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    1. NightMare But Not A WarZone

      by , 09-02-2017 at 09:34 PM
      Last night was one of the worst nightmares I've had in a while. Bad sleep time too.I had anxiety and that's why it happened but I got through the night and like others, I'm stronger because of it.

      Dream 1

      I was with a girl in a room who was half demon and had blue circular paint orbs in a box to add to her art. I felt if I used it with her I could make her not hate me and it worked but than a clone of her who looked like a demonic anime girl In a sailor suit appeared and tried scaring me. I blew the clone away with my mind power into another room.

      Afterwards I somehow ended up watching a scene that formed of a girl who was using a machine and got her fingers sliced off. The scene than shifted to a older lady who was talking to her husband as she turned a machine, unknowingly having her other hand being pulled into the machine."Stop talking to your husband and pay attention!"I thought while regretting to watch the live footage. But her hand ended up being pulled into the machine and stabbed.Lastly, a woman with her two year old child was on a ride where she would fall into a wooden curved area like a slide. But as she slid with her child on the floaty thing spikes shot up and she and her child were impaled."Who would put this on t.v. and just keep recording!?"I shouted cringing from what I saw.

      Next thing I recall is that I'm 6 and sitting next to a guy who is my uncle and his wife. He is half demon so I try not to mess with him but I end up taking a bite of his weirdly house shaped chicken meal.I hope he's okay with it and ask him if he likes me by his side. He paused while smirking than said "uh no"than laughed. Feeling like that was a death sentence I asked if he liked me more than the shadow guy and who he wanted on his side. He said the shadow guy so I ran to the other room scared I was going to be wiped out.

      I became aware than that it was a dream as he moved in closer and that he couldn't be my uncle, so I flew through the bathroom curtain and tried going through the wall but it disappeared. "Look at that chicken. Did you see her face"I heard him say to the small shadow guy jokingly.I wanted to fly back but instead tried imagining kunai bombs falling behind me as I flew to the window near the door. They didn't show up though and I woke up after that.

      Dream 2
      Something non lucid I can't recall occurred than...
      From within a black car I was watching a girl who looked like a blond girl who use to work for Disney channel. She was helping her grandma into the building as I observed her and thought about how jealous I was that she had my fav hair style. She than came closer and took out a black plastic knife."Mom,lock the door, drive away now fast" I told my mom than held the car door shut as my mom moved slowly." The girl tried opening it so I shouted "Hurry up!!". My mom than drove faster but she held on so my mom turned the car smashing the side to a wall of grass where she tried crushing the girl repeatedly."No!Mom....You didn't have to crush her. It'd be better to treat the dream character with kindness than violence. I don't want her coming back". My mom acknowledged my decision but I woke up after that.

      I found the perfect pic~

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    2. Log 856 - Duo-Layered Fish Chess and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 09-02-2017 at 09:11 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 02 September 2017

      I've two DILDs to note, along with a few fragments.

      Scrap Group 1

      False awakening at home. I look out the bedroom door, only to find intruders sneaking about. An interface similar to Liberal Crime Squad pops up, and notes the actions those scoundrels were taking.

      Browsing in the Dreamviews forums. To my surprise, I find the LD Competition required a mandatory LD each day. Failure to do as such would result in disqualification.

      15 WBTB and WILD initiation.

      Dream 1 - Mundane Destruction

      The visuals were clear. I was in a hotel suite with family. Later at night, I go out for a stroll, walking down a shopping district. I kept on the median bar for some reason, which almost cost me when I was meters away from getting in an accident during an ongoing police chase.

      Minutes later, and the sun was already up. I soon found myself within a mall, where I stop at a McDonald's for a burger and small fries totaling $6. The restaurant was a bit packed, so I took my meal to the food court, its rows of joined tables and benches making the place appear more as a school cafeteria. Then, for no reason whatsoever, I suddenly become aware of the dream.

      I set out to complete some competition tasks. Unfortunately, false memories lead me to doing anything but. Anyway, this faux-task involved conjuring Beerus, the God of Destruction from Dragon Ball Super, whom I would join in a fight against another universe's gods and warriors. By just visualizing so, the image of said deity appeared before me, though it took a minute of concentration and active interaction with him to get a complete manifestation. Throughout that time, I explained my reasons for having him there. Beerus thought the whole thing outrageous, yet was humored enough to go along.

      Next was summoning the offworlders. I looked to a wall, from which a portal unconsciously appeared. Out steps Sidra, the God of Destruction of Universe 9. After some arrangements, the two immediately blasted off far away into combat. Meanwhile I was left to look for my opponent, who was said to be very close by. I look under a table, when a red-furred dogman suddenly jumped out and attacked. Well, given the source material, our ensuing battle was rather mundane, lots of circling and probing, little to no flashy maneuvers.

      This laster for about a minute before the dream collapsed.

      Scrap Group 2
      Dream where I was a floating disembodied head. I'd false lucidity throughout much of this.

      30 min WBTB to write notes, then another WILD attempt.

      Watching a documentary on fish. I'm warped in the middle of a stormy ocean, where I'm almost eaten by a newly discovered species of giant toothless sharks. This might have linked to the dream below.

      Dream 2 - Duo-Layered Fish Chess Match

      Scene 1 - D&D - Tower of Doom - Rotoscoped Edition
      The visuals were clear. I was playing a run of D&D - Tower of Doom via unknown hardware along with my brother Lawrence. We used the Elf and the Cleric, though I can't say who was who. Much of the session took place in an evil-lord's mansion, a complete fabrication from the dream. Further oddities occurred after clearing the game, where the Elf switched to being the Cleric and back at random moments. What's more, digitized sprites in the characters' likeness took their place at times. Maybe some leftover content from development, I thought, perhaps things that were actually rotoscoped?

      Unknown transition.

      Scene 2 - "Not. Now. Dreaming."
      The visuals were dimmer. I was in the lobby of my home at nighttime. I go to my bedroom, where Lawrence and my nephew Jarred were watching something on the computer. My nephew tries hiding and then jumping out to scare me. It obviously wouldn't have rattled me, that is, had I not noticed his eyes were completely white. I then noted some electronic device in his hand. Figured he merely used that to play visual tricks on me.

      I felt tired, so I went to bed then and there. As I fell to "sleep", a dream began forming immediately, of which I was wandering out of a tunnel's opening. Such rapid progress let me immediately realize the dream.

      Things destabilized. When I come to, I, through half-opened eyes, see I was now in a completely different bedroom. Brenden and his sister were stopping by, and Lawrence remained as well. There was a conversation about an SNES Mario game, and Brenden wanted my opinion on such. I completely ignored that matter, and "slept" again. But as another dream formed, the others continually pestered me for input. With difficulty, I managed to speak out to that "outer dream layer".

      "Not. Now. Dreaming."

      Instead of silence, I was bombarded with further questions. Complete disregard it was, then.

      Seconds later, I finally had (another) dream body to work with. Did some quick hand rubbing to stabilize, from which a vivid scene then formed. I found myself outside in picturesque grassy hills during a sunny clear day. Exhilaration caused me to devolve into base desires. I looked around for an erotic sight, when a shockwave ripped through the ground. I flew towards the origin, but only found some farmers working a plot. And then, giant flatfish appeared out of nowhere, swimming in mid-air carelessly. I followed one to a higher incline, where windmills and a few trees were about. Strange rippling melded these shapes into different forms and perspectives, before creature and structures alike simply vanished.

      Further on was another steep, vast hill. At the top were even more enormous and peculiar figures: monumental ches spieces lined side by side (with the distinct exclusion of pawns). And atop these were an assortment of figures to the piece's likeness, a red-robed king on the king's piece, a queen dressed in blue on the queen piece, an armored and mounted knight on the knight piece, and so on. Those of royalty were seated on bronze thrones, while the rest stood at ready.

      Just then, a barrage of rocks and large arrows rained in from my sides. I look around, and see the rooks were responsible, these depicted as siege engines and their engineers. I dodged their attack unscathed, somehow. As they readied another volley, I charged heedlessly towards the monarchs. I soon noticed that voices from the "outer layer" were drowning out audio in this sequence. Some self-made sound-effects and music from that above mentioned D&D game quickly allowed me to fix that problem.

      Sadly, the dream deteriorated and collapsed before I could get even.

      Spoiler for Media References:



      Basil (the previously unnamed dogman noted above):

      D&D - Tower of Doom Gameplay Image:

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    3. Spellbee Summer Comp - Day 1 - Murderer's Mercy

      by , 09-02-2017 at 03:45 PM (A Nocturnal Opus)
      First Sleep

      Dream 1.
      A murderer is in the house and the occupants are hiding, some have already been killed. The murderer catches me in the living room. I plea for mercy and negotiate another chance at hiding. He lets me go. I run once around the floor and see him again, eating cheerios from a toilet in the kitchen. I am scared if he sees me, he will target me, but I can't resist calling him out for being so weird "What the heck are you doing?!" I shout at him, before opening the door to the basement and running down the stairs. I am surprised to see that there is a whole underground city below the house and the stairs are lighted by torches so my roommates can see when the murderer will come down this way. I find all the others eating around a large table near the staircase having a five course meal. I sit among them; the threat is gone.

      Dream 2.
      Hair cut, with my family around, talking.

      Dream 3.
      With coworkers in a park on Saturday playing games and chilling in different locations. Our boss tells us "if this wasn't the weekend, I would be going crazy watching you all wasting your time!"

      Wake up for the bathroom. Go back to sleep with intention of lucid dreaming.

      Dream 4.
      I fell asleep faster than expected. I believe I am mentally revisiting an old dream (which parallels my first dream) except, I'm really dreaming. In the dream, myself and other nomads are being targeted by a monkey murderer in the wild near a river (Somehow, in the dream, it feels as though monkeys are the dominating race at the moment). I get caught but I plea for mercy and ask to be given another chance. It is granted. I run along the path but until now, the dream was very low visual quality and was more mental. As I run on the path, it becomes quite vivid for a short bit. I mistakenly believe that I am WILDing; I thought I was thinking before, not dreaming. I keep running on the path to stabilize the dream, focusing on the visual and the feeling of the path on my feet. The dream stabilizes, the path merges into the sidewalk of a small town. There is a small fallen tree in the way. I hear my mom calling me to wake up from what I think is the real world but I focus on the dream instead of waking life (but really, I'm really just focusing on this dream versus a false awakening). I jump over a branch and crouch below another, touching and feeling the ground. There are people on the sidewalk. I touch them as I pass them and say things like "hello there!" and I am aware my very real voice is only booming in the dream but not real life. I walk into a house were people are having dinner. Someone is tied up as a chandelier. I meet a few people but I am now looking from outside my dream body. I am transiently aware that I am outside my dream body, and I am starting to be very passive in the dream, losing awareness. I am reunited with my royal family as I somehow rescued my brother the king from the group in the house. Other people give him gifts for his return. I hold him at the temples and tell him that the challenge is not to accept the gifts but to embrace becoming happy. My wisdom is physically transported from my hand to his head via bright artifices.
    4. Spellbee Competition Night 1

      by , 09-02-2017 at 03:19 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD-I got up from bed and decided to check if I was dreaming. I tried to lift off the floor but I couldn't. I was still unsure, so decided to keep checking by trying to fly forward down the hallway. I started flying forward so I got back down. I phased through the wall leading up to the restroom, but I thought I might have closed my eyes, so I got out and did it again while making sure to keep my eyes open. I got into the toilet and tried to flush myself down, but I woke up.

      WILD-I was trying to fall asleep when I felt myself sinking. I decided to sink all the way through the floor until I landed in another room. I tried to summon a dolphin, but couldn't summon anything. I jumped up into the air to float and tried to transform into a dolphin. I felt and saw a dolphin tail form and stretched to about 10 feet long. I tried to move around, but started spinning in circles. A force pushed me out the room into a huge, open medieval looking hallway with many doors equipped with lights. There was a bright green light at the door at the end of the hallway. The force started pushing me away from it and I woke up.

      DILD-I was at my porch and told myself when I see the lady, I am dreaming. I saw the lady appear. She asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted a kiss, even though she was a bit too old for me to be sexually attracted to her. We hugged and kissed. Apparently, she was here for somebody else in the house. I didn't feel like leading her to anybody, so I said nobody else was here. She left to go somewhere else. I put my hand behind me to summon a dolphin and felt a beak tapping my hand rather than simply touching it. I turn around and see a white dolphin about 6-7 feet long without any fins and with larger, more disorganized teeth. I decided to float up and let it eat me so I might be able to transform into it. My body and head went through the dolphins mouth and continued to go backwards for a bit through a narrow bodily tube. Everything suddenly became black, a door appeared, I heard a horse, and I felt something weird in my legs before I woke up.
    5. 9/2/17 (L) L3 SSILD WBTB | Waterfront

      by , 09-02-2017 at 03:04 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1(L)-I became lucid somewhere. I did the Procedure, spent minimal stabilization time, did the procedure again, and did some more minimal stabilization. The dominating color of the scene was a dull purple. I got to Layer 3, and that’s all I remember.
      Time: 7-11 minutes
      -2-I had to hide in my old house under some cardboard and random clothes/blankets from someone else for some reason. In the same scene, I avoided buying something from a seller that didn’t deliver the first time during this nerfed-post-apocalyptic time.
      [New Scene]
      The scene was a sunny waterfront with a small plaza and an oddly-shaped, polygonal building. I asked a working man on the plaza where some food was. He said something like,
      “4 steps to the right, 5 to the back, and it’s on the left.”
      Sure enough, I found corndogs in a fridge at the location he gave. It was around the back of the building.

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    6. A Cigarette Lighter is a Waterer

      by , 09-02-2017 at 03:02 PM
      Morning of September 2, 2017. Saturday.

      I find a cigarette lighter, which is something I do not have or use in real life. (In real life, however, the other day, Zsuzsanna had found that a thoughtless unknown person had put or dropped one in her baby pram with no direct indication that they had.)

      The lighter makes sparks when I test it at first, but eventually, an upwards stream of water comes out, sometimes flowing out in a long-reaching arc. I have fun for a time in watching the water flow out. It is not logical though, as much more water comes out than could possibly fit inside the lighter.

      Water is my most common analogical representation of entering sleep as dream state initiation. It has remained inherent (on a day to day basis since early childhood) to the nature and biology of sleep (from the unconscious association with having slept in the waters of the womb during the first months of existence but it also has a real-time correlation with the glymphatic system) and is why the sound of water is used on virtually endless relaxation and dream induction recordings. It is otherwise typically unrelated to waking life other than biologically. (For example, a dream of a flood could relate to physical over-tiredness or sleeping at the wrong time, though I often dream of floods in a positive context.)

      This dream is also related to reinduction, especially as fire otherwise represents growing neural activity and a waking prompt, thus being semi-lucid, I am deliberately trying to sustain the dream state with a form of dream state alchemy in manipulating water (manipulating sleep dynamics).

    7. Fossils Near a Bus Stop

      by , 09-02-2017 at 10:21 AM
      Morning of September 2, 2017. Saturday.

      In the first part of my dream, which originated with the common water induction (which has begun about two dreams per day for over fifty years, again, not counting extensive hypnagogia sequences), it eventually clarifies as my dream self’s presence in a parking lot (liminal space dream state marker, a porch being the most common marker as such), with no discernible body of water such as a river or lake. (However, the first fossil I find relates to the “water lowering” waking transition, a common form of waking symbolism since early childhood.)

      It seems to be afternoon. I am apparently waiting to get on a bus which I think is already parked near a shopping mall. My wife Zsuzsanna is present as well as our youngest son. A few other unfamiliar people have not gotten on the bus yet. I am sitting about twenty feet from the entrance of the shopping mall. The bus is to my right. (Thus, once again, my dream’s exit point or waking precursor is oriented to my right.)

      Illogically, I am able to dig into the pavement as if it had the qualities of soil. I find a fossil, which is a rock with a fish skeleton fossilized into it. I find it interesting and I consider that our youngest son would like it. However, I then find another stone which I think is a similar fossil, but then I realize it is some sort of craft project (possibly a child’s craft from a school project). It looks similar but is made of plaster of Paris and the fish impression seems to have been made from a plastic toy. As I talk about this fact of the second fossil not being a real fossil and also consider that the first one might not be real either, an unfamiliar female standing nearby seems annoyed and walks off to get on the bus.

      Meanwhile, I find a few other “fossils”, which are all craft projects. One has an impression of a miniature baseball bat in it which I hold up and comment on. The impression is probably about the length of my finger.

      From here, I get up to get on the bus. Zsuzsanna is to my left in a seat about halfway back on the left side of the aisle. Our children are also present around the same area. My mother is near the front of the bus, also on the left side and seated closest to the aisle. (I do not recall that she had died in 2002.)

      In a short time, my mother is complaining about stomach pain and seems in distress. She moves forward and down in the seat for a short time. I notice that other (unfamiliar) people near the front of the bus seem concerned. She may need to see a doctor right away. A couple unfamiliar people hold her from each side and help her get off the bus. The bus driver exclaims, “Hey, get back here.”

      The other people are still near my mother as I look off to my left and see her sit down on a wooden bench. I notice there are other wooden benches in an equidistant pattern, which is a nonsensical feature in a parking lot (although this is actually parallel dreaming symbolism relating to liminal space, unrelated to waking life). These benches are seen longways, parallel to the bus but facing away from it.

      Nearly everything in this dream is based on very familiar sleeping, dream induction, and waking symbolism, the exception being my mother being in pain and leaving the bus. Still, this in fact, relates more to my association with my wife Zsuzsanna having stomach pain recently. My mother walks off the bus to my left. The personified preconscious says, “Hey, get back here.” The bus is the exit point of my dream (especially as it is an anticipatory form of travel - the return to consciousness). Why did the preconscious say this? It was likely to include waking dynamics relevant to the stomach pain association. However, as my mother had left the bus, I am desiring to “leave this pain behind” upon waking.

      To be specific about this, the bus had to have an Australian association due to the driver being on the right (yet my mother had never been to Australia), yet many of my dreams still have the American association with the driver on the left. Therefore, even though this suggests the typical scrambled and fictional memory of the dream self, the economics behind such distortions typically have a reason inherent to the dream state itself and usually mark a linear path from induction to waking regardless of the surreal nature of it all. This has been validated as such tens of thousands of times over the years and that is no exaggeration.

      Induction (undetermined water body) to liminal space (waking precursor) as parking lot. I "find fossils” (meaning I am still interested in looking within my unconscious for something but only find evidence that the induction stage is over, the fish skeleton fossil symbolizing the last stage of the glymphatic clearance pathway. I determine subliminally that I am dreaming (recurring aspect of a dream feature not being what it “really” was thought to be upon a second look), miniature baseball bat fake “fossil” (physical energy to get out of bed), I get on bus (prepare to leave dream state), my mother is in pain but leaves bus (I do not want Zsuzsanna to have physical pain in waking life, so I “dismiss” my mother from my dream’s exit point as she returns to liminal space which now has doubled liminal space dynamics with both the parking lot and bus stop bench symbolism illogically combined as parallel waking symbolism, which is very typical for my dreams to do).