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    1. 10/30/14, 10/31/14, 11/1/14 Very Aware 2nd Half of Night, Girl Friday

      by , 11-01-2014 at 09:46 PM
      11/1/14 I feel myself back in bed and start getting a WILD-like transition. I feel myself floating just millimeters off of my bed with my wife's arm around me as if it is holding me from floating off. I am fairly sure her arm is also just part of the transition and will myself to float up further to make sure I am fully in the dream and not just imagining that I am feeling a little light. I then start willing myself to propel forward through the darkness and settle on attempting to arrive at my favorite grassy sea beach. I fly for a good while but eventually have a false awakening of my son making a good deal of noise downstairs. I have a good amount of awareness and memory and remember that he went to bed already and it is highly unlikely that he is having a loud conversation downstairs in the middle of the night and that I should be dreaming. I go out of my room and try to float down the stairs but maybe I kind of float inches above the staircase on the way down. When I get to the bottom I hear my wife coming out of the room upstairs and decide to do a float from my living room up into the vaulted ceiling with a view to the loft area to show off to my wife's DC (any doubt that I am dreaming is fully erased by this point). I hear more than one person in the family room and float back down to go in there and half expect to see my son and his college girlfriend and maybe have some fun with her. Instead, I see Girl Friday get off of the couch and my son is there also. I tell her to "come here, remember how you really wanted to (give me oral)?" She looks like she recollects the same and I whip it out and she starts doing an okay job with it in her mouth. I say "oh remember, you wanted to lick it" and she starts to lick it and it is very, very nice! I look over and say to my son "she is good" and my wife starts to come down and still fully lucid I tell her to check out what is happening. This eventually comes to an end and I wake. I then have a series of short dreams with continued good awareness, some lucid, some semi-lucid, some unclear as my recall wanes: cherry pie like treat, I pour milk over it and add cereal flakes; Outside my house and I note how realistic the trees look and how well the dream replicated how they look; re-coated aluminum pan at M Blvd, I start to write down my dreams so far (in the dream) first on the table cloth, then on an envelope (later did just that IWL) ; amusement ride, swinging boat, cameraman acting tough and taking video of guy in middle seats (less thrilling) yet he is also in the middle seats on the other side of the center of the boat; in the back seat of an SUV with a video game screen in the middle just behind the front seats; short dream with a distant explosion; lots of short forced dreamlets related to all of the beautiful women who will be at an even I am attending IWL. During this series of short dreams it felt like I was on the edge of wake/sleep in an unusual way and I was testing my state at times finding that I could transition out of a scene with my eye clenches with accompanying vibrations. Very odd and I felt much more on the dream side of things than when I am trying to do similar things after a WBTB or late awakening and getting more traditional dreamlets that seem to occur more on the waking side of the equation. Hopefully I was actually finding success in staying aware but away from my waking body at times when I would normally return to bed and wake up too much, hopefully bridging the gap between the now shorter gaps between REM periods. Possible reasons for good night of lucidity: repeatedly asking myself what was I dreaming (earlier in the night); daytime awareness work with more dream actions (like RRCIS); some playing with CanisLucidus' "looking for the dream" may have been key in getting good replications of my home featured in the Girl Friday lucid and the lucid moment outside of my house with the trees later. Will just count 2 lucids tonight. 223 & 224

      10/31 early lucid. Sexy women around. "If this were a lucid dream, I would...ah...I am dreaming." I interact caveman style with several women before focusing on one turning her on with dirty talk and actions before doing some float-flying. 222

      10/30 Exhilarating, romantic and sexual lucid with a younger woman with small breasts. I particularly enjoyed cupping her breasts much like early sexual experiences. 221
    2. Nightmare in the mountains.

      by , 11-01-2014 at 09:38 PM (The realm of Oddium.)
      Non-Dream Dream Lucid

      Beautiful Mountainscape
      I'm a teenager again, exploring the wilderness with a friend. We've been hiking for hours (or so my dream memory tells me) and we're about to crest a very steep and rocky incline. I get the idea that we might be traveling through an old creek or river bed. Just before clearing the hill, we have to negotiate our way over some hazardous footing, one of the rocks feeling very unstable. We make it to the top, and before us lays an incredibly vivid plain, surrounded by mountains to all sides. It's dusk, and I can see storm clouds in the distance. I'm worried that there's going to be a flash flood, which I convey to my friend. "Ahh we just got here, and after all that walking too" He says, looking disappointed. I see lighting flash, which throws me into action. We take off in a run, and as we come to the hill, I slow down because I still remember how steep it was. My friend though, he just keeps going, running down it with ease. It's no longer rocky like it was before. I follow him, and about halfway down, a thought pops into my head that I could be dreaming. This does the trick! Fully lucid, I continue down the hill feeling relived and elated that I've broken the dry spell. It's short lived though, because about thirty seconds later, I wake up.

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    3. Witches of the McKittrick Hotel

      by , 11-01-2014 at 07:33 PM
      A woman who's been flirting with me - neither of us seriously - is taking my hand under the pretext of palm reading, turning it this way and that. She'd been joking around, but as she's 'reading' my palm, she notices the tiny raised circle on the tip of my thumb that holds a retracted needle and she stops smiling, though she doesn't understand what she's looking at.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I've been sitting in a lounge room in the McKittrick. There's a host and a microphone, allowing the guests to listen in on his internal thoughts as we eat and drink. He's been sitting in the booth next to mine, having a conversation with a woman, another resident of the hotel. But when she leaves, he comes and sits across from me. He's bewildered as to why I've spent so much time here tonight. Of course the guests are all free to enjoy our stay at the hotel in any way we choose, there's no wrong way to go about it, and if I want to just sit here and watch his story unfold, that's fine - but my stay is half over already. Why don't I go out and see the show?

      I'm thinking that I'll come back another time to enjoy the show - but nonetheless I leave the lounge and walk up to the next floor, which is in complete chaos thanks to the work of the three witches. Fragmentary memory here - I remember seeing the boy witch in passing and being annoyed with him, but no context beyond that. In a small room, I came across a woman who I realized has been/will be the next bald witch - right now she's another lost soul who came here on a mission but wound up getting drawn into Hecate's world. By the end of the night she has/will have shaved her head and altered her body language completely, transforming into one of the three witches for the next night.

      The last of the three witches and the people under her sway are surrounded by sexual images. I only saw her briefly in passing as she led a young prince off down one of the halls. But instead I come across the naked prophetess who'll be taking this witch's role for the next night, currently in the process of transforming into that role. She puts her hands on my shoulders and pushes me to my knees in front of her, and I'm thinking that it's always a man she chooses for this part of the performance - the other guests in the room with me are all women, and they remain standing, pressing in close around us, watching her with a look of worship. She has a woman standing guard next to her during this dance, making sure none of the guests attempt to touch her without her permission. One of those women watching laughs off this restriction, and to show how ridiculous she thinks it is, she reaches out and puts her hand on the prophetess/witch's thigh with a familiar attitude. The performance comes to a complete stop. In the trouble that follows, I move away from the crowd and into the staff-only halls of the hotel.
    4. thought that i was going to jail

      by , 11-01-2014 at 07:29 PM
      this dream was kind of scary for me. not in the night mare sense, I simply thought i was going go to jail for the rest of my life. i should have written this down when i woke up at 9. but i listened to hyde and fell back asleep. i did not wake up till 11:00 that is okay. basically i killed a woman in this dream, stole her car, then was paranoid about getting caught by the police.
    5. The Heart Of The Scorpion

      by , 11-01-2014 at 06:46 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #374 - DILD - 4:01AM

      I am dreaming about hanging out with people at work. They have a large bag of weed and I offer to buy some. I roll a joint and take a hit.

      I have an FA in bed with my wife. I realize that I am on the wrong side and this must be a dream, but I wake up right away.

      I let myself relax and enter another dream unaware. I am in the living-room with my two daughters thinking about what I want to do in my next lucid dream. I look up and see the ceiling is open to the night sky. I imagine seeing the moon pass over head, then the planet Mars. I notice Mars just looks like a red moon so I try another planet. I see what looks like a distant, yet super bright, star and I say, "That must be Antares." I see a title appear above it like on a digital sky map (I can't believe I remember this one and I had to look it up later to confirm. Nice dream memory!) I try flying there, but I can't get moving.

      Suddenly, I realize that all of this is vividly happening before me; this is more than just my imagination! I calmly announce to my girls, "This is a dream." I go ahead and test this by jumping. I notice how I hover just a second before softly landing on the floor. I become a little excited but the dream has also become a little unstable. I feel the dream is super confined to just this room, so I decide to give myself a moment and pace around some. I notice my daughters are just standing in the room staring blankly at me but I pay no attention to that. There are several furniture anomalies in the room; nothing is as it is in waking life. I pay close attention to the old, box-style TV. I know I have a goal in mind and not the one I was just thinking about. What is my goal? What is it? Think! (Find my dream guide). I feel the dream fading now and I try flying around the room, but I just can't do it. I make swimming motions as I walk around but gravity is now too much like waking life. I stop trying to recall my goal and just wander.

      I accidentally walk into the kitchen area but it looks like a screened-in porch connected to another house. There is a floor lamp without a shade in front of me. I see a single bulb in the top and mindlessly try turning it on. It doesn't work. There is movement to my left. My parents are leaving the other house. I see Lisa B. from work following them out looking confused. She stops, glances at me, then goes back inside. I am curious what's going on here and I want to question her. I say something like, "Wait. Come back." As I take a few steps in that direction, I wake up.

      I have a gory non-lucid fragment about beating someones face in with a steering wheel.

      And another about working a second job at some fast-food joint as a cook. It was only supposed to be extremely part-time but they were trying to make me work all day. I was very pissed off and told the manager I have no problem walking out.
    6. Fake LD in a Dream

      by , 11-01-2014 at 04:40 PM (Tales of a Dream Traveler)
      This is the first fake LD I've had, so I'm excited It makes me feel closer to my goal.

      I had awoken early at 5am and been up for an hour trying to fall back to sleep. About an hour later I finally fell asleep and had this dream. I had never done an actual WBTB because I'm always sleepy and fall right back to sleep whenever I wake up in the middle of the night. This didn't feel like an actual LD, though. My feelings and thoughts were no doubt controlled by my dream.

      I was in a dorm that was like my grandparents’ old house but bigger and I shared it with some people. Before that I was out shopping and I put all my groceries on the conveyor belt and when I went to pay, everything was gone. Then I almost paid for someone else’s groceries when I realized what had happened. The clerk was waiting for me to figure it out. I asked him if my groceries were at that one, pointing to the other checkout station. And he said yes. So I went over there but I couldn't find my groceries. They told me to check in the back of the store. The back was huge but I checked everywhere and even found my Russian professor but I couldn't find my stuff. I felt so bad, like it was the end of the world. These two other people started crying, and I felt like crying, too, so I joined them. :/
      Then I was at my house trying to do things but it was difficult because I couldn't find anything. I lived with Robbie (a current roommate), Kim (a past roommate and friend), and some other guys. Then I heard a woman's voice over the old speaker above me so I looked up. It was a square speaker in the ceiling like at stores. The connection was very bad and I could barely understand her. But I thought she said something about everyone needing to leave and the place was going to burn down. A new leader like a dictator had taken control and we all had to live somewhere else. I was kind of panicking because I couldn't find my stuff and didn't know what I needed to bring with me. I wanted to bring everything. Kim came in and we talked about it and she got her stuff but didn't look too concerned.
      At some point I went to sleep while still in my dream. I could feel myself falling a little and my dream self realized that I was lucid dreaming. It felt really cool like my skin especially around my neck and face was vibrating a lot, so I decided to fall faster and it felt even weirder. I was in this blackness and I stopped falling. I stood up and tried to see something through the darkness. Slowly shapes started forming in the fake LD and I tried to interact with them but it was still fuzzy and I didn't even have enough control to attempt dream stabilization. So I seemed to wake up but I was still dreaming and I returned to the house in the previous part of the dream, continuing where I had left off. I'm not sure what happened after that.

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    7. The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson

      by , 11-01-2014 at 04:15 PM
      I used the WILD dream technique this morning, and ended up at a family gathering in a kitchen. I was asking who everybody was and hugging them. Everybody seemed so young, and it was difficult to figure out who was who. I said, “Where’s Daughter?”, and then I found her in the living room. She was much younger, maybe 7 years old. We started dancing in the living room without music. Daughter and I then transitioned into this very cool lucid dream.

      We instantly appeared inside a rusty metal framed greenhouse with a concrete floor. The greenhouse was completely underwater, except for the glass roof panels that had waves washing across the top. The sun was shining through the waves casting reflections throughout the room. Suddenly Michael Jackson crashed through one of the glass roof panels in a wall of water, perfectly landing on the ground in a kneeling position, head tilted forward holding his cap, and then he did his trademark, “Whoohoo!” Water washed across the concrete floor. His hit ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ starts playing, and then he moon walks off to the side, and starts singing his song. I tried to moon walk too, but I couldn’t do it, so I did some other ‘old man’ moves. Guess I gotta work on that – lol, for the next dream. Daughter and I started to dance to the music as Michael played. At one point I held my hand up and Daughter did a pirouette. As the song was nearing the end, my daughter started to run around totally excited, as she was talking nonsense like any 7 year old would. Daughter then began to shrink in size to about the size of a cat, and she ran off while 5 people started to chase her. I became furious, and I threatened them in an effort to get them to stop chasing her. Two of them instantly stopped and backed off. The other 3 remained in pursuit. I was about to draw my magical sword, given to me by a DC in a previous LD, but I became too angry, and woke up. I’m glad I woke up, because a perfectly good lucid dream was about to become a disaster. I find I jump to assumptions and conclusions way too quickly when I’m lucid. I need to work on this. Aside from the ending, I really had fun in this lucid dream!

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    8. Two Moons

      by , 11-01-2014 at 04:09 PM (Casting Shadows)
      I took a nap after waking up from the previous dreams, and this is what transpired:

      I was playing a Harry Potter themed video game and had to collect a lot of food along the way for health. Professor Snape needed me for an examination, and then once I was done there I had to go to Professor Lupin's for the same reason.

      Then the dream changes and I was Against the Moon's Remus Lupin, in a trailer park that surely isn't the one I live in. The afternoon was very bright, and the Sun was just starting to set. I'm standing in a gazebo doing something or another, and then when I turned around I seen two Moons.

      I was surprised. Surely to God I was dreaming??? That was off. We don't have two Moons. And yet, I didn't do anything. I stood still, perfectly still, and continued to watch. Was I dreaming? Was I really dreaming? I didn't think I was, but there were two Moons!

      I was waiting for something to happen, and then something did. The second Moon turned into something else, and then something else again, and it kept moving in the sky and zooming around until finally it landed in one of the trailer's yards.

      It was an artistic development--not really a second Moon--and I was definitely not dreaming.

      Later on Sirius and James came, and we were all skipping down the road. Eventually we stayed in my room and my parents went out to get the pictures of all the different things from the sky that I had seen. There were actually a lot I hadn't (as I wasn't even looking in that direction for a good bit), but all of them were less than impressive when compared to when they were in the sky.
    9. Blackened Days

      by , 11-01-2014 at 03:47 PM (Casting Shadows)
      DF: Dreamed that I had been raped twice, and Script didn't actually rape me, he sexually assaulted me. Ivory was friends with the two rapists on Facebook and she kept telling me all about their funny statuses, and I told her I didn't want to hear about them. She acted like I had hurt her feelings and I thought about telling her I didn't want to be friends with her anymore, but I didn't want to be told that I was just over-reacting, so I didn't.

      DF: My dad needed to be bailed out and so we were traveling from bonds place to bonds place, but so much money was needed that no one was willing to work with us. Daddy wasn't in jail, he was with us, so I'm not sure why he needed it.

      Main dream: Mama and Daddy keep arguing and I finally tell Mama that it would be best if she was to go. Though Daddy complains she does, and I stare out the window and watch her leave. The inside car light was on and I could see that she was struggling to not cry.

      I was worried because I was all alone with my dad. I have many fears about being alone with him, and they all came to the surface after she left.

      It's a weekend in the dream, but I have math homework that is due Monday. I keep putting it off in favor of playing this MyCandyLove-related game, which was almost the same except it was Death Note themed. I was able to play as my Candy, but I could repeat any episode as many times as I liked so that I could talk to whichever guy I preferred. My favorite seemed to be Light, and my second-favorite was L. I also kept trying to seduce one dude. . . .

      Then later on I was talking to a group of people in a dark room and one woman said something like, "Your parents really broke your heart, didn't they?" I agreed.

      At school I'm taking Death Note Discussions III--apparently I'm a junior. I greatly enjoy this class and can't wait for the following year.

      Then it's Monday, and I had yet to do my homework. When I was coming out of my room and was about to leave the trailer my dad caught me and asked if he could hardcore ground me by listening to "Iron Man" by Heavy Metal (pretty sure it's by Black Sabbath in real life XD) that afternoon. I told him I didn't care and he said he likes the song and he used to study to it.

      It's very overcast outside, but blacker than usual.

      When I get on the bus I'm only just above 14% on my phone and don't want to waste my charge.
    10. Give me my Chocolate Chip Muffin! LD #129 (sort of)

      by , 11-01-2014 at 01:14 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was with S at college. We were walking around campus in the evening hours. I can recall it being around 6:00. S said he had to go home, and I wanted to run to this bakery place before it closed at 6:20. Also, it was Halloween in the dream and everybody was wearing costumes. I think I was dressed up as Minecraft Steve; I was wearing a turquoise shirt and purple pants. S was dressed up as some anime character and had this huge spikey blue wig.
      We parted ways and I headed to the bakery. It was underneath the building next to my dorm in this huge complex that is not there IWL. I went inside and got in line at the bakery. The clock read 6:19 and you could tell the place was closing down. But there were a few other people that wanted to drop by before they closed.
      I asked the woman behind the counter if I could have the last chocolate chip muffin and some milk. She said 'sure' and handed me both of the items. I then waited for two other people to check out before it was my turn.
      I gave my ID to the guy at the checkout so I could pay. For some reason he just took it and held it above the slot without swiping it. After about fifteen seconds he sarcastically said:
      "Ooops! It's 6:21. Were closed now! Sorry! We can't give you this!" The lady behind the counter and another DC worker, a tall blonde guy who was wiping down tables both started laughing at me. I stormed out of the bakery vowing never to do business there again.
      I walked outside and up this big hill that isn't there IWL. I took note of how floaty gravity seemed to be. I kept on jumping up and swimming through the air for a few feet before drifting back down.
      This prompted me to preform a nose pinch. Now I became lucid, but I still felt like I wasn't all there.
      Primarily because I turned around and went back to the bakery. One way or another I was gonna get my muffin from these guys. I got back to the door and pulled on it. Locked.
      I see the three dream characters still inside; the bakery had metal and glass doors with floor-to-ceiling windows. The cashier guy was standing around eating my muffin and drinking my milk. The tall guy was still cleaning tables, and the woman was putting what was left of the day's goods. (A couple of bagles) into boxes. The three saw me standing outside me and started laughing again.
      Oh man was I getting ticked off by these three. I tore the metal and glass door off its hinges and threw it into the road. They stopped laughing.
      I walked over to the cashier guy and punched him in the gut. I heard a thunderclap sound and the guy went flying backwards into the wall. He then fell into a couple of tables and chairs. The other two dream characters took off running.
      I walked over to the cashier and looked down at him.

      For some reason me and him were sitting together at a table. He had a bandage around his head.
      "Look dude, I'm sorry... about everything. I didn't know you were..."
      "I don't forgive you."
      "What?! why?"
      "Because I know you're not saying that because you are sorry. You're only saying it because now you realize that I can hurt you. Next time, be more careful who you mess with. You never know who might give you a bad day."
      I turned and walked out. The dream faded.

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    11. 31st October - Bar Fight and Lipstick - Non Lucid

      by , 11-01-2014 at 11:11 AM
      My dream was set in the pub that I did a trial shift in yesterday evening.

      So I'm in the pub, and various friends arrive through the evening. At one point I am sat at the end of the bar with some of them, and a group of men come in, three of them, and start saying they are going to kill someone. We wanted them out of the pub and we started fighting. The manager grabbed one guy, I grabbed this HUGE guy and the other one disappeared. I am not sure where the guy the manager was fighting went, but the guy I was fighting picked up a chair. (Turned into one of those wrestling chairs that they hit each other with) and started coming towards me. I through my pint glass and it hit the chair, he then threw the chair and I grabbed it out of the air. He ran at me and I managed to judo flip hip to the floor. then commenced 5 minutes of me showing him hell and dragging him round like a rag doll. He then got up and apologised, and bought me a drink and left.

      I sat at the bar with my pint and turn around and stood there is an an ex is there with some friends. I say hello and they come over. She wraps her arms around me and gives me a massive hug telling me I should have seen her more. She has purple lipstick (which sounds weird but looks quite good) and she leans in to kiss me half on the lips half on the cheek. It goes on me and we laugh about it (I wont go into any more details, but it was one of those soppy dream moments that you wake up smiling from)

      I said that I would join her outside with everyone, and went behind the bar to get a drink. The pub had been open so long it was light outside and they were cleaning up behind the bar area. All the handles had been taken off the pumps except the Strongbow one. At first I attempted to get things out of the Carling one, but all that came out was some crappy old ale with loads of sediment in it, then the glass smashed in my had as I tried to drink it, and I could feel the sharp glass pressing against my lips. Eventually just got a Strongbow in a new glass. I went outside with everyone and then the dream ended.


      Before Bed
      No blue light from screen (got an app called flux)
      Alcohol, one amaretto and coke
      Little water
      Bed at 01:30 rose at 09:30

      More violence. And different to other dreams where usually if I go to hit something it feels like I am moving my arm against a sponge or through water
      I have also just stared drinking Rooibos tea (and allot of it because its so good) which has lots of health benefits, so maybe this has an effect on dream recall?
      Tonight I will not drink alcohol but I will have Rooibos.
    12. Agates and 3-D printing

      by , 11-01-2014 at 09:59 AM
      Morning of November 1, 2014. Saturday.

      There were mostly shifting scenes that did not have that much of a relationship to my personal thoughts.

      The most unusual one was of being some sort of entity that was “haunting” a museum and getting into a struggle with another being, flying around and such. The battle is not that intense. The museum curator comes out and seems quite annoyed. Apparently there are living quarters in one section of the museum. I feel a bit guilty about any damage that was done in the struggle with the other being. I go to him and somehow materialize several agates from out of the palm of my hand to give to him. I explain how one of them is special, partly made of an unknown compound and supposedly worth millions of dollars. It is white, slightly transparent and with darker blue markings. The other ones are all different from each other as well.

      In another scene, I am doing something on an Internet site but it stops working correctly and gives a message about too much traffic. This happens at least twice. Another page comes up and tells me that something is ready to be sent to my system, which is some sort of 3-D printing regarding bookmarks, wall hangings, and pennants with sayings I typed in as well as a few with comedic images. After a time, there are also several windup cars. They look similar to the Japanese plastic models we had years ago but have a more unusual design that makes them look less car-like in body. One seems to have the magnified and exposed “book lungs of a spider” on each side. Apparently you can design anything and have it made via the website although there are templates to choose from and basic guidelines.

      For a time, I wind them up and they go through the doorway and through the hall to the other side of the house (which is mostly an unfamiliar location), fairly fast and at a good distance. My two youngest sons seem mildly interested in them. The feelings and focus of winding them up (the windup device being on the bottom and towards the back) seems very realistic and vivid, even the resistance when turning it a few times, as the spiral spring gets tighter.

      There is a scene where I am walking through a dark room and something larger seems to fly in my hair a couple times as I swing my arm around, but nothing makes contact with my hand. Later, my wife seems startled by two large geckos on the wall. They are quite large for house geckos though and I am thinking that they are a different sort of lizard. One follows the other with the exact same movements.

      In another scene, I go outside to work on my computer near the front of the house yet I do not think it strange for it to be outside set up in an external but inward corner of the house at an L-shaped desk. It is a bit bright outside, and I hear the noise of distant traffic, but this is apparently my actual setup. A jet flies in the sky more to the horizon, making a distorted figure-eight shape with its contrails. There is a vague idea about the potential of it crashing nearby but nothing happens. I have an odd thought about the potential for the world ending and how I would be outside to see it when it happened. It is not a negative thought, just a minor realization. I feel relaxed and well.
    13. God-Pa

      by , 11-01-2014 at 03:33 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I’m one of two children of parents who are gods. The parent of one of them came over for us to meet for the first time.

      I’m about eight years old. I have short, wavy, dark brown hair and freckles and look sleepy like I just woke up. I walk into the kitchen - everyone else is already in there, including my ‘brother’, who has cropped light brown hair and seems to be about six or seven.

      We eat and talk with him. He looks to be mid-age, with dark hair and a beard, reminds me a bit of Duncan.

      He tries to show me a trick with Smoke but it backfires:

      “Did you notice that he won’t pay attention to me if you call me a bastard? Try calling me one when I walk by him.”

      Note: It had the feeling of implying that Smoke snubbed him because I didn’t like him called him a bastard).

      He leaves the kitchen. We wait. When it seems like he’s not coming back, he teleports outside the back door of the kitchen. He comes through and walks by Smoke, and I remember to say ‘bastard’ just when he’s almost past. Smoke just keeps on sleeping.

      I’m roughhousing with mom but end up kicking her or something and she gets mad.

      I leave the kitchen and go to the bathroom. I lock a few locks but they get kind of jammed. I go to the huge stall and climb up to look down into it. There are some items inside. I don’t want to use it because you can see into it from the door easily. I think there was some light from a window coming through.

      I go over to a dresser, open the bottom drawer and prepare to use the bathroom there. Apparently I had before.

      A guy and his girlfriend get in a terrible accident, but she didn’t survive. He got stuck with her gruesome body in some kind of box container until he could be saved. I think someone had asked him about this story so he told them.

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    14. make like a tree and leave

      by , 10-31-2014 at 11:08 PM
      I still feel rotten and spent the night on the settee...

      Non lucid - For some reason I was a teenager again, I knew that wasn't right but there you go. I was in a room with some old school pals, and I made two of them cry like babies. I said to the second one 'For God sake you're fourteen, no you're fifteen ...... erm how old are we just now?'

      Walking down the street In my home town with two guys.

      Me 'There used to be loads of sweet shops in Forfar'
      Pal 'No there didn't'
      Me 'Aye there was, there used to be four'
      Pal 'Fours not a lot'
      Me 'It is so'
      Pal 'Balls to that'

      and on it went.

      I was in Asda apparently. There was a way of getting aboot which involved sitting in a wee rollercoaster like contraption which would stop at various departments. The wifie in control would shout out left or right for the exit.

      that's it1
    15. Finn's Future Nightmare, Rocket ships growing from foam cutouts, old bullies try to take my computer

      by , 10-31-2014 at 09:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This was a very strange one. I was in what felt like a Wendy’s or McDonalds, save for the place was deserted, and it felt like it was closed. I was sitting in the corner along with a dream character who I did not recognize, but was a male.
      [Dream Logic] They showed me a box full of these cutouts that were made out these really tough foam. They were cut into radial snowflake like patterns and he told me about how they were ‘Grow your own spaceships’. All you had to do was add water and they would turn into a spaceship. [/Dream Logic]
      To be honest, the DC might have been Marcus, but I can’t remember. The dream was so blurry. This seems crazy even for something he would come up with.
      So I took two of them out of the box. We had a cup of water and we used these little eyedroppers to get them started. The foam starts to puff up, and sure enough metal paneling begins to emerge and build. Watching this thing self-assemble is strange. It is fascinating to watch. The assemble seems something like a transformer, and I eventually see a rocket engine assemble in the center.
      “Ya see that? That’s the kind of engine that will get you to Mars!”
      The dream carried on for a long time as the spaceship continued to grow, transform and change. For some reason my spaceship turned into a large dark green suitcase with rocket motors on the bottom, and lights on the inside. The DC told me that the foam cutout was faulty and that I would try with another one. I lost the dream around there.

      Something to do with being in a rather small room with a pool and a hot tub. For some reason all of the tiles are a rich forest green and there are high, narrow windows running along the top of the wall.

      I am with S. We are in my room together and there is a large wall-mounted flatscreen TV on the wall where the dresser should be. We are sitting on the end of my bed, wrapped in blankets and eating popcorn out of a huge bowl. S wants to watch an adventure time episode called 'Finn's Future Nightmare'
      The episode is supposed to center around Finn's future son who in the episode is this nightmarish monstrosity. There are a couple of blurry indistinguishable scenes that go on for a minute or two, then one of his shadow. It pans up to show a silhouette of the character. He is huge and brawny and has sword blades in the place of his hands.
      There are then some scenes of him terrorizing innocent candy people. For some reason they are in this really realistic setting. This is followed by a scene of adult Finn rushing at him with the Grass Sword and Jake who has morphed into a shield. Supposedly in this future of adventure time, Jake can change not only the shape of his body but the composition; so his shield transformation actually looks like a shield.
      His son steps out of the shadow. He looks like a little bit like the basic Finn (Save for muscles and sword hands) with the same outfit, and he has five or six of these pinwheel devices running up his shirt like buttons. They open and expand and fire energy out in different colors. Finn blocks them with the sword and he charges into melee range.
      Finn wakes up from his nightmare, and Jake asks him what he dreamed about. He says he doesn't want to talk about it.

      I am casually strolling along in the industrial park that is a few blocks from my house. The area has become a swamp and the factories are abandoned and flooded. It was some kind of post-apocalyptic future where my town had been destroyed and flooded, and the boardwalk had been built as a means for the new generation to walk around and explore what past towns and cities looked like.
      Also, for some reason in this dream, I was like 14 or 15 years old. (I was walking around in the body that I had when I was 14 or 15. Something to do with cloning me.)
      I had my computer with me. I approached a sitting area on the boardwalk and opened it up. I began typing up (in a word document) my dreams from earlier in the night when I was approached by a group of maybe six people. Some of them had vague resemblances to kids who used to bully me in middle school. One of them tried to grab at my computer, but I closed it.
      I then remembered that it was when I turned fifteen that I started taking self defense classes. I wondered if my skills were any good. I saw one of the bullies try to do a mock kick to make fun of that fact, but he fell over backwards.
      Another bully tried to grab my computer from my arms but I backed away. I leaped into the air and kicked him in the face. He fell over and I landed. A guy charged at me from the right and swung at me. I ducked. He then tried to uppercut me. I leaned back. Another guy came at me from the left. I kicked him in the gut and he fell over. The guy on my left swiped at me, and two more guys were coming in. I threw my computer up over me and caught it behind my back. I thought to myself how I should be careful doing stunts because I don't want my laptop to be broken or stolen.
      Even though I was holding my own in this fight, for some reason I decided to try to get these guys off of me.
      I yelled: "Police Officer!" and pointed behind them. All of the bullies looked where I pointed.
      There was nobody there.
      One of the bullies yelled "Oh, Sh*t!", and they all started running as if they were actually in trouble.
      Dream characters don't get much more stupid than that.
      But if that wasn't strange enough, I started running too. I can't remember why. I guess I figured that they might realize that there actually was no police officer and would try to chase me down. As I was running, I noticed that I was barefoot, and I seemed to be pushing off the ground with just my toes.
      I then noticed that the frequency of my steps was very low. I was taking one step every ten feet and the way I was bounding off the ground; I almost seemed to be floating.

      I became partially lucid, dropped my computer and started flying when the dream ended.