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    1. Freezer

      by , 11-10-2014 at 01:20 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      Not much this time. my house was a freezer. I honestly couldn't sleep, and it was unnatrually bright for night. (this in the dream and not in the dream). Of course, my sweater is missing.
      That's all this time. It was very cold irl too, so I couldn't go back to sleep
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    2. Muppet Love/Tornadoes, Moving/"Desephirated", and a Musical/Our Nephew at Work

      by , 08-20-2014 at 03:00 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with Dallas, watching TV I believe. Not sure where we were. He was looking at something with small conch seashells in it, a jar or package. I had noticed he had collected some seashells. I asked him what he needed them for. He told me for fucking. I guess he masturbated with them. I noticed he was only picking up the smooth shells.

      Then, something about muppet people. They lived in a town. Jake was in love with one of them, and I was jealous. The muppet loved him too, I think. I wondered if the muppet people had real lives, or if they were just for a performance to make it look like they lived real lives.

      Then, Dallas and I were watching the weather on TV. We were outside, though.There was a storm system, but it was way west of us, showing us only getting the rain from it. Dallas commented on this. I was a little disappointed, because I kinda love storms. I then saw a tornado off in the distance. It was quite far away, and not moving towards us. There was then another one closer to us, but it was made out of what looked like muted multi-colored hoops. That one was moving towards us. I calmly said we should find shelter. I asked Dallas where he wanted to go. Dallas wanted to go take shelter in this restaraunt. The multi-colored tornado came closer, and I watched as it went through buildings, but didn't destroy them. It looked like it hadn't even touched them. This weird tornado must not be destructive.


      I had just moved into an apartment with Dallas, but I was still moving things out of two other apartments: One that I had had by myself that was actually quite spacious and beautiful, and one that I shared with Cherie' (neither of these places resembled their IWL counterparts). I was finishing up getting things out of the apartment I had by myself with my mom's help. We had gotten pretty much everything out.

      I then was at the apartment I had shared with Cherie'. I saw my laptop in there; I had forgotten about it. It had a solitaire screen pulled up with the cards jumping around, kind of like when you win. I thought about how long it had been there on that screen. I then thought about how I had to use a different computer to do everything. I couldn't think of which computer I was using, however.

      I then was driving somewhere in town, when I zoned out. I noticed what I thought was too late that I was about to hit a red train. I thought for sure I was gonna die, because a collision seemed imminent. I closed my eyes and braced myself, but then I only ended up going in between the cars somehow. I then got a phone call. It was someone from the company that owned the train. I noticed I was inside what looked like an inside of a space station or something of that nature; everything was metal. The man on the other line was warning me about what just happened. He wanted to make sure I was alright and that I didn't do something like that again. I told him I knew. I felt so silly and a bit ashamed for doing what I did.

      I then was in one of the old apartments. My laptop was there. My mom was wanting to sell it, and the young man who wanted to buy it was there. I told him that it wasn't actually for sale, but I had extra laptop cases he could purchase. I was carrying one, and had two black ones sitting on a table nearby. The first one on the table looked too girly; it had floral-looking patterns on it. We then looked at the second one on the table, which I could have sworn was different, but it was exactly identical to the first. The one I was holding onto wasn't for sale.

      I then was on the laptop. I think now I was finally at my current apartment, though it looked nothing like my IWL apartment. I was watching a video of my brother playing some Final Fantasy game. I was watching the end of the game, where a three-headed pixelated Sephiroth boss got defeated. The end screen came up, and one of the heads of the Sephiroth was missing, and blood was pooled on the ground. The background was black. It said "DESEPHIRATED". I thought about how my brother had played this for some gaming website that had asked him to do it, and they paid him for it.

      I was then standing next to my friend Charles. There were other people there as well. He was playing the same game my brother had played for money on some kind of handheld system. I was leaning up on him watching him play. I thought about how weird it was that I was leaning on him. He then gave me a look to tell me to get off of him, so I did.


      I was at the bakery where I currently work. Dallas had just had a performance in a musical that was in the same building. His mom was there, and she gave him a copy of the program of the musical. There was a note written on it that just said "NY". Nothing else was on it. I had thought that I saw some more things written on it. I turned it over, and the back had nothing either. Weird. I then figured out that our nephew, Gary, had written it. Daw. Kinda cute. It made more sense now, at any rate.

      I then was trying to write something on the program as a note of when the show took place. I took what, in the dream, was called a "wax gel pen". It looked like an amber-colored crayon. I started to write, but the writing that it made was chunky and illegible. I was trying to write "2014" in the corner. You could kinda tell that's what it said, at least the 0, 1, and 4, but the 2 looked weird. I tried to fix it, but then it looked like the letter G. I also tried writing something else, I can't remember what, but it looked like just the letter W which isn't what I wanted to write. I gave up on that venture.

      I then was in the back in an area that doesn't exist IWL at the bakery. I was wearing these huge, rubber black gloves that we use to get things out of the oven. It had a low ceiling, and I had to duck down to move around back there. The freezer was back there. Dallas's mom and Gary then came up. He saw me and I held my arms open for him to come and give me a hug. He ran up and I hugged him tight and for a long time. Gary then wanted to go in the freezer. I didn't want to let him go in there, I think for safety reasons. I opened the freezer door, which had no handle so I had to pull on the side, to let him feel how cold the air was in there. I felt the cold air rushing out. I asked him if he could feel it. He was laughing, and if he responded, I don't remember what he said.

      I then started to walk towards the other part of the back of the bakery, the part that actually does exist IWL. I was ducking down still while I walked. When I finally got to the area that exists, I could stand all the way upright again.


      I was in bed, playing Tomodachi Life on my 2DS. It was morning, and Dallas had already gone to work. I wanted to put it to sleep and stop playing for a bit, but I accidentally did so while still having the game open (IWL, I did this and it totally screwed up my 2DS and I had to get a new one). Crap. I went to wake it back up, and all the sudden, I had a small plate like the ones Dallas and I have IWL with two HUGE red ants on it with a blob of ketchup as well. The ants were alive, and looked to be attached to one another, as if they were mating, but they looked like they were a part of one another; the second ant didn't appear to have a head or anything, just a seamless attachment to the first ant. The first ant didn't appear to have any eyes or a mouth, just two antennae. Ugh. Creepy looking shit. Behind them, I saw two other ants that looked the same, though the first ant on this pair had eyes.

      I then realized I was holding the plate, and quickly dropped it. I didn't want to get stung or bitten by these ants. The ants then moved towards the ketchup to start eating it. God, this whole thing was so fucking weird...

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    3. My Mom's a Meanie, and The Peaceful Freezer

      by , 07-31-2014 at 11:59 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work, but my mom was working there too. She had been there longer than me. In fact, she was one of my bosses. We were getting a corporate visit that day, and everything had to be perfect.

      When I got there, I was quickly told what to do by another boss, a woman. Then, I was left on my own without a clue as to what needed to get done. She had spoken so fast, I couldn't keep up, and I was still fairly new, so I didn't understand the priorities like they did.

      I looked at all the projects around me, and started on one of them. I was making these animal models out of some kind of dough, like a sugar cookie dough, and putting them on a pan. There were bright, neon colored icings there as well. I did some normal cookies as well, because I was pretty sure that's what I needed to do. I "remembered" seeing animal cookies and regular ones before, at least I thought I did.

      I did a few of those, but went on to do something else. There was some pink, Lego-like model of a castle that needed to be put together for display purposes, but I didn't think that was a priority since it wasn't edible.

      I then had to go to lunch. I was with my friend Charles for lunch. We were in the break room, which was dark. When my hour was up, I realized I had forgotten to punch out for lunch. Shit. I couldn't think of what to do.

      I was then back in the bakery, and my mom was there, freaking out, saying I should have done the Lego thing first, and that I wasn't supposed to make the dough into animals. I was supposed to make the dough into tight spirals with the frosting in it. I started to do that. I "remembered " that an old work friend, Shelley, had done the animals when she worked there. She had posted pics of her with them on Facebook. The animals were actually just a seasonal thing.

      The corporate visitor then came, and was walking around with my mom, giving disapproving looks and saying things weren't right. Ugh. I knew I would be in trouble for it all, too.

      When the visitor left, my mom came up to me, and I started to cry because I was so frustrated and upset. I was afraid I'd get fired. My mom was sitting down at a table and mocking me as I cried. She would copy me in a childish voice. That made me even more upset.


      Again, I was at work, but it was a mixture between my current job at the bakery and my last job at Kohl's. I was in the bakery, but I felt like it was still Kohl's. I wondered why they had rehired me. I heard people talking about it, and they said it was because they really needed the help.

      I was working on something with one of my current managers, Will. I worked with him the whole time. He was very positive and uplifting, unlike the last dream where my mom was freaking out and mocking me.

      It was then close to the end of my shift. I needed to go get some new white note cards; I had just bought some, and they were all browning on the edges, as if they were old and dirty. I think I was going to do this with Mary Katherine. We had discussed that at the end of my shift, at 5:30, we would go.

      I then was in a freezer at work, though it did not look at all like the freezer we have IWL. It was smaller, boxier. I went in and shut the door. It was cold, but so quiet; it was surprisingly peaceful in there, probably because when the door shuts, it locks and seals to keep any outside air out. I really liked it; it shut out all the noise. I had to go back out though.

      I went back into the freezer soon after, and thought it would be a good idea to meditate in there. I shut the door and started to begin my thought process on meditation, but someone opened the door. I figured I probably didn't need to be in there meditating anyway since I was at work.

      Then, I was done with my shift. Dallas had texted me to ask me if I wanted to meet up with him at 5:30. I couldn't, because I was meeting up with Mary Katherine. I can't remember whether or not I told him this, but I know I thought about doing so.

      I was walking around a lobby area that looked more like Kohl's than the bakery. There were a few babies crawling around on the floor. I said hello to one, a red-headed baby boy. He said hello back to me. He didn't sound like a baby, but more like an older child. I knew this was a special child. I "remembered" him being there all the time. I said hello to a couple of other babies too.

      I was then talking to my friend, Ashley. I was trying to explain something to her, a way I believed I think, and she countered me by saying I needed to adjust my views. She then referred to two other girls that were there. They were sisters. She said it was ok for them to think that way, because they had it hard when they were children, but it isn't ok for me to think that way because I didn't. One of the girls, a bigger girl with long, wavy dark hair who was working behind a counter, nodded in agreement. I saw the girls' mother there as well. It upset me a bit that Ashley had said that to me. I thought that maybe, in a way, she was right, though.

      Then, I was outside sitting on a bench. It was nighttime. I feel like there may have been snow. Amy Z., the mother of one of my childhood friends, approached me with a baby, and said I needed to meet him. She held him up to me, and I said hello to the baby. He said hello back. She tried to give him to me, but I said
      "I actually have to be somewhere." She took the baby away.

      I was then with Ashley again, somewhere by the freezer. She was saying something to me about the freezer, something about making snowballs or snowmen out of the snow that would collect on the floor. I still had some feelings of anger towards her for what she had said to me. I thought about not replying to her when she spoke to me. I don't remember if I actually did or not.

      Then, I saw some weird images that were supposed to be the freezer, but it looked like a 2D game of Tetris. There were different settings that could be turned on and off, and some went on a timer, like a deep freeze kind of thing that would cause it to snow inside the freezer by blowing frigid air. A drill came through the floor at one point, ending the game. Maybe it was on a time limit? There was a voice speaking about it, but I can't remember what it said.

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    4. 08/08/13 somewhat sequential fragments? visiting a friend

      by , 08-09-2013 at 03:49 AM
      missed a few nights.. i've been unforgiveably distracted lately.. only a couple days with horrible recall... have been jotting things in my handwritten journal though. one day i'll sit and compile something so it's all in one place.. anyway.

      last night dreamt there was a party going on at my grandmother's house. well.. partially here & partially where my ex is living now since our break up (his friend's house) and a good friend of mine that i havent seen in a few weeks, maybe a couple months now, was there. we were hugging and talking up a storm.. then i got distracted showing another friend a "wreck my journal" that my ex had given me for christmas a couple years ago. showing her all the fond memories of he & i that i collected in it & showed her an autograph page in the journal (which doesnt actually exist) & had her sign it. when i turned back to talk to sonyta (the friend i havent seen in a while) she was gone, but left a note on the counter .. i know i picked it up and read the words feeling somewhat sad but i dont remember what it said. when i put it down, i noticed she had left her rings (she always wore at least three rings on her fingers that i remember) on the counter with the note. still feeling a little down about her departing while i was distracted, i started mumbling about how uncomfortable and bloated i was feeling & that i was suddenly crabby.. now in the kitchen of the house i lived in for a short while when my parents (now looong divorced) lived together... searching through the freezer next to where i found the note (on the counter in my grandmother's house next to her fridge). then a guy i dont know in waking life asked me why i was being so huffy & put his arounds me.. a hispanic looking man that i sensed was some friend, but again, i dont know him.. and i was comforted. then after a long hug with him, i went out to the living room area, but was now in the house of my ex's friend where they were playing some football video game on his huge flat screen. i was standing in front of them marvelling at a gigantic grateful dead bears picture he had on the wall. (i love grateful dead bears & grateful dead tye-dye shirts, although i'm not a huge fan of the band) then i turned to ask my ex if he wanted to go for a walk with me. he mumbled something about being tired, as usual, and that he had to go to work soon.. we argued for a minute about how he never has time for me, then i stormed out the front door for my walk. i was looking down at my feet while i was walking.. thought it odd that i was wearing some kind of combat boots (i never wear heavy boots) and kicked at the loose peachy colored gravel that replaced the sidewalks.
    5. 2013, April 28 (Friday): Grocery Store

      by , 04-28-2013 at 11:43 PM
      I dreamed I saw a girl who I know in waking life talking when my mother was present, Then I saw a Pasteur who I know IWL. (I saw both people today in Church, The Pasteur just got home after some weeks of absence and I didn't know when she was arriving home.)

      Some time after that, The girl and I went to an Aldi grocery store and I remember feeling very hot before going into the store. I went into the freezer from the customer's side of the doors and there was enough room to walk in the freezer in front of the merchandise, And I did just that until I got further down the aisle before I saw the girl get some frozen strawberries out of the freezer and I got out of the freezer myself. After I got out I said I felt better and I think the girl may have said something to me.

      This dream did seem to reflect a bit of today, Too.

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    6. Broken Game in the Freezer

      by , 08-21-2012 at 01:52 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      In the first dream, I was on a snowy mountain with my family. There was one gap that we had to jump across. My brother tried to jump across. I thought he was going to fall, but he didn't. I decided I wanted to go back anyway because I didn't want to have to jump across.

      In the second, there was a little boy who was crying. He looked to be around eight or nine years old. I was trying to comfort him. I can't remember why he was upset, though. There were a bunch of other people around, and we were all trying to cheer him up. I don't remember what they were saying.

      In my third dream from last night, I was playing Petz 5. I could tell almost right away that things were wrong. First of all, when I started the game, it was outside the Adoption Center with several dogs running around and deep snow on the ground. This isn't what seemed wrong, though, even though adopted pets can't come out at the Adoption Center and there is only ever snow on the ground in the Snow Scene (however, this I assumed was because it was winter, so everywhere outdoors should be snow-covered).

      I looked through the list of pets and saw several weird names I didn't recognize. I thought that was weird but figured maybe it was because one of my dogs had had puppies since last time I'd played. I clicked on one of the puppies, and, sure enough, the scene changed to the Nursery, and the puppies all came out with the... father? I thought this was odd, since only mothers and their offspring are allowed in the Nursery, and especially since I didn't even recognize the name of the father, Luminoso, a black dog.

      When I checked the list of playscenes, I could tell that something was definitely wrong. There were some I didn't recognize. I clicked on the one above the Backyard with a long, weird name. It looked similar to the Backyard, yet slightly different. I then went to the Backyard, which was now very different. I realized that the other playscene must have been the Garden (which doesn't exist in-game IWL). Suddenly, a dragon rose out of the sky!

      Fearing I may have to uninstall and re-install my game, I went to the Petz website, hoping to find an easy fix. It was around this point that I noticed the computer screen was on the freezer door, in place of the ice dispenser, which seemed... perfectly normal, of course.

      Anyway, I couldn't find the solution on their website, so I decided to check Google, just in case, but I woke up before I could, thankful that my game still works normally!
    7. 7/13/12

      by , 07-13-2012 at 04:07 PM
      Two weird short dreams...

      Dream one, I appear in my kitchen. Go out to the garage, get my skateboard, open the garage door, skate down the street (I believe it was around 9am) and I see some of my friends skateboarding in circles for like 15 seconds straight each, so I start imitating them. Can't remember anything else.

      Dream two, I'm in bed, I get up. I also appear to go to the kitchen, talk to my parents for a while, they tell me that they made , Kurabiedes a Greek Christmas sweet, and I find them in the freezer, covered in frosting (which I have never seen before)
    8. I finally did it, yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

      by , 09-15-2011 at 05:01 PM (Curiouser and Curiouser)
      I woke up this morning at around 8 AM, and realized that I had once again failed to have a lucid dream, and only remembered a little bit of one dream about getting really drunk on beer, working at a cash register for a really long line of people, and messing around with two friends. I was so frustrated that I told myself "You are not leaving this bed until you have had another dream, and it had better be lucid". So I lay back down in bed, but I couldn't go to sleep again for another half hour (because I really wasn't tired anymore).

      Finally, I managed to get back to sleep.


      I am shopping for a present for my brother in a strange store, but there's nothing very good for him, and one PEZ dispenser costs 10 dollars. They keep boarding up the shelves so that I can only see stuff through the side. I find an awesome skirt that makes you look like Kairi from Kingdom Hearts, but when I look back they've all turned into other articles of clothing.

      I walk into another part of the store and do a reality check of plugging my nose and breathing. I realize it works and am SUDDENLY LUCID! YAAAY! I do the things that I read about not to lose it, so I try to spin around and look at the rest of the dream, but it fades out a little as I do this and I feel myself waking up. So I don't do anything. I don't move a muscle and I don't open my eyes, I just start to visualize until the supermarket fades back in around me.

      This time I try the undressing trick that I've read about, but I only manage to take off my shoes - the rest is too difficult.
      I'm too worried to try walking through any doors, as the dream feels very fragile to me. I remember I wanted to try and find M in my dream, so I imagine him being in the other room, and I call out his name loudly. It makes me wonder if my real body is yelling as well.

      As I turn the corner I see him, but his back is too me and he walks into a freezer. This frightens me, and I'm worried that if I get too frightened I will wake up, so I don't follow him. I walk back into the supermarket and notice how clearly I can hear the music coming through the loudspeakers. I walk out the doors and am at the beach.

      I wake up. And do a happy dance!! Yaaaaay!!!!