not a good idea to play with this since it's a surreal object probably placed there by the melachim, but they didn't mind it, they started to roll down the street by riding it
      Then it happened
      I heard an electric noise, then the majority of the citys lights got turned off
      We was like holy shit
      We then knew they're there
      We went on to hide, a young guy said it's OK cuz he still got his phones light, I argued its use saying the complete darkness is better cuz we have to hide
      And then I think I woke up
    11. The house bar

      by , 04-11-2018 at 07:59 AM
      I dreamt that I had moved into a boarding house and I walked out into the main room to see where the bar was in town. (in my dreams I still drink sometimes) I was surprised to see a bar right there. So I ordered a shot of Vodka which I don’t really like because it was my addiction. I immediately felt like I couldn’t control my body. The bartender looked annoyed. They said last call so I ordered a pitcher. He said- “how are you going to drink an entire pitcher yourself?” Now he was really annoyed. I looked around for someone to share it with but didn’t like most of the people. Just when I decided to leave it and go back to my room a young man walked in the bar and he was holding a knife. He was chasing me and people were screaming and hiding. I think I knew subconsciously that he represented alcoholism but I only remembered this later after I woke up. I beat him up and I cut him into pieces but he kept coming for me until he was nothing but an angry head. He was a zombie. I woke up when my alarm clock went off and none of the alarmclocks in my dream would go off.
      Tags: non lucid
    12. This week's dreams.

      by , 02-27-2018 at 04:14 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Just remember getting off work but I was in a strange city. I noticed a huge storm was brewing and it was getting really windy. I saw V from work walking by herself as she was literally disappearing in a cloud. I ran after her. I became lucid somehow and wanted to look for Jamie. but my vision went all purple and then black. I have no memory after.

      Leaving work again

      Almost a repeat of the last dream. But I was walking down a longer hallway before I got outside and with a different girl this time.

      Homeless shelter

      Brief dream of following my friend into an abandoned homeless shelter. Can't remember much after something about getting lost going home....


      Various dreams about youtubers. Mainly remember being in a cave with exploring with josh.


      I was walking around downstairs and saw someone who lived with us watching TV. I had a closet with hangers that started swinging by themselves. I pointed it out to the lady but she didn't seem to care. I started freaking out and ran upstairs and saw lots of other items moving by themselves.

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    13. Feb 22 to 23 Dreams (few short LD's, dream song)

      by , 02-24-2018 at 04:38 PM
      Here are visual DJ entries that I am trying out:
      Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReSpYoArgiY
      Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1oZ_ySfYIQ

      Here are the dreams from Feb 22 to 23.

      First round of dreams.

      The earliest thing I remember from these dreams is something with fighting with my Uncle. I remember seeing his face up close. But I had to get up to use the bathroom before I could fully recall the dream.

      After that there was a part where I was in my room in my old house. My Dad, mom and sister were all there. I remembered more about the parts of my old house after remembering later parts of the dream which is always nice. I was looking in the mirror in my bed room. I was flexing or something like that and then I realized my door was open and I didn't want anyone to see me flexing. I went and laid down in my bed. I was laying down to rest but I thought the bed was too hard. At first it felt like a rock but then it softened a good amount.

      There was something about how I was going out later at night, like a little past 7. But past dark. And then my Dad would have to come pick me up late at night and drive me home. There was a football and track field to my left in the visual of this part. And part of the town I was in. My Dad was telling me that if I went somewhere at night, I would have to balance it and only go a few nights a week, not every night. Because it was a lot of work for him to do all that driving. I started telling him and my mom that I already have enough activity in my life and I don't need the thing after 7. In fact on the other nights, I fall asleep around 7 anyway, so I must need the sleep on the other nights too. So I could just go to bed and then they wouldn't have to take me anywhere. My Dad told me that I could go a few nights a week but I said, you know what, I really think it would be healthier if I just got the sleep I needed.

      I was walking through the sidewalk of this city place and there was like a couple who was walking together. The girl was throwing her coffee on the guy but it was not an attack. It was more like just a joke. The town or city place had light grey side walks and grey buildings. More stuff happened there but I wasn't able to remember it.

      After that I was in this kind of mall place. E R, M B and M M, 3 girls from my high school, were there. It was like all the girls who lived on this one road while we were growing up so maybe it was S F instead of M M. I was saying that they look great and I was happy to see them. D F appeared off to the side but she was with a guy so I didn't really talk to her as much. I didn't actually get the words out that they all look nice due to shy ness or feeling like it is weird to say that to a whole group of women instead of individually.

      Then there was a part where we were all filling out this form. I had to put a G P A on it on the bottom left. I was going to just joke around and put the highest possible score or even higher than possible G P A scores just to be funny because I am already done with school.

      Then we were sitting around a pool table or an upside down shelf table with slats facing up. It seemed to morph from one to the other. M S was there, and he had a girl friend but I think she was not actually there. Just an understanding that he had a girl friend. M M was there and M S's mom. It was some kind of party.
      They had filled up balloons with helium so they floated and my Nana had also filled up some balloons for us. Someone was asking how we made all those balloons.

      Someone was giving advice about how to quit cigarettes by having some kind of purple and orange pie in the morning instead of a cigarette. I was thinking to myself how that didn't really seem like it would work because the cigarette would overwhelm the pie thing. But I didn't want to be a downer and discourage M M who was the one trying to quit smoking. Maybe if she believed in it, it could work for her. M M was sitting right next to one head of the table where L C was, and then an empty seat, then M S, then one more seat, then head of table, then 3 or 4 people along the other side of the table.

      There was a part where I was walking around that table. I was going to sit between M M and M S. I started to put down my plate or my stuff at that table place but then realized M M was quitting smoking so I don't want to sit near her. So I moved to the other side of M S kind of on the corner of the table. Initially I was going to sit with her because I like her but then I decided it wouldn't be a good relationship due to her smoking. I don't think she smokes in waking life but I haven't seen her in years.

      As I walked around the table counter clock wise, there were one or two really big quarters on the ground. I picked them up and threw them on the table when it was a pool table. I thought they belonged to M S.

      Something about shoveling up snow near a local food store? .

      Then in the room with the table it was time to go for a swim. Then there was a part about how things in the dream world are the same for everyone, just using different symbols. Like the symbols were kind of similar too just the equivalents from different cultures. I was telling everyone how a swim is great but a surprise swim makes it even better. I wasn't expecting to have the chance to swim that day. People agreed.

      Then my sister came in through a glass door at the front of the room. She had a big box with a cake in it. She was wearing a big puffy coat. I felt bad that my sister got there because she had to walk all that way. I was thinking how she could have asked me to drive her and I would have been glad to. I couldn't eat the cake due to processed sugar and flour. But I was thinking I will just put the cake in front of me like a decoration.

      Well, that was actually good dream recall. I wished that some more of the details had stuck with me but overall it was pretty good dream recall for the first dream. Especially even after having to get up. So my dream recall muscle is definitely improving. I think waking life recall journaling is helping a lot.

      For some reason I woke up thinking I wouldn't need to dream journal because I would dream the exact same thing as yesterday. Of course like any other night I had fresh new dreams tonight.

      I had some mild lucidity in these next dreams. The first one I remember is that I was outside this office building. G A was working there. It was red orange marble in the whole place. There was a mattress against the wall in the main lobby. It was like where the Post Office is in L V. I saw G A go by and up the stairs. I thought I should talk to him. I didn't go all the way up the stairs. I saw a quarter on my way back down the stairs and realized I was dreaming. I am not sure why the quarter made me get lucid. It was just kind of a spontaneous Dialed. I got down the stairs somehow, maybe walked or flew, and then I decided that it would be cool to talk to G A in my L D. So I started to look for him. He was going back down the stairs so I started to follow him. But then I felt the dream would collapse if I tried to do anything. It was very fragile. So, I changed my mind and decided not to go after him. I had to keep the L D going. I tried to rub my hands but it didn't work. I woke up from the dream into semi sleep paralysis and thought it through until luckily another dream started.

      In the new dream, I started out non lucid. But then I realized it was a dream somehow. I forgot exactly how, it just kind of dawned on me. So I went over to the next room and there were 3 people on a couch. One was a woman wearing blue. They were watching something in Spanish. I tried to talk to them in Spanish to ask them to help me relax in the dream. Como se relaxar? Something like that. Probably not the exact word in Spanish. They didn't understand me. I thought to rub my hands but I didn't think of spinning.

      I woke up from that dream, too. But another dream began. This one I was on a computer at the start but I didn't realize it was a dream. I think it jumped quickly to another dream.

      There was this one really abstract seeming part. Someone had a bed in a gazebo thing outdoors. They were rolling to their other side in the bed, as if they were rolling over in their sleep. It wasn't me. But I had the sense that within the dream I was out of body from that person's body. And it was interesting seeing "my own" body move from outside of it. That was just a short dream fragment.

      In the next dream, I was in the room I lived in as a kid, at my Nana's. I was on a computer that had a picture of those three people I tried speaking to in Spanish from earlier in the dream. I was looking at it like, oh, cool, there is actually a picture of them from my dream. But I thought it was waking life already. So I thought it was cool to have a picture of people from my dream. (This is why asking how did I get here? and do I remember waking up this morning? are things I need to practice more. ) I realized I was dreaming though within moments and so again I was like, okay, let's try to stabilize this one. This song came on that went, "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming" and some other words. That is pretty cool. The lyrics to the whole song were on the computer screen. I was able to make sense of them within the dream. They were clearly written words. But, I wasn't able to remember them once I had woken up. I almost thought I would remember them. I felt like the dream was showing me the lyrics too fast for me to be able to remember them. I realized I need to stabilize the dream so i tried a finger palm test. It didn't really go through. Then I started to wake up, and the dream collapsed.

      I fell asleep again while thinking through those. I think i might have had more dreams after but I didn't remember any for some reason. Maybe it wasn't a dreaming part of the sleep cylce. I had more dreams after that.

      I dreamed that I was with some people looking for an S N L actor. Something like a consultant and a web site with different things. It was hard to read but it said, weld, weld, weld, number, weld, weld. I could make out the words if I really tried. I don't think I was lucid in this one though. I got lucid again a little later. Something with a coat hanger. Then he was on a pay phone.

      Then I was in a room that felt like my current room. I was setting a grey framed glass digital clock to a certain alarm. It said 4:01 and there were dots for A M or P M. I tried to switch it to 4:01 P M but was afraid that I might be napping at that time. So I wanted to turn the alarm completely off but I couldn't see how. I switched it to 2:01 P M and it said 16 hours later, even though it was 4:01 A M. Something about the math seemed unusual but it didn't quite trigger lucidity.

      So then I was going out to the driveway to throw out garbage. I had some pants with me and an old plant. The driveway was oriented differently though, more like L V R C's driveway than my current driveway. I was bringing out a dead stalk from my indoor mint plant and I noticed some of the leaves looked more alive than usual. I wondered if it had come back to life. I jammed the clipping into the soil along the side of the drive way. It went in alright even though I was expecting the ground to be frozen. Then my pants were by this puddle of mirky water near the curb. I went in the water to get them and it was waist deep. I realized this water was very gross. I thought it was waking life but I wished it was a dream. When I woke up my physical bed, it turned out it was! .

      In the next dream, some cool stuff happened, and I became lucid. So as it started, I was at the Arboretum, near the deck thing where you can see frogs from. I was on a computer trying to work some computer program. I was also on the phone bridge and I heard some people talking. I remember looking at the time and it was around when that meeting usually ended. I was not happy about it because it meant I was up too early. Then it kind of reset and I was going through it again. This time it was 6:40 A M or so and F was talking about a business meeting. The moderator who I figured was A replied something about how we all want to labour. It wasn't quite her voice though but she usually moderated on Fridays. So then I think I realized it was a dream somehow. Maybe F didn't sound like himself or something. It was funny though because I thought of 6:35 A M which was when the meeting ended on business meeting days.

      So I think this was when I became lucid. I flew up into the sky and got dream blindness. But I could still feel myself flying. Then I kind of landed. I was trying to think of what dream goals to go for. The dream was playing this audio thing of all these ideas of dream goals which was kind of cool. I had a tupperware full of "sand mud" and so I ate some of that. It tasted bad so I spit it out. One of the dream goals that came to mind was to blast a huge stream of colorful orbs out of my mouth. So I tried to open my mouth and sort of project energy into doing that, but nothing happened. I really tried very hard to make colorful orbs shoot out of my mouth, over the pond with the geyser thing.

      At one point I also thought of peeing in the dream. I think I felt my physical body needing to go. But I decided that I wouldn't wake myself up for that. I would just hold it or try to ignore it. It went away.

      The dream answered my request in an indirect way by making a truck full of orange basketballs appear. I jumped into it and was hanging off the edge of the outside of the truck. Then I got back in. Then I was sitting in the back of the truck. Other people were sitting there eating at a table.

      I heard a song I knew or thought I heard earlier in the dream. I was glad to hear it again because I would have a chance to try to remember it. The first line was, "My friends describin' me, I'm an alligator in a tall, tall, tall sea," or, "My friends providin' me, I'm an alligator in a tall, tall, tall tree," but I wasn't sure which. I think it was the first one because thats what I said on my voice recorder. The words continued but I realized that if I tried to memorize the whole thing in one listen, it wouldn't work. So I talked over the sound level of the dream song by just repeating that one line of the song to myself. In doing this, I memorized it. I figured I better catch the one sentence instead of nothing. Then I could catch the rest of the song in later dreams if it ever played again.

      This dream made me really inspired to see if I could make a song out of lyrics I hear within dreams. Without adding any of "my" own lyrics.

      Also, in the physical world, it was Friday morning. Within my dream I was aware of that and I was glad I had taken the garbage out last night, so that I could stay in the dream, without having to worry about the garbage not being taken out.

      In my last dream I was in this grey factory place. A guy from a T V show was flying a plane. I didn't actually see him but the dream kind of told me telepathically what T V character it was. They were going to drop a missile on this big grey factory tower we were in but then they changed their plans so they would freeze us into the building first. I could see shiny blue ice all over this place like it was cartoon ice, with the icicles. I saw this grey receptionist desk type of thing from a frontal view and Ask Ketchum was at the desk. It was all dark grey. Ash was looking over at the ice and pointing to it.

      I was attempting to DEILD or WILD from this dream but I couldn't stop my mind. I am becoming more aware of how my mind actually keeps my body from going into sleep and dreaming mode.
    14. Probably Not What Goat Meat Tastes Like But Whatever

      by , 12-28-2017 at 07:50 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

      Woke up at: 12:00 PM


      It seems to me I am in the desert, almost keeling over due to the lack of food in my system. The "narrator" of the dream (Who sounds a lot like Oxhorn who, in short, sounds like Tom Hanks) says I am on a quest to find a "warm animal".

      Apparently the temperature is so hot that animals in the desert literally cook from the inside out. I come across a dead goat, or some other creature like that, and pick apart nicely sliced pieces of meat from its body.

      It tastes savory, but also something that could be served at a barbecue due to its peppery sort of taste. It's also kind of spicy, and the meat itself was reddish orange with black spots, implying it was cooked recently. It was, as expected, pretty warm for being recently cut meat from a goat's body. I snuck along a bag full of the stuff along with me.

      I come across another traveller, but from this point on I don't really remember much. He talks to me about where he can find this meat, and I told him that those goats are all over the desert, not wanting to give up my share.

      And the rest is all fuzzy images from that point on.


      1. First time I ever engaged in taste in a dream, though non lucid. Sadly, I don't think goat meat counts as junk food so no TOTM for me.

      2. Now I suddenly don't feel hungry for some reason.
    15. Film Trailer - Demons

      by , 12-07-2017 at 12:06 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      I dreamt of the trailer of a film
      it was about a portal being opened from "hell" to earth
      and that the CIA or FBI or whatever already made a big large security compound basically stopping demons from entering freely our world
      and characters were talking about that, and that now each demon that enters must stand trial to have a chance of becoming a citizen of the US
      basically meaning that not every demon is a genocidial maniac monster
      and then there was a scene of one entering ,a powerfull one, it had a human head with those cat like animal ears\horns, yellow reptile like skin, and yellow eyes black sclera, I think it said something that made everyone worry big time
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