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    1. 08-04-16 Surviving the Ocean Quest in the desert

      by , 04-08-2016 at 06:53 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      The following dream took place after a nap on 08-04-2016 so a few hours after the three other entries of today.

      I am at a pier, it is late afternoon or early evening. The pier is wooden and one or two ships are docked, also wooden and sailed ships – it feels like this time is around 2-300 years ago, or even set in a fantasy universe where technological development isn't near as advanced as today. It is cloudy and a bit windy (?).

      There are a few fragments before I recall the narrative picking up. Which include, being in a pub/inn, which might be on one of the ships or a settled part of the pier. There is something of communion – that is either gathering a party or just being there with friends or associates.

      When the narrative pick up, I seem to be floating disembodied above this inn and I notice the clouded weather as well as a sailor – your rugged, politically incorrect stereotypical privateering mercenary type. He is dressed in a sailors outfit – black and white – and he is making advances at a woman, a middle aged wrench, dressed similarly. She has long and curly red hair and is wearing a necklace that looks like a talisman of some description dressed in a dress of black and white with a lot of curly details.

      Our sailor is putting an arm around her and making an approach to kiss her, she is smiling and he seems rather determined if not even slightly hard handed in approaching this sexual situation. She lifts up her dress and he approach to enter her, she is smiling somewhat hungrily at him making him aware that she is willing. A person rush behind him and pushes him towards the woman – I feel this push, though watching the situation on our Sailor's left – which forces him deep inside the wrench sparking a concern on my behalf if she is even wet enough for such a quick entry – I don't feel the coitus aspect, only the push.

      Our sailor quickly looks about, but can't seem to find the person and so continues to engage in the sexual act. He is however quickly interrupted as many hooded men, dressed in black and a head or two shorter than the sailor starts swarming about. It is clear that they have malicious intent with the sailor and more and more of them approach. A feeling of intensity and excitement arise as the sailor starts fending off the assailants. While still inside the wrench the sailor looks to his left and throw a thundering punch in the face of one of the hooded men, knocking him out. But there are too many of them and quickly they complete their mission, which isn't exactly fatal as expected.

      The sailor, the wrench and now me are knocked into the water. The sea is somewhat turbulent, dark waves with frothy crests and we are thrown into barrels – which I observe from a distance further out the sea – and it is clear that we will survive this endeavour.

      A voice rings out over us.

      “you are not in danger yet, we do not intend to harm you further”.

      Associated with the voice is a sense of the hooded assailants following us over the barrels, as if they can either walk on water, roll on the barrels with their feet or fly above. They have a clear intention with us – they need us to do something, we find ourselves participating in a bit of an involuntary mission.

      There is a quick skip.

      When back we find ourselves in three dingy boats at the shores of a far away land. The sun is bright, not a cloud in the sky, and the sea is rather calm – yet the waves seem to be forcing us towards the cliffs of the shores of this remote land. I myself manage to pull up and start sailing parallel to the cliffs and manage to avoid danger.

      The cliffs are dark and contrast the rather bright blue water. They are black and dark red, with hints of brown here and there. Above the cliffs there is a vast area of sandy dessert shining brightly beige in the unimpeded sunshine.

      I notice that my companions aren't as fortunate when it comes to avoiding the cliffs. So while I could continue in my boat towards the sandy shores a bit further up the coastline I sail towards an area of the cliffs where I can see a naturally occurring “step” up towards the dessert.

      When I get up I meet up with my companions. A woman and a man, the wrench and the sailor – though on the dessert lands their identities seem irrelevant. It becomes apparent that we are now stranded, but that somewhere on this dessert land there is a city and we must find this and procure a ship. I remember being here before and I start explaining.

      “There are dangers here” I start out “There are a variety of animals on the desserts” and as I am talking about this I am reminded that there are a number of dinosaurs and beasts, dog like (Varghest) – but massive. I begin to inform about this, but as I do one of the threats emerge from behind a cliff out-spring, that forms a natural door as there are cliff walls on both sides of the hole. In the door appears a pink and chubby dinosaur and we don't get a lot of time looking at it before it shoots a bone projectile towards me and the male on my left.

      The projectile is diamond shaped, like two very pointy pyramids joined together at the base with 4 planes running towards the top in a square and pointy fashion. Both the male and I don't manage to dodge it, though I attempt to catch it before it strikes me in the chest – directly at the heart.

      As the projectile sinks in I am briefly afraid, but then a reassurance appear at a pre-linguistic intellectual level that I have a certain amount of lives, or layers that I can withstand before I collapse.

      I start moving towards the dino in a zigzag fashion and manage to catch the next projectile to immediately throw it back towards it. It sinks into it's throat and within a few seconds the dino is defeated and dead.

      Not long pass before a new one appear a bit further up on my right. It is half way behind a stand-alone cliff that rise steeply and pointedly from the sand. It shoots smaller – needle-like – projectiles towards us and I immediately take up the zigzag course again.

      To begin with I head pretty much directly towards the dino – which is smaller, not as chubby, but still pink – but then we alter strategy and decide to work together in unison, splitting up and approach the beast from different directions.

      I am finally the one that reach it and plug one of the small, but sharp and pointy needles off the head of the beast. I start perforating the throat of the beast, but the first sting does nothing, nor the second and I am reminded that a few holes will only drain the beast of air slowly, so I have patience and use agility to avoid getting in danger of being pierced myself.

      Immediate Interpretation: This to me is a hero's dream. The ocean and the confinement in barrels represents a forced emotional turbulent situation, that I will be thrown into and can do nothing but observe and await cessation of – this could easily be relating to Karen's and my relation, the frivolous sailor and the wrench engaged in promiscuous and playful endeavours, that turn into an emotionally tense situation that must be ridden out. Once the storm of this emotional turmoil is over I will find myself in a situation, where I have to overcome challenges, I am likely to have my heart broken and I will find myself in a situation where there is limited support and understanding available, though a few select allies will be able to help me out. The killing of the dinosaurs represent to me the fear of opening up to love – symbolism of pink – and that I will continue to approach this challenge until it is finally achieved, and integrated into my personality – the killing of the dinos – though this doesn't happen in one broad sweep.

      Looking up themes: Desert – loss and misfortune – you may be suffering from an attack on your reputation, feelings of loss and isolation. Could signify my fear of ridicule associated with writing my thesis – where I position myself as an emerging shaman – and the loss of prestige I have been expecting for not being the person who writes a PhD, but instead facilitate that others can do this. Dinosaur – outdated attitude or belief, you may need to abandon an outdated habit or patterns of thinking – old issues coming back to haunt you – This I think is very much related to my ego-attachments of the “happy couple” and how “love” is supposed to be played out in a relation between two people – the fact that there are a couple of allies with me might signify a change in cognitive schema's on the whole issue on poly amorousness and being able to let go of the fears of Karen being with someone other than me. Alternatively it might represent conquering my fears of loss in a love relation and the killing a discovery of true, unconditional love.
    2. A Huge Mousetrap Game, Multiple dreams and Dream Induction.

      by , 04-08-2016 at 06:28 PM
      I will start by saying that I was using a new technique that I found on YouTube. It was called "
      Lucid Dream Induction: Dreamwalker" I will add the link at the end. I highly recommend it.

      Dream#1: In this dream it was me, my friends Lindell, Dexter(Dex) & my husband Mike(he was asleep for some reason). These are very good friends of ours & used to be our neighbors. Lindell, whom I call "Lin" is like the male version of me w/ some exceptions so we are always doing goofy stuff.

      Anyway, back to the dream. We were in Lin & Dex's house & were listening to the previously mentioned excercise which at some point keeps repeating do a reality check so it was interjecting itself into my lucid dream which was pretty exciting for me...Dell decides to record us w/ a tape cassette player for fun. Apparently Lin thought it would be a good idea to play w/ this giant Mouse Trap Game, based on the kids version.. Mike was sleeping but we were all getting into this game & we all suddenly realized we were in Lin's dream. Boy did we get excited at this point. He was also very excited because that was his intenion. Lin went near the edge of a higher curve on the mouse trap & leaned his head over the track upside down which was hillarious so we were trying to make the mouse hit him as it came down the track... I could still hear the words from the actual audio telling me to do the reality checks so this was also in my dream & I did them which was so very incredibly weird but in a good way... We all were waking up, except Mike & wanted to try & get back in "Lin's" dream again so they told me to start the audio over... At that moment, I woke up in real life & started the audio over & layed back down & went right back into the dream! It was really cool. I think this is a form of chaining.... For just a short while I was back in the same dream which eventually went into another dream alltogether, which was my 2nd or 3rd dream of the night. I'm unclear if you wake from a dream & do something & go back into the same dream if it is considered the same dream or is it a new dream.

      2nd or 3rd Dream, depending on your definition was very emotional for me. This dream took place at a cabin somewhere. My ex-girlfriend Gail was there (actual girlfriend whom I was in a relationship w/ for a long time & was previously my best friend, she moved away), my husband Mike, me, my kids & some kind of monster. Gail kept trying to "get w/ me" & my husband came around a corner of the cabin while she was grabbing me & got really mad. He was screaming, "I knew it!" and we started arguing w/ me trying to defend myself. We were all trying to get away from some monster I coudn't even see but the car & truck wouldn't start & it was all just all kinds of bad... I was just glad when I woke up... I'm not surprised by this dream at all. My husband & her do not get along at all & I severed all ties from her years ago. I showed her pic to Mike this week from FB. Let me be clear here. I am not friends w/ her on there either but I do check on her every now & then because I will always care for her & she has multiple kinds of cancer & won't be around in a few yrs & its sad. He understands this. She & I were both victim's of domestic violence & she was there for me & helped me to stand up against my 1st husband. Anyway, I'm sure the picture triggered the dream.

      Lucid Dream Induction: Dreamwalker

    3. Control a fiction?

      by , 04-08-2016 at 06:17 PM
      D1 - I am playing god and creating people, but I need the correct material in correct propotions. Everything is under control ~^

      D2 - I am in my classroom, the idea of control is a figment of someone else's imagination. The kids have no connection with me, they are "playing up" refusing my control. I send one child after another to "sit out" but they are milling about like walking dead zombies, and kind of hostile too Oo.

      I am trying to control things and have expectation of things that are unacceptable.
      I need to accept what is and go with the flow, not try and force what is into another shape.
    4. Dream from last night

      by , 04-08-2016 at 06:17 PM
      I was with my good friend "M" or "J" and my old good friend "T" We were screwing around in the city making trouble. Eventually the police are apperently called. We wait a while for them becasue we want to run from them. Finally we see the car. At this point we are running but we know it will catch us. So I cut into some back yard and they follow me. This continues for a while with me making decisions about where to run and my friends following with the police close behind. Now it is "J" and "T" and we are in this junk yard kind've. The police are on foot now. We are climbing buildings and such but eventually we cant go any further. Im climbing a fence which T is already on and the female officer grabs my foot. T rolls back over the fence. Then the dream does this weird recap where it goes over what happend and how T when he rolled back was risking his life and I wasn't willing to do that.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Hazy dream from a day ago 4/7/16

      by , 04-08-2016 at 06:12 PM
      First dream journal entry. Please let me know if I'm breaking any rules or doing something wrong.
      Hanging out with some of my friends. There are some girls hanging out in a bedroom by us. Might have been all girls or not I don't know. I go in there with $20 and give it to a hot girl asking for a blow job. She says no but says she will say that she gave me one. I'm like cool. She immediately blurts out what I asked her and how she didn't give me one. She keeps the $20 and I can't get it back. I think I do end up getting it back but I enjoy talking to her so much that I go in there again with the $20 and she gets it again. Later in the dream my friend, we'll call her "S" gets the $20 for me. It's all wet and I wrap it around my wrist I think. I remember thinking how I was going to go give it to that girl in the bedroom again. That's all I remember.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. 08-04-16 Killing the Waiter/Manager making a pass at mom

      by , 04-08-2016 at 05:37 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      I find myself in a lounge like area of a restaurant, that has more of a private living room vibe to it. The illumination is quaintly dark, looks like it is illuminated by torches on the wall or dimmed lighting. I am sat in a sofa setting, two square coffee tables in front of me, with someone one my side I am unfamiliar with or can't remember. The sofas are rather large and comfortable, made of dark brownish leather.

      On the opposite side in the other sofa is my mother, and she is holding the menu. We are laughing at one another, but it is a laugh of irritation and irony. The menu is rather limited – and their certainly isn't any vegan options. We look for the wine list, but find out in some manner, maybe just intuitive knowledge that there isn't anything to select from.

      The manager comes over, he is also our waiter or maybe a waitress has called him over because we have complained. He starts explaining that of course there are options and that this is the menu he is running, completely ignoring our complaints. At the same time he is making an obvious pass at my mom, and I think “cheeky fucker” - reading that he is using his sexual advances to avoid dealing with our problems.

      He is your typical short, hairy and somewhat greasy Italian or Greek stereotype, speaking in an Italian accent. He starts out being stocky and somewhat round but over the course of the dream turns extremely skinny, though he maintains his open and deep cut shirt and full dark moustache.

      After a short while with him constantly leaning in towards my mother trying to get close to snatch a kiss and overload her sensual senses I have had enough. I get angry. I stand up knock the menu off the table with a backhanded slap, so it goes skittering across the dark redish/ochre tiled floor, towards the entrance where real dining tables are placed. It comes to a halt by one of these tables. There are two or three waitresses standing over there looking anxiously towards me, if not quite in shock – they are dressed in a typical white blouse, black skirt and apron outfits.

      The manager gets up and he is now much thinner and smaller than I. I go and grab him by the throat and pull him towards the area with the dining tables. I start strangling him, anger rushing up through my stomach like a volcano spewing out Lava. I don't recall if I say anything to him, though I have a feeling that I tell him of my dissatisfaction with him using sexual/romantic advances in order to avoid dealing with the valid complaints about the place we have.

      I let him go briefly and pick up one of Karens's t-shirts – a light purple coloured one – and wrap it around his throat and pull tightly together. I notice that none of the people around me are trying to stop me despite me being in the process of killing the owner.

      Immediate Interpretation: Killing the waiter, who is making a pass at my mum could represent that I am frustrated with my own preoccupation with engaging in a sexual and romantic relation with Karen, which I have seen have the capacity to pull me away from writing my thesis. Alternatively it could be representing an intuitive fear I have that she is somehow “playing” her sexuality at me instead of dealing with the emotional problem I feel she is experiencing, when she is simultaneously pushing me away and also want me closer. It could also represent that I am aware of a manipulative aspect within myself, where I am using my own sexual advances in order to avoid dealing with an emotional issue I am experiencing myself – which makes sense as this 2 day non-communication deal has stirred up some anger and confusion.
    7. 08-04-16 Aggressive Oral Sex

      by , 04-08-2016 at 05:29 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      Karen and I are lying in bed and we are getting friendly touching one another. She then turns very angry and decisively try and perform oral sex on me. She is very angry and is trying to bite me, though I don't get the idea that she is trying to mutilate me. I try and fence her off a little – as I am not interested in having sex of any kind in this emotional state – but she keeps making her advances, and I keep trying to fend her off until I awake.

      Immediate Interpretation: I have experienced a fear that Karen is engaging in sexual activities with me in a forced manner that is she is doing it either to avoid confronting an issue or to please my expectations. In this dream I see the aggressive push for oral sex as this fear of her trying to stifle communication of an emotional/personal problem – as she is blocking her throat chakra – and I feel irritated and misunderstood because she doesn't seem to understand that I am more willing to listen to her concerns regardless of what it may implicate for our sexual relation.

      Note: When we had sex the night before and we were lying naked next to one another, looking into one another's eyes she looked away timidly and said “the bodily unrest is back now” and after looking at her and asking where it was, she went on “I had it silenced for a while there” in a cheeky tone. For this reason I think it is rather pointless looking up things and frankly this interpretation makes so much sense to me. Also the anger she is displaying in the dream is representative of my own budding anger at her not feeling comfortable with opening up to me about this bodily unrest, also because it might have implications for my actions – however she may simply not be aware of what it is.

      Looking up themes: Willingness to receive pleasure – talking about sex. We are talking about sex and I am explicit about my attraction to her. It could represent the recent fascination with anal sexuality.
    8. 08-04-16 Skii resort with Krimi

      by , 04-08-2016 at 05:08 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      I am at a ski resort. It is an oblong one, with the slopes placed after one another on a straight line. It is bright and sunny outside and the pistes are covered in snow and the scattered pine trees are dark and green looking healthy.

      I am speaking with Krimi, who is there as well wearing a bright yellow ski outfit. On the way up in a lift he is explaining that he is actually getting bored of being there. “Sure it is nice enough and fun to ski, however when you do it day in and day out repetitively it becomes so similar.” I acknowledge this position and express my agreement, though I have only just arrived and am eager enough to ski.

      Some fragment of talking to Duki at the top of a piste.

      Immediate interpretation: Think this relates to the new and exciting relation with Karen, and that we are reaching a plateau where the newness is no longer a sufficient element to build on/learn from. While I have just arrived and still find it exciting Krimi could represent my fears of Karen not really finding the relation stimulating on the same premises.

      Looking up themes: Snow essentially can mean a lot of things – the one I found most relevant :To see the sun shining through landscapes of snow, foretells that you will conquer adverse fortune and possess yourself of power “ The colour of Yellow is related to the solar plexus chakra and deals with self-confidence. In this light the dream could be taken to mean that I can emerge on the other side of a personal problem – either related to Karen, the Psychedelic Research Association or with Bjarne for stalling him – stronger. Dreaming of skiing could mean that I am pushing my mental and/or physical abilities to the test – which suggest my relation with the Psychedelic Research association might be the theme for this dream.

      Updated 04-10-2016 at 04:56 PM by 35291 (Anonymous)

      non-lucid , side notes
    9. April/8/16

      by , 04-08-2016 at 04:35 PM
      I only remember fragments of this dream. I went outside with some friends.

      I dreamt that I was with my brother and my cousin and we were on one of the 'Fire Emblem'-Stages from SSB4. I still have this image in my head of seeing me in third-person-view when I noticed that I WAS DREAMING (1st LD)!!!! BUT then I wanted to rub my hands to know how it feels and the moment my hands touched I was kicked out and woke up. I WAS SO UPSET! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN AN AMAZING DREAM!
    10. 04.08.2016 Crazy People Files

      by , 04-08-2016 at 04:19 PM
      Got to sleep pretty late, close to midnight. Listening to a lot of Belly dance music, lately, practicing listening for cues. I only did a few mantras earlier in the day. I intended on doing some before I went to sleep, but I got busy playing with my phone, etc.

      DR 1
      I was in the backseat of a red jeep, being driven by unknown men. Seated behind the passenger seat, I looked out the window to my right. I could see there had been a flood, although I witnessed no rain. There was so much high water in the streets. The driver of the jeep attempted to do what many Houstonians attempt to do during our floods- which is drive through it. We got stuck and the jeep started to sink. We have to go, said one of the guys. I tried to open the door quickly, but when the water came in, I got scared and closed the door. The guys left the jeep and it kept sinking. I finally opened the door and got out...

      DR 2
      There was a show of some sort. I was supposed to be singing with my 14 yo niece (we sing a lot together in real life) and another person (unknown to me in real life). I was in a small apartment practicing with them- but we hadn't sung anything yet. We could only decide on two songs..I can only recall one.."Stand by Me". We were practicing singing cues...(cues again).

      DR 3
      A man (in a suit, looking important and in kind of a rush) hands me a stack of manila folders (15-20) and tells me that he needs me to get to the pharmacy "ASAP because the crazy people need their meds!" I do not act surprised by the crazy people comment, but I am surprised that I am being asked to do this. Apparently delivering files is not my job so I am not happy about having to do it, but I do it anyway. Each one of the manila folders in the stack has a million post-it notes on it, with notes written in red and black ink. I can't make out what they say. I don't really try because I realize that this is an urgent task and I just need to get on with it, because I don't want the crazy people out of control. I am walking down the sidewalk and there is still high water down some of the streets. I try to take a detour between some red colored buildings, but I can still see the water on the other side.

      Side notes:
      Been waking up and having the most random songs in my head. Today's song is none other than the Tag Team's "Whoomp There It Is", which is hilarious but I am not embarrassed. I'm from Texas after all, "Home of the TRILL". Doubt that was an international hit.
    11. Fake Beach, Emoji Moon

      by , 04-08-2016 at 03:58 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I remember I was signing onto Dreamviews. I remember noticing a pattern in dream journals. Every night, everyone would have similar dreams. In one instance, there were four or five dream journals in a row that were dreams about Vampires. The next day were a whole bunch of lucid dreams induced by an outside character.


      The dream starts off fairly typical. I'm going on vacation somewhere up north with my family. One of those remote hotels by the great lakes. The kind where it looks like you're somewhere tropical, but in reality it's 60 degrees and the water is a degree above freezing. My dad is cranky and annoying, and my aunt, uncle and cousins are there, and they're all exceptionally annoying as they usually are in dreams.

      The hotel we are staying at resembles the one from Puerto Rico, and my mom is attempting to convince me that this will be just as nice as staying on holiday in Puerto Rico because the hotel is similar. Well it was, but there was a point where there was a gap in the beach and hotel, where a large canal was cut to an inland harbor where boats would dock. The dream punctuated my point about this being a low-quality place to stay when a loud boat horn kept blowing in the background and interrupting our conversation. But I didn't want to express my irritation to my mom, seeing as in dreams, she is usually one of the only family members to be, for the most part not annoying and nonsensical.

      I ended up wandering off down the beach to the far side of the hotel alone. The beach was artificial and sand had been dumped in. I could tell because at the end of the hotel property it was a wetland leading out to the lake. This bothered me because I thought that it was un-enviromental to build a beach to override the natural habitat.

      Some other stuff happened that I didn't bother to remember.

      The next thing I knew I was semi lucid and Manei appeared. She said hello and as soon as she did, a command line appeared. It reminded me of the cheat code bar in Minecraft. Someone entered something like.

      /Manei Tarr: Disguise = Pyrrha

      The dream froze for a moment like a computer that was loading. Then she became Pyrrha from RWBY. I was like 'seriously'. I don't even like RWBY (One of the many reasons I don't like it is precisely because Pyrrha is an OP character, but this is a dream journal, not a place to complain about web shows.). I started talking with her about something or other, but it became nighttime and there was a fight sequence, but I wasn't involved.

      A fight sequence in a dream and I'm not involved. The end is nigh...

      I woke up and WBTBd.

      I was driving home from school, but somewhere along my usual route I made a turn (or didn't make a turn, really.). Without giving the exact names of the roads and what not, let me explain. There are two roads that run side by side that I can take a good portion of the way to my college. But when you get near the school, one of the roads turns and merges to the other one. It's a T-Junction, and if you go straight along the way home, you'll still get home but you will be driving on dirt roads and have to go through the wrong side of a number of two-way stops. But what ends up happening is when the freeway closes due to an accident everybody gets on my usual route, so then I have to take the dirt road to get to class (or back home) on time.

      Anyways, I'm taking the dirt road home. It's getting dark really quickly. A guy in a white SUV pulls out right in front of me from the left. I slam the brakes but still hit the guy. We pull over into a parking lot that is the same parking lot of the hotel from the previous dream. The guy (about 40 years old, short, chubby, balding, I think he had a wart on his forehead.) is ticked that I wrecked his brand new car. I tell him he is guilty of failure to yield, but he doesn't want to hear it. The damage to his car is pretty bad, but mine is pretty much untouched. A few scratches in the paint and one of the headlights is broken, but the whole side of his car is smashed in.

      I tell him I will call the cops, but when I go to get my phone it had 1% battery and dies almost instantly. I then remember something to do with insurance. Then I become semi lucid as I realize the dream is going to continue to contrive the plotline against me. I tried to charge my phone in the car, but it wasn't charging.


      Somehow or other I wound up back home. I was almost lucid, but I wasn't thinking clearly, and didn't remember my dream goals. For some reason I defaulted to 'Fly to the Moon' was my dream goal. I went outside and saw the moon. I took off and started flying towards it. When I got close I noticed that it was really small and was just a smiley face emoji.

      I climbed up onto it. (It was about the size of a basketball, and looked down.) I was only about a hundred feet above my house. The emoji moon was made out of a plastic like material, with just a little bit of give to it. I stood up on top. Then it lost it's fixation to that point in the sky and fell. When I got to the ground, I saw the emoji was sad now. I picked it up and asked it what it wanted me to do. It didn't say anything and just changed into the normal moon, except it was still the same size as before. This caused it to get heavier. Not so heavy that I couldn't hold it, but enough to stagger me during the transition.

      I then ended up dropping the moon a minute later having lost lucidity and have it break and crumble all over the street. I remember it seemed like it was made out of poor quality plaster or something and I was trying to put it back together. I was worried that the neighbor would come outside and see what I had done, and I thought that maybe I should take all the pieces of the moon inside and put it back together there.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Vampir diaries

      by , 04-08-2016 at 11:13 AM
      Let's by starting this one and say that I was a human in the tv series vampire diaries. I was merely just investigating with Elena and Daemon since. It would feel like I was watching it also, daemon has been trying to get on the good side to win back Elena but it wont just happen because of Stephen. They where in some weird town, like some big hill full of darkness, stairs, grass, trees, skeletons, but when watching one travel through it feels much larger, like the dream expanded. I remember part of the dream where Elena comments "why are they doing this to them?" They where running, but not on fear. Elena had a beautiful white dress while daemon was wearing all black.
    13. No idea

      by , 04-08-2016 at 10:05 AM
      1)I am growing weed in my house with 2 other friends which i have no idea who they were.Have to hide the weed because of mom.Hide the weed under the couch.The weed dies because it dosent get light.Hide the remaining weed in a breadbox.The weed is safe there.The remaining weed dies because it dosent get enough light in the breadbox.

      What is life?

      2)Im at a party in a club.I know almost everyone there.The world starts shaking and everything is in slow motion. movement is hard not only of me but for others. Gravity feels like its tripled.The only way to get back to normal is to eat cake. A friend shows me what it looks like a home baked cake.It has little gummy pieces and cream frosting. I eat the cake. I dont remember what it tastes like. Everything is normal while i eat the cake.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Getting What I Want Can Be a Dream Sign

      by , 04-08-2016 at 09:49 AM
      There is a beautiful 18 year old girl who lives beside me. I was up at their house and I was telling the family that I was going to London that evening. She said that I am going to London too but not until tomorrow morning. She said I will change my flight and we can travel together. I felt warm and cosey and loved. I went back home to prepare for my flight and I started to get a little anxious about getting ready and what to pack which is normal for me before I go away. Then I felt this is great but I don't actually need this experience. [Dream Sign] Even though I was going to go on the journey I was happy in myself in my lucidity and I realised that this was just a positive experience in my perception which was clouding my lucidity.
      Tags: family lucid
    15. 1) Robbery at the bank. 2) New car

      by , 04-08-2016 at 08:38 AM
      I'm in a bank. There are many people celebrating something, they are also the heads of the bank. I'm with a small group of people, one of them is famous. No one has noticed, but we've done a robbery at the bank, it has been some kind of operation performed using computers, I have not actively participated in the robbery, but I'm an accomplice. Now, for some reason I do not know, may they discover us and we must flee and leave the building. We got out and the other attendees seems a bit strange that we are gone so fast. When we left, we are in a beach area with palm trees and the group of people who was with me get into the sea, they are very happy because they have managed to make the robbery and escape, but I will not go into the sea and I keep walking because I think we have not really escaped and at any time they are going to arrest us and I'll get in big trouble. I have a pretty big feeling of being overwhelmed!

      I bought a car. Although it is powerful and is in good condition and also looks nice, I realize that it is an older model and when I start to drive it I realize that the engine fails.