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    1. The Cure

      by , 04-24-2017 at 05:23 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-22

      The Cure

      I am in what looks like a park of some kind, there are lots of trees growing, but it's more well maintained than a forest. The trees are trimmed back away from the path I'm on and the grass has been recently cut. I follow the trail for a while and I soon see some buildings that look like they could be offices or a school. I keep following the path through the trees. I come around a corner and see a man there leaning against a tree. He greets me as I come around the corner. I see he is holding what looks to me like a joint. I look at him for a bit and I wonder if he could be Nomad. I ask the man if he is Nomad. He doesn’t answer right away, then he says he can be whoever I want him to be. He then hands me a joint and tells me to have a puff, don’t worry, it’s the good stuff. I take the joint and look at it for a bit, wondering if it really could help with my depression… so I take a puff on it. I notice almost right away that I feel a bit different, and in a good way, I am thinking this could definitely help ease my depression symptoms if it works consistently.

      I go to hand the joint back to the man, but he waves it away. He says to go ahead and keep that one. Use it all now, or save some for later. He hands me a small bag that looks like it contains more pot. He says this stuff is good for what ails you, it’s a plant that costs him nothing to grow, so he doesn’t think he should sell it for a profit. Screw the pharmacies, this is free medicine! He rolls another joint from pot in another bag, lights it up and takes a puff. He says if I wander around here much I had better just try to not act stoned. He says the authorities here prefer if everyone stays sick, they don’t approve of free medicine. I ask again if he is Nomad, adding that I haven’t heard from him lately. I ask if he has been going to the moon, because everything there looked pretty well abandoned, like no one ever went there any more. He says he’s been out beyond the moon. I tell him I got things started at restoring the biodome on the moon, brought some of it back to life, but there’s still more to do. He said I should plant marijuana there… lots of marijuana… then distribute the free medicine. He seems too wrapped up in his pot to give any clear answers. I put the small bag of pot in my pocket and wonder how long that will help my depression. I wonder how I can approach my doctor with the idea I illegally smoked some pot but it helps my depression… I am wondering if doctor/patient confidentiality covers my revealing to him I have illegally smoked pot when everything fades to black and I wake up.
    2. Stealing Buds of Pot

      by , 09-13-2016 at 04:24 PM
      Non-lucid: I was in a hotel w/ some other DC's but none of them looked familiar. We were stealing these huge buds of pot out of this other room & were on edge the whole time. The people we were stealing from never came in while we were there. You have to imagine buds like a foot or two long, lol. Then the dream shifted & we were on a ship but it looked like a harbor but not a real one, more like a movie set one. It reminded me of the set in the movie Popeye. A woman that was w/ us was in the water holding this crazy big bunch of buds. A giant crab like sea creature was scooping her up in his mouth. We were yelling at her & telling her it wasn't worth her life but she wasn't scared & she made it just disappear. Now we were surrounded by the bad guys who looked like some sort of band of pirates. The dream then became so weird that I woke up instantly & abruptly. My spine in real life was hurting so bad that I finally had to just get up. I took my pain meds & maybe I'll get a nap today since I woke up early. The book I just read was so funny, sad & informational & I highly recommend it. It's called "The Medium Next Door" by Maureen Hancock.
    3. In Bed with a Coworker, Free Medical Marijuana, and a Rainy Vacation

      by , 05-14-2016 at 01:45 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in bed with my coworker, K, at the house I grew up in. It was nighttime. We were kind of together, I think. She was wearing a grey underwear tanktop laced in purple with matching underwear. I was in my underwear too. I don't remember fooling around with her, but I remember wanting to and knowing we would.


      I was at Publix in what appeared to be the bakery section, though in the dream, it was a pharmacy. I was there for medical marijuana. The pharmacist, a male, was on the phone and seemed distracted, so when he gave me a small orange pill bottle with some weed in it, I was surprised. I went to pay him and he wouldn't let me; he was giving it to me for free. No arguments here! I walked away. I started to feel like people might suspect me though for some reason. I felt like I needed to keep a low profile.


      I was with some people, two women, one I remember for sure being a girl, Karla, that I recently reconnected with IWL (she was my friend when we were little kids). We were planning on going on a vacation to the beach for a few days. We planned it very last minute, like maybe the day we decided to leave.

      We were then at the hotel. Karla left for some reason though. I was then with my mom and I assume my daughter was there too as I was asking my mom about which bathing suit she packed for her. I asked if she packed the 12 month of 18 month one. She said 18 month. I was hoping she brought the other, but I told her that was fine.

      We then noticed it was turning into evening and it started to rain. I didn't care, I still wanted to walk on the beach anyway; we only had a few days there and I wanted to make the most of them.

      Then there was this very strange, misplaced part. We were in some sort of loft. Thinking back now the closest thing I can think of to compare it to is a barn loft. The floors were wooden and falling apart. There was a little boy with us who reminds me now of my nephew G. He fell through the floor. I grabbed his hand but he kept slipping anyway. I called for help; I needed someone to either help me pull or go down there and catch him. He slipped, and I was so worried the fall would seriously injure or kill him, but he landed on his feet, albeit hard, and he didn't cry.

      We had to go back home for something. We were in my mom's car. It was a very long drive, 12-13 hours, but we were there and back so fast. I was trying to remember the entirety of the drive, but I couldn't. I was amazed at how fast the time passed. I also was thinking about which car Karla had taken to get home since we had driven up there together in my car.

      When we got back, I told my mom of the plan I had originally had and wanted to stick to: I wanted to spend one day of the vacation in either Disney World or Universal Studios. At first my mom wasn't so keen but I insisted, as this was MY vacation and my mom was now just there because Karla had left. My dad was there too I believe, but I don't remember ever seeing him or talking to him directly. I knew he'd be on board for a theme park visit.

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      dream fragment , non-lucid
    4. 04.25.2016 Mary Jane?

      by , 04-26-2016 at 01:30 AM
      I do not smoke marijuana. However, I attended a concert the night before, and almost the entire crowd was smoking. My sister and I were exposed to the second hand smoke, so I guess it was a contact high, although I didn't feel high. However, when I got home around midnight I was really hungry, lol. I had a very peaceful sleep and a lucid dream. I was pleasantly surprised. This is the longest lucid dream I've had in a long time, and though people are saying that marijuana doesn't aid in dream work, I think I might actually have to disagree. Let me reiterate that I don't smoke mj and am by no means an advocate, so you can see how this is honestly puzzling to me. I also have very conservative beliefs when it comes to drugs and things that alter reality or control- although i do not judge others or hold them to my beliefs.

      DR 1
      I was in a large house, moving around from room to room. There were things I had to do- errands, chores, find things, put thins in their place. When I was done, I started looking for more things to do, making up things as I went along. It seemed like the dream was repeating itself, only it was me- going in a circle, creating a cycle. Upon completing the last cycle, I realized- "hey! I don't have anything else to do because this is a dream!"
      And in that instant I was lucid. I decided to jump through the floor to get to the level below. I expected it to happen fast- but it wasn't like anything I expected. I jumped on the floor kind of hard (or so I thought it was) but I landed super soft and kind of melted or floated down through the floor, landing very softly. That was totally unexpected.
      I began to get really excited. I saw some windows in front of me on the lower level and I approached them. Green, green grass was outside- a huge lawn. No people were there, until I thought of them. When I thought of people they appeared, passing by, and I began making crazy gestures for them to see me, to make sure they saw me, acting crazy because I knew it was a dream and I had control of it.
      Tags: floors, marijuana
      lucid , memorable
    5. Why Smoking Marijuana is considered as the Best Narcoleptic Treatment

      by , 04-22-2016 at 07:44 AM
      One of the chronic neurological disorders that have been spreading across the world is Narcolepsy. It is the loss of brains function to have a peaceful regular sleeping cycle. There are different signs and symptoms associated with it out of which the most common is daytime sleeping. People usually don’t understand if they are the victim of narcolepsy unless they stay awake for 24–48 ho without sleep but later start feeling fatigue in the day time. It is more of a disturbed sleep and has different treatments associated with it. Failing to take right treatment on time can lead to moods wings, muscle weakness and stress. Recent study has proved that smoking marijuana is considered as a narcoleptic treatment.

      Know more about Sleeping Disorders:
      Issue of Insomnia or Narcolepsy is top rated sleeping disorders for which people might have tried enormous treatment options. Such disorder results to sleeping issue and asked to buy modafinil online UK, fatigue, and being lethargic for the entire day. This makes even the daily simpler task kooks complicated. People who suffer from such type of disorder are also the victim of depression, stress and anxiety issue which needs immediate attention. It has been estimated that nearly 10-340% of people opt for supplements to get rid of this problem. The fact is any treatment you follow beyond the limit causes problem.

      Everything you need to Know about Marijuana:
      Marijuana also known as ganja, weed is an herb that has a greenish-gray mixture of leaves, flowers and dried Cannabis sativa. This hemp plant is for many people one kind of addiction while other uses it to deal with different health issues specially sleeping disorder. It holds a great importance for recreational purpose. Marijuana has a significant impact on sleeping cycle. It also reduces other signs such as depression, memory loss and stress.

      How Marijuana Helps in Dealing with Sleeping Disorder?
      In the old traditional records, it has been found out that marijuana s an Ancient sleeping aid that has been followed on the large scale in India to deal with Narcolepsy. Insomnia is a common sign of sleeping illness. It is endocannabinoid that controls the sleep of human body. Dysfunction of endocannabinoid in the system can lead to many problems. Marijuna increases the sleeping time of patients and reduces the problem of insomnia. It does not have any sort of psychoactive effects and is completely safe to consume. It reduces the REM stage of sleeping and provides as slow-wave sleep. To avail its effect in the right manner, the REM sleep must be achieved with caution. It is the stress reliving option only if taken in a right manner.

      A regular dose of marijuana can control the sleeping issues. There are many professionals who don’t completely support this fact. So far, this type of treatment has offered a relief to the patients dealing with insomnia problem. These users have given a positive feedback claiming that marijuana does help in fighting against sleeping issues. Although there are different effects of it but if you consume it in the right quantity, you will get good results which stays for a long time. Overall it seems that marijuana is the best alternative to those rigid sleeping treatments.
    6. Church Dinner

      by , 12-10-2015 at 03:25 PM
      I don't remember much. First I was at a creek with a bunch of people playing and swimming in the creek and it was warm for December. Then I was at a church dinner and the plates were all served with marijuana leaves as garnishes.

      I know I had other dreams but I was distracted with taking care of Kitty in the middle of the night because one time she was lying on my back making me too hot and another time she threw up on me.
    7. Carrying weed with me everywhere in college; Browsing reddit

      by , 10-10-2015 at 03:47 PM
      Dream 1

      I was on a college campus. I was wearing shorts and I had some weed in my pocket. I talked to a few people about random stuff. I forgot most of the conversations. Near the end of the dream, though, I remember talking to a group of girls, and the weed fell out of my pocket. They were talking about how I smoked and they also wanted to smoke. We went back to my dorm to smoke, and the dream ended before that. I also may have gotten caught by a cop with it, and given a warning.

      Dream 2

      I was browsing reddit, and I remember a post that had -30 votes. I forgot what it said.
    8. High; Spaceship; Walking around an area I've already beenin the countryside

      by , 10-05-2015 at 03:25 PM
      Dream 1

      I was high on marijuana. I then woke up in real life and felt as though I was high, too. It may have just been tiredness, though.

      Dream 2

      I was on a spaceship, and it kind of looked like the Rebel ship at the beginning at Star Wars Episode 4 on the inside.

      Dream 3

      I was in the country. It was quite a poor area. I lived in a trailer with my family, and we were pretty poor. I then went out for a walk. I walked through town for a very long time, and eventually I came across a stadium. The stadium had a giant tented audience seat box thing (whatever they're called) around it. The tent that covered it was orange-reddish, but more orange. I went onto the box, and it was covered with hundreds of sleeping Canadian geese. I woke the geese up as I went near them.

      Later on I went past the audience box thing, and I found a junk yard. This junk yard had a ton of garbage in it. There was also a track field in the middle of it, making the yard kind of shaped like a horseshoe. The area surrounding the junk yard was very forested. I entered the yard on the left side, where there was a giant structure with metal see-through floor, which lead to the audience box. I climbed over the garbage to get past the junk yard, but it was fenced on all sides except the front, so I just climbed to the other side of the entrance and went back home.

      On the way home, I saw a lot of people from college. They were saying hi to me as I walked by. Eventually I got home.

      Later in the day (or the next day, I can't remember) I went on another walk back to the junk yard. I got back there, and decided this time I would not climb the garbage. I just walked in, waited a few minutes, and left. It also looked like it was about to rain at this point.

      As I walked out of the yard, I saw a flock of Canadian geese climbing the big metal object with the see-through floor to get into the audience box. I thought they were trying to not get wet from the rain. Then, it started raining. I started jogging home, passing by more college kids I knew. I saw a really cute girl I saw irl, and she waved to me. I waved back as I jogged home. The end.
    9. Dark Room with Girl; College-High School, Drunk, Stoned Orgy, and a Fight

      by , 09-16-2015 at 05:47 PM
      Dream 1

      I was with a girl in a really dark place. I was trying to type in the password to her computer, and I figured it out. Also there was a mansion somewhere, with a huge atrium. That's all I remember.

      Dream 2

      I was in college high school, where it was sort of like high school in that everything was in one building, but it was also like college in that everyone could choose to go to class at different times or not at all. I remember one of the people I went to high school with (he was also possibly a nazi, but he didn't really do much as one). After one of our classes together, he invited me to go smoke weed with him and his buddies. I said yeah. He gave me his number and said he would give me more details about it later. I then started walking to a town farther than my weed-buddy's condo (i think it was one). It was downtown of a town, and there were lots of stores and crap there. There was also a big tower that looked like the one in Seattle. Eventually, my weed-buddy texted me back to be there at five. I realized I had a class at that time and said I'd be there anyway.

      I remember it almost being five and walking back to his condo. I went in and found him in the lobby or something. There were a few girls with him (one of them from my college hall irl, I'll call her V). We all went up to our friend's place after talking a bit and started smoking weed and drinking a bit of alcohol (possibly). Later on, we all started talking about having sex (in an orgy). Soon, we did have an orgy, but I never took my pants off. I then started 69ing V, with my pants still not off.... Later, after the sex, we went to a party in a lounge, and I told someone I never had a girl touch me. Then a girl with glasses and a blonde ponytail said she would give me a handjob, and she did. It felt good.

      Later at this party, there were a shit ton of people. Everyone got drunk and we all started playing that game where the floor is hot lava, and we were jumping on couches and what-not. After the party was over the next morning, I needed to find my school stuff, and I asked a guy where it was. He responded with hostile remarks and said that "I wasn't good at 'floor-lava.'" I then became semi-lucid for a few seconds and said "die." I threw a couch at him, and he flew away from being hit by a couch. I was sucked back into the dream, forgetting it was a dream, and was transported to the principle's office. I was telling him about the incident. The end.
    10. Plane Crash, Legalization and a Kitty Cat

      by , 12-19-2014 at 07:46 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      A massive airplane sits awaiting takeoff for a trans Atlantic flight. I watch from above as it is hoisted up a few thousand feet onto a tower where it will be launched off of to kickstart its journey. The pilot sits inside, while random people get tours of the plane, and take turns sitting in the co-pilot's cockpit. Then without warning, the tower collapses, and the plane begins falling toward the ground with just the pilot and a random person as co-pilot.

      The pilot is really good, and manages to start the engine, and begin to recover before hitting the ground. But as he does so, the other person ejects saying, "sorry, but I'm ejecting now". The pilot yells, "Nooo! don't do it, you don't have to!". The ejection tears loose some essential flight components, and forces the pilot to land immediately. I walk around it, and notice how it is wedged around and on top of a stone public restroom facility. One that is in use too. I take a break and use it as well (very unfriendly people inside, glaring at me), then walk around the building again to look at how stuck the plane is.

      I notice a TV monitor where the president is giving a speech about the recent national legalization of marijuana. He says something about everyone getting really high now. Going inside a nearby building, I quote the speech to them, and they laugh. One of my friends tells everyone I'm going crazy and to watch out for what I do next.

      A cat walks up to me purring, so I pet it. It walks back and forth, rubbing up against me, continuing to purr as I pet its back and let it sniff my hand. I'm not sure what they are expecting me to do...
    11. I Was Pregnant

      by , 02-14-2013 at 08:37 PM (Golden Tales From The Dream World)

      Well this is weird one.
      This is an example of one of those times dream me really should've known better.
      Not enough to get lucid really, but I mean come on, this was just ridiculous.
      I find it kind of funny that even the DCs weren't stupid enough to go along with it.

      February 11th 2013

      I'm in the lobby of a hospital, though it doesn't look like most.
      It's large, empty, and the floors are granite tiles, kind of weird.
      I walk up to the front of the desk.

      "Ahem, excuse me." I call to them.

      I'm a bit nervous, I feel like it's kind of embarrassing to admit I got pregnant.

      "Yeah, what is it?"

      "Um , I'm pregnant?"

      The woman just looks at me.

      "Are you Sean?"

      "Ye-, well, I'm like Sean I guess, I'm pregnant."

      "Okay why are you really here?"

      "I just told you."

      "Look if you insist on waisting my time just have a seat."

      "No! Look!"

      I lift up my shirt and reveal a bloated stomach.
      It's actually deflated a bit since she told me that I couldn't get pregnant.
      Inside you can clearly see something moving around inside.
      This seems to grab her attention.

      "You know, men can't get pregnant."

      Oh shit, that's a good fucking point. Men CAN'T get pregnant.
      Wait, so then what the fuck is this?!?!

      "Um, so what is it? Like, a sea urchin?"

      The two secretaries exchange confused looks baffled at my hypothesis.

      "Um, yeah... Could be a sea urchin..."

      I'm wondering if they can just give me an x-ray and be done with it.
      However, I'm so embarrassed by the situation I just keep my mouth shut.


      So I'm just kind of hanging out with this guy (no WL counterpart).
      Eventually we start comparing the kinds of marijuana we have.
      We get into a short conversation about cannabis in general.
      We decide to try some of our stash.
      I take out a small "marijuana seed" from my dime bag and ingest it.
      Then, well, I got really high.

      It was nothing like I've ever experienced before, but loosely based on the general feeling.
      Can't really remember anything other than that.
      Well, I remember looking at my arm and seeing a small blue dragon tattoo on it whilst tripping out, but that's it.
      Just thought it was one of those interesting experiences I'd share.
    12. More Weed, More Problems, and a Lesson in Bananas.

      by , 01-06-2013 at 10:38 AM
      Dream Fragment of my mom trying to explain to me how the Bananas with the light green on top tastes the best, offering me a bite, took a bite, and to my astonishment, was the best banana I've ever eaten!

      Dream Fragment of me seeing Lindsey at school on the Courtyard Steps, but she had absolutely no interest in my existence. Seemed somewhat oblivious to me trying to communicate with her.

      I was in my room, doing critical thinking with a giant ba of weed, about 7 grams or so, and I left it on my Night Stand, to where my mom came in, saw it, asked what is was, and I told her it was Weed I found under my bed. She Acted as if she had absolutely no idea what it was. Interestingly enough, she didn't seem all to disappointed in knowing I had a bag THAT big full of nugs. She then began to slowly and casually search my room for things and stuff, though at the time, I was playing Sim Copter with a friend, but the computer started smelling like smoke.
    13. Nov 22, 2012 - High School Name Test

      by , 11-23-2012 at 06:14 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      4:00 pm:

      I was in a van. I think it's the same location I go to when I'm in Cebu, in Mactan. A couple went down. One has marijuana. The driver and a passenger wanted it as well. It seems I was a dealer of sorts. I told them I can't give them those, somebody already bought them, or something.

      I experience something like SP in a dream. I can't see but I 'know' I am in a school of sorts. I was finally able to move around. There's J.C., high school classmate, talking about something. He asked about the name of our high school Filipino teacher. Or the fourth year janitor name. I was unsure, but I gave him the first year Filipino teacher's name, but he already said it was wrong because he was asking for the janitor's name.

      I was traveling. Not sure if it was with a companion. I was walking in a dusty road. Need to hide. I was on a skateboard and using an umbrella to push/pull me through. I was in the bus station. 3 days and I have to leave.
    14. 2000mg o' Valerian

      by , 11-06-2012 at 09:11 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      Took four 500 mg valerian root capsules last night. Had some incredibly detailed and vivid dreams. Tonight I'll be trying out 1000 mg. Waited too long to journal so much of it was lost but here's what I got.

      Kenny wants to know if I have any money.
      He offers to give me some.
      I am humbled and I try to refuse,
      but he insists.
      I am debating which clothes to wear.
      I feel as if I traveled to various places on my dream map tonight;
      The school
      The theater
      The forest
      The park.
      There is a male here who is interested in me.
      I think it's attraction he's feeling.
      Tyson is there when I wake up (in dream).
      He says he's been talking shit about me,
      but he won't tell me what.
      My dad is here now.
      He has offerings of weed.
      Handed to me in the scarab box.
      I am humbled.
      I am very happy.
      I am in the school.
      A section that I am familiar with.
      The intersectional space where the hallway meets with the large gym and cafeteria.
      I think that I'm preparing for a journey/trip.
      I remember thinking about how I'll be able to buy food with the money Ken gave me.

    15. Trying to remember to be lucid in dream - Getting hit by Van on bike - and some more...

      by , 08-31-2012 at 04:45 PM
      non-lucid commentary

      Went to bed tonight with a strong voice saying I'd be lucid

      Woke up. Had in my mind a list of things that I had to do. It was like I was trying to remember in my dream that I was supposed to do reality checks in my dream. It wasn't quite a dream though. It was more of a fixed idea that was posted onto my mind's eye

      2:45 AM
      Went to my old house in SP. It also had the feel of a place I work at. Two people that I'm familiar with were there. I considered staying and watching t.v. in the living room. Eventually I went to bed. My family was there in the morning. I woke up late. There were feet of snow on the ground surprisingly.

      Later I was in N.B. It was like a party atmosphere. A mixture between New Brunswick, Seaside, and some market. The bars were advertising specials. A guy told me to give him my bike in a joking way. Everyone was friendly. I wanted to see my friend MC again. In the dream there was a schedule that I was supposed to follow. It was a sleep schedule. There was only a small time frame devoted to REM sleep which disappointing me.

      5:55 AM
      I'm at the library watching t.v. when JL's band starts performing which surprises me because I was at the show that is being televised. The t.v. disappears and I am at the show. The band is really stoned. They are smoking bowls out of their mic stands.

      A girl from work is in bed with another girl. They are getting high.

      I see some dough in the refrigerator and I want to make some myself.

      6:45 Am

      A guy from my work breaks his arm and comes in to my office. I tell him to sit down but down put the chair beneath his butt and he falls down. The bone is sticking out of his arm. I try to call 911 but I can't figure out how to work my phone and I keep ending up calling the wrong person. I keep calling 811 instead. Trying to call 911 in a dream but not getting through is definitely another dream sign and it appears later as well.

      Later I am walking down George Street. I am at a crosswalk when I witness a girl ride her bike thoughtlessly into the street and get hit by a van. I go to help her. The van doesn't leave immediately but still nobody comes out. The crash causes traffic but nobody else is coming out to help. Nobody on the street at starbucks is coming to help either. It is just me. The people in traffic are beeping. I wait with her and try to calm her. I want to move her from the road but she can't move. I assume that somebody is calling 911 but we wait for a while and nobody comes. Finally, some of her friends arrive to comfort her and to help with her recovery. I try to call 911. I get through but the male operator doesn't believe my story. By the way, the girl is beautiful. I demand to speak to another operator. It is a woman. She doesn't believe me either. I go to some other friend and tell her to call 911 because they don't believe me. As she's calling, we're holding each other. The operator believes this girl. Afterwards, I go to starbucks.
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