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    1. Sunday, January 20

      by , 02-02-2019 at 11:59 PM
      I am walking along a fairly busy sidewalk when a larger black man wearing grey sweatpants and a darker sweatshirt starts to come up to me, asking for spare change. I sort of feel like I have to oblige, but instead of giving him some, I ask if he’s hungry and tell him to come with me. I kind of get the impression that he just wanted the money instead. He seems quiet and despondent. I ask what he’s hungry for, and he mutters ‘chicken’. I start to go to a McDonald’s because I know there’s one close. When we get there, he gravitates towards a black lady about his age (late 30s?) who also appears homeless. They start talking, and I’m pretty sure I leave because he’s no longer paying attention to me.

      I am parking in what looks like the Beer Nv parking lot. I back into one of the staggered spaces, noticing a truck in one of the spaces behind me taking up almost most of its space. When I get out, I see a thin layer of snow or frost and also that I’ve backed in perfectly. I can see that the car is equidistant from each side, as well as the front and back. I see a woman walking around, tapping kind of forcefully on cars. She is checking them for something as if she’s some kind of authority. There are others here; they comment on her lack of uniform or identification. The communal fervor bolsters assurance, but a sense of just what to do about it is still lacking. I am now sitting in my car, and she’s trying to talk to me through the closed window. I ask her for identification and she ignores it. I think she’s slightly irked that I leave my window up but knows she can’t do anything about it. I think she’s wearing black cargo pants and a dark/black sweatshirt. I simply press my license up to the window. There are some papers on the passenger seat, receipts and other car care records. One of them is a receipt for gas I just got; I press it up to the window facetiously.
    2. Friday, June 22

      by , 08-15-2018 at 07:19 PM
      I am outside and entering some building. I pass a group of three who are sitting on the ground, appearing to be homeless or otherwise in search of some assistance. Their handcrafted signs held proclaim this, though they do have a van, albeit a fairly broken down looking one. The van is scattered with random things, mostly necessities. They ask me for something specific - shoes? I sort of mumble something about thinking about it and slowly sneak away. When I enter this building - a house? - though, something resonates with me, and I want to help them out, so I start going through the clothes in this room. I gather some shoes, small pink gloves, very small underwear (mine from when I was a kid?), and some other small articles. Gathered up in my arms, I return to the three. When they see me, their faces fill with equal parts shock and gratitude. I sit with them, and they express it. I want to know their story, and we end up talking. It becomes mostly them (a girl and two boys?) asking about my life. They ask what I do for work, and I tell them I work at a preschool 9-6 Monday through Friday. We start talking about hiking, presumably because of the shoes, and they ask the longest hike I’ve ever done. Remembering it, I tell them the longest hike I’ve ever done was probably Half Dome.

      I am in what seems to be an extremely large tap house [As I write this, I remember how Jon described a cave by the ocean as like a cathedral last night. This is the same feeling I am getting of this place]. The space is so open and almost stale (kind of like Maui Brewing Co). Everything is grey and angular and sleek. I approach the tall counter and crane my neck far back to read the giant board of options. Despite the plethora, I don’t see the type I am looking for. Dad is here too. I end up getting a very tiny replica of the Washington Monument (I think I was thinking of the Eiffel Tower at first, but recalling it now, it was definitely solid, with the prism shaped top). I get a saltwater solution to rinse it off with? and do so. It almost looks like we are outside, or like this side of the building slowly blends into the outside. It is dark out and tropical.
      Tags: beer, hiking, homeless, van
    3. Return to an Unlikely Apartment Building

      by , 11-17-2016 at 05:17 PM
      Morning of November 17, 2016. Thursday.

      I am wandering around in La Crosse as I have the vague realization that I am tired and should probably go home. My dream self seems about twenty years of age. I fly to the back of a building, to the first-floor’s extended roof of the building which has at least two storeys. This feature provides access to two apartments on the higher floor. (The feature is similar to the Rose Street building I lived in as a young child, except it only had one hallway door to the first-floor roof. The location itself seems more like the area where Dennis lived years ago which also had only one door to the first floor roof.) From the outside, I have a false memory that my apartment is to the left and the one on the right is where my brother Dennis lives. He appears as he did in the 1970s.

      The setting is very distorted. Even though I remember living and sleeping in the apartment, it is far too small for a human being to either go through the doorway or actually live inside the building. The height of the living area is no more than two feet. This puzzles me but neither triggers any realization that the situation is impossible nor results in stronger emotions. I consider that the building is mostly made of a stack of bricks that shift a bit at times, which somehow makes the apartments smaller or larger at different times.

      There is a conversation between Dennis and our (fictitious) landlady, which eventually relates to something about feeding homeless people in the area. I cannot get into my apartment so I decide to sleep on the roof while thinking of how the homeless people will be fed as it seems like a worthwhile task. Dennis has some carrots, lettuce, and potatoes to start a stew or soup. Eventually, just as I begin to wake, there are vague thoughts about geese flying over the building and returning to the area.

      Wandering around feeling tired is a dream state indicator created by subliminal awareness of being asleep as well as having been tired in reality prior to my dream. This is additionally evidenced by wanting to sleep on the roof, which is a liminal space divider related to depth of sleep and how much of the conscious self identity is present. It is also why my dream’s setting is rendered as too small to access. The geese returning to the area is typical vestibular system correlation, autosymbolism for waking process thoughts in “returning” (waking back into) the physical body while leaving the illusory dream body. There are also mild thoughts of hunger. The “feeding” reference is to me, as “homeless” is based on liminal awareness of not being awake in the physical body.

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    4. Dream Sign to an Oblivious Mind

      by , 09-06-2016 at 08:05 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Monday morning's dream was a pretty teeny tiny fragment, involving a super smart yet annoying guy barging his way into my house and demanding me to solve his riddles.
      This morning, however, was a bit more fruitful! Especially due to the re-appearance of a dream sign of mine.
      But first, middle-of-the-night-wake-up-fragments.
      I was on a huge ship in the middle of an ocean being ravaged by a raging storm. Alongside the storm was, of course, a sea monster, and the whole crew (me included) had to square off against it in an RPG-styled battle. And thennnn!
      I was homeless, and wandering the cold, dark streets of a city I didn't really recognize. I was trying to find shelter in whatever place I could, till eventually I met this family who decided to take me in for the night.
      Now for the non-lucid.
      I was in the house I used to live in, and sitting on the couch nearby was my ex and her boyfriend. All three of us were getting ready to watch a movie, but I was feeling pretty glum and sour about the situation, so I moped my way over to the kitchen area and pet my ex's dog for a little while. Eventually, I decided I'd just leave, and this was no small undertaking as I knew it'd be a long 6 hour drive back home. I relayed my plans to the two of them, and my ex pleaded that I stay and enjoy the movie. I, however, was resolute. I headed out. The in-between here is a blur but I do remember driving my way home on dark roads.
      Too bad I didn't do an RC. I've been training myself IRL to reality check whenever my ex sends me any messages, or if I catch a stray thought about her. However, she hasn't appeared in my dreams much lately; this was the first time in a little while now.
    5. Dream/Nightmare 12/01/2016

      by , 01-12-2016 at 07:27 PM
      In my last dream I was on a street (don't know which, perhaps what i recall of Oxford, in the way of a park aparted from the city) and i go to the corner to buy some tea. I ask the lady for some tea and she starts looking, as Oliver from Harry Potter would look for his wands. She comes with a box of tea and i say no, i want minted tea, so she comes with another box and it was of pills for the mouth, then she comes with another box and i say ok, give me those, it said something like "frozen ice", what would say in gum etiquettes. After that i stayed there, we were outside of the shop and we were talking about a field where she was, called "La Catalina" and she said that when she stayed there the environment was so peaceful that she had relaxed and increased her vibrations on the body to the point where she is very healthy. There was a small field to our side, with tall grass and i could note that there was good energy circulating around. I told her i was on that field too, i was on "La Catalina", the same street where you were, i even said hi to you (she is the neighbour) and you replied but didn't recognize me. It is a peaceful place i kept saying, but there were animals in my place, that made it a bit noisy, so it wasn't so relaxing after all. I then recall being there and running around the house (it was close to a river). When it became dark i went around a few more time and then came inside the house. I went through it and through probably a hall to a house in the back. There i found my grandfather brother, Daniel, which was cooking an Asado.

      In my previous dream i was in the house of my father. There was a celebration going on, so there were many people. There comes a king and a queen and other important people. I bow down to salutate them, and i do it concentrated. Then someone asks me for a certificate of birth, so i knew i had to go and it get at the back of the house. I go there and there was already my grandfather and my younger sister going already. There was rain in courtyard and a dog there. I went inside the room and saw them using the computer.

      After that scene i find myself on the streets going at the end of the street of my house, Maria Olguin, with a ghost car in front of me, a Fiat Uno, and a truck behind it which i was driving. That car in front of me had noone to drive it, and i was responsible for it, it just went becase the streets were going down, so it went because of gravity. I turned right at the end of the street and stopped. I stopped behind it, and it was surprising that it was well parked. There were some old people in the streets. An old man, probably 57 years of age and an old woman who looked like a young child of 7, but she was like 60. They were living on the streets because they decided to do so. They raised and traded some animals that looked like ducks but had a body like a mammal, it looked like this:

      Then i think i find myself in cordoba, outside Patio Olmos, or somewhere alike. I see my cousin Jessica. She found a bag with a lot of recordings and some documents of great value to her. I think i felt jealous at that moment. Anyways i wanted to know about a girl that i have met before and lost her, and she had information of her so i kept by her side. She finds out that her mother has been transfering some money to other children so she gets herself angry and sad, she eventually leaves the house. My aunt was there with my mother. She left and she haven't said anything about this girl i liked. But my sister came and she said don't worry, she passed me all the recording. So i started listening the recordings. I would listen all of them, one by one. The first one was about a song. I remember that like 10 years ago i couldn't transfer music to my palm, so i just recorded it, and it appears that that was what she did. So i had to listen to that ugly music, until my father says "turn off that music" because he didn't liked it. I saw him and many others on the dining room. They came from the house where i was supposed to get the birth certificate. I asked them if we were going to play Cashflow, and everyone agreed. So i sat and the roles were given. Then something happens with a real cheese, that was part of the valuables of the game, and the roles changed. I was sitting by the side of Maester Aemon, but after the cheese thing the scenario changed and it was like the room of misteries of Hogwarts and we were playing on it. There was water rising and we save the game, just in case... (didn't know we could do that) and after that our team feels that our energy is dried and we are without forces to cast spells or to even grab people. There were a lot of people playing and we had to fight. I was one of the strongest players, and now i was not, but i kept faith, i had to be one of the strongest anyways. Before the game ended, i surely had to defeat like 5 players but in spite of the confidence i had i also knew i wouldn't make it. So i see at the end of the room that Draco Malfoy was heading away, already victorious. I wouldn't let that happen so i followed him, like on a win or loose mision. He went to a hall and he climbed up stairs, i almost had him. Then he enters the room (that place looked like the house of my mother at Bv Roca) and wakes up his mates. One of them looked exactly like him but was bigger. I knew i couldn't beat them, even though i was outside the old scenario and i was stronger already, so i escaped. I didn't go where i came, i headed to some stairs to my left and i went down. It was all dark, even when we climbed up with Draco, and that place was even darker. I went down and i hid myself on the basement. I didn't know that that was the place where they hid the dead people. I was terrified so i remained still, and i see that dead people began to move around. There begins the nightmare, which made like a full story i didn't actually experience but i felt the fear, i woke up after that. When i woke up i realized it was a nightmare so i wasn't that scared, but anyways there was a little fear remaining from the dream. As soon as i woke up i wrote down the dream.
    6. #185 - Training / Homeless

      by , 12-20-2015 at 03:39 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      SC1) 02:08
      I had a hard time falling asleep last night, couldn't get my brain to stop stressing out.
      I'm in my house and I wake up, I think I then start doing some training to fight some boxer (I think there was a boxing ring maybe?). The whole thing feels really symbolic, maybe a result of watching motivational videos.

      SC2) 03:32
      I'm homeless and I'm by the river that runs next to my old university. It's night time and the building nearby is the hospital (in reality it isn't). I'm trying to eat some food, I seem really down on my luck and it seems like there's some youths talking shit about us homeless people. There's another homeless guy who talked to me (he was in his 40s or 50s) and I though he looked quite dirty. I'm not very polite to him, and seem to just try to shoo him away or something. I cross the road to be next to the hospital and sit on a bench near the back entrance (I seem to be at the back of the hospital). I'm just chilling eating my food, in front of me is my skate board lying on the ground (I don't skate in RL). It seems like the youths called the cops and they're trying to get them to take me away for 'loitering'. Damn dude I'm just sitting and eating my food... As the cops talk to the youths and start getting convinced to take me away, the older hobo steps up. It's really inspiring what he says, at the end he said something like "the mans just trying to eat his meal, he ain't go nothing else! You can take me but you can't take him!". I'm overwhelmed by it, why is he being nice to me after I was so rude to him? I start crying in the moment as his words touch me, tears roll freely down my face. The guy walks over and comforts me, he understands my pain and what it means to be alone. The police aren't going to hassle us, even the youths walk away.
    7. I'm a hobo

      by , 03-29-2015 at 05:12 PM
      I was homeless, so at night I'd break into houses and sleep in people's guest rooms. Some nights they'd find me, and I'd normally have to hurriedly leave immediately after that. Sometimes when that'd happen, they would care for me.
      I met many different people with different lifestyles: A pregnant lady with a huge pet snake, an eccentric lady with a huge house, and the list goes on.
      One night, I creeped into a house, and went into a room with a closed door. A baby was soundly sleeping in a cradle, and I definitely wasn't going to change that. I turned around and saw a camera looking at me. I quietly, but quickly, went out the door, and looked down the stairs. A tall lady with wavy hair is watching TV and talking on the phone in the living room below me. Her back is to me. I panic, and hurry into the next room a little less than silently. I hear a muffled "Hold on, I-I heard something..." through the door. I crawl under the huge bed and hope she doesn't find me.
      I hear the door open, and she's still on the phone. "I know I heard something." She whispered into it. I could very faintly hear the person she was talking to in the quiet room. "Someone's in here, I know it." She bends down and looks under the bed, to find me, curled up, staring at her, and terrified. She ends the call immediately, her mouth hanging open.
      "Hey now," I whisper showing my hands to show her I have no weapons, "I don't want to hurt you or your baby... I just need a place to sleep. I promise that's it."
      Then, I wake up.
    8. Three variations on help

      by , 02-24-2015 at 10:11 PM
      Disembodied, I'm watching a teenage girl walk into my home, an old Victorian in a small city. The door wasn't locked. She's been sent here by someone who told her I can help her, but apparently he wasn't specific enough about exactly the kind of problem I would help her with - he'd emphasized how important it was that she get off the street tonight, so she's gotten the misimpression that I run some kind of homeless outreach thing. I'm thinking, amused, that she's not far wrong.

      A girl who's just recently started staying with me walks out of the bathroom wearing a towel, and she says oh, hello to the girl who's just walked in, assuming that the girl must be a friend of mine. She tells the girl I'm 'out' right now - they know me by the name Nick. They chat a little back and forth, neither of them realizing their mistake, and I'm thinking this is a good coincidence, that a girl her same age was around to meet her first, and that they get along well; this should put her at ease.

      The girl who just got out of the shower gets something to drink out of the fridge, and as she's doing so she holds up a particular marked bottle, asking if the girl wants any of this. Oh, damn it - so much for putting her at ease. It's blood, but the markings don't actually indicate that. Offering it was a reasonable thing to do, given the people she's seen just drop in looking for me; and since she's assuming the girl already knows me, she's also assuming the girl's already familiar with what's in that bottle. The girl says sure, takes the bottle, and opens it.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm on one side of a wooden barricade, and an old friend of sorts on the other side is calling to me. He's telling me that he's taken my advice, and he's decided that I was right - all those people without any magic, their lives do have value after all. As he says this, I'm looking through the gaps in the barricade to the soldiers lined up on the other side. I recognize them, or rather I recognize their uniforms indicating the lord they serve, a man whose help I've been trying to secure for a while now. They're unnaturally still. It's clear my old friend is controlling them directly. I'm not going to have much luck with that lord if I kill off his people, not to mention the people on my side of the barricade who would never forgive me - we're going to have to run.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'd convinced a group of fox demons to give up their human forms, their physical forms. Now I'm returning to the lake where they live, and they're gone. There are markers like graves standing in the places they'd been when they gave up their forms, stakes of white wood with names written on them - or what they used for names, more like descriptions really, they changed them fairly often. I read each of them. I kneel down before one with a name I recognize - it had belonged to a child. For the sake of protecting one human man, I caused this.
    9. I become a ghostly witch and hold The Mask to put it on.

      by , 10-10-2014 at 08:58 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      I become a ghostly witch and hold The Mask to put it on. (Non-lucid)


      This dream started when I was at a huge hall. The room was pretty much empty but there was some carpeting and a few wooden tables on the corner. Apparently, a party was going to take place and I wanted to have the ultimate party experience. On a white table in a corner there were a few magic items that belonged to me and to other people. I went to grab a few things for this party. There was a guy who was monitoring these items so I only grabbed what belonged to me. I grabbed a small round green sphere, that looked like a palantir, another one that was like the screen of lamp (but all blue) as well as the mask from the movie, The Mask.

      I decided to combine a few of these. I was aware of the huge magic potential of these items so I informed the guy that these all were mine and i proved him showing this items that they started to react within my hands. The mask suddenly had that green shinny effect from the movie and the palantir started to become bright. The blue lamp screen was vibrating so he said that i was alright and I was noticed to have fun.

      I took a walk outside holding this items and I donated a few quarters to some homeless guy who was sitting outside this building. I also noticed it was night. Upon him thanking me I went back into this place and I blended my energy with the Palantir. This turned me into a witch, a really hideous witch. I also used the blue lamp screen and this gave me ghostly powers, I stopped being corporeal to become ethereal, but I was still seen and everything.

      I planned to put on my mask later and just go nuts, but I wanted to help some people first since I had magic. There was some guy that needed help because he was broke, so I hanged my mask on my belt and followed him. I asked him if he could grab my cell phone and taking a few pictures of me in my ghostly witch form, but for some reason, he was unable to make my phone work.

      We went upstairs and some kid was following me. He tried to reach out the mask, but I told him to stop it and avoid touching it. We went to some sort of deck that also was connected with a street. I saw another homeless and I tried to spawn some cash for him without much success.

      The guy told me that he needed money to buy more tanks of gas. Apparently, he was storing gas to sell it afterwards. I visualized bundles of cash to spanw and a few stacks appeared:

      But it was not enough and I was unable to make more spawn, but I succeeded at spawning some major tanks with gas on them and he was thrilled I could help.

      Feeling great about my good actions, I decided to put the mask on, so I went downstairs to join the party and go nuts, but my alarm clock woke me up from this dream.

    10. From handball match to being homeless

      by , 10-07-2014 at 10:50 PM
      So it all started on a handball match between Celje and Trebnje. Celje was loosing 7 - 10 after the first half. And weirdly the first half lasted for 31min. And the score tables were just blinking and changing all the time. And even the rules were wrong.. there was a guy who could always shoot 1m closer than the others and i couldnt figure out why. Anyway while i was waiting for the next half an old friend of mine appeared. He said, why are you so silent.. scream and cheer for our team he said. I said dont worry just wait and watch . And then his phone started to ring. It was such a nice melody i asked him the name of the song.. he said it is called " convation" i tried to type it down, but i had such i weird phone.. it was all black and had funny rubber buttons. I could type on it like i wanted. i pressed one.. and i pressed 3 at the same time. Well i somehow did it, and then friend showed me musicvideo of the same song. And when I looked to his screen i was teleported into the video. new story began. I was standing next to a homeless guy. hmm.. and yes i was homeless too. It was night time and we were standing on a bridge. We had gloves on our hands probably for hidding fingerprints. And we were throwing some black trash bags into the river. I have no clue what was in. And we threw some water containers after the bags. The hommie sad.. come lets go.. he was pushing a shopping cart with nothing in it. And we came to a house. He dissapeared and went looking for him. I looked to the left of the house.. and then on the right. He was nowhere. And then garage door opens. Oh, there he is. He was carrying fresh clothes and some money. He gives me the clothes. And he says this is for you.. and later we will find something for me. I get changed into normal clothes and we are walking further. He was still pushing his cart.. and he said. What do you think? does it look weird if people are seeing us together. One is civilian and other is homeless. I replied. Well if someone comes.. act that you are drunk and that you want something from me. Then it will not look suspicious. A good ideaa he replied. So we walked further trough a new build tunnel for pedestrians. there were like 30 workers there, but they were french.. so we said they dont know us .. its ok. LAter more people appeared. There goes a priest .. but we dont go to church anyway.. there is no way he could recognize who we are. And then i said to him.. well we could pretend that i am a journalist. And I am writing an article about you. I just need to write something liitle.. and no one could figure us out. The hommie agreed. Later we got to a gas station. But there were 2 of them. One next to the other. I went trough the left one, and the homeless went trough the right one. We were trying to avoid security cameras, but we failed at doing that, because there were too many of them. And then a vision appeared in my head. There was a really beautiful blond girl with curled hair and some brown stripes in her hair sitting behind a table. Her eyes were so colorfull.. something between green and blue, and really colorized. On the table there was a flower, who had all the colours in the world in her petals. And the girl was chanting some words without meaning. She was combining two words she had.. and made a new one. It was still not understandable. It was something like " tarakahara" and she said i got it now.. this is a city where my husband is.. and she meant me. She paused for a second and said.. well i never really wanted to go to the old continent.. but people say.. that first to come is the first to serve..
    11. Dinner with a homeless man

      by , 08-06-2014 at 04:44 PM
      4/5 august
      Normally i don't Eat dinner with my family, i take it up to my room and eat it while watching youtube videos.
      I was sitting at a dinner table in a huge room with my family and a homeless man who was sitting at the other side of the table to me
      My mum put out the food on the table
      When we finished eating our food my mum said "Its time for salad"
      I don't eat salad and there would be no reason to eat salad after the meal
      The homeless man was shocked that we could eat so much, as he had never eaten so much in his life
      I felt very sorry for the homeless man
      I woke up
    12. Leveling a Character then Becoming Death and Helping Homeless

      by , 06-11-2014 at 08:41 PM
      01-06-2014 -- Playing a game that seems to be a cross between Runescape and Realmz. Somehow I have just rolled up a new character, and am doing some farming (planting herbs or plants) and fighting in a graveyard that feels like it is in Morytania. I am mostly fighting off small and weak skeletons one or two at a time, and they are not strong enough to be a real danger to me, but I stumble into a fight which has five or six of the skeletons and a thing that looks like one of the grim reaper figures from Gauntlet. My characters are so small and weak at this point that one touch kills us, and we respawn at a little space not too far away. I find myself hoping we go up a level soon so I can choose one of the 'affects all enemies' spells for my magic users to help with battles like the one I just lost.

      Anyway, I do a little more farming and dodging ghosts, and also start to gear up in some of the random armor drops I earned, just to give my character(s) a little more chance to resist, before returning to the graveyard and starting to fight. The individual skeletons are still no danger to me, and this time when I trigger the larger fight, the battle between me and the boss figure is a little less damaging, and throughout a long and dangerous fight I manage to hold my own. Though my hit points get down to almost nothing, I finally manage to kill him off, then start picking up tons of armor and trying to look through it.

      Soon after, I somehow find myself moving along a modern street (probably in Fullerton ... at least that is what it looks like) riding a bike, and seeming to be trying to give Kevin B a ride. But I am getting a weird sense that something is going to be going wrong, and using the excuse that I am tired and need a break, I have stopped in this parking lot and am taking a breather. I don't know exactly what is going to go wrong, or even how I know, but I just have a sense that I need to waste some time. Kevin is urging me on, and I finally express what it is I am feeling, and he doesn't like it, but he allows me to waste a couple of minutes. We are in the parking lot of a place that has an outdoor pool (and probably an indoor pool too) that is probably a YMCA.

      Eventually we continue on, and soon Kevin and I find ourselves at a sort of homeless shelter place, though very quickly Kevin fades out of the dream. Looking around, we find the homeless people who have come here for help are being mistreated, treated almost like slaves, given no food unless they follow evil and offensive orders, and almost none if they do. The rich guys who run the place are taking almost all the money that has been donated and using it for themselves, while spending a couple of pennies on the dollar to take care of the people they are abusing. I am getting madder and madder as I watch this, and decide to do something. I grab the guy who seems to be in charge and throw him out of the trailer, then start handing out three times the food they've been being given to the people waiting for help, hoping to improve things.

      But it doesn't seem to help enough, and I quickly discover the guy I thought was in charge was only an underling. Turns out the real leader is still there, and seems to be pulling a gun and planning to kill me. Seems if I want to take care of this I need to do more than just toss one guy out of a trailer. I decide if I am going to do this, I am going to do it right, and I wave my hand and create a long, dark cloak around me, a scythe appears in my hand, and I turn half-transparent as I stalk the guy and back him into a corner. He pulls his gun on me, but I laugh and tell him that isn't going to do him any good. He fires twice, and the bullets disappear into me, but I don't even feel them. I grab the gun in his hand and wrestle with him until he is pointing the gun in his own face and force him to pull the trigger, but there is only a small click. I guess he used all the bullets.

      So I try to break his arms and legs by giving them sharp jerks in directions they weren't made to go. But I guess he is double-jointed or something, because it does no good! Finally, I decide on less pleasant methods. On the table is a stack of razor blades, all wrapped in little cardboard sleeves, and I grab one, throw away the sleeve, pull the guy's head back by the hair, and draw the blade across his throat. He drops, limp, and I assume he is dead. I turn to help some of the others in the area with more food, then turn back to where I had just been, and find the guy sitting there, cuddling a slightly cute homeless looking girl. He didn't die, he fainted from fright. It seems I didn't use enough force, and though I drew a slight bit of blood from his throat, it was nowhere near enough to cut a major artery or pierce his throat and cause him to die.

      The girl in his lap was originally one of the homeless he was supposed to be helping, but she decided to give herself to him completely, betraying all the others that needed help, to get more of it herself. She is sitting in his lap muttering about the horrible things she will help him do to all their victims which now seem to have turned against him. I stalk up to her angrily, but she can't see me. Only he can, unless I specifically will somebody else to see me. So I make myself visible, and warn her that her 'boyfriend' is now marked for death, and unless she wants to join him, she better get away now. Far away! She screams and runs off. I pick up the razor blade, planning for another, deeper sweep, to finish the job, but a bunch of black people come running into the room, searching for me. They know I am here, and are going to try and find me even though they can't see me. I don't know if they are trying to find me for a good purpose or a bad one, so I drop to the floor as they feel their way around the room, then just get up after they walk past me, and again start to walk toward to bad guy.
    13. Lucid milestones and Fishing

      by , 01-02-2014 at 08:19 PM

      I was homeless, begging for money to buy a happy meal from McDonalds. I followed some people inside the McDonalds hoping that they would buy me something to eat but they just gave me about 97 cents worth of coins. Not enough to buy anything, so I reached to steal from this donating coins to charity thing and decided to leave all my money in there instead. But the lady at the counter accused me of stealing anyways and called the police. I got angry and smashed her cash register to nothing like The Hulk! Rawrrr. I went outside and there were a couple of mall cops with taser guns pointed at me. I became spontaneously lucid and made the guns fly out of their hands towards me. I shot them both with the guns and then shocked them a little bit to teach them a lesson about threatening to tase me. Then I flew away to this enormous building, it was really more like a super mansion. I wanted to try using telekinesis on it the way that fogelbise told me. So I went to the top of the building, then went deep into the earth beneath the building for some reason. Dream became blurry and I tried to stabilize, it wasn't working and I realized that I still wasn't making the stabilization the reality of my dream, I was only going through the motions. So The dream started to fade and I used sheer will to bring it back. I tried making a bunch of blobs of water fly through the air, had a ton of them. After awhile they were moving so fast that they all blended together to one big thing of water that I shot at a wall. The wall exploded and I walked outside onto a nice lawn. I imagined that the building and the ground that carried it were the same as a pencil and I made them float in the sky. Then I made it fly around while I was on it, it was now my flying castle. I looked around me and there was a clear, night sky with a full moon illuminating the town below. The town had Italian villas everywhere but they were tapered down a mountainside, and the location was tropical like in the Caribbean. I flew the flying castle over to the green-blue ocean waters and jumped in, it was warm. I swam to the shore and thought about going into the town to hang out with people for awhile but I had another split second though of maybe I'll wake up and I did.


      I was part of the Italian mafia and I had a wife and kid. We were having a secret meeting at a hotel and the Feds were onto us, they were going to bust into the room that the hotel manager marked as our room. I waited for him to mark our room and then switched it to the room next to us then went inside. We heard the feds bust into the other room after awhile and I chuckled to myself a little bit. A lot missing here in my memory. Next part I remember I was hanging out with my wife and we were about to go on a vacation to Germany. My wife was gorgeous, but a total soulless bitch. She didn't care for me and our marriage was a sham, tied together only because we were both Catholics and it would be wrong to have a kid out of wedlock. Weird dream, I am not married, I don't have children, and I'm definitely not a Catholic. While we were at the airport, getting ready to leave I woke up.


      In the mountains this time. I took a small boat made of cloth and went cruising around looking for a place to catch some fish with my super over-sized fishing pole that had two panther martin lures on it. I looked in the water and i saw Enormous creatures down there and got excited. There was a killer whale, a great white shark, dolphins, and a grey whale that someone had just recently caught. My line got tangled up though because the pole was way too big for though and I couldn't untangle it to start fishing for them, so I just cruised around instead while trying to untangle it. I went under bridges and over waterfalls, was great. I eventually came to a reservoir that was mostly dried up and only had little baby fish in it but I saw my old best friend from childhood hanging out there, getting ready to fish with a couple of people. I went over there to hang out with them but my line was still tangled and I spent the rest of my dream trying to find a way to untangle it. I mostly had it untangled and ready to go when I woke up.
    14. Another Haunted House Dream

      by , 11-11-2013 at 07:36 PM
      I dream about a man... he is fairly wealthy, he's a respected lawyer. He's tall, with pale skin, blue eyes and very short blond hair. Something happens - he has a mental breakdown, or something - and he loses his job, and everything he owns, and ends up homeless.

      Rather than hang around the city, where people might recognize him, he heads out into a more rural area. He's always looking for somewhere to hide in order to sleep... bushes, thick brush, etc. The landscape is very Midwest. It's harder than you'd think, partly because farmers pay attention to what's going on on their land, and partly because in order to be able to get any of the stuff he needs to survive, he still needs to stay near the highway. He's sleeping in some brush when his ex-wife recognizes him one day, and it's very uncomfortable.

      He makes friends with a kid who wanders around the countryside. The kid is a little boy, also blond... he has run away from home. Even so, his family is very poor. The two of them find the dilapidated ruins of an old house. A company started building houses, but never finished them because the economy tanked and they ran out of money. A little girl lives in one of the other half-built, decaying houses.

      "Their" house has graying wood siding with peeling blue paint. It has 3 floors. It's mostly unfinished, without a roof or anything, although it does have a trapdoor up to the attic. Naturally, because this is one of my dreams, the house is haunted.

      The lawyer guy camps out in the attic for a while. The kid takes one of the downstairs bedrooms... despite being half-built, the house still has broken down looking beds in its bedrooms. Lawyer guy has lots of sheets of paper that he likes to arrange in stacks. After a while, the attic gets too uncomfortable because it's too haunted. The kid feels things pull on his leg all of the time. But it's shelter and sleeping out in the elements is still worse.

      The kid's mom eventually shows up. She decides that maybe she'd like to buy the house and fix it up. She realizes that the lawyer guy is camping out there... he's worried about what she'll think about him hanging out with her kid, if she thinks he's dangerous, even though he cares about the kid a lot.

      There's another kid, a shitty rich kid, who likes to pick on the poor kid. They have a competition involving bottle rockets, and the mean kid sabotages the poor kid's rocket. The poor kid is distraught, because making his rocket cost him a lot of money (for him).

      The kid has a crush on a girl, a mutual friend of theirs... she's a bit chunky, with brown hair that goes past her shoulders. One day she starts flirting with him, kissing him, etc... he figures out she had a fight with her boyfriend (the rich kid) and she's just doing this as "revenge". He gets pissed, and tells her to get lost.

      Somehow, he ends up falling down an embankment next to the house. He feels something try to shove him into the highway. He grabs onto a tree, but feels it trying to peel his fingers from around the trunk.

      I wake up.

      Dream clues:
      - Spectator perspective
      - Haunted house
      - Ghost
    15. Sense and Nonsense: BC Loses her Job

      by , 07-25-2013 at 02:13 AM
      07-21-2013 -- I'm at Denny's, talking with BC on the phone, considering asking her about lunch, when this guy wants to know something. I look the information up on my phone by using some super secret phone number which connects me to the Library of Congress, who can give me the answer, or something wild like that. After that, I am back to BC, asking her about lunch. We are having a very odd conversation where, for some reason we are spouting gibberish back and forth at one another, and it is a very weird and funny conversation. The guy who wanted information can overhear us, and for some reason, he is very impressed with BC, and wants her to go out with a friend of his, and in the process, give something like a half hour long motivational speech.

      I am considering asking her if she wants to do so, until he mentions that it is some sort of charity thing, and she would have to pay money each time she gave a speech, though he assures me it would only be $35, because he can get her a huge discount ... usually she would have to pay $85 each time. So I turn him down flat. Pay people to give a speech? Sure. Charge them to give one? Forget you! So I am trying to tell BC about the situation, using gibberish, baby talk and nonsense words, and she is using the same words, and we sound like a pair of idiots. It is hilarious. Meanwhile, she asks where I am, and though it is somewhere I have been a lot, I have no idea. I try to glance at the street sign, but the poles are bent and the sign is upside down, and I can't puzzle it out.

      So since we are talking on a pair of video phones, I turn the phone around and film the mangled pole with the upside down sign to see if she can figure it out, and she walks right past me because it turns out she works in the law office next door, part time. So I continue with my story in person, and she soon says she wouldn't have had lunch with the person anyway, because he is crazy and a nutwad. It turns out she already knows him, and she knows he is who we are talking about because there he is with the guy who was trying to set her up with him, heading back into the restaurant.

      Just as suddenly, we are now in the lawyer's office, up in Longwood or somewhere like that, where BC helps out by running errands, doing paperwork, and helping clients with odd requests. For some reason, we are still talking gibberish, even as I am roller skating on top of a concrete wall. I suddenly launch myself off, planning to land on a large cardboard box. I am surprised when it collapses under me (though I shouldn't be) and make a joke about needing to find a better quality of cardboard box. Meanwhile, BC suddenly has another friend with her, who seems to be a mixture of Pam's looks and Sybil's personality. She's even more crazy than we are.

      For some reason, I am still trying to tell my story, which means I must be a really lousy story teller, because it wasn't that long, and she was there for part of it, but BC is tired of hearing it, so tells me "Not now," and I decide to pout. This makes her blow her stack, and she starts to yell at me and orders me to get out. Which her bosses hear, and they decide to fire her on the spot. She begs and pleads and argues for her job, and they eventually allow her to continue working for them, but they force her to change her hours, which will cause her to lose the nanny job she has in the afternoon. This has her upset and depressed.

      We soon find ourselves, all three of us, standing in the back of a truck, unloading it, and the other friend has found a box of pool noodles (is that the right word for them? Foam, about five or six feet long, about four inches in diameter) and [this part tells me that though she may look like Pam she has Sybil's personality] is waving a pair of them around, trying to convince BC to use them as a couple of dildos to help her get some stress relief and relax. Just a very odd dream all the way through.
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