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    1. Gross

      by , 08-16-2011 at 06:54 PM
      - I was going to meet up with N because he came to visit. I was wearing a big fluffy black jsk wth shorts underneath. I had to stop at some store on my way there to use the bathroom. But they didn't have any toilets, just these weird public seats with a tiny hole in them you were supposed to try to use. There was a blonde girl with her dad at one, but then I realized the holes were taped over anyway, so I just left.

      Then I met up with "N", but it somehow turned out to be E instead. He hugged me and then kissed my shoulder. He was wearing this purple lightning shirt. We went and did some sort of school thing even though it was still summer. I think it was an adventure but I can't remember it. At the end we were outside my grandmother's house, he had to go and I said "okay, wanna hang out tomorrow?" He was like "er okay" sounding like he didn't really want to. I started talking about what we could do and he was backing away slowly, then finally said "okay I wanna get to my home now..." so I let him leave.

      - My mom was going to make me drive somewhere even though I didn't know how. I sat in the passenger seat and the car had some kind of semi automatic turning and driving thing, so I just had to steer once in a while. I soon realized I couldn't do it, so I turned around to drive back home, making several cars have to swerve out of the way, and drove on this really wide bike path. Somehow I made it home and was like, "I can't do this".

      - There was this HORRIBLE bathroom I was supposed to try and use. It was so dirty, the water went right up on the seats when you flushed and more stuff would appear in it sometimes, all the toilet paper was soaked, and there were slices of roast beef in a bucket you were supposed to use as toilet paper. :| I somehow managed to use it, then came out and it was full of people. I started talking to someone and we both said at the same time, "that was the worst bathroom experience of my life!".

      Then I saw a door at the end that said "ANYTHING-KEI" (I understood it was supposed to be like fairy kei) and went in. It turned out to be this nice, empty, clean bathroom that was covered in rainbows and furry things and everything was animal themed. I was annoyed I hadn't discovered it before.
    2. The worm

      by , 08-08-2011 at 12:52 AM (The journey of JussiKala)
      So I had just come out of the mail pickup location in the town centre, and was walking around. It was a nice summer day. I was wearing shorts. I noticed that my knee had a white spot on it surrounded by scarred tissue. I looked closer, it was moving. I freaked out. I started handling the thing like popping a zit for some reason, and with that, a long one millimetre long worm was slowly coming out of the spot. Freaked out even more when it curled around my index finger, and I saw the small teeth the head of it had. I picked up a stick from the ground and wrapped it around that for now. The dream ended about halfway through the extraction process.
      Tags: gross, worm
    3. Scary Dreams and Awkward Situations

      by , 04-11-2011 at 04:37 PM
      Well to first start off, this is my first entry.. W00h!! :D

      Well here we gooo :D

      Well in my dream, me and my sister were talking... I want to say we were in this log cabin. It was really nice. Fires were going and the gentle winter breeze goes through the windows. The couches were covered in fur, felt as soft as a rabbit or a new born puppy.

      My sister and I, awkwardly, started talking about how we felt about eachother. I guess we were sneaking around because she kept whispering. So did I. We started hugging.. kissing... and it led to other things.

      Incest isn't ever my forte but it ended up happening. After we did it, my sister says "Oh my god! They're coming!" I replied in a shock "Who?" She ran before she could answer. She was 1/2 naked, running barefooted in the snow, trying to hide from these intruders.

      I woke up because I didn't want to remember the incest dream but I do anyway.

      How you somewhat enjoyed.. **if u enjoyed the sex part, your weird.. lol **
    4. Lucid Dream From Iso Tone

      by , 02-15-2011 at 07:17 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      Tonight, I decided to try to WILD with the help of a free lucid dreaming Iso tone I got from iso-tones.com. I would listen to if after I woke from my alarm.

      My first dream, and in fact all my dreams this night, were very long & vivid. The first dream wasn't very pleasant. I was standing outside my bedroom with my older brother. We were looking inside my bedroom. There were six spiders on the inside of my window. Six spiders. In the real world, I'm quite scared of spiders, but it's x10 worse if the spider is in my room. I express my disbelief to my brother.
      The scene changes; I'm in my backyard with my younger brother. My bed is also out there. Since it's a dream, the extension has yet to be built. It's night-time, and we're spraying the bed with my insect & bug killer. i don't miss a spot.
      I'm back in my room. I notice, in the cupboard, there is an old dirty hole. I franticly spray in there. I think to myself, it must be where they get it. I don't see any more spiders. I feel that since they're all gone, and that the holes have all been sprayed, no more should be in my room again. This gives me some peace of mind.

      I'm back outside again. There is a big old-looking tree. It has a tarp, I think a green one, going over it. On the top of the tree (it's slightly taller than me) is a disturbing sight. It's a mouse, completely engulfed in spider webs. The tree is covered in spider webs, that look similar to beeswax. My little brother, who is now with me, doesn't realise what it is. I have to explain it's a mouse.

      My alarm wakes me up. I remember to use the iso, combined with WILD. I listen to the entire 30 minute MP3. I'm still nowhere near entering SP, and my hair is beginning to itch, so I decide to just go for WBTB instead. I remind myself to become lucid, and to remember my goals and to stabilise the dream. This pays off.

      I would rate the following lucid dream as a layer three, minor.
      Spoiler for Layer Three:

      I'm on a stretch of road, in a small town. I don't really how I become lucid; I think I was lucid from the beginning. I excitedly rub my hands to stabilise the dream. I yell "This is a dream" many times. As I do this I notice some buildings in the distance increasing in detail. I want to finally complete some of my dream goals. I consider finding my DG, but I realise that may take some time, so I just try to find my dream name instead. A friend of mine named Harry.B is in a black car near me. I get in the car as he starts to drive. I ask him my dream name. He think for a few moments. He says "Hansen Francis." I can tell by the look on his face, and the fact that a friend of mine is called Hansen, that he just made this up. I decide to disregard this. Whilst in the car I have to yell "This is a dream" a few more times.
      By now, my lucidity is fading. I'm still lucid, just much less aware. I'm at school outside my lockers, and I'm still trying to find out my dream name. I ask a kid named Luke. He gives me a very intellectual speech on how one does not just find his dream name, he must earn it. I'm surprised at how much sense he's making. I remember for a few moments being in the canteen, but this doesn't last long.
      Now I'm outside again. There is a big factory to my right. Nobody is near me. I decide to try and fly. Since my logic was still not working very well, this was very extremely easy. I just jumped up, and off I went. I was thinking to myself how badly I didn't want to forget this when I awoke.
      Then I woke up.

      Only when I woke up, did I realise how un-lucid the end of that dream had become. I happily wrote the the dreams down.

      I went back to sleep for a short while. I had a third very vivid but short dream. I was in my maths class, which was very dark and gloomy. Sitting next to me on my left was my school crush. I hear someone to my right on the other side of the room talking to her. I'm slightly embarrassed, and incredibly sick. I have a very runny nose and headache. I keep coughing and sneezing. I look to my left again to see that an old lady had sat between me and my crush.

      I'm ticking the "task of the month" DJ category because I believe "find your dream name" was a previous one. I'm going to try my luck with the Iso tones again tonight. Hopefully I can use it to aid WILD.

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    5. Removing a Cyst

      by , 02-11-2011 at 10:53 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      I'm adding this dream a little late. It was longer, and I think there was a second dream, but I don't remember now.

      I just remember looking at either my arm or my leg. I was removing a spot. I managed to pull something out of the limb a large, egg-shaped white ball. The next part is strange. I'm looking at it, when I realise what it is. It's actually the O in the Opera browser logo! I see it fly toward the other browser logos.
      This seems perfectly normal to me, and the rest of the dream continues.
    6. Gross Dream with some bugs and the mean principle from the movie Matilda

      by , 10-23-2010 at 06:40 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      At a Church thing for people my age and then we went to my kindergarten and it had the mean teacher from matilda there. Then the nice teacher had a weird bug that looked like the monster that fought obi wan kenobi in starwars II in the arena, and it was riding on top of a turtle. Then it went inside of her mouth and she didn't notice and I was trying to tell her but it was too late... And then she said her throat was hurting and then she spit the bug and pieces of the turtle out. Then we went home to Grahmy's house but she wasn't there and their were roaches everywhere but when they got on you you couldn't feel them until you saw them on you. And I was chewing gum and spit it out to find that 4 roaches had some how got in my gum. What a gross dream...
    7. WTF (Short but very disturbing) Warning"GROSS"

      by , 10-09-2010 at 06:56 PM
      Starts out there was a man standing there and someone pulled on his arm and it ripped of. I could see hundreds of maggots inside his arm and his open shoulder. After a minute he got up off the ground and ran towards a DC who was wielding a fishing rod. The DC swung the rod at the attackers head and the hook from the rod stuck in his head. His entire face and scalp got ripped off leaving his maggoty brains open. The rod for some reason was able to suck the brains and maggots through the rod and right into the DC's mouth. His head started to expand as it filled up with a vomitish looking soquid until finally his entire head exploded all over the place.The end.wtf

      (i had a feeling of puking while in the dream to give you an idea of how "f"ed this dream was)
    8. 9-28-10: Runner

      by , 09-29-2010 at 12:11 AM (Alone With my Mind)
      Non-Dream Non-Lucid Lucid

      I was in PE. The teacher was doing a running test. She set up a few markers and we had to make it before a specified time. I was doing pretty well even though I have asthma. Eventually some jock mocked me and called me a nerd, and I wasn't peeved off. This rarely ever happens to me, I'm kinda the guy who hangs out with everyone. I wasn't pissed off, but I felt sick. I couldn't run as fast. I went to the edge of the sidewalk and sneezed and (be warned, this is gross) a whole ball of snot rolled out of my nose. I was so disgusted and embarrassed, and the dream ended.

      Vividness: 8/10
      Weird dream...
    9. This is what Happens When You Get Your Molars Out, Kiddies

      by , 07-31-2010 at 05:22 AM
      The taste in your mouth is so disgusting that you have dreams about it.

      I am seventeen. I cant see anything except blackness, but when I look down I can see my own body, and a ring of light around my feet. Suddenly, I can feel something growing inside my mouth. It has the squishy feeling of cheek cells, but it has the consistency of mushy gravel. I spit it out, but it keep growing. I keep spitting and spitting, but with every spit it grows faster. I start to puke violently in a futile attempt to get the gravel out. It has filled up my mouth, and now it starts to grow down my throat. I gag on the gravel-mush and keep puking it out, but its useless. The gravel starts to grow in my stomach. I can feel my stomach bloat up like a giant balloon full of the mysterious growth. I look down, and my stomach is the size of a watermelon, and it keeps growing. I keep trying to barf the gravel out, when my stomach bursts open. The pink cheek-cell gravel stuff pours out of my stomach like sewage waste. Then everything goes black.

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    10. Skin Cancer

      by , 07-31-2010 at 05:16 AM
      I often have dreams of getting cancer. Unfortunately, this is pretty much the only one I remember well enough to type out.

      I am twelve years old, and I am at my house, sitting on the couch, when suddenly, I feel excruciating pain in my left arm. It feels like my skin is being ripped off. I look down at my arm, and what I see makes me physically sick. My arm has turned black and blue, and it looks like it has been boiled. Then, as I watch, a giant blood cell shaped like a concave donut rises up from my veins, bulging under my skin. But it wants to keep growing. It grows larger and larger, and the skin gets vacuumed to the blood cell. It hurts so much I start to scream. Then, more blood cells rise up from the surface like some sort of pox. Little ones, big ones, medium sizes ones, hundreds of them, until my arm is a lumpy mass of blood cells.
      I scream and run to my dad, holding my arm in my right hand. I run up to him and show it to him. He looks at it carefully, then says, Hmm, I guess Im gonna have to take you to the doctor. But for now, just push them down. I try to push down on one, but it only slides between my skin and my muscle, ripping my skin off my muscles. I slowly slide it all the way around my arm. It slides under my bone and goes away. I keep doing this until I get to the doctor.
      The doctor looks at my arm and says, hmm, it appears you have skin cancer. He pulls out a needle the size of a hammer and jams it into my arm. It feels like Im being stabbed. He injects me with a liquid, and it makes the blood cells disappear. They will come back until you have chemotherapy, but until then, just shoot it up when they come back. He hands me the giant needle and walks out. In a matter of seconds the blood cells return. I inject myself but they just grow larger. They grow and grow until my arm bursts and everything goes black.

      This is one of the dreams that still makes me sick to my stomach when i think about it. Another one is when I again had skin cancer, which caused my arms to grow wooly mammoth hair and my leg hairs to grow thick, rubbery, and hollow like rubber tubing.

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