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    1. Playing with young girls ND

      by , 02-25-2015 at 09:31 AM (Come on, let's go for great nightlife adventures)
      I was in a park, and there was a 6yo girl siting at a table and eating. On the table, there was a helicopter made of paper. I took it and turn the propeller of the helicopter and let it go in the sky. The little girl was watching the helicopter like ''WOW''. She told me how did I do.
      .........CUTOFF OF THE DREAM.........
      Now I was in a cabin. I was sitting on a long table with 6yo girls around the table. One of the girls told me to repeat 3 time cats, I played the game and repeat. I was a bit ashamed because I was telling to myself: ''I'm an 18yo boy playing with small little girls, whereas I could do some motocross with my friends in the forest''. ......

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    2. Overshot Elevator

      by , 02-25-2015 at 07:57 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I took the elevator to our floor, but I ended up on the 50th floor. I overshot.

      I move in the hallway... celebrity...



      - That's why I should write my dream soon after I wake up. I only wrote a few keywords.
      - Slept with Dream Lotus.
      - 7.5 hours sleep with alarm (light sound but it's getting annoying. will change.)
    3. 2/24/15 - Trying for Vi

      by , 02-25-2015 at 07:45 AM
      In my recent dreams, I've been trying to meet my dream guide, Vi. I haven't successfully met her, but it's at the top of my intention list right now. So today when I had a chance to take a nap, I went for it.

      I WILDed into the foyer of my house. I knew fairly quickly that I was dreaming. I rubbed my hands to stabilize, and then got down to business.

      "Vi, my dream guide, I command you to appear. I am ready to meet you. I want you to come here."

      I turn around to the front door, which has this stained-glass design on it like in real life. Through the glass, I can see someone with brown hair, so I open the door fully expecting Vi.

      Instead, I opened the door to what can only be described as a mix between Violet Beauregard from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (post-blueberry) and Honey Boo Boo's mom. I was kind of shocked and disgusted. She ran inside, mumbling something about the bathroom. Behind her were two guys with beer bellies and mustaches standing in front of a large trailer parked on my front lawn. They apparently has lost their orchestra instruments in my yard. I helped them find a violin and a cello before finally thinking, "What the heck am I doing? I have lucid stuff to do..."

      I ran off towards the side of the house. One of the men shouted at me "What are you running for?" That's right, why am I running, when I could be flying. I try to lift off the ground, but for some reason I can't stay in the air, and fall back down to earth. I kind of got mad, and stopped to do it right. I took a big leap, but again I started to fall out of the air. I quickly flapped my arms once, and that was enough to send me sailing high. I clumsily steered myself over my roof, and then came down hard onto it.

      Now that I was back by myself, I tried again. "Vi, my dream guide, I need to talk to you. I am ready to talk to you. Please come here." As I was saying this, the day quickly turned to dusk and then to night. The scene started to turn black, but before it went completely dark, I saw the silhouette of a girl with long hair saying something to me that I don't remember now.

      I woke up back in my bed. I tried to DEILD, but I had no luck. Only about 20 minutes had passed, so I had another hour or so until I had to get up. I went back to sleep, but had no more dreams.
    4. #67 - slightly scary but not really (lucid)

      by , 02-25-2015 at 06:32 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream - Desert with ghost woman
      Before become lucid I remember that I was driving to a house in a dusty kind of Australian outbacks scenery... I think I might have been dropping someone off, but I became lucid as I left the place, and somehow I'm no longer in the car (which I don't notice at the time). My reaction is dulled, and my realization to the lucidity is weak at best which is likely why it was quite stable and calm. Some kind of thing approaches me but I can't remember this part at all, I only remember dismissing it from my mind during the dream to get rid of it (hence why I probably can't even remember it, good job me ). I seem to walk around the environment for a little longer until a grey-skinned skeletal woman appeared. (my first impression was an anorexic black woman, but the more I think about the less I feel it looked like that). She kind of floated about, and the whole thing made me uneasy, but since I knew it was a dream I tried to dismiss it. This time it didn't go so well... I was trying to dissolve the spectre but nothing was happening . Progressing to a more panicked state I realize there's a wooden pole in my hand and she's on the opposite side of a fence now, I wack at her over and over but the stick just goes through her. She floats through the fence towards me, and now I try something unthinkably weird... Like I would never do this kind of weird O_O I try to transform her into an actual woman, reforming her image (since this felt so low-level I don't think I really had much going on in terms of thought processes, like there was no filter). I get behind her a get closer, she's got tanned-dark skin now and I try to make her breasts bigger (jesus should I be writing this...) The next thing was to kind of humanize her and turn her on or something, I get quite a bit of success but 10 seconds from starting this whole approach I ended up waking up.
    5. A Drug I've Never Done

      by , 02-25-2015 at 04:51 AM (One Up Seeker)
      1. I was in a room with a group of friends I knew really well. This room had a purple lighting to it. All of the walls in this room really looked to have a purple glow to them. In front of me there was a small white round table. Me and all of my friends stood around this table. I looked down at the table and there is a white powder on it. "Are you ready for this guys?" One of my friends said. My friend Alex then bent down, covered one of his nostrils, and snorted the white substance. I knew then that this was cocaine that I was dealing with.
      Since this was all in the moment and all of my friends were with me, I had a strong feeling to just try the drug once(I would never do it in waking life). I bent down at the table, covered my left nostril, and snorted the cocaine. I immediately felt the effects as it entered into my system. I felt a jolt of strong energy and a sense that I could do anything. It was like an energy drink times 1,000. My other friends all snorted some. After that we all went in for round two. Soon enough it was my turn again. I bent down at the table and did as I did before.
      Now I felt an even stronger surge of energy go through me, and I felt even more powerful than before. I stood up again and told whoever was next to me that he could have the rest of my hit. At this point I think I become lucid. I have a strong sense of awareness now due to this drug that I took and I become so focused that I realize that I am dreaming. The last thing I remember is walking out of the room and leaving my friends to do something.
      (I am not going to count this as a lucid since I only remember a moment of it.)
      2. I was in the living room of my house. Everything seemed pretty normal. I had the same furniture and hardwood floor. I was sitting down on my green couch next to a guy named Ernie. I knew him from a party I went to from a few weeks ago. When I saw him then, he was tripping on LSD. I looked around the room and noticed that there were alot of other people, and girls my age that I did not know. It was like there was a party going on in my house.
      Suddenly everyone chills out and sits down. Ernie starts talking about an essay he had to take to pass highschool, and that I was going to have to take this essay soon. Everyone looked at him with a deep interest, as if he was letting some sort of secret out. "Ernie, how hard was this essay?" I asked. "Pretty hard" he said, "Actually it's not that hard". I was left pretty confused with this statement. He continued on talking about the essay itself and how much time it took to write it and such.
    6. A WILDy DEILDy Basic TOTM Nap

      by , 02-25-2015 at 01:08 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      Decided to take a nap in the living room while Chris was on xbox in the same room. So I'd drift in and out, but I never moved nor opened my eyes. It was weird, it felt like it would have taken effort to open my eyes fully, but I could hear Chris's voice the ENTIRE time.

      Anyway, so the 4th or 5th time I felt like I was asleep, but still on the couch, I decided to stand up and walk to the front door. I couldn't get to where I could see very well, but I knew the front door was only a few feet from the couch, so I just kinda felt my way there. Plus I could hear Chris as if from my right hear, hollering at the xbox, so I knew I was going the right direction. I opened the front door, half wondering if Chris would notice. But he didn't, so I was more sure that I was dreaming. I even waved my hands in front of my closed/blind eyes, and could see a little bit.

      I walked down the sidewalk, towards the mailbox (which I couldn't see yet and which doesn't exist irl anyway, because we have those stupid group mailboxes on every block like they do now in alot of neighborhoods). I was thinking of the valentine card totm. I got to the end of the sidewalk, fully expecting to feel for a mailbox, blind or not, when I got some vision back. It was super sunny. I looked all directions but saw nothing, then when I turned around, I couldn't see any houses at all lol. Then I turned around again, and saw a little house that could count as mine. So I walked up to the porch and had a hard time seeing again. I felt along the wall by the door, thinking to myself "I know that mailbox is right about HERE" and then I found one of those little mailboxes that you hang on the wall. I reached inside and felt a few things in a stack. The first was a letter and the rest were poofy pink and red heart stickers. On the outside of the letter, it was written in pencil and clearly a child's handwriting. It was alot of letters, but it didn't make up any words. I opened it and inside was a little valentine cartoon comic. The first frame was a purple hippo, pointing to the right. The caption underneath said "The shortest time pointing ever!" The last frame was a pink dog with little red hearts all around his head, like he was in love with the purple hippo or something. Then it said "Happy Valentine's Day," but no signature.

      Then I felt myself on the couch,
      and decided to force my eyes open for real. The second I did that, the dogs that were sleeping on me irl jumped off me and started barking at the door, because FedX had dropped off a letter haha! It's not valentine's though. But the weird thing too was: the door was open O_O And I'm pretty sure I closed it before I took my nap. I asked Chris but he doesn't notice anything when he's on xbox.

      And I could hear his voice, the entire time. Really interesting lucid for me. I feel almost like it kept me TOO grounded irl, and maybe that's why I couldn't see well, idk if related.
    7. Three variations on help

      by , 02-24-2015 at 10:11 PM
      Disembodied, I'm watching a teenage girl walk into my home, an old Victorian in a small city. The door wasn't locked. She's been sent here by someone who told her I can help her, but apparently he wasn't specific enough about exactly the kind of problem I would help her with - he'd emphasized how important it was that she get off the street tonight, so she's gotten the misimpression that I run some kind of homeless outreach thing. I'm thinking, amused, that she's not far wrong.

      A girl who's just recently started staying with me walks out of the bathroom wearing a towel, and she says oh, hello to the girl who's just walked in, assuming that the girl must be a friend of mine. She tells the girl I'm 'out' right now - they know me by the name Nick. They chat a little back and forth, neither of them realizing their mistake, and I'm thinking this is a good coincidence, that a girl her same age was around to meet her first, and that they get along well; this should put her at ease.

      The girl who just got out of the shower gets something to drink out of the fridge, and as she's doing so she holds up a particular marked bottle, asking if the girl wants any of this. Oh, damn it - so much for putting her at ease. It's blood, but the markings don't actually indicate that. Offering it was a reasonable thing to do, given the people she's seen just drop in looking for me; and since she's assuming the girl already knows me, she's also assuming the girl's already familiar with what's in that bottle. The girl says sure, takes the bottle, and opens it.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm on one side of a wooden barricade, and an old friend of sorts on the other side is calling to me. He's telling me that he's taken my advice, and he's decided that I was right - all those people without any magic, their lives do have value after all. As he says this, I'm looking through the gaps in the barricade to the soldiers lined up on the other side. I recognize them, or rather I recognize their uniforms indicating the lord they serve, a man whose help I've been trying to secure for a while now. They're unnaturally still. It's clear my old friend is controlling them directly. I'm not going to have much luck with that lord if I kill off his people, not to mention the people on my side of the barricade who would never forgive me - we're going to have to run.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'd convinced a group of fox demons to give up their human forms, their physical forms. Now I'm returning to the lake where they live, and they're gone. There are markers like graves standing in the places they'd been when they gave up their forms, stakes of white wood with names written on them - or what they used for names, more like descriptions really, they changed them fairly often. I read each of them. I kneel down before one with a name I recognize - it had belonged to a child. For the sake of protecting one human man, I caused this.
    8. Feb 19th and 23rd Awesome: Taking My Time With Sex

      by , 02-24-2015 at 08:56 PM
      2/23/15 Cool amusement park attraction where everyone is standing in the room and the room starts falling apart and there's a big elephant like creature that comes crashing down from the ceiling. I'm not afraid but it seems to be more because I feel I'm in an amusement park attraction although I do remember thinking in a dream like way that it would be cool to explore this place. As we exit there's confusing directions about which way to go and we almost get back into the same line but then get the corrected directions exiting properly and we end up at a school where a bunch of kids are getting ready to leave loading into school buses, like elementary age 2nd or 3rd grade probably and almost all of them are wearing white sheet ghost costumes old-fashioned pretty cool but didn't seem to wake me up within the dream.

      * after wake back to bed and drifting off, at some point I notice vibrations and I notice they are fairly strong and I'm confident about heading straight into a dream. They fade but I stay calm and patient and find myself sitting up on a big square bed and my son in a younger version just sitting on the bed also but I have no confusion over whether or not this is dream. I jump out of bed and start looking for Girl Friday. During wake back to bed I was thinking about her and how I last saw her provocatively giving a clear view up her skirt. I go around the corner expecting her to be there but nothing. I'm now all alone. I keep saying: well she will be around the next corner or the next corner. It is not working so I decided to just explore. I find this huge set of figurines - small, smaller than Star Wars figures for example and they're all plastic not unlike little green non-articulating army men but each one colored differently with different colored clothes etc and I picked the one that would look most like Girl Friday and try to convert it into her. I think about CanisLucidus or was it NyxCC's focus of keeping the eyes moving and not fixed and I intentionally move them around while I observe the figurines. Perhaps just thinking of a stabilization technique may have done me in or I may have been at the end of an REM cycle. I woke up maybe around 4-something?. #284

      * after my wife left I'm tossing and turning a little bit in bed trying to get comfortable and I decide to try the reverse eye blink that someone mentioned using successfully. Basically just opening your eyes for an instant and closing them super quick. It may have helped here, I'm not sure. The thought is that it could work to help to go back in to sleep more quickly with awareness somewhat intact and get back to dreaming more quickly as well. The next thing I remember I am in a non lucid dream and this guy is sitting across from me in a classroom and he says the word "lucid." At first my excitement is just in the idea that maybe I found someone to talk about lucid dreams with. I asked him if he has "heard of lucid dreams? You can do An-y-thing you want!" He starts to look at me like a lot of people do when you talk about dreams but my awareness is rising and I start to notice the fluid nature of the visuals at first saying to myself this could be a dream...but quickly realizing this is a dream! I decide to explore outside of the room into the hall. I seem to be in a school with 20-something year old DC's , it is a college.

      There are so many DC's and I am passing so many beautiful women! There are redheads, blondes and brunettes. As they pass I notice the wispy nature of the visuals like a stream of colors behind the ones I focus on at least. I see a beautiful brunette that looks quite a bit like this:

      with less makeup but similar complexion. I reach out to embrace her and at first she looks at me like "do I know you?" I look at her passionately and she starts to look back in kind! We start kissing there in the busy hallway up against the wall with DC's passing left and right. Like my last sexual exploration I decide to take it slow and enjoy every moment. She is wearing a creamy pink long sleeve cardigan which I slowly unbutton, one button at a time. I slowly sweep my hands over her shoulders and down her arms removing the cardigan and caressing her back and her beautiful soft skin. I unclasp her bra which has the clasp in the front and sweep it back over her shoulders and down her arms caressing her skin on the way down. This is so incredibly sensual. I softly
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      The visuals fade a little in and out at this point but I can still feel the experience especially and I reach down into her pants and I feel her underwear which is silky. It reminds me of my wife's underwear she's wearing this very night and I look up for some visuals of the face and now she looks a little more like my wife. I reach around the front of the underwear to inspect them further and I find that instead of the embroidery on the front it is silky smooth front and back , so it is definitely different and I'm not somehow interacting with my wife in bed right now. The visuals are now fully back but somehow we have ended up outside the school in the parking lot going at it against one of the parked cars. I unbutton her pants and
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      a little more quickly now. We are now getting the attention of two security guards or police officers. I don't want them to mess up this steamy moment and I think perhaps they'll just walk on past but I keep my eyes on them just in case I need to keep them from interfering. I think that I can use my time stopwatch that will be in my hand when needed, to freeze them if I need to. They both lock eyes on me and are heading towards me and getting closer. I try my time freezing stopwatch twice in quick sucession (freeze then unfreeze perhaps?) but it does not stop them and I instead shoot them both with my finger guns and they both collapse to the ground. I turn my attention back towards the beauty and we are
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      up against the car on a beautiful day...the visuals are holding up. Suddenly the larger stocky officer, the black officer, pushes himself up on one knee and calls for help and I look over towards the school and there are a line of officers walking towards the front door of the school, probably about 6 or 8 of them. When he calls out to them I decide it's time to take my damsel and fly up into the sky away from all this potential interference. I hold her in my left arm extend my right arm Superman style and float up about 20 yards into the air looking back down towards the officers and taking a few shots for fun since this is all a dream anyway. It doesn't seem like I hit any of them and we swoop past a few trees and higher up into the air and the visuals start fading again. Not long after
      , I feel myself back in bed exhilarated to have the experience I just had and I start going over the details from beginning to end in my mind while thinking about whether or not I should try to go back in and I decide I'm probably too much awake to go back in quickly at this point and I want to remember as many details as possible. After laying still recalling for a little while, I get up a little earlier than normal for the day just about 15 minutes...but I went to bed early and I feel very rested and smiling broadly at the experience I just had and I decide to start recording my dreams from the latter half of the night. #285

      Yesterday I had a stronger than normal sense of "Dang was I asleep just then! (IWL)..and now I am really awake (aware)!" at a random moment when I was just sitting on the couch. Between that and the reverse eye blink and the apple juice, they may have assisted with two lucids tonight including that second wonderful one!

      2/21/15 awesome trip to Sweden and returned two more times intentionally in the next two dreams. Non lucid I'd say...but awesome!

      2/19/15 No.283 Mustard or intention for vividness!? Image+rc many times at wbtb. 1015? 340(~5hrs25) wbtb then toss and turn. Wake from LD ~605.

      Awesome escape from lab dream before wbtb.

      *2 women escort me to 12th floor. Why? Even when i worked here i didn't know anyone on 12th. Where are my department remnants now? 1st floor! Pass locked fridge wondering if free sodas there and then come to an open cool box shaped like a square freezer box but no lid and full of bottled drinks but large like wine and champagne. Definitely dreaming! I float a little and think about phasing through the big window out to the beautiful city night scene but the scene fades and I instead shortly after find myself standing in a classroom full of college aged people looking like they're all getting up to leave the classroom or just got there standing not sitting. I am near a cute one and I turn her around to face me still fully aware I'm dreaming and I start to kiss her. She looks vaguely familiar...like a thin sexy version of D from my favorite job so far. She seems reluctant at first but I convince her this is what she wants and she is now going along with it. I physically pull off her clothes one item at a time, no need to rush.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      As I am caressing her body I remember one of my priority goals to ask a specific question of my subconscious and I asked the question just using my mind and then think about saying it out loud but while I'm paused doing this and focusing on this
      I seem to cause the dream to end or possibly I was just at the end of my REM cycle. Wake from ~605 #283
    9. Dream Bits: Scouting with Tom, Melody's Married, Bonnie's Relatives Turn to Dead Pat Q.

      by , 02-24-2015 at 08:27 PM
      06-25-2014 -- Tom D. has given me a call on my cell phone or something, which has somehow transported me to him over in Tarpon Springs, where he is explaining that they have some sort of big Boy Scout event going on in a couple of weeks, and he thinks I ought to find my old uniform and attend, and that I ought to speak to Carl about more information. Which leads to me being in the car with Carl, who is driving me back to a cross between the Hickory House and Rosemary's place. Everybody seems to expect me to attend, and Cheryl has even gone through my room and found my old Cadet uniform and washed and ironed it for me. But the Cadets are not the Boy Scouts, even if they are similar, and I do not know if I would be welcome to attend even if I wanted to, and am not sure I want to. I am trying to explain this to everybody as I find myself on a freeway interchange right outside of Downtown Orlando, perhaps the same one that I will find myself on in another dream, tomorrow.


      06-26-2014 -- I am in the Hickory House, and Melody is in the kitchen, cooking a meal. The Christmas decorations are up, and she seems to have friends over. Meanwhile, I am trying to wash some dishes, but have somehow managed to minorly flood the floor. I am trying to sweep up some of the dirt and clean things up, and am just about to start doing some mopping. Meanwhile, some of Melody's guests are heading to the garage and out into the side yard, and as they are passing through the kitchen I am warning them to be careful and watch their steps. Meanwhile, mom is saying something about Melody's second husband, and I start sputtering about "Melody's married? Why wasn't I ever told? Why don't I know about this?" I find I have no idea what is going on, or why I am here, or anything, really. My mind is quite foggy and I can't seem to figure out anything ... not even why I am standing on this corner (or where it is) with Kevin and Irene. I am just hoping we are about to go to the Old Spaghetti Factory.


      06-26-2014 -- I am at an airport and I find that I am helping Bonnie and the kids to get on an airplane, but as I reach out to give Celina a hand, somebody else grabs at my shoulder to try and keep me from touching the kid. It turns out to be a relative of theirs that doesn't know that I am a friend of the family. Bonnie is about to get upset with them, but I point out to her that they don't know me from Adam, and just saw a (to them) stranger grabbing one of the kids. Grabbing me in return seems kind of reasonable in the circumstances. Meanwhile, Bonnie is turning into Pat Q, and seems to be trying to set me up with the relative. I seem to be helping Pat settle into a hotel room, while she keeps pushing me about getting together with the other (attractive) woman, while I am really trying to read a magazine. This leads to me kind of waking up and starting to explain (to what is still Pat) about this dream that I am having, and how my friend Pat (who died a couple of months ago) is trying to set me up with people, and it is all just very strange. In the meanwhile, I am trying to dust off a cross between my laptop and my DVD recorder, which is really filthy, but I have to manage to avoid all the spiders that are jumping off the thing and on to me. [By the way, my friend Pat is still alive.]
    10. Harry Potter and the Shifting Realities

      by , 02-24-2015 at 08:18 PM
      06-25-2014 -- Am in a weird Harry Potter world that I think is based on a fan-fic I rather disagreed with right before I went to bed. Sort of fan-fic by message board, with multiple people posting the story, and each chapter not only advancing the story, but changing things from earlier in the story, rewriting it on the fly. Friends are now enemies, are now friends again. Then Dumbledore sets in motion a ritual which is supposed to cause Harry to be married in x years and y hours, but he messes something up. Harry is immediately plunged underwater, and is now scheduled to be married in x hours and y minutes. Harry will be married tonight at something like 11:20. And instead of a bond between two people, it is a sort of odd loyalty bond between up to 20 people, depending on how many of the 20 are able to reach the location on time, as they are compelled to. Nice job, Dumbles!

      So far the gold and red counter floating in the upper corner stands at four, for the four Weasley children that were already here with their parents, but more will likely be arriving shortly. Then suddenly a new writer takes over, and I am Harry Potter, in a different universe, while the author is paraphrasing Jo's text, but subtly (or not so subtly) changing it so that the Dursleys move from being quite mean and slightly physically abusive, to horribly mean and horribly abusive, physically. I have run away from the Dursleys and am hiding in the muggle world. Soon I am a 20-year-old Harry Potter pulling a security shift at a weird cross between a British Heritage site and an Orlando Paving plant. It is the middle of the night on a holiday along the lines of Memorial day, and I am somehow asleep on the floor of the control tower.

      I am clad in only a pair of tighty whities, as I wake suddenly and am trying to scramble into clothes as I discover there are people wandering around the grounds. I am soon dressed and interacting with them, explain how there is only security here on holiday weekends, and how we help to preserve and protect the heritage of the Boy-Who-Lived, without ever letting it slip that I AM the Boy-Who-Lived. Strange, fun stuff.
    11. The Angels of Theater

      by , 02-24-2015 at 08:12 PM
      07-18-2014 -- Again, earlier parts are missing, but I drifted off thinking about the first dream (here) of the night, and leads into thinking about and still trying to remember the details of the first dream in the new dream. I find myself sitting in on a kind of a college level class meeting taking place in the Marshall cafeteria / stage area. I am sitting here, trying to write down bits about the odd Buffy dream, my feet propped up on a chair or something, while somebody is lecturing and showing slides on one of the old style overhead projectors.

      Problem is, people keep complaining about only seeing parts of the slides, and seem kind of grumpy about it, and once I start really paying attention I realize that I was leaning with either my arm or my propped up legs blocking the light that shines through the acetate sheet to shoot it onto the screen. I didn't even realize. I'm hastily moving out of the way, as people complain about me and wonder why (and how) I'm here. Anyway, there is a discussion of some sort of war going on or something, and these people seem to be involved. And yet, it halfway seems to be not so much a war, as a theatrical performance.

      Many of them are wearing large, strong golden or silver armor, mighty warriors, yet as they get into the parts they are playing and the acting they are doing, they can't seem to be able to help but change out the armor for themed dancing outfits. As I look, I notice that a few of them have large white wings on their backs, and I realize that they are all angels, though whether good angels or fallen angels, or some other kind, I can't really tell. Eventually I kind of come to the conclusion that they are a third kind of angel, probably somewhat neutral, and really, really into theater!

      These are impressive beings. The men are huge and handsome, the women are of varying sizes and shapes, but they are utterly gorgeous. They are all immensely powerful, and their wings are only present if they wish them to be, so most keep them hidden away unless they need them. The thing is, while singing and dancing and performing in what seems to be the musical they are putting on, the ladies are dressed up in fairly revealing and remarkably sexy costumes, and it is hard to keep my eyes off of them. Especially when one is in a very short and flaring skirt, twirling around on the stage, and I am standing on the ground, right below, looking up a mouthwatering pair of legs to an incredible backside and a pair of sexy panties. I keep having to wrench my eyes away. Especially as the dancing seems to stoke the libido of the angels, and here and there, one of them will pull another just off-stage, and start having sex, out of sight of where the audience will be, but in plain view of the other actors, and the guy who doesn't belong.

      Soon somebody walks up to me with a gold pocket watch, and tries to hypnotize me, and is shocked when he fails. The leader starts to explain that is why I have been brought here ... I am a powerful being, with a very strong mind. I am about to contradict him, thinking that I am nothing special, and they may not have had much contact with humans, as only a few people can hypnotize well, and only a small portion of the population are susceptible to it. But then I realize ... these aren't humans, these are angels. They may be able to hypnotize much better, and humans might be much weaker against them. I cannot say with any certainty that my mind is not much stronger than usual against them.

      It is about this time that I also realize I am not in my version of the Marshall cafeteria, but I have been moved to a parallel reality version that the angels inhabit. The leader has brought me here because my powerful mind and resistance may be of much benefit to them, and he plans to train me up in some of their numbers, and have me fighting with them and dancing with them, and realizing my mind's strength, all of the female angels are clambering to dance with me. Then I start realizing that means I am going to be having sex with all these absolutely stunning creatures, which just blows my mind. They are all different heights, weights, builds, yet they are all absolutely magnificent!
    12. Buffy and the Time-Shifted Life Debts

      by , 02-24-2015 at 08:03 PM
      07-18-2014 -- Am in a sort of high school or college setting, there is an attractive teacher around, one of the students is rather weird, and strange things happen around him. Things fall apart, stuff doesn't work, windows collapse shut (or open) when they shouldn't. I have a pole that is a cross between the old poles to open the real windows at grade school, and the poles with the two prongs used to hang up the banners that block off the stained glass windows at church for productions. I am trying to close the windows, but the strange things that keep happening include something weakening part of the pole, and the teacher thinks things won't work. But I kind of manually fix the loose ends into the places they need to be, and they strengthen up again.

      Slowly things are changing, and the class setting somehow leads to staying with Buffy (BtVS) and her friends in her two story home in Snohomish, WA, on the hill on 62nd Place, along with the creepy guy who things always go weird around him. He is allowed to be here because somehow Buffy's car had driven into the garage-like pond a couple of years ago, and she couldn't get out because she was drowning. He drove in with another car and half pushed, half pulled her car out, saving her life. He wants to be here because he is creepy, and has an improper interest in all the female Scoobies. All of us males dislike him, but what can we say ... he saved Buffy's life.

      But then there is a scene, and some screaming and noise, and it turns out this creepy dude got drunk and drove his truck into the same pond along the side/under the house, and this time it was Buffy who took another vehicle and half pushed/half pulled him out, saving his life and balancing the books. And I point out that things still stay very weird around this guy, because somehow there is some weird sort of time dilation in effect, and even though both events took place two or three years apart, within the pool, itself, they both took place at the same exact time. It is really weird, and the creep may actually be responsible for Buffy needing rescuing in the first place.

      The creepy guy is embarrassed about needing to be saved, and leaves, hopefully never to be seen again, and we all head inside to find our rooms and go to sleep, meanwhile, Buffy's mother, Joyce, is standing there in a skimpy robe wanting to know what has happened, and we're all explaining it to her, while I can't help but enjoy the view.
    13. Elevator to the Moon and Driving Jimmy to Pageant

      by , 02-24-2015 at 07:49 PM
      07-18-2014 -- Three tonight of varying detail. The third is the hardest to remember, though there are a couple of interesting images in it. As one point I am in some sort of magical elevator or something. It is not in a building, but it is carrying us to a point about as high as the tallest building on Earth. When we get there, somebody is commenting, amazed on how high it is, and I am explaining that's nothing, yet, as we suddenly shoot up even faster, until we are hovering just a few thousand meters above the moon.

      I feel like I am missing a lot, because the next thing I know, I seem to be driving Jimmy home, but his house is the Pageant house (or right next to it) and I have never taken him home there, before. Marilyn is along for the ride, and we are having some kind of discussion about repairing a bike, and how much I want to fix it, and as Marilyn is commenting on how they ought to let me fix it, I seem to be half-riding it, half walking it, as the two kids walk along side of me.

      Meanwhile, they are discussing how their cleaning lady comes up from just down the street, and I am riding on the wrong side of the street to leave space in case she comes riding along, and Jimmy is laughing at me and trying to explain to me that he doesn't think little old ladies ride bikes, while I know from watching English stuff on TV that at least some little old ladies most certainly do! But he claims she is on a walker, and walks to the house.

      Meanwhile, we reach the last couple of houses on the block, and the second from the end is the Lane house. They have a large sign (probably about four by five feet) made out of that plastic stuff woven with yarn, praising something that Marilyn has accomplished. It seems that the neighbor in the final house is into building things, inventing things, construction, and as a part of that, crafts. He has a huge American flag in his yard, made from the same kind of materials.

      As we approach the house, Marilyn spots a dog in the neighbor's yard, who looks like a slightly more white version of Zorro, and is going nuts about it, while the neighbor comes over to talk about some stuff he plans to do, working on the two houses. He also makes mention of expecting to have slight problems from the neighbor in what used to by the house I lived in on Pageant, because Rosemary (who in the dream owns the place) is going to want to be included, but won't want to pay the very low costs for materials. Interesting.
    14. Knott's Animal Park

      by , 02-24-2015 at 07:38 PM
      07-20-2014 -- So I am walking down La Palma, right along side Knott's Berry Farm, when I somehow find myself climbing a fence or something to get inside. I am in something that is rather like a children's playground, inside what seems to be the beginning of a forest. Oddly, I find Steve G. here, and he seems to be in charge of the area, but he isn't satisfied with the playground, so he is the one who has been having trees moved in to try and grow a forest.

      I stop to chat with him, and he is starting to talk about what he is trying to do, but I can already see the shape of things to come, and since I love the times when I get to go swinging through the trees, I'm all for his plans ... though he seems kind of surprised that I can figure it all out at a glance. I just jump up and grab a vine, and start swinging, though they haven't grown strong enough to support me for long, yet. Meanwhile, as I lose my grip or the vine collapses and I drop to the ground, I find myself in what seems to be a bit of a wild animal park.

      I find I am facing Steve, who has got a tiger with him, and he expects to find me panicking, but instead I just kind of nuzzle with the huge cat, who is lightly chewing on my fingers, but not doing any harm. Steve seems to be almost considering me as an assistant or something, which I might like (love cats of all kinds, though I had not previously gotten to interact with tigers) but unfortunately he already has somebody who seems to be working with him, and is really ticked off by the possibility. If I had to guess, I would say there was a good chance it would be Scott.

      So anyway, Scott goes stalking off in anger, and a few minutes later there is an explosion, and security is running around everywhere, and Steve is being called to help make sure the animals are all contained, and help security stop anyone from coming in or anything from getting out at the now blown up gate where they had the stagecoach crossing. Meanwhile, since I am not supposed to be here, and have no right to be, I am trying to get out of the way of security and almost anybody else, but am having problems with some of the animals. They don't mean any harm, but they are curious, and I have various critters climbing on me and hanging on me, while others who help care for them and trying to help me get them off me.

      Soon Steve has come back, and is trying to help me get away without being seen, and we're trying to sneak out of an employee gate probably near Beach and La Palma. We have climbed up a big structure of pipes and things, and are just about to drop to the ground right by the gate when security walks into the area, and unfortunately he hears us land on this pipe thing, and looks up and spots us. Steve says to run, and goes sprinting along the pipes, but I doubt that is going to work for me, and I drop to the ground and try to hide, hoping the security guard heads after Steve, and away from me. (After all, he belongs. Away from me, he isn't likely to be in trouble.)
    15. ToTM and a bunch of non lucids

      by , 02-24-2015 at 04:52 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      [DILD] ToTM

      Warm evening. Sun gave ererything a bright orange glow. I was in Warsaw. I was waiting on a bus stop. The bus appeared and I went inside. I took off my sweater, as it was really hot. I grabbed the handrails as there were no free sitting places, and the bus drove. Suddenly I realise that it's a dream. As an RC I pressed my fingers on the handrails, and they went through the cold, yellow coloured metal. I saw a small boy walking in the bus. He was making a nose plug RC and smiling to me. I also mad a nose plug RC. Next with slight hesitation, as I was still afraid that this could be reality, I jumped, and phased through the bus's window. I landed on me stomach, on the road. Everything weas darker, but it was still warm. I looked around and saw a mother walking with her son on the sidewalk. Suddenly I saw a car driving straight into me, but it avoided me in the last moment. I somehow couldn't stand up, so I tried to scramble to the sidewalk. Then a blonde woman parked the car right in front of me. She told me that she was looking for me. Then I told her "It's not me! It was that boy! He walked over there!" She then entered the car quickly and drove after that boy. I could stand up finally, so I decided to make another task. I jumped to the rooftops, looking at the sky. It was dark, grim and overcast. I started to fly. When I was halfway to the height of clouds I focused on summoning storm clouds. They quickly covered the whole sky. I summoned the storm cloud in the air, but losing focus on flying made me unable to fly to them. I tried to land somewhere and made it. I have flewn from Warsaw to my home, in the other edge of Poland in few seconds! I landed on the rooftop of my garage. I looked down. There was my father pushing the lift. He said "Come here, and help me push the lift!" I then pointed at it with my index finger, and moved my hand to the entrance of barn. The lift moved as it was in drag-n-drop game. Father immediately went for the lift. He haven't told me where to move it, so I assumed it was right position. I looked at the sky again. The storm clouds disappeared, and the ovarcast, grim sky came back. I tried to summon the clouds again and fly to them. When I was halfway to the clouds I woke up.

      My friend is a bus driver

      With my friend we took a bus to the other village. We came to the front of the bus, and I saw that my another friend was a driver. We drove to my home village. I got out of the bus, but the bus stop was in the edge of a stadium, with river just behind it's edge. I went out of bus, and grabbed handrails. My friend walked through the river, as it was only ankle deep. I saw other people I saw in school, and even some classmates there. It was some kind of a party. Everyone was standing on a small hill. The slope was so high that I couldn't release the handrails, yet no other person gathered there was holding them.

      Sleeping in the bathroom

      I was lying on the floor in the bathroom, and trying to fall asleep. When I couldn't I saw that some clothes appeared there. I listened to a story a weird voice told about a man whose those clothes were. I stood up, and got out of the bathroom.

      Some fragments

      I recall some fragments, but nothing special.