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    1. #160 - Bird of Paradise / Museum

      by , 11-18-2015 at 05:05 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream fragment - Bird of Paradise
      I remember seeing a whole bunch of these flowers known as 'Bird of Paradise'. I thought to myself that I should tell my friend about them so he could come get one for his girlfriend.

      Note: yesterday my friend told me he was looking to find a bird of paradise flower for his gf because they were her favourite, surprised this manifested in my dreams O_O

      Dream - Museum
      I'm in a museum with my friend Matt and a girl (I think it might be his ex gf?), there's some sort of god who resides here and owns the place. We head downstairs into a room with all these ancient greek mythology related artifacts, everything had a grey-black rock material that covered them. It was sleek and smooth, and fitted the form of each item perfectly and I think it was meant to 'freeze' them in time and preserve them. I remember I went off into a side room and knocked a Cupid angel (isn't this Roman?) statue by accident which cracked a little. Oops. I head out of the room, noting that there are special techniques and stuff in there too (like in little CDs that you somehow download into yourself?). I walk back to the downstairs room where Matt and the girl are perusing the artifacts on display. It was things like the Aegis shield, the head of Hercules which had an intensely ornate helmet on it, or the head of Medusa etc. Matt accidentally knocks another Cupid angel... It cracks. "Damn dude you broke it" . Suddenly I see something flesh-like beneath the rock layer of the statue which twitches and moves... "Hey it's moving" I say, and the grey-black layer coating the statue starts crumbling off. Oh shit. Me, Matt and the girl all run towards the side room. In this room an arrow is let loose at us, it's the other Cupid statue! It came to life as well. I quickly grabbed a handful of those CD techniques and we all scrambled back out and continued to run. I also remember some of the CDs having references to Star Wars. The pictures on the front of one had Luke Skywalker holding a lightsaber.

      Felt too sleepy to bother remembering my dreams, and I got up earlier.
    2. Clocks

      by , 09-17-2014 at 06:19 PM
      There's this machine. I fed it a small living thing to activate it. Now the screen's showing me several options to choose from, words that don't mean anything to me. The one on the screen at the moment is JEON. Swiping between options, I settle on a word that resembles AERIE written partially with Greek letters. The screen changes to show an image of four clocks. I'm aware I must memorize their appearances quickly, because I won't have another chance.

      They're very elaborately designed, beautiful things - solid organic lines mixed with jagged exposed machinery; black wood, black clockwork, gold accents. The first is the simplest - a curving tapered pillar with the word MONUMENT in gold at the base. The others have human faces as ornamentation - the third has a woman's face with eyes closed like a mask and a single arm, arranged in such a way that it gives the impression that she's cradling something.

      To the left of the screen, a case appears. It has spaces to fit each of the clocks. At the base of the machine, a slot produces several road maps. Without unfolding them, I can see that several places have been circled.
    3. Aladdin

      by , 05-14-2014 at 12:56 PM
      I managed to hit another Task of the Year item! This one's from the morning of 5/11/2014.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #209: Aladdin

      I’m standing on a long stone pathway that cuts through the middle of a vast lake. People pass by me on either side, and as I watch them go, I think about my intent to have a lucid dream. It quickly dawns on me that one has just begun.

      I look out over the lake,.seeing numerous Greek-styled marble columns sticking up out of the water. I take flight to get a better view of the water and it’s just as striking from higher up. I go up and up, preparing for some peaceful exploration, but I accidentally cut through some low cloud cover and lose sight of the lake. A flock of birds crosses in front of me and for no discernible reason, the frame rate of the dream briefly dips. I’m briefly amused that my brain seemed to have had trouble with that relatively simple scene.

      I head back down through the cloud cover, regaining sight of the lake. I fly lower, studying DCs as I go. All of the flight finally reminds me of the Aladdin Task of the Year, and I land, mentally gathering the details of what I’m supposed to do.

      First, summon that lamp. I try several behind the back summons, but I keep botching them. This is annoying me a bit, but I finally manage to get the sense of an object in my hand even though I can’t see it. I wiggle my fingers a bit like a magician and the lamp “paints” itself in from top to bottom as I watch.

      I make my wish for a magic carpet, and immediately one scoops me up from underneath. I remember my first attempt at this task and again ask the lamp for a “delicious cookie”. Right away a cookie appears in my left hand and I don’t hesitate before cramming it in my mouth. It’s really good! The chocolate chips are just a little small for the “perfect cookie” but it’s still excellent.

      I’m apparently stuck on a “delicious food” theme so I immediately wish for “delicious hot chocolate”. I bring my hand back into view to find it holding a china cup full of hot chocolate. I guzzle it down. It’s way colder than it should be and there are odd clumpy patches in it like it didn’t mix well, but still tasty. Okay, done!

      I continue flying the carpet for a bit, staying about 10 feet off the ground. I come to a section that looks like the exit to an amusement park. There’s a woman waving goodbye to me and the other people as we leave. I don’t get much further before
      the dream ends.
    4. The Monster and the Beast - A struggle of authority

      by , 05-13-2014 at 08:01 PM
      Last night, I had my second lucid dream. In it, I became aware my mother, who I had just been talking to, had vanished. This sparked lucidity, and I euphorically ran down a track at a college I live nearby to, shouting in triumph. I nearly lost lucidity, so I calmed down. I've never flown in a dream, so I tried. Nothing happened, even though I knew it was a dream, I knew I was able to fly if I had the expectation present. Disappointed, I saw my sister walking ahead of me, but she was walking funny.. like she was made of melted putty, swinging her arms and legs strangely. She transformed then into a large, sinister character with a monstrous face torn in some parts to reveal his skull, which was slightly on fire, wearing a trench coat. Rorschach meets Ghost Rider, then takes nightmare steroids and grows. He strode quickly toward me, then transformed into an obscure acquaintance. My desire in dreams is to talk to DCs, so I asked him, what do you represent? He answered, you, now. He walked away, gaining a blue toga and a massive bow, like a Greek hero, or Kid Icarus. I looked into the sky, which started to fade to black, then back down to retain my dream awareness. I tried spinning to a new environment to no avail.

      Knowing this was a lucid dream, I started looking for some lucid booty, and I am not a pirate. I asked several women I saw to undress, but they vehemently defended their honor as any woman in a street would, making me feel self-conscious and slightly abashed. I walked into a nearby building and couldn't change anything. Nothing, I was in a very low degree control over the dream. I talked with a couple people about making plans to go to another dream, and they were drawing up plans for it (a cruise in a wondrous tropical sea with a boatload of girls), when I walked past a man I knew sitting on a couch. He said, Matt, this will always be a part of you, then proceeded to molest a girl I know who he was next to, who was sniffling and unresponsive. Enraged, I lost sight of creating a tropical paradise and wanted to hit him, though I'm not generally violent. As I moved slightly toward him, I merged with the girl on the couch, who turned into a very close lady friend, and the dream turned sexual.

      I woke up feeling angry, ashamed at the disturbing content and thrown off in general. Did I expect to be turned down? Was the amorous ending a reward for trying to attack evil, or did I give into my anger and become the evil itself? Mainly, I see the strangeness of it all as being caused by my inability to control and manipulate my dream environment (not able to fly, create new dream, etc.). If I had been flying, I think I could have escaped the nightmarish elements of it.

      The real unanswerable question is, why are the two evil characters in the piece, the fearsome monster hero and the predator, a part of me, and how can I either integrate them into my psyche... or destroy them? Love your enemies despite their wickedness, even if they are within, or are these weeds in me that I should be rooted out and burned?

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    5. 7/13/12

      by , 07-13-2012 at 04:07 PM
      Two weird short dreams...

      Dream one, I appear in my kitchen. Go out to the garage, get my skateboard, open the garage door, skate down the street (I believe it was around 9am) and I see some of my friends skateboarding in circles for like 15 seconds straight each, so I start imitating them. Can't remember anything else.

      Dream two, I'm in bed, I get up. I also appear to go to the kitchen, talk to my parents for a while, they tell me that they made , Kurabiedes a Greek Christmas sweet, and I find them in the freezer, covered in frosting (which I have never seen before)
    6. Dream #2 - False Awakening, Afterlife, Skiing

      by , 04-06-2012 at 04:24 PM
      1. 4. 2012
      Couldn't remember anything.

      2.4. 2012 - False Awakening
      Background info: that day I had to wake up sooner than usually (5:15 AM), so I had a little stress, because I expected to have only 6 hours sleep. I also had a piano competition that day, so that could've added to stress.

      I wake up only to find out I overslept. It's 5:42 AM. I quickly jump out of my bed to grab suit and dress up. To my surprise, it's not in my closet and I have a feeling it could be in my parents' bedroom. So I go there. My parents are not sleeping, mom is lying on bed, though. Dad is fixing PC, software-stuff on the other side of the room. They seem awfully calm, I'm not even being yelled on when they see I overslept. I grab my suit from the middle wardrobe. (aren't there regals in waking life?) My dad calls me to look outside. It's raining. Surprisingly, it's raining so much that green frogs are falling, too. They land on window (we have roof window, if you get what I mean) and jump away. I ignore this fact and go to my room to dress up. I find socks ready to be pulled on on my bed, though I can't remember getting my clothes ready before going to bed. In my mind, I quickly schedule remaining 30 minutes before I have to go to train station. I'll use 10 minutes to eat some yoghurt and drink tea and the other 20 to make me some snack to eat on the train. I go downstairs only to find my little sister already there watching My Little Pony: Friendship is magic on TV. (at 6 AM, I may add, duh) So I go to kitchen and for some unknown reason, I decide to eat some bread instead. It's already cut, but someone poured water on it. WHAT?

      Anyways, I go back upstairs and I turn on computer. (Yeah, let's no stick to my schedule, because this is a dream, right?) I go on dreamviews forum, but I can't remember whether I read something or not. I notice on of my books, which are usually on the table, is missing. I go ask mom if she knows where it is and says she borrowed it. That's really weird, She usually doesn't read stuff like that. Anyways, the book's name is The Reincarnationist by M. J. Rose.

      3. 4. 2012 - 5. 4. 2012
      Couldn't remember anything.

      6. 6. 2012 - Afterlife
      Background info: I woke up at about 11:00 AM and went back to sleep without getting out of bed. Weak form of WBTB? Dreams were very vivid.

      I'm in some sort of cave with someone. Actually, it's more like tunnel. We go further and further and stumble across a statue of some Greek goddess. There is some sort of button on the naked statue (don't ask where). I press it and a big rock in front of us rolls away. I see a beatiful scenery. It's a huge area with pool with light water, like you can see in movies. There aren't any shadows and sun is shining brighter than usual. It's all designed in ancient Egypt style. Whole area is surrounded by a wall made from light yellow bricks (again, Egyptian-style) with two lines of blue azur bricks in upper and bottom area of the wall. To my left there are bunch of ancient Greek and ancient Egypt statues. They're all naked. (I have to say that male statues are VERY well endowed ) Behind me I can see about 3 endings from ventilation. Whole area reminds me of Quidditch pitch from Harry Potter. I then see a big boar and I know it's a god. (Mononoke Hime reference) We talk about something and then one of the ventilation endings start sucking him like a vacuum cleaner. This doesn't affect my and my friend, who I still have no idea who that is. The boar yells in panic and then is sucked completely by the ventilation. And somehow I know this is what afterlife looks like or how people imagined it in acient Greek and Egypt.

      EDIT: I remembered who was the person with me! It was Morpheus from Matrix.


      I'm skiing in ski center in which I was about 3-4 years ago. I meet old friend of mine from Elementary school. We ski together a little, we also have an istructor and it feels like training. Since I can ski well already, I go down the slope first. I'm waiting for them but they seem to be stuck somewhere. I go sit down to a nearby café. They're still not arriving. I go check on machine that helps people get on the hill and see it's halted. I look around and see my friends sitting under a tree and drinking tea. We talk about something.

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    7. God of the Sands

      by , 07-23-2011 at 10:36 PM (Torra)

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    8. didn't stop a rape

      by , 04-25-2011 at 11:36 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      Two kind of burly, fat, white guys managed to rape two guys and a woman. I saw the men and women close up, as if I were right near their faces as they were getting raped (all three at once?). I wanted to stop the men from raping the people, but I was on some kind of drugs, and I was too numb or dumb to do anything. Plus, I was probably also afraid of the whole situation.

      I later heard or thought over the story of the men. They had done something like this before. They may have been something like bodyguards. They always guarded one particular celebrity. The celebrity was either a young man or a boy, and he was possibly very pretty. The celebrity didn't have much in the way of a personality. He was kind of a pretty face and not much else. But his father was possibly really mean to the security guards.

      So, at this time in the past, the bodyguards heard that the father was going to be gone and that another celebrity, possibly male as well, was coming to visit the first celebrity. So, to revenge themselves on the father, the bodyguards raped the visiting celebrity while the first father was away.

      For some reason I thought, Well that kind of makes sense. That was revenge. But this time, it doesn't make sense at all.

      I was now outside in the daytime. I was in a place that looked like an Ancient Greek plaza. There was a long, rectangular fountain-pool running along one side of the plaza. The plaza seemed to be enclosed by stone walls.

      A woman was walking in the pool. The water went up to about mid-calf on her. The woman was young, white, kind of cute, with short, red hair. She wore a long, white toga and possibly a wreath around her head. The wreath may have included small fruits.

      This woman was the woman who had gotten raped. But now it was like she hadn't quite gotten raped, but like she had only gotten harrassed a bit while the two men had gotten raped. The girl seemed to remember nothing. She said she was so hung over from last night's party. She had apparently had a lot of booze and drugs.

      The woman walked back and forth in the pool, and I followed her. I didn't feel like I deserved to talk to her. After all, I hadn't been able to protect her from the men.
    9. Dec 25

      by , 12-26-2010 at 07:24 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      I wrote this down on my ipod touch earlier then deleted it believing that I already posted so I'll give the short version since that's all I remember

      Greek Myths

      My mother was a teacher of Greek myth although in my dream, greek myths were actually the history. They became gods that we made statues of. I learned how to make a bust of one out of aluminum. I went into my mom's lecture class and showed her, interrupting the class. Every student left. I then remembered my improv team had a show. I forgot this stole a t-shirt and on the way to running to my car, ran into the rest of the team in the cafeteria. I ate some fries...

      That was the speed version
      non-lucid , memorable