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    1. Hodded Man's terror attacks

      by , 09-10-2017 at 08:15 PM (Ereos)
      I was home and I was prepping up for a mission or something as I was reloading my guns and gearing up in my military gear.


      I was in the forest along with my friend from the last few dreams, and it turns out that we found a small abandoned city.
      However pretty quickly it seems that my friend got into a trap and goons of the Hooded Man were coming, I got my friend out of the trap and then a bunch of armed guys show up so I just shoot at them all with my M249, it's pretty effective.


      I woke up somewhere...very dark place, I was pretty dizzy and banged up. It was also raining outside as far as I could tell.
      I looked around a little bit to find out that I was either in a bus or in a train, and after looking around some more it turns out I am probably on a bridge, as I look down and find only water. It's also pretty foggy, I can't see beyond the structure that holds us or the water.

      I still can't see a thing inside that train or bus, I try to search for my weapons and stuff but so far I only find my bag that seems to be empty for now.
      I attempt to transform into a dragon to get out of this mess and also be able to see in the dark, but as I attempt that I suddenly get pretty dizzy and my head hurts, I guess I'm too weak to do that now?

      I kinda panic as I look around pretty much everywhere rather quickly, but I discover that on the right side of me I can get out of I just get this stupid metal bar out of there.
      I muster all of my strength and I manage to break it off, it falls right in the very stormy water.

      I take a last look around but it seems that I am alone, however very quickly there are many small boats with huge spotlights that gather around me and points the spotlight right where I am. Hooded Man goons again? It just never stops does it?
      I just jump off right into the water, hoping for the best. I then quickly swim out of there, it seems they have seen me, but they didn't shoot at me yet.
      I take a look back to find out that it was indeed a bridge and a train we were on, and the bridge was completly destroyed in the middle, planned C4 explosion? I don't know, it's all gone or very fuzzy in my memory.

      Anyways I also see someone else jumping from the bridge, it was my friend that was with me this whole time!
      The goons start shooting at him, thankfully he isn't hit yet, I go ahead and go back to help him a little. I still have no weapons and it turns out he has my UMP-45 that he gathered from the train.
      He also has my black bulletproof helmet and he tosses it to me, I catch it and put it on.

      We quickly make foot on land, turns out we are in the north-west of Monroe. We run towards the center of Monroe, going through a rather big street, but the goons catch up to us, I hear shots and I look back and it turns out my friend has been shot...dead...

      Situation got pretty scary, I was furious and sad, I quickly take cover however and I find right beside me a very conviniently placed FAMAS rifle.
      I take it and decide to take a few peeks right at the street, plenty of goons are coming and I just start peeking and shooting back and forth, that took care of a good chunk of 'em, but there was still dozens left.

      I quickly run to the street on my right, and then in this street I take a right, turns out they saw me though as I hear one of 'em yelling: "He took a right!".
      I quickly hide behind some more cover in a corner along with a bush and wait for a goon to show up.
      I see one right in front of me but he didn't see me yet, I just shoot him right in the face.
      I then burst out of my cover, retreating even more while going some supressive fire there and there.

      However it turns out that I head right into a small wizardry school, plenty of wizard students and teachers and everything.
      There is this very tall blonde rather old wizard who sees me and then sees the goons, he just casts a spell right at the goons, shattering them out of existence entirely.
      "Whew, that was close." I said outloud.


      I was flying in the skies as I was already a dragon and I was following this train, I was in the middle of the Farlands but not too far off the Ereos border.
      I flew quickly and swiftly into the train...to find out that there was a rather big troll/ogre creature right in the train, along with plenty of radioactive stuff as geiger counters were going bananas inside the train.

      The ogre isn't too happy that I'm there, he also had a big club but before he could do anything I just swiftly do a big tail slap at him, knocking him out instantly.

      Anyways the inside of the train itself was pretty radioactive to the point that I felt rather dizzy really quickly, there wasn't much I could do, I looked around but aside from plenty of radioactive material there wasn't much, I just fly out of there.

      I go straight up and gain some altitude, only to find out when I look back at the train that it's currently derailing straight into some military base.
      Very quickly a light emits from that military base, a rather big implosion happens as things nearby are being sucked in and then...
      A very bright flash engulfs everything, not really sure what happens but I feel a bit of heat. "Oh great, a nuke?" I think to myself.

      I crash into the ground but survive the nuke itself thankfully, I guess it's a good thing I'm still in dragon form.
      But as I look around again, big mushroom cloud right where it exploded, and now the entire environment around me, just scorched to hell, the sky adopts a slightly green tint now.

      I stand up again and fly straight up into the sky to see the true damage done by this rather odd nuke, I notice in the horizon a city, it was Los Angeles!
      I just rushed in the air towards Los Angeles as quickly as I could, it looks like the nuke didn't go that far, but the overall environment is still kinda scorched, windows shattered, thankfully it looks like everyone is alive, albeit a bit hurt.
      I do rounds and fly all around the buildings to see for any further damage, but the buildings are still very well intact.
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    2. Space Home

      by , 09-10-2017 at 07:37 PM
      7 Sept

      Quite vivid last period REM, with me following the storyline actively in both non-lucid and lucid portions, which probably were 50/50. That resulted in more info that I could consciously absorb and later recall. To make things worse, I only wrote down key words. Nevertheless, it still makes good lucid practice and experience.

      The non-lucid portion includes me watching a version of our first home, but from a new floating space home. We now live in this space home, which isn't really a space station, but more of a floating home, yet highly technological and much closer to the ground. There's a few issues with gravity and balancing the whole thing. I move down different floors, encounter witches that sell herbal remedies along the way.

      The dream is constantly transitioning as we end up on ground, exploring ever changing cities and stores. I run into a special girl from Brazil, with whom I seem to have important things to discuss.

      The whole REM seems to be with an elevated awareness but after this portion, I cross over the edge to full lucidity. I spend quite a bit of the time observing all possible items, walking around, trying to stabilize as things eventually begin slipping away, becoming overloaded with details to remember.

      At some point in time, I recall to try to score a few points for the competition, so I make all DCs around euphorically sing a Metallica song. The performance lasts a while. Another DC appears to the side making comments about this. After that, I continue walking around staring at different objects, thinking that I've already forgotten a lot of details.
    3. Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 9

      by , 09-10-2017 at 02:19 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 10 September 2017

      Got a fragment and a dream to note.

      Scrap Group 1
      Wandering in a vast, fanciful building complex floating in an extradimensional realm. Narrow bridges connected each structure. I found a laptop or a similar device, of which contained dangerous secrets. Various different entities were trying to steal this info for themselves, leaving me to defend it. Pretty sure Dragon Ball characters showed up.

      Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 9

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was watching an Art of Fighting ending clip. A corrupt CEO was seated in his office, waiting anxiously. Eventually, his top enforcer, a huge, sharply dressed giant of a man, enters. Damage on his clothes and shoes made clear previous hardships. He presents his emplyer various papers of unknown contents, though this was obviously what the CEO was expecting. However, it seemed the giant, tired of his line of work, went on to publish this info on his own accord, explicitly to bring the executive to ruin. This ended with artwork of the giant seated triumphantly on a fancy office chair.

      15 minute WBTB where I meditated and stretched for a bit. I experienced deep, near transitioned dreamlets later on, but couldn't get relaxed enough for a conversion.

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    4. #277 - Chill but tense lucid

      by , 09-10-2017 at 01:51 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I decided to try the dreamleaf product and see if that affected my ability to lucid dream - suffice to say last night was at least a success.

      I took the blue pill before I went to bed, then 4 hours later I woke up and took the red pill. It took a while for me to fall asleep on account of having checked my phone for a minute. I dreamed that I was floating through the sky while beneath me small clouds passed by. I could see a snow covered mountain where I spotted a bearded man climbing. I floated further and eventually the land beneath me was obscured by denser grey clouds. I realized I was dreaming around this point, I could just tell it was a dream. I felt that the dream wasn't very strong, not surprising since I haven't practiced lucid dreaming in a long time.

      I was still floating through the sky and decided to let myself go with it, the dream seemed too delicate to mess around with so I wanted to try edge the dream-path towards something gradually.
      I got about 30 seconds of lucidity before waking up without much happening. As an added note the atmosphere of the dream seemed a bit sinister which is also why I didn't want to mess with it
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