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    1. 04-08-16

      by , 08-04-2016 at 08:12 PM
      Trying to form new habits. First start developing an habit on meditation: zazen and theravada meditation. After this is established i will try to keep mindfulness for the rest of the day (everyday), which will be supported by ADA and self-awareness. I will take this as seriously as i can.

      I dreamt many events last night, so i will post the fragments here:

      • My mother throws flour on me. We weren't at home, but at a place we were staying... It was uncertain for how long, and the place wasn't ours.
      • I go to the bathrooms to take a shower. It was a big room (I think it was located where the primary bathrooms of my college were). There were toilet boxes in the wall in front of the door. To the left side of the door there were like 4 sinks. Some steps more and there was like an empty space in the middle where all the showers were together (like 6) [For description: it was like the gas rooms of WWII where german prisioners walked in for a "collective shower", but this was a shower for real...]. There was nobody in the showers so i decided i would take one myself, but i notice that it was reserved by Obama. After realizing this i see him, fully dressed. I realize that he was on Argentina, and on this school, but i wasn't surprised or anything. I start seeing that more people come in the bathroom, some going to the toilets, some going to the sinks, so i decide that i do not need a shower anymore and i go outside.
      • Outside the bathroom there was an event going on, like a festival. The lights shut down and everything is dark. I stay for a while without seeing until some lights come again. I see some kids climbing in some desks, away of this event, so i go to help them. A girl was having trouble to come down, so i hold the desk and the chair and i tell her to climb on me. She nervously did and was safe.
      • After that i dreamt something else that is not connected to the previous dreams. I was in a jail, not inside a cell, but where police officers should be. Well, there was no police apparently, many dangerous guys on cells and one drunk bald guy coming in and out of the cells. He had a beer glass and every time it ran out of beer he went in the cells to refill it. He asked me if i wanted to drink, of course i said no (it was home made alcohol..., and who knows what it had inside, besides i didn't want to drink any alcohol at all). After the third, fourth drink he started puring the drink in my head, since he was standing and i was lying on the floor. I wanted to do something about it, but at the same time i thought that he could easily open the cells and all the others would come out and that wouldn't be good (although there was an axe in the floor, beside the drunk man. He looked like Flea of RHCP). However i think i questioned why i couldn't get out of that place (i was waiting for the guy in charge there, so when he leaves i would go with him, but i questioned why i had to do that).
      • Then i dream about the future and my family. Apparently the economic measures of this country aren't doing any good to the economics of the members of my family, so each time they are poorer. I dreamt something that supposedly happens about 6 months or a year from now. My aunt from my mother has no electricity on her house anymore, she can't pay the bills anymore and apparently she will loose her house. She barely has anything to eat because there's no work. However we were reunited with the rest of my mom's family, and we were enjoying the moment. My grandfather gave me some pens (blue and green), we were standing on a roof and the place was wide. We could have jumped through roofs (i think there was a big tree with vines, that's why the place felt wide).
      • Then i find myself experimenting in a swamp. I had like 2 repelents on water, which repeled some monsters. Those monsters were like dolphins with heads of human and teeth of sharks. If those things caught you, you definitely were dead. But i was on water, proximate to 2 of them, and they couldn't touch me, because of this "net" that repelled them. A group came by with my father in it and i think i showed this to them. First i showed the monsters, and they showed how dangerous they were, and then i showed this device. After that we caught one of these monsters and we chop its head off (it was cruel but that's the decision we took as a group (very stupid to take decisions as groups)). Anyhow she was still alive and with those fierce teeth. Somehow the repellent blanket gets moved, my father didn't notice this and he stomps right on her mouth. Of course the blonde monster head ate his foot. He was asking me to come back, like coming back in time, to the part we were in the swamp. I checked if i could do this and i asked a partner there if he could, but both couldn't. There were 2 options. Going back in time (i was trying CTRL + Z, but i didn't have the keys... i should get away from PC for a while), or deal with this, accept it and start moving on. (This things happens, and even though one doesn't like it, it is of no use to regret or lament, so i try not to from the very beginning).
      • Then i was left with the head alone for a while, while the group did other things. Of course i was watching it, and i noticed that it was coming to me (like rolling down). So i grabbed it by the hair and i throwed it up where it belonged again. It didn't stay, it came down again to me, so i grabbed it again and throwed it again. It did the same, but at this time i was already angry. Angry and cruel apparently, because i grabbed the head and started hitting it in the wall. After i was done i throwed it where it belonged and it stayed there, but i think the monster was dead by now...


      I liked the part where i just met Obama and didn't care at all, and walked outside that place which was of no use to me anymore.
      I liked the part where i helped the little girl.
      I would have liked to question myself about the situation a little more, to avoid uncomfortable situations. Also i would like to develop more the skill of observation.
      I didn't like the group decisions. Probably it was because my father was there, but since im old enough now i have to take leadership on myself. I will start to be more responsible for myself.
      I didn't like the cruelty of chopping of the head of that swamp monster. It doens't matter if it is evil or not, i don't have any right for doing that, and if i do it is a false right since kamma doesn't work that way. I recognize i was cruel, so if i acted cruel something related to that will come up as result.
      I didn't like the moment of perplexity where i saw my father lost his foot. Either i accept it or i do something about it, but at that moment i was stiff.
      I didnt like the anger and cruelty that i took on that head. I acted based on that qualities of the mind, and i felt like no control. I should have felt with control, and i had discernment i probably could have stopped, but i didn't. I hope to diminish anger, erradicate cruelty, be mindful even in moments i forget, and develop discernment (with observance and questioning).


      I was navigating through internet, looking for an avatar image. I saw an image on a geiser i had on site before and i decided to change it. I thought about looking for something related to fire, because of Zodiac (although i don't believe on it). However a couple days before (30th July) we talked about how "Ofiuco" changed the signs. So I recalled i was actually Piscis (water) instead of Aries (fire). And i realized that although i like fire i probably feel more at ease with water. So i looked for Piscis and in the images i saw, i saw sirens (the monsters of the swamp were actually sirens, but there were male as well and neither gender were beautiful). After seeing this i decided to write down the dreams of last night.
    2. Vivid lucid dream after a long time

      by , 08-04-2016 at 04:54 PM
      Iím with group of people near to a pond. Itís grilling party during day. One older guy set my grandpa on fire and run away. Iím shocked and worried about him. I realize itís a dream. Iím still worried so I tried to change the time 5 minutes back like in the movie About the time. I Somehow did and tried to stop the man attacking my grandpa. He still tries to set him on fire, but he has minor wounds. Then the aggressor run away in his car. Our neighbor take his bicycle with gun infront. I want to chase him as well, but I know itís dream and I should spend my time better. So I jump in the air and complete my first task Ė fly. I land on the window roof and go in. I now need to explore the big buildings behind. I exploring every room. They are very strange rooms full of different things. I see it as my consciousness. I go deeper and deeper and finally I arrive at weirdly shaped plastic door. The corridor is very tiny and when I try to open it. There is another door immediately behind. There is like 20 maybe more doors. I push them all but at the end I cant go further. I hear some strange noises coming from the place I came. Some weird shaped creatures trying to attack me. It happens sometimes when Iím long time in a lucid dream. Dc started to attack me. Iím fully lucid and suppress all the fear and I realize Iím the GOD. I focus my anger energy towards the creatures and blow them away. Feeling good. I saw small tunnel on the right side. Itís so small that my body barely fits in. Crawling deeper I start to feel bit claustrophobic. I need to get out. Finally I see another window and I jump away. Feeling good again. There are some people. I remember from movie Lucy how she instantly make everyone fall asleep. I try it. Nothing happened. I focus no my god energy and DCs fall on the ground. I wake up.
    3. Log 462 - Oh, Behave!

      by , 08-04-2016 at 04:35 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 04 August 2016

      Spellbee's Summer Lucid Competition 2016 - Entry 6

      Not many dreams recalled today, just a fragment before 7AM, another during a WILD attempt later on, and a related DILD after that. The last two are... a bit embarrassing for me to post, but for the sake of the competition...

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching various shows along with my brother, Tito. One was Ultimate Spiderman, which had the title character fighting off against a winged hybrid of Carnage and Venom. Another was an Attack on Titan-esque show set in present-day. Rewinded and fast forward-ed the clips various times.

      Several fragments revolving around my dream guide, E. In one of these, I'm making a cake for her in bed (somehow), and ask her to get me some milk. She... uh, squeezes me an entire bowl's worth of her breastmilk... Definitely not what I had in mind... A similar scenario plays out later, save that we were in a vehicle parked in a run down urban environment. Cue the next dream.

      Dream 1 - Oh, Behave!

      The visuals were very dim. I was laying down in the void. E was reclining next to me in the form of a nude,~20ft tall, plump giantess, her figure mildly glowing in a blue aura. I was aware of the dream.

      At a wild impulse, I... suckled on her, just to see how that milk tasted. She was not amused in the least. In retribution, E thrashed me around, first by repeatedly slamming me head first in a non-existant hard floor, then by squeezing the air out of me, and later biting and shaking me around by my right shoulder. As a grim finale, she holds me down to gnaw on the same shoulder, literally licking my wounds as she did. Despite all the violent motions, impacts, and torn flesh, there was no pain in any of this. Didn't make it any less startling...

      I awaken immediately afterwards.

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    4. many dreams

      by , 08-04-2016 at 04:24 PM
      Too many to count. At one point I was fighting a boss. He used a booming voice, but I slayed him.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    5. I'm levitating again

      , 08-04-2016 at 03:32 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Off today, so slept from 9pmish last night till 6:30am today.

      Recall one long dream.

      DR 6:30am
      I have practiced flying for a long time. I jump up in the air and when coming down, I'm trying to slow down my descent and feel how air under my feet is getting denser. (this is the sense I'm getting in a dream)

      I jumo up and when coming down, I stop descending maybe half a foot above ground. It feels like standing on a magnet with pole that pushes me away.

      I do it a few time and the feeling is amazing. I show this to some kids and they show it to their parents. They grab my arm and pull me horizontally through the air.

      It's interesting that every time I jump and then I get to the top point of the jump I stop my descend with power of my mind.

      I used to take flight like this as a child in my dreams. I jumped up and started flapping my arm, pushing hard against the air under my hands. I did this few times, till the air under my flapping arms felt much thicker and was able to keep me in the air.

      I kinda wanna try it right now, haha.
    6. Homelessness Nightmare

      by , 08-04-2016 at 02:45 PM
      Dream - Me and my daughter (aged 3 or do in dream) wander along streets. We cannot go home and find a place with lodgings.
      We get a room, which is bare of course. The room gets broken into and total paranoia sets in. I try to stash the few belongings we have someplace safe. Then returning to the lodgings place queue up.
      I dont have the things I need paperworkwise but dont want to leave the queue otherwise there will be no accomodation. The owner rings around and checks. Theyre is somewhere far off and it is already late at night. But I dont have paperwork so just leave. Am offered water but I see is some big pool out back looks like contaminated.
      We leave and head off into the night.

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    7. Spellbee2ís Summer Competition Day 5 - Games and Fits

      by , 08-04-2016 at 12:43 PM (A Nocturnal Opus)
      Day 5 (16/08/04)

      Non-Lucid Dream fragment 1
      Thinking, my room is clean, hotels should vacuum.

      Non-Lucid Dream fragment 2
      Leaving home to walk outside. The difference from real life are bouquet of long tall stalks with pink flowers on top.

      Non-Lucid Dream fragment 3
      I was looking into a 3D game. I had to make a character travel through levels which allowed it to get an updated room in a pyramid-like castle.

      Non-Lucid Dream 1
      I am at work but with different people. Someone asks me what I do specifically and give a really good explanation to waking life standards. Then, our bosses have a conference where they say our ideas have been dormant for too long and people are catching up. We need to do something to keep the credit of our ideas. They are all old and at some time they start to say things like "always listen to Regina!" and "Regina is my Jesus." I follow the woman that was the main speaker and we have a discussion. Meanwhile, I wonder if it would be worth it to be a spy and give their ideas to the competition but I don't think so.

      Non-Lucid Dream 2
      I am looking for something with someone. There is a hallway where the ground is a path in the grass. Shoes are aligned on the side. When I find mine, the top flappy part of the shoe below the laces is missing. It's the same with all the other shoes. It was the security guy that did it when he was vacuuming the premises after hours. I enter the room with grass floor and unhook 3 crosses from the wall in a fit of rage that he would think he could destroy everyone's shoes. While unhooking the crosses, I wonder if there is any more seriousness to my act because they are religious ornaments. I then look around to see if there is a camera, not expecting it because this is not a high end place. But there is one on the ceiling. I get over it and leave. Someone presents me to their friend down a flight of stairs.

      Non-Lucid Dream 3
      This dream starts with people at a beach swimming until two girls start showing off their synchronized swimming skills. Then, it is a two floor swimming pool room, and from a second floor, I need to maneuver between a 3D platform parcour avoiding synchronized swimmers.

      3 non lucid dream fragments: 1.5 point
      3 non lucid dreams: 3 point
      Total: 4.5 point
    8. Summer Comp. Day 6 - Summon Fryingman, catching FA, stealing Car

      by , 08-04-2016 at 09:58 AM
      after sleepingquality last night was bad and i was tired and anemic the whole day i got to bed at 11:30 fall asleep on my side and woke up 6:30 in same position... no awakenings no recall except of last dream. think positiv, did a WBTB and induced a DILD via SSILD. Later catched a FA that lead to another short uneventful DILD.

      recalled 1 dream and 2 fragments

      i am outside and want to lock up my backpack. it feels like our library at the university but at the same time it is outdoor and i am at a parking lot. a lot of the lockers are damaged, all in the same way. i move away from them do some steps notice the parking lot but see then that a undamaged locker is free. i go there put my stuff in and i know that my phone is in my left pocket and my wallet in my right pullover pocket. i close the door and hear my phone ringing from inside of my backpack... i wondering and check again. no my phone is in my pocket.. so i ignore the ringing and try to lock the door but somehow there is no lock but just a cord. i tighten up the cord and think "nah will do it everyone is doing it like this". i move away and tell someone that we can order rechargeable batteries online? i go to my GF, she is shopping something? i tell her too, that we can order rechargeable batteries online because they are better. she says nah. we start kissing and move now thru a building we pass a room and i pull her inside, there are two beds inside. i somehow like the room and how the bed is made. we climb over the first and i want to start sexytime with her. she says that xy will be inside later but not now.
      i take of my shoes but randomly get lucid and tell her that we need to postpone this because this is probably not a good idea anyway and i have some tasks to do. i put on my shoes again stand up and leave the room. i put my hand behind my back and say "hey Fryingman take my hand" nothing happens. i move on a different place and repeat it. its not working. i get tensed and move away, i loose visuals but still feel my body inside the dream. two drawn eyes appear inside this blackness and they move there where i look too. i play around with it for some seconds but then decide i want the dream back and engage my body and rub my hands. i get back the visuals and standing outside. i again try the behind my back summon but without success. i form a funnel with my hands and shout out hey FryingMan! and one guy in a group of 3 guys shouts back here! i approach them happy and ask him: "you are fryingman?" "yepp" i jump up and hug him (damn his summoning costs me a lot of emotions xD) he is pretty big like nearly 2m? and looks big but not in fat way but trained, maybe around 40? he or the guy next to him has a black leather jacket. we walk together and i start some smalltalk like how are you. one of the guys starts talking and talking and after some time i say "hey sorry man, dont want to interrupt you but i have something going here: fryingman you know sensei pretty good yes? can you tell me a secret about him?" he answers: "oh i dont know him so good but i know him a little yes" the other guy comments something about sensei but before FM answers i wake up...

      i feel like waking up. my one ear is tickling a little and i notice that one of my earplugs has fallen out [i put on some earplugs and a sleepingmask after the WBTB] i stand up and notice that my door is not completely closed and i hear my roommate outside. thats probably the reason why i woke up i think. there is somehow a light reflection or something that suddenly makes it pretty bright for a second. i wonder and try to redo the angle to see where that came from but i dont find it and just close the door. i approach my window and for some reason i feel like doing a RC. i do a nosepinch. nearly no air comes thru. i use now both hands (not the fingers) and pinch my nose as hard as possible. and again a faint of air passes my nose. i cant believe it and look at my hand. its bigger and blurred but nevertheless i count each and everyone of my fingers and there are six of them. i am perplexed but seems to be dreaming. i climb on the window board but before jumping out i look around in my room. looks like always but on my couch are two pillows missing.... hm okay and i jump/fall out and land flat on the street. for a second i think damn what if this wasnt a dream? i could die like this... but i feel no pain and so i shake of this thought and stand up fast. i put my hand behind my back and ask for FM again. but now cars are driving on the street and bypass me. i feel like this is a bad place to summon someone. i jump over a car and start to levitate in the air. one car draws my attention and i decide to steal this car. i fly behind it but it is to fast and i am too slow. i put my hands next to my hip and accelerate like ironman. now without a problem i get to the car. there are 3 guys sitting inside. the first one i just pull out and throw away. i land on the car and now pull out the driver and quickly jump on his seat to stop the car before it crashes. the third guy was sitting crosswise to the driverseat and just disappeared after i stopped the car. a silent voice in my head tells me to not waste the lucid and do something meaningful but i think to myself to drive just a little around and then do some tasks. i accelerate and its an awesome car. the street is pretty full and here and there i ram a car by accident. the visuals turn into GTA. i try to find the traffic ramp to drive faster but again i notice how senseless this is and thinking about how to get out of the car. my vision gets black and this time there is nothing i dont feel my body i dont see anything in the blackness. i lay still and hope for the best but suddenly someone (my brother?) tug around my sleeping mask and blow some air into my ear [FA].... i put of the mask and wake up for good...
    9. #259 - Family / Water challenge

      by , 08-04-2016 at 09:15 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Family
      I remember walking to work along the main road in town, it must have been after my lunch break or something. I saw across the road my ex and our kid, she was shopping for underwear with her sister. I shouted out to her and crossed the road, surprised and happy to see them. For some reason we decided to try on some underwear, it doesn't seem weird at first that we're outside.. but then I guess we realize where we are and go inside the underwear shop to change back to our normal clothes.

      Dream 2 - Water challenge
      I was outside a house in a forested area resembling the looks that most of the houses have near where I use to live. There's a pool nearby and I'm someone challenged me to breathe underwater for 15 minutes (it was part of some kind of genies' trick, a small part of a larger competition I think..). I pay attention to what he says, specifically that the words 'breathe underwater' which I realized meant that I should be literally breathing while under the surface of the water... I fill up a water bottle and for some reason get confused >_> I had an idea in my head for how to breathe underwater except fucked it up. I then empty the bottle, make a hole in the bottle and somehow fashion it into a snorkel. Wallah! I can't remember if I got to use it but I know I passed, I ended up running off down the driveway to whatever else I was meant to be doing, but then my alarm went off.
    10. A Portal

      by , 08-04-2016 at 06:50 AM (One Up Seeker)
      1. I was in a room that was made of shiny hardwood floors and hardwood walls as well. The hardwood was light brown in color and it looked of very high quality. There were no windows in this large room, and it was completely empty except for one small blue chair and a small staircase that was upside down on the ceiling. I was already lucid from the start of the dream, and after looking around to see where I was I started contemplating new ways to train my awareness. "If I can just keep myself alone for a while it might make my awareness greater considering I'm never alone in waking life and plus no one would distract me" I said out loud after several seconds of thought. The next idea I had with training my awareness had something to do with the small blue chair, and I think the idea included that I moved the chair in a certain position and/or brought it with me wherever I went.
      I turned around and looked back at the staircase on the ceiling. "What a creative dream design" I said out loud. I then noticed that at the top of the staircase there was an oval shaped portal. The actual portal itself looked like black water that was moving calmly. I somehow jumped and climbed the staircase, and as I did so, gravity flipped and I found myself walking upright, up the staircase. As I got right up to the portal I saw my reflection in it, and I immediately noticed that I was naked. The second thing I noticed was that I felt a presence on the other side of the portal. I felt like some monster or something was going to jump through it within seconds. My curiosity made me want to go through, but the fact that I had realized that I was naked had gotten me in the mood to bang a chick.
      With that, I walked back down the staircase and saw a door on the wall in front of me. It was a normal door, but I had the feeling it was just a closet on the other side. With little manipulation of the dream or expectation I said to myself "There's going to be a naked chick on the other side of this door which leads to a big room with just a bed in it". With that I opened the door and as I did so I found none of the things I wanted to find. I only found the closet. In the closet it was pretty dark, but not as dark as the portal, and I remember seeing cloths of many types folded neatly and laying on the shelves. Disappointed, I turned around and walked out the main door of the room I was in. This door opened up to my hallway at my house. I then realized that the mostly empty room I was just in was in place where my actual room at my house is, so it was basically my room in short. As I looked into the hallway I became confused at how normal everything was. It literally felt like I was in an exact replica of my house.
      The hallway just outside my door was really dark, and the only source of light was coming from my sister's nightlight in her room. However, at the moment she had two night lights. I could see a red and blue light emanating from her room, and these lights were relatively bright. Suddenly my sister got out of her bed and walked up to me. "What are you doing up?"
      she asked me. At this point I thought to myself, "Aright this is too real, I'm actually awake" and I lost lucidity. Shortly after this the dream destabilized.
    11. SpellBee Comp my 4th night

      by , 08-04-2016 at 05:08 AM

      3 pts - 3 non-lucids
      4 pts- interacting with dc's
      2 pts- Wbtb
      5 pts eat something (cherry icies)
      = 14 pts

      Goals: Three Step:
      1.Advanced Flying
      2.Element Manipulation
      3.Mass Telekinesis

      New Dream goal: Go to the moon
      Old Dream goal: Go to my dream house

      D1: partial Non-lucid- I was in Wal-Mart & I won a trip to somewhere but the dream didn't go much of anywhere else do to the WBTB method. I hate it when that interrupts a dream. So it was only a partial.

      D2: Non-lucid- WBTB method. I was in a game, kind of like Big Brother but different. Maybe if you cross bred that with American Ninja Warrior & had teams. It was a dream so I guess it doesn't matter, I just wish I could explain stuff better sometimes. Anyway. We were doing physical competitions in teams not as individuals. This was a little drawn out & boring in my opinion. Until I find out that someone had rigged the contest so no matter how hard we were all trying, in the end we couldn't possibly win. We were all really mad. Someone was lying in wait in a corn field & jumped out & got ahead of us. Hence the cheating rigged part.

      D3: Non=lucid- I was working at convenience store at night. So when I entered the dream it reminded me of when a zoom lens comes in for the shot from a high level, not like I walked into the store. I thought that was really weird. People were coming in & out a lot because of these amazing icies. Cherry icies to be more precise. I was trying to keep people from stealing them because it was just me & another guy working there. I eventually stole one for myself in resignation & drank it. It was weird also that there was another counter in there like a soda shop but also the help yourself stations for the drinks like a normal convenient store so I was running around that stupid counter a lot.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
      Competition Notes-Teal

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    12. Night 5: Best Fire Ball Ever!!

      by , 08-04-2016 at 05:04 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      08-03-16 WILD Woke up to my alarm and hit snooze. Got comfy on my back and attempted WILD. I go through quick HI and now can see through my eyelids. Todd is sitting there holding down Todd. Another version of Todd next to them looks over at me. Now clearly this is a dream! I start trying to put my cell phone under the mattress so it will not interrupt this when it goes off. I can already tell this is a full consciousness vivid LD. Of course it is only in the dream that the phone has moved, so I am on a nine minute (-transition time) time limit. I teleport out to an old farm on a country road and bring the 3 Todds with me.

      I tell them about the competition and that I will show them my powers. I take of flying into the air then decide to turn on the turbo thrust. I rocket into the sky at what must be mach2 or something. The canyon blurs and I feel G-forces. I whip way up in the air and do a loop. I wonder how I can land in the same place going so fast. I remind myself that physics do not apply so of course I will land at the farm, and i do. The guys are there and I show off super human strength. I even tell them to watch me (and they do). I do a hand stand and take one hand of the ground. I then use my index finger to support my whole body like some scifi yoga pose.

      I jump up right and get ready to throw a fireball. I spread my hands and use this method, http://www.dreamviews.com/dream-yoga...imulation.html bright flames explode around and between my hands. I focus on a farm hay cart and the bed of it bursts into a nice fire ball. The hay is incinerated and I decide to unsummon the flames. I wave a hand to dismiss them and they disappear. I forgot that I had already teleported, so I do it again. I ant to appear beyond the cart. I blur the visuals and am half way there. Not impressed. I do it again and only move another 20 feet. I turn to the road and look down it. Larger trees line the road about 1/2 mile ahead and I can see the ocean. I blur the scene and am now standing above the shore of an ocean. My snooze alarm goes off and I must start my waking life. So tempted to DEILD, but can not let myself.
    13. DJ#255: Back to Form

      by , 08-04-2016 at 04:19 AM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      Dream 1: I was doing some research in books and online on what Marxists believed and how to approach them and beat them in an argument.

      Fragment: Playing elder scrolls legends, maybe teaching someone.

      Dream 2: I was at a Disney World style park on a monorail ride. We slowly came into the park and then made a slow revolution around this huge castle tower which was surrounded by water. After this we stopped and had some dinner with the other people in the car.

      Dream 3: I was at one of my little brother's football games. My dad had given me a green football which I was supposed to give to my brother but I forgot and deflated it instead. At half time he came over and was angry so I fixed it up and gave it over.

      Dream 4: I was trying to find 7 different people around a sort of fairground. They were spread all over the place and if I found them in time I would win some prize. I think I found 5 or 6, including one in the water and one in a basement of a shop, but I ran out of time.

      Dream 5: I was trying to get a bunch of people's signatures to prove that I was responsible enough to own a mobile phone. I needed one more and went to this old woman, however I made a bad first impression and she only gave her signature after I grovelled.
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    14. DJ#254: Fragmented

      by , 08-04-2016 at 04:13 AM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      I did have a fragment or maybe a full dream, but I forgot to write it down and as of yet it has slipped from my mind
    15. DJ#253: Chained

      by , 08-04-2016 at 04:12 AM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      Dream 1: I was chained up while giving a lecture about the human anatomy. I think my anatomy was different from normal so I was being used as an example of sorts.
      Tags: non - lucid