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    1. Dream - All Fear With No Saviour

      by , 04-27-2017 at 12:57 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 22 DEC - 2016

      Thought I'd show you what a nightmare is like... No one to save you from the person that is actually trying to kill you! Now this is not just someone bashing you up... This is large-scale violence and gore! That's nightmares for you.

      Dream No. 77 - All Fear With No Saviour

      It started off normally, I was apparently working at Review for the second time in dream history and what was interesting was that during this scene, there was a flashback to that first time. So in this place, the conditions were similar to that of normal employment in waking life. What was different though was the badges we were wearing. Appearently there were three badges of different sizes, some of them weirdly shaped, that we had to wear. I can't remember anymore of what happened in that scene.

      So then the dream skipped to some strange looking train station and the atmosphere just wasn't right. This is where the dream progresses into a nightmare. There is some stranger woman of whom I know nothing about but she approaches me, yelling her head at me for some supposed crime I had done... But I didn't know anything of what I may have done. I don't think I did anything. Still, she insisted that she was going to call the police. After a long time defending myself, she made a deal... We had to exchange names. That's when I started running but still she calls out her name, Johanna. I didn't call out my name at all because I couldn't trust her, I just kept running.

      Not long after, she was out of sight and I wasn't going to have anything to do with her ever again. Apparently the gates to the train tracks had open but only stupidly when the train took off... Not when it was standing there. This group of people were bound to run after it and I found out that the speed needed to catch the train was somethng like 2 seconds. So I was at the back of the group and at times, I felt like I was falling behind. Then the group actually detoured off the tracks and went down some strange looking alley ways.

      It wasn't long in this detour that I lost sight of the group and so I had to go my own way. It seemed as though the further I got down these alley ways, they would become darker and messier. Then it was at the darkest and messiest point that I had a personal encounter with a toll. This encounter I had was with my deceased grandfather and his face was slightly scarred, with a menacing look pasted onto it. I was on the top of this small concrete balcony while he was at the bottom of it, amidist all the rubble, revealing a dark room in the background... Almost like the appearance of underneath a house. So he was climing the concrete stairs leading up to the balcony and as he would come up, I'd push him down as he looked like he wanted to get me. He did this two more times and I pushed him down two more times, with each push being harder. Then at the fourth attempt, he didn't come back up but he wasn't finished with me either. He brought out this extremely long hack saw and was directing it towards me. As it got close enough, I woke up from fright.

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    2. 11-7-14 Duplicating Portuguese magnate!!

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:35 PM
      My deceased father and my aunt and sister and my grandfather made their own radio station at the base of a silo. They worked for a long time on it. Then they finished it and they came back to our house. I had a long conversation with my dad and we hugged.

      Afterwards I got to go out and look at the radio station. It actually looked like the inside of a library I go to. I was scheduled to perform a puppet show over the radio.

      My sister and I were walking down an old country road. We were close to the ocean, and parts of the road were flooded, forming tide-pools of various sizes. There was coral in them and all sorts of exotic fish and creatures swimming in the water. My sister didn't want to get her feet wet by walking through the pools so I carried her. But finally the walking got difficult enough that we turned around and started heading home.

      We arrived back at someone else's house other than the one we meant to arrive at. A Portuguese man came up to the door and started jabbering to the owner excitedly. He couldn't understand a word he said so he sent the Portuguese man away.

      A young man started having nightmares about a man named Dan Tacket who claimed to be the president of the Portuguese railway system. He would come into the young man's room, say something unintelligible, look the young man strangely in the eye and then rapidly multiply himself hundreds of times till he filled the whole room. Then all of him would swarm out the door, leaving the young man traumatized, screaming and yelling.
    3. Wild Con

      by , 03-29-2014 at 01:49 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      All the big dream signs were present in this one: girlfriend, girlfriend's mom, and conventions.
      The three of us were headed to a big con, and for some reason we were riding on a large platform that grinded over a sort of railway system. It was a very intense experience, but it felt good, sort of like riding a roller coaster. The platform eventually stopped, and we left it, entering a small jungle-like area. This was apparently the entrance to the con. I noticed a kangaroo nearby and walked up to it. Probably the dumbest decision ever, since it ended up kicking me in the nads.
      A snake fell from a tree to the ground nearby me, and a grizzly bear also sauntered over from nearby. It was clear that this was no ordinary convention, but my non lucid self was like 'Not again!'
      We ran away from the animals and made it to the con. Most of what transpired during it is blurry to me, but I do recall walking by myself towards the end of it when the convention center was empty. I ended up getting a text from my girlfriend saying we had to leave.
      I ended up at my house, resting after a tiring con, and heard my grandma outside. I walked out there, and for some reason there were red colored fireworks shooting up all around us. It was almost nighttime, but not quite yet; that time of day where everything is a dark blue.
      My family and I gathered around a bonfire in our yard and discussed multiple things, and I intently drew a picture of Rust Cohle from True Detective.

      And that's all I remember. The day prior to this dream was pretty worry filled, due to work and me messing up. However, for the past two days, I've been waking myself up at 6:00, or around that, after going to bed at about 11:40 or so. This seems to be a period of time where my recall is high, because for the past two days, both times I ended up recalling a dream in vivid detail. I think I'm gonna try waking up at 6, jotting down a dream, then sleeping for another hour and waking up at 7, which will hopefully result in more dreams recalled. Wish me luck!
    4. 16th Sep 2013 Fragments

      by , 09-17-2013 at 12:18 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was in some video game and there was some railway place where we had to deal with undead.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing some RTS, the level was kinda dark and there were alot of enemy bases.
    5. The Dream of the Apocalypse Train

      by , 11-11-2011 at 07:03 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream of the Apocalypse Train (Non-lucid)


      The end of the world is coming. Part of the population can be saved, and in an original twist, actually the majority: there is enough room to host 90% of the world's population in bunkers.
      The chosen are being evacuated by train, and I'm part of them with my parents and my own. We go to the station and board the train. But I'm not sure that my best friends are evacuated, and I'm not feeling too enthusiastic at the idea of being at the hands of the military, so at the last minute I get off the train. I just have time to shout to my family: "I love you" before the train takes off, thinking that I'll never see them again.
      Then I find myself with the 10% left behind. I go to a small town near mine.
      Influence: this is the hometown of a colleague of which we talked recently. The people are in a kind of stupor.
      I think I need wool to knit a hat for the incoming (nuclear? volcanic?) winter, so I go to this wool shop.
      Influence: I mentionned the town's sewing shop to my colleague. There are actually quite a lot of people in the shop. I explore every shelf but I can't find the colour and texture I'm looking for. Influence: I failed to find proper yarn on this island.
    6. Train of Thought?

      by , 09-07-2011 at 04:40 AM
      4 Sep 2011

      We were staying at an open motel I think and there was a problem with the railway line. A man was showing us how to make railway rails out of copper barbed wire and small copper nails. He talked of a time when a close relative of mine was working at the factory which supplied these rails and of how this relative was a perfectionist. He would use more nails than anyone else as he used them a spacers to make sure that the spacing in the rail was even. His rails always lasted longer than anybody else's. We made a few short segments of rail with no clear intention but then went and used them on our Gemini Catamaran as a launching device. One short rail was attached to the stern of each hull and a rope was tied around it. Somehow this mechanism was to allow us to release the rope from on board. On the day of testing, M.S. was on the shore watching us with no idea what it was that we were doing. The mechanism did not work in theory and the same went for in practice. We had to cut the ropes in the end and nearly capsized in the process. As we finally got away, M.S. called out "Where to now?" I yelled "Home," but she did not hear me and a asked again repeatedly so I sent her a text message politely telling her that we were heading home and that she would find it difficult to join us there. Then there was intrusion from the waking world, I heard someone ask whether I was awake yet and woke myself up as the dream was quite boring and I was in a hurry. I might also mention that the rails produced bore more resemblance to zippers than to railway rails in the waking world. Oh and the Nerf Gun, there was reference to a Nerf Gun.
    7. The Dream of the Goblet of Fire

      by , 03-08-2011 at 01:05 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream of the Goblet of Fire (Non-lucid)


      There's a long railway along the park of Hogwarts. Ron, Hermione and Harry are hanging out there and think that the tunnels for pedestrians dug under the railway are "lame" because it disrupts nature. (right, because a railway doesn't). In truth, they're really annoyed because the tunnels are an idea of Snape's.
      Harry and Ron, being the smart boys they are, decide to blow up the tunnels, with explosives.
      They put some under a tunnel, which collapses, and then under another one. Hermione isn't there any more, of course, or she'd have called a Prefect already.
      The 2nd tunnel gives them trouble, as the ground starts to give way under them and they can't get away as the walls of Hogwarts are holding them in. Ron is about to be swallowed and McGonagall, who happens to be looking out of a window, pulls him to safety. Harry gets out on his own.
      They expect to be seriously sermonned, but McGonagall blames Snape. Harry and Ron go back to the tower.
      Time Lapse.
      In the Entrance Hall, Ron, Harry and Hermione are about to go to Gryffindor's common room, but Harry gets away though a spiral staircase hidden in the wall behind a light-coloured curtain. These stairs lead to a large room which isn't in the films nor in the books. Its ceiling is very high and it's very airy and light, there are big desks at which a few students are working, and sorts of glass cases with prizes won by students and other Hogwarts distinctions. Harry finds among others his father's Quidditch champion.
      Harry has only come to see the plaques again, but he also finds a very beautiful, ancient-looking book, with golden letters and metal bits. Something along the lines of "For Harry Papa" is written on it in gold leaf.
      In that world, every one knows that Potter means Father
      (Star Wars influence) so Harry thinks that the book is meant for him, but he hasn't got the time to open it since Hermione comes in through the other entrance, opposite the spiral staircase: large straight stone stairs leading to a double door.
      He goes with her, and as they walk though the doors chatting, a gust of wind lifts a curtain, just before the straight staircase, revealing a very dark, wooden spiral staircase. They slip behind the curtain: there hardly any light, and it illuminates a few dust specks in the air.
      The stairs go down to their right. In it they see a strange creature sweeping (not a house elf) which doesn't see them. They decide to go up, on their left. After two flights of steps, they reach a long dormitory where similar creatures are making the beds.
      The creatures apologize, saying they didn't think they would arrive so soon, they tell them to make themselves at home and leave. The dormitory has beds alongside the walls with green sheets. At the end, there's a window through which you can see the park. Harry and Hermione understand that the dormitory is where the candidates to the Goblet of Fire will sleep. This room especially is for the French, whose champion is... Cedric Diggory.
      Hermione wants to see the girls' room, and crosses to the other side, through the boys' bathroom. In it, she's horrified to find some more of those half-formed, half-naked creatures sitting on the sinks and the tubs. She then walks into the girls' bathroom, just as filled with creatures.
      When she goes back to Harry in the boys' dormitory, the Beauxbatons guests arrive (just the boys) and they start a waterfight. Harry and Hermione lose and have to flee, drenched.
      Later, Hermione goes back there with a water bottle, intent on seeking revenge, but the only boy she finds there didn't take part in the fight and in is fact charming. Disappointing, she meets with Harry on a terrace. She's so hot that she pours the water on herself to get cooler.
    8. The Dream of the Military Expedition in the Woods

      by , 06-20-2010 at 08:05 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)


      I am part of a military expedition exploring a very dense forest near a railway. At some point, a soldier finds, under some brambles, an old yacht. Soon, anyon who gets close to it loses their bearings and become confused.
      My father goes there, I go looking for him but I forget what I went there for. I find a dog, then I find my father.
      In the evening, back at the base, my father finds me weeping above the sink (I don't know why, maybe because I was worried for him).