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    1. 2 lucids, but no control

      by , 08-14-2018 at 02:15 PM (Exterminate)
      I remember bits of a dream where I was exploring a multiplayer pvp map of a game I don't recognize. I went to the top floor of the building and snuck into a secret area through some vents. It had a greater purpose in singleplayer mode, but in multiplayer it didn't do much. I found myself in an office with a computer and a doomsday laser. I was trying to reach around to the computer but when I touched the floor alarms sounded. I hid and waited for the guards to show up. After a bit only 1 guy came in, and he seemed to be the evil boss you'd normally encounter when playing this. He didn't see me. He went to his computer and readied the laser. Evidently this laser would have the power to level buildings and he was ready to use it against me. I found myself with a rocket launcher. I pointed it at a router and walked through the plan in my head. First I'd shoot the router to stop any wireless activity, then I'd shoot the computer tower, and then the laser.

      Now the next two dreams may be mixed a bit. They were similar dreams and I had them one after the other.

      I woke up at 5am to my alarm and attempted FILD to no success. I rolled over and played around with my imagination. I couldn't see anything, but I imagined I was holding onto a balloon. As the balloon rose and flew in the wind, so did I. Before I knew it I was in a dream with the balloon above. I then got on top of the balloon and used it to fly circles around the area I was in. After a moment I realized I actually had transitioned into a dream, so I checked my palms and found they had detail. I looked around at the area and saw I was in a neighborhood with many trees. I descended down to the nearest house I could find and willed the inside to look like my dream hub. I walked inside, turned to my right to enter the living room/main area of the hub. I was disappointed with what I saw. Instead of what should have been I only saw one sad looking chair, a flimsy desk, and a few scattered items I didn't pay much attention to. I walked through the living room and into what would be a dining room in the original location. I found myself in the living room of my current house instead. I then decided I would spawn in my DG. I started talking to her. "Sarah, I know you're behind me. I am going to turn around and you'll be with me." I turned around...and she wasn't there.
      I then went back through the pitiful living room and went upstairs hoping to see the upstairs from my old house that the dream hub is based on. I turned the corner and just saw the current house's second floor. I went to my room and checked my computer out of curiosity. I could read it, but it was all dark with . It looked almost like an inverted effect. I quickly gave up on that and went back downstairs and outside.
      I woke up due to frustration with my dream control.

      I turned over and went back to sleep. My breathing rate was far too high to be relaxed so I had to pace myself and remind myself I'm dreaming every couple of moments until I fell back sleep.
      I was in the dream hub again, but it still didn't appear correctly. I again went outside to try some other things. I told myself "This is a dream. This is MY dream. I am in control. I can do whatever I want." After being unable to conjure fire from my fingers I then tried doing things that would be easier to accomplish that I could build upon to give myself control. I broke my finger backwards and felt it a bit but was able to quickly subdue the pain. I used that to tell myself the dream wasn't real and that I was in control. I was about to try some other measure of dream control until two ladies drive up to the house in separate cars. One car looked like a classic jaguar and the other a classic corvette. Both women were stunning and enticing. The corvette woman was very blunt that it was their mission to capture me and take me to their company. I declined the offer. She then took off and left. The other woman told me seductively that she knew what I really wanted. She told me to hop into her car and she'd take me somewhere special. I stupidly went along with it. As we arrived at our destination I asked if she knew how to talk to my subconscious. I had some questions I really wanted to ask of my inner self. She looked at me like I was crazy. She had no clue what I was talking about. She then took my into the building and I quickly realized I had been duped. I let my instincts take over and got myself trapped at this institute that they had intended to take me to before. I had enough of the situation and woke up later due to my 7am alarm.

      So for the record the dream hub is still in the planning phase at this stage. I have been thinking of the idea for a year or two. I know what it should look like. I originally intended it to be a wonderland for a tulpa I was working on. Her name was Sarah. I'd still kind of like to succeed with tulpamancy, but it requires so much work. I have tried with tulpamancy for almost as long as I have with lucid dreaming and haven't had much success. I have had seasons of giving up tulpamancy altogether and other seasons of trying real hard to accomplish my goals. I think my main roadblock is that I want to dig straight into the most difficult parts at the start and am disheartened when I don't see results. I want to see a visually imposed tulpa and psychically hear her. I don't trust my mindvoice. It isn't very loud to begin with so a voice in my head wouldn't be much different as far as I know. Anyway, the wonderland started as just the living room in my old house. The living room had a fireplace and was connected to the dining room of the house. The living room was accessible straight from the front entrance. You would walk in and see stairs to the left going to the second floor. In front would be a mirror on a door that lead down a hallway that had the door to the basement. If you kept walking you'd find yourself in the kitchen.
      If you went right from the front entrance you'd see the living room. I picture that in the far right end you'd see a large corner couch with an old T.V standing in front of it. If you can picture a television like this one from fallout, but the monitor is on a simple stand and has speakers on either side of the screen built into it. The screen you see would also be HD. To it's left would be a desk with a mirror for Sarah. To the left of that and in the corner would be a queen size bed. Across the room would be a computer desk with 3 monitors and a VR setup, because I imagine Sarah as a gamer. To it's left would be the fireplace. The fire would be lit and there would be two large red chairs next to each other facing the fireplace with a small table in between that has two fresh hot chocolate mugs ready. As I grew the home from a simple wonderland I pictured the basement as a sort of dream hub. Ideally most dreams I have would take place at this house somewhere. Any time I try teleporting and fail due to not thinking a location fast enough, etc, I'd like to return here. Any time I would cause myself to wake up early I'd like to return here instead.

      The basement would take on an appearance very similar to the one from the old house. You'd go down the stairs, and on your right would be a door with a short staircase that leads to the exit through some large doors, as it used to be a shelter entered via that spot. To the right of that door was a small useless hiding area in case of storm. To the left and across the way would normally be a stack of papers and an old boiler, but in my dreams and as part of the dream hub instead there would be an additional room that would be located here. As you walk through the hallway and into this new room you'd notice it is all white. You stand on a platform with only a void below. There are many doors surrounded my a central console. Central console is just a glowing white orb, kinda like this but not. The doors again are just standard wood with glowing white inside. As I touch the central console I would create a new permanent realm in one of the doorways. I could then just walk through the doorway of my choosing, through a portal into a world of my creation. The world may have specific rules set upon creation. Some places may not have gravity, some may allow murder, etc. For the most part these realms would pause when I leave and start again when I return. If at any time I forget the realms they should have a name above the doorways and the central console can always give me the details on the portal at any time.

      Also as a note the entire house would be located on a cloud. If I wanted to I could just go outside, sit on a porch swing and enjoy the breeze. I could also fly out and through the clouds and see where it takes me.
    2. 15th Sep 2013 - Video game dreams and MiniLD FA

      by , 09-15-2013 at 03:29 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap, had some problem of not being able to fall asleep at first but in the end still got lucid for a bit.

      Dream 1:

      I was playing some shmup and it was final stage. It was happening over some kind of futuristic base and there were lots of very hard enemies which i've had to stream along the screen almost op to the upper right corner. It was pretty hard and i was on last life in the end, the base segment of the level ended with a descent into darkness, there was an final boss warning, then it faded out.
      I wake up and i feel that i am dreaming, i look at my hand and it's a bit weird, then i get up but dream fades, and this time i wake up properly.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing some kind of FPS that was a mix of different games, namely Quake 4, Doom 3 and Prey(Funnily fitting since they all use same base engine), i was going through a bunch of 'testing' maps which were mostly bland rooms with weapons and enemies, i was fighting Doom 3 enemies using quake 4 weapons, then quake 4 enemies using prey weapons, and so on. Then there was another similar map, i've had rocket launcher thing from prey(forgot how is it called) and some ammo, but enemies were quite unique. There were a few enemies that looked a bit like 'harvester' enemies from prey, except they didn't had robotic parts and were fully organic, then there were also jumping mutant pigs, some kind of three headed mutant and some another humanoid enemy. At one point i was out of ammo for rocket launcher thing, but i've had some huge bomb that finished the rest.
    3. The Joker and an RPG

      by , 12-02-2012 at 11:54 PM
      [fragments scribbled down in the middle of the night]

      Waiting for Joker

      w/ rocket launcher in sewers
      Inside the door he says: [nothing else written]
    4. Lucid Dream 227: Return of the S.S.

      by , 05-19-2011 at 05:43 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      May 4, 2011
      Lucid Dream 227: Return of the S.S.
      Series: The Wonderful World of Ack, Episode 1
      around 11:00am

      I was in the local Wal-Mart parking lot with my friends Diddy and Mike. I was smoking a cig and we were talking about going downtown later. Someone came up behind me and put their hands of my eyes and did the "guess who." It was a familiar female voice. All I got out was Kate, when I became lucid.

      I turned around and Kate Beckinsale was standing behind me. I kissed her and told her it had been a while. I turned back around and saw that Diddy and Mike had been restrained and were now being dragged into a large van. The men who were taking them hostage were very familiar indeed. One of them flashed a fake badge and said, "Don't worry, we are just going taking to get ice cream." They got in the van quickly, burned out in the parking lot, and sped off. I grabbed Kate's hand and we hurried into the back seat of a nearby vehicle. My sister was in the driver's seat. I told her to follow the van. Kate looked at me and said, "Its alright, they were government officials. We can trust them." I laughed and said, "I trust government officials about as much as I trust the Taliban." I then notice a group of Taliban members standing under a tent in the Wal-Mart parking lot. They were passing out rocket launchers and AKs. I then looked at Kate and said, "Besides, they weren't true government officials. They were S.S." She looked confused and said, "They didn't speak German." I replied, "S.S. otherwise known as the Shiny Spiffers." She looked at me like I was crazy and I explained, "I used to write stories about them in middle school. They are named after their spiffy Donald Trump hair, dark sunglasses, and black suits with the penguin coat tail." I was really excited because this was actually true. I used to write stories about these guys. They were a "mature rated" comedy series called, 'The Wonderful World of Ack'. The stories were actually inspired from a dream I had back around that time. I wish I still had them.

      We followed the van at a safe distance, but lost them at some point. My sister asked where they might be headed and I replied, "Oh, I know exactly where they are headed...Duke University. Their secret base is there." We drove for a short period of time and caught up with the van. It pulled into what looked like an old plantation with a sign that had the blue devil symbol. I asked my sister where she put the guns and she told me they were behind my seat. I pulled down my seat slightly and pulled out an assault rifle. We waited for a moment and the boss got out of the van. Kate said, "Theres the boss!" I looked and noticed it was Mel Gibson. I jumped out of the car and shot at Mel Gibson. He seemed to be one step ahead of me though and was in mid-dive when I opened fire. He dove behind the van and pulled out a pistol. We had a shoot-out for a few moments. I then acted like I was reloading and as soon as he popped out from the car, I blasted him. I walked over top of him as he was dying and said, "Silly Mel Gibson, lucid dreamers don't reload." I then shot his body a few more times.

      I sneak around the nearby building and looked through the window. For some reason, I knew I had been tortured in this building before with electricity. I was tied up and standing in a water pail. I saw there were a bunch of captives in there as well as Mike and Diddy. I then ran around to the door of the small building. I looked back behind me and saw an old mansion a top a hill behind me. I could see security cameras everywhere and knew I had to act quickly. I shot the door lock and then kicked it open. I yelled for all of the prisoners to escape and people started running out the door screaming like they were running from Godzilla. I told them to be quiet and there was no need to scream, but the bastards didn't listen. I looked for Brandon and Mike and found them sitting at a poker table. They were smoking cigars and playing poker with two other guys. I said, "What the hell are you doing, I'm rescuing you." Mike said, "Yeah thanks, just wait for us to finish this game real quick. I laughed and turned back to the doorway. There was a tall man that resembled an elf from Lord of the Rings. He was holding a katana in each hand. I start shooting at him, but he was blocking all the bullets with same crazy ass swordsmanship. He closed in on me, so i dove head first out the window.

      I landed and noticed the clip to my gun had fallen out. I thought, "Eh, I don't really need it anyway." The elf guy jumped down and started running at me. I tried to shoot him, but the gun as no longer working. The Elf was just a foot or two away when I heard a gun shot and he dropped dead. Diddy had shot the elf guy in the head. Diddy said, "You could have told me we were dreaming!" I shrugged and flew back up into the window. We grabbed some of the scattered guns and exited the building. We were heading back to the vehicle when I saw Wormtail from the Harry Potter movies. He was running down from the mansion shouting, "Stop in the name of Lord Gibson! Stop this instant." We ran around the building and I looked for Mel's dead body. I found it after a quick search around the hedges and picked it up. I walked over to Wormtail and threw it at his feet. I said, "Here you go, chap!" Wormtail looked panicked and leaned toward Mel's body. I then shot the shit out of the dead body. Blood splattered all over Wormtail and I got into the car.

      Me, Diddy, and Mike were all shooting out the windows at the line of vehicles following us. We were in a pretty intense shootout when I had a false awakening. I started to write down my dream in a notebook, but my writing kept vanishing. It took me several moments to figure out I had a false awakening. I then dove head first out of my window and took flight. I flew around for a short period of time before actually waking up.

      Series Details
      The dream series, "The Wonderful World of Ack," is based off of my old short story series that I wrote in middle school. Stay tuned to this series to see just how fucked up my mind was, even before the drugs and alcohol, lol.
    5. Epic Zombies in the style of a Video Game in a mansion

      by , 11-06-2010 at 01:04 PM (High Quality Head Movies)
      Me and my Brother were killing zombies FPS style!!!

      Game/dream Style: It was like a video game and in the style of a free video game. We did a lot of running and shooting and actually were both killed a few times but when we got hit or bit we just fell to the ground and could no longer control ourselves and could move around in third person while the other person was left to fend for them self. We never even acted like it was real and when were up close to zombies we kept this sort of calm sense like nothing was wrong but occasionally we would freak out and shoot our guns inaccurately and waste our scarce ammunition in a state of panic.

      First round:

      Not easy to remember but it was mostly walking out in the open and melee weapons like 2x4 boards and baseball bats but not much ammo for our guns. We were overcome by zombies quickly and lost miserably but I do not remember how we died...

      Second round:

      Okay so I don't remember this round much but it was in a booth like from zombie land but it was similar to the turned over train in the train yard from Uncharted 2 when you are surrounded by Juggernauts. We died quickly and were torn apart.

      Third round:

      Okay so me and my brother fought zombies in a mansion that had rooms that looked like rooms from a hotel. We both were on a little platform that had ramps on the sides and walls on the back and front in the middle of a hotel lobby (it looked like a mansion on the outside but was a hotel on the inside. We fought back to back and walked out in the open looking for guns occasionally and the guns were all from Halo Reach (which isn't surprising because I played just about all day yesterday). After many zombies were killed and many shots were fired, we were barely making it through wave after wave and then a miracle happened. I found a Rocket Launcher with 4 shots. We used it to blow up the zombies on the staircase and make it upstairs to hold them off. We fought wave after wave in this hotel room at the top of the staircase and had plenty of ammo to last us a long time. There was a bucket of band-aids for ammo. The weird thing was that the ammo wasn't in clips, but band-aids... We just shove the band-aids into the side of the gun and it was reloaded. After a wave was barely won, we knew this could be the last wave. Then, a friend of ours, (who was a zombie) came in and said we were about to have a very rough wave coming and that they were not going to show any mercy when it started, they then showed us a helpful idea that said we could have one person on the room's balcony and one inside to lead the zombies to the balcony door so we could spread the zombies out so we had time to reload. But then my brother didn't reload at the right time and had zombies all over him. I had one zombie to fight and it happened to be our friend who had told us about the balcony. I saw that my brother was done for and that we had no chance of making it in that room. I made a break for it and ran out of the room and the dream went black and I could still hear the zombies and my brother yelling for help as I slowly woke up.

      Odd how I don't have zombie nightmares anymore, just zombies and guns in action packed dreams.
    6. Research Station Fragments

      by , 06-10-2010 at 09:02 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I go to visit my friend P, who is living at the rural research station I currently live it IRL. We talk of nerdy things and eat cake in the library, nothing outrageous or illegal, and then my mom comes to pick me up. Out of the blue, P asks where we should do weed next time; I fear for my mom ever letting me visit the kid again, but he seems nonchalant.

      2. While talking with P in the library about applications of force, I find a rocket launcher and use it to bring down a nuclear-armed helicopter. I go back in, then realize another chopper is on the way. This time the rocket fails, and I see the chopper fly up to drop its nuke. Not wanting to die alone, I tell P I have to go do something, and climb the steps to seek out a crush from the research station named V. She's walking to her car as I climb up, and from the stairs I call out for her to wait. When I get down, I explain the situation, and she agrees to let me not die a virgin. There is some confusion as to where we'll do it, but the dream ends before anything,

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