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    1. Alien Queen of the Amethyst Planet

      by , 03-18-2015 at 05:55 PM
      I think I am going to have trouble remembering my dream last night. I will record what I remember later today.

      But, for now, another Lucid dream I had put down previously. This particular dream, I was thinking it was an OOB experience. So some of my wording is odd. I didnt know about lucid dreaming at the time. Also, another experience from college. I used to do some crazy dream stuff back then!


      I took a nap for whatever reason an art student takes a nap, so when I began dreaming, my conscious mind was still awake. I was back in CT (I was attending college in NYC at the time of the dream) and in my Parent's house. I was in my sister's room, walking, or floating out from her closet and towards the the outside hallway that connects her and my room with the rest of the house. I had the feeling of being led somewhere without my permission, but I figure it was my spirit floating through the house and my logical, conscious mind confused that it wasn't in control. I looked up and into the dining room (as before I was concentrating more on the floor. And no, I don't recollect my feet.) and commented on how the sunlight was shining so nicely into the room. I then took a left, through the open doors and into the living room, where I looked down onto one of my mom's throw blankets that was on the floor along with one of the many furniture catalogs my mom keeps and reads from time to time. I remember seeing some red cloth or reddish cloth blanket or bedspread. I also commented on how the blanket and magazine were even ON the floor, since in real life my mum is such a clean freak and only usually puts things on the floor for a minute.

      I figured, or knew she was somewhere in the kitchen. Next, in a flash, I had speedily made my way to the front door and was looking out the storm window. I then flew outside, spun around to look at a moving van that was parked infront of the house next door and on the sidewalk. I studied it for a while, then...

      I was suddenly somewhere completely different. I flew out of an emerald colored volcano that was hollowed out and without lava. (like a volcano shaped chute or something.) I began ZOOMING towards a sparkling city or palace that was very far away, but I reached it in only a few seconds. Between the green volcanoes and the sparkling citadel was what looked like shining purple chunks of rock, with deep cracks in between them. I couldn't exactly see what they were or if there was anything else under me as I flew, since I was going so incredibly fast. It was also very dark under me.

      The next thing I saw was the interior of the castle. I was standing in the huge threshold of what seemed at first like a sewer, only very clean and without poo-rivers. Or maybe it was closer to a dungeon-like water treatment plant. I stood in a square, grey bricked corridor, looking ahead and down at a river of purple sparkling water. It flowed below the corridor I was in and an adjacent, identical corridor, from the left to the right. It ran through a grate in the left and went off somewhere I couldn't see on the right. I think it also branched off to another river that flowed away from me, further down.

      Next I was at the threshold of the whole manor/castle, only a little in. I now saw before me a humongous, glowing purple orb, inside which was what looked like a star system, or a universe. The orb was on a black pedestal. I think things and mist swirled around the orb. At first this was all very fuzzy, like I didn't have my glasses on and therefore couldn't see well. But, my logic mind still active, I was able to make myself focus. I wanted to remember all of this. I focused too much and things became too detailed. Like if you put on a stronger prescription of glasses that you shouldn't be wearing and it strains your eyes.

      It was then that I noticed a guard to my right and a little infront of me. He hadn't seen me yet and was looking away, like a guard would. He wore a knights mail, a helmet...held a spear? Had faded red on. When I saw him I started to excitedly talk at him, so happy that I was able to meet another person while I was able to still use my logic mind. Of course I scared him, because I was behind him and he had no clue who I was or why I was there. I then realized this, and was afraid he would attack me, so I jumped really high 3 or 4 times to get out of his way. I landed in a room connected to the one I was just in, to the direct left of where I previously stood. There was what looked like gym mats ( both rolled up and unrolled and on the floor ) in this room, and I think it somewhat resembled a P.E gymnastics area.

      Next I remember looking in a mirror and looking at my reflection as I danced excitedly. I looked like me. The guard who I previously scared was still there. He told me, as I looked in this full length mirror, that I was "the reincarnation of our Queen". or Princess. Then I woke up.

      After this, I was convinced I was some mysterious Alien Queen in hiding. I didn't know what had happened. Whether I had a dream or I really experienced this adventure as a spirit. I was...confused. :[

      Looking back, I'm amazed I was able to focus and do other lucid-y things without even knowing that I was in a lucid dream. Ha.
    2. Fixing a wire

      by , 03-18-2015 at 05:31 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my home. I took my laptop from the shelf, and went to the living room. I turned it one, and suddenly I felt hungry. I went to the kitchen, made myself a meal and went back to eat. After I have finished eating, I saw something wrong aboutt the wire of the charger.

      It looked as if something bitten it, and made it useless. I took the charger with the laptop as well, and showed the wire to my father. He told me to bring isolation tape. I entered the room, and father yelled to me that I should bring him a tool for guitar tunings instead.

      I looked in the boxes placed under the shelves, but couldn't find it. I went to my father, and saw that instead of my laptop and the charger, he was holding a guitar. I looked at the wire, and saw that it was fixed. I took my laptop to the living room, connected with the network and surfed the net.
    3. (March 18, 2015) Camping (tried to be detailed) (fragmented memory)

      by , 03-18-2015 at 03:13 PM
      I remember around the beginning and end of the dream but am forgetting a lot of the details throughout. I remember driving my truck out in the back country somewhere, driving down a dusty dirt road, a few trees scattered through-out with tall grass of slightly varied shades of greens and a few dried up patches. the time of day was either sunrise or sunset, but it looked as though the sun was setting, and the warm orange/yellow light of the sun was cast out upon this hilly field. at the end of the straight part of the dirt road it started winding at a downward angle to the left abruptly. When we(cant remember who) reached the bottom of the curved dirt road slope I parked the truck and we got out. the scene changed a lot in random order but the general area never changed location. when we got out of the truck the first time, it was getting fairly dark out, so most of the plains were darker by now. the camp site we stopped at was a small basin ("bowl" shaped depression in the earth) with a flat bottom filled with sand. some of the walls were exposed sandstone and were probably weathered to form the sandy floor. I dont know when or how, but the scene changed. it was now mid afternoon, and the camp site we were at was now deeper underground, you could still see out but it was farther in the earth and looked partially underground now like a cave. we looked around the area, i thought to my self "many other people have been here before us" because i saw some areas that were covered in piles of trash and there was some graffiti. we decided to move to a clean spot and set up camp. we were still on the sandy floor of where ever we were. I set up a single-man orange tent next to a sandstone wall. the others had set up across from me about 15 feet away. at some point we walked into a small cave passage, and the details escape me but we got to a point where we were looking out a long glass pane attached to the sandstone rock, from in the cave and we saw someone at our camp. i thought to myself i dont want him looking through my stuff because i didn't want my gun and sunglasses taken. we got back to the camp site, i grabbed my stuff out of my green back pack. I made sure i had the items. a black m9 hand gun, and my purple and yellow knockaround sunglasses. all was well and we were going into our tents to sleep. i got in my tent, and it was now pitch black out. and that is where that dream ended.

      another fragment, i was in my room collecting coins from my desk area. my desk is in a small section of my room where it pushed outside a bit, the desk is mounted to the wall, has a tempered glass top over it, and there is a big window on the wall in front of it that it is against. i pick up a blue coin, and a white coin, and some kid is talking to me about how he pre-ordered a game for x-box. i told him it sounded cool, then my alarm woke me.
    4. Under the Door

      by , 03-18-2015 at 02:25 PM
      Morning of March 18, 2015. Wednesday.

      My wife’s mother comes to our house and it seems her youngest half-sister is also here with her (likely being the one who drove her here in her car). Of course, we do not open the door or respond at first. There are a few different points where the door is not rendered correctly and has a wider gap at the bottom. This gap is big enough to see a person’s face when they have the side of their head pressed against the floor on the other side of the door, which is what happens at least twice in my dream. My wife’s youngest half-sister seems so much older and mean-looking that I first mistake her for her mother. Her features and expression are disturbing, though my mood and energy level does not make this a nightmare.

      At one point, her mother puts something under the door. At first, it seems to be a greeting card or letters, but the view changes to seeing at least three paintbrushes. There is an awareness that the paintbrushes should not be placed in the mouth or tasted or even touched at all because of who they had belonged to. (This may come from a very old memory of possibly an episode of “Dragnet” or another crime show where a painter implied to be on drugs puts the paintbrush in his mouth as if to suck the paint off - for some reason, this scene stuck in my memory as a child).

      Eventually, I end up yelling at them through the closed door but it is not as intense as it could be. Meanwhile, my wife is talking casually to the police on the telephone, though we do not have a restraining order against her mother or youngest half-sister though I mention getting one. (It would not matter anyway, as restraining orders in this town mean nothing, as my wife’s sister had one against the mother in reality - and it proved to be useless.)
    5. 2015-03-18 flashlights, LD #105

      by , 03-18-2015 at 10:36 AM
      A welcome return of more wild & wacky dreams, night of the flashlight: flashlights everywhere. Nice detailed recall of a number of different scenes. Super vivid/bright/stable but only seconds-long LD to finish off the night.


      00:06 pre-bedtime. family drama, take 2mg melatonin to aid in getting to sleep

      07:46 (maybe earlier wakings? Some recall from them? don't remember)

      + With members of religious group, the artifacts we want are down in the caverns. Going down into the caverns, we're actually on an expedition to the desert ruins. Two people step on an elevator pad about 2 meters long and barely 1 person thick wide, it starts descending into its well, I decide to hop on and hope I won't get stuck, I have to turn fully sideways in order to make it down (I think we'll come back up this way later?). Step off the pad and head down a hallway, encounter a sticky jello trap where some people are drowning in the jello, some are getting out, and I reach my hands forward and help pull people out. I say "I think this is here to trap the animals coming in from the outside."

      In a crowded hardware store aisle that turns a 90-degree corner to the right, at first I think we'll need water bottles for the desert and look at a few, they're quite small. Then I'm looking at flashlights and trying to choose one. I'm concerned about the batteries they take because those pesky "C-cell' batteries are so hard to find. The flashlight I'm interested in looks to be a C-cell size. I'm hoping to find a D-cell flashlight. The one I'm looking at has a place for an odd rectangular-shaped battery, someone tells me "that's a D-minor battery".

      + I'm standing at the edge of a swiftly running large/deep river. I can see into the water clearly. At first some very large clumps of vegetation float by, I see many blades of grass waving about from the clumps as they quickly float past me (the river flows from my right to my left). Then I see some *really* big scary-looking fish swim past, and I scream at the top of my voice to my friends who are already in the river "THERE ARE GIANT FISH COMING! GIANT FISH!". I'm waiting for a moment when nothings swimming past so I can enter the river and float down. I see from the waterfall to my right (which is flowing in reverse: from below up to the top) that a group of white seals are coming past. I see one in front of me then I jump in the river and hope to hang on to the (friendly?) seal as a raft, but it avoids me.

      I'm flowing down the river and I'm surrounded by these skittish/nervous really large white blobby "seals". As soon as I get right behind one or close to it it scoots away. We're heading towards a city? I see a very large gray hippo is now on my left, I pat it's "nose" and it nuzzles me with its huge head. I'm concerned that this thing could be TOO friendly and squash me. I scratch its face some more as we continue to float down the river.

      + I'm lying down in a some small long area like a camper at the top of a pile of (mattresses?) There are some small kids down below me (friendly or not, unsure). I have (or they hand me?) a large long, heavy, sniper rifle with two scopes: one near the handle (normal place), and one about 75% of the way down the barrel towards the tip. (There's someone outside the building I need to shoot?). The trigger/finger guard has lots of sharp little swoops on it. I'm trying to line up and use the sights. At first nothing, then I get the second line flipped up and I have a very close up view of someone on the other side of this room. I shoot him? Someone says "careful that thing can kill someone!"

      + Outside, some people are talking (man/woman?) that they need to turn on the ground water system. I'm in a 3-meter-on-a-side square earthen pit, and the pit starts filling quickly with water. Someone sinks under the surface and I grab his hands and pull him/her out. Then I pull out a flashlight and toss it out of the pit. I'm then looking for the flashlight I saved, and I find it's been opened and the batteries are missing. I'm trying to find out who did this and eventually someone admits (two different people?) that they each took one of the batteries.

      I'm heading out to the remote post with salad, I'm carrying a tall pile of deep mixing bowls [WL I like to eat salad from huge mixing bowls], people are laughing at me for taking all these bowls but I say it's really convenient, great for mixing salads.

      I'm outdoors it's dark/night scooting fast over ground on a powered office chair that moving me towards my remote outpost, the chair stops and I think it would be great if the chair could give me a ride all the way to where I'm going. I'm surveying the land in front of me, it's a large grassy valley dipping down in front of me then climbing up on the other side, there are (moonlight?) light patches and dark patches. I resolve to move in the dark patches to avoid discovery. Up ahead around a boulder I sense movement and think it's a threatening panther [day residue from DV thread on confronting scary DCs/animals] it moves really fast and I try to face it but it manages to flank me and get behind me, I keep turning and then notice that it's a man. I'm waving things between us to keep him at bay. I have a flashlight that's turned on and wave it at him like a lightsaber, he sort of smirks at me and pulls out a flashlight, I say s.l. "Oh so you have one, too." Then I'm with the guy in some store, he's a clerk selling some sort of women's make-up, the guys say I'll need it to get past the women further along the path, I realize the entire system is a scam to get you to buy things so you can travel without problems.

      + I'm sitting on a couch in a home, and TiZi as a small girl (face is quite accurate) comes up to me, I say "Hi, T!" and she says "Hi, <my name>!" and she comes and sits on my lap straddling me and we hold each other in a long, tight hug. I'm amazed she's this friendly. She says to me, "I love you!". I wonder what people will think if they come in with us in this position.

      I stand up and see PZ (something about the objects in their home?). Then I see ToZ, I'm a bit surprised to see him his hair is now entirely white, we shake hands and say something.

      + I'm in a utility room, my with face in front of the door of a front-loading clothes washing machine. There's a woman's blue blouse in there, and other clothing, I'm looking at the other items to make sure they won't color bleed in the wash, I say to the woman "it's OK, they're all pretty much blue".

      In a crowded back room there are a bunch of people, including a guy who's in my way. Back to the other room, someone is calling out, "who lost their laptop?", there are small netbook/laptops placed here and there on a high narrow shelf that runs around the border of the room, none of them are mine and I know I didn't lose/leave it anywhere, so I say they're not mind. A guy shows me a pair of glasses that were lost: the left frame and lens are about half the size of the right side: o_O, very odd looking glasses, they're not mine.

      + In my grandparent's house [recognized after waking up], look down and see I'm naked,
      Spoiler for 18+:
      my sister enters the room and I stop.

      + getting a stroller put together for a trip, "where's the surprise snack?", "pick anything you like"

      + (LD #105) I walk out on to my childhood home deck, the geometry is not quite right. The railing has been removed (they're repairing it?). It is bright daytime. The ground/backyard is far below. I strongly feel like flying[DS], I recognize this as a dream sign, but everything is so detailed and vivid and bright and colorful, I'm a bit concerned about falling, so I do a few hops into the air to check gravity, and on the 2nd or 3rd one I notice I fall back down a bit too slowly to be awake, so I stand still and prepare a solid nose pinch, concentrate [I don't want any ambiguous results], hold my nose firmly shut, and I can breath, now I'm fully lucid, I eagerly step to the edge of the deck to my right, I see below on the ground all sorts of bright detailed plants, large white flowers, trees, and step out and start gliding with my arms spread wide. I'm really happy I got lucid: it's vivid, bright, beautiful, and completely stable, "I'M LUCID DREAMING!" I shout in joy, and instantly wake up… O_o

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    6. The Pill of Truth!

      by , 03-18-2015 at 10:20 AM
      I was at a party at my parents' house. Numerous friends from my past were there, but I was too awkward to talk with any of them. When I woke up from that dream, I was determined to work on my anxiety issues, so I stayed still and waited for another dream to start.

      I could see one of my old friends from middle school, Eric. I tried to talk with him but the dream hadn't fully formed yet. I waited a little longer and I noticed that I was in a pink bedroom - it reminded me of a bedroom that I once saw at a party in France. I looked around for Eric but I couldn't see him anywhere, so I decided to go find random people to talk with.

      I wandered out of the room and into what appeared to be an apartment complex. There were random people walking all over the place, it was QUITE busy, I guess there was a party going on somewhere. I started talking to random DCs, having conversations with them and working through the discomfort. The more I did it, the more comfortable I felt. One of the DCs that I talked with was this woman that was going to her apartment with her dog, she had vivid green eyes, dark skin, and light brown hair. I talked with her for a couple minutes and she invited me into her apartment where she was having a party. She introduced me to her girlfriend and I told them both how beautiful I thought they were, they thought I was gay.

      I walked around for a few minutes, exploring their apartment. It looked like a pretty expensive place, they even had a fully stocked bar with a bartender that was making drinks for everybody. I was getting a little tired of practicing so I decided it was time to do some tasks! I remembered the pill/potion task first, so I walked up to the first DC I saw and started talking with him. He was a bit chubby and he looked like he had down syndrome.
      I asked him if he had the pill that I was looking for and he immediately took it out of his pocket and handed it to me. The pill was light green and had a four leaf clover on it. I looked around for some water because I was super thirsty, and I found a water bottle that had the words "Red or Blue" written on it (incubated by ~Dreamer~'s matrix pill dream). I swallowed the pill and chased it with some water, then the world around me immediately vanished/fell apart. I felt like I was falling through a black void. I appeared in my body, back on some bed. I couldn't move, feel, or interact with the body, it felt like I was just watching, completely detached from the world, acting purely as an observer. I could only hear a loud humming, it was very relaxing.

      After a couple minutes of relaxing there, I remembered that I wanted to try another task. I made the body move like I was moving it with telekinesis, until I felt like I was actually in it. I left the room and there was absolute darkness. Rather than panicking, I remembered to try some tricks that I had heard about from CanisLucidus and a recent Thread on DV. First, I felt my face, I was looking for a cloth that was covering my eyes. I felt some goggles and pulled them off. I could see that I was in a hallway, but it was night time and very dark still. I felt around in my pocket for a flashlight and pulled one out. It wasn't that bright so I looked for a button on it that would make it even brighter. I pushed a button and it turned off, SHIT. I quickly pushed it again and it turned back on. I then began to wander around the halls. I remember the floor was hard and probably waxed, it reminded me of the kind of floor that I would see in a hospital. I searched these halls for what felt like 5 minutes before I found a room that had some sign of life in it. There was a security guard, reading a book while guarding a library. A few police in training immediately ran past me, pushing me out of the way. They were running up and down some stairs and doing laps inside of this building. I tried to freeze time, didn't work. I began slowly down time while imagining a clock that was ticking slower and slower. I started to hear the clock and everybody moved slower until they were all frozen in place. I moved a few of the guys into very sexual positions, it looked like they were having a full on man orgy by the time I was done. I made time go back to normal and they all collapsed into a pile where they awkwardly exchanged looks of horror with each other.
    7. Spider pets at the big Mansion.

      by , 03-18-2015 at 05:53 AM
      Another nice long dream.

      I dreamed me and my friends were attending a party at one of my favorite radio personality's mansion. This person hadn't been seen in a while in the public light, and irl this person basically fell off the face of the earth unless you were a super fan.

      My friends, by the way, were just random dream people. "B" from my last dream was certainly there. Later portions of the dream deal heavily with her.

      Anyways, me and my random dream friends were sitting inside a tiki themed cabana by this mansion's pool. (Thatch roof, glowing Hawaii/island colored lanterns, coconuts. Things of that nature.) Suddenly our host revealed themselves at the party and sat down next to our group, and it was quite a sight. This person looked thin, sickly, pale, like they had been stuck inside of their house for a long time, not interacting socially with anyone. They also were stinking drunk. Literally. They smelled like alcohol. You would think I meant drinking alcohol, and if we were talking about real life that would make sense. But what I actually smelled was antiseptic/medical rubbing alcohol. This person smelled very sterilized, like they came out of a hospital. Or like bandaides. But I know it was supposed to represent actual "I have been drinking" alcohol smell.

      I tried to be nice to the stinking drunk host, talking to them, trying to joke with them, but it was embarrassing to me to try. They were just too drunk. I think they tried to kiss us, and I think we all played along, but from that moment on I decided to just stick to my group of friends and try to avoid them. All of us were sitting on a diner styled booth that ran the length of the Cabana, and I decided to scootch more to the left to talk to my group of friends. The owner of the home, in their drunken stupor, I guess didn't notice, or was too drunk to care. They just ended up sitting there alone staring off while me and my friends talked about how they smelled. I felt kind of bad, and went back over to the right where they sat to try and talk again, but I think I did this to get a better whiff of the alcohol smell so I could continue to gossip to my friends.

      It was night time at this pool tiki party. Next I remember it being daytime and me and "B" were on the road leading up to the mansion. I remember stepping back from this road, which in this scene was paved, and surveyed the entire area where the large home stood. I started thinking about how alone the home owner must be in this big house, and wondering if someone could move in next to them to keep watch on them and keep them company. There was a traditional styled home to the right of the property, basically ON the property, that may or may not have been occupied by random neighbors. I thought to myself that the mansion owner should buy up this extra house on their land and get someone to live in there to hang out with them.

      Next I recall being on this same road with "B" again, hopping up and down, playing "leap frog" or some other such game to pass the time. The road was dirt this time around, and looked alot like a road that leads to a large mansion over by a spot me and my BF frequent in the summer. Suddenly, a large tractor trailer or tour bus pulled up into the driveway. It looked like one of those "Pimp my Ride" style tractor trailers, or may have even been a "pimped out" tour bus. It was royal purple in color, with decals on either side of it. It also had flashing yellow lights on each side, for extra fanciness.

      I guess "B" knew what this tour bus vehicle was. It was a vet bus, and the people driving it were delivering some pets they had taken care of for a couple of days. I think at first these pets were supposed to be the mansion owner's pets, but it morphed into being pets of "B". There were 2 tiger striped domestic cats, orange, a dog and a Siamese cat. They had names, but I only remember one of them. The orangest of the striped cats was, of course, named "Tiger". I think the Siamese was supposed to be B's Siamese she has IRL. (IRL B has many cats.) All of the animals were in their own metal cages, stacked one on top of the other and placed on a rolling serving cart to be delivered like a parcel delivery. All the animals were sleeping, I think they were drugged to prevent them from getting nervous over where they had been. Me and B stopped our goofing around, signed off for the animals and took the whole cart into the house to take care of them.

      Inside, the cage situation became much different. Now instead of cats and a dog, we had a tiny double cell cage the size of an egg carton, with different kinds of animals inside. Chicks.

      For some reason, as if we were hatching them ourselves, we couldn't free the chicks from their cages right away. Either they were hatching from their eggs, or they needed to stay inside their cages until they woke up, since it was an incubator type of thing that kept them warm. We waited a little for the machine in each cage to do their job. I began to worry, thinking they were staying in there too long, but my friend insisted on waiting a few more minutes. Finally I convinced her to open up one half of the two cage egg carton to see how the chicks were doing, since it had seemed they were moving around for a short time. It was too late for this half of the animal cage, however. I poked one of the heads of the now browned chick, and it made a sound like I was poking a freshly cooked crispy chicken tender. We quickly opened the other half of the cage, that wasn't heating as long, before it was too late for all of the animals.

      What popped out of this side was not your typically shaped or typically sized chick. They were about half the size of a traditional baby chicken, maybe about the size of your thumbnail. (Perhaps they hadn't fully "cooked" yet, then.) Incredibly tiny, but also incredibly cute! They also didn't look like animals, but rubber toy versions of them instead. I also feel that they weren't all chicks. Some of them were small frogs, some may have been rubber duckies. They all acted as if they were living breathing creatures. I held my hand out to a small duck-thing, and it quickly crawled up my arm excitedly. As it got closer to my eyes it also got bigger in size, until it was a normal sized animal I could pet.

      These were also not the only pets inside the box.

      IRL my friend B has all sorts of plans to own all different sorts of animals as pets. Briefly she mentioned an interest in owning a Tarantula. YUCK!
      So, in the dream, B had pet SPIDERS!

      Suddenly, small little baby spiders, perhaps 5 or 6, crawled out of the box. As stated in a previous dream, I respect all life, even that of a spider's. Although they weren't as cuddley or cute as the little chick-things that came out of the incubator cages, I still understood they were B's pets, and I had to be nice to them. Also, a couple of them looked like Daddy Long legs, one of my favorite types of spiders. I knew they were hungry, so without a care in the world I allowed the little guys to crawl all over me and start sucking my blood. Where the cute duck-thing was by my face, now a spider was making its way there instead. All the cute animals ran away as the spiders did what they wanted. I saw them take nibbles on my skin, and pondered about why a daddy long legs, that doesn't bite, would now be feeding off of me like a vampire. One Spider made a circular pattern of red bite marks on my arm, the center of which was the color of ash. They took blood from this ashy spot, and it stung! On my leg, the larger daddy long legs was making a bite trail up my arm like a bedbug.

      When I saw the awful bites and lumps all this feeding was causing, I immediately stopped the spiders from sucking my blood! On my leg, by my left knee, a large lump the size of my hand raised itself, the last bite the daddy long legs gave me there. I called B over and tried to show her what her awful pets were doing to me, but she seemed to be ignoring me. Also I was distracted as I swatted these insects away!

      Next I remember one small scene where we were running from a stalker person throughout the mansion. The one scene I recall had us in a bedroom with large windows that looked out over the mansion's yard. There was a pine tree forest that bordered the yard on this side of the house, and there was a door in the room that lead out to a little patio area with steps that went down two floors to the yard below. It was all painted in white. Me and my fellow dream friends decided here was the best place to hide from a stalker. Of course it wasn't a good spot, and we soon saw the creepy man sneaking up the patio steps to the bedroom.

      Our plan to fend him off?

      We started dumping fake lemons into a decorative bowl that sat on the ledge of one window. I guess this would scare the stalker away. I couldn't tell you if it worked or not. My dream friend did it, not me. She has dark red hair, and was quite tall and thin.


      I was going up old wooden steps to the second floor of a Victorian house. Me, Michael Jordan, and my red headed dream friend all went upstairs, along with my sister I think.
      Upstairs we took a quick left into a messy old fashioned bedroom, and began packing luggage and such to leave the area.

      Anyways, thats about it!

      Radio personality: I listen to this radio show ALOT when working, and recently I was thinking about one of the members of this show who is no longer on there. I wonder how they are doing and if theyre okay. So, I had a worry-dream about them. They live in a big mansion IRL, so I was dreaming about it!

      Someone just finished reading "Penpal", the book based upon the popular Reddit creepypasta. I highly recommend it. The creepy vibes of the book have been effecting my dreams, giving me bad nightmarish situations. This dream is one of a few that was effected by this book, and I am sure it may not be the last!

      Spiders, cats, pets: B has pets, wants new pets, was thinking of getting a Tarantula. I also spend a good chunk of time with B, so she is featured prominently in my dreams lately.

      The dirt road: Me and my BF were discussion our old spot last weekend. "St. Mary's by the Sea."

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    8. Taking A Big Risk

      by , 03-18-2015 at 04:34 AM (One Up Seeker)
      1. I was upstairs in my house, and it was daytime. As I am walking down my hallway I suddenly become Lucid. At that same time, everything becomes sort of chaotic. Time seems to move faster, or at least everything seems incredibly sped up. I start walking down the stairs, but I only move one step down before I stop. I see my mom walk as though she was racing, into the foyer and then into the library room. A doubt comes into my mind, "What if I'm actually not dreaming?" I ask myself.
      It then occurred to me that I could test to see if I was dreaming or not by jumping over the top of the stairs and see if I landed safely or not. At the time this sounded like a great idea. I then climbed over the stair rail and jumped off of the top of the stairs. A rush of adrenaline hit me as I realized that if this wasn't a dream I would be screwed. Thankfully, it was a dream. As I jumped off the stairs I started floating down to the floor slowly. What a great feeling that was. My mom said something to me, but I didn't really care. I then walked into my living room and saw my dad sitting down in his recliner chair watching T.V. This was no surprise to me. I decide to walk around the rest of the house just to see if anything has changed.
      I walk into the dining room and here I find a girl about my age. She looks at me in a deeply sexual way and it arouses me. I go over to her and strip her down. She is completely fine with this. We then start banging. Somehow, both of us got teleported into my kitchen, and now we were just banging in the kitchen out in the open. I looked over to the living room and now my dad was gone. My focus now went back to the girl and we kept going at it. I looked down the hallway that connects my dining room and the kitchen and at the end of this hallway I see a mirror. In the mirror I see myself banging the girl, and it matches my every move. Suddenly, I start to see the girl's stomach inflate in the mirror. It kept inflating, but it stopped eventually. Now she looked like she was pregnant.
      I stopped for a moment, "Wow that's not good. And actually, I should really be working on dilating time and finding certain DC's. Ahh I'll do it in a bit" I thought to myself. I then continued banging the chick regardless of the fact that she looked pregnant (why did I do this? why??? D: ). Suddenly my mom walks into the kitchen and sees us banging. As she notices us, the entire house starts shaking like an earthquake. I stumble onto the floor, and I can tell that if I don't focus I will wake up. At one point the earthquake gets so bad that I fall again and
      now I can feel myself leaving the dream and waking up. I stop myself from waking up and enter the dream fully lucid once more.
      The earthquake still hasn't stopped and now my vision gets blurry and grainy
      and it causes me to wake up.
    9. Something has changed

      by , 03-18-2015 at 03:52 AM
      Something has changed

      All grief and anger at BobV's passing is gone.

      I woke remembering three dreams. I don't remember the order in which I dreamed them but:

      1) - I'm eating the rich red seeds out of half a ripe pomegranate with a silver spoon. As I enjoy I think to my self, "I didn't know I could just scoop out pomegranate seeds with a spoon as easy as this". When I woke-up I knew that it is not that easy in waking life.

      2) - BobV is sitting close, in a chair talking to me and I thing a few others are sitting around chatting and listening too.

      3) - at one point I'm alone, standing in a kitchen and I get "randy". I'm alone, so I squat dowm and begin gently thrusting my pelvis. I feel unashamed. No one sees me. I feel delightfully sexy and turned-on.

      Like I said, now I'm awake, there is no grief or anger at BobV's passing. Infact it feels to me that he is solidly back in the waking world.

      I look around at the things that remind me of him and instead of pain and anger there is warmth and connectedness. Because he is back in the waking world.

      Pomegranate (???)

      or is it that I am in the underworld with him (???)

      Persephone and Hades (hahaha) Me and BobV


      Persephone: A Story from Greece: https://youtu.be/ZrmQYsMnl14

      ***(13:26) 264,063 views
    10. The City of R'lyeh and the Stars are Aligned

      by , 03-18-2015 at 02:52 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a strange city by the lake. It's like a newly found city. If anything, it felt like Lys (The City and the Stars, Arthur C. Clarke) in the aftermath of Alvin's actions. Everyone's helping build the place. There's also an area underwater that's reminiscent of Bioshock I & II.

      We were hauling some ships from underwater (lake) to discover what they have. There were some fish-men who rose either from the lake or from the ships. We had to hurry back and "close" the rock-doors around the lake/crater. We built the city near the lake and felt we had to abandon the place and look for another one.

      * Lucid

      I was seeing monsters all over the place. Everything was hazy but active. I was being transformed into a monster. I felt my body transforming/being moved. I was nervous. Then I became lucid. I knew it was a dream. I sat on a half-lotus position and focused on my breath like I was doing before sleeping. The movements slowed down, the transformation stopped, everything became still.

      * /Lucid

      I was in school, or felt something like school. I was also at home in our hometown. I was playing a fighting game in an arcade. Or a fighting-adventure game. I lost to a bunch of goons and had second thoughts of continuing the game (during the countdown-game over phase). I decided to continue at the very last moment. I was fighting bosses now. I used a flying kick on one and he caught it. My character was just floating with one leg held by the boss. I "pushed" him back so that he rotated vertically (on one leg!) but it was nothing to him.



      - Slept at around 10:30 p.m.
      - Woke up around 8 a.m.
      - The two dreams were separated by waking moments
      - Slept with audio: 26-minute Sam Harris meditation audio
      lucid , non-lucid
    11. black armored soldiers

      by , 03-18-2015 at 01:52 AM
      So i'm in a new area, never been there before. It has a middle east vibe and escenary, i'm with my mom and sister sara. The place was like a neighborhood / block that was surrounded with a fence and on one side with concrete wall. The building and houses are fairly poor looking and some of them aren't finished yet. My mom and sister are near a construction of a building that only had it's pilars built.
      When suddenly an alarm starts going like crazy and I see a military talk going through the principal gate. I saw panic in my mom and told her to sit down and be as close to those concrete pilars as possible with my sister. I run to the fence to have a better view and then I see th military of the area with the tank. It was an army of blacked armored soldiers with smoke masks and big rifles. At first I was very prepotent and with a heroic super guy atitude, did not fear a thing.
      I new I was dreaming but wasn't conscious about it. I saw some soldiers coming in from behind, so I went to the nearest fence and grabbed it, I looked at my body and made it turn invisible. I then was planing on beating the soldiers up and killing them while on stealth but first i was going to haunt them. While on stealth (invisible) I climbed the fence and started shaking it like crazy, 6 soldiers turned around inmedietly.
      I hadn't felt this sensation of panic in a very long time. Actually the last time was when I got robbed at gun point and realized that my life was in danger, a few years ago. There was so much horror in my eyes and I was so shock I coudn't move, I was paralized of what i was seeing, I was dead scared for my life.
      The soldiers turned towards the noise and took at an electrical net and started hitting the air as if searching and maybe hitting something invisible with the magnetic energy of this weapon. They were headed towards me while I was invisible with this net weapon and I was freaking out, I was going to be found and electrified, later to be killed. But I new i was dreaming so I quickly looked at the sky and wanted to fly out of there so bad, So i started flying but was moving slower than a snail.
      I was so terrified that I was flying at 2 centimeters an hour, it was ridicoulus and I coudn't fly fast... I tried with all my might to fly out of there and managed to fly over the soldiers, they were still hitting the air with there nets in search of me.
      I felt a little more self As I flew higher and the they started throwing the damn nets to the sky, one flew 4 centimeters away from my nose, I woke up.
    12. Back to Back OBE’s with my Daughter - Mar 2, 2015

      by , 03-18-2015 at 01:05 AM
      Went to bed at 8:45 Pm, and woke at 2:30 Am (WBTB). Stayed up for only for 5 minutes, which is not usual for me when doing Wake Back To Bed (WBTB), because I usually stay up for at least 45 minutes, but I was too tired. I decided to meditate while lying in bed on my back. I started to feel uncomfortable after about 15 mins, so I rolled onto my right side for another 15 mins, and then onto to my left side. Soon after I found myself in the altered state where your mind is awake and your body is asleep (even my hearing had stopped). The hypnagogic imagery was crystal clear. I saw a poster with lots of writing on it, but it disappeared before I could read it. People were gathering around me and talking.

      The vibrations started, and I could hear electrostatic popping and sizzling. This was my queue to leap to my feet out of bed, leaving my body behind. I was expecting to end up in my bedroom, but instead I was in my childhood bedroom at my parent’s house. I immediately started to count, because this helps to stabilize the experience, and helps to keep my mind focussed. Off I went to try and find my daughter.

      I ran down the stairs to the first floor, and into the living room. There was a transparent man standing there, and I ran right through him towards an older woman who was standing at the back door. I didn’t recognize the woman, so I continued past her to the back door. She then spoke in my dad’s voice and said, “No, don’t go out there, stay inside.” I turned around to face the woman, and I replied, “Okay, where’s my daughter?” She pointed towards a soccer ball size object that was morphing about 3 feet off the floor near the basement door, and she said in my dad’s voice, “Right over there!” It was very strange that this woman had my dad’s voice, so I asked her, “Who are you?”, and she replied, “I’m your dad.” I quickly stuttered, “But dad, you look like a woman?”, and dad said, “Yah, I know, but that’s just how it is.” By this point my daughter was almost materialized, and I got too excited, and instantly I was back in bed, consciously awake, with my body asleep.

      Once again, the vibrations and the electrostatic popping and sizzling started, so I leapt from my bed to my feet. My bedroom looked so real, and felt so real, that I momentarily thought I had physically jumped out of my bed, but then I could see two transparent people standing in my room (definitely dreamin’), so I walked right through them and out my bedroom door. I then realized I was totally naked! Yikes! This is odd, because usually I have at least my gotchies on. I also still had my CPAP mask on, so I ripped it off my face. Top of my list was to find a blanket to wrap around me, so I went looking for one in my daughter’s room. I flicked the light switch on, but it didn’t work (of course), then I tried her lamp, same thing. The room magically became softly lit, and that’s when I noticed something was different with my daughter’s calendar. I sat on her bed to take a closer look.

      At the end of each day my daughter would always draw a line diagonally through each calendar day, to mark its completion. She did this right up until she passed in 2013. In this OBE, the calendar looked different, because it was covered in brilliant green grass and red flowers. The diagonal line through each date was no longer present, but rather there were pictorials and hieroglyphics, right up until her passing date. I was totally enthralled with the amount of effort and detail that went into each day of the calendar. Very unexpectedly, I heard my daughter giggling beside me. She was lying under the covers in her bed. “Dad, every time I see you, you look older! It’s seems so strange.” She sat up in bed, leaned over, and gave me a huge hug. I replied to her, “Yeah, I’m getting older and older. Every day when I wake, I’m one day closer to being with you again.” She laughed and said, “Yeah, I know.” Then I said, “You still look the same, young and beautiful!”

      Boom, back in bed again, consciously awake, with my body asleep. The vibrations started once again, and I tried to do a third exit, but no luck. I woke myself up and immediately voice recorded the amazing and memorable experience
    13. Almost LDed, almost married!

      by , 03-17-2015 at 09:51 PM
      Yes, you read the title right! Let me elaborate.

      (Throughout this one dream, I woke up maybe 3 times, and managed to pick up where I left off when falling asleep.)

      I'm in my mother's car; we're driving down the motorway at full speed. I'm not too sure where we're headed, but I don't mind. I've always liked surprises. Watching the trees bordering the road whizz past, I wonder how it had come to be just mom and me, alone again. I hear her say something, which cuts me out of my daze. I can't recall her exact words, but I do know that what she said angered me a great deal. She carries on, her voice getting increasingly loud, and I retort as best I can, letting her know my disagreement. Over the next few minutes, this escalates, and suddenly, I know that I can no longer remain with her. I have to leave. I have to get away, right now, right this minute. The sense of urgency which grips me pushes me to the extreme, and I grasp the door handle, ready to launch myself out. She sees this, and speeds up. I look out my window at the ground, knowing that jumping out now would be too dangerous. A thought occurs to me. Red lights. She's going to have to stop at some point. Although still tense, I wait for the inevitable, hoping that it would come sooner rather than later. Anticipation floods through me as a familiar luminous red dot advances towards us. Readying myself, I grip the handle tighter. The car doesn't slow down, however, but maintains its speed. Just like that, it drives past the light. Closing my eyes in desperation, I resolve to jump out as soon as she slows down even a little. Not even a minute later, knowing that the window of opportunity to escape is about to close, I open the door and launch myself onto the tarmac.

      Collecting painful bruises and burns from the tumble, I gasp. I am thankful for one thing though; not having been ran over. Running for my life in the opposite direction to the one we had been driving in, I go as fast as my legs can carry me. Occasionally, I crouch behind well placed trees or bushes, somehow hoping that this will help. I have no idea as to where I am, or where I should be going; the only thing on my mind right now is to keep going. Far away, as far as I could go. By this point, I realise that I am being pursued, and that my mother had in fact not been my real mother, but rather an agent posing as her. Distraught, but still driven by fear, I come to a shell petrol station. Figuring that it should be safe, I hide out there for an hour or two and rest a little, before pushing forward once more. Eventually, around the end of the afternoon, I come across a gigantic shopping centre, very modern and luxurious looking. After walking around aimlessly, I spot two women, also looking fairly lost. I make a beeline for them, recognising the look of fear in their eyes. They were being pursued too. After a brief chat, we come up with a plan, albeit a fairly strange one. Aware of the fact that a fashion show for bridal wear is due to occur in the very near future, we figure that we could hide out by posing as models for it. After all agreeing to this, we search for wedding dresses which we can use as disguise. A particular shop draws my attention. Calling the other two, I enter it.

      The odd thing was the complete lack of staff. No cashier, customers, or anyone for that matter. This was beyond abnormal, particularly for a shop of this calibre. Every which way I look, I can see glass chandeliers, ornate mirrors and glittering ornaments. The entire space bathes in a dim glow, making it seem all the more magical. On one side, near an alcove, was a clothes rail, on which hung at least 20 beautiful wedding dresses. Looking at them, it was clear that each wedding dress had been designed with a particular country or culture in mind. One caught my eye in particular. I couldn't tell you why it did however. I delicately remove it from the rest and set about finding a changing room. A few minutes and some faffing about later, I emerge, and walk carefully to a nearby mirror (somehow the changing rooms didn't have any). My reflection feels not like my own; even my hair and make-up had magically improved. The dress itself resembles a kaftan (traditional Moroccan type of dress), predominantly white with some gold embroidery depicting intricate patterns. I smooth my hands over the material, in an attempt to reassure myself that the gown is real (ironic huh?).

      Following this, I walk out through a side door, only to be greeted by darkness. I keep walking forward, unsure as to what I would find. Gradually, the wide corridor which I have been walking down lightens a little, meaning that I can finally see my surroundings. On my right and left lie various set pieces, dismantled painted backdrops, broken spotlights and props. My pace slows as I notice a figure. A man, sitting down, haunched slightly, his arms resting on his thighs. Next to him was a small and simple table. As I got closer, he looked up and gasped, his mouth hanging open. His reaction makes me laugh, as I recognise who he is, and remember who I am. Peeta (The hunger games) smiles, stands up, and says; 'You're beautiful Katniss' I can't help but smiling, looking down at myself. A part of me wondered why he had called me by that name, but it was so small that I didn't question it further. He takes my hand, and I remember what today is. Our wedding day. He looks at me, without saying a word. After a minute, he whispers, 'I was thinking...I can disguise Gale to look like me...I know I can pull it off. Everyone will think you're marrying me but...Both you and Gale will know. At least that way, I won't ruin any more of your life.' Behind his words lay a lot of sadness which he had failed to hide. A lump lodged in my throat, I hug him. I already know that I'm going to refuse his offer. I pull back and...


      I wake up with a start, only to immediately fall back to sleep. I see myself back with Peeta, this time knowing that I am in a dream. Excited at the prospect of LDing, I can feel myself smile, and start looking around me, touching what I can see, so as to ground myself within the dream.


      Stupid alarm was on snooze. I was not pleased, and felt annoyed for the rest of the day. I was so close!

      PS: If you've made it this far down, seriously, congrats!

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    14. Camping at the mountainside

      by , 03-17-2015 at 09:13 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was at school. It was during the lesson. Suddenly, a courier arrived and told that has a parcel for me. I immediately unpacked it, and saw that there was a motorbike with welded two additional wheels. It was yellow with black parts. There were green letters composing hte name of it, but I can't recall them. There was also a scooter in the pack.

      I went out of classroom. Suddenly I realised that it's a friday, and that due to some kind of teachers conferention we had no more lessons. With classmates and students from other classes we went upstairs. There was a one guy from my class, wearing grey blouse, dark grey trousers and sports shoes. He shouted to the other guy, and made a parkour stunts on the handrails.

      We were all climbing up the stair way. It was gigantic, the size of a mountain. The stairs led to the stands where we could watch spectacles. I took a chair and sat on it in the halfway to the peek. There was a great, awe-inspiring view. I saw vast expanses of forest areas, mixed with school buildings, which looked like a small blot in the ocean of green. There were other mountains, far away on the horizon.

      Suddenly I felt that someone punched me in my neck from behind. I saw that it was one of my classmates. He was wearing a blue hoody and jeans trousers. He thought it was funny, but told me that it was one of my pals who told him to do this. I immediately ran up to the peak. I felt strong pain in my back. Finally I got to the peak and saw some of the classmates sitting there. I saw him. He was wearing black t-shirt with grey jeans trousers. He was grinning mockingly. I charged at him, trying to hit him. He was defending himself, and we both landed on the ground, almost falling of the peak. He was stronger than me. In the last moment I kicked him in the face. It haven't had any effect on him, as if I did it without any force.

      A minute later we were back in friendly terms. We were joking. I looked at the sky. It was dark, storm clouds were gathering. The wind started to raise in power. I decided to go to my last stand, rather than join other classmates. I left the classmates behind. I was moving slowly, and I heard the classmates laughing "Hahaha! Look at his legs! Look at his legs! I ignored them and moved on.

      Looking at the foot of the mountain I saw hundreds of tents. They belonged to other students. I reached my stand, but then I deduced that with the current speed in which wind gathers strenght makes it dangerous to sleep in this height. I climbed down the mountain, and made my place in a nice valley, on the outskirts of the tent city created by students. It has started to rain. I looked around, and saw some outcasts standing with umbrellas. I thought that I should get back to the classmates over the peak, but I concluded it was better to stay where I was. I searched my backpack for a tent, but the only thing I found was a bag with leftovers after some kind of dish.

      Then my vision goes back to my home in retrospection. I saw my mother talking with grandma. She asked How could you give him a bag with leftovers instead of the tent?

      And then I'm back at the foot of the mountain. The strong wind took the bag with leftovers away. I took an umbrella and lied down on the ground. I was like one of the outcasts, without the tent, left alone in the rain.
    15. Maps

      by , 03-17-2015 at 08:35 PM
      It was odd, myself and two others were to design a small festival or theme park, celebrating the holiday of Halloween. I think one of the others I was working with was Sonic the hedgehog...or was it Scourge? In truth one of them was a Sonic character from the archie comics, while the other was a tall guy with short black hair and brown eyes.

      We were drawing out the map of the festival, as we drew it the things we drew came to life. One of them dew a haunted path that cut off from the main pathway. I drew a ferris wheel, at first he looked at me strangely. I shrugged and told him that people loved rides. He kept looking at me a bit longer before shrugging it off and continueing. I drew a game booth or two, while he finished up the entance. At last I drew a photobooth.

      The dream ended when Scourge kept trying to have his picture taken with this one girl, in truth I can't remember...Sonic seemed to keep messing it up by popping in to be in the picture.

      The last thing I saw was Scourge with a long fluffy fox tail. X3

      That was just the last half of the dream, the first half was with individual cities all over the world being trapped in giant domes like in the Simpsons Movie.

      That's all I can remember in truth from the dream and/or dreams I had.