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    1. Today is 'woodkid'

      by , 06-24-2018 at 12:17 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      In dream , I checked my phone to see what day it is today. It said "woodkid".
      I still did not become lucid. Lol
    2. TP around

      by , 06-23-2018 at 12:05 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I dreamt that I found a glitch in reality, and I could teleport anywhere by calling a certain number , saying the location , and then waiting and then I popped up in the city.
      I thought to myself that I could pop up anywhere, but I choosed not to because fbi or some other guys would catch me and take me out .
    3. Stalked

      by , 03-21-2018 at 08:43 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I was stalked by L, I was going home ,and she followed me around with a camera , made pictures of me from the corners. I was pretty surprised , but not creeped for I thought that she can't physically hurt me , she is just a petite girl (I was weirded out a bit to be honest). So I decided to confront her if she follows me home to my house, which she did, and she literally just stopped in front of my house and kept clickin her camera, like what the fuf? Really? Don't you feel yourself a little bit in danger? On my property? Then I just decided to go out . I first just looked through the window and see that she sees that I see her and got scared so she ran behind a corner. I went out like " what the heck are you doing " and she seemed to be all confused and conflicted and angry and started to back off , she thought I'm gonna attack her. Then I just opened the door and waved to come in and told her that I wont hurt her, that I want to talk to her and then she came in. We talked for a bit but I don't remember a single detail of our conversation. Then at a point I was in her house, wooden floor, and old staircase ,and a white wall I think(?) , somehow I knew that her father is abusive(dream memory), and that if he sees me here he'll definitely be hostile.
      Then I woke up.
    4. The AntiChrist?

      by , 04-29-2017 at 04:23 AM
      In my backyard there is a wooden platform, it has a garden on top of it. Standing in the garden is a beautiful women, she is wearing a white robe, and has long, wavy, brown hair. There are others surrounded her on their knees as she is reaching out her hand towards one of them. Everyone is memorized, I feel bliss, her is presence feels like something holy. My vision flashes and everything is the same, besides the garden is no longer there. The women in white is still interacting with the others. I now feel a very evil presence, so horrifying that I drop to my knees feeling sick, not being able to process thought. I look over and I see 4 blonde girls, running around in a circle, I recognize one and I call her over. I tell her what happened, and explain that something bad is going on, and I didn't get much interaction back. I realize everyone is in an altered brainwashed like state. I look down and try to move, as I crawl forward, a syringe stabs me in the hand, as I pull it out more start popping into my hands and arms. I repeatedly pull them out until I wake up feeling sick.
    5. All I could remember

      by , 06-07-2016 at 09:08 PM
      All I could remember from my dream last night was that I was in a blank, white room. I was wearing a blue shirt, and my dark grey pajama pants. I remember seeing my mom in this white room also. She was wearing a black v neck shirt, black shorts, and sandals. I don't remember seeing my sister in the dream but I know she had to do something with the dream. I recall trying to have a conversation with my mom but I can't remember what we were talking about. Then I woke up.
      Tags: nonlucid
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Random Nap Things

      by , 06-03-2016 at 10:55 PM
      Starting to have a hard time remembering my dreams so it's time to start writin' 'em down again.

      Took a nap and had a dream that I was. The bunny from zootopia (whatever her name was). I had just come to the city and, as I knew I wasn't "really" the bunny, I knew I wanted to change some of the movie to make it more fun for me. Instead of getting a small apartment to myself, I roomed with clawhauser.

      At some other point, there was something about an aerial race that was about to begin, but the area was covered in a smokey cloud cover, so they needed someone to clear it out. I was there pretending to be a pilot, but I really wasn't. I wasn't planning on actually flying, but then they selected me to fly up and disperse the clouds. It was either fly a plane that I didn't know how to fly, or out myself as not really being a pilot, so I just got in the plane and tried my best. I kept making dangerous mistakes, but the crowd mistook them as being intentionally dangerous stunts, so I dispersed the clouds without suspicion.

      Sometime later, I'm playing WoW and my character is in a four-story wooden building with two other player characters. All the NPCs here are male dwarves. There's one repeatable quest (although the ! mark is yellow) which is just a race between everyone else to find 5 candles before everyone else. There really isn't much in the way of quest rewards- it's just a fun little thing to do with friends. I'm a Druid and I use my travel form (which was the old one- a cheeta)(inside) or my cat form plus aspect of the cheetah, which made me as fast as my travel form. I'm with a shaman who uses their wolf form, and a warrior, who apparently also has some kind of faster animal form.

      Sometimes the candles trigger monster attacks and you have to defeat them before you can continue finding candles. There was some kind of smallish shadow dragon thing on the top of the building that was a boss. We mostly avoided him, but once I accidentally ran out onto the top of the building and got very close to him. I probably aggroed him, but I don't really remember what happened except that I was kind of an "oh crap" moment and that my teamates were standing in the doorway.
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    7. Sin in the church

      by , 02-09-2016 at 06:09 PM
      Start out visiting a friend. She is convinced her boyfriend is cheating on her with a woman, or a man, or both. She comes up with a plan to find him out. She takes a blow dryer out and starts talking into it as he is walking into the house. He tries to talk to her, but she talks over him. The noise of the blow dryer brings out background noise of his thoughts or something, revealing what he had been doing.

      But then, plot twist. She asks, "You think this was about you?"

      And then we go quiet, and hear that her roommate is sleeping with someone and making a lot of noise doing so. This roommate of hers has a boyfriend, so it's actually her roommate who is the cheater.

      I leave, and go to a Church which is a part of the school I am going to. One of my coworker's is there. I sit in the second row of pews and grab what looks like a prayer book. I immediately drop it on the floor. Without thinking about it, I pick it up and kiss it while sitting. I hope that no one realizes I am a Jew in a Christian church.

      The prayer song book has artful Hebrew letters written on it. But, it's not the book the woman leading is reading from. She's playing guitar and everyone is singing along, very much like my Hebrew school days.

      Then, I'm in the front row, squished between my coworker and a stranger. I start feeling very claustrophobic, but I don't want to offend my acquaintance by moving. My discomfort is making it hard to listen to the words being said, so I end up moving so I can pay better attention. My coworker follows me and sits a space away from me in the second row.

      The pastor, a woman, is talking about something I can't understand. Her past. It sounds a little shady. Someone comes in and unveils her as a terrible sinner who has committed horrible deeds and should not be teaching the word of God to anyone. She gets defensive at first, and then gives in to her dark side and tries to hurt us all. I want to escape, but there are traps laid out everywhere. My coworker and I eventually escape. He says something about being shocked that she could be like that.

      I wake up. I have a few minutes until my alarm goes off.

      I shut my eyes, and immediately I can see my hand floating before me. I realize it's in my mind, and I'm lucid, so I just lay there staring at my hand. I try to keep it in focus as long as I can, but the dream gets darker and darker until I can't see anymore.
    8. Old dream friend reunited

      by , 11-11-2015 at 12:03 PM
      [COLOR="#FFD700"]In a dream a LONG time ago I met this little blonde kid about 9 or ten who was EPIC at skate boarding (One of my favourite hobbies) and his name was Zelbell. I am so curious as to why my conscious named him that. But I only ever met him once and I haven't seen him since. I actually forgot about him. He's not real in real life but I feel like I know him. Then last night he came back into my dream and didn't remember me! Back when I saw him before I had really long blonde hair and since then I got it cut so I presume that's why he didn't remember me. It was so weird. But anyways, here's what happened...
      I was out with my mom, shopping or something and I decided to stay in the car when she went. Then I saw Zelbell fly past the car, on his skateboard, and I hop out the car eager to go find him. I rush down the hill and find him in the large alleyway covered in autumn trees and leaves, the same place I had met him before, and he suddenly stops and looks at me.

      There's dialog but I don't recall it. A pair of rollerblades suddenly appear on my feet and we ride around together, still talking. Then I suddenly get the feeling I left Moshi and M (Code names for two good friends In real life) back in the car, even though they weren't there before I left.

      I say to Zelbell that I have friends I want to introduce him to and he follows me back to the car. And sure enough when we get to the car Moshi and M are in there.

      So I open the door and I say to the guys "Yo guys, this is Zelbell. He is ACE at skateboarding" and Moshi puts his hand out to fist bump Zelbell and says "Oh sick dude" But Zell bell suddenly gets to his feet and rushes away. Did I mention he is unbelievably shy? M looks at me I shrug my shoulders, slamming the door and running after Zelbell.

      When I catch up I ask what's wrong and he says he doesn't remember me and I explain how my hairs been cut seriously short since the last time we met and he suddenly remembers me.
      Then I suddenly wake up feeling really weird at how I met Zelbell again after all these years or how my brain even remembered him. It was so weird.

      Also, over the last few days Moshi had been appearing in ALOT of my dreams.
      Tags: nonlucid, wierd
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Daniel Tosh and Carrie Underwood

      by , 03-26-2015 at 03:06 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I did a quick WBTB coffee and had a super vivid dream. Even though I didn't get lucid, it was still really fun.

      I am playing some sort of board game that requires you to enter various DOS commands in order to carry out certain actions on an old computer. I am play with an older group that includes my parent and others who are pretty computer illiterate. I decide to somehow convert everything to a Windows platform so that it will be easier for them. I get lost staring at an icon and the screen zooms in, pixelates, then whites out.

      I am ice skating someplace and I notice the ice is getting slushy and melting. Then Carrie Underwood comes along to give me some pointers, but Daniel Tosh replaced my skates with a child's version. Somehow it makes my legs to where I can't striaghten them out. I feel like my movement and skate abilities has been severely reduced. Carrie is trying to get started and I can't find my other skates so I just do the best I can do. The ice rink is now my living room and I see Tosh outside my window just as he places a webcam to the glass and sneaks away. I'm really annoyed, but I let it go for now. I skate around and feel like a child as Carrie lifts me up under my arms and helps me skate. It's embarrassing, but hey, I get to be up close and personal with her. I'm so girl celebrity crazy in my dreams lately. The ice starts melted and we begin skating on hardwood. It's not working too well so we decide to stop. My mother-in-law is standing to the side with arms crossed. She seems upset she didn't get her turn. I take the skates off and go outside to retrieve the webcam. I make a fist at the lens and act mad but I'm just joking. I'm actually a good sport about it and thank him for letting me be on the show. I'm sure it will be super funny whatever he does with it. As I come back in the house, I see the computer I was working on earlier on a cart on the porch. I feel like I am missing something (lucidity!), but I decide I'll think on it later. I see Carrie still waiting around so I go over to talk to her. I wake up.

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    10. Pirates and Tsunamis

      by , 07-03-2014 at 11:09 AM
      Pirates and Tsunamis


      After PE in join the military. Our first action is to battle tsunamis. One wave gets me and I get washed on onto a pirate ship. I fight all the guys, another wave gets me and washes me into the city. I find myself on a roof of a church. The next thing I know is that I am in an electronic shop.
    11. Uncontrolled Insanity

      by , 07-02-2014 at 10:47 PM
      Dream 1 - Soccer Competition

      My friends are apparently playing football through an obstacle course down a road. I have a pointer that shows me their position compared to mine. I run besides this girl, but she is faster than me and is in the lead down the road. When we get down around the corner of the road, the people are playing some kind of shooting inside a target area. They come to a hall with grass as floor. When the last one hits inside a curvatured furniture, it sets fire to a spider at the bottom of it. I take the spider, but throws it away, since I am afraid of spiders. I walk out of the hall, and I am unable to find my usually jacket. I get the feeling that some of the people I know has taken it from me, but to my surprise, I am granted a new jacket I apparently should have recieved a year before. I go outside in the rain, and the dream fades (I wake up to rain and thunder outside, LOVELY! )

      Dream 2 - The Insane Disease

      From the moment I remember my dream, I am engulfed in a slimy green bubble. A small amount of time passes, and I start to feel sick. The same happens to my younger brother. My mom throws me inside of a car (she has no drivers license), and I am feeling the urge to vomit. I look at my younger brother, and he is almost puking like me. When we reach the tower where the psychiatrist is in, I start to hear a high-pitched ringing sound hurting my ears (my alarm. I don't realize this), and I am apparently in belief that I have gone mentally insane. It is hurting so much in my ears that I beg it to stop. When we come to the psychiatrist, I tell her that it is a demon that has made me sick. She replies that it is not a good idea to name the demon, but my younger brother does this by replying. I start to get scared, but I calm down quickly, and I start to feel better. We walk off, and the dream fades.
    12. Dem runescape flashbacks

      by , 06-24-2014 at 10:43 PM
      I'm playing league as lee sin, and have set up my tent at toplane to shut down a ticked off vladimir. We repeatedly kill him, and he cusses up a storm in all chat every time I appear from the river. The dream shifts, and I'm playing runescape in the old wildy circa 2007, with ancients and a zammy book. I have diamond tipped rune bolts and a poisoned ddp in addition to sharks and other pots. I burst down a player in 5 hits, but as I'm collecting the loot get teleblocked. My inven button shifts to the music tab and I can't seem to find it as the mouse cursor won't follow my dream eyes. The pjer has an arma gs and takes me down before I can react. I then respawn in a small cell, with the pjer looking in on me, and crowing about he was the vlad from yesterday.
      I bump into one of my fellow soccer captains at the library, but he doesn't know me and he's HUGE (already tall in real life, but I barely reach his elbow in the dream). He pushes me back and the dream fades as we begin to fight.
      I have a 10 second lucid where I realize something is amiss and ask myself why? Almost reluctantly, as if the answer is obvious but I don't want to realize it, I respond and say "I'm dreaming." As comprehension dawns, I take control of my dream body and take a couple of steps forward, frantically searching for my hand so I can try and stabilize the dream. Unfortunately I get too excited, and the dream fades to black before I can get a glimpse of my surroundings. (So frustrating, I can get too excited and miss out on easy lucids just as often as I have opportunities for them, suggestions if anyone's reading?) I don't remember anything past this lucid snippet, so no way to reintroduce myself into the dream.
      I'm at my grandma's house and she's complaining about arthritis. I take her hand and she screams in a horrible voice.
      My dad has gotten cancer in a terminal stage, and there's much very real crying and emotion as we go together around a small plaza, saying goodbye to our friends and family
    13. The Cruise

      by , 06-23-2014 at 08:10 PM
      The Cruise


      Im on a cruise in the caribbean sea. All my friends are there, german and american. Were docking and go shopping in a big mall. I meet a guy I really dislike and beat him up. We return to the cruise ship, which now looks like a pirate ship, wooden and really big. I find out it has 3 floors. The machine room, the living quarters and a restaurant under the blue sky. I ask a guy how deep the water is and he answers: 44m/144ft. I look down and see a book laying on the ground but I forget about it quickly. I find out one of my friends cooperated with the FBI and Im getting thrown off the ship.
      I wake up on the beach, stand up and decide to go find the ship. I meet two of my american friends, they tell me the hole story and I start swearing in english
      (from that moment on the hole dream is in english). I find my way back to the ship, and go straight to the captains room. Its Chow from "The Hangover" and he does his weird laugh...I wake up.

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    14. Bad Grades

      by , 06-22-2014 at 08:10 PM
      Bad Grades
      Lucid #14


      Im in my teachers room, together with my friend. For some reason he has artificial limbs. I listen to them talk and he finds out hes getting bad grades. They both start a fight and my teachers takes his legs and throws him out of the window. I take something formed like a clubb and hit him with it. He drops to the ground and i run to my friend to see if hes ok. I throw his legs and his phone through the open window. I try to jump out to but i dont seem to fit. I go into the hallway and as i walk towards the main entrance everybody looks like me as im a celebrity. I get nervous and walk faster. I meet him outside and help him up. We start running but suddenly i stop and realize that i just messed up my life by hitting a teacher. I freak out but then i do a nose RC due to a suspicion and voil im lucid.
      I take time to stabilize by using all 5 senses. I look up into the sky and it looks beautiful. I try to walk but i only manage to float and dont realla get far. I try taking off and flying i feel the air in my face, everything gets really bright and i wake up.

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    15. A bad man

      by , 06-08-2014 at 06:16 PM
      In my last dream somewhere near the end I was in my room and my mom came in the room mad at me. She said I made the bad man know where the secret waterfalls are. Than she turned on the tv to show me people in a dirty place filled with water gushing all around. I said "I didn't do that, what are you talking about?" Than we ran outside to my backyard. There was a man who wanted to battle my mom. I became lucid at that point and wanted to get in some of the action. So when the man was kicked into the air i kicked him down and he landed near the fence i think and came out his body cause he was dead i guess. After that my mom changed into a spirit and they went their own way fighting. I decided to explore so i flew and saw lots of forest trees below. Than i felt a feeling that something familiar was near and saw a cemetery with a huge building. It was snowing a little and was cold. I was flying to the ground and saw a few houses made out of candy. I could see people sitting on blue chairs talking to each other and i announced out loud that this was a dream. After that people started leaving. I heard a boy talk about someone who cut a boys head off cause he got jealous that his girl was with another guy. I went inside a house and found i was back at my house and went into a room.There were four people there talking. i decided to watch Tv so i turned it on with the remote. On tv there were live small previews for movies and a little sing along but i wanted to see something more interesting. That's when i noticed there was one person next to me and i heard footsteps coming downstairs. I told the person to shut the door but the door wouldn't shut fully. Suddenly a guy burst through the door with a knife going through a crazy moment. Looked like he was jogging in place and having a mental break down. I felt negative energy from him but just observed him, not scared because I wasn't going to let fears get me in my lucidity. I think some things from the dream happened cause of another person's dream i read though...>w>
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