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    1. #19: Theoretical / Languages / Amusementpark / Wacky village

      by , 10-25-2015 at 10:09 AM

      Fragment: Theoretical
      My exam period is coming up, so I've spent most of my day studying. As I drift off to sleep, thoughts about what I studied today come to me. It's a highly theoretical subject. I'm not a 100% sure, but it definitely feels like I was dreaming instead of just thinking. I remember being impressed that [..?] knows all of these things and knows how to explain it [my course material]. I don't remember there being any images. Not real sounds either. Just.. thoughts. Something abstract. Fits well with the abstractness of the course material

      Dream 1: Washing the laptop
      I'm standing in front of a kitchen sink. I'm doing the dishes, except it's my laptop that I'm washing. It looks exactly like it should look. First I'm scared for a moment (my laptop is wet!), but then I quickly start to believe that's totally fine. It's still functioning, it's turned on. It should be turned off while I'm washing it though, for safety reasons.

      Dream 2: Languages
      I'm with one of my best friends, an Asian guy. He's really into animes, to the point where he has learned a little bit of Japanese from them. I see a couple of books on his bookshelf. One set is about learning Japanese. The other.. I believe Korean. They all look similar, as if they're from the same series of books, but on different languages. I'm quite surprised by the fact that he's learning 2 languages at once. Also by the fact that he's learning Korean. I didn't know he cared for the language.

      Dream 3: Amusementpark
      I'm with my girlfriend, somewhere outside during the day. The weather is slightly depressing, a bit dark. We're near a station. We're going to take what looks like a subway. I have to help her climb into it, as the entrance is just an opening perhaps a metre of the ground.

      We are in the amusementpark, inside a shop or another building. We've decided to stick together with a girl and a guy. Not so sure what's going on right now. We're having fun, that's for sure. I think at one point we decide to rent bicycles.

      Dream 4: Wacky village
      It's dusk and I'm on the streets of a weird village. There is no electricity. Or any other type of modern convenience it seems. I do see an electric motorcycle driving, which makes me wonder where he gets his electricity from. Perhaps he needs to go out of the village for it. I pass two people who are sitting at a round(?) table on a sidewalk. I ask them a time related question. Something along the lines of how they know that X is open or how they know if it's Sunday if there's no way to tell time. One of them replies that every villager asks themselves if the synagogue is open today. But there is no synagogue here? Yes exactly. I find the whole experience strange and can't make much sense of it.

      EDIT: remembered another dream

      Dream 5: Bars
      I'm hanging out in a bar with a couple of my Dutch friends who I met in Indonesia. Something tells me that we're in Indonesia right now. I talk to the bartender in Dutch or English and this feels odd, because I'm not talking in Indonesian. The bar we are in changes at least 1 one time. At one point I see everything as if I'm watching a video, seeing myself hanging at the bar, with some friends. At the end of the dream I walk away from the bar, and perhaps 5 people make a certain move, all together at the same time, as if they're dancing. One of my friend is sat on a barstool and doesn't join in on the movement. The view sorta zooms in on her face and the way the colours of the disco reflect on it. She is sat perfectly still, staring up into the distance.

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    2. Smash Brothers-Like Game and Needing a Shower Before Work

      by , 09-11-2014 at 02:30 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a kitchen that was very cluttered with dishes and such on the counters, which were black. Dallas was with me. I picked up this small silver fairy figurine that was encased in a glass bubble. There were water droplets on the glass, as if it had just been washed. I knew someone else had washed it. I asked Dallas something and turned around and saw him. For some reason, I was afraid he'd get upset with what I asked him. He didn't, however.

      The washed figurine had something to do with this Smash Brothers-like adventure/fighting game. The game also had something to do with real life. I saw what was like a cut scene, where all these previously unplayable and evil characters were joining with their friends to join the fight. I remember seeing one that was a blind ant. He had a cane and his eyes were grey. He was with his other ant friends saying he was going to join the fight in more or less words. The ants were "bad", but they were joining forces with the good because there was a greater enemy. I figure it was close to the end of the game.

      Then, I was in the bathroom at our apartment. Mk was there too, but she was much taller and had lots more hair, which was all pulled up in a messy ponytail/bun. She was also wearing this multi-colored robe/towel thing. She was reaching into the shower to turn it on when I stopped her, saying
      "I need to take a shower. I have to work at 10."
      I thought about the current time. It was 8:34am. I was afraid she'd be annoyed or upset, but she turned around, smiled, and stepped away from the shower.


      I know that I dreamed before this, and I swore I'd remember it, but no dice. Maybe I'll remember later.
    3. B6 Vitamins Fail Me; I Have a Brief Dream About My Kitchen

      by , 01-28-2013 at 02:57 PM
      So, I bought some B6 vitamins yesterday to experiment with them a bit. I took one 100mg pill at about 7:00 PM last night, so that was probably about four or five hours before I actually went to sleep. It seemed to have no effect at all, but maybe that was because I didn’t take it close enough to bedtime. I’m going to be trying to use them once weekly, I think. And next time maybe I should try taking it right before I go to bed instead…?

      Anyway, I recall a brief dream in which I’m at home, standing in the kitchen with my mom. I’m putting dishes away. I remember holding a big blue bowl at some point. One of my sisters is possibly there, too. My mom is talking about “Parks and Recreation” with me (probably this happened because I was watching it right before I went to sleep). And in the dream this confuses me a bit since I know my mom doesn’t like the show and therefore doesn’t watch it. (Maybe I should’ve taken this as a sign I was dreaming, haha.)
    4. LD #17 Bored...

      by , 10-11-2012 at 11:25 AM (Lucid Time!)
      One of the most stable and least fun lucid dreams that I've had so far.

      So me and...someone. Idk really who, but she was about my age and she was leading me inside this castle. It had a cathedral look and was entirely white. I was already lucid.
      We walked though this throne room and to the left, there was a dining hall. The entire room was white, and there was a very large throne positioned at a long dining table, for like a king or something. It was flanked by four smaller thrones. The girl who had followed me told me to just sit and be patient while the court was in session.
      "But what about having fun in a lucid dream? Flying?"
      "There will be time for that soon enough."
      I sat down at a table in the corner. By now the large dining table had several people sitting at it, and more people were coming into the room.
      Everyone sat down at the table, and I sat down at another table, alone. I decided to work on stabilizing the dream so I felt some of the food and dishes on the table. I couldn't get over the fact that the dream was sort of blurry with the visuals. My sense of touch seemed active. I could discern the feel of a greasy plate from a clean one.
      I was very restless that my precious dream time was draining away, so I moved to another table and felt a basket of flowers. Again, very active touch, very realistic. But the visuals were bland.
      I decided to throw an apple at the wall. I wanted this counsel to break up and pay attention to the fact that I was lucid dreaming. Knowing there was no consequence, I picked a small green apple out of a bowl and was about to throw it, but instead it just fell out of my hand and rolled away on the floor. But it hit against my leg with another very active sensation of touch.
      I started to look back down the hallway. It was getting darker, and the scene had changed from the large cathedral castle to my grandparent's house. I could tell that the dream was ending by fading to back, so I shouted out.
      "Let there be light!"
      Apparently quotes form the god don't work all too well, because I saw the dream get briefly brighter until I woke up.

      A little added description:

      The "king" man wore white armor and this spiky crown with large diamonds in it. I couldn't discern his approximate age, but I knew that he had either blonde or white hair.

      The girl seems to match the descriptions of my dream guide, from my old dream journal. Even down to the apparel she most commonly wears.

      I wonder what that counsel was about.

      And here are some of the non lucid dreams. I typed these in later due to school...

      I started out getting some explanation from this guy who was mining some rare metal somewhere in northern Russia. I can remember the whole dream scene being an ocean/lake, with some glacial mountains around it. He started explaining to me that the metal that he was mining was very chemically reactive with water.
      He took a small piece and put it into the water, and it started to bubble and the chunk of metal was shrinking. He said that it got more interesting when there was only one atom of metal left.
      The chunk of metal had started out at about the size of a golf ball, and was now about the size of a sand grain. Then it exploded into this huge, shiny perfect sphere, shrunk again. It repeated several times, and each time the sphere was smaller. It was over.

      I was going though a very typical anxiety dream about school. It involved me walking out to the bus. K was there, and she reminded me that I needed to get some homework from my class.
      I went back to the classroom, saw the homework on the desk, then went back to the bus. When I came back again, K told me that I still hadn't got the homework. I went back again, and saw all of the school buses drive out of the bus loop.
      When I got back to the classroom the second time, It had become this large room that looked like an airplane hanger. There was one man sitting on top of a school bus parked in the hanger.
      For some reason, my shoes were on top of the school bus and this man had put them up there. I asked him how to get my shoes down, and he told me:
      "Believe that you can't and you can."
      I told myself that getting my shoes was impossible, and sure enough, I teleported to the top of the bus. Once I had put my shoes on, the man disappeared and the dream scene changed. I was now in my neighborhood, up on the northern end, where my old bust stop used to be.
      A sense of urgency, almost panic came over me, Like I was having a nightmare. I remembered what the man had told me. So I decided to not believe that I could make a sword out of a stick I had found on the ground.
      (Ahh, swords. My dream sign.)
      This police car crashed into a house, and a lot of dream characters started running and screaming.
      I decided to do a nose plug reality check. It failed for some odd reason, and I remained non lucid. I proceeded to try and make swords out of several more objects, but failed.

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