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    1. Game of Dreams – Mountain Fortress

      by , 08-29-2017 at 06:51 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-29

      Game of Dreams – Mountain Fortress

      I am riding on a horse. I am Catelyn. I am riding with a small group of people into the mountains. Right now we are hiding. One of our people spotted horse riders heading our way. There are roving bands of bandits around here. We have already lost a couple people to them. We don't want to meet another attack. I can see Tyrion Lannister nearby. He is sharpening an axe. We are waiting with trepidation for the riders to arrive. I am hoping they pass us by, but I don't know how much chance there is of that. Then one of our people calls out. He has cited a banner being flown by the riders. It is the sigil of my sister’s house. These are not enemies. I am relieved. One of the visitors is my uncle. He has the symbol of the black fish on his cloak. He says we should've let them know we were coming so they could meet us with an escort. He says it's very dangerous on the roads. I say yeah we found out the hard way. He is here to escort us the rest of the way. He has about 12 people with him.

      We proceed into the valley. We passed through gate that is guarded, but the guard lets us right through. We continue down into the valley, and I look back to see Tyrion riding right next to Braun, one of those sell swords, and feel suspicious. I know he didn't try to kill my son, but he might still be up to something. Now I have to clean up the mess that Catelyn has made while I was away. I know that tear Tyrion is innocent, but she wasn't convinced. I talk to my uncle about what happened. I tell him about my son’s fall, about the attempted murder that I interrupted, and about how someone is trying to set Tyrian up. I tell him that we made like we were taking him prisoner so that maybe the actual perpetrator would feel complacent and get careless. He thinks my tale is rather strange. He says that's not what my letter said. I tell him that I did not want anyone to possibly intercept that letter. So we have had to behave as if Tyrion was our prisoner.

      Soon we reach a gate house at the base of a mountain. Most of our group stays down below. However, my sister has requested that I come up immediately. It is night time now, and that is a dangerous climb at night. A girl says that she has made the trip up the mountain many times in the dark. We will ride mules. We take the mules most of the way. We make our way up the mountain at a slow but steady pace. The girl and I have some small talk, but nothing really important. We finally get to the farthest point where the mules can go no farther. Now there is a steep climb that is more like a stone ladder instead of a stair. The last part has to be done on foot, or to ride up in a basket that is used to raise goods and supplies. I remember earlier Tyrion said he has his pride and therefore would not ride up with the turnips. That seems silly to me. I say I have more sense than Tyrion, and since I’m tired I will ride up in a basket.

      I am lifted up to the top where there is a castle. They take me to see my sister. At first she seems happy to see me, and give me a big hug. She's a bit chubbier than I remember. But as soon as we are alone, she starts yelling at me for bringing Tyrion to her castle. She says she didn't want to get involved with the Lannister's. I told her she's not going to be able to avoid them. She says no one can get in the Eyrie. As she was yelling she woke a child in the next room. A little boy comes out asking what's going on. This is the new ward of the Eyrie? He's only six years old. I try to talk sense to my sister about preparing for a possible war. The kid gets scared. My sister is coddling him. To my surprise, my sister pulls her nightclothes down over one breast, and the six-year-old boy begins to nurse. What the fuck? My three-year-old no longer nurses! It is all I can do not to say something. But I don't want to make things with my Lysa even worse. The boy asks if Tyrion is a bad person. My sister says he is. I say someone is setting him up, he didn’t do anything. Lysa ignores me. The boy asks if we can make TTTLY. She says that might be just what we do. I am feeling a bit annoyed at her now.
    2. Dream Entry [Harp,Anime Girl,River]

      by , 08-29-2017 at 06:01 PM
      Im too lazy to write dreams out now.

      Dream 1
      -Playing the harp to rid of blob monsters when lucid
      -Being driven and moving near a log cabin and university where a man in a white suit murdered students from the school and dumped their body in the woods[non lucid]

      Dream 2
      -[lucid] watching a little anime girl sleeping while anime music played. I was thinking about art and music ideas as I observed,wondering what would happen next.

      -[non lucid]I was in my old house waiting for my brother's friends to leave

      Dream 3

      -[lucid]I appeared in a river in the rainforest after thinking what setting I wanted to be in. There I saw tourists swimming in the water next to the land as three guides kept them from floating beyond while they were enjoying their stay.

      Almost forgot I saw sketches of arrows being drawn on paper somewhere in the second dream.

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    3. Gothu Aye

      by , 08-29-2017 at 04:43 PM
      Title makes no sense but that is a term I heard in my dream. I can't remember if it was exactly lucid or not but it was pretty long. Long enough where I met Donald Trump and discussed why does he keep a bottle of "Kronen's Blood". From what I understood in the dream, 'Kroenen' is a powerful Russian politician. Before then, Donald Trump was giving out autographs to kids.

      As far as the "Gothu Aye" word I heard. It refers to a group of symbols that if used a certain way gave the user psychokinetic abilities. In my case, I had flight. I would hold my right hand out and the symbol - which was on my right middle finger - my entire hand would pull me in the air and around places. I think this is the part where I was lucid.

      Periodic interruption of sleep during the REM cycle gives very adventurous dreams. Every hour or so.
    4. Exchanging Walls at Gellibrand Street

      by , 08-29-2017 at 02:29 PM
      Morning of August 29, 2017. Tuesday.

      My family and I as we appear now are living back in an altered version of Gellibrand Street in Clayfield. Over time, there are some abstract concepts of needing to remake part of our house (though it was actually an apartment) by switching two front wall sections. This mainly includes exchanging a wall with a window with an area where there is more plumbing (with two silver metal pipes).

      I somehow manage to have this done (with no dream self memory regarding the physical dynamics of the act) whereby the walls have been exchanged. The room with the window is now closer to the entrance and the room with more plumbing is at the right (front of the building viewpoint).

      At one point, I start to realize that, because the pipes come from the ground, it is not possible to connect them properly unless many adjustments are made and new parts are purchased. I look at the pipes coming up from the floor and see there is nothing they will presently connect to, as what they were meant to connect to is now in the other room.

      I then decide that it is not feasible to rebuild the house with this orientation (again, relating to the pipes), so I undo it as if it never happened (though I wake up realizing I am on my right side instead of my left).

      This was part of a longer series of dreams, including resets and partial repeats of this one, a few other dreams related to pipes, and a few unrelated dreams (all in all, about fifteen non-lucid and semi-lucid dreams on this particular date, which is not uncommon, not including the hundreds of hypnagogic sequences).

      In this case, I was vaguely aware of my conscious mind creating my dream’s dynamics and symbolism (which is quite common and has remained one of the puzzles as to why other people do not seem to understand the meaning of their dreams).

      Exchanging the walls directly relates to absentmindedly sleeping on my right side for a time instead of my left. I mostly only sleep on my left side as sleeping on my right sometimes causes indigestion and anxiety (one reason being that the stomach and its weight is naturally oriented to the left side of the body). The pipes in this dream relate to the digestive system (though in other dreams, depending on the dream type, can also relate to the circulatory system, the dynamics of dream induction and waking as directly related to the glymphatic clearance pathway, among other causes). The pipes in this dream were mainly in two locations from the floor, one lower than the other, which associates with one being symbolic of the esophagus and the other, the duodenum. The causal effect is based on the norovirus I had yesterday.

      Although different types of dreams have entirely different meanings (which many people typically fail to differentiate), often simply waking transition symbolism, biological symbolism is quite common in my dreams, even in some stages of hypnagogia, where I clearly see patterns of the neural web (as in just prior to this dream), which can often be used to automatically control dream state induction (especially in lucid hypnagogia, where I “step into” the preferred dream setting). Ordinarily, water symbolizes induction into the dream state (often a river or stream or, within certain stages of sleep more towards morning, the ocean). Though that is true here, it takes on different dynamics out of subliminal awareness that I am “sleeping on the wrong side” after the very common water induction (at least two dreams per sleeping period for over fifty years) begins.

      From “My Dream Journalist Creed”, article 1: It is wholly unreasonable and offensively ignorant to assume that the time spent in preparing for bed, going to bed and going to sleep (and including the dreaming process itself), and waking up and getting out of bed in preparation for the day, is completely excluded from the dynamics and symbolism of the dream state, especially as this is one of the most basic and continual events in life. Waking up for the day is the most important act that a person can perform. Without it, there is no life, no conscious self. This is why many non-lucid dreams are inherently symbolic of the basic need for the return to consciousness (to attend to physical needs or as an alert to an unknown environmental noise), yet in virtually infinite ways.

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    5. RPG Dream

      by , 08-29-2017 at 02:04 PM
      The dream starts in my Aunts backyard. I see some other people whom I do not recognize. I go over and ask who they are. They state that they are dreamers as well and are currently playing an RPG game. I ask if I can join in. They reply "sure the more the better". I wonder whether or not they meant the more the merrier. They look at my confusion and explain how this RPG is hard because of how difficult the game is and explains that the more players in a group the more likely that group will win. They then explain that there are monsters and weapons all over the world. They go on to say that in this game players can only use weapons or tools that they can use in real life. Also that the more use use a weapon or tool in real life the better the player is at using that same tool in the game. I look at them quizzically. They ask if I can use a bow or sword in real life. I respond that ai have only played with toy swords and bows. They look at each other like "oh boy what kind of weak player did we get". They hand me a bow I try to hit the bullseye but miss the mark. "Well at least you hit the target" they say to me. I guess you are a natural at the bow and arrow. They then go onto their IPads and I ask what they are doing. Some apps in real life will improve your weapon ability in this game. Right now we are improving are skill. I ask how else I can improve my skill. They look at me and respond at once "by defeating a monster of course". So I decide to go defeat some low level monsters as I am apparently at level one. I find some weapons not far from my aunts yard. The weapons I find are either inflatable or made out of wood. I wonder why there are inflatable weapons as they would not do that much damage. I take a wooden sword and walk across the street. I go around the corner of the block and find some better weapons. I about to grab a weapon when I notice a huge troll in the room near the weapons. Two other players are there and the troll seems to smell us as she gets up and starts heading our way. The two players run away and I hide behind the weapons. The troll which is about 10ft tall looks around but doesn't see me. Seeing as I was pretty visible I figured the troll thought I was a weapon and was dumb. I then noticed a golden spear. I grab it and decide to prick troll then rehide myself. I figure that if I do this enough that the monster will die and I will level up quickly. I through the golden spear t the monster and hit it. The monsters health bar goes down quite a bit. Suddenly the troll seems much smarter as it starts to talk. I run and the troll runs after me. I somehow get on the ceiling and hang onto the light and hope the troll thinks that I am a fixture. The troll find me and I think that my RPG adventure is over. However, the troll does not hurt me. Instead it thanks me and explains that it was cursed and could only be uncured if someone hit it with the golden spear. The troll states that she is going to try to find her husband and asks me to let her children into the building which are now knocking at the side door. (Which appeared out of nowhere). I open the door the troll's children enter the building and thank me for saving their mother. I level up and ask the children why they explain that defeating a monster does not mean that you have to kill it and that sometimes you have to rescue the monster because it is cursed like their mother was. I wake up.

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    6. Connecting and Fixing Pipes

      by , 08-29-2017 at 09:43 AM
      Morning of August 29, 2017. Tuesday.

      I am living with my family at an unknown residence. There are similar associations as with another dream of this date regarding plumbing and connecting pipes. However, in this dream, the pipes are mostly white plastic whereas in my other dream, they were silver metal.

      The bottom of the house is about three feet above ground level. I am on the right side of the house, which may be loosely modeled after the one on Gellibrand Street in Clayfield. I see that I need to reconnect at least two pipes, possibly more. One pipe has a different type of softer material that bends easily and is partially transparent. I notice that one pipe has an irregular hole as if cut at an angle and making somewhat of a triangular flap, its texture almost being like a bicycle tire. I put pressure on it to see how big the hole expands (to check how extensive the leak could be) and the pipe breaks in half.

      I then consider that I need to buy a new connection. The connection is like a combination of about three pipes and the softer piece that now almost looks like a large sandwich bag tied around the area where two pipes connect at about a ninety-degree angle. There is another person present, unknown, yet who seems to be a friend who is watching me, possibly here to help.

      An unknown younger male in the front yard of the house next door (to my left) comes over to annoy us. I tell him that he is trespassing and punch him in the face and stomach a few times. Illogically, I somehow do this while sitting cross-legged on the ground even though he is standing. He does not react at all.

      I have had similar dreams (relating to pipes) all my life. Sometimes they have a completely different mood and essence than in other cases. I recently had one of trying to get water to containers in a miniature zoo within a three-tiered cage (“Plumbing Troubles in a Three-Tiered Miniature Zoo” of August 26, 2017).

      I am going to have to assume that this dream relates to bad indigestion and stomach clenching related to a virus of yesterday that lasted about twenty-four hours. Generally, plumbing has been validated to mean at least four different things depending on the dream type; blood circulation of the real physical body (in real time, especially when a limb is going numb from a problematic sleeping position), the digestive system (including a need to rehydrate), a need to wake and use the bathroom, and neural energy patterns related to circadian rhythms based on a certain type of coalescence waking symbolism. Although the presence of the preconscious as an imposer seems to suggest coalescence waking symbolism (especially as I punch him to no avail), it seems more about healing the physical body and the digestive system in this case, especially considering the “plastic sandwich bag” association. This may be an incidental carryover of the miniature zoo dream but with a different meaning unless the zoo dream was considered as indirectly prescient. Otherwise, I have had many precognitive dreams related to my physical health since early childhood. Unlike other forms of prescience, it can possibly be explained by the body being “aware” of a potential condition before the conscious mind is, yet which sometimes occurs years in advance.

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    7. So close.

      by , 08-29-2017 at 05:24 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Dream 1: I was getting some pepperoni pizza. I got 4 slices, but I wanted more. It actually occurred to me that hey, I can just make it into a whole pizza. So I did, and it turned into a whole pizza.

      However, this strange lapse of logicality did nothing to help me become lucid! I didn't fully recognize that I was dreaming, yet I was able to manipulate my environment in ways that I can't do in reality. Very interesting, and so close but not quite!

      Dream 2: My poetry professor was talking to me and was pretty nice, and I was still angry at him for giving me a B+ in his class. </3
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    8. Game of Dreams – Cats and Monsters

      by , 08-29-2017 at 03:58 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-28

      Game of Dreams – Cats and Monsters

      Arya: I am playing a game of virtual reality Assassins Creed, or that's what I think of it as. The current mission is to catch cats. There are a lot of stray cat some various kinds around, and I'm supposed to catch them. The place that I’m at looks kind of like a Medieval castle. There are a lot of outside courtyards, towers, buildings, and it's almost like a maze. I am chasing the final cat. I have taken all of the other cats to see my teacher, and now I am chasing the final cat. A mean looking Tom cat. I have him cornered. I get hissed at. He tries to dart past me, but I am faster. I catch the cat, pick him up in my arms as he struggling and yowling and hissing. I gave him a kiss right on his fuzzy face. He does not appreciate it. There are some people that have found me. There are two guards, a stern looking woman, a little boy, and a young girl who asks what I am doing to the cat. Maybe I have wandered into an area where I shouldn’t be. I tell the truth, or part of it. I say I am cuddling the cat. I let the cat go and he takes off, pausing to give me one more hiss as he goes.

      From how they speak to me, these people think I am just a random beggar child. I take advantage of that, and make a break for it. With some tricky moves, I get past the guards and knock the boy down as I am trying to get away. I jump over him and run down the pathway. I hear the guards closing in behind me, so I jump up and grab a windowsill and pull myself in through the window. They cannot follow. I think there may be another way they can follow, so I keep going. I run through courtyards, upstairs, downstairs, and in through a window into a really dark cellar. I am completely lost by now. There are skulls here in the cellar, I see them as my eyes adjust the dark. The skulls are huge and menacing. I have a brief flash of fear when I first see them, but then I remind myself they're already dead. They can't hurt me. But I do need to get out of here.

      I go out the door in the far side of the room, and it's even darker in the hall. I make feel my way down the hall until I hear voices. I see a light coming out of a hole in the ground. There's a stairway there that leads deep beneath the castle. Two men come out of the hole, and I make sure I'm flat against the wall so they won't see me. They are talking. One of them is a really fat guy and I think I know who he is. I don’t recognize the other. The fat guy wants to stall for time before there is a war. The other tells him to just speed things up, he should be able to, he is a wizard. They start talking about a murder. I hear them talk about the Kings Hand dying... that’s my father! They want to kill my father. They head off down the hall, missing me completely, now talking about what sounds like slave children. I need to find a way out, so I follow them. I stay too far back to hear their voices. Eventually I lose them completely. I keep following the tunnel, and it turns into a sewer. I'm wading in sewage when I finally find my way to the outside. I stink worse than anything I can think of. So I take off my clothes and try to wash up in the river near the exit. I don't want to alert everyone 10 miles away that I'm coming. I am swimming when I wake.
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    9. First fully intentional and complete WILD - Neighborhood exploration, my students

      by , 08-29-2017 at 02:54 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      So this here is a big deal for me. A REALLY big deal!
      It's been a little more than 6 years since I started with lucid dreaming, and like many other hopefuls I was also aiming at WILDs. Suffice to say they were very elusive to me for the longest of times. Painfully slowly over the past years I had more experiences giving me insight, like waking up unusually slowly out of a dream, basically an unintentional reverse WILD and all sorts of things like that.

      So then today was the big day. I got into bed, decided to get out again and read a couple of things on WILDing again as I was planning that for a while anyway. Set my alarm for a bit more than an hour, sleep, get up briefly and put in earplugs.
      They were a bit uncomfortable at first but rolling over and pressing my head into the pillow actually helped. They were just noticeable enough to give me an anchor while shielding me from outside sensory input.
      As I was laying there I felt a heavy and tired sensation quickly, the one that's been dragging me back into sleep all sorts of times when I wasn't supposed to remain sleeping, but at the same time I felt my mind be decently alert and awake.
      Maybe a minute or so after seriously lying down I start getting intense feelings of motion, I patiently feel into them and wait for them to pass, then I get up.

      I'm in my room, it's dark and everything looks normal, and this surely would've made for an FA, but I didn't lose my consciousness at all, so I immediately reality checked with a nose-pinch, and sure enough, I was in a dream. Incredibly smooth and direct transition too. Perfect.
      I open the balcony door, and as I wasn't exactly dressed I grabbed a t-shirt and quickly put it on while strolling through the neighborhood. It was very close to my actual living place in K, but there were some differences. I strolled through the place, and there were 2 persons, I levitated up on a building and then jumped down in one swoop close to them, like I often did in a Power Armor in Fallout 4. They did give me a weird look and I made a small impact but it wasn't much.

      I conceived a plan to test out more stuff so I thought why not try summoning some beautiful girl? So I went into an apartment building, around a staircase corner and there was someone waiting who was very likely inspired by someone I knew from real life. Had red short hair like my wife currently but looked otherwise a lot different. At least the concepts, proportions, facial structure and the like were a compound of actual people known to me. She wasn't what I was looking for though, so after a few words I got out and repeated the same process (enter an apartment building, go around a staircase corner, meet someone) 2 more times.
      The next time was a person that was inspired by one very particular person I know and remember from real life. I asked her about her height which just cemented my realization that she was directly inspired by person IN I knew from many years in my past. Again a few words and I moved on.
      The third and last time there was yet another person in the same line, sort of okay looking, but not what I had tried to summon as eye candy, leading me to the realization that somehow my summoning parameters must've gotten restricted to known persons and looks.

      I entered one of these apartment buildings again and basically entered a separate space with no way to get back, and it was bigger on the inside too. Hammer space time.
      The place was very dimly lit and the architecture was almost persistent, changing just ever so slightly with every passing minute of me strolling through the corridors. I opened doors and explored rooms.
      One of the rooms I distinctly remember was a storage chamber, and while looking into it and the vicinity I heard some disembodied voice talking about inheriting riches and getting through an awful time in an awful city, with him thinking he wouldn't have made it otherwise.
      Odd but okay.
      I also stumbled upon a room that was described as my classroom, with me being the teacher, but no one was there. It also had elements of a kitchen, a train station and not enough chairs.
      Here I'm not perfectly sure about the chronological order, but some time before or after those rooms the dream sort of dimmed, and thinks became hard to see, I had the feeling of slipping away. I really focused on everything I was feeling, similar to ADA exercises, and a pulse ran through everything, giving it an invigorated and strong color for a moment. Also the corridor I was in when I did that had some mixture of grass and tiles on the floor.
      Towards the end of the dream I heard a screeching sound to the left of that corridor, a terrifying cacophony, which only after a couple seconds I recognized as the train delivering my students.
      I went to the room again where I saw them, I think like 5 or so. There was some Yu-Gi-Oh theme to them (for whatever inexplicable reason), and one of them was a snake dude, with scales and weird eyes.
      Upon looking into his eyes the dream ended somewhat abruptly as I felt myself waking up, I knew there was no going back so I got up and happily started writing down this entry.

      Now I'll see if I can repeat this semi-reliably. Sure, I might not be able to pull it off every night, but this was to deliberate and specific for me to believe it to be a fluke. I can do it again. And more importantly I then should be able to actively incorporate Ryuuko into these dreams.
    10. January 2, 2015 (L) L2 FA | Melee, Wolf TF, Metroid Prime, 007

      by , 08-29-2017 at 12:15 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-In this scenario, I was doomed by something or someone to play smash for a long time. I had a choice—either 64 and Brawl, or just Melee. Of course, I chose Melee. The scene depicted me training tech skill and finding ranges and stuff as Marth, fighting a Ganondorf CPU. I landed at least one tipper Fsmash, and he landed at least one dark dive.
      [New Scene]
      One time as Greninja and Link, I ran around a path across WWHD-textured grass. Also, I parkoured a few times through a town(at least once with Snickers), over a creek, through some trees, and beside someone’s wall-sized window to get to a building on the other side that Dad was in. The neighbors (someones) were one guy that looked like Mack, and a teenager lying down and doing something on a laptop. The door on the right edge had a paper sign that said, “Do not open.” That’s what Dad had said too. Also, he was covered in shaving cream.
      -2(L)-I noticed it was a false awakening by seeing a piece of duct tape on the wall that normally isn’t there. I did a reality check and confirmed that I was dreaming. However, I again forgot all about the first priority(Layer 4 Lucidity, Full Stability, Consistency in those), so I didn’t last as long as I wanted to. I did, however, get out of my dream bed and tried to TF into a wolf. I got as far as being 90+% covered in incredibly soft, dark gray wolf fur. I also grew a tail, but wasn’t lucid enough to remember to feel it. I felt near-euphoric sensations when I spread my right hand across my furry stomach. No wonder cats like being pet.
      -3-I was playing a non-existent metroid prime game. At first, you start with all of the MP1 equipment, or at least the plasma beam and power bomb, as well as the space jump. I entered a room via the plasma beam. The plasma doors were orange instead of red. For game reasons, the other side of the door was blue. Upon entering the room, I saw the location where Samus is supposed to have most of her equipment. I scanned a wall above and slightly behind the location. The text indicated that the wall was made of Denzium. I used a power bomb on that, as well as another wall on ground level. Both walls housed power bomb expansions, so I decided to do a glitch, where I would take back the power bombs early. I stepped into the cutscene location, and then I lost equipment. Then, I climbed back up to where the power bomb expansion was. When Samus touched it, the ‘power bomb get’ animation didn’t play. Instead, Samus’ animation froze until I made her float backwards and off of the blue orb that was now where the power bombs used to be. Suddenly, someone said that the “Gibdus Orb Glitch” was the fastest way to do something. They also said that it was see-through and squishy. The orb would sometimes switch appearances, from a light-blue outline with dark-blue animations of stuff very quickly heading from the outline to the center, to a simple balloon, and finally to something very similar to Skyrim’s ‘Candlelight’ spell. The orb could also be used for floaty transport. I grabbed it, floated around with it, and tried to increase altitude with it.
      [New Scene]
      Before all that, I was at my grandparents' house playing a collab of 007 games, which included, but wasn’t limited to, Goldeneye 64, Wii, and 007 Legends. First, I tried some Goldeneye Wii to see if the online was still active, which it was(confirmed by a scene where I used a Sigmus 9). Then, I was suddenly playing MP. I’m not sure which one. I tried some powershots and missiles at this one space pirate.
      Lucid Time: 45-90 seconds

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