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    1. A Dozen Mice in Our Bed

      by , 01-06-2019 at 08:02 AM
      Morning of January 6, 2019. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,011-02. Reading time: 40 sec.

      I am in our bed in darkness at our present address, and it seems to be in the same orientation and location (but the space around me feels different).

      Under my right hand, I vividly feel a dozen mice squirming around. (I had fallen asleep on my back, which does not occur very often.) I try to keep them in the area near my right hip, as there is concern about one of our cats getting to them. (I sense a cat on the left side of our bed.) My sense of touch is enhanced. The surface area is also enlarged, making both the palm of my hand and the mice seem at least four times bigger.

      There is brief ďconversationĒ with Zsuzsanna and our youngest son (both on my left, our son near the foot of our bed), though I perceive the phrases by thought rather than hear the sound.

      I typically only have dreams with no imagery but with enhanced touch when sleeping on my back.

      Tags: in bed, mice, touch
    2. being handed glasses

      by , 11-25-2017 at 02:56 PM
      We were sitting in a couch. The room was filled with the weak light of day. He kept trying to hold me. "Stop," I said. "What I'm not allowed to hold you anymore?" I shook my head, "You can hold the tablet." He scoffed, " So I'm only allowed to touch the tablet then?" I couldn't help smiling. He tried to show me something but I remembered I didn't have mine on. For some reason he was wearing a pair and handed them to me. "Here try these on they might be a similar perscription as yours." As I slid them onto my face I slowely drifted awake.

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      Tags: glasses, touch
    3. #178: I hate this game / Attack

      by , 07-14-2016 at 04:39 AM
      I hate this game
      It feels like Iím playing a very realistic game. It starts with me and some other guy being stuck in a run down room about the size of a smallish bedroom. The walls are grey from dirt or whatever. There's also a small dog. In the corner is a messed up wooden door with a padlock on it. On the other side of the room is a dark hallway that will lead us to who knows what. There's one more door, to a storage closet or something. The guy enters the hallway to explore. On the other side of the door I can see an older man. I think he has a tanned skin. He definitely has some dreadlocks, though I think not all of his hair is dreads. For a moment I wonder if there is some understanding between us. I vaguely feel a connection. I open the door to the storage and accidentally hit the dog, who was just digging for something it seems. It seems like he's found something. The dog has found a tiny hidden space in the ground, which contains a key. I use it to open up the padlock. I think at first the door doesn't open yet, but eventually it's wide open or it has disappeared. This happens while I'm on the other side of the room. The man starts using blow darts to shoot at me. He doesn't shoot me directly. The darts ricochet off the walls 3 times before getting to me. He doesn't always hit me, but it's scary enough. A few times I get hit on the back, which hurts. I grab a large bamboo pole from the closet and attempt to scare him off. It works a bit. I follow him outside. I know I should be waiting for the other guy, as I shouldn't leave him behind, but... The man has upgraded to actual bow and arrow now. He's perhaps 5 metres away from me. I need to cover this distance fast if I don't wanna die. I smack the bamboo pole around, trying to distract him and throw him off balance.

      I'm sitting in a tram in Amsterdam, as obvious from the lay out of the tram and the blue / grey colours. To my right is my girlfriend. We're sitting sideways, on the left side. Somewhere in front of me (so on the right side of the tram) is a black guy about my age, with a backpack. I've got a bad feeling that he's gonna be shooting up a lot of people, though I don't remember why. I think I saw a gun. I'm not sure whether I should say something. In the mean time I'm still trying to figure out where I need to go, using my girlfriend's white iPhone SE. She mentions a stop and I hope she's wrong about it. I quickly unlock her phone with the finger scanner. Damn. She's right. This is also the place where I suspect the guy will start shooting. He and some other people have already exited. I can loudly hear the first two shots. My girlfriend wonders what it is. I immediately tell her to hit the floor. A few seconds later we run to the back exit and to the other side of the tram stop. There are still people just sitting there, unaware. I see the guy again. By now he's moved close to a grass field behind the tram stop. At this point I get separated from my girlfriend. I think I leave her behind, though I'm not sure why. The guy is still shooting people and I'm getting way too close. I hit the ground, pretending to be dead, but doing a shitty job at it. I still crawl around a bit. Is that.. yep, that's dog poop quite close to me. I think I can also feel some underneath me. Fuck. I take on some more dramatic positions to make the guy think I'm dead, though I've crawled already. He's shouting something which seems to be aimed at me. That he'll shoot me too I think. For the time being he seems to be focused mostly on getting other people. He shoots a bit in my direction, but not with real intent to kill. I can't help but wonder if this is a form of solidarity cause we're both black. At this point the dream kinda happens several times, or it is just my imagination running wild. He runs out of bullets and needs to reload. I get up, dash over and tackle him. I sit on his chest and pummel his face. He's still got a grenade in his left hand though. Hope he doesn't blow me up with him, or throws it down my shirt or something like that. I see all these things happening, but none actually happens. In the end I've pretty much beaten the guy to death. In the aftermath I (as the other black guy) end up being mistaken for him and getting arrested. Surely there must be witnesses around who can state my innocence.

      Now for some lightheartedness: I'm.. at home? I guess. I've got a magazine which the AH [Dutch supermarket] mailed to me. It's still wrapped in plastic. They've included a live hamster or guinea pig or a similar rodent. It's in the plastic, together with the magazine. It can barely move. I take a moment before releasing it. I thought it was sad, but I needed to process the fact that the supermarket had just sent me a live animal through the post.
    4. #171: Fragments

      by , 07-05-2016 at 02:16 AM
      Bed: 23.00
      Wake up: 07.45
      Now: 08.00

      Ľ I'm sitting on the couch in my mom's living room together with my little brother. I'm looking out the window. There's a party going on on the other side. The building is missing a wall, allowing me to look inside. There are just a few people, all teenagers. I'd say about 8 girls and 2 guys. I can't hear any of the music, making the dancing seem all the more weird. Adding to that is that the people are dancing in different rhythms. Is this a silent disco? I tell my little brother to have a look.

      Ľ I remember seeing a list of anime's. Three of them are different variations of Naruto. There's the original, Shippuden and then some other. Naruto is slightly older in every one of them. There's also something going on at one point, where I can select a character from the anime. I choose Shikamaru. There's something going on with a needle passing the screen and my finger. It's sowing into my finger. I can feel the pain of it a bit.

      Ľ I'm looking at FB on my laptop. The timer of stayfocusd seems to have run out, yet I'm still able to keep spending time on FB. Perhaps the timer won't allow me to reload?

      Ľ I'm in Indonesia, looking for a toilet. At some point I finally find one, though it's weird looking. I decide to pee anyway. Some people enter the hallway and with the door and walls being quite shady in this situation, I'm afraid of being spotted. Eventually a slightly older woman wearing a hijab and glasses comes in. She informs me that this is not a toilet, but a wasbak [sink]. Damn. A few seconds later, two women/girls exit from two white doors behind me, which seem like the actual toilets.

      Ľ I've just finished doing... something. Work perhaps. I've already gotten mostly dressed, but I hop into another big dressing room. A girl joins me in there. She leaves shortly after. I'm pretty much all done getting dressed. All that's left is for me to put on my black vest and my backpack and leave. I do this as slowly as possible, hoping that the girl will come back before I leave. She does come back just before I exit. A few moments later an English teacher from my high school is also there. She's asking what the plan is. The room has turned into a hotel bedroom with 2 separate beds. She's asking in a way that tells me she doesn't want me here. I tell her I wasn't planning on staying. I'm actually from this city, so I have a place to sleep. In my mind I curse this woman [who I already hated anyway].

      Ľ I'm meeting up with a friend on my way out. He invites me to join him and my other friends to [something] Monologues, or something. It's a play at [...] TTT. I'm trying really hard to resist, as I have a thesis to finish. In the end I give in, thinking to myself that I should allow myself to have some fun as well. I buy a ticket online for Ä 27,- In the end my friend informs me that he won't be going anymore. Fuck.
    5. #162: Lucid vacuum / Open Window / Tipsy

      by , 06-22-2016 at 02:28 AM
      Bed: 23.00
      Wake up: ~07.40 (and several times in the night and morning)
      Now: 07.55

      Lucid vacuum
      I had a lucid that was very similar to my previous one. I remember absolutely nothing about the context. As far as I can recall, I'm in a white vacuum. I push my fingers through my hand to verify that I'm dreaming and it succeeds. There's a tingling sensation. Next I want to stabilise the dream, but I have my eyes closed. There are no details whatsoever to ground myself in. I try to rotate, to get some sensation going. I think I also try to open my eyes. With both of those moves I wonder how this is currently affecting my real body in bed. I wonder if I'm now raising my arm or something like that and whether if I try to open my eyes in the dream, I will open them in reality and wake up.

      Open window
      I'm going to the toilet/shower, which turns out to be quite disgusting. I decide I don't want to shower right now. I'll wait until the other shower is free. I walk back to my room. It's an attic room it seems. There's a window open that's near to the ground. If you fall out, which is very possible, you drop perhaps 10 metres down, into the neighbour's garden. There's some stuff dangerously close to the edge. My Mac, my girlfriend's Mac and some papers and I think her sweater. I start moving stuff away from the edge. Suddenly, it all just starts moving towards the edge. Fuck fuck fuck. I start pushing everything back with my foot, while simultaneously trying to not fall out myself. There's too much stuff, I can't handle it. I shout for help. My voice is quite hoarse. I think a guy comes to help me in the end.

      I enter a cafe that's under construction, at least the terrace outside seems to be. There are 6 tables. At the far end I spot either the singer Ras Muhamad, my friend Tim T. or my dreadlock guy. I think it alternates a bit who's sitting there. I walk up the stairs instead, going to the 1st floor terrace. It's a bit awkward, cause I'm not sure whether I should acknowledge my friend. In the end, I decide to wait halfway up the winding stairs to see if he follows. I start seeing his feet, so I go up to grab what is supposed to be my beer and come down again. Probably not wise to drink beer out in the open during Ramadhan. It's in a Cola glass though. Plus.. this is not beer I guess. What is it? It has alcohol in it for sure. Just after standing on the ground, so after stepping off the stairs, I wobble a bit. I can feel that I'm tipsy. We sit down at another table that's occupied by a white Dutch guy and someone else. He says he remembers me from somewhere. Yeah.. we met yesterday evening, that's why.

      Ľ I'm at what seems to be the Indonesian embassy with my aunt. She wants to go to Indonesia. I've already gotten my visa arranged. I tell her a bit about how it works. Then I ask her what she wants to do in Indonesia. She tells me that she wants to go snorkelling or diving. I react surprised. Her? Anyways, if she intends to stay for just one month or less she doesn't even need a visa.

      Ľ I'm at a food vendor's stall. He's pouring some soup into a bowl for me. He asks me whether I want bakso or tahu. I think about it for a while and then answer with bakso. I consider it a weird question.

      Ľ I met up with my friend Sat. Later on I'm driving a motor and it is just so incredibly slow. Then I realise that Sat and I switched bikes. Damnit. He must be enjoying himself right now. I want to switch asap.

      Ľ At first I'm with a number of people. Eventually I'm just with the little sister (~20) of a friend of mine [he doesn't have a little sister]. We take either an angkot or a taxi to wherever it is we're going. She tries to make a move on me, first being subtle and eventually placing her hand on my crotch. I refuse to give in the whole time, as she is my friend's little sister. She's making it difficult for me to resist once she places her hand on my crotch though.

      Ľ I'm with a group of friends and we decide to go bowling. We're at the bowling alley and one of us has a coupon card that will allow us to play for free. That person tries to scan it, but the card is refused. Apparently it won't work because it's already past 21:00. I see a black analogue clock somewhere, indicating the same. The card is valid for 2 hours, so there's not enough time for us to use all the credit. I consider whether it would work if we would split the credit over 2 lanes, considering that we're with a group of 10 orso people.

      Ľ I just went to the dentist, who in reality was my physical therapist. When I look into the mirror, I see that he has placed a humongous thing on one of my upper front teeth. What the hell. After a while it comes off and I go back to ask him about it. Apparently it was supposed to stick for 9,5 hours. Well.. that didn't happen. In the mean time a black woman is arguing in the office with.. the white, female assistant? It's about the expenses of her son's upcoming treatment, which she can't afford. It's turned into a shouting match.

      Ľ I'm walking on the street and meet a girl I went out with twice, several years ago. She's the centre of attention of 3 or so guys and she is willingly handing out her number. I make a comment about her being easy about it. Eventually we talk a short bit, and we decide we need to exchange numbers. She still has mine. Perfect.
    6. #159: Lucid pain

      by , 06-16-2016 at 05:07 AM
      I donít remember anything of the context of this dream. I just remember existing somewhere and feeling the sudden need to perform an RC, so I do. I am already a bit positive that I am dreaming and I manage to push my fingers through my palm. Now I am certain that I am dreaming. I immediately start talking to myself. I keep telling myself that this is a dream, so that I donít lose my awareness. I think I may have been in my bedroom. I have a bet going with werty52; first person to conjure up a waterball while lucid, wins. I try to produce a waterball out of thin air, though doing it somewhat hastily and stressed. I wanted to get it done quickly, before losing lucidity. I failed to produce even a drop of water.

      Thereís a transition moment where Iím not sure if Iím having a false awakening. I switch around a bit between being in bed and being in the dream. While lying in bed, my whole body starts to hurt. I notice though that as long as I keep my dream eyes open, I stay in the dream. Itís harder to stay in the dream if I close my eyes for a moment. For some reason I decide to do exactly that, to experiment. I manage to open my eyes again in the dream, but not fully. Eventually the pain Iím experiencing makes me decide to wake up. After I woke up, I had no pain.

      I was awake for at least an hour and Iím quite certain even longer. This is because the mosque close to my dorm wakes everyone up to eat before sunrise (itís Ramadan now), though for some reason they do it WAY early before sunrise and for a very long time. Anyway, it seems that until the end of Ramadan Iíll be performing forced WBTB.
      Tags: pain, touch
    7. Touch

      by , 02-24-2016 at 03:08 PM
      In my dream I didn't see anything, rather it was all feeling and hearing. I was laying down somewhere, probably in a bed. My arms were around a man, I could feel his hands around my waist and back. We were enjoyably pressed together. He said something and I nibbled either his jaw or part of his shoulder or even his neck. He held me tighter and said something along the lines of,"You're getting smarter doing things like this to me." I'm not really sure about the dialogue though, honestly I wasn't focused on it at all.
    8. #86: Party! / Ex / Peanut butter mint & wetness

      by , 02-05-2016 at 07:57 AM
      I'm at a public party which is quite crowded. I'm standing at the bar with quite some other people. The MC asks the public if we should allow an audience member to rap. I shout yes. Now he passes me a mic and wants me to do it. What? No way man. He says he just asked who wanted to rap. I tell him that I thought he asked if he should let someone rap, not who wants to rap. He's still trying to make me do it. I feel pressured, but I'm not doing it.

      The mc for the party is now a woman. She mentions a few times how we're now on Bali and the island just over there, which is also part of the party, is Java. Or perhaps the other way around. The party is coming to a close. As a way to drag it out she has someone/us throw a lot of fog or something alike into the air, so that both sections of the party are united within it and we can continue partying just a little bit longer. Somewhere in the distance I can see a historical building. A big, roman/greek style city hall or something. The colours of the light surrounding it are beautiful.

      I'm on a big public square. I'm with my cousin, but he disappears off to somewhere. I run into my first ex-girlfriend. She jokingly makes a shitty comment. I take her bicycle and jokingly threaten to lift it over the poles and chains which are forming a barrier to the canals. She panicks and apologises. We walk back again. She comments on how easily I lifted her bike up. I tell her it's no biggie. I lift her bike with just my right arm. I purposefully use my right arm cause that is my stronger arm. I'm glad I chose to do so, cause feeling the weight of the bicycle, I think it would've been a bit challenging to lift it with my left arm. She seems impressed by my strength and I'm liking the attention. We end up back somewhere on the middle of the square with her boyfriend. We start walking off the square. Once we're off it, they start walking in another direction. Ow yeah, he lives in Amsterdam, so they're staying quite close. Lucky them. I go back to find my cousin.

      Peanut butter mint & wetness
      I'm walking around somewhere. A conversation that I had with a friend is still playing in my head, though so vividly that it almost seems like I'm having the conversation right now. He keeps asking me customs related stuff and what would happened if they would question a mutual friend of ours who he is apparently involved with and who isn't very bright. After a while I tell him that I don't have a clue, as I never have to deal with customs. I'm slightly annoyed. I'm walking around a building which is quite modern. I am myself about to get on an airplane to wherever. I stop somewhere near a gate, though I know it isn't the gate that I need to go to. I just want to eat for a moment. I take my big black & orange backpack and take some bread out of it. The flavour is a combination of peanutbutter and mint. A guy who doesn't really seem to do security, but does have some position of authority, tells me that I'm not allowed to eat here. I apologise and move to an area a bit further back. He tells me that in this area it's also not allowed and he tells me where I am allowed to eat. At one point he mentions that this isn't a fucking cafeteria. I feel slightly offended by his choice of words. I was cooperating fully, so I don't feel I deserved that lashing out.

      I'm somewhere semi-outside. There's still a roof over this area, but it's not really inside. It's a sort of foodcourt area, though all I see are the benches and tables. So many places are taken. I sit down at perhaps 2 different spots, but every time it was already taken and someone had just stood up for a moment. Finally I decide to go to a chair/bench which is covered in water. I wipe the water away with the sleeve from my vest/jacket/something and I sit down. I feel the cold wetness of the water.
    9. #77: Jayapura / Toilet / Tesla

      by , 01-25-2016 at 09:07 AM
      I went to bed around midnight. Woke up around 08:00 but was still in a daze. It's now 08:45.

      I think this dream starts out as a video and eventually I'm actually there. It's daytime and I'm in Jayapura, the capital of Papua. I'm there as a tourist. I see cars and mopeds going about. The traffic is not too bad. Somewhere I find a simplified map that mentions 3 bridges which are all worth the visit and which are quite close to one another, in a straight line. I start walking and end up at a rock formation.

      A bit further I'm not sure where to go. There are 2 or 3 local boys about 12 - 14 year olds hanging about. I want to ask them in Indonesian which route to take. I can only fully recall using the term 'mas'. Damn, I guess that gives me away as being Javanese and not from here. One of the boys replies in excellent English. Aaaaand fuck. They know I'm a bule [foreigner] and now they're gonna (over)charge me to tell me where to go.

      A bit further in time there are a lot of people. The only one I can distinctively recall is my classmate Rai.

      I'm going to the toilet in my student home, the one on the first floor. I merely need to pee. I close the door behind me and want to lock it, but the lock has been removed. I decide to pee anyway. When looking again, I realise that the lock has been replaced with a newer, white lock. For a moment I think something of it, but I let it slide.

      I'm in the driver's seat of a Tesla, steering wheel on the left side. My mom is sitting next to me and there is an adult man sitting straight behind me. I'm test driving the Tesla, but at some point a remark is made about me taking a driving test. The Tesla is cool, but it has no chill. I gotta step on the brake real solid to stand still and if I don't it takes off like a monster. Because I'm not switching gears and because it makes so little sound, I continuously drive much faster than I think. At some point I'm backing up and preparing to drive away from what looks like a football stadium. I take it slow, because there are kids about. One kid's ball comes in front of my car and I know the kid will go after it, so I stop completely. Before the ball hits the right headlight, a kind of force field activates that prevents it from doing so.

      I'm driving on a small road through the woods. I can barely see anything, which isn't due to the woods. My vision is just compromised. I either say it or think it: my vision is more often compromised in dreams. It will all be fine once I'm out of the dream. I don't stop to think about the implications of this though.

      It's daytime and I'm in a car with 3 of my friends. I'm in the back to the left. After a while my friend rushes towards a parking spot near the edge of a stone dock or something similar. There is nothing to prevent him from going into the water. I'm afraid that we'll go in for just a moment, but then it's all good. We've come to a complete stop. Suddenly the car leans forward and we fall in anyway. I take a deep breath as we hit the water. The car is instantly filled up. Seemingly with my eyes closed I undo my seatbelt and open the door. Somehow I do the same thing twice, as if wanting to make really sure I'm good to get out. I felt a sensation at some point, though I can't describe what it was.
    10. 04 Feb: Small enlightnement

      by , 02-05-2014 at 12:13 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I'm on the road with some guy. He is driving, we're talking. Then we see something orange scattered at even distances, over the line between adjacent lanes. But it's not plastic cones! It's monks in orange robes, meditating! My friend is puzzled and wondering what in the world that can be. I just become lucid with the absurdity and I realize what it is. They know it is safe, they are aware where we are, they chose to sit in the middle of a road because it tests their confidence in the knowing that nothing can harm them. I get it and could join them. But instead I just float around, enjoying the beauty of this awareness. I start touching everything, I touch some statues, the rough walls of buildings, the tree leaves, the hair of people passing by. Everything I touch is simply perfect and overloads my mind with joy.
      After a while of this experience, I enter a not so bright zone. The night falls, there is an entrance to a non-lit park and a few homeless guys are sleeping on benches and on the ground, on both sides of the pathway. A couple of them looks at me like saying "hey babe, come here..." and I feel a chill and turn around in fear. Then I think what is the worse thing that can happen, considering it only happens whatever I allow to happen? If they rape me, I just wake up. So, I lose all fear and all I can feel is compassion. Instead of fearing a rape, I feel like offering myself to them as a gesture of my total surrender to the fearlessness. Automatically, I become naked as I walk through the pathway. They just can't believe what they are seeing. They actually are quite gentle to me.

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    11. Sense of Touch

      by , 10-22-2013 at 07:22 PM
      I frequently lucid dream (3-4 times a week), but I don't log them very much anymore. I had another quite extensive and eventful one last night due to spinning as I would often change my settings and explore different environments and situations of interaction. This dream in-particular enabled me to understand how to control an aspect I've never really considered. Most of the time I am limited to what I am able to control, but this time I rectified a perplexing obstacle that suddenly occurred as a result of my lucid awareness. When I become lucid I am aware that the world around me is artificial, thus consequently logical outcomes may be effected. When you believe you are awake, then the laws of physics are thought to be intact, thus you would unlikely walk through a wall, but when you are lucid the rules change simply because you are aware of the synthetic world that is being perceived. Here's a brief illustration of my dream:

      I wake up from my bed and walk toward my window and encounter someone who I have not been in touch with for over a year. I immediately find this encounter improbable due to many variables, so I immediately reality check (check my hands). I suddenly realize I am dreaming due to the asymmetry of my hands. I approach this individual and we casually discuss our previous relationship. I am unable to recall the very discussion, so the dialogue isn't clear. This entire conversation/interaction had a less emotional appeal realizing that I am in fact not in the waking world, but in a reality created by my mind. Realizing that the prospect of awkward third person perspective simply isn't feasible, I decided to reach for this individual's hand. My attempt to grasp the physical appendage of her limb wasn't a logical predicted outcome. My hand simply went right through hers (as my body does when I walk through walls during LD's). I attempted to grab her arm as well, but I was unable. It was as if I was interacting with a ghost. I stood there and ruminated over probable methods of control to enable the sense of touch. I tried to imagine her limb as a solid object as an effort to grasp it, but I was rendered nonplussed as to how I could make contact physically. After expending many attempts, I then came to the conclusion that focusing on an object as a solid object didn't work in this case. Instead, I focused on my own sense of touch against my own arm in the waking world. I slowly moved my fingers down her forearm and was finally capable of mentally elucidating the sense of touch upon her skin.

      I moved my hand up and down her arm focusing on that sense and somewhere in my brain, I finally defied that lack of control and abdicated the arbitrary ways of this mysterious reality. I accomplished the emulation of physical contact through focus of my own senses. I then attempted to hug this individual, but again went right through her. I made a secondary attempt, but this time with focus on previous experiences of being hugged by another human being. The contact was successful. I felt the warmth of her body and the touch of her skin upon mine.

      I feel that sometimes events may happen spontaneously briefly after becoming lucid due to the knowledge of your state, and sometimes that may affect your ability to carry out simple logical tasks.
      These tasks may be accomplished through focus on previous experience of the senses rather than forcefully attempting without proper focus.

      I found her sense of touch greatly enhanced in the dream when I found my focus; more so than in the waking world. Subsequent events occurred after spinning, but I'll end this journal here.

      Thanks for reading!
      Tags: emotion, sense, touch
    12. LD: Flying, Touching Things, Sam

      by , 07-06-2013 at 04:33 PM

      I was having camera troubles, and I decided that I had to be dreaming. I took off flying. I remember reaching out and trying to touch things as I flew so I would feel more part of the dream.

      Then things got kind of weird and kind of became a sex dream. I realize I wasn't fully lucid in parts. Like I thought Sam from Supernaturals was my boyfriend. But I do remember I kept saying, "This is my deam...we're going to do it my way." I really don't remember a whole lot.
    13. Some dream several months ago

      by , 06-19-2013 at 09:25 PM (Dreams and Stuff)
      (Just the lucid part)

      I'm on my driveway. There are no cars there. And about time, I'm lucid.
      My senses of sight and touch are improved like crazy. I look down, and see myself barefoot on the pavement. And holy hell, it's all so clear.
      To my sides along the driveway, the plantlife is rapidly growing and quickly turning into a forest type place.
      I begin to stagger down the driveway, feeling the pavement and rocks under my feet so vividly.
      I end up beside the tree out front and look to the sky. Excitedly thinking of what I could do in this dream, I then raise my hands up into the air and attempt to fly.

      Then I wake up.

      Me and my impulsiveness.
      Tags: lucid, senses, sight, touch
    14. LD: Using all Five Senses...and Unstable Clocks

      by , 10-18-2012 at 12:35 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in this room with a friend. It looked like a bank. My friend went to stand in line. I walked to the back of the room to wait. On the way I slipped and fell on the floor. I sat there for a moment, then noticed that I was starting to spin. I found this strange and just let it happen.

      I then became lucid. I jumped up and flew over the line of waiting people. In the next room I tried to remember the tasks. I remembered two. One was to look at a clock. I looked around the room and saw a digital clock sitting on a cluttered shelf. It said 7:42...or was it 7:34...no, it was 7:47. I really tried to focus and stablize it, but the clock was a blur of numbers that changed everytime I tried to focus. I remembered people saying that time changed, but I hadn't realized that it was quite this unstable. I wondered why that was.

      I then remembered that I needed to use my five senses. I had already been seeing and hearing things, so I decided to focus on "touch". I reached out and felt the solidness of a rail in front of me.

      I then decided to find something to taste. But before I had gone anywhere I realized that I had already been eating. I had a bowl of macaroni and cheese. I could taste the cheesey flavor and feel the pieces of partly chewed noodles in my mouth.

      I decided to move on to smell.

      I flew around and saw Jeff. I told him that I needed to find something to smell. I couldn't see anything that would have a smell to it. I then looked at him and asked, "Have you been working out? Maybe you'll smell sweaty?" But as I leaned toward him and couldn't smell anything.

      I started flying out of the building. I then saw next to the door a styrofoam container of food that somone had brought back from a restaurant. I openind it and saw leftover green peppers. I knew that they would have a smell. I put my nose right to them and took a big whiff. I could smell a very faint pepper smell. I was disappointed that my dream nose wasn't better. As I pulled my nose back I realized that my nose had touched the peppers and that the peppers had little prickly thorns on them and some of the thorns had stuck in my nose. They were painful to pull out. Jeff thought it was funny that I had let that happen, as if I should have known better than to put my nose up to peppers.

      I followed Jeff into the parking lot. He got into a large white pickup truck. I started to get in too. Then I had an idea. I told him to just start driving and not to worry about what I was doing. I then rolled the window down and stood outside the truck and reached in and grabbed the handle above the window. As the truck started to move I was carried away, floating beside the truck. It was a wonderfully exhilerating feeling. I told myself that I would have to remember to try that again in future LD.

      Jeff stopped the truck too soon and started talking to someone. I got back in the truck and waited. I saw a baseball glove on the seat. I ran my fingers over the soft leather, then picked it up to smell it. It had a faint leathery smell. I then started touching other parts of the car so I could say that I really did the task thoroughly.

      My dream faded and I thought I had woken up. But then I forced myself to relax and drift back into the dream.

      I was now in a building with Marie. There was a bad guy we were having to get away from him. We locked outselves in a bathroom. I felt quite nervous. But then I told Marie that if it got too scary then I would just let myself wake up.
      And that's all I remember.
    15. LD: Exploring my Sense of Touch...Prediction of the Future

      by , 10-18-2012 at 12:30 PM
      December something 2008:

      Lucid dream

      I was in a dream when I suddenly felt that dream-like feeling. I tested it by foating and found that I could indeed float. I floated to the door to go outside so I could fly. But before I went out I decided that my last few LDs hadn't been that tactile. I decided that when I grabbed that door knob that I would really feel it and notice how if felt in my hand.

      I reached out and expected the knob to be cool. I was a little disappointed to find that it was the same temperature as my hand and didn't really feel like anything in particular.

      I then had another idea. I remembered how when you rub something against you lips you can feel a lot more detail. So still holding the door knob I knelt down and leaned over and brought my lips to where the doorknob was supposed to be. I didn't feel anything so I leaned further. Still nothing. I pulled back to find that the knob was gone.

      Since the door was already opened I flew outside to the street in front of my mom's house. I saw my friend Becky in the road. I landed by her. She was very happy about something and grabbed my shoulders. I remember really feeling that sensation. She told me something which I no longer remember.
      Then I had an idea. I decided to ask her about the future (My dream self somehow thinks that if I ask a dream character the future there is more chance if it being true, I don't know why). So I asked her to predict something. She then said like "Pretty soon the planet Mars will be..... " [and she said something that didn't really make sense]. But the meaning to me was that something spectacular was about to happen concerning the planet Mars.

      And that's all I remember.
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