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    1. Distant Galaxy

      by , 08-05-2017 at 03:44 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      Distant Galaxy

      On the balcony, outside was Infinite blackness.
      I'm talking to a family member, in the corner of my eye, I see a galaxy with planets. I want to take a picture of that!
      I don't want to get too close or I'll drift off into Outer Space.
      I step near the ledge, it's hard to breathe over here.
      Later, I was talking to my Mom, there was a giant tank of water, there was a Shark eating another Shark and I didn't want to see that.

      Black Box with Medicine

      I was at a hospital, I picked up my medicine box.
      There was another belonging to someone else, I hesitated but grabbed it. I gave my medicine box to a woman who
      accompanied me. I have to get this box to this guy.
      The medicine box said "Floor 9", can't get up there fast with stairs, so i'll have to go on an elevator.
      I dash to the hallway where there is 3 or 4 elevators. The first one on my right looks suspicious.
      I feel like the elevator will collapse....so I decided to pick the next one, on the left.
      I push the 'up' button and the elevator opens, I walk inside.
      There's 9 floors, 9 buttons, I found it!
      The 9 button is glowing and I push it.
      This floor is different from the other floors...it's like a mix between a cafeteria from school and a church.
      I am greeted by this priest, who insists I go on stage, I do.
      'I don't have time for this' I think.
      I am nervous, the spectators are waiting and worse of all the priest is stroking my hair.

      I woke up creeped out, I really have nothing much to say except: how does my Mind come up with this?
      August 4th, 2017

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    2. [02-11-2016: Alien]

      by , 11-02-2016 at 04:43 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Failed WBTB

      It was a warm summer evening. The sky and clouds were reddish in lower parts. With someone I was waiting just outside my house. A priest came to my frontyard and made people a confession. I entered my house and saw my maths teacher, who turned into my younger sister when I didn't noticed. I came closer to her, but then she turned into an alien and attacked me with green tentacles. She grabbed my hands with these tentacles and tried to push them into her maw, I was struggling with her all the time. I managed to get free and ran outside, only to get back after a while. After more struggles, I reminded myself of some video tape or song recorded on a tape and the alien fallen on the floor, motionless.
    3. [18-10-2016]

      by , 10-18-2016 at 05:56 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First fragment

      I saw two skeletons, one was smaller and one was really tall. They were staring at each other.

      Second fragment

      I received an email with character sheet for a forum game, but it wasn't properly filled.

      WBTB attempt.


      I was a member of political party which won elections and I was chosen for a minister of something I didn't even knew. First I was at a press conference. Then next day I had to go to my old school to my old English teacher to ask a few things. Janitor asked me if I'm there for my kid, I just asked where I could meet that teacher. I met some fans of the party I belonged to and entered school. Wandering the corridors I saw many students and some teachers. I tried to find that teacher in their room, but it was empty. When I was leaving I saw a priest on the way, who was against our political party because we were incompetent for our jobs. I agreed with him and upon leaving met leader of the party. I immediately said that I quit. Going back to home the weather from sunny and warm turned to heavy rainfall. I felt my limbs heavy and had troubles moving. I realized something, but can't quite recall what.
    4. Lucid Priest Indeed

      by , 09-22-2016 at 09:22 AM
      Morning of September 22, 2016. Thursday.

      It seems to be late at night and I am walking with Zsuzsanna in an unfamiliar small town. Somehow I get distracted and find myself on my own in an area vaguely similar in some ways to an area near a church in Bundaberg (though I do not consider my location or have any concern about being in an unknown place). Even though I am not lucid I try to focus on a large stone water fountain as if I am subliminally aware of the nature of water induction to increase the depth and clarity of the dream state.

      An unfamiliar priest approaches and seems to want me to move on or is there to tell me what to do as perhaps he does not like me being here so late at night. He tries to impress me by causing a moonbeam to create a glowing circle on the surface of the water. In a way, it seems rather eerie to me, though I vaguely recall it as a circadian rhythms factor (again, even though I am not lucid) and relative to moon or moonlight induction.

      “So what,” I say. “I can make the sun come out in the middle of the night.” (I say this without realizing that the sun represents consciousness or the conscious identity within the dream state and thus I am actually talking about lucid dreaming without being lucid.) The area that the priest and I are standing now seems to be a storefront. I move my hands with a level of mental certainty and expectation that the sun will rise at my command, though again not being lucid at this point. Instead, a small sunbeam reaches my feet. At least I accomplished something based on my claim.

      I decide to turn around and use whatever sunlight there is to mock the priest by making various shadow forms on the outer wall of the store. A circle of light (almost like a spotlight on a stage) of about a foot and a half in diameter appears on the concrete block outer wall. I lift my left hand up and make an incredibly realistic monkey shadow (after a few false starts with rabbit and dog heads), complete with legs, arms, and a tail, and moving about like a real monkey, almost as if suspended on its own. “Chee-chee-chee-chee,” I utter, happily making my version of a monkey sound. The priest seems to feel insulted as well as outdone by my miraculous abilities and thus he walks off. Even though I am still not at the lucid stage, shadow play is fairly common in certain vivid lucid dream types. Typically, the shadow symbolizes the dream self as “casting” conscious self identity into the dream state (at least when it is a human “duplicate” of the dream self though here, my dawning consciousness is apparently very playful), though this situation does not yet trigger my lucidity.

      As I walk, the sun finally rises fully at my subtle command and with no “glitches”. As a result, my consciousness becomes more fully integrated into the dream state in a lucid sense, though not quite apex lucidity (full automatic control with enhanced senses and full body awareness even with full weight and momentum discernment). Just as I turn left around a corner I am at full conscious clarity, which I immediately find very thrilling. I notice a young version of Zsuzsanna (probably as she was a few years before we first wrote) standing on a garden wall of about four feet high, though I do not question this oddity. Several others (all unfamiliar) are standing around, possibly waiting for a bus. Zsuzsanna may also be waiting for the bus even being up on this wall. I hover and move up to stand on the wall with her. She does not seem to recognize me yet and takes on the essence of the preconscious personification.

      “This is my dream, so we will get together and have some fun,” I boldly state. “I don’t care about these other people standing around.” She seems to slowly agree or at least lets me hug and kiss her passionately for a long time. Becoming more and more stimulated I indulge in various sensual events (the sense of touch augmented), though meanwhile, three times, for no particular reason, I decide to shoot large masses of spiderweb out of my right hand. One car becomes fully covered in my web, the imagery of which I find amusing when I look back. A couple people are swept back and stuck onto buildings but are not harmed.

      Eventually, I notice a large unusual-looking airplane flying in the sky (from right to left). Its wings are up and back almost like a butterfly form and I feel a sense of beauty. Curiously, I do not mentally register it as the “return flight” waking transition symbol even though I have experienced the same metaphor thousands of times in various dream types (though not in the majority of lucid dreams). I notice a very unusual bookshelf-like structure on the other side of town and which seems to be atop a mountain. I focus on this. Although it vaguely reminds me of “Hollywood Squares”, the platforms (or seating areas) are at different levels. There are at least nine demigods in yellow Tibetan monk robes sitting and standing within the structure. I assume they are perhaps thirty feet tall or more. The visible forward edges of the skewed “Hollywood Squares” structure are mostly cream-colored, orange, and yellow. The demigods begin singing to Zsuzsanna and me very loudly and with love and happiness. The music is very clear and rhythmic and very enjoyable (though of an unfamiliar melody which I may record at a future date). They are singing something about tilling and gardening, something like, “In the morning when you wake up, till the soil with love…” and another phrase with “tilling” in it and something about “the next morning you will find”. It goes on for several minutes and as I hold Zsuzsanna, I slip into a less vivid and non-lucid false awakening as the airplane reaches the midpoint of my perspective, over the seemingly divine structure. (Of course, this structure symbolizes the sunrise and waking as non-lucid dreams typically do in the last segment - even though I am still semi-lucid - and a cheerful conscious coloring of my day ensues.)

      In the false awakening I am with Zsuzsanna sitting on the floor of our present home. Our youngest son is present. He seems to have gathered seven unusual creatures (there are seven in our family). They seem to be some sort of unlikely composite of seashell, caterpillar, beetle, and chrysalis. For some reason, I point out to Zsuzsanna that they are “brains”, although I add to their number (starting with three, I think) as I notice more and more of them (though still a total of seven). Their shells are very complex in coloring, with mostly thin bands and paisley-like patterns of browns, yellows, and cream colors. There are two different shapes, the two largest being somewhat cylindrical and the others like trapezoidal prisms.

      I look at a magazine page that Zsuzsanna is looking at. At first, I see the same airplane as from my previous dream, though as a silhouette in a full page sky photograph. As I tell Zsuzsanna about the dream I just had (the most common false awakening scenario for me other than actually attempting to write it out and soon seeing that my writing changes or that I had written nothing), I tell her how this looks just like the airplane from my dream. I find that unusual but when I look again, I see that it is an upside-down helicopter silhouette (a second “return flight” transition that actually represents my false awakening and how one of the first things I ever heard Zsuzsanna say on her first cassette which she mailed to me being “so if it sounds a bit upside-down, it’s from down-under), which I find rather curious - and from here I actually wake.

    5. Making a Scene in the Church

      by , 06-24-2016 at 02:11 PM (Book of Dreams)

      Recall wasn't so good last night, I didn't have my focus. I had a 10 hour work day, so my sleep was very deep. Did recall one solid dream though.

      Dream 1
      I was at a mass in a town near where I grew up, and my whole family was there. Halfway into the mass, this woman started giving a presentation, but there was some kids who were being really loud. I didn't witness exactly what happened, but the woman made these kids leave. I saw the mother gather her children and yell "Don't worry, we won't be coming back!" and she looked really angry. The next thing I know, my aunt goes up to the woman and ruins her presentation. She scribbles all over her whiteboard and says some stuff to her about how you can't just kick children out of the church. Then she realizes how embarrassing her actions were and starts crying. I get up and take her to the sacristy, and she's crying and says she was just really mad at how the woman treated that family. Then the priest comes in to talk to her, and I'm just sort of observing the whole thing. I forget what he was saying to her, but then the woman came in and she seemed really embarrassed and emotional as well. My aunt wouldn't talk to her or even look at her, and then I think we left.

      Dream 2 (fragment):
      This fragment is like a fake memory from high school, there's a bunch of kids from my class in a park behind my house, and we're all doing this music video with choreographed dancing and singing. I remember seeing my best friend from high school, who I haven't spoken to in years IRL, and I just remember avoiding her the whole time, even though we were still in high school and supposedly still friends. Awkward feelings...
    6. [25/26-03-2016]

      by , 03-26-2016 at 11:28 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      25-03 Dream

      I was in my house, it was an evening. Sister was watching tv. I was sitting near a table with a laptop. I turned around and saw an old man in black jacket and a young, blonde woman with glasses - probably an assistant of the old man. I asked him "Are you Sapkowski?" (writer of The Witcher) - he confirmed, looked at the laptop and said "You've gotten quite far!" I looked on the screen and saw that there was a witcher game turned on. Then he said "We'll see how you'll do this!" and turned on a strange mini-game. I had to click as quick as I can, and the witcher was dancing and singing about monsters. I did quite good job. The old man asked about one of his books, I replied "I've never readen any of these, but my pal did. He's quite big fan of your writings". He said that he must leave now and went away. I caught up with him and asked if I can make a photo with him, to which he replied - "No."


      First dream

      I escaped from the prison with others. We took over an important restaurant, where only important people ate. We waited for a judge that sentenced all of us to prison to appear. We took many guests, cooking like true masters and getting more and more cash. Other prisoners wanted to keep the restaurant and forget about the judge - I tried to persuade them to keep our current goal, but they didn't listened. With their leader I went to a freezer to fight with him.

      Second dream

      I was in some school, in the toilet. I was standing close to a mirror. I heard a voice "First they humiliated me, and then they killed me. I turn you into a monster, so you could fight these monsters back!". I looked into the mirror and saw that I have changed - my skin was gray and rotten, my teeth were rectangular and irregularly placed, my eyes were plain white and bulging out of eyesockets, I had a mushroom cap on top of my head. I knew where to look for them - a school trip that just went out.

      I ran through school, nobody minded a mushroom-zombie man running around. I went out - it was a rainy, cold afternoon. I saw them walking on the sidewalk, but there was a priest with them. I decided to go another way and catch them later, but I only met the priest who lost his way. It was close to sewer canals. There was a way to the rest of the group through a flat, but priest didn't wanted to enter it. We tried to go through canals, but there were rumors of horrible, terrifying monster living in there. I tore planks of the platform over a maintenance tunnel of sewers and entered it.

      Third dream.

      I was on a strange island. With other leaders we were sitting close to a round table, dividing our loot between us. I wanted to take my share in diamonds, but one of the leaders told that he's not going to share his loot. We started arguing, I looked at the island and saw that it's mostly devoid of resources, except for one cliff where I could see mineral veins. I said "Either we divide and plunder or start a war, and we both know that this island is devoid of hematite!"

      After we ended arguing, we started building our fortresses. I wanted to build my base in the mineral cliff, but just as I started, orcs build their base close to mine, claiming that we need to cooperate. All they did was disturb me in building my base.
    7. Parkour on the Train Tracks

      by , 11-25-2015 at 10:26 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a house/apartment. I was looking for something. I was supposed to just stay there temporarily. I think it was after the death of the owner, an old man. I'm not sure how I'm related to him. It was night, and I was looking for the bathroom. For some reason, I can't find it. Then there were ghostly apparitions and then a vampire-like monster. I was able to turn it "off," as if a game, although I wasn't scared. More like annoyed and frustrated for not getting to a bathroom.

      I was able to visit a friend (who?) and I used their bathroom. The water was warm. Then I'm not sure whether I was peeing in the right area. It might be their sink, but it was made of solid cement.

      I was looking at a small representation of some hills and a lake. It acted like a game map. I saw lines and arrows of where I'm supposed to go but it keeps changing and mixing because I'm "clicking" all over the place.

      I went outside our building. I climbed up to the train station, but not through the stairs. I climbed up, easily, through the walls and to the elevated tracks. A train just passed by but it was going the opposite direction (south) of where I was going (north). I was thinking whether I should walk to the station (a bit north). I decided to run on the tracks instead. I parkoured my way over obstacles. It felt liberating, especially when I saw how high I was able to jump up and landed precisely on a small ledge. There was a nice background music playing while I was doing this, which made it even more awesome. Not quite opera voice, and there were background instruments.

      I arrived near my destination (SM Megamall though it doesn't like anything like it). I got a little lost first but quickly found my way. I was in an area where there are some construction going on. I arrived at the area where they have sci-fi human-art installation. Basically, there were monks/priests and nuns and KOAs, and they were "attached" to sci-fi art (spaceships?) that are, in turn, attached to the ceiling/trees. One monk was even moving a bit, and the person holding him doesn't seem to be making an effort.


      - I was tired and sleepy. I was also hungry, but my sleepiness and tiredness overpowered me before I slept.
      - I slept around 3pm. I had instant coffee around 10am though.
      - Last night, I slept a good 7 hours.
      - I took Bioflu (paracetamol + phenelephrine) around noon coz I felt like I was going to get sick. Might have caused the sleepiness.
    8. Monstrosity from swamps

      by , 11-13-2015 at 07:24 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      The swamps took enormous territory. All the nature around was dead, no vegetation except almost dying trees, no animals, it was a watery wasteland. It all started with an expedition sent towards swamps. There was a small village in central part of the swamp. There were many ruined buildings, but the most interesteing of them was a chapel. It was smeared all over with dried blood, and cross inside was turned sideways. Abandoned for many years, the village was just recently took as a warehouse for one of national companies. Workers appeared quickly to fix buildings, and a priest was sent to clean out the chapel. They didn't know that they have awakened a demon. I was that priest. One evening, the demon just ran out of chapels basements, and slaughtered everyone except me. I had to pray, and try exorcisms to weaken him, then I took a shovel and finished the demon.
    9. Enhanced Kissing and more

      by , 01-22-2015 at 07:22 AM
      Morning of January 22, 2015. Thursday.

      Of all the “experiments” I have done in my life to influence, enhance, or alter dream states, I have ultimately decided that simple thinking is the key. I have tried a particular focused form of thought enough to know it is the most powerful technique, especially when preceded by “thank you for…” (without even needing belief in a deity). Just listening to something does not seem to do much unless it is with my own special technique and even that has certain limitations in certain states. Needing to hear something seems to limit certain states (plus, I have experienced a vivid lucid state where external sound and its influence is non-existent), likely because a part of the mind is still “grounded” in a particular way. (Once again, I should mention the lucid dreaming fiasco of years ago where I entered the most vivid dream state possible with a shorter audio loop, though once in my dream, solely tried to find the source of the sound to turn it off - the very meaning of “irony”). So what do I do that works? Three-minute very subtle mental affirmation meditations (not spoken aloud, just actively thought) throughout the day and night (sometimes in closer clusters), watching the clock and using an addend of four but only ever counting them as three minutes in my personal journal. In this case, it added up to sixty minutes overall.

      In my dream (and the ones which followed) I find myself in a full-body awareness that is no different from being awake other than the senses being enhanced and the depth perception intensified. This used to puzzle me - but I attribute it to being “closer” to one’s internal awareness in sleep. I have never had the slightest concern (as some people claim as possibility) about differentiating from the real world and a dream when awake - and in a vivid lucid dream, that concern is pointless anyway, so yet again, typical mainstream dream literature fails to impress me or even make any sense.

      I find myself in a dream environment in a larger room that I cannot identify, though it is similar in familiarity to (but much larger than) the larger southernmost room in the Loomis Street house. I am sitting comfortably on an armchair facing east. As with another recent dream, the increased sensuality, almost to a point where I would otherwise think it impossible, seems the most “automatic” and natural of all dream states, almost as if all nuances of my dream are “instantly surrendering” to a core subliminal whim. In fact, all I do is lift my arms up a bit and my beautiful wife materializes in front of me (only her head at first) and she bends down to indulge in passionate kissing with me for quite some time. The sense of touch is probably double that of reality and I am also amazed by the solid nature of her form.

      This is followed by making love on the floor, from the side and from behind, but holding ourselves up with our left arms, in some sort of otherwise physically impossible situation (well, at least for me). During the climax, I notice (as I have in several other dreams) that my wife has sparse reptilian scales around her hips and bordering the small of her back, which does not bother me. However, I soon take this into a forced scenario out of habit, relating to what I feel happens often in non-lucid dreams; that is, the dreamer forcing certain possible conflicts possibly regarding a need for increased “pulsing” energy as such for whatever reason (again, for example, maintaining the knowledge but vague memory that I was solely the one that instigated my own chase dreams even with dinosaurs following me, just to experience the event, although most people do not seem to remember the event horizon of when they planned this themselves, so thus you have people that believe in demons or similar entities - the case seemingly being that a particular section of memory was lost).

      My dream is not “fooled” though and I am too vividly integrated with my dream’s environment to be absentmindedly a “victim”. When I try to force a negative association for a dramatic movie-like scene, I illogically in the past tense speak to my wife, saying, “You had scales!” but she just cheerfully lightly laughs and shakes her head and levitates a bit from the floor, “rolling about” in midair and lowering herself again. I ask her “Why did you have scales?” and then I feel idiotic since it was me that gave her the scales in the first place. I try to get her to appear more aggressive, but that fails and she becomes about ten years younger and we make love again, “rolling around” in midair, at times like mists with various tendrils but I also become aware of where I am in reality.

      An odd false awakening occurs. I am in the computer room in Wavell Heights though the setup and room layout is different. My dream is almost as vivid as my previous but I am no longer lucid. There is a closed window near where the printer is. The printer seems more like an oversized typewriter. There are also what seem to be kitchen features in the room, including a faucet over the top of the printer (seemingly on the window sill as was strangely the case in our Clayfield apartment’s kitchen). I absentmindedly turn the faucet on (it is more to the right), realize that the printer is then filling up with water (almost in the manner of a sink) and then turn it off. The physical sensations of doing this are greatly enhanced and I briefly contemplate that real life is not this “close” in the sense of touch but do not become lucid again. Once again I catch myself having turned the faucet on in the semi-dark room. I again turn it off just as the water starts spilling over the top of the printer a bit. It then sits there still full, like a full sink, and I am contemplating when it could be used again. I then finally notice that the printer is plugged in, so I remove the cord from the printer itself, which is higher up on the front instead of the back area (this is likely because the back of my desk in reality is open to the path into the room as if it was the “front”). I then go to tell my wife about the event, planning on asking her to help with getting the water out of the printer by using cups, though this does not seem feasible. I do not think turning it upside-down would be a good idea, though.

      There is another false awakening, this one more intense, but ending up as some sort of parody of people who preach about the end of the world. Having heard about the supposed approaching “end of the world” in virtually endless scenarios since I was very young, any emotional impact or credibility has dissolved. I am watching a set of four smaller televisions in a column in an extended part of a doorway. Each television has the same show but with slightly different timing (this is based on a real-life event of years ago, where I was changing channels and noticed the same religious show on two different channels but one about a minute ahead of the other and I played around, sometimes getting unintentionally funny phrases with each switch over).

      There is a chubby preacher ranting before a live audience, loudly asking “What if the world ends tomorrow?” and he keeps repeating this for a short time with a terrified look on his face. I notice red flashing lights and other people crying out including a few from the choir on the stage. It almost seems possible that the world could end tomorrow but I do not feel afraid. However, he then shouts “What if the world ends the day after tomorrow?” with an even more terrified visage. This does not seem to make much sense as that would be one day later and less to worry about for a short time. However, he keeps going on like this, with his emotional anticipation illogically inverted, going into more and more preposterous and loud unrestrained queries such as “What if the world ends the day after the day after the day after three weeks from tomorrow?” seeming more and more alarmed each time, the longer the potential “doomsday” is from then - completely senseless. The audience keeps gasping and crying out to everything he says. I stand there in disbelief until my dream fades with a strong and clear attitude that it does not even matter if and when the world ends - why keep theorizing as such? This last false awakening seems vaguely influenced by the last scenes from “The Blob” (1988 version) - seen the evening before - where the traumatized preacher is shown as having the power to “end the world” from a piece of the life-form he has in a container.
    10. Moving to Oxford or not?

      by , 08-06-2013 at 12:42 PM
      In this dream I wanted to study at Oxford University in England. I was told that I could rent an apartment, but to do that I would need to do all the cooking around 1am. At first I thought this was due to my academic schedule, but no, then I discovered I had misunderstood, and I always could cook, but it was recommended that I do it within 25 hours.

      I was shocked by how small a village Oxford was. (Now in waking life I have been to Oxford as a tourist, and it most definitely is not a small village.) In my dream, I could walk from one end of the village to the other easily, and that was good because I was supposed to be a priest at St. John's church which was at the opposite end of the village, and I could walk there. I found out that an important member of the congregation had died, and I wrote to the bishop to enquire whether I could hold a simple funeral service, and was reprimanded in the letter back that for such important people the funeral had to be lavish.

      Meanwhile returning to food and cooking, I discovered that there was not a grocery store in Oxford, too small a village for that. So one had to go to the next town over to the store.

      In other news, I now was not going to be a priest after all! I was applying for a job as a research assistant. Now luckily this was just a non-lucid dream because few people in waking life ever get a job by explaining that the research of the professor in question does not really interest me, but I can do the job.

      Ultimately though I decided that it may be too dangerous to go to Oxford after all, because war was coming. I knew that war was coming because people were arguing more than usual. I thought that maybe I could prevent war from starting in Oxford (how???) but that I was not going to be able to do it nationwide, and thus it might be too dangerous to be there after all. I should go back to the US instead.

      Incidentally, this was not my first dream in which I thought war was coming and that thus it would be safer to stay in the US. I appear not to have noticed that I was single without kids and probably significantly younger than in waking life.
    11. Virus (Dream Within a Dream)

      by , 12-27-2012 at 02:56 AM
      In the dream I was recounting a dream I had to some other people, but it wasn't a dream I've actually had. In the dream I'm describing, moon priests dressed all in white sit me down at a table. When they think I'm not looking they shoot each other looks, like everything is going exactly as planned. They know (I don't) that I've been infected with a deadly virus, but I'm just a carrier. A woman comes into the room to talk to me, she sits down at the table and I take her hand and read her future. She gets up and leaves, around the corner and out of my sight she collapses in fits. In less than a minute she is covered in thick green foul-smelling lesions. She screams and tries to claw at the priests but they have her by the upper arms and wrists, then drag her away.
      "It was like they wanted me to infect people, but I can't say why they'd want that. They're priests, shouldn't they want to contain the virus? Had I know, I never would have stayed."
      Tags: priest, seer, virus
    12. Another Wedding Dream

      by , 12-18-2012 at 07:38 PM
      Real-life influence

      At first I am just an observer. I walk up a flight of yellow carpeted stairs, a young woman's father is saying that due to the policy of the company, for her boyfriend to travel overseas with them, he must first take her as his wife. It's impromptu, and at first the boyfriend is worried that she won't want to, so he keeps coming up with reasons why it won't be terrible.
      "Or, you know, it can only be on paper. We don't have to act married at all."
      She doesn't say anything, though she seems pleased by the prospect of marrying.
      (I picked celebrities to be my dream characters. Katharine McPhee was the bride to be, and Jensen Ackles was the husband. I'm assuming I only picked them because I just finished watching Smash and Supernatural.)
      I wake up and roll over.
      In the next part I'm with some other women about to get my hair dyed. There are two women in front of me who have red hair and orange highlights. I think that there is no shame in copying them, then I just decide to dye my hair black. I tell one of them about the time where the black 28-wash out dye wouldn't wash out. They criticize my box dye. I try to defend myself, but then just accept their judgement. I don't actually end up getting my hair dyed. From there I start trying to find something to wear to my wedding. I'm myself as far as I can tell. I have to pick from what's in this room, because time is short. I choose a black skirt I own in real life, and cast about for a suitable shirt to go with it. I ignore a pile of black shirts, pick up a weird shirt on a hanger, it's a dusty dark pink and looks kind of like a coat cut in half. I wonder why anyone would wear it. I find the one I'm looking for, a cream shirt with small green flowers on it. I put it on, but don't know where the skirt is.

      Besides, I have to shave my legs. I walk into the next room. There's a shower in there, but it's also the kitchen. I notice a room separator that I can pull across and latch to the other side of the room to give me privacy. I pull it across but a woman unhitches it and tells me she has to examine my razors. I hand them to her. They are pink.
      "What do you intend to do with these?" she asks, like I could kill someone with them.
      "I'm going to shave my legs? Before the wedding?"
      "Okay. Fine. But stay where I can see you."
      I walk over to the shower. The water is already on. I really wish I could close the divider, now there are more people in the kitchen. I don't want to get naked with them watching me, so I get into the shower clothed. I take my shoes off and drop them outside the tub. My shirt gets soaked, I pull it off. I wonder what I'll wear now. I start to shave my legs and realize I don't have any shaving cream, I keep going anyway thinking I'll just have to be careful.
      The woman interrupts me, but I don't remember why.

      I get out of the shower. My mother- and sister-in-law (DCs, not people I know) run up to me with fabric swatches. At the time I knew what they were for, but now I have no idea. She has 4, I only really see the white one with small blue flowers on it. I choose that one. They seem ecstatic about my choice, saying they knew I'd pick the blue. They rush off.
      I realize that the wedding is going to be in a few hours, and that none of my family is there
      . I really want to call my dad, to see if he can make it. My friend Cel, and also L. I wonder what L will think. Will she be happy for me? Or will she just remind me of my doubts?
      ...do I have doubts? I then ask myself who I'm marrying. Since I can't remember, but can recall in the dream having the other dream, I assume I'm marrying my boyfriend and not a DC.
      Once inside the sanctuary where I know my boyfriend will be, I walk to the length of pews where he's sitting. I start to ask him if he knows when the wedding will start, but he shushes me. A priest (in full papal regalia...oh my god I just realized he was dressed like the guy from Princess Bride XD haha...except with lines of red down the front of his robe.) makes his way to me. He says he's there to bless me before the union. He doesn't seem concerned with blessing my boyfriend. He holds out his hand to me and at first I'm confused. I don't know what he wants me to do. Awkwardly I lean down and kiss his ring. He looks down his arm at me and smiles with yellowed teeth. He says something that I miss entirely, but I know there's another part of it. I'm supposed to kiss him. A little disgusted, I press my lips to his for a good 10 seconds. I really don't like the look on his face when I pull away.
      The priest pronounces me blessed and then leaves.
      My boyfriend seems amused. I wonder if it was some sort of prank...
      "Anyway. Do you know when it'll start?"
      "A few hours I guess...why?"
      "I want to call my dad."
      "Don't you think he'd want to be here?"
      "Yeah, I guess."

      I decide to call my dad anyway, the drive will take a couple hours. Maybe I can hold the ceremony until he arrives. It doesn't feel like I have that much time.
      My mind wanders, and I start to wonder what it will be like for us once we're married. I wonder if we will echo Liam and Saja or if I'll create the echo myself just so I can live it again.

      I wake up and roll over.

      When I fall asleep I dream about zombies. I am one and I'm traveling on a boat with some other zombies. The boat is sinking and one of my zombie friends is stuck. I use a giant scythe to slice through the thing holding him. We start walking together. A weird dog/bird creature is following us. It looks a little like a furry emu with a terrier's head.
      "That was cool." It says. That seems so absurd that I burst out laughing. The creature shoots me an accusing look. "What are you laughing at."
      "I'm sorry." I giggle. "That wasn't funny." Then I laugh more because I realize I'm a zombie giggling at a talking bird creature.
    13. August 31 2012 - The Priest

      by , 09-01-2012 at 05:42 AM
      This was last night aug 31 2012.

      I was at my school stage with a girl(someone familiar, lets call her STAR since she's the star of the stage), it looked like we're practicing theater.. STAR was at the middle of the stage and Im at the side with another girl(left side of the stage if you're the audience, I'll call this girl Ogirl [Other Girl]). There was a teacher as well, teaching us what to do.

      There is a stairway beside the stage at the right side. Me and Ogirl went there to watch STAR. Then another girl came with us wearing a razorback and a shoulder bag(imma call her jaja, because I think she looks like my cousin jaja). I kind of started feeling weird and creepy like something's gonna happen.

      We were laughing at that time, then Jaja needs to go somewhere, so she left. Me and Ogirl came along thinking that STAR is too busy at the stage. Before we left, I saw an old guy, like a priest? With one of our male teachers. He was like there to baptize "us"?? something like that. I dont know at first, I kind of felt scared seeing him around. The priest dress was something brown and hooded with a cincture, that's why I kind of figured out he was a priest.

      Sudden change of scenery, Ogirl, Jaja and I went to different directions, I dont know where they went, I know the scene was at a condominium, I walked straight to a room like its my house, Passing by a teen-aged boy with blonde hair(I know his name but I forgot so Imma call him BOY), BOY said Hi then we were talking like a usual stuff to talk about.

      I went to a room and saw Jaja lying down the bed, it was a big room, like a master's bedroom, with plenty of teenager stuffs on it, gadgets, pillows on the floor, stuffed toys, a pink lampshade, she has her own bathroom, I remember how it looked like..

      there. so when I saw her there was blood stain on her head.. Then I felt scared again, like the feeling of having a nightmare, then I went outside her room and saw BOY staring at something, I looked at where he was looking and I saw Ogirl with blood stains on her feet, she said she didnt feel anything hurt and continued walking.. Here comes the scary part for me.

      I went outside the condominium and the scenery went back to my old school(the first scene in the dream) I saw the priest again, he was taking off STAR's teeth using a rench, it was scary, and STAR was crying hell. I wanted to run but I feel like I need to do something, then Ogirl bumped me, I asked her "Where is Jaja"?? (I dont really remember the name), She pointed somewhere and I saw Jaja was dead, she looks like dead with her wounded head. STAR's stomach was wounded as well, BOY came to me and Ogirl, asking if we have bloodstains in our body, Ogirl has blood in her feet, Jaja in her head, STAR in her stomach, then I looked at myself, I saw bloodstains on my hand. BOY doesnt have any stains and I wonder why. Until I found out that ONLY girls were said to be "baptized"..

      Then it was our turn.. The priest called Ogirl, she was shaking.. The priest is really scary T.T and I was thinking DAMN IT I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING I DONT WANT TO BE BAPTIZED. (i dont know why my dream used the term baptized), we went to the priest.. There was a big tree at the corner of a street? and the priest was asking if there's someone who can block or cover the sides where we can escape.. Because he seems to know I was planning to escape from his baptism. When he touched Ogirl, I slapped him really hard, then I yelled "NO WAY!" and we escaped.. We didnt run though, we just walked saying "I DONT WANNA!" without looking back at the priest.


      change of scenery after escaping, I was inside my grandma's room, there are big cabinets there, I was fixing clothes and hiding at the same time, because I heard that the priest is coming to my house, when I closed the cabinet door, the priest was already beside me, he explained to me what the baptismal is all about, STAR and jaja were still alive, but something;s changed to them, STAR lost her appetite, Jaja became Dumb, I remember where the bloodstains were, when STAR's stomach was full of blood and Jaja's head too. I answered the priest "I wont let you do that to me"..

      then I woke up.


      When I woke up awhile ago I was thinking about the bloodstains, my dream didnt end up as a nightmare, maybe it was a warning or something, or maybe Im just too afraid of what's gonna happen to my life. You see, Im an artist and musician, I play the piano and draw traditionally and digitally, its like, my life. I write stories as well.. My hand is precious to me.. And the priest was trying to do something to it. T.T good thing I realized it before he did this baptismal thing. Because STAR lost her appetite and Jaja became stupid??? > I will never let anyone destroy my hands or works -_-

      I dont really know what my dream means, but it scared me...
    14. Retreat

      by , 04-21-2012 at 02:58 PM

      I'm at what is apparently a retreat center, it's clearly religious and in the middle of a forest. However there is a grocery store with food and candy. I think I returned to this dream a couple of times and start at the grocery store both times, looking for chocolate on the second time. I share a room with someone else.

      There is a priest training going on at the same time and N is one of the trainees. There is a ceremony with a sermon and after that the trainees are officially priests. I go out of the ceremony early, trough a back door, and N follows me and says something. I say something about her new official powers.


      I'm reading an issue Donald Duck that I apparently borrowed from my dad when I was visiting. He's there and says something about it.
    15. hockey priest

      by , 09-14-2011 at 12:02 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a huge building like a church. The building was actually made up of a few different kinds of buildings, all joined together. Some of the sections may actually have been more like a school building. But the part I was in was like a huge, dim sanctuary in a church.

      There were other people in the sanctuary, but only a few. I was at a distance from most of them. A priest was also in the sanctuary.

      I was concerned because a girl (possibly H, though at least at certain points in the dream she may have been a blonde woman) was really upset about something. The woman was at the very other end of the building. But I knew she was so upset that she was planning on leaving this building, and the neighborhood it was in, altogether.

      I knew I needed to stop her. But I didn't know how I could. I knew I'd have a chance to stop her: she'd have to walk past this end of the building as she ran away. I imagined the woman in a gauzy dress, almost as fancy and long as a wedding dress, running away through a mostly barren ball field that was just outside the sanctuary. A door in the sanctuary was actually open to this ball field right now.

      Everybody seemed to be concerned about the woman. The priest told me, "Well you just have her come outside to meet me. I'll play some sports with her, and that'll get her to stay."

      I thought the priest was being kind of stupid. I thought to my experience with people professed to be "analysts" in the business world. I thought how they always thought they had such great solutions to problems. But, really, I reflected, they just messed things up even more than they had previously been messed up. The priest kind of reminded me of an analyst. So I didn't want to trust him.

      Soon the woman (who may now definitely have been H) went running through the ball field. I ran out and stopped her. For some reason, H, the priest, and I all started playing something like hockey in the ball field.

      The three of us at first just seemed to be knocking the puck back and forth to each other. Then it eventually seemed like we were playing against each other, as if each of us were a separate team.

      We each had a hockey stick made out of some kind of metal, like the metal on doors or coverings for sidewalks, with criss-crossings of metal nubs all along the surface. The sticks were painted red and blue. At some point, the sticks may have been made out of something like very thin balsa wood.

      The priest, H, and I were all in a kind of fun scuffle, trying to get at the puck. I didn't feel like I was being brave enough about getting into the middle of things. So I worked my way in even more. The priest said, "What are you doing in the middle of things like this? You aren't supposed to be out here like this. You're a goalie!"

      I realized the priest was right. I was a little ashamed of myself. I walked over to some area that I now designated the goal. I figured when ----- (I don't know which of the two) shot, I'd stay brave and do my best to catch the puck, no matter how hard the puck was or how much it hurt my hands. I also figured I'd stick my hand in amongst the fighting sticks to grab the puck, even if the sticks hurt my hands.

      I looked behind myself. I may have seen a beige curtain of heavy, velvety material. The curtain seemed to be as big as the curtain for a big theatre.
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