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    1. [19-09-2016]

      by , 09-19-2016 at 10:02 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was on a street with my father and sister. We wanted to cross the road, there were some students from younger classes wearing military uniform. On our eyes one of them - a fat and dark haired, punched an old lady in stomach and gave her purse to another old lady, laughing mockingly. I came closer to him and bravely shouted "I'm a higher officer, do you think that it was funny?!" He replied "Yeah, and he's a colonel!" pointing at another dude - tall with brown hair. I pointed at my father and said "He's a general!" My younger sister made a funny face, which father made too. It was so funny that I couldn't stop laughing.

      Second dream

      With mother and older sister we were driving through some canyons where stonework was placed. We had problem with driving out of there, as there was a chasm on the road. We drove on a rock ramp and drove through the small chasm, but there was another one - much bigger. Workers from stonework ran to help us and built a bridge. With sister we left the car to help them. Somehow we ended up in a nearby forest, where ground was made of soft and bouncy material. We jumped on it as on a trampoline, flying high above ground. Then we went back to car.
    2. Florida Beaches, trampolines and a question for you!

      by , 02-07-2016 at 06:17 AM (My Dream Journal)
      Absolutely CRAZY dream recall last night!!!! The one unfortunate thing that happened last night was my WBTB. I had the perfect opportunity for one last night, but when I got up I was too lazy. But, at least my recall was awesome!
      My brother, dad and I are planning a trip to New Hampshire. There is something in this dream about a parade, but this was the only dream of the night that I don't remember in detail.
      I am at a table eating dinner with President Obama and some other people. Obama says something that is funny because he is the president, and we all laugh at it. JSYK, there is someone underneath the table holding it up. using suction cups.
      At this point I'm pretty sure I do my failed WBTB.
      I am at a political event, sitting in one of the front rows. I turn around, and see my friend sitting next to the Bratayley family. She is motioning for me to go over, so I do. i talk to them for a bit and we get a picture together. There are several other people with us in the picture, but I don't know them.
      My family and I are on a beach in Florida at night. It must be some really famous beach, because I am telling my sister how cool it is to be there. Then the waves are growing higher, and dad tells us that we should go back to the hotel before a storm starts. I remember thinking that he was going to say that there was a hurricane. We turn to the left and walk down a path away from the beach. There is a little tower like thing that I decide to walk up. When I get to the top, there is basically a giant trampoline lined with a wooden deck. On my way back down, there are several kids there that won't move. I finally get them to budge so I can get through, but we keep throwing nasty remarks at each other. My last remark to them is "I have hair too!"
      I am in gym class, playing hockey on a giant trampoline. I remember feeling sad that one of my friends is not in that class with me.
      I am still in Florida, this time by the "run off water" of some sort of amusement park slide. My family tells me that they have to leave to look for something, and I should be the look out. All of a sudden I am at my house again. I am watching something going on in my backyard. My family has discovered jello out there! I start eating some jello, and it tastes really good. I tell my brother, and all of a sudden we are in a prison like thing. There is a woman(our mom?) with her hands tied together. A security guard gives me a remote control and phone, and tells me that they might be useful for me to escape with. I hide them in my scarf, and me and my brother escape from the prison. We are running up hill, faster than we ever have before. My dad is running close behind us, trying to persuade us to stop running. Finally we do. We turn back around, and suddenly we are on a nice family hike. My sister is taking pictures and we are sitting near creeks eating candy. Then suddenly I am back at my house in the bathroom. Katie, the mom from Bratayley is there saying that she is going to show us how Hayley overcame her fear of water. I get out of the bathtub so she can film.
      I am back at the beach in Florida, the same one, and my brother tells me that we aren't going to spend any more time there. I am angry at him, but we walk away, down the same path as before. As a I am walking away I can hear my grandma talking with an Asian person. We reach the tower, but this time I have to have a rope climbing competition with someone to make it to the top. As we are climbing the rope we have to answer questions about politicians. When me and my competitor make it to the top, I sit down with another girl on the giant trampoline. We start talking about Caleb and Bratayley. We then start using special crayons to draw pictures of memories with Caleb on the "trampoline wall."
      I typed this pretty quick and late, so I am sorry for any errors, And I probably forgot some extra dream fragments, but I'll add those later if I remember any more.
      Question!!!! Are Wisconsinites the only people that call physical education class gym class? Just wondering.
    3. Trampoline Fun

      by , 10-05-2015 at 10:37 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #470 - DEILD - 12:07AM

      I wake up slightly, but have enough mindfulness to try to DEILD. It's pretty dark at first and I spend a lot of time making walking motions with my goal as my mantra (Jump on the trampoline). When the walking feels vivid enough, I decide to clap my hands and slap my face as hard as I can. There is a dull sound and tingling sensation upon impact. I now move on to my goal and imagine myself jumping on the trampoline in my back yard. The view of my backyard quickly fills in, but it's still really dark. I don't like this bother and I begin to jump extra high. The sensation of falling back down gets my stomach at first and I have to try really hard not to let it bother me. I notice how high I get as I watch the roofs of houses falls below me. After a few moments I get bored with this and latch on to an impossibly tall tree and climb up. I can clearly see limbs and bright greens leave as I make my way higher and higher. I see another tree close by and I decide to jump over to that one then swing down by hanging on the end of a long thin branch.
      My brother is standing on the ground looking at me. "How did you do that?", he asks.
      What does he mean doesn't he know this is a dream? I answer, "I'm just like a squirrel. It works the same way."

      I am now standing in the main room of my house and I see my son smiling at me. I leap up and kick of a near wall to glide over him. I imagine flying is a lot like swimming as I swim all around the room like its a pool. My son chases me smiling and laughing and I get a chuckle out of it. For some reason I want my brother to see this and I decide to look for him in the kitchen, but he is no where to be found. Then, I become afraid that I will lose the recall of this dream so I decide to wake up.

      I quickly record my dream and suddenly feel myself sinking back into that half dream zone.

      I find myself wondering around some version of my house with my son. A set of non-existent stairs appear and we climb up them together. I am really curious what I will find, but I suddenly wake up again. I totally forgot that I had put my knees up while recording in my DJ and my left leg had flopped over, waking me up.

      I only have recall of one other non lucid dream for the night. It was like a movie and these boys had entered into a cartoon world. They tried to find a solution to the problem.
    4. #42 - Scifi ship/Basketball + the trampolines are back

      by , 10-28-2014 at 08:35 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Note: Didn't do SSILD or FILD last night, FILD has been throwing me off a bit since I just don't understand it that well. Also, my 'home' dreamsign' seems to show a lot, I will have to prepare myself to do a reality check when it shows up.

      Dream 1 - Scifi ship
      We seem to be on a space ship, me, the terminator, Kryten (that robot from Red Dwarf), and someone else whom I don't remember. Me and the terminator get off the ship at some point and have to get something. The ship picks up the new cargo but it weighs a lot, when me and the terminator get back on board, Kryten doesn't have the strength to completely carry us (he is connected to the ship somehow, and as a result he doesn't have the strength to keep himself on the ship... It made sense in my dream ).

      Dream 2 - Basketball + the trampolines are back
      It's a sunny day and I'm at home, my friend D and another friend are over, and so is my brother. My brother challenges me to basketball like he always does when I get back from uni for the holidays. I notice there are 2 trampolines on the grass next to each other, D tells me "see, this is what happens when you leave me alone man, I buy shit" (it seemed like he had been living here for some reason). I tell him about my dream (#39, flying boat) where I was at my house bouncing on 3 trampolines, and 2 of them looked exactly like the ones on the grass right now. I was so convinced that it was real, everything around me seemed so realistic, I had this inkling of a feeling in the back of my mind though. I end up walking over to where we play basketball, but there is a white car beneath the hoop that's blocking us pretty much. My brother had set up a different basketball hoop instead, but there was a large stack of firewood that was kind of in the way. The sun was in our eyes whenever we were taking a shot at the hoop which was annoying, I couldn't shoot properly and kept missing it slightly. We played for a few minutes, but then a girl shouts hello at us from the top of the driveway and waves at us. At first I think it's H (D's little sister) but as she comes closer I realize it isn't. I keep shooting hoops, but then notice that M is here too , a guy whom I haven't seen since primary school. The dream ends around here.
    5. #39 - Pedal Plane/Flying Boat

      by , 10-25-2014 at 10:29 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Didn't fall asleep until 2am, tried FILD and SSILD together but only had a brief moment of 'hmm is this a dream' which I was okay with, it was a pretty cool dream.

      Dream 1 - Pedal Plane
      So I meet a stranger, he has these blue overalls on. We team up, he's extremely bad-ass, got a cold demeanor about him but is on a quest to do good. He gets into bad ass 'ranger' clothing, like Aragorn or something out of Lord of the Rings... We go on a short-lived adventure to save the kingdom or something, but on our way we find out something changed and we can't do anything anymore. We're in typical New Zealand bushy scenery the whole time, travelling alongside a small stream. The stranger is back in his blue overalls again, and walks away down the stream, I shout out "I'll just stick with you for a while until I find out where I'm going next" since we no longer had any reason to stay teamed up. He says "Fine with me", and sounds subtly happy about it but doesn't show it. I grab my stuff and run to catch up with him, the stream we've been travelling along has grown bigger by now. A couple of people are canoeing up it, the stranger says he'll handle it and proceeds to talk to them. One of the people is the spitting image of a friend, M, and the other is a random girl who is apparently nutty... They converse and M mentions that the way ahead is blocked my a massive boulder landslide about 100 metres high. There is a plane he mentions that is man-powered by a pedal bike too. I spot it stuck in a tree, he said he would have used it had it been possible to get it down and to a decent launching area. I just go for it, I hop on and start pedalling like crazy, the planes propellers rotate like crazy and the plane manages to get off the tree, and over a cliff beneath it. I fall down and jump off the plane, I grab a super-flexible branch on a tall tree that's at the bottom of the cliff, it flexes down all the way to the ground and I land softly. Dayum.
      I turn around to see an expansive green grassy field, to my left is a car park. I look up and the bike from the plane is plummeting downwards, it has a pole beneath it that was attached to the plane and impales car. <-- my expression. I know somehow that this is the car of the nutty girl! I hear a scream from the hills above, I just turn around and bolt onto the fields. To my right I see her sprinting out of the bushes and chasing after me just shouting random stuff about beating me up (I found this funny in the dream, like I could talk her down and joke to her about it innocently being an accident or something ).
      The dream ends here.

      I cement as much of the dream to memory, then push it to the back of my mind and start trying SSILD and FILD. I got a bit confused of how I was meant to do this, was I meant to do it at the same time? I ended up giving up on the FILD pretty quickly as I just got confused, but managed a few cycles of SSILD.

      Dream 2 - Flying Boat
      I'm outside at my home (dream sign), bouncing on trampolines. There's three of them, each is slightly different, two are next to each other at the bottom of the slope in our backyard next to the apple tree, the other is slightly lower and is halfway beneath the trampoline I'm jumping on. I think I might have been doing back flips? Not sure. Anyways. I look up and spot a flying boat, this absolutely blows me away. It's so vivid and clear, it's coming out of a cloud and it's red and huge (like a cargo crate transporter boat). I think to myself how odd and amazing it is, and how there's no way that it could be real... Sadly I didn't get lucid. I notice the boat start to tilt, it's falling. I sprint off the trampoline and up the stairs to the deck. I turn around and see the huge boat crash into the ground. The impact created huge tidal waves of water that swelled and crashed over the trees and surrounded my house. Suddenly it's like we're in the middle of ocean during a storm, it's raining, windy, and now the sky is dark and overcast with flashes of lightning. I spot a wayward yellow boat float upside my house (which has somewhat turned into a boat, there is deck beneath the deck I was on now too). My dad shouts something about tying up the boat, I bolt down the stairs and grab a hook attached to some rope. I seem to fiddle around as if my right hand just became stupid or something, it's pretty much slapping the hook onto a rung but just bouncing off and I can't figure out why. I turn it around and try it again, it works. Yay. My dad says 'well done' or something and the dream ends.
    6. 10-11-14 Dumb superman

      by , 10-16-2014 at 06:14 PM
      I was at an enormous yard sale for video games. It was set up on the town square. The organizer of the event was this tiny little chubby guy with blonde hair and a mustache. He appeared to be in his late forties. He was very animated. He was telling me about what sort of video games were good. I remember him as saying, "Once you've played Batman, you'll never want to play dumb Superman again".

      At that point, I like saw Superman wearing his normal outfit, but it had the red-and-white-spider-web motif that Spider Man's suit has. He was in a triumphant pose and about to blast off into the sky.

      Then I noticed there was a trampoline standing nearby, so I got on it and started jumping. Then I just randomly leaped off it and landed on my stomach and laid completely still. I wasn't hurt, but the little video game guy got REALLY scared and thought I had seriously injured myself or even died. He started crying and he ran over to where I was lying. I got up and showed him I wasn't hurt. He was sooooooo relieved. He gave me a great big tearful hug. He only came up to like my waist.

      My mother had a baby, and I was so proud of it. Yaay, I'm a brother!!

      I bought a sort of zither thing which you played with a bow. I paid for it with money I had cut out of the local newspaper, which printed money in every issue.

      Weird men were walking around in giant copper mechanical gorilla suits.

      There was this strange man with binoculars strapped to his eyes who loved to watch the old lady across the street use the bathroom. He even had the GPS coordinates for her toilet. The pervert.
    7. The Third Arm

      by , 10-12-2014 at 09:53 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #245: The Third Arm

      I’m sitting next to Wife at a little craft table, both of us working on our laptops. I don’t know what she’s doing, but I seem to be writing some code for the game. My iPod is laying on the desk next to me, and I try to cue up some music on it. I swipe and poke randomly at the screen, and a song starts playing. Horrifyingly, the performer in the song is me! I’m braying out some horrible-sounding song that’s a cross between “Tribute” and just random squawking.

      I desperately stab at the screen to try to make this stop. Now some British synth-pop is playing instead, much better. I note how strange the screen appears, and I remember to
      look for the dream. I stand up, and find that both Wife and the craft table appear to have vanished. I remember my intention to summon Dreamer and attempt the bonus Task of the Month (to find and play a musical instrument that doesn’t exist in waking life.)

      For some reason, I have this very strong belief that the dream is taking place in my childhood home and that it’s completely empty. I affirm that Dreamer is already here in the room with me but I don’t believe it. I walk from room to room, saying things like, “[Dreamer], you’re right around the corner…” but never quite believing it.

      I look down at my hands and say, “[Dreamer], you’re walking right beside me.” As I say this, a third arm extends right out of my chest, lining up its palm with my own palms. The upper part of the arm is covered by the sleeve of a purple polo shirt. I wonder whether this is Dreamer’s arm…? The purple sleeve seems really promising, but the arm kinda has a man-hand that looks more like mine. I think about what I can do with this to complete the summon, but can’t quite figure anything out before the arm vanishes.

      I proceed into the den, saying out loud again that I’m expecting to find “[Dreamer]” here (using her waking life name.) I say something about her being “purple”, and expect to see her. As I turn my gaze around the room, I spy a purple director’s chair in the corner, but no Dreamer sitting in it.

      Again I expect to see “purple” Dreamer, but instead I summon a purple trampoline, leaned up against the wall! And now look, there’s a purple wall hanging over one of the windows. I peer through the window, seeing only darkness beyond. I feel like there’s no certain dreamworld beyond this house right now, and even though I consider the idea of leaving, I feel nervous about trying this.

      Maybe I just need to try calling her “Dreamer” instead of using her waking life name. I try this for a while, too, but I’m having a terrible time shaking this idea that the house is empty. I sense that I’ve let myself get stuck and that I should be able to think my way out of this. I call out a few more times, noting that I’ve actually had quite a bit of dream time. I worry that I should have done more with the third arm or that cool-looking purple trampoline. It isn’t long before
      the dream ends.

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    8. another lucid, about a week ago

      by , 05-16-2013 at 02:13 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      (WILD) I realize I entered a lucid dream when suddenly I could see through my eyelids, I quickly decided to make a scene, I make the circus circus hotel in Vegas for some reason, I guess because I was reading about it before hand. I am walking through the casino lobby floor, and the security and the guests are all giving me weird looks, they're all staring at me and the security guards begin to advance towards me so I make hand movements at them and make them fly into the air into a wall, then I go to the front of the casino and see that the stairs that are there are burned down in construction, and their is a random trampoline there i briefly think that I didn't construct this scene very well (I lose control of the lucid and fade into non lucid dreaming) I go on the trampoline and jump with a man and a woman in business suits.
    9. 12/17/12 Starting up the DJ for the break to bring back to school

      by , 12-18-2012 at 05:48 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Inception Trampoline Portal Thing

      The farthest back I can remember this dream is that I'm in the left back seat of my mom's suv. There was a second steering wheel on the back of the driver's seat chair and for some reason that was the one that I had to use to drive the car I was in. Apparently the one in the front was used to control via radio another car that I had to move around earlier in the dream. I think the car that it might've controlled was a small sporty audi (which for in the dream I called a BMW). In hindsight the body of the car reminds me more of a jaguar car than an audi but it had the four rings symbol. Anyways, I was in the back of my house so using the strange second steering, I backed out of the driveway.

      While I was backing out I watched a scruffy homeless(y) white guy with long dirty blonde hair in a beanie go into the audi and drive it away. I had a feeling that that was bad but it didn't shake me too much. I continued on my way and drove about 20 ft until I noticed a large group of musicians, mostly string players walking towards my neighbor's house. I immediately knew who they were, they were musicians from a summer program that I was a part of even though the faces were mostly students from my college. I drove to the house they were talking to and fro from and found my neighbors. In the dream they were a wealthy white couple with straight light brown hair, late 20s to early 30s and they were dressed up for something. I got the feeling that it was a funeral except everyone seemed happy and the wife was in a red dress. My mom was there too but she wasn't dressed up. They saw me, said hi, and I brought up the black "BMW" that I saw being stolen and the wife started yelling crying and screaming. It was apparently their car. I left and drove a lot more with my friend peter and it got dark out.

      I found myself in some strange building, high ceilings with wooden rafters. It was a little more than dimly lit and a lot of things were painted red. There were two rooms next to each other, both about 30 yards long and 7ish yards deep, maybe 10 yards high. idk why I counted it in yards…one room had a bunch of twin beds and the other room I don't remember as well but that's where the story continues. There was a strange dark lanky figure that was holding open a portal. I think my ex was there and she was explaining to me that it was some type of portal of dreams that you go into and experience some sort of interesting dream dark something…I don't really remember the explanation. Me being up for most things, I said that I was down and, laying on my back I wiggled backwards into the hole and there was no floor supporting me on the other side. I fell into darkness for about 10 seconds then into another large room with the same low light and red paint. I landed on a trampoline and started bouncing around. I looked around and it seemed that this was all that was in the room so I was very confused that the hole of darkness only had a strange trampoline in it. I was jumping up and down really high, high enough that I could grab onto the ceiling's rafters (note I didn't notice that there was no hole that I could've from). Eventually after about a minute or so of bouncing I fell of the trampoline but instead of hitting floor I fell into another realm of darkness. In this darkness I had visions of myself with my arms amputated past the elbows. After a while of this weirdness I fell into another room with a trampoline. This all repeated itself again into another room with a trampoline.

      At this point I realized that the point of the portal, or at least my fate in dealing with it, was to be stuck in this loop going on and on forever, falling off the trampoline, through darkness, and onto another trampoline in a room with no source for me to enter through. Obviously I wasn't happy about this so I crouched down and did what I could to "wake up" which eventually worked. I woke up in the room stated above with a bunch of beds. My friend's were shaking me and when I got up they told me that I was in Kate's bed (dunno which kate, I assume Kate M). As they pulled me away, I noticed that I slobbered a little on the pillow so I wiped it off so no one else would see it. We were walking to the other room and the passage between the two had a bunch of mirrors. I saw one mirror where I had the amputated arms and I freaked out. I looked at my own arms and they were normal and when i looked back again to the mirrors, everything was normal.
    10. The Mario Plumbing Mishap...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 09:53 AM (My brain and I)
      21st of January, 2011

      We're in Mario64- both playing and observing as often is the case in my dream games. I decide that as she hasn't played it before, I want to show Nooks the coolest level I can. We run into the castle and look in the basement but don't find anything particularly memorable, so we go back outside to this big mushroom that's floating over a void where the moat normally is. When we get closer, we notice that it's not a mushroom with a pipe on it at all, it's a trampoline with a toilet on it. We stood in the toilet and tried to flush ourselves into the level.

      It didn't work.

      It was just a toilet.

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    11. November 19th?, 2011

      by , 11-26-2011 at 08:13 AM
      Pulled a few all-nighters here and there, along with sleeping out, so I haven't recorded many dreams. I have three entries that I need to write down though.

      Don't expect good detail or anything. Probably won't remember these too well by now anyway. These will probably just be quick summaries.

      First, there was this part where I was with some people from school. Ephraim was there. We were at a tennis court, and I remember this one part where Eprhaim, Donovan, Nick and I did this group beat box thing.

      One dream had this crazy lady, and I was in her house. She owned a bunch of these realistic-looking dolls, and she left the room, leaving me alone with them. I noiced there were security cameras all around the room, hidden among all of the dolls. This freaked me out.

      Then, I was in my backyard with Ashley, her boyfriend, and some of her friends. We had ordered a trampoline, and a keg. I suggested that we move the trampoline further away from the porch just in case our parents get home. I get frustrated because no one is listening. So I take one of the kegs out front, which looks nothing like my house, and I take it to the curb where this guy is. The guy is a construction worker who recently lost his wife. The dream then cuts to this tribute song he made for his wife with a bunch of co-workers. The song is in a video game (Rayman) on one of the hardest levels. Then I almost accidentally let this little kid drive. Weird stuff.

      There was also this dream where Anthony and I were going on this really long road trip. We were driving a school bus. We pulled up to this one store in like Tennessee or something to make a pit stop and I see Jenn and Kate there, and I remember thinking something like, "What are the chances?" Debbie was there...somewhere.
    12. Holiday, 19th October 2011

      by , 10-25-2011 at 10:02 AM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      I had two dreams on this day. The first was about a holiday. My brother, dad and I all got out of our car, and it was significantly cooler outside. The breeze was quite refreshing. We were parked next to a long field. It looked quite healthy, and the sun was up and everything was sweet! We had to walk across the field, where there was a gap in the trees. Through the gap, there was a courtyard type street, with a small swimming pool and small wooden shed, which happened to be a shop. We didn't go in, but the door was open and we could see that the man was old, and selling inflatables, which were dusty and bleached by the light coming through the window. There was also a hotel, which dad said was ours.

      On the inside, it was more like an apartment, with a reception and everything was square, and business like. We went up two flights of stairs, each with a painting on the wall on the way up. Both the paintings were the same, and the first floor was exactly the same as the ground floor. On the second floor, though, there was three doors leading to bedrooms. Two on the left corridoor, and one at the end. The corridoor was really short, though. Probably only about three or four meters long.

      We went into our room, and dad started unpacking. My brother and I were looking around our room, which had one bed, and a desk. Two women came in, wearing suits. They must have been between twenty and twenty five, and one of them was black. They asked if my brother and I would like to come and hang out with them whilst dad unpacked. Ross decided to stay, but I went. They had the room that was at a right angle to ours. They had a double bed at the far side of the room, and on the left they had a desk with a laptop on it. There was a table to the right, which one of the women sat on. There was a window behind the table, and next to the bed was a fold up mini trampoline.

      We talked about the trampoline, and then I went on the trampoline, and that's as far as I can remember.
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    13. Bubblegum Attracts Wildlife

      by , 07-24-2011 at 07:09 PM (Starr's Dream Collection)

      Okay, so this is just mostly a collection of dream fragments that I remember from last night. They were all very strange...as my dreams usually tend to be. xD

      I'm with one of my best friends J. She's spending the night at my house, although it's not really my house. It seems like more of a log cabin type place. J and I are sitting in this really big rather empty room, except for a bed and a nightstand/dresser type thing. For some reason, the room seems to be shifting, but not exactly tilting. Almost as if only the inanimate objects of the room were moving, but not us.

      After trying to fumble around with the dresser and trying to figure out what was happening, J says, "Wow, what's wrong with this room?". I look at her and say, eyes wide, "Inception!". She gasps as she realizes that I'm right.

      The dream has shifted to another part.

      I'm sitting in a restaurant with my dad, brother, and sister. I'm pretty sure it's either T.G.I Friday's, Red Robin, or some sort of a mix than the two. I don't remember exactly what happened, just that in the end, I ended up trying to run away, and I was standing in some sort of a dirt/gravel parking lot. I'm also pretty sure Kevin James was there.

      And again, the dream shifts. Weeeeee.

      I don't know how many of you watch NCIS, but it's my favorite show.
      Anyways, so, I'm riding shotgun in this red convertible, with the driver being the NCIS character Tony DiNozzo (played by Michael Weatherly). In the backseat are the characters Abby and McGee (Pauley Perrette & Sean Murray). We're all just having a good time, playing some music on the radio and singing or whatever. We're driving to a crime scene, I guess, although it was more an area of interest than a crime scene. Turns out that we're looking for Ziva, another character (played by Cote de Pablo). I suppose she's MIA.

      Before arrival at the crime scene, Tony offers all of us a piece of bubblegum, which I gratefully accept. Once we get to the area, we find it's like a camp ground kind of things, with lots of forest surrounding it and a firepit and some log cabins. We're all standing there when I notice, behind a bush, a fox is peeking its head out of the ground. It doesn't seem afraid of us at all, and actually climbs out further. I point it out to the team, and they all fall silent. The fox walks up to us and brushes up against our legs, letting us pet him. It turns out to be an arctic fox. (What an arctic fox was doing there, I have no idea. )

      We're running around for a while, acting like children, even though we're supposed to be working on finding Ziva. At some point, I notice a giant blue trampoline on the campground. I point to it and yell, "Look! A thumb!" (WTF?)

      We're now very excited at my most recent discovery, but we can't just walk over there, oh no. So, Tony and I begin skipping like little school girls down some sort of a cobblestone path until we get to the trampoline. It was quite a sight to see someone like him skipping. I realize that another character, the team leader, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) has arrived, and was watching us skip. He was talking to someone else, someone who had more authority over him. I heard the other man say, "You trust them to find her?". Gibbs was just like, "Oh yeah, I trust 'em, alright. They'll get the job done." I just remember the other man shaking his head and saying something like, "Alright, if you insist."

      So, now, Tony and I are on the trampoline, ahem, "thumb", and we're jumping on it. That's when I hear Tony shout, "Look out! Fox!"

      Of course, he gets off the trampoline in time, but I don't, and the arctic fox jumps up and clamps his jaw down on my arm. It didn't hurt or anything. It was actually kind of funny, because we all knew the fox just wanted to play. Even though it was small, it was completely stopping me from attempting to move it, or move myself at all. I remember thinking, "Stupid bubblegum."

      And once more, the dream has shifted. Woot woot.

      I'm somewhere talking to my Mom, telling her about the story with the fox that attacked me. Once more, I refer to the trampoline as the thumb. I don't know. Anyways, I tell her that I was chewing bubblegum.

      "Oh, was it a heavily wooded area?" she asked. I said, "Yeah." She nods her head knowingly. "The fox probably just smelled the bubblegum. It attracts them, y'know."

      Great to know, mom. Great to know.
    14. Video-Gamenacht (The Night of Video-Games)

      by , 05-27-2011 at 04:38 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 09-27-10
      Length: Unknown
      Vividness: 4/10

      First, I dreamed I got spawned into a Halo game, and I could play as master Chief.
      I shot people and attacked others.
      I remember jumping down from extremely high up and bouncing onto a trampoline.

      I remember being in a room with my girlfriend Dakota, and some other guy.
      I had my computer open and was watching this YouTube video about a guy hacking into a World of Warcraft account.
      It was very boring, but I found it funny somehow.
      My dream ended as I shut my laptop.

    15. Very strange and twisty dream- 7-19-10

      by , 07-19-2010 at 02:37 PM (My Randomness)
      lol there was so many plot changes in this one. it starts at home, apparently my family owns three husky, sledding type dogs. two of them has names are the same as the dogs that we do own IRL. somehow, my sister was responsible for letting all three of them get kidnapped by a group of bad dogs lol. the two had just come back, except the third one, whos name was named after one of our cats, i think the dog was a girl. anyway, i put the dogs in their cages for safe keeping. then i see my sister outside with another person, walking towards the door. this is all at night time, just for reference. she walks in empty handed and i blame her again, i think. then, this dog comes in from the kitchen, and starts talking to us or something. i put my foot down and yell "NO ONE IS TOUCHING MY DOGS EVER AGAIN!!!!", which made the dog step back a lot. but then the dog started summoning his master, which apparently is a giant dog lol, i never got to see it. my sister then gets up to go back outside and search for the last dog again. the person with her doesn't, he stays. i say "im goin to help her!!" and i go outside. then, after a small memory gap, the scenery changes, its still night time though. im next to a building, and im in front of a girl, who im trying to help. im pretty sure it's not my sister anymore, not sure if it was her in the first place. i tell her that im going to help her and she reluctantly agrees. she then pull off this ninja move to get across this ditch type thing. ill make a picture, here:
      there were these white, glowing rocks on the edges of the ditch, making a zig-zag pattern. she jumped from one to the other really fast, just like a ninja lol. then i did the same thing, but in smaller jumps, and i didn't hit the rocks every time, i hit the dirt mostly . there was also this metal box thing, like an electrical type box. then, we get to this weird fence area. next to the fence is a tower of sorts, its just a metal and glass box, supported by metal legs. it also had a trampoline underneath it lol. then the girl turned into Sean Connery (wtf?), and started climbing the fence, telling me to follow him in his sean connery voice. i started climbing the fence, thinking it had barbed wire at the top, but it didnt, just a metal fence. when we got to the top, the fence started bending, a lot, like it had no side support at the top. i was like, "i cant do this!!!" and grabbed the ledge to my left, which was connected to the box tower thing. sean connery was very disappointed in me lol. i shuffled on the ledge, so that i would be under the trampoline if i fell. i did, and i hit the trampoline, but when i did, sean yelled something really loud and pertaining to the plot i think. i remembered hearing it before, like deja vu or something. then the entire plot went all screwy. i was in movie camera vision, looking at a giant crowd, like HUGE stadium. they were all there to watch a play version of harry potter lol. they were in a dramatic scene, and i saw this dude in a mechanical chair-crane thing, to support him very high up, the entire play was in mid-air. he was playing the mother, who actually sounded like a woman. she/he said something very dramatic, then i remember thinking, "thats the guy im looking for!!!" thats it.

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