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    1. 2016-10-01 rock climbing, bikini, kisses

      by , 10-01-2016 at 01:23 PM
      + rock climbing

      + bikini

      + kisses

      + journey outside, frozen wave
    2. Nightmares that Came True

      by , 10-01-2016 at 01:01 PM
      I feel there are more to dreams than most of us will ever understand. I for one don't understand and have not figured out a way to interpret. I do however pay close attention to my dreams because my dreams are more conscious type dreams and learning dreams. I go through spurts in my life where I am very conscious of my dreams and then times when I get carried away with life and really don't remember them. I can only go by my experience and for me dreams have given me the strength to survive real life events. My dreams aren't like psychic dreams because for instance I had a nightmare when I was 9 that my father was being chased around the outside of my house by a man dressed in black and he was shooting at him, my dad was trying to protect us. I woke up terrified and told my parents about it. Then when I was 20 in real life my father was murdered outside his girlfriends house and shot 8 times with an ouzi machine gun. The man was dressed as a Ninja. My fathers girlfriend was chased around the inside of the house and shot and killed, then the killer shot himself, while the girlfriends son and friend were upstairs. Could be coincidence but it also prepared me because it actually felt like deja vu and that nightmare immediately popped into my mind. I had another nightmare when my son was a toddler that I was at a park with him that had a lake. I couldn't find him anywhere and saw his shoes floating upside down in the lake and knew he drowned. Woke up terrified from that one as well. Then 3 years ago in real life my grandson drowned at a pool at his daycare, it was the worse time of my life. Again coincidence? Could be but then for the nightmare that made me really wonder was the one where I saw my husband standing against our bed with blood all over his underwear and running down his leg. That same day after telling my husband about my dream, my husbands youngest son was rushed to the emergency room with a tear in his intestine, which caused him to have a lot of bleeding in the same was as my dream, and almost died. Then just a week or so ago I had that cancer dream that I posted about hearing the voice saying She has cancer and it was basically not treatable. I didn't know who she was. Just found out this week, She is the woman I work with and her cancer is in both of her lungs and spread to her brain. All can be coincidences, but these are just some of the scenarios, so you can see why I feel there is more to dreams. The events that actually occurred were not exactly as my dream, but similar enough where at the least you have to agree that it still prepared me for these events. I still don't understand it, but I do appreciate it and I am no longer afraid of it. People who don't believe in this will never believe in it, but I ask you....what is the harm in believing that you have something inside of you that is trying to protect you? It is better to look at the positive side of things ALWAYS!

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    3. Moving fragments

      by , 10-01-2016 at 11:47 AM
      D1 - [Repeat dream] I need to meet a deadline for a performance
      I have no instruments for my class or choice of song. We start to make our own instruments and manage to make a few percussiion things. Then a second group make something else etc. Next the song we make up at random.
      I go from the usual panic in the dream to feeling things are achievable.

      D2 - Outside school parents are being run over by traffic but due to holes in the road filled by flooding, they are knocked underwater tempoarily only, but it is upseting to watch and i am very concerned each time it happens. I see the face of a blond woman going under water then breath sigh of relief as I see she is unhurt.

      D3 - At last I am moving to a house where I will have a proper bed. I imagine my previous homes in the dream. One place where I had to stay on a L-shaped black leather couch in the front room of a modern style apartment. And another place where I had to sleep on a black leather gym bench and remember it being cold in the morning with the sun light of early morning shining in.
      I awake in the new house next to shonuh, she is kissing me but i am still half a sleep and dont realise what is happening until she has stopped. She says she knew she shouldnt but had always wanted too. I feel its a shame I wasnt awake LOL.

      Frag - Going out the exit before remembering to get shopping and having to go long way round to get back in.

      D4 - At school I am a kid and am rooting for our favourite teacher with other kids. There seems to be some kind of silent power struggle between to teachers.
      One teacher tries to humiliate our teacher by getting a kid to bring him a dish of what looks like pinky orange melon in a star anise shape. I looks horrible, wet and cold.
      He tries to eat it and it goes everywhere. The girl next to me brings him a load of tissues. He flinches when she dabs at his chin, then excepts thankfully.
      He gives us the thumbs up saying something about the red t-bones we are wearing as neck ties.

      D5 - Decorating the front room, which has a rectangular padded black bath in it. Behind the bath the wall needs painting. I cant complete painting it light blue as there is a patch where the condensation makes it impossible to apply the paint. The peeling paint around the long gap is in the shape of many pairs of hands. I suggest having a tank of sand to absorb the excessive moisture in the air. At the end of the bath I put the sand with some shells on it, there are strong objections to this idea.

      - Person with red paisley shirt with skin burnt/cut stuck to it.
      - Staying at house with no heating waiting for repairman.
      Tags: black, blue, music, red
    4. Parallel Universe, Witch, Seer

      by , 10-01-2016 at 10:38 AM
      I dreamt that the science branch of the government sent a team of witches (men and women, both) to alternate universes to combat a dimension hopping entity called the Hunger. They were advised to only keep company within their group, as consorting with strangers could lead to complications. One man had grown attached to a woman in their group, she was tall, with light caramel skin, a narrow face, she had blue eyes and curly dark blond hair pulled into two short tufts on the top of her head.
      She was fond of him but easily switched to another of their number. He resents how easily she left him, and ends up asking for assent when he decides to court someone else in the group. She gives a small nod, which he also resents, because it proves how little she felt for him.
      They are under the direction of an old scientist they call Grandfather, there are ten of them. They have traveled to another universe. It is dark there. The only light is dim and red, all the rooms cavernous. Empty. They can't decide what to do because the timeline is unclear. Action could either eradicate the Hunger, or incite mass infection. The man and his former consort sit on a log in the middle of a very large room. Grandfather is across from them. The man admits that he knows which course of action they could take.
      She says, "You can't know. We would need a Seer."
      He confesses that he was a part of the famous 'failed' experiment. The one, years ago, that intended for children to keep their psychic abilities well into adulthood. Her eyes turn to him and his features become indistinct, shining with a dull, opaque light, a small horn protruding from his forehead. She can't quite believe it. Witches were common, but that experiment means he is no longer human, he is Andan. He smiles a little sadly, and knowing that this only widens the gulf between them, and insists he knows what they should do next.
      For the rest of the dream I do not see him as a flesh and blood person, just the opaque light with human outlines.

      There's a brief interlude where I believe I am his intended, and we run across a field. There is a quest, like in a game, a challenge for lovers. I run straight toward it, but have a moment of sadness and doubt, because he is reluctant to join me, so I avoid it too. Then I pretend I never intended to accept the challenge.
    5. 1/10/2016

      by , 10-01-2016 at 06:36 AM
      1) I was on a boat with some friends from a very long time ago. They seemed to know what they were doing and moored it by a tree just out from shore. We all got out and walked around, there was a reef just under our feet. Someone went out a bit further and was looking for food. He came back and poured a red lumpy sauce from somewhere, we tried it and it tasted good.
      Then it seemd that the tide had gone out and the boat was sitting on some rocks and there was a long steep path going down to a town (or something). I was impressed that the boat was moored so accurately. I went down the path, next I remember coming back up it and jumping very high and coming down through the trees back onto the path.

      2) I was in an opperating theatre with a group of medical students we were talking and laughing. A female surgeon came over to us and was looking for a rubber stamp, I had a box full of stamps and gave her the right one. Then I was walking out into a swimming pool, I walked along the edge carrying another rubber stamp which I was looking at. I was going towards a group of medical students that I was going to teach. Someone who I knew years ago said hello to me and told me that he was one of my students.
      Next I was looking around for lunch and wlked into some sort of canteen. I found where lunch had been laid out for my group and it was all meat (I'm vegetarian), everyone else was sitting around the table eating already, so I had to go somewhere in search of the vegetarian option. I found it under a plastic sheet but it wasn't very good, just some packets of crisps and stale bread.

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    6. Runny nose

      by , 10-01-2016 at 01:12 AM
      I woke up with a runny nose & it took my attention away from my dream. Hence no dream recall that made sense.
      Tags: sick
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    7. my October LD training

      by , 09-30-2016 at 11:58 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      Last month I wanted to see how I would do if I only looked at my alarm clock to LD. I stuck with it for most of the month and had 34 LDs, 11 of which were caught FAs. I'm happy with this but I know I can do better if I weren't so lazy. This month I won't be as lazy.

      I'll try this routine this month:

      1.When I go to bed, I'll remind myself of my dream goal and go to sleep.
      2.When I notice an awakening, I'll try to see through my closed eyelids for a few seconds in attempt to catch FAs or induce DEILDs.
      3.If no more LD, I'll recall what proof of dreaming I missed during the dream and write it down.
      4.For each proof of dreaming I missed, I'll reimagine that part of the dream again, only with me become lucid, telling myself that when this happens again, I'll become lucid. When I have a lucid dream, I'll analyze my dream control and try to learn from my mistakes.
      5.Repeat 1-4 until the night is over.

      1-2 LD (Caught FA, DILD)
      2-0 LD
      3-0 LD
      4-1 LD (Caught FA)
      5-0 LD
      6-3 LD (Caught FA, 2 DILDs)
      7-1 LD (Caught FA)
      8-1 LD (DILD)
      9-2 LD (Caught FA, DILD)
      10-1 LD (Caught FA)
      11-2 LD (2 DILDs)
      12-0 LD
      13-2 LD (2 Caught FAs)
      14-0 LD
      15-2 LD (Caught FA, DILD)
      16-1 LD (Caught FA)
      17-0 LD
      18-2 LD (2 DILDs)
      19-0 LD
      20-0 LD
      21-1 LD (Caught FA)
      22-0 LD
      23-1 LD (Caught FA)
      24-0 LD
      25-0 LD
      26-1 LD (DEILD)
      27-0 LD
      28-2 LDs (2 Caught FAs)
      29-2 LDs (2 Caught FAs)
      30-4 LDs (2 Caught FAs, 2 DILDs)
      31-0 LDs

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    8. Floating. LD

      by , 09-30-2016 at 08:28 PM (Come on, let's go for great nightlife adventures)
      I just remember small parts of the Lucid Dream:

      I was on the street and there was a car waiting for me to cross the road, so I make a sign to the car so that he can go. I’m now in my hotel room and I become lucid. I start to walk by touching the wall and I feel the texture. Now the scene change and I’m now in my old house, I remember that it is dark. I start to float and I am turning(rotating) on myself, so I decide to go down stairs by floating. When I get down, I say to myself what can I do? I decide to make love with girls, I start seeing some naked girls and the dream collapse and I woke up.

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    9. [30-09-2016]

      by , 09-30-2016 at 08:18 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Beating a ghost

      I was in my backyard, it was a cold evening. There was a ghost in one of buildings. I gathered group of friends and siblings and we charged inside, I was holding a cudgel. We all hit wildly, trying to harm the ghost. Only I sensed it good enough to hit it, and despite it being just a presence, it was scary. I hit harder and harder, everything went black as I became more scared. But finally I managed to beat both my fear and the ghost, then I emitted a shockwave that cleansed the building after the ghost disappeared.

      The fox

      I was in my backyard, another cold evening. Going to the back exit of my possession that goes to fields I saw something sitting behind some planks. It was a fox, sitting on the ground and staring at me. I called my brother's wife and she quickly ran closer to see it. I thought that it would scare the fox away, but instead it ran closer to me. I was a little afraid as the fox had weirdly darker fur, but in the end I pet him.
    10. Zelda Marble Statue

      by , 09-30-2016 at 06:53 PM
      Had a dream where we moved into a new house that workers were still working on. There my mom was on a blue mattress on the floor and telling me that she knew I had problems sleeping and to take my father's pills. I told her no and that I was fine. But when I went to sit on the mattress a random letter came up. I got a feeling it was from Elainey. Her voice narrated the letter saying that she was sending positive energy out and to not worry about the spirit problems because her husband already took care of it. She also mentioned that he sent us 12 llamas for good luck. I felt spirits come out of me but knew it was a dream partly. "Spirits are not my problem"I thought but still appreciated the kind gesture.

      I than noticed a almost life size marble statue of zelda when she was young."What is this doing here?"I thought. My dad than told me that it was for my new room. I saw paint appear on the statue after thinking that I wanted it painted but than her blue eyes came off making me think the workers were using it for a spy tool.After that I found a book with sketches on it of link, zelda and marth when they were grown. "My dreaming mind thinks of the details more than I do"I said out loud admiring the drawings but than I saw there was now a life size marble statue of link with marth and zelda together. I liked it but was unsure if i would be happy to see it everyday. That's when I moved to the living room and a random guy pushed beads that were hanging on the ceiling with his head. It ended up hitting my father in the head so he headbutted the random guy with the beads. It was weird...I than walked over to a desk where the random guy took these long bananas from. I was keeping the smaller ones somewhere else so I was okay with him eating it.

      Afterwards something else happened but I don't remember now.

      [I don't own the pic]
    11. Rooftop

      by , 09-30-2016 at 03:50 PM
      I was in a penthouse, and I had long and sensuous sex with Chris' mom.

      That was basically it. Hahahahaha.
    12. 16-09-30 Hostile Plant, Butchering Nazi Command

      by , 09-30-2016 at 02:55 PM
      I'm in a gloomy house with a bunch of other people (15 of them, give or take). I think they were all family. They had a bit of a "Russian" vibe. Someone rang the doorbell, and an older man dressed in a hooded raincoat (?) went to open the door. I think it was another family member, as he embraced them and let them in. I think I was wearing a mask as I embraced someone else, possibly because there was some kind of "plague" going around? At some point we're all walking through the garden, on a wooden boardwalk. I notice a large, odd plant. It had large flowers, but looked ominous. Suddenly it starts shooting spikes made of bone from the flowers. I yell "down, down!" but some people are impaled by the spikes and badly hurt. There was this "prophecy", that the entire family would be killed somehow. I figured this had to be the beginning.

      I was (once again) with a bunch of other people, this time somewhere on the streets, fighting the Nazis. I think we were in some kind of cage? Or a kind of open, rectangular structure, anyway. We had AKs, but there were just too many Nazis, so we had no choice but to surrender and lay flat on the ground. In the next scene, we were all seated at a large rectangular table. We were all pretty depressed, as the Nazi chiefs were reading a list of our offences and made it clear we would be executed. But suddenly, something 'clicked' in my head. I figured we were as good as dead anyway, so what was stopping me from trying something? And another realization came to me. I remembered being here before. I somehow felt that they could not hurt me. Once again, a faux-lucid episode. I managed to break free from the ropes they'd used to tie me up (mind over matter, 'there is no rope') and get up. Then, I attacked the Nazi generals one by one. I grabbed their heads and snapped their necks, actually. Some were easy, some took a bit of force. Hitler himself (played by a very pale 'actor' who didn't really look like Hitler at all) even mocked me while I was trying to wrench his head off. I got them eventually, I think. I started freeing the others. Their arms were restrained with rope in impossibly complicated knots, but using my 'dream powers', I could easily undo them without looking, by pure force of will. One of them was a really pretty girl I instantly liked. But they seemed "distant", perhaps shocked? Afraid? I did just single-handedly butcher all of Nazi high command.

      I remember a creepy and disturbing scene of a woman who was to be executed. She was naked, and very small, only about a foot tall. She was tossed in a bucket along with some other garbage (rags?), and then corrosive fluid was poured into the bucket. Afterwards, I went through the bucket to find her remains. All I found was red liquid everywhere. She'd been liquefied.

      Hard to explain. We were in a classroom, only the floor was water. Yes, imagine a giant swimming pool with floating chairs and desks. Our whole class from my senior year in HS (9 years ago) was there, attending class. I think they were messing around and teasing me again, throwing pieces of paper, things like that. Later on, we were playing a game of 'the floor is made of lava'. There were this floating obstacles and stuff in the water, and you had to traverse the room without falling into the water. At some point I had on walk on two very thin ropes, and I almost fell. I could barely hold onto them, and keep from falling into the water entirely.

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    13. The silhouetted sun, the moon and a country road

      by , 09-30-2016 at 12:10 PM
      I am driving on a long country road, on the way back from somewhere, when I notice on the left hand side of the road, a beautiful green meadow on a moonlit night. I pay close attention that shafts of sunlight are still visible which create patches of light on the green meadow. I think to myself, wow.
      I feel this is an amazing SIGHT to behold. I try to keep a SENSE of driving at the same time.
      I suddenly burst out saying:
      This is a lucid dream. I am DREAMING. I know I am dreaming I say.
      I get out of the car and find myself outside a home. It's dark, a streetlight shines the way. I HEAR silence , nothing. I STABILISE the dream immediately, looking at hands and verbalising. I do this for a few seconds. Then I look up, see a verandah, and open the door. Once inside, I say:
      Hi!!? To anyone in the home.
      Inside a lounge I see two dream CHARACTERS there, a man and a woman chatting. I try to get friendly with the woman, but I can see it's his woman so I politely look around.
      Another woman who is sitting on the couch raises her hand as if to say, Hey, i am here.
      I smile and walk there, past the kitchen. I get on the other side of the couch to talk to the astral woman. She's blond , wearing a grayish tight slacks and a shawl, which she soon removes to get comfortable.
      Shes holding a drink.
      I get a SENSE that I have been in the DREAM WORLD a little long so I do a little check to make sure .... I lose stability. The woman is trying for me to stay. I move into another dream scene.

      Wbtb couch
      Binaurals water verbalised MILD
      (still sick) STRONG intention that I will lucid dream. Intent is the magic of LUCID dreaming.

      #dream character conversation

      Stabilized dream well.
      I can use more dream control.
    14. 2016-09-30 LUCIDD 207 awesome view

      by , 09-30-2016 at 10:37 AM
      Horrible sleep, to bed extremely late, ears sore from wearing ear plugs/ear buds so no ear plugs, noisy truck parked idling outside, etc. So I was up after only "sleeping" for 2 hours, up for 2 hours, then returned to sleep, trying to WILD, doing SSILD, takes a long time to get back to sleep, but finally slept and started dreaming.

      Most of the recall is vague including the LD, but the LD itself was I remember extremely clear and stable and an amazing, fantastic dream-view from my CH.

      I end up sleeping for around 3-4 more hours, there is a fair bit of dreaming, but recall of it is poor

      As I'm falling asleep I'm doing relaxing SSILD, telling myself some mantras like "I'm dreaming!" and trying to recreate that "WILD feeling" with my vision/mind's eye and I start to feel some REM atonia signs but they don't get stronger. I aim for total relaxation and fall asleep, telling myself I will get lucid within the dream.

      There were dreams before and after the LD, mostly forgotten.

      + LUCIDD 207 LD#207 I'm standing in the living room of my CH [waking assessment of location] looking out the window. It's night. I'm extremely interested in the view, I notice more and more fascinating things about it: the buildings in the distance, the landscape/ground itself is like a huge rocky shelf. I'm telling someone, "Look at that! Look at that! Hey, wait! , do a nose pinch RC, and get lucid. I go outside to the deck through the dining room's sliding glass door, and want a better perspective on that fabulous view so I jump up into the air to fly. The view changes perspective from the altitude. I look back behind me [something I don't normally do, I think it's interesting to try to see your takeoff-point!] and where I came from is sort of vague but I see something, and then continue looking forwards. I'm very happy with the LD, visuals are stable, crisp/vivid, and the buildings/scenery is really interesting. I consider that this could be a really long LD. I look down to the ground and notice a female [uh oh, here we go again].
      Spoiler for sexy encounter:
      the dream ends.

      +in a kitchen, preparing food, I have a big pile of food in a microwave, then I take a big handful of chili from some container and stick it right in my mouth. I'm eating fried crispy things that are thickly covered in a salty flavoring spice that falls off everywhere every time you take a bit. I'm talking with this snack, saying "it's really oily and salty".

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    15. Taken captive on 2 different planets

      by , 09-29-2016 at 11:47 PM
      I was with a bunch of other people on some unknown planet. We had been taken captive & were frantically bouncing ideas back & forth. All adults no children. Then they transported us yet again to another planet where we started all over again with arguing about how to get the hell out.

      I don't remember having a dream before that I was on another planet, let alone two of them.