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    1. [30.08.2017]

      by , 08-30-2017 at 08:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Hide and seek

      I was running around some old, abandoned farmstead. It was really foggy all around. I was chased by a strange horse that tried to eat me. I was running away from it, avoiding obstacles and climbing up buildings. In several places I saw some glowing shards, picking them up made the surroundings brighter. I jumped down from one of rooftops and the horse immediately attacked. I pointed at it with my thumb and it illuminated the horse like a flashlight. The beast was afraid of light and escaped, but whenever it came back to darkness, it tried to attack me. I ran into a barn and climbed up a wall. The horse turned into an evil clown. I tried to climb higher so it won't get me, but mistakenly collapsed a wall on it and escaped.


      I was about to leave my house, when I met some girl entering it. . I told and gestured her to leave, but it only made her clothes disappear. She stared at me confusedly. With another gesture, I made her breasts grow bigger, then another one appeared and shouted that she'll make me end the same. I just left my house and got to a road outside, thinking if this is a dream. I made a reality check and moved on. I tried to fly, but couldn't. I couldn't jump too high as well. I recalled one of advanced tasks of the month and looked at the sky. Instead of moon or sun, there was a strange mix of them. I tried to turn the moon blue, but it didn't work. Then I thought about visiting one of my pals. I tried to get there with high jumps or flying, but they weren't working too well. Instead I found a way to traverse far distances with just a few steps. Looking around on my way, I noticed that everything looked like more than ten years ago. I got to my pal's house and met her brother. I asked him where she went - apparently she was with parents on backside of the house. I noticed that she's only like 4 or 5 years old when I got there. I thought that I'm younger like all the DC's I saw, but I wasn't changed at all. I sat on a bench, and the dream ended.
    2. Return to the Tree of Opossums

      by , 08-30-2017 at 08:35 PM
      Night of August 29, 2017. Tuesday.

      As a very young child, an intriguing recurring dream, some of which versions were lucid, involved walking down a zigzagging path. It usually seemed to be late at night or very early in the morning before dawn. I would notice a splendorous tree. I would also notice, within the foliage of that tree, eerie glowing eyes.

      The eyes did not seem threatening, though I was aware they were watching me. These states were very vivid. These animals were eventually revealed to be opossums.

      In this new dream, I “return” to this tree and some sort of analogy begins. The tree is shown to represent the human brain, while the glowing eyes represent the energy of neurons presumably while in the dream state. For some reason, it seems a perfect analogy.

      One of the several reasons why “opossum” became a part of my dream-self identity, tribal name, and online dream journalist name, was because of these vivid childhood dreams and the fact that an opossum is a perfect symbol for being in the dream state (as an opossum “plays dead” as an analogy of being asleep - not meant in a negative context).

      Zsuzsanna had a pet Australian opossum when I first made contact with her. This was one of thousands of details that validated our inherent connections to each other long before we met. (She also drew an opossum in a tree as a child with an airplane flying over it, and of course, I flew in an airplane to Australia.) My life has remained miraculous and Zsuzsanna is the only person near my age I can sense as being “there” at all (through the blue flame or Blue Pearl “telepathy”, for lack of a better word).

    3. A game, a whale on the beach | Huge trees, AoT and my crush and his friends

      by , 08-30-2017 at 05:27 PM
      Okay, that's a great title but whatever. AoT means Attack on Titan (or SnK/Shingeki no Kyojin) if you're wondering. What's important about it now is that it's basically titans versus humans. (Go watch it. Contains a little blood tho. A little). But yeah, I guess being inactive here is a habit for me now. I haven't got LDs after my last DJ entry (too long ago) but I've still been active enough with my dream recalling imo. Active enough means at least one dream per day. Last week I had nine dreams in total, a week before that it was 12, a week before that...six?? And a week before that it was 13. Good enough for me. But here are my dreams from last night:

      1# I was in a game. Or "game", because it's graphics were way too realistic. My dad was there too. He had made the game. Yeah. We were on a beach. It was sunny. There was only a little water where we were standing. Like, only a puddle. I don't remember if anything happened before this, but there was a whale. It obviously wasn't under water but in a puddle if even that. It was still alive. I was looking at it. It was very small compared to a real whale. It was gray, black or blue. Not sure anymore. Then I realized that you shouldn't go too near it for some reason. It was something relevant in the game. I was too late. Somehow the whale "threw" me in the air and ate me. It had a big mouth. I saw it from a third perspective so it wasn't scary. It was a game over. I think you could respawn after that, but the dream ended.

      2# I was in a forest. The trees were very big. There were supposed to be titans, but I didn't see any. There were other people including my crush and some people that were his friends. There was a "hole" in one of the trees. Like a cave. That's how big the trees were. Or then we were small. There were red ladders in front of the "cave". We were analyzing if titans could climb to the "cave". Then we went inside. There were some furniture. We did...something. I'm not sure. We went outside too.
    4. Another One

      by , 08-30-2017 at 05:14 PM
      WBTB + Mindfulness meditation. Had a lucid dream about two fighting figurines. I also remember being back in elementary school.
    5. A Very Illogical Police Stakeout

      by , 08-30-2017 at 01:16 PM
      Morning of August 30, 2017. Wednesday.

      My dream’s setting is a unique composite as always. (I have never non-lucidly dreamt of the same setting more than once, even in tens of thousands of closely studied and fully mapped non-lucid dreams for over fifty years. This aspect of non-lucid dreams is due to the incidental real-time dynamics of being in non-lucid REM sleep, where reflective cognitive capabilities do not exist as in lucid dreams and even more so in apex lucidity where automatic conscious control of the dream state is achieved.)

      The back area of our house is modeled after our present home, (our backyard south of our house), except that the area between the short hallway to the back door and the minimally-rendered kitchen has no dividing layout (and is all an open area). The implied east side of this rendering (assuming our present home) is loosely modeled after the north side of a previous home on Stadcor Street in Brisbane (though the driveway more like the Gellibrand Street apartment in Clayfield), the third-from-last house we lived in. The front of my dream’s house, implied to be oriented northerly, is modeled more accurately after the west area of the Stadcor Street house, which was also the front of that house.

      For several minutes, my dream features the recurring event of me taking supposed public money out of a device in our home (that is, a device in our home which is apparently used by the public and the money going elsewhere, which makes no sense from a waking life standpoint, especially as the public would not otherwise have use of our home, the only way to explain this being real-time symbolism related to receiving thoughts from other people via the collective unconscious which was validated long ago from “receiving” from Zsuzsanna long before we met in reality). There is no backstory on what purpose the device serves. It may be some sort of unlikely vending machine (though is too small to serve that purpose). The device is about the length of my hand and looks like a miniature vertically elongated cash register. Zsuzsanna is present and so is Marilyn (older half-sister on my Mother’s side who died in 2014, though I have no memory of her death here and she appears as she was in the 1980s). I make three attempts to get money out. My second and third attempts make no sense as I had already gotten all the coins out in the first attempt, by shaking the device upside-down, yet many more come out on my second and third attempts. The sound of the clinking coins, the movement and momentum of my hands, and the movement of the internal parts of the device are rendered very realistically.

      I am eventually aware of a police presence in our backyard. There are at least seven officers standing around on stakeout, though not for us, but a criminal who lives in the area. Still, I am concerned they might see the various coins lying everywhere on the floor. I make a quick attempt to kick sheets of paper and parts of clothes over them. I also slip some into my left pocket. They ask me through the back door if I know a certain man or had seen them and I say no. (I do not recall the name though I know it did not sound familiar.)

      At one point, I notice that an unfamiliar female police officer is closest to our house. I also notice that the screen is torn down the middle from the top of the screen door, about three-quarters of the way down. (though we do not have a back screen door in reality.) She pushes it towards me from outside as if to draw more attention to it, almost slapping me in the face with it, but not intentionally. There is an additional partial horizontal tear in the screen (lower down) of less significance and which seems to have already been there for a long time, but this vertical tear was apparently done recently by the authorities, supposedly for my benefit and theirs regarding their stakeout. I find it puzzling but I do not comment. In a short time, my brother-in-law Bob makes his first appearance in this dream (mostly as he appeared in the 1980s). From the left side of the solid wooden back door, he closes it over the screen door (and it closes from the opposite side as in reality). “This door can be closed,” he says cheerfully though informatively. I question if his act is thought out very well, but I do not comment.

      In the next scene, I am going to the front of our house. Off to my right, through the windows of the adjoining room I am walking through, the criminal first makes his presence known. He drives rapidly (north based on our present home) over our driveway, the car’s tires loudly crunching and spitting gravel and dust (the driveway of which our present home does not have as such, as it is just a very narrow side yard in reality, though, as mentioned in the second paragraph, this seems based on dynamics of when we lived in Clayfield on Gellibrand Street despite the room being like the one on Stadcor Street, though my dream’s house is at about ground level, unlike in reality for all three locations). This event makes no sense at all, as he is suddenly driving rapidly from our backyard, directly from where several police officers had just been standing. I wonder if they even noticed he was there.

      In the front room of our house (which again, is now of the Stadcor Street house) I look out the front windows. Our front doors (screen door and main door) are both open. The criminal has come up our high front steps (despite our house being implied to be low-set a couple minutes previously) and I politely nod “hello” to him through the doorway even though I do not want his imposition. He has a scruffy beard and light red hair. I eventually notice that he is coming in and there are at least two females with him, one pregnant, though otherwise very slim and wearing tight clothes (this character being directly modeled after a contestant on the Australian “Family Feud” game show very recently).

      I suddenly change my mind about welcoming him (which is based on a subliminal desire to sleep longer) and now I am not even sure what good the police presence is doing. I boldly tell him to get out. He becomes very angry. I notice that he is carrying some sort of rifle of illogical appearance. Instead of doing anything to me from near the doorway or even approaching me, he leaves the house to go into the street and starts shooting at our house. The noise is very loud and puffs of white smoke (dream state indicator) are floating everywhere like little clouds (this scene partly as a result of real-life environmental noise). I head towards the back of the house, which once again is more like our present home.

      As illogically large bullets are now firing through the walls of our house from the front and the back, the female police officer (still near the back door) advises me to get down. I get down on the floor and wake up in the exact same position I had just been in my dream. I then realize that the police officer seemed modeled after an additional young version of Zsuzsanna.

      This dream entry is probably too long to include a full decoding, but I will note a few details. Emergent consciousness and preconscious factors seem to be “after” each other here and I am (as my personified subconscious which again has no reflective cognitive capabilities despite the bizarre but popular disinformation) caught in the middle, which is amusing, but very atypical, though we did watch two episodes of “Cops” just before sleeping (though this is probably also related to news about North Korea, hopefully not prescient). The torn screen of the back door is a known dream state indicator, which represents a growing metaphorical opening that otherwise divides preconscious from emergent consciousness as a “screen”, though this is more about Zsuzsanna’s emergent consciousness “sending” to mine in real time. (As such, I am surprised that I did not become viably lucid, especially at least semi-lucid, though my dream did noticeably vivify past this point.)

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    6. Resident Evil Real Life Adventure

      by , 08-30-2017 at 10:34 AM
      The dream began in a small 70's style house at a gun club, where me and a dozen or so other people were being trained in use of firearms. We could choose whichever gun we wanted, and although my weapon resembled a typical assault rifle, reloading it involved slotting a kind of strange device together that vaguely resembled a skull.

      After the instructor finished the briefing, he informed us that we could try out the guns. There was no shooting range, so everyone was just firing at random things in the small house, as if this was completely normal.

      Feeling a little unsafe inside the house, I followed a few people outside and found myself in a large flat open grassland. There were crowds of people around, most of whom were not involved with the gun training, as if I were at some kind of festival. The sky was overcast and there was a long chain link fence to my north, where the gun club members were lining up and aiming their weapons through.

      I realised the fence was an outdoor shooting range, but there were crowds of people on the other side of the fence, who looked like they'd just finished a sporting event, and the targets weren't set up yet, so we had to wait until the crowds had cleared out before we could start.

      As the crowds cleared out, the fence disappeared and the area on the other side somehow transformed into a big and colourful 80's/90's video arcade. There was a giant projection screen to my right showing the Commodore 64 game Impossible Mission, which I pointed out to my parents, who were now next to me.

      The arcade ceiling was constructed out of square white tiles, but some of the tiles were missing, leaving square holes. Yellow cubes with black numbers on them floated upwards into the holes. These were the targets we had to shoot, and the numbers were the number of points we'd score for a successful hit. We only had one shot each.

      At this point, I realised that I wasn't prepared, as I didn't have my ear protection on properly or my weapon loaded, so I moved back onto the grass as the other people began shooting at the targets. As I returned, I took a shot without thinking or aiming properly, which just happened to hit one of the yellow blocks with a number '1' on it. Someone took notice and joked about me scoring only one point.

      After one shot, we had to wait for the shooting range to reset before the next shot, and I tried to prepare myself better by watching were the targets with the highest numbers appeared. I noticed a '74' block and a '124' block to my far left and aimed down the sight of my weapon at the '74' block, reasoning that everyone else would aim for the '124' block, but only the first shot would count, so everyone else would score zero.

      I was concerned about the safety of aiming so far to the left due to the people next to me, as there were no barriers between people and everyone was standing very close together.

      But as I waited, the whole arcade environment began to transform Portal-like into something completely different. There was now an opening down the middle, and two separate shooting ranges to my left and right, which caused the group to split into two separate groups. Both shooting ranges were colourful, with rainbow patterns, but the left one was garishly bright, so I decided to choose that one.

      As I followed the group, I realised that it wasn't a shooting range at all, but the entrance to some kind of game or attraction. Excited about what was to come, I sped ahead to the front of the group, and handed my rifle to someone to hold for me, and asked him to put the safety on for me as I realised I'd forgot to do it.

      We wandered through something that resembled an industrial area, or the outside of a factory, along metal platforms and steps. The inside of the building was blue-grey, and felt a little Portal-like. There was a tall square pillar on each side, and a neon arrow on the wall in front of me pointing left, which seemed to indicate the direction of our route. Noticing a door on the right pillar, I decided to defy the arrow and see what was inside first.

      Inside the pillar, there was a tall shaft and a spiral staircase made out of white blocks attached to the wall leading upwards. There was no central column to the staircase, so it was possible to look all the way up or down the shaft.

      Since I went ahead of the group, no-one had seen me deviate from the intended route, and only one or two people had apparently decided to investigate the shaft door.

      Hearing voices from below, I picked up my pace to stay ahead of them, so they wouldn't find me. But then I noticed that there was actually two staircases intertwined like a double helix. If I could jump across to the other, I could easily evade those who had followed me.

      I jumped across to the opposite staircase and continued ascending the shaft. As I got closer to the top, the original stairway reached its end at a door, but the stairway I was on continued further upwards.

      I continued until the stairway just seemed to end without any further way to go, but as I took the last step, gravity suddenly reversed and I panicked as I realised that I was falling through the hole at the top of the shaft. But as I went through the hole, time suddenly slowed to a crawl, and I was easily able to pull myself into the room at the top, at which point both gravity and the speed of time returned to normal.

      I was super impressed by these "special effects", and assumed they were a reward for discovering such a hidden secret in the game.

      The room I found myself in appeared to be a very cluttered and untidy child's bedroom. There were piles of toys and games in one corner, a small CRT TV nearby, desks, bed, a couple of children's musical keyboards, a window, and large storage cupboard door.

      There was a distinct sense of mystery to the room; I felt as if there were puzzles to be solved, as if I was in some kind of escape game. I looked around the room, picking up and examining various objects, before switching on the TV.

      At first, the TV only showed static, but it gradually faded to a scene showing my group. They appeared to be in some kind of dark underground sewer, and some of them were up to their necks in water. They were afraid of something. They were arguing and shouting at each other. As I watched, one member of the group thought he saw something and took a shot from his rifle, which accidentally hit someone else, who fell into the water with a spray of blood.

      "Wow, these are awesome special effects!" I thought.

      At this point, I realised that we were playing some kind of real-life Resident Evil game. The video was fake; while it was real footage of my group, it had been edited to shock and scare me. It was just part of the game.

      Next I decided to investigate the large storage cupboard. As I opened the door, I realised that it wasn't a cupboard at all, but lead into a large dark square shaft leading downwards further than I could see. There was a make-shift "stairwell" constructed from "platforms" that resembled large rectangular wooden pallets that had large gaps in them.

      I climbed onto one of these "platforms" to get a better look at the shaft. The construction looked extremely unstable, and I wasn't even certain the shaft would lead anywhere useful, so I hesitated about going further, and decided to go back instead.

      As I turned, I heard a loud "snap" from the platform I was stood on, and the whole platform seemed to give a little. I tried to hurry back to the door, but heard a second loud "snap" as the platform gave way, and I found myself falling down the shaft as the other platforms began to collapse as well.

      As I fell, time suddenly slowed to a crawl again, which allowed me to remain safe despite the fall. I felt as if the game was intentionally designed to make the me fall, and yet again I was in awe of how impressive the "special effects" of the game were.

      There was water at the bottom of the shaft, and time returned to normal just as I was hovering above it. Underneath the water, I found a ceiling with a small hole in it. Somehow, I was able to go up through the hole despite it seeming far too small for a person to fit through. As I ascended, I could hear people from my group and realised that I was now in the sewer I had seen earlier on the video, reunited with my group.

      I heard my mum wondering out loud where I had gone, and someone else saying that maybe I got killed and had respawned somewhere else (because apparently they had learned that the game worked this way while I was gone).

      The dream ended just as I was about to rise out of the water.

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    7. Game of Dreams – Night Ambush

      by , 08-30-2017 at 05:20 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-29

      Game of Dreams – Night Ambush

      I am in what used to be a whore house. There are whores all around me trying to get my attention. I ignore them, I was there to meet someone and now I’m leaving. There is a man near the door. He greets me when I get there. I'm thinking it's time to get back to the castle. The man, who I seem to think is called Little Finger, but I'd rather call him Little Dick, is saying goodbye to some whores. We leave and it is raining outside. Jory Cassel is with me as are two other of my guards. We mount our horses and ride towards the castle, chatting about Robert’s bastards. It seems that the previous hand was murdered after looking into Robert’s bastards. But why? Everyone already knows the king has more bastards than true born children… I have a bad feeling as we are riding through deserted streets in Kings Landing.

      One of our guards calls a warning, and the next thing I know we are surrounded by soldiers. All them with the Lannister lion displayed. I recognize, Jamie Lannister, is on a horse. His foot soldiers close in around us. There must be at least 20 of them. This is not good for us, there are only four of us. Jamie is asking if I remember his brother, and then describes Tyrian Lannister. Of course I remember him. Jamie says that he seems to have run into some miss fortune on the road. I told him that's too bad. He asked if I would know anything about this. I say no, how would I know anything about this I've, been here. Little Dick sighs, apparently happy with that response. It's just the truth. Jamie doesn't believe me. He says he knows I gave the order to capture his brother. I am clueless. I ask who captured his brother. He says my wife has of course. He says he sure I knew that. Jamie then turns his attention to Little Dick. He says if Little Dick doesn't want to get blood on his clothes he had better leave now. Little Dick rides his horse pass the soldiers, and they let him pass. Little Dick calls back that he will get the city watch. He disappears around the corner moving at a quick pace.

      Jamie Lannister seems to be out for blood. He pulls out his sword and tells me to show him my steel. He says he will gladly do me like he did Ares, but he'd rather if I had a blade in my hand. I tell him he can't kill me. He thinks about it, and then says I'm right. He says that would run the risk of my wife killing his brother out of spite. He rides his horse out past his soldiers. He calls back to them to make sure no harm comes to me. And then he chuckles evilly. He tells them to kill my companions. I tell him that's not going to happen. He laughs and says there’s nothing I can do to stop them unless I plan on fighting all of his soldiers myself. I look up at the sky, and I see that it’s still cloudy and raining. This means no one will notice an errand bolt of lightning or two... Jamie Lannister rides away like a coward, but his soldiers are closing in around us. We have no choice but to fight.

      I call a bolt of lightning with the song Battery by Metallica. One of the soldiers get struck by lightning and falls over. His metal armor was a perfect conductor. That all hell breaks loose. Some of the soldiers are confused by the random bolt of lightning, but most of them seem to think that was a fluke. The fighting begins. I strike a bolt of lightning down on one of the soldiers who is going after one of my guards. I turn and look at someone is almost grabbed a hold of Jory, but he removes the person's head with his sword. I have to be careful when I call a bolt of lightning to make sure that none of my people are touching the target or they will get electrocuted. I strike another bolt of lightning on an enemy not touching anyone else. There's another one down. My companions are fighting like mad. They are doing a good job, but there are just too many enemies. One of my guys is being pulled off of his horse. He manages to get loose just enough that I am clear to hit the enemy. I hit three enemies around him with lightning. The lightning broke into three and hit all of them at once. Some enemies are saying the gods have turned against them. I call a bolt of lightning on another one. The rest of them run now.

      I turn my horse around to make sure that Jory and my two guards are safe, but I do it too fast for the wet muddy ground. My horse slips and falls over, with my leg trapped under it. That is extremely painful. Jory yells at them not to come back. My horse man just to get up off of me, but I know that my leg must be badly broken. My guards come to me and one of them says my leg looks really bad. I am a little delirious right now. I am laughing crazily as I say I couldn’t avoid my injury, but at least you three are ok. One of my guards gets on each side of me to hold me up. My leg is a flare of pain. They start helping me down the street, I see people walking out of buildings but none of them want to get involved. My two guys are talking about how strange it was that lightning struck, only struck the Lannisters. Finally we meet up with the city watch that Little Dick promised to send. They have a cart so I am able to ride back to the castle. I am in and out of consciousness. The next thing I know there is a guy there with a cup telling to drink. I would swear he said it was milk of the puppy. I tell him I don't want to drink dog milk. But he's insistent, and I end up drinking it. It tastes weird. And as soon as I drink it I pass out.
    8. Scary House; Visit from beyond

      , 08-30-2017 at 12:55 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This today:

      I'm suppose to start working in this house. So they are taking me to my room to show me where I'll be staying.

      The house is huge, almost size of a city block, if not bigger. I don't see it all, but I sense it.
      Walking through a light color carpeted corridor with white walls, that's zig-zagging. I ask why are we this far from all the other rooms. We walked for minutes.

      My room is at the end of the house. I don't feel good in there. It has at least 3 doors, and later I see more of them. I don't like them. I open one door, and it leads to another small, empty room with much older decor, but it's empty. Another door from that room leads to unknown, but dangerous place. All doors lead to places I should not go to. I'm sitting on my bed, when I notice that a white door on my left has a top panel pried off and as my vision zooms in, there is a tall, white haired albino looking guy looking at me. I walk up to the door, scared, but I confront him asking why is he spying on me.

      Few days ago:
      I'm in a line at some amusement park or place of fun. I start talking to this woman and it turns out she is Hungarian. We start talking and I'm pleased that I can fluently talk with her. We introduce each other and I know she is Margit. I tell her we had a family in a town (forgot the name in the morning, but in the dream I knew it's the correct one) and we found out that we are family. I knew she is a personification of my "aunt" margit. later I saw her name somewhere written down and it was Tunde, but I still knew it was her.

      It was very emotional, we both cried, and we were VERY happy to be reunited.

      (Yesterday, I met some Hungarians at my work, and I was surprised how well I can speak to them. I immediately thought about this dream, how without it, I wouldn't have been able to speak to these people this well, because I have not spoken that language in a good while.)