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    1. February 8, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-09-2018 at 12:28 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      My morning dream was sort of stressful. In the dream I had to keep waking up for class. Originally, I had to wake up pretty early at around 5am or so. I was at my high school or middle school (i think they were combined in the dream) in the gym area. Attached to the gym area was a bedroom that I was staying in. It was very similar to my IRL bedroom. I was in and out of it going outside and seeing a lot of traffic on the road in front of the school. In my room, I was talking to my friend Sam h about something. My room was very large and open. There were these metal beams high up in the room. There were these steps in the top left corner of the room that led up to a window showing white light. My friend Mason was also hitting me up on my phone, texting me something like "I doubt you're awake but..." and I responded telling him that I had been awake for a long time for something. He suggests we go to McDonald's for breakfast though I don't think we got there. There was a room in the gym that had bunk beds. I was laying in the top of one and he was poking me in my leg which was disturbing. He was with this girl krista w. from my school. They were being very obnoxious together.

      My nap dream was a little strange. I was at my buddy Moo's parents house. He nor his parents were home yet, I was the only one there. The idea was they were going to come home. I also had the idea that I was stoned. I was in the upstairs part of his house which looked like a kitchen where his dad's room was. I was jumping and rolling around the kitchen, bouncing off the ground. It seemed I was also in my guild voice chat and one guy was quitting for some reason. I was just listening along.

      Eventually, I was alone lying on the ground when I was frozen. They have two weiner dogs IRL so I had my eyes closed but could feel the dogs jumping and licking on me as I was on the floor. Moo and his mom come in and we talk. At some point I'm in his game room and there's this large bed on there. My head was facing the front of the house as I was lying on the bed. Then, I was shocked frozen. My eyes were open but I could not move a single muscle. It seemed there was this powerful energy in the room. This sounds weird, but it looked like a girl but in my mind it had no gender. It was standing to the right of the bed.
    2. November 8 2016 Non-Lucid and False Awakening

      by , 11-08-2016 at 06:13 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was this giant beach with different rock cliffs on the outside. The left side was mostly rolling fields and the right was a big cliff. There are rock cliffs in the water and on the sand as well. I believe that I'm in some sort of summer camp like Rockbridge that I've been to in the past. There are cabins in the fields and kids are in there for free time. Kolby is there hanging out with some other people walking around. I remember thinking I didn't fit in with them. At some point, a younger girl and guy come up to me and say my name to me which startled me but we sort of laugh. Then they're on the beach with me doing whatever. Someone tells me that the boy is cute looking but a douche. There's this rope that I'm holding onto which is attached to the middle of the sky and swinging me around the entire map. I'm swinging and spinning around the beach and around the cliffs.
      On the right is the cliffs made up of separate rocks. It must be 100 yards or more high. I'm climbing up with some friends and people are falling off. There's a group of older moms there for some competition at the top and they are telling me to leave but I'm trying to hold on. I'm afraid I'm going to fall off.
      At some point I'm in a gas station that I think is a McDonald's. Two of my fraternity brothers are there and I ask them to make me a frappe but then I feel bad making them do that so I just say I'll get coffee somewhere else.
      Another dream I'm in these hallways with a group of guys. The point is that there are girls trying to freak us out, like a haunted house. At the end of the dream there's a girl from my high school named Bridgette tickling me.
      False awakening, my friend Mason is in my college bedroom. He asks me if I've told my dad about his recent grandfather's passing and I tell him that I don't talk to my dad much, to which he replies with something about being born by him which confuses me. I get into the shower and he's trying to mess with me.
    3. Pho at McDonalds

      by , 05-16-2016 at 04:13 PM
      It was late at night and I went with my parents to McDonalds. I ordered pho because I didn't want to eat a burger. I was hoping that the pho would be good there. The packet of chopsticks had one red, one blue, and one yellow. I woke up before I got to try any of the pho.
      Tags: mcdonalds, pho
    4. #227 - Beach

      by , 04-11-2016 at 10:36 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      It's a nice warm day and I've decided to go down to a small beach situated between two large rocky-cliff headlands. It's pretty vague about what I do here, I think I went swimming but I can't remember. I remember going back onto the beach and eating some fast food, after finishing I find another bag of fast food from the last time I was here. It still has 2 burgers in it, one is in the packaging and the other is half-eaten, which I seemed to remember biting into and putting into the bag whenever I was here before. They're still fine to eat since I remembered that McDonalds' food never goes off, I consider eating it but decide to leave it until tomorrow when I come here again.

      It's the next day and I'm back at the house, it feels like there's a few people that live here. I can't remember clearly but I think I was in my board shorts for some reason, and either me or this other person (who was a green goblin) suggested going to the beach for a swim. Hell yeh! The weather is absolutely dreadful, it's pouring down with rain outside and for some reason this is the best weather for swimming. We start heading out, just me and the goblin. We have a bag of something each, and I get the image of a little miniature castle that we each had.. As we're heading out we see the other residents and friends that live here. There was a bout 5 or more sitting around a rectangular table in a hallway. I strike up conversation with them and decide to invite them along out of courtesy, kind of doubting that they'd want to come in this weather. It might have been rude of me to do so, since I didn't ask the goblin if it'd be ok. I tell them that we'll be going on ahead and then walk off down some stairs. In my head at the time I felt like the goblin wasn't a goblin but instead a beautiful girl who might have wanted to be alone with me for some reason *cough*. But she became a goblin guy again later on.
      As I head to the beach I peer out a window and see that the rain has let up and there's a bright sun shining through the clouds. Hmm I guess we won't be enjoying the rain :/

      I've arrived at the beach, the goblin is 5 minutes behind me or something so I'm here alone. There's a dairy shop that's just opening up for the day, the store owner is a small old asian woman with short greying black hair and a scrunched up wrinkly face. The doors bang open as the wind catches them, I offer the lady a hand in locking them down so they don't move. I talk to her for a bit, probably about the weather. The conversation lulls and I turn to browse the merchandise, I think I woke up around this point.
    5. "You don't have to go with her,"

      by , 06-25-2015 at 11:18 PM
      When this particular dream started,my sister and I were on our way to McDonalds. She drove,but stopped the car a block or so from the restaurant and we had to walk the rest of the way. The reason we had to walk was because she needed to make a stop first. We're walking on the sidewalk and we pass this burgundy Chrysler that's sitting there. The guy in the driver's seat has dark hair and a gray jacket on. She says something to him and he hands her two thin cards. One is her driver's license. She flips it over and on the back of the other card is a number. I didn't get a good look at all the numbers,but I believe the last four were 8072.

      We get to McDonalds and she walks up to the counter to order. I'm standing back,waiting my turn. Behind me,some older man with gray hair and glasses,wearing a white short sleeved shirt is talking. He makes some kind of snarky comment about how she's taking too long,like some old woman. I see her at the counter and she is fumbling with her purse,trying to get everything back in it like she usually does. The guy behind me was saying all this to two other guys who were standing next to me. These two men were dressed like he was,but looked older than the first man. More to the point,they appeared to be twins. The only difference being in their personal grooming and appearance. One had short gray hair and gray glasses. The other had long stringy black hair,uncombed and not well cared for by the look of it. This fellow also seemed to be a tad...slow,I guess is a nice way of putting it.

      The guy behind me asks me what I was doing there. I said to him that I had the misfortune of being with her,meaning my sister. I start to walk where she is,but the guy grabs me from behind. Not forcefully,more in a friendly,good natured way. He tells me I don't have to go with her. Then he asks me if I want some doughnuts. I said no thanks. He grabs me again in a weak half-nelson move and pulls my arms back down,pretending to have me power out of the hold.
    6. #68 - Love story (starring Keira Knightley)

      by , 02-26-2015 at 06:26 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream - Love story (starring Keira Knightley)
      I think it's WW2, I'm a soldier who's in the fields but the area I'm positioned is quiet (I think this is related to watching 'The American Sniper'). I get pulled out and can go home, I'm pleased because that means I can go see my girlfriend (in my dream I think of her as the same as my real life gf, except that she looks different). I go to the McDonalds where she supposedly works and I walk in to surprise her, I go up to the counter she's working at and say "Uhh miss, excuse me miss, could I get my order of fries". She's got a shocked look on her face and faints (I think the reason she looks like Keira Knightley is because of the trailer I watched for 'The Imitation Game' right before going to bed). I pull out a ring, it's a diamond encased in crystal clear topaz on top of a gold ring... Dayum, and in my mind the whole time I'm thinking "I can't even afford this"
    7. driving around town, watching videos at school, black lucid, christmas play

      by , 01-04-2015 at 08:35 PM
      I dreamt that me and several people were working on writing a christmas play. We were in an auditorium, at the front was a desk were we sat and wrote the script, and behind us was a very large christmas tree. The stage may have been lined with christmas lights. i remember two guys, i think one of them was dwight from the office (U.S.), and they were rehearsing the song. I asked them if they wanted me to implement "mecca santa claus" into the story when I wrote my part, but they never responded. I looked through the script and two pages of it was the song, they skipped lines when writing it and it was very neat. That's all that was done so far, and I don't remember even reading the lyrics.

      I had another dream, it was dark, it was like some game, I was commanding some soldiers through a forest, but it was like civ 5 where they were much bigger than the forest itself. I had them fire a couple arrows on someone. Then it changes to they're all standing in formation in a village. there's four cottages, some braziers, chests. We loot the chests and the stuff inside of them, most of it's furniture, we move it to a big, open room with a desk, a bed. one of my friend's says that he wants the white desk and chair.

      I had a dream my friend and I were driving around in a huge semi truck, some parts of it were white. The truck was HUGE, the front bumper, every bit of this thing was massive. There was no trailer on it, because there was no room for a trailer, it was almost all cabin. We were first at winn dixie's. I accidentally walked over to the driver's side, so I went around the front and was kind of freaked out how huge the bumper was, and it had lights on it. We drove around talking about stuff, we stopped at a mcdonalds, somehow we made the employees mad (I think I said something to one of them) and so I told him to drive away and we'd go eat at a different one, he said he wanted to stay around here because his girlfriend was driving through, so we went to the one across the street. It was a pretty busy highway, the other mcdonalds had a red roof, but it was very dim like it was washed out. The walls were greyish. We ended up sitting outside of it, they had a seating area under a roof, like a patio. We sat there, and finally his girlfriend arrived, but it was a different chick, one of his old friends, I remember part of our conversation, I was joking around talking about how he had justin bieber hair, and called him "Trent Justin Bieber Rogers" and people thought it was hilarious. He also asked her if she remembered when he started calling her by her nickname "baby". We also made our way to a field near the mcdonalds, and it was a huge hill that ran down and at the bottom was a lake. I saw patrick (a friend of mine) rolling around, and he was going really fast down the hill. Later he told me that If the lake wasn't there, he could just keep rolling down and down and that it'd be awesome.

      I had another dream my dad had come home in a white truck, with several lights on it, with a black brush guard. The door was still open, and there were leaves all over it. I got one of those listerine strips, it was in some plastic container. I went in my room and did something on the computer, and then I asked my dad if we were going out to eat anytime soon, I don't remember his answer.

      I had another dream, it was dark and in like a grassland, (irl someone had shown me the game shogun: total war) and I was placing units like how you place them on that game, except every unit was sonata dusk. After I had line them up, it turned first person, and it was several different people, from band, and they were having some kind of band competition.

      I came to the realization that I was dreaming in some dream, and everything turned black. I could move around, and shout dream commands. I shouted dream stabilization and I felt myself get "anchored" to the dream, but when I tried dream clairty, or imagining a grassy field, nothing worked. I fell out of lucidity and ended up in some HUGE massive library. There were corridors, and books stacked like crazy. I remember taking out one and it was a book about greek gods. I did a reality check, but it didn't work and I kept on about my business. I believe in the middle of the library there was a big globe, and towards the north there was a double stair case, and in the middle between them was a waterfall. It was super bright, I think there were a bunch of windows. The shelves with books went up very high.

      I also had a dream that me and a friend were at school, and we were watching some song remix on a large computer monitor. it had ponies on it, and as we were watching it this dude from my school, heath, recognized it and was talking about how he was a brony and all. he got on a computer near us and started doing whatever on it, and we kept on watching videos. I then turned around and asked him if he watched rainbow rocks, I don't remember his answer.
    8. Mcdonalds car dream, school dream, and lucid

      by , 12-15-2014 at 01:06 PM
      I dreamt I was walking down the road with my dad and sister to go to this pool party, but for some reason we stopped at my neighbor's house and they wanted to grab a bite at mcdonalds. They talked to us through this camera on their garage door and put us to sleep with this gas but then we woke up in their car and it was third person view for a second. Suddenly it was first person and there was another tiny camera on the rear view mirror and it was my brother's step-mother (we dont have the same dad) talking to us through it. she could drive the car remotely and took us to mcdonalds. It didn't take long for us to get back, and it was just me in the car and for some reason I was trying to gather all of my french fries that spilled all over the car, and she started driving down the street. The car door is wide open on my side and I'm just hanging out, eating my french fries. Suddenly a car behind us comes speeding down, goes off the road and runs this lady over, 3 other people freak out and I'm like "Get out of here" and we start to drive away but I decide to turn around because since I was a witness I didn't want to flee the scene and have the cops arrest me for running. We went back, but then we passed it again.
      Later I was at my house and all of my papers were sorted out on the floor, and people were in my room and I told them what happened.

      Then I had another world of warcraft dream where I was flying on a wyvern as a blood elf paladin, and talking in chat. Then I remember jumping up and down in orgrimmar for some reason, then flying away to go to the portal to take me to draenor.

      Then I dreamt I was in school, my math class and we sit in vertical rows, I was in the back and had an assigned seat. I sat there and beside me was my friend, and then this other dude who is kind of shady and doesnt often shower. A little while in to class, my friend scoots over and she says "this dude is really creepy and won't stop rambling..." and she goes on about that. Then we have to do this assignment were we have to make a rhyme for all these different problems, and the problem I'm on is about this king, I look over at my friend's paper and just copied what she had. Then the bell rang as I was thinking of another and as I was walking down the hallway I started talking to another friend of mine.

      After that I had a lucid dream. I was "watching" this dude do a "lucid dream let's play". (although I felt as if I wasn't actually manifested in the dream, it was just the guy playing). he says "okay, I'm going to do a reality check... everything seems fine" (then I do one myself... I feel it but ignore it but I know something's off) and then he's on this cliff thats green and looks fake like a video game, he gets in a fake looking black jet and he says "we're going to follow the story of the dream, but I want you guys in the comments to tell me whether or not you want that, for now we will follow the story." I do another reality check and I notice it that time, and I manifest myself in the dream, take control of the jet and I fly to my house. Suddenly I'm in my room. I hop up and rub my hands together, nothing happens so I shout DREAM CLARITY! and WHOOSH a sensation through my body and I see as the whole room goes crazy. I walk around my house and I decide to try out the spinning thing, so I rub my hands together and spin around and the dream goes nuts again, but I'm still in my room. I make it daytime and try to fly out my kitchen window, but when I get outside it's night again. I think it's fine. I decide to fly off, and as I'm going I crash land. Then I try to make a helicopter thinking that'd be cool, and I start hovering through the air and I make helicopter sounds, but then I go through a bunch of oak tree branches and I fall down. I try a jet, doesn't work. I try the helicopter again and I fly over this huge chainlink fence in my backyard and I land in this other yard, it has one street light lighting it up and it has two, longish buildings, but theyre still kinda small, and different buildings in the background. I jump up on one and I think "oh, crap, my dream goals thats right! I should practice that" so I'm on the roof, and I think to myself "When I turn around, (girl from my school's name) will be there!" I turn around and nothing. I look away and think "When I turn around, Sonata Dusk will be there!" I turn around and WHOA there she is! I was so proud that I did it in one lucid dream. I hop down and my alarm goes off and everything fades to black and suddenly I'm in the material world......
    9. 11/23/2014

      by , 12-15-2014 at 02:30 AM
      I was at a college watching the movie God's Not Dead. When we got dismissed, from class, I saw a girl and a guy shooting glass with an AR15. I went down some stairs and since it was taking so long, I decided to just jump down them, doing a parkour roll when I landed at the bottom. After talking to people about the movie, I went upstairs and talked to a guy about his soccer game, asking if he gets paid for his victories. He said yes, that they get paid half. My neck was hurting for quite a while and I kept stretching it.


      While at work with Adam and Harold, I got off at a McDonald's for a stop. Everything was going bad with the stop and I was getting mad and frustrated, even yelling at the manage because she wasn't telling me where the bags were. I went out to the van and did a reality check. I looked at my watch and it said 6 something. I counted my fingers and counted 7. Confused, I counted them a few more times, still showing 7. I asked a girl what time it was and she said the same time my watch had showed. I jumped up trying to fly but didn't so I went back to the McDonald's and said "This has to be a dream... I recognize all these people." I went through a wall and finally snapped that I was in a dream.

      I ran towards the exit and went through a door and through the fence outside. I jumped up and started flying, noticing the nighttime setting. I was in some sort of backyard surrounded by tall buildings filled with graffiti and trash everywhere. As I flew up, I said "I'm going to visit Rena, take me where Rena is!" I started flying even higher and forward, slowly increasing speed. Eventually, I started flying backwards, which made me mad, causing me to wake up.
    10. Minecraft and Mcdonalds

      by , 10-12-2014 at 09:33 AM
      1st I was in a kind of real life mine craft survival games, whereas the rules were nearly exactly the same whereas the aim of the game was to be the last one standing. One specific thing I remember about the dream was actually physically having to move my sword (Which was purple), intact I even had an inventory exactly like mine craft where I would change all of my armour and weapons around as I accumulated better stuff, by the end of the dream I had mainly purple armour which I knew was the best
      2nd There was a McDonalds with multiple stories that the whole family went to, Mandy was there.
      3rd, Some sort of game up at village type thing. Not sure of details but I am writing this at 2:45am so give me a break .

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    11. 4 LDs, only one successful. :D

      by , 02-08-2014 at 11:29 AM
      Dream 1 : [COLOR="#008080"]I sit on the couch asking myself what I should do. I wanna jump out the window but the dream is so vivid and I say that I better go like normal people do even though I'll miss the fun. In my house, there are many bats and tall figures. I get scared and I wake up.[/COLOR]

      Dream 2 : [COLOR="#008080"]I'm back in my apartment. I do a RC, I stabilize and it's all good for now. I wanna jump out the window but, it's way too vivid again so I say no. I wanna go downstairs but I wake up.[/COLOR]

      Dream 3 : [COLOR="#008080"]I try to keep my calm so this one will be a successful one. I do a RC and my ring finger is chopped. I stabilize a lot and get ready to go. I go downstairs and I see a person that looks a lot like Gavin. He has a bag in his hand and he couldn't stop smiling. I greet him and ask him why he's here. He says that he waits for a person. I say : Okay, wanna go outside ? He refuses and says that he is really busy but gives me what looks like a card. I go outside and the first thing I see is mom crying near my grandmother's coffin. She suddenly stands up and goes away.I say that mom would be really happy if my grandmother was alive. I do some kind of spell (I have no idea what I just did) and she wakes up. I then run to the street and I try getting cars to drive over me. The cars looked pretty cool though. I see a taxi and I get in it. I tell the person to go to McDonalds(because I wanted to destroy it <.<) The guy smiles a lot and gives me another card. When I arrive, I'm shocked. There is no McDonalds but a little hut and a really big cross with all kind of images on it. A person tells me that I should go to see the cross and I get really surprised to look at it for some reason. I then go to the hut and there's someone so I ask the person what happened here. She says something about a war and she also says that this place will soon be burned because of someone. The place suddenly bursts into fire and I get something that looked like a stick to put in the middle of the fire(Apparently that would stop the fire) I put the stick in the middle and the fire stops. The leader yells at me and says that I need to be killed and puts some of his slaves to chase me. I run really fast without getting tired. The dream skips to an U.F.O and some pokemons and then I wake up.[/COLOR]

      Dream 4 : [COLOR="#008080"]I'm back in my apartment and this time I stabilize . I go downstairs to see my grandmother crying near her own coffin(scary as fuck). She yells at me that she wants to go back, I get really scared and I reverse the spell so she can go back into her coffin. She goes back into it and says goodbye and that she'll miss me and all kind of things. I see a guy running to me. IT'S FUCKING KRIS. He looks amazing, cooler than usual. He says that he's been searching for me a lot.And then, of course, I wake up. [/COLOR]
    12. Job seeking

      by , 04-24-2013 at 07:49 PM (Exterminate)
      [10:44:23] <TehDalek> Well, my dreams were all centered around one subject
      [10:44:29] <TehDalek> Me trying to get a job
      [10:44:46] <TehDalek> My PSP bricked before I went to bed, so that's probably teh cause
      [10:48:19] <TehDalek> At first me and my brother started applying for jobs, then he got accepted into two jobs, and I didn't get any. He got a fast food job and some medical job
      [10:49:30] <TehDalek> I tried talking to the people at the fast food job and they said they had too many young workers so they wouldn't hire me. The medical job said I didn't qualify and was too young anyway. Apparently doc had gone through one medical class in college, so that made him eligible :/
      [10:49:51] <TehDalek> The rest of the dreams were all about me walking around, looking for jobs
      [10:50:33] <%Lucidis>
      [10:51:15] <TehDalek> I remember going into one paint store. Kinda big/nice looking. I looked at some of the prices of the stuff. They sold things like cabinets and stairs and stuff. I went up the stairs and the guy said he painted them himself. I got bored and left. Everything there was made of wood and painted all shiny
      [10:52:38] <TehDalek> I found myself at a corner and saw a McDonalds and a McDads, whatever that meant. Me and some others in the car ordered like a sandwhich, and people came out of McDads to give it to us. I assumed McDads was also McDonalds, because the logo was similar, but it must've been different
      [10:52:59] <TehDalek> Because I remember thinking how stupid it was to have two McDonalds at such close proximity
      [10:54:03] <TehDalek> There was another point where I was in some building floating around as is common in my dreams.
      [10:55:06] <TehDalek> I went up the stairs, to the top of the building, and there was some tour going on. I guess it was some apartment building. There were a ton of people standing about. I floated down a spiral staircase, down to the doorway, and then grounded myself before going outside
      [10:55:22] <TehDalek> I pretended to be a ghost while in that building
      [10:56:38] <TehDalek> Last thing I really remember was randomly stumbling upon a video of my oldest brother and my cousin. There was like a birthday celebration going on. Someone from my old church was filming it. I just thought it was peculiar that I found a random video with people I knew
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Worst Orgy Ever.

      by , 03-25-2013 at 07:57 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I don't know how many people are in my house, but everyone is having sex. I'm in my bedroom with two blonde girls and a guy. I don't know what what started this, but it's obviously go time. I went down on the girl I was with....there wasn't any shame in my game at that moment. Then I came up, and started pounding her. (So far, so not weird) Then after a while the guy suggests we swap girls. I say "okay", and when I look, this dude has on a blonde wig. Getting ready to knock this guy out, I say "I don't know who you think you're fooling but you better knock it off". He takes off the get up, and we switch like we were supposed to.

      With the next girl, it's different....more sensual. More touching, more feeling...we're thoroughly exploring her body. (Then ase expected it gets weird) She says my cock is too big for her. "Well", I suggested "You can ride on top, but dont' go all the way down". She didn't buy it. She gave me a strap on to use, and asked me to fuck her with that. It's nearly the same size as my penis (which is a lot bigger than it is in WL) and I sigh and say "okay". She squats down on the strap on, and my cock lines up right between her cheecks and goes up to the small of her back. She started bouncing and griding...and I was getting about 0 satisfaction out of it. And to make matters worse, time was up (I have no idea about this time shit....I really wanted for at least her to cum). We started putting on our clothes, and she was talking about the next time she wanted to feel me inside her...I'm beaming at this moment, and I'm telling her next time is going to have to be soon (like later today). The first girl, and the other guy are pretty much gone, and my child hood friends come from the other rooms.

      Just when I get to the end of the hall way with the blonde girl, J points to us and says "You, and you, yall can't be friends with eachother anymore". "What did I do wrong?" I say in disbelief, but before I can get an answer out of him, I could hear her crying so hard. She buried her face in my shoulder and tugged at my sweater. I was in that same emotional state, but I had already come to the point of acceptance. "Man I knew something like this was going to happen, it was just too good to be true", my face crinkled up like a wadded sheet of paper, but I refused to cry. She cried for both of us, and there was nothing either of us could do. Soon she settled, and I told her "well right now, we can do whatever we want", she nodded, and I said "I want one last hug". (don't know why kiss or fuck didn't come out...damn nice guys) We embraced, and she left.

      I arrived to the living room, and people were playing video games. I think they were playing with my NES and I told them I had some newer stuff to play. Games, cables, and systems were everywhere. It looked like the shady end of an electronics repair shop. I dug through, looking for tekken, because I knew no one else had a chance in anything else. Finally T spoke up and said "we've been playing games this whole time, so it doesn't matter". J said "we're heading out ayway". We all jumped into an SUV, and came across a MCdonadls that was in the middle of a strip mall parking lot. Only it had spanish words for the name. "I don't see how you go this place", he said with a look that can only be decribed as top hat and monocle. "There's two of them in this parking lot, I don't go to that one". (I knew this imaginary town like the back of my hand) The next one was so close to it, a person couldn't tell where one started, and one ended. By the time J figured that out, we were back in the drive through to the other one. He started ordering all this food that I've never heard of...sounded like he was speaking another language. All the workers in the store were Latin...maybe that's why. I told him I didn't want anything to eat, but couldn't help marvel at how the place was structured.
    14. Wendy's Meal

      , 07-25-2012 at 03:16 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      Me and my buddy Eric were hungry so we drove to Wendy's and got two Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers and two medium fries. Then we were driving aomewhere and I at all the food except for one burger. I was getting full while trying to eat the last burger, and I said we needed some drinks. He agreed and we drove into some busy city and stopped at a mall. Inside the mall we bought some large sodas. (Like the ones you buy at McDonald's, they were empty cups which you could fill at a soda fountain.) Mine came full of water, so I poured it on the floor and got another drink.

      Also I remember sitting in an office with some lady on a computer. She was on some news site, and she was also talking on the phone. While on the phone she said something like, "Yeah I can look at SlickDeals right now."

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Bleeding Love

      by , 04-09-2012 at 02:30 PM (Adventures in Dreamland)
      A group of four people are gathered to do some sort of competition. Beside me stands a guy much taller and muscular than I am, a woman with long hair that seems to be about my age (20ish), and a gothic loli (meaning that she was indeed a loli, wearing gothic lolita clothing.)
      We are given shots in our arms, which are then wrapped with white gauze. The girl that is around my age looks over at me, seeing a pool of red building up on the gauze. She asks me if I'm okay, pointing it out to me. I tell her that I'm fine and that I didn't feel anything, then the instructors explain that the color of the 'bleeding' represents the thing that we desire most. Somehow, I know immediately that mine is love. I look at the others, but I don't remember what their colors were.
      I don't remember very much of this dream, but I do know that the 'contest' (There were no losers. I think that at least two of us won.) supposedly spanned over days. The big muscular guy went off by himself, as did I for a bit. It didn't take long for me to team up with the girls, though, and my desire was fulfilled when I fell in love with the loli girl.
      I also vaguely remember going out into the fields to find the muscular guy, and that part of the competition required us to run dungeons.

      I remember swimming in the water, but I have some sort of thing to help me do it. I don't really remember what it was. Hell, it could have been a boat. There was some sort of pet that I had. I'm thinking it was a Tofu.

      My Little Pony toys at McDonalds drive-through. I remember getting really frustrated at them cause they were making a big deal out of whether I asked for a boy or a girl toy, not even bothering to ask me.

      MaximumRevolver and I are walking around a bookstore, looking for some girl. We never find her.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
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