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    1. Tonight I Start

      by , 01-05-2015 at 01:19 AM
      Creating a first post to mark the time I start attempting to enter lucidity.
      task of the year
    2. Portal opening

      by , 01-05-2015 at 01:15 AM
      Me and a few others have been poking around this seemingly abandoned house, and I have a suspicion that I'm getting more and more certain of as we explore. I finally voice it: this is my house, or rather, this world's version of me; a female version apparently. I'm reasonably certain we can use this as a way to connect between the worlds, since neither version of me is in our original world right now. We'll test it by passing through some random object - I pick up what looks like a game piece, a notched wooden peg painted green. I'll go to sleep with it in my pocket, and it should pass over to her side while I'm asleep.

      Time skip. One of the people I'm traveling with - earnest young blonde man, round glasses, dressed in robes that remind me of the Magician's - is setting up what looks like a summoning circle, directing the others. He fills me in on what happened while I was unconscious this time around: the people in the other world were able to deliver the third of the necessary artifacts to us. It goes unsaid, but the important part was less the specific artifact and more the fact that it was an object that had passed between worlds, though they also have to represent specific elements. We're going to use the artifacts to open up a portal we can all get through. I'm vaguely annoyed about having such a one-sided view of things, only being able to see the events unfolding in this one world, getting half the story; but it can't be helped, I have to be asleep for any communication between worlds to occur.

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    3. Reappearing/Late

      by , 01-05-2015 at 12:38 AM

      I slept upstairs last night because it was cold downstairs and i was with my mom so that's why she is in the dream next to me.
      I opened my eyes in the dream and looked to my right. My mom was looking at her phone screen. I felt tired and closed my eyes. I reappeared on the bed and looked to the right. My mom was next to me looking at her phone. "Mom, I had a dream and you were there looking at your phone" I told her."I was?" She said mildly interested. Suddenly i felt a shaking feeling."Is this a earthquake?"I asked her worried."I don't know" she replied back. I held onto her wanting to run out of the house but than I heard missiles and explosions coming from outside.After that I reappeared on the bed again.

      "I'm reappearing on my bed too much. better bite my finger to make sure this is a dream."I thought than bit my squishy finger."Its a dream" I said looking at my mother to my right. She was leaning against the wall in a suspicious manner. But i just left her there and went out through the window. I didn't really know where i wanted to go so i just flew around to the corner of the house. A dc tried attacking me at that time but i managed to get rid of it.

      I don't recall how but i ended up in my house again. I decided that i wanted to see Dawn. I started calling for him but he wasn't coming. I saw another dc around so i asked her "Can you call Dawn for me?"The dc said yeah and went downstairs. When i turned away than looked back Dawn came up. I gave him a hug and asked if he could take me somewhere better than where i was. He carried me and was taking me somewhere but than the dream shifted.

      I was now inside my college about to go up the escalators when suddenly a man called to me."Hey! You over there!Someone called for you so you can leave early!"Thats when i thought about how i didn't know this man and how the next semester didn't start yet"Ohh...Yay!Did Dawn call you so i could get lucid?"I asked jokingly than left the building. Thats when i remembered i wanted to try summoning Manei. I focused on my hands and called out Manei's name. But no one appeared.

      "Hmm...How about i try summoning her within a dc."I put my hands and tried to change a dc into Manei. "EMERGENCY!!"shouted a distant voice."What?Was i not suppose to do that?Uh oh." I said looking around me. All of a sudden i noticed there was a dc mimicking me. I started swaying my hands and moving slowly and it did the exact same thing. Than I woke up.


      I was inside a huge college like castle about to play ddr with a group of people. But the girl said that time ran out. "Aww...Can't I try at least once? You guys got to play.." I said to the girl. But she said no so i just left the room, went down the escalators and exited the college. In the front i saw a girl from a far away country telling her brother "I just bought the plane ticket so we have to go back to [?] now." The boy sighed though saying he didn't want to go.

      I noticed as i was walking it was night time. "Omgosh...I can't believe i waited this long to go home. My parents must be worried."I thought than looked at a clock that had the time 7pm.I started walking fast than bumped into a group of girls with their faces covered with a black Bangladesh thing. They were trying to get apples from a basket but i fell in it and got in their way."Wait!Wait!Your not the only ones hungry!"I told them."Hurry up and get out!" one of them said to me. I picked up a apple."Heh...These apples are rotten."I said as i was getting out.

      I began walking and remembered that i had a bag in my hand. It reminded me that i needed to go to a building that was still apart of the college. I went to it and saw a guy handing a old lady something."No, your suppose to bring that paper to the main building" she told him. Apparently we were suppose to bring the paper with the missing item. "You too?"She said looking at me."Yeah, I'm going to go there now."I said than ran off somewhere until I appeared in the main building. I went to the room I was suppose to and gave the missing bag to someone than left. As I was walking I wondered why a lot of kids liked to still be at school at this time. Than I woke up.

      The place I went to return the bag at first was in a old dream of mine before.So it felt familiar. I don't think I wrote that dream down before though.
      lucid , non-lucid
    4. The Freak Girl, Lucid

      by , 01-04-2015 at 11:46 PM (One Up Seeker)
      1. I was in some sort of building, and it was huge. The interior was all black, but it was a soft black that looked really nice. I had just came inside to the building after being naked outside(there was an entire non-lucid part of this dream, but I'm not going to document all of it). I looked up to the ceiling and I was amazed. The ceiling looked to be about 7 stories high, and I hadn't been in a place like this before. I then put my focus on what was in front of me. I saw rows of seats that were all black as well. Everything inside of this room was black, except for a white light that shined from a corner that allowed me to see the room completely.
      In the first row of seats in the room, I saw a asian male, just standing in front of one of the chairs. I looked to the right of him, and on the far right wall there was a girl standing there. I walk over and stand in front of the asian guy, but I'm not going to talk to him. Instead I look at the wall that the girl is standing next to. I notice how soft the wall looks, and the beauty of it shocks me. Who would put so much work into a wall? I then look at the girl, and I find her attractive. I figure that this is a great time to improve on my day game(approaching girls during the day). I go up to her. As I do I realize that there is a board next to her that has some words in blue written on it, and she is looking at it.
      Here's our conversation:
      Me: Hey, what's up?
      Her: Nothing.
      Me: Well, you're reading that board so, are you going anywhere in particular?
      Her: No, I'm not going anywhere.
      Me: Alright well hey, how about you come back with me to my place?
      Her: You better back away.
      Me: Haha, don't worry I'm just kidding. But look, I gotta get going, so how about you give me your number and I'll hit you up later?
      Her: Okay.
      I then pull out my phone out of my pocket and turn it on. "Hey, I'm going to give you my phone so you can put your number in it." I tell her. I start looking through my phone for the contacts area, but I can't find it. I search for a good 30 seconds, but I still don't find anything. As I continue looking for the contacts area, the asian guy standing in front of the row of seats comes over and asks for her number straight out of the blue. She gives it to him, and now I'm a little pissed that he just came over and did that. Get the hell out of here dude. I then look at her and tell her, "Ok, for some odd reason I can't find my contacts, so how about I give you my number? No, wait. How about you give me your number by writing it down on a piece of paper?".
      "Okay" she says. She then pulls me in and gives me a kiss. "Wow, that was quick" I think to myself. I immediately become lucid and I pull her in for another kiss, and we start making out. Suddenly, she stops our make-out session and tells me, "I want to have sex with you, but a special kind of sex." She then pulls out a laptop and goes to a porn site. She pulls up a video of how she wants to be fucked and plays it. In the video I see her fucking another guy, and I noticed that she was in total control. I continued watching out of a weird sense of curiosity. I get a closer look at her body in the video, and I see that this girl has a ton of gashes in her body. Her body looks like somebody took a hatchet and started whacking her with it.
      This disturbed me because the girl that was in the video was the same one standing next to me. The girl then puts her legs on me, and rubs them all over me. It feels pretty good until I start noticing all the gashes on her body. On her right leg I see a huge gash, and its extremely bloody. I look at the girls face, and for some unknown reason, she now has a drawn on mustache. She tells me to keep watching the video. Next in the video, the girl starts cutting open her body and putting all of her guts inside of the guys mouth that shes having sex with. Wtf? I started realizing that I made a mistake by even talking to this girl.
      It was weird because a part of me still wanted to bang her, but the sane part of me told me not too. I stop paying attention to the video and I turn around. I notice that I am now in my room, and the lights are on. I walk away from the girl and look around my room. "Is this really a dream?" I think to myself. I then validate myself by acknowledging the fact that a random girl was in my room. I turn around and go back to the girl, but its not her. She has changed into a guy that I know from school, Nick. He looks like he did when he was in 9th grade, not like he does now in 11th grade. I decide I'm going to do something else, but what?
      The first thing that comes to my mind is that I remember that a guy from dreamviews always had a problem where when he took off his glasses, he couldn't see good at all. I then take off my glasses, and the same thing happens to my surprise. I take off my glasses and put them back on multiple times. Each time is the same, my vision is really blurry. I know why this is happening, I don't really care whether I can see or not with my glasses off, and I don't care if it works. I stop playing around and put my glasses back on for good, but now they are messed up.
      I take them off again and adjust them, and then put them on again, but they are still messed up. Finally I just put them on and stopped caring. It then came to me that I could go outside right now and fly into the night sky and see all the stars in the sky. Right as I'm about to walk out of my room I hear a thud on the wall. "Cory get up" my mom says. Oh crap, I knew this was a dream, but now my mom might really be waking me up in waking life. I knew I could ignore her and just keep enjoying myself, but I really felt that my mom was telling me to get up and I didn't want to be a jerk so I intentionally woke myself up.
      Once I do so, I hear my mom messing around in the restroom, but she never told me to get up, she was just going to the restroom.
    5. finally lucid again

      by , 01-04-2015 at 09:09 PM
      last night i finally got lucid from an unsucesful wild.
      dream- i was in my house walking around when all of a sudden the light went out. everything was completly dark, but i seeemed to know my way around. i found my self in the living room on the couch that was folded out into a bed for some reason. then i saw my brother, but he was taller than me. noticing this i did a RC and became lucid. however i woke up.
    6. driving around town, watching videos at school, black lucid, christmas play

      by , 01-04-2015 at 08:35 PM
      I dreamt that me and several people were working on writing a christmas play. We were in an auditorium, at the front was a desk were we sat and wrote the script, and behind us was a very large christmas tree. The stage may have been lined with christmas lights. i remember two guys, i think one of them was dwight from the office (U.S.), and they were rehearsing the song. I asked them if they wanted me to implement "mecca santa claus" into the story when I wrote my part, but they never responded. I looked through the script and two pages of it was the song, they skipped lines when writing it and it was very neat. That's all that was done so far, and I don't remember even reading the lyrics.

      I had another dream, it was dark, it was like some game, I was commanding some soldiers through a forest, but it was like civ 5 where they were much bigger than the forest itself. I had them fire a couple arrows on someone. Then it changes to they're all standing in formation in a village. there's four cottages, some braziers, chests. We loot the chests and the stuff inside of them, most of it's furniture, we move it to a big, open room with a desk, a bed. one of my friend's says that he wants the white desk and chair.

      I had a dream my friend and I were driving around in a huge semi truck, some parts of it were white. The truck was HUGE, the front bumper, every bit of this thing was massive. There was no trailer on it, because there was no room for a trailer, it was almost all cabin. We were first at winn dixie's. I accidentally walked over to the driver's side, so I went around the front and was kind of freaked out how huge the bumper was, and it had lights on it. We drove around talking about stuff, we stopped at a mcdonalds, somehow we made the employees mad (I think I said something to one of them) and so I told him to drive away and we'd go eat at a different one, he said he wanted to stay around here because his girlfriend was driving through, so we went to the one across the street. It was a pretty busy highway, the other mcdonalds had a red roof, but it was very dim like it was washed out. The walls were greyish. We ended up sitting outside of it, they had a seating area under a roof, like a patio. We sat there, and finally his girlfriend arrived, but it was a different chick, one of his old friends, I remember part of our conversation, I was joking around talking about how he had justin bieber hair, and called him "Trent Justin Bieber Rogers" and people thought it was hilarious. He also asked her if she remembered when he started calling her by her nickname "baby". We also made our way to a field near the mcdonalds, and it was a huge hill that ran down and at the bottom was a lake. I saw patrick (a friend of mine) rolling around, and he was going really fast down the hill. Later he told me that If the lake wasn't there, he could just keep rolling down and down and that it'd be awesome.

      I had another dream my dad had come home in a white truck, with several lights on it, with a black brush guard. The door was still open, and there were leaves all over it. I got one of those listerine strips, it was in some plastic container. I went in my room and did something on the computer, and then I asked my dad if we were going out to eat anytime soon, I don't remember his answer.

      I had another dream, it was dark and in like a grassland, (irl someone had shown me the game shogun: total war) and I was placing units like how you place them on that game, except every unit was sonata dusk. After I had line them up, it turned first person, and it was several different people, from band, and they were having some kind of band competition.

      I came to the realization that I was dreaming in some dream, and everything turned black. I could move around, and shout dream commands. I shouted dream stabilization and I felt myself get "anchored" to the dream, but when I tried dream clairty, or imagining a grassy field, nothing worked. I fell out of lucidity and ended up in some HUGE massive library. There were corridors, and books stacked like crazy. I remember taking out one and it was a book about greek gods. I did a reality check, but it didn't work and I kept on about my business. I believe in the middle of the library there was a big globe, and towards the north there was a double stair case, and in the middle between them was a waterfall. It was super bright, I think there were a bunch of windows. The shelves with books went up very high.

      I also had a dream that me and a friend were at school, and we were watching some song remix on a large computer monitor. it had ponies on it, and as we were watching it this dude from my school, heath, recognized it and was talking about how he was a brony and all. he got on a computer near us and started doing whatever on it, and we kept on watching videos. I then turned around and asked him if he watched rainbow rocks, I don't remember his answer.
    7. Link start! #3

      by , 01-04-2015 at 07:26 PM (Runaways DJ)
      I'm outside. There is my dog and some chicken. Dog have "fun" with chicken. I found some small boots. I go take them to home. When I going I become lucid. I go near pond and start meditate. I looking for pillow to sit, there isn't any, but my dog running around and I using him as a pillow. I meditate short time, first I see darkness, then some small blue landscape.
      After go to my room. I put something on my head and say "Link start". I saw some color things. Then I was in choose account menu. Most colors of this menu is orange. There are 2 account, one probably mine and second Katsuno. I choose Katsuno. He got few characters. First got 15 lvl, guy who look like pilot be with wife named Maria. Thier surname was Rayan. There are other characters with lvl under 10, so I choose Rayan. I appeared in my room. I sit near computer, on screen I watch someone playing in casino. I drop things on the desk to the floor and go into screen.
      First I was in Rayan's body or 3rd look. Rayan throw dice and got 2 six few times. Everytime he win, I hear part of song "Bellini - Samba de Janeiro". Then I was in other body in this table. Some guy want to join, but he saw that Rayan win some postcards and there is nothing interesting in this table. Croupier give me some cards: king, queen and jack. I wonder can I get poker and I wake up.
    8. Shorty number many : Fail to lightning

      by , 01-04-2015 at 07:06 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      This morning I entered again.
      Now I was before my house , It was night.
      I was tried to make lightning with my hands .
      I used my imagination and a blue orb around my hands popped up and then dissapeared.
      So that was all.
    9. DJ#11: Back to School

      by , 01-04-2015 at 06:49 PM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      1: Fragments, something to do with darts I think
      2: (non-lucid) I arrive back at school,starting the new year, and I go to a room with lockers in them to find my own. I worry aboit forgetting to bring my lock, but it turns out good, so I set about finding my new locker. Unfortunately it turns out that only the bottom locker is left, which is a real pain (I'm 6 foot 5/6 iwl), so I complain about it trying to persuade someone to swap, but no luck. I see a friend from primary school there as well, which should have set me alarm bells off, but alas. Anyway, I then collect some for of payment in an envelope and get it signed by classmate, then head oer to my English class and remind everyone else that thye have it to. When I arrive I take a seat near the front and a girl sits down next to me. At this point I wake up rather suddenly.
      This breaks my rather long drought of dream recall, I think it is my first in over a fortnight, so hopefully this trend continues. Being at school is basically my only dream sign and considering I'm on holidays at the moment I should have known it was a dream but oh well, next time I will be more aware
    10. Canal Games, Animated my old comics

      by , 01-04-2015 at 05:35 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I recall being in a small yellow lifeboat. It was floating down a large artificial canal that was flowing very rapidly. It was raining heavily, so it was safe to assume that it was some kind of flash-flood.

      There were all sorts of debris in the water. Cars, pieces of bridges, etc. I was supposed to dodge them, like it was some kind of video game.

      I was animating some of my old comics. I had this absolutely hilarious scene where one of the characters spazzed out and shot lasers out of his hands. I believe that the two main characters were actually fighting.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Re-Hired

      by , 01-04-2015 at 02:13 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I decide to stop in to a place I used to work at. Arriving around 8:30 PM, I am included in an orientation group for new hires. I am a little surprised because I have yet to apply, but I do need a job so I just go with it. We get a tour, and the woman tells us about the company. Only lasting 15 minutes, I decide to go buy some food before the store closed at 9. Out on the floor, I see some old coworkers from CSU, Robert and Alberto. I am completely famished, so I talk with them as I browse for food, mostly looking for fruit. They seem to only be interested in distracting me, and not talking, so they leave. I end up eating a pound of cheese.

      Now I see some night crew people starting to arrive before the 9pm shift. I walk to the back room like I work there to see if I can find the night crew manager. I'm wearing a jacket and carrying a bunch of things, too much for comfort. I find my old locker, still with my things in it from 3 months ago, and stuff my sweater and a bag into it. As I hang up my winter coat, I see that I have 2 winter coats of the exact same type. That's strange. It must have been because I ripped the side of it. I don't remember ever having 2 though...

      The night crew introduces themselves to me. There are now about 20 people on the crew. Compared to 6 when I was working there. The manager tells me he's called Justin, and then we all just wait around in the break room for the shift to start. Justin lays down on the bench seat and keeps encroaching on my space. I keep moving over until I have to stand up. He goes even further so that his head and upper body are not even on the bench seat anymore. There is a chair I was going to use that he now is using as a pillow. He moves around and it doesn't look comfortable at all. I move the chair out of his way and he looks upset at me. "Well are you using it as a pillow, or is it hurting your neck?" I ask him. He laughs, and everyone gets up for the start of the shift.

      I clean up the back room, making to throw out some plastic and recycle some cardboard, but the trash barrel is 30 ft tall. I try to throw it into the barrel, but it's just too high, and the plastic doesn't throw well. Someone starts using an industrial vacuum, but is having trouble with it. I'm not sure they know how. I remember that's the same one we just got when I quit. Now I see that the 30 foot barrel is just several barrels stacked up to clear the floor for vacuuming. I walk to the receiving dock where several people are standing around, getting ready to unload the truck. One guy puts a climbing harness on so he can climb up a 20 ft pallet, and attach ropes to unload it with a crane. That looks like the best job to have! Too bad I quit earlier, now other people are having all the fun. But I seem to be back on the team now, so it's all good.
    12. Fragment: bad nails, bequest, dead body

      by , 01-04-2015 at 01:42 PM
      Fragment 1: someone at work said I had to deal with my fingernails, so I examined them at home. There was something dearly wrong with each of them. Two nails were entirely coming off. One had a plastic fake nail in front of it that was ingrown into my finger. The others were way too long and dirty.

      Fragment 2: someone wanted to give something to the company I worked for, and we had to figure out whether we could legally accept the gift since it was way more valuable than what it was replacing. Also had to figure out who the companies owners and heirs really were. Another thing we knew was that last year a coworker and I had discovered a dead body at the work place after hours, and we reported it to upper management, who made the body disappear and it was never reported to the police.
    13. Deathmatch, family meeting, sightseeing in Greece

      by , 01-04-2015 at 12:31 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Deathmatch - revolutionary TV show

      Local television created a new show called Deathmatch. They picked up random people, used chemical substance turning human in a mindless killing machine, and dropped them in their arena. It was made as a farmland at the late evening. I was one of the picked up people. Everyone i saw was deformed, and looked like monster. I was fighting, killing everyone trying to stop me. When I was alone with a granny and her dog, the countdown timer started. I quickly ran to her, and killed her and her dog. Then the show was over. I was standing in the middle of arena, surrounded by piles of bodies and dancing a winner dance.

      Family meeting

      I was in my aunts home. We were sitting near the table and talking.

      A trip to the Greece - DILD

      With my siblings and friend we drove to Greece, to the family I was guest once in the past. We were sightseeing in the big city. The streets were crowded, but the was no gridlock on the road. We were crossing the streets in dangerous places, often jumping in front of cars, and sat on the bench. We then decided to go to the church, where famous greek singer performs. We entered the church. It was built in baroque style and rich in ornament. There was a coffin of a hero there. We sat on one of the benches. They were hanging on the chains, so you could swung on them. After a while, the singer appeared on the balcony, high, close to the roof. She was a beautiful, slim and tall woman. She was brunette, with full red lips. She was wearing a black evening gown. Her voice was as beautiful as her appearance. I couldn't control the bench, which swung like crazy. When the performance ended, we wanted to go to the shop, but we were attacked by zombies. I was trying to beat them with my fists, but they were too strong. Luckily someone helped us. We entered the shop and wanted to buy some snacks, but there was a zombie woman, who after time became more and more normal, tough aggression stayed. I was escaping from her, and thrown random objects at her. She was still chasing me. While running near the shelves with wine, I grabbed one bottle and thrown it at her. She catched it, and ran after me. I finally come closer to her, and told her that it's best to stop, chosen a snack and went to pay. The cashier told me that it cost 11 euros. I could buy that, but 11 euros for a stupid snack?! I went back to the shelves with snacks, and took another one. I payed 3 euros, and opened it. It was a pack of white chocolate balls, but inside there were miniature tennis balls.
      I became lucid, and told myself It's a dream, and I could've taken something better. I thought to myself that there was a wine stand nearby, ideal occasion for basic TOTM!
      Suddenly I heard alarm clock and immediately woke up.
    14. Potential Imposition (A “new” half-door dream)

      by , 01-04-2015 at 10:49 AM
      Morning of January 4, 2015. Sunday.

      Actually, it is not totally accurate or attentive to describe this lifelong recurring dream feature as a “half-door” as it is more often like a “three-fourths door” or even a “six-sevenths door”, but I have written on this dream feature in older entries and had given it the name of “half-door” as a child. I just had a new version of this recurring dream feature even though the last clearer one was probably in 1978 in Cubitis, though I have had more recent dreams of attempting to keep the door closed against a threat.

      In this dream, it is a solid wooden door (rather than the typical jalousie-windowed door) that does not fully fit the doorway when closed at our present address on W Street (however, this door is cracked in reality in the top left panel though that attribute is not noticed or considered in my dream). It is the door that goes out to the front porch from our living room. I soon sense that there are devious people in the street (though I do not see them at any point) that may impose or possibly have intent to burglarize our house. However, this potentially dangerous scenario does not happen even though I continue to have issues with the door for several minutes. In this case, it is probably a “four-fifths door” within the doorway and I try to make the door “fit” as I close it, but to no avail. I cannot seem to “stretch” the wooden door far enough over to reach the latch on the left side (using in-dream faux logic in expecting the door to be malleable), in my non-lucid dream state. Still, I am not confronted or attacked at any point and no one actually comes onto the porch.

      This type of dream situation has at least three possible explanations. A likely one (in general), due to the fact that doors represent shifts in consciousness or memory recall while sleeping, is that it simply represents the waking process or the “intrusion” of the conscious awareness dissolving a dream setting when the (typically non-lucid) dream-self wants to remain in the dream (possibly even relative to the completion of an ongoing cellular process or other physical process before fully waking). This is a meaning that I had fully validated in the 1980s in certain cases. However, a situation like this is also potentially literal (and may be precognitive). A third possibility relates to an attempt at controlling one’s temper if it is otherwise problematic to one’s well-being. I have had a number of dreams over my lifetime where the door did not completely cover the doorway or reach the latch to keep it closed, which possibly represents the particular state of consciousness between waking and sleeping during the waking process.
    15. DILD - Advanced TOTM

      by , 01-04-2015 at 05:16 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I took a nap after work, which was right after my boss dropped me off at home irl. In the nonlucid part of the dream, instead of dropping me off, he took me back to his house because his wife needed him to attend to the kids, and take out trash and some other random shit. FINALLY when it was time to go, he just grabbed a snack and sat down in front of the TV, and I was like "Dood, gotta get home to my kid!" He was like "OH ok" and jumped up. As we went outside (and this was really weird), I saw a red bird fly by the yard. For some weird reason, I felt like it was a dream sign lol. I've never seen this red bird before that I can recall, but in the dream I felt like I had been dupped by it before. I'll take it! So I just said "See ya Mike," and decided to fly. Then I thought of the fly backwards totm! But my vision went bye bye. So I sat down in lotus position (wtf), but ended up waking up.

      I fell back to sleep and I don't remember the start of this second dream, but I DO recall seeing Angeline Jolie in my room, and another guy. The 3 of us decided to go to the shower for a 3some. As I passed the mirror in my bathroom, my reflection was the most amazing gorgeous man I have ever seen. Like holy wow gorgeous. I got lucid from that. I flexed a bit, then I looked like me again. So I left the bathroom and recalled the backwards totm again. I was in the livingroom, and we have a giant mirror there. I looked at myself in the mirror, and just started walking backwards. Easy peasy. Although, my reflection decided to be more creative. It walked backwards properly as I did, but then it backwardsly climbed up onto some furniture that was in the reflection, but not on my side, if that makes sense. Then my reflection started to have some japanese horror little-girl look to it, and it gave me goose bumps. This is cool: I could feel them on my sleeping body, the goosebumps. And so I looked at my dream arm, but no goosebumps. I remarked how I could feel them irl, but not see them in the dream. I looked up at the mirror again and could see a man's naked body behind me. I turned to look, but no one was there. I looked at the mirror again, and he was there. So I reached behind me and it was an old dude and I could feel his old weewee all hard and old lol. I kinda squealed and left the room. I don't remember anything else.