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    1. Another word I don't know.

      by , 09-23-2016 at 02:27 PM
      Set in a dream version of the Village I grew up. On the sea front is a 'hotel' it's called the St, Aiden's. It's nothing like like it really is - but it's position and name were the same.

      The dream is set in a perpetual twilight... the sea is calm and filled with sea mammals there is no cars or roads.... there are many castles.

      The dream 'Hotel' is a massive imposing Gothic structure, with huge columns at the front and in the formal front garden is a huge stone pond filled with rescued dolphins in it.

      Inside there is a lecture hall, an upstairs with beds (again another aunty is here, this time it's my God mum too in RL she is close to death)

      There is also a very special engraving/art work. It's quite small like a picture and made of stone and in the dream I keep going back to it as I know it's important.

      I wasn't expecting it to be here the hotel owners don't know how important it is.
      It's got ancient writing a little like Sumerian indents... I can't read it but it's something to do with Eliohim? (I need to google this cause I duno what it means or how it's spelled)

      I go and listen to some speeches in the lecture hall, some MP's are speaking but no-one wants to hear them, I'm there watching the people watching rather than listing... (the MP's are uncomfortable as they know they are irrelevant)

      I return again to the engraving, I notice that the middle/picture part is holographic, it's made of golden light and is indescribably beautiful and intricate.

      It's small and hard to see but I notice that inside it now is a scene with a tree with big roots, there is a snake/dragon with overlapping triangle scales.... I see a small frog in the scene and it's moving.

      I magic up a magnifying glass to get a better look. The details are incredible... the stone is made of holographic gold light and this tiny gold speckled frog knows that I'm watching it.

      As I look more of it comes to life, the snake moves too. I want to pick it up to show people but it's too alive.

      --- Thoughts on this,

      Elohim (Hebrew: אֱלֹהִים) is a grammatically plural noun for "gods" or "deity" in Biblical Hebrew.
      Hummm lol, reading up on it has just left me even more confused so I'll just wait for more dreams to explain and sort it out, it dose fit with the strange dreams I've had of being a few people at once and thinking of 'me' as 'we'
    2. Elder Darker

      by , 09-23-2016 at 12:32 PM
      Elder Games: At my aunt's house cleaning. I assumed the kids would help but they don't. I set up a complex gaming system and lay out a spread of food. A bunch of elderly people in wheel chairs show up for a gaming competition.

      Darker: A friend and I wander from city park to city park trying to find the area with the darkest sky for stargazing. Each time we find what I believe is the darkest sky my friend says, "Nope. We need darker." We continue searching until we find the darkest sky. We then lay on the grass trying to make out the constellations.

      6 hrs sleep
    3. Newbie chef

      , 09-23-2016 at 12:00 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 8:30pm - 3:25am

      Dream earlier:

      I'm an apprentice in a kitchen of some famous chef. He has a restaurant and I'm helping there and learning. I'm so new, he doesn't even let me peel potatoes. That is something you have to earn first, haha. One of his people introduces a potato peeler gadget. It's like a scrubbing brush. But the bristles are not all over the surface. Instead they are bunched up in some sort of "legs". You put a potato between them, keep turning it and they brush the skin off. I'm watching it in detail how it scrubs the skin, the green parts to a clean tater.

      There was another one, but now it's too abstract. Lots of people.
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    4. Multilingual and musical dreams

      by , 09-23-2016 at 09:29 AM
      Yesterday evening I started to read the Laberge had pretty vivid dreams tonight.

      Dream (not lucid):
      An ex roommate of me put a video on YouTube about him performing a song. The video was pathetic and the comments were pretty negative about his performance. I was then performing the same song in front of him (Lisa - "Oceano"), with my piano. My performance was much better and very realistic both in terms of my skills in piano and singing both in terms of results and feelings. I performed the entire song, things I never did before in a dream.

      Dream (not lucid):
      This was a multilingual dream, spoken for the most in English and Italian. I was with a group in Venice (but was looking more like Utrecht) and we were going around the city. I was walking hold the hand of a colleague of mine that I find nice and attractive, scared that my girlfriend could discover it (I didn't have any affair with her, but I was thinking that it was a little bit difficult to explain). I was commenting how similar to a Dutch city it was looking like. At a certain point we had a group lesson in a park by a Russian professor, but it was for the most just gibberish. At a certain point the entire group, let's say 200 people, started to perform and dancing on a song (Elio e le storie these - " Alfieri del belcanto"). My manager was also involved. At a certain point we arrived in a building and i was confronted by a man that said "this guy is crazy! He speaks too many languages!". I then replied in for of the languages I actually know: English, Italian, French and Dutch. He was feeling bad confused and I told him "het is niet mijn fout dat je geen Nederlands spreekt!". It doesn't sound totally right to me but I would have probably said it in this precise way.
    5. 23/9/2016

      by , 09-23-2016 at 07:22 AM
      And another cat!!

      1) On a long drive. The car seems to keep pointing upwards as if it is flying. I kept telling myself that this isn't a dream and settle the car back down on the road.

      2) In a cafe of some sort. I walk out, then back in and I look at a table of people pretending to be looking for someone. I'm riding a motorbike and park it in a car park. It's time to leave and I try to find my way out of the car park, it's not easy. Back out on the road I realise that I'm not wearing a crash helmet and probably have travelled miles without it. I pull in at the side of the road to look for the crash helmet in my paniers - as I pull over I see my front tyre is getting a bit bald.
      There's an old black cat on the side of the road in front of me, and then there is also a man stood there - he is really friendly and offers me some sweets which I decline, and he tells me that the cat's paw is getting better now and asks me if I want to take a look. I bend down, the cat is now in a box, and I realise that I do actually have a crash helmet on.

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    6. [22-09-2016]

      by , 09-22-2016 at 09:37 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was leading group of friends and family to some dark castle. We moved to an entry chamber, it was really dark but I knew that there would be some traps in there. I sharpened my senses - everything turned grayish and some bats were highlighted red. We moved onward and they only flied away. Going through some square we got to a fortified village and got attacked by squads of mercenaries. They shot whole group down, only I was left. I grabbed some guns and started shooting, quickly eliminating threat.

      Recalled a precognitive dream: I was in school, writing something in an electronic device - foresters' index.
    7. Window with an ever changing veiw.

      by , 09-22-2016 at 09:28 PM
      A small island of sand, checking water & air quality (but really in space) - Doesn't make sense this morning.

      Climbing into a blender.... and getting wizzed up??!!! Also, doesn't make much sense..... It felt like ones I was blended into a pulp I could reach further?

      I was also in an Aunty's house (again, one of my mums sisters) I lived there for a bit when I was 18. It's a house I've drempt of before it's always vastly exaggerated though .... writing this I've suddenly recalling a whole dream world that spreads out around this building that I've visited many times (It has secret tunnels, magic gardens and mysterious neighbours and deep closets filled with old family treasures)

      Anyhooo .....In the dream I'm standing at the front bedroom window were I lived for a year or so.... they view though - wow!

      There is no glass and It's an ever changing landscape of mythical mountains, industrial space scape's, tracks, distant city's.

      It's keeps getting shrouded in clouds and mist and then they thin to reveal another different world, I'm blown away by the detail, the seasons are changing fast too. My vision is mobile too... while I'm aware 'I' am standing in the window my site can leave me and travel into the landscapes or distant settlements for a better view.

      (I don't have much detal yet for this, but get the feeling it will be resited and built on over the coming months)
    8. My strange night of repeated sleep paralysis & an encounter w/ a boy (LUCID)

      by , 09-22-2016 at 07:29 PM
      I went to sleep early last night & got up late. I took my meds only at the beginning of the night at 9pm & fell asleep about 10:15 so it may be why my mind was opened up more. I also cut way back on my smoking a week ago because Mike & I are working towards quitting. I'm actually really grateful for not being foggy, regardless of the fear I experienced at times during the following entries.

      My first experience of the night. I was sleeping & Mike had left earlier for work so this was probably around 6am. I started sleeping on my back in February or March but somehow I ended up on my stomach. I felt the all to familiar feelings of terror as I felt my body being forcefully pushed down into my bed & I couldn't move at all. Sleep paralysis is something I am all too familiar with. It seemed to go on forever. Eventually I was able to move & woke up to go smoke half a cig. I then went back to my bed to try to have an OOB/AP experience. I laid back down & tried to raise my vibrations but I've been sick & what is usually an easy thing for me to do was not happening at all. This is where I interject that ethereal entities are drawn to ppl when they are sick or deeply depressed. I am not depressed my any means but we all know I have been sick.... I then fell back to sleep.

      I awoke again to being held down again but this time it felt like a prepubescent male about 12 which disturbed me on a whole other level. I can't explain how I felt this but maybe it will make some sense later on as you read... I felt scared at first but also confused. I've never encountered some entity that I would consider to be some kind of lost confused soul of some sort. I didn't feel like he meant anything bad but I still had some real fear present because entities can do things like impersonate a being that you wouldn't fear. Anyway, I finally came out of the sleep paralysis & got up to pee & went back to sleep again. (Side note: I was on my side when this all occurred which is also not very common for me. And also the phrase, "prepubescent male" is not a phrase I use yet I felt strongly about saying it this way.)

      I awoke again on my side w/ the same feeling of this boy on me. It was like he was trying to scare me for some reason but now I'm not scared at all. Instead I feel bad for him. I can tell this time I can attempt to move like before when I had an OOB/AP but I tried to roll in the opposite direction than I normally do towards Mike's side of the bed in hopes of seeing him. But I just roll over & sit up. Nothing occurs. I then go to pee again & go back to sleep.

      This time I have no sleep paralysis at all but enter a dream state. I feel the weight of this boy yet again in my dream state. He's looking at me & just trying to scare me.
      I became full blown lucid at this point. He is freaking out because I can see him. He is confused. He told me that no-one ever sees him. I said, "well I sure see you, why were you holding me down" he said he was trying to scare me but doesn't know why. He just sounds like a kid doing something kid like. Like he was getting a kick out of it as a sort of game. I'm in his house I think but I'm not sure. I'm in a bed there & the house looks old. I start walking around & the fixtures & everything is old not like a modern house might be. He's walking w/ me but he seems not fully solid to me but close, really close. Other people are there like a family. Eventually one by one the others start to see him too & he's excited & scared all at once. I feel like his guide or something. Like I'm supposed to help him or I'm here for a purpose that is his, not mine. Of course I think as a bi-product it has helped me in some way. The people seemed confused too & not much is really said. I then woke up.

      I'm not sure why these kinds of things happen to me but I think maybe the boy in particular was there for a reason. I have been studying medium-ship for a while now & reading stories by mediums of real life sessions w/ ppl & the afterlife. I'm highly sensitive to ppl & feel energies. I've had OOB's/AP's. I've had encounters w/ 2 family members that have passed & I see my dead dog in my home. I'm always having strange urges to tell someone about something that will help them & I pass it on to them. I know when ppl are coming to my house a lot via dreams or feelings. Hence, I'm quite intuitive. I also am very in-tune to vibrations. I've been studying Spiritualism, which is not Religion so please don't confuse them. I'm very interested in Energy Healing & Spiritual Healing. I'd like to learn one or both. As of a week ago I have cut back on my smoking because of a strong feeling I have that this is blocking me. But in the end this is my weird life. I think I've been led down this path after so much strange & unusual turmoil in my life. Like I had to go through all of that to get to here. This is a great advantage to not being a young person anymore. With age comes wisdom & insight.
    9. Yesterday's Cave dream (Today's Entry will be on a separate Journal entry shortly)

      by , 09-22-2016 at 06:08 PM
      Yesterday: Non-Lucid- This dream was so vivid w/ color & hard to explain. My explanation of details will never do this dream justice. I was in some bazaar man made looking cave w/ tunnels. Some sort of cave system of sorts. The walls, floor & ceiling were *Luminescent (i had to look this up because I new it wasn't fluorescent & I wanted to be accurate) in color. There were lots of people but it wasn't crowded, I kept coming upon groups, couples & single people as I explored this place. We were all having some super natural experience. Someone would throw this strange looking sphere & it would move in all kinds of directions on it's own. Sometimes it would just move real slow, fast or zip around just to mention a few. At intervals there were other ppl throwing one of these balls & it would always do something different. Something went wrong w/ and the person near me said I would have to throw the ball because they were needed elsewhere. Then a guy asked me if I knew where to log in & I said no & that I didn't work there. I was trying to tell him I had never done this before. Then he told me to change to the Fire Safety Code so, I punched in a 3 digit code. The guy I was subbing for came back & was flipping out acting all strange. He looked like Paulie from this season's Big Brother & was an asshole. But he was gay unlike Paulie & was professing his love for another man there & exposing some secret affair. The other guy had a wife, lol. The married couple were both freaked out. The guy professing his love made these digital hearts & arrows in the air. It was actually pretty cool. There were a lot of them.... Now enters some military ppl. Some in an official & unofficial capacity. If I had to explain what this cave looked like I would liken it to Blue Ice but was alive & had some other colors in it.

      *Luminescence is emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat; it is thus a form of cold-body radiation. It can be caused by chemical reactions, electrical energy, subatomic motions, or stress on a crystal.

      Because of today's entry I want to keep it separate so I will be following this with a separate journal entry.
    10. Morphing Beggars Attack River

      by , 09-22-2016 at 05:29 PM
      Morphing Store: Me and some friends find an abandoned plaza with a broken window. W climb in and investigate. It looks like a party place, junkfood wrappers, liquor bottles, clothes, blankets, graffiti. This saddens me. I climb out and mean to board up the window but when I look back inside the place has morphed into a clean, freshly abandoned shop. We try to leave but a pack of angry dogs won't let us. I talk to the dogs to keep their attention while the others try sneak off.

      Beggars: I am starving and filthy. I try sneak into a hotel to scrub up in the bathroom. I am caught and tossed. The guy who tossed me comes back and gives me a half pack of hotdogs. How nice. I hate hotdogs. I accept them. Beggars can't be choosers, right? Friends suddenly appear. We split the hotdogs between us. As eat the last one I look into the pack and see various sizes of maggots squirming around. I want to puke but I don't. I hold the food down by telling myself "at least the maggots weren't crawling through shit and trash". Horrible how a seemingly kind deed can turn out so hateful.

      Air Attack: I lounge in the sun and three drones fly over. I give them the finger. Shortly after fighter planes, bombers, helicopters, and tanks roll in. I run. People follow. We hide behind a stump, as if that will conceal us from wildly attacking forces. I can't stand the sound of the bombs. I cover my ears and am filled with hatred but can do nothing. A soldier finds us, lays by the stump and tells us he will let the others escape as long as one of us surrenders. Of course I'm the one who surrenders. The others dash into the forest without so much as a thank you. Oh well. Moments later planes fly over and incinerate the woods. I am dragged along into the heart of the battle.

      River Hill: A hillside river appears in many of my dreams. I never remember much about these dreams. Last night: I forge a new path to the river which lay frozen over in the middle of summer. I think I had to save what little water was left before it froze over completely. Others were involved. I remember horses. Nothing more.
    11. Trouble flying - long event

      , 09-22-2016 at 04:48 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9pm - 2:50 am

      2x300 alpha GPC 2:57 am
      2x4 pure Galantamine 4:05 am

      Had some breakfast, read the TOTM thread, poked around the forum and chat.

      Went on a sofa right after taking GM at 4:05 am

      1hr30 min long lucid. Had 3 distinct breaks in it when I felt my whole head be cold and buzzing, instead of the usual top back of the head.

      Fell asleep immediatelly. Had a lucid even lasting till 5:49 when I decided to wake up to remember it better. But I didn't get up, went back to sleep.

      Didn't do anything major, so I'm just gonna write some bullet points.

      1. All 3-4 parts of the lucid event were in same part of the town where my gramma lived. At night. Not very inviting place, I wanted to get out of there badly.

      2. Lots of looking up at the stars realizing that I never do it so happy that I finally did. It was beautiful with lots of stars.

      3. Looking for the moon wanting to fly there. I was hoping that having a target will make it easier to fly, because I was having trouble flying.

      First I only flew at hight of some small trees. Hitting the branches as going through them. Remembering another lucid when it felt more real. Grabbing on to branches, climbing up higher, then doing the same at the next tree to go higher again.

      Then I blew up a weather balloon and it was helping me to float a little bit.

      4. Major breakthrough - when it was dark either during the transition or after, I "opened my eyes" first time sucessfully and actually saw. Once I wished I was flying by a nebula, but I don't think I saw a nebula. I was opening my eyes slowly but without much resistance.

      5. I remembered what sageous said about higher level lucids and memory. So I told myself where I live, town I grew up in and that I am at home sleeping on a sofa. When I woke up, town names were correct.

      6. I remembered the TOTM. I wanted to find the olympic couldron but the lucid was ending and I didn't remember it in the next one.

      I don't remember any more. Last 20 or so minutes before I woke up were spent looking for sex, but I don't think it was lucid. I remember me wanting to test how touch feels differently in a lucid, so I asked a girl if I can feel her boobies. She said yes and I did.

      I will add more if I remember it.

      The non-lucid part after I went back to sleep. I was in small cafeteria of my old school, again looking for sex. Ended up talking to some girl students and being nostalgic after my old school. Then I was telling a group of them about lucid dreaming, but they were more interested in listening to someone who had zero experience but he had some fantastic claims about something related. I let them be.
      Tags: totm
    12. RTS

      by , 09-22-2016 at 04:38 PM
      My dream was long and varied, but the one thing I'd love to talk about was a videogame that I created last night. The game was an RTS that was based entirely around drawing lines into the ground. The game starts just like any RTS with a home area with some resources, and the first thing you do is trance a line around an area of resources that will immediately sprout castle walls once you complete the line to itself. An auto algorithm puts the front door, parapets and windows in, and makes a cool castle based on your shape. Then the building spawns workers that work the resource inside. If you trace lines around the castle, it makes walls. Soon after doing this there are enough resources to start buying units. They will emerge from the first castle (you can keep making them) and there are many classes of them. You control them by right clicking instead of left clicking, which draws lines of command instead of building. The lines control their paths and behavior and are very subtle yet complex.

      Then you fight the other guy.
    13. Cloth Quest with Seven Pet Lions

      by , 09-22-2016 at 03:22 PM
      Morning of September 22, 2016. Thursday.

      I am in Africa on a long expedition. My wife Zsuzsanna and our children and some unknown people are on the journey. Curiously, the “vehicle” we are using to travel in is only a tent that is somehow moving over the savanna without any apparent explanation (as it does not seem to have wheels; it somehow slides slowly over the ground). I have seven pet lions, at least three being male. They walk along with us on our journey without incident.

      A male lion is inside the tent at one point but is not a threat. I am also in the tent for a time to “sleep” and also to look at a treasure map. As we travel over the savanna, I watch the scene from above for a time but I am eventually back in my physical form. We are seeking some sort of magical or at least special material, a roll or piece of cloth with special properties, the location of which is apparently indicated on the map.

      We reach an isolated outdoor market where there are several African cashiers, at least three of them females around forty years of age. They seem to be selling the special cloth we had been seeking. There are two counters set up on each side of an outside area I enter. I examine a cloth which I first feel may be what we are seeking. A cashier tells me that it is a thousand dollars for a yard of it. I am not so sure this situation will work out. I go to the opposite counter to look around a bit.

      One male lion walks around near the counters, being as tame as a dog, and I pat its head. Other people do not seem to be at all concerned about my lions.

      Eventually, I notice a piece of cloth that I expect is the one we need. It is uneven though and is not quite a yard. The cashier tells me this one is also a thousand dollars if I want it. I almost express my annoyance to her but I do not. I take out my wallet and pull out one fifty-dollar bill after another, materializing the money out of thin air just at the point my hand is in the wallet, deliberately doing this and realizing this, but without dream state lucidity. I assertively hand her the money which I just mentally willed out of my wallet, twenty fifty-dollar notes, which I know is exactly a thousand dollars. She happily gives me the material.

      The cloth’s design shows a repeating pattern (in mostly bright orange, yellow, and sepia saturated hues) of a scene of two lions (male and female) lying in the savanna in front of a boulder and a tree and the sun on the horizon in the background at their left. I pick up the supposed special cloth from the counter and we are on our way. Of course, this represents Zsuzsanna and I sleeping together during the sunrise, the cloth being a literal association with bed sheets and pillow cases.

      Lion autosymbolism has already been explained in many of my past entries, but here is a brief rundown: Factor one is coalescence (potentially being “swallowed” back into whole consciousness) and factor two is the augmented domestic cat association as being a “witness” to the dream state and the nature of liminal space (that is, the autosymbolic waking process). This dream is based on a partial association with “The Sleeping Gypsy”, an 1897 oil painting by French Naïve artist Henri Rousseau. The association transforms into the ending autosymbolism of this dream of which also represents art and the nature of sleeping and dreaming, as dreams are autosymbolic of the nature of the dream state and waking process itself. The cashiers and the checkout scenario are autosymbolic of the dream state’s implied exit point.

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    14. Lucid: Artist Pursuit

      by , 09-22-2016 at 02:34 PM
      I run an art academy for troubled kids. One boy of 15 is scarily talented and destined for fame. He promises the students that if he becomes a big artist he will come back and wisk them all away.

      But in walks my cousin. She seduces the boy. He loses all interest in art. We all know he now will never amount to anything more than a sex slave for an old nympho lady. My cousin and the boy hop into a car and peel out of the academy.

      The other students and I refuse to let her steal him. We can’t give chase because we have no vehicles. We do have a few little red toy jeeps. Standing in the yard it very slowly dawns that this whole situation could be a dream. I look at the students worried faces and decide that if this is a dream I will do everything in my lucid power to rescue our artist.

      I take a plastic toy car and place the palms of my hands on the door. I slowly slide my hands in opposite directions along the vehicle and it lengthens. I smile and think, “we ARE dreaming”. I continue to enlarge the vehicle until a bunch of students can fit inside. I do the same to the second toy car. Another batch of students climb into it. They all leave.

      But I have no vehicle. “I need a car.” I say to the dream. Another toy vehicle appears but it looks like a miniaturized child’s car bed instead of a battery operated toy car. It’ll do. I lengthen the toy just enough for me to sit on it. I think for it to move forward. It goes, jerkily at first, then smooths out the faster I go. I catch up to the other two vehicles. We see the artist far ahead of us pull into driveway.

      We all pull into the drive and are met by a giant black bear that will not let us pass. The bear is chained up. The students will be safe. I super leap into a tree to see where my cousin went. She has turned into a crusty old farmer who drags the boy toward the barn. I look down and see the grass is cut into C shapes and they slide and shift into curvy patterns. They mean something but I don’t have time to decipher.

      I jump down to the bear. It rears and is a good 4 feet higher than me. I leap up and hover before its face, place my hand on its forhead and sing, “All is well, all is well, all is well, to you I tell.” The bear calms and flops lazily onto the ground. Some kids stay with the bear. Others come to rescue the artist.

      We get to the barn just in time to see a pick up truck speed across the field. The students run back for their car. I pick up a stick and hold it in both hands behind and across my butt. I sit on the stick and lift into the air as if on a swing. I fly along in this manner close behind the truck. The students in the car catch up. They want a flying swing as well. I tell them to hop on a stick and fly along. They do, but ride theirs as a witch will ride a broomstick.

      We catch the old farmer and the boy going into a concert hall but they escape when security confronts us. I have no time for this and push them backwards. They blink out of existence with a strange bwooping sound like defeated video game baddies. We rush into the concert and split up to find the artist. I’m far too impatient to search so sit and whisper, “Find me.” The artist steps out of the crowd and sits by my side. I tell him this is a dream and I demand he tell me what he really is. He only ever gives me cryptic replies like, “I am somewhere.” Or “I am dark matter.” When he asks who I really am I tell him, “I am the Walrus.” We both laugh.

      He never tells me who he is and eventually we get lost in the concert music.

      Dream from Sept 21st
      7 hours sleep
    15. Baby Unplugged Gibson Star

      by , 09-22-2016 at 01:53 PM
      Baby Kennel: I go visit my niece in the hospital. Incubators with malformed and sick babies line the halls. The incubators are stacked three high. Some of the babies wake and stare at me. I should acknowledge them all but if I do I will never get to visit my niece. Perhaps on the way out I will talk with the babies. I get to my niece and my sister tells us the hospital has changed to a sick baby kennel.

      Unplugged: Noise in my basement leads me down to it. The lights won’t come on. The whole basement is pitch black except for a single beam of light shining through the window onto a very old Kurt Cobain. He sits wearily in the old armchair. I ask why he is in my basement and he answers with songs from the unplugged album. I sit and sing with him.

      Fat Gibson: At a gala and people gather around a celebrity. It's Mel Gibson. He is very fat, his belly literally looks as if a giant beach ball is stuffed inside it. The shirt has jumbled flags, stars, and stripes all over it. He acts like a pig.

      Star Search: I spend too much time with my telescope trying to find an elusive comet in a night sky overly packed with stars.

      Dreams for Sept 21st
      7 hours sleep

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